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Miss Spencer Guide by Selric

Version: One | Updated: 11/22/2004

Selric's character FAQ on Taskmaster Miss Spencer.

Why Miss Spencer?
The Taskmaster is my favorite character and she appeals to me on many levels. 
We are both Canadians and many a time I have spoken in the same manner as she. 
Every rose in the tournament stands out but Miss Spencer does a little more so. 
She has been accused of being overdressed by many and being a school teacher 
makes things worse. While she may wear more clothes then the other wrestlers, 
she remains flexible, comfortable and still looks pleasing to the eye. She has 
a visual appeal which all the other wrestlers lack but is often overlooked. 
Miss Spencer is more sophisticated then any of the other wrestlers and it shows 
all throughout every confrontation she has. From the way she talks, to the way 
she carries herself and right down to her style of wrestling, she has the most 
refinement of them all.

          ---Table of Contents---

1: About Miss Spencer
2: Basics (game system, controls, universal maneuvers) 
3: The Taskmasters moves
   3:1 Strikes
   3:2 Grappling
   3:3 Specials
4: Spencer Trivia
5: Miss Spencer interview transcript
6: Story mode Script
7: Miss Spencer's thoughts on ...
8: Speculation
9: The boring stuff

   1: About Miss Spencer

Miss Muriel Spencer is a history teacher for some high school in Canada who was 
quite the wrestler in her college years. She has blue eyes, a mole under her 
left lip, red fingernails and blond hair which she has tied up at the back. Her 
primary attire consists of a red skirt, white button up shirt, black fingerless 
gloves with red padding on top, black high heeled boots with knee padding, a 
red belt, a orange scarf, a pair of purple earrings, black stockings and black 
lace underwear. The gloves, belt and boots all have an Aphrodite Paris logo on 
them. Her motive for entering the Rumble Rose is to retrieve her wayward 
student Rebecca Welsh who dropped out of school to enter the tournament. Miss 
Spencer cares about every student in her class and does not want to see Becky 
repeat a grade again. Rebecca is a good girl at heart and must have a very good 
reason for doing this, but she is forgetting that there are no substitute 
students, only substitute teachers.

   2: Basics

[] = Striking
/\ = Grappling
X  = Running
O  = Other
R1 = Defense
L1 = Killer/Lethal move
L2 = Humiliation move

Running moves faster then walking and is good for retreating or closing long 
distances. When on the offence, you may be better off with a forwards dash. 
When dashing forwards, you are considered to be running and can do all of the 
running attacks. Double tapping a direction will dash in the direction you 
tapped which comes in handy sometimes. When running, you can press triangle or 
circle to flip over your opponent and land behind them. If they are facing away 
from you, triangle will result in a running back throw while circle will leap 
over their back and bounce off the ropes across. If you press a direction and 
triangle while running at an opponent, you can spin around them and send them 
running where you want. You can do the same attack from a standing position if 
you press triangle with the d-pad in the centre and then press the direction 
you want your opponent to go. If you point them towards the corner, they will 
fall into it and be open for corner attacks. If they were close to the corner 
of choice, they will have their back to you and if they were further their back 
will be against the turnbuckle. When running at an opponent with her back 
against the turnbuckle, you can press direction and triangle to turn her around 
in the corner or direction and circle to flip over her shoulders and onto the 
turn buckle. 

Circle is also used to search for weapons in the corners outside of the ring, 
to climb the ladder or turnbuckle, climb out of the ring or pin your opponent. 
Miss Spencer's takes a long time to casually slip in or out of the ring so if 
you are in a hurry you might want to run while getting out of the ring. If you 
are already outside of the ring just run into it to slide back in and you can 
also run into the turnbuckle to climb it. If your opponent is on the turnbuckle,
you can pull her off by climbing it and if you're on the ground or rolling you 
can slip out of the ring much faster. 

If your opponent is outside of the ring you can jump down at them by walking to 
the ropes, holding towards opponent and pressing square. Miss Spencer will grab 
the top rope and leap over in a sideways body splash which usually hits their 
legs. If you are in the ring and just want to keep your opponent out, you can 
run at the ropes, hold their direction and press square just before you bounce 
to slide under the bottom rope and kick them but timing on this one is 
important. If you run at a fallen opponent and press square you can do a quick 
right elbow drop but it isn't very special. If your opponent is in the ring and 
your outside, you can press triangle and swipe at their feet. 

Holding R1 will block most attacks but cannot block grapples. To defend against 
a grappling opponent, press R1 and Triangle when they begin to execute their 
move. Pressing R1 and square will deflect and stagger an opponent who strikes 
you and pressing R1 with L1 or L2 will deflect Killer and Humiliation moves 
respectively but doing so requires the use of a charge in your special gauge. 
If your opponent has you by the head and is going to punch you, press R1 and 
square when the punch begins. 

As a last second afterthought, you can control where you get up by holding a 
direction. Sometimes you get up faster then others and if hit while standing up,
you will be on your knees for a moment. If hit while rolling to get up you will 
be treated as a fallen opponent and stay down but if you R1 + [] an attack, you 
will roll with invulnerability until you get up a second later. When in a 
submission hold, the attacker can press a button to let go of the hold and the 
defender has to press the buttons and/or D-pad the number of times listed to 
escape before the bar drains completely. However, sometimes it seems the bar 
fills up a little between submission holds and seems to have a minimum value 
which it cannot start lower then. There are also some parameters besides the 
move and character it's being used on that determine how many taps are needed 
to escape. I have tried to figure this out but to no avail so hope for an 
explanation in the next version.

   3: The Taskmasters moves

The Taskmaster Miss Spencer has just as many maneuvers as the other girls. It 
is important to remember that unlike a fighting game, the commands are the same 
no matter what direction you are facing. Strikes are first because they are not 
as complex, grapples come next and after that it is onto her special moves. 
Special moves can be done when you have at least one charge in your special 
gauge at the top of the screen and they use up one charge when executed.

   3:1 Strikes

Miss Spencer stands with right foot forwards and her left hand higher then her 
left. Both left and right hands are open.

Standing Strikes

Left   +  [] = Hard right punch
Up     +  [] = High left knee (causes knockdown)
Right  +  [] = Right slap
Down   +  [] = Hard right elbow (causes knockdown)
Centre +  [] = left punch

If Miss Spencer hits her opponent in the back with the 'up square' attack, she 
may cause her opponent to collapse dizzy. If this happens, she can chain the 
attack into her Lethal Move which is executed from behind a dizzy opponent. 
(See Tricolor Suplex)

Ground Strikes

Centre     +  [] = right stomp
Left|right +  [] = right elbow drop
Up|down    +  [] = right knee drop 
The knee drop looks nice if done on opponent's head.

Arial Stunts (Jumping of turnbuckle or lifeguard tower)

Centre     +  [] = jumping double hammer fist
Left|Right +  [] = right Elbow drop
Up|Down    +  [] = right Knee Drop

Running Strikes

Centre    + [] = running left knee
Direction + [] = flying clothesline. Miss Spencer leaps forwards and swipes 
with her left arm at neck level. If she misses, she flips over and lands on her 
back but if she connects, Miss Spencer will roll in the air and land face down.

Running into a cornered opponent with her back against the Turnbuckle

Centre    + [] = Right forearm to throat
Direction + [] = Miss Spencer jumps on the middle rope with her left foot, 
holds the higher rope with her arm and swings her right knee into the head of 
her opponent who then slides down onto her rump.
[] when opponent is fallen and cornered = Miss Spencer tilts right, dropkicks 
her opponent and rolls right to get up.

   3:2 Grapples

Pressing a direction and triangle will grab an opponent. Left and right plus 
triangle will execute a standing grapple while up or down and triangle execute 
a takedown one. While holding a fallen opponent you can strike them. Pressing 
up or down and square will deliver a powerful strike while pressing square 
without up or down is a faster weaker one. When grabbing a standing opponent, 
you can hit them three times but the hold is lost after the third hit. While 
holding an opponent's head or legs you can also drag them. Pressing triangle 
while near or holding an opponent will stand them up (usually but not always 
dizzy) and pressing triangle twice will stand them up with their back towards 

There are many types of grapples, head grapples, leg grapples, left grapples, 
right grapples, corner grapples, back grapples and stun grapples. In Miss 
Spencer's case, all her stun grapples can also be executed as standing grapples 
and it's also important to remember that staggered opponent's are considered to 
be stunned as well as dizzy ones. There are two types of grapples in Rumble 
Roses and they are two part grapples and one part grapples. The two part 
grapples require you to grab first then input a command while the one part 
grapples just execute the command. This is the fun part of the lesson so pay 
close attention.
P.S. a Bridge is where a person stands on their hands and feet while bending 

Standing Grapples: 
Miss Spencer grabs opponent's head with left hand. There are left grapples and 
right grapples. The initial animation looks the same (Miss Spencer holding 
opponent's head with her left hand) but the moves she can do in the two stances 
are totally different. Her three grab strikes are two punches to the face then 
one to the stomach after which she releases her opponent.

Grapples from (Left + /\) stance 

Left + /\ = Miss Spencer reaches around her opponent's waist with her left arm 
and sends her left knee to their stomach. Muriel then uses her left hand to 
grab the right wrist of her opponent before sending her right knee into their 
gut. Finally, the Taskmaster grasps her opponent's other wrist and holds her 
around the waist before leaning back in a suplex. This move damages the head 
and adds a little to her opponent's heart gauge. This maneuver can also be 
executed on a stunned opponent.

Up + /\ = Miss Spencer slaps her opponent with her right hand, then left hand, 
then right hand, then left hand and then right hand once more before her 
opponent falls backwards onto the floor. It seems mostly for humiliation and is 
a relatively fast attack but does not fill the heart gauge much more then the 
last move. This move damages the head and can also be executed on a stunned 

Right + /\ = Miss Spencer pushes her opponent's head down, leaving her bent 
over so Miss Spencer can easily link arms with her opponent. Spencer then falls 
back and tosses her opponent behind her. This maneuver damages the body of her 

WARNING! This move is really complicated.
Down + /\ = Miss Spencer turns around and stands on her hands while she grasps 
the victims head with her shins. Muriel then rolls forwards and grabs her 
enemy's shins. Muriel holds her opponent's right knee with her right hand while 
her left hand moves to grab her opponent's right wrist. She then locks her 
opponent's right arm under her own right knee. Muriel's left hand then holds 
her opponent's right leg in place while she uses her right hand to grasp her 
opponent's left arm and lock it under the right leg but over the left hand. 
Miss Spencer then grabs the opponent's other leg with her right hand while her 
left hand grabs her opponent's other foot and turns her over onto her face. 
Miss Spencer then turns around and now standing astride her enemy, she pulls up 
on the victims left shin, while squatting on her opponent's back. If she 
submits, Miss Spencer will release the hold, place her right foot on the 
opponent's back and triumphantly raise her right hand in the air. This maneuver 
is a body submission hold and takes about 11.5 seconds to finish a fresh 
opponent. It also seems to full the heart gauge a bit more then normal.
(This is the only 'victory pose' I've seen in the game so if you notice a 
special animation when winning with a different move, let me know. E-mail at 
end of FAQ)

Grapples from (Left + /\) stance 

Left + /\ = Miss Spencer's right hand reaches forward and grasps her opponent's 
left arm. She lowers her own head under her opponent's arm then grabs her 
around the waist. Miss Spencer then leans back like a suplex only her opponent 
lands on her back rather then her head/shoulders. Miss Spencer then stays 
bridged with her hands on her opponent to keep her pinned. This maneuver 
damages the body and adds a little to the heart gauge of both people.

Up + /\ = Miss Spencer grabs her opponent's right wrist with her left hand, 
puts her right arm over her opponent's right arm, then turns around, ducks and 
pulls down on the arm flipping her over Miss Spencer. This maneuver does damage 
to the targets body.

Right + /\ = Muriel pulls her opponent's arms towards her, bends her elbows 
under her opponent's elbows and then ducks slightly before pushing up on the 
elbows and falling backwards. Her opponent is tossed behind her and takes 
damage to her body.

Down + /\ = Miss Spencer puts her opponent's head under her right arm, closes 
her elbow around her head, and places the other hand on her right shoulder. 
Spencer then falls back onto the ground and hooks her left leg over her the 
abdomen of her opponent and yanks back on her head. This move does head damage 
but is not a submission hold.

Head grapples: There are two ways to do this, Grab your fallen opponent by 
pressing a direction and triangle when standing by their upper body, or 
pressing up and triangle when facing them. The latter will have Miss Spencer 
grab her opponent's head with both hands, tilt to the right and then swing her 
to the left, taking her down.

Left + /\ = Miss Spencer faces away from her opponent and back flips, spinning 
180 to her right and landing on her right side dropping her elbow on the upper 
body of her opponent. This Maneuver does body damage

Up + /\ = Miss Spencer sits her enemy up and grabs the right arm with her right 
hand while her left hand takes the other arm. She pulls her opponent's arms 
back, links her arm's with them and rolls forwards over her opponent into a 
bridge. Miss Spencer then keeps her hands together and stretches the arms of 
her victim. It is an arm submission that will take about 10 seconds to defeat a 
fresh opponent. This maneuver adds a little to Miss Spencer's heart gauge. 

Right + /\ = Miss Spencer grabs her right arm, rolls her over, grabs her left 
arm, stands behind her and steps over the arm with her right leg and lets go 
but keeps the arm between her legs. Muriel Spencer then turns left using her 
left foot as the pivot point to bend the arm around her left leg. Spencer bends 
both knee's, tolls over her opponent and puts her left hand around her waist 
and her right arm between her legs and holds her shoulders to the ground for a 
pin. This Maneuver fills a little of the opponent's heart gauge and the pin 
does not always stay but if it does, it works better then a standard pin.

Down + /\ = She sits her opponent up and puts her left arm around the neck 
while her right arm holds the opponent's head. She chokes her opponent for head 

Leg grapples: Like Head grapples, only while standing near their lower body or 
using down + /\. Miss Spencer will grab her opponent's left leg, fall down and 
then pull thus causing her to trip over Miss Spencer who then stands up with 
her fallen opponent's ankle in hand.

Left + /\ = She rolls her opponent over, grabs the left leg and lifts it up 
high. Spencer drops her opponent on her leg for leg damage.

Up + /\ = Miss Spencer's left leg steps between her opponent's legs and she 
turns 270 while pivoting on her left foot, bending her opponent's right knee 
around her own left leg. Miss Spencer then bends down and grabs her opponent's 
left leg and places it under the right shin of her victim. She lays back, 
putting her right leg over her opponent's right ankle and bends her opponent's 
legs in the shape of a number 4. This Maneuver is a leg submission that takes 
about 10.3 seconds to defeat a fresh opponent.

Right + /\ = She rolls her opponent over, Grabs the left leg, lifts it up and 
tosses it down for leg damage.

Down + /\ = Miss Spencer grabs her opponent's other leg and while holding both, 
she steps over her opponent which rolls her left in the process. She then 
releases one of her legs and sits back on her opponent's neck while still 
holding one ankle, yanking back on the one leg at an ungodly angle. This Leg 
Submission takes 10 seconds to finish a fresh opponent and adds a minimal 
amount to the opponent's heart gauge.

Behind Grapples: execute command when facing an opponent's back

Left + /\ = Miss Spencer puts her opponent in a left hammerlock while her right 
arm chokes from behind. She then falls backwards tossing her opponent. This 
maneuver damages the body and fills the heart gauge by a very small amount.

Up + /\ = Miss Spencer jumps forward, right hand on the back of the victims 
head bringing her face first into the ground. This Maneuver causes damage to 
the head.

Right + /\ = Miss Spencer puts her head under her opponent's left arm and then 
wraps her arms around her opponent's waist. Spencer then leans back smashing 
her opponent's upper back into the ground but releases her right hand during 
the fall. This maneuver does body damage

Down + /\ = Muriel hooks her right arm around her opponent's neck, then her 
left arm around the neck and finally she pulls back lifting her off the ground 
before letting go. This Maneuver does head damage.

/\ while running = Puts her right arm under her opponent's legs, lays down and 
rolls the enemy over her, turning and kneeling on one hand while her right arm 
holds the opponent's leg as she pins her. This adds a very small amount to the 
heart gauge.

Catching grapples: These moves are done when the opponent is running at Miss 

/\ = Spencer bends down, puts her head between her opponent's legs and stands 
while grabbing the legs of her opponent. She crosses her opponent's ankles with 
the left one over the right and she drops to her right knee. Her victim hands 
off her shoulders as Miss Spencer stretches her opponent with her right arm 
around her opponent's head and her left hand on her opponent's ankles. This is 
a body submission hold and it takes about 11 seconds to defeat a fresh enemy 
with it. It also adds a fair amount to the heart gauge.

Right|Left + /\ = Miss Spencer bends right and grabs her opponent's right wrist 
around her back with her right arm. Muriel then flips her opponent and her 
victim's back falls on her knee for body damage. 

Up|Down + /\ = her right arm moves under her opponent's left arm and she places 
her hand on the left shoulder blade of her opponent. She then lifts up and 
flips the opponent over her giving them body damage.

Running Grapples: 

/\ while running = Miss Spencer's right hand grabs the head of her opponent. 
She then twists the head, putting her arm around the neck and then she jumps 
and falls on her back causing head damage.

Direction + /\ while running = Spencer runs under the right arm of her opponent,
grabbing it with her left arm. She turns 90 degree's to the left making the 
opponent face her. Spencer then bends her opponent forwards, puts her right arm 
around her head, lets go of the other arm and turns around, rotating her 
opponent with the right arm after which she hops and rolls to the right while 
grabbing her opponent's waist and pulling her over herself and pinning her 
shoulders on the floor. Causes head damage and fills a bit of the heart gauge.

Corner Grapples:

Opponent's back in corner

Left + /\ = Miss Spencer grabs her opponent's head, climbs the turnbuckle 
herself while moving her opponent to the place she was standing. Her right hand 
grabs her opponent's left and her left hand grabs her opponent's left shoulder 
and jumps off the turnbuckle spinning 180 as she falls. This maneuver causes 
arm damage.

Up + /\ = Miss Spencer holds her opponent's throat with her left hand while her 
right hand swings around and comes down hard on her opponent's chest. The 
Victim then falls down in the corner. This maneuver does body damage and puts 
the opponent in a sitting position in the corner.

Right + /\ = Spencer goes under opponent's right arm, grabs her by the waist 
and sits her on the turnbuckle. Muriel then stands on the top ropes, puts both 
arms under her opponent's arms while grabbing her upper body and jumps back, 
twisting to the right and tossing her opponent. This maneuver causes body 

Down + /\ = Miss Spencer holds her opponent's head up with her right hand while 
she turns to the left. She then releases her right hand and backhands her 
opponent for some body damage.

Opponent's front in corner

Left + /\ = Miss Spencer grabs her opponent's left hand with her own and puts 
the arm around the back of her neck. She then lifts her opponent up, sitting 
her on the turnbuckle before standing on the middle ropes and grabbing her 
around the waist. Muriel then falls backwards and pulls her opponent down with 
her for some body damage.

Up + /\ = Miss Spencer grabs her opponent's head with both hands and slams her 
face first into the corner post with the right hand. This Maneuver does head 

Right + /\ = She puts her opponent's left arm around her head then lifts her 
opponent onto the corner post. She then turns around, puts her right arm around 
her opponent's neck and leaps forwards, falling on her side and breaking the 
fall with her opponent's head.

Down + /\ = Muriel puts her opponent's left arm around her head then lifts her 
opponent onto the corner post. Miss Spencer then hangs her opponent upside-down 
in the corner and kicks her twice in the lower stomach. This Maneuver does body 

   3:3 Special Moves

Special moves use up a gauge that charges every time Miss Spencer taunts or 
injures her opponent. If the gauge fills up, she gets a stock and can save them 
up for use later. Stocks are used for every special move you execute or counter 
so you cannot do these all the time. Humiliation moves can only be done if the 
opponents heart gauge is full, lethal moves can only be done when in a specific 
situation and Killer moves can be done anytime as long as there is a stock to 
spare. When executing a Killer or Humiliation move, Miss Spencer will duck down 
for a second and then lunge towards her opponent while reaching out with her 
hands. The duck can be used to avoid most attacks and if she connects, the 
screen shatters and goes to a close up of Miss Spencer's face as she says 
something memorable like "Detention Time" before executing the move. With an 
exception being made for Miss Welsh, lethal moves are instantaneous and seem 

Killer move: Southern Darkness Suplex (L1)
Miss Spencer gets behind her opponent and reaches around the waist with her 
right arm, trapping her opponent's right arm to her side. She then moves her 
head under the left arm of her opponent and links her own left hand with her 
right as she leans backwards and suplexes her opponent chest first onto the 
floor. This maneuver does body damage and adds to the heart gauge of both 
wrestlers, but a little more to Miss Spencer's opponent.

Lethal move: Tricolor Suplex (L1 from behind a stunned opponent)
Miss Spencer grabs her opponent's waist from underneath both arms and falls on 
her back in a suplex. She then rolls a little to her left getting up with her 
arms still around her opponents waist. Miss Spencer then raises her arms and 
locks her opponent's arms high before falling back and suplexing for the second 
time. She then rolls right, stands up, links her left arm with her opponent and 
moves it behind her back, then she does the same with the other arm and leans 
back into a suplex which she holds for a pin.

Humiliation Move: Teachers pet (L2)
With the victim lying on her back, Miss Spencer stands by her feet and grabs 
them. Spencer's right hand grabs her opponent's right and places it between the 
legs of her opponent. She bends her opponent's right knee, putting the ankle 
over the trapped arm before placing her opponents left arm on top of the right 
knee. Miss Spencer then moves the left leg over the left arm and all other 
limbs below it before rolling her opponent onto her face. Muriel then steps 
over her opponent and casually sits on her back, crossing her right leg over 
her left and her right hand by her stomach. She then uncrosses her legs and 
crosses them again with the left leg over the right this time. Her left arm 
lies horizontal supporting her right elbow in the left palm while her cheek 
rests against her right hand. This is when the hurting starts and it takes 10 
seconds for this body submission to finish a fresh opponent. It also adds to 
the heart gauge but considering the gauge must be filled to execute this move, 
what's the point?

4: Spencer Trivia

Babyface or heel?: Face
Country: Canada
Age: 28
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 103 lbs
Bust: 37"
Hips: 36"
Theme Song: I'm too Virtuous - Akira Yamaoka
English Voice Actress: Rachel Walzer
Ring Title: The Taskmaster

   5: Miss Spencer interview transcript

What is your favorite food?

Miss Spencer: Oh my, one must not be too fussy, though I am quite the one for 
chocolate. I always indulge far more then I should.

What's your favorite color?

Miss Spencer: Blue I suppose, because it's pure and elegant.

What are your measurements?

Miss Spencer: Oh, I cannot recall. All right, 37-26-36. Are you quite satisfied 

What's your type?

Miss Spencer: I like someone who is courteous, studies hard and is always 
prepared. We are talking about student's right?

Who would you most like to meet with right now?

Miss Spencer: Ms. Welsh, where could that girl have gone off to?

Where were you born?

Miss Spencer: Canada, it has such wonderful natural surroundings.

Besides wrestling, what are you most interested in right now?

Miss Spencer: School, of course, I am a teacher, after all. 

What do you do in a typical day?

Miss Spencer: I teach class. On days off, hmm, let me think. I read books and 
sometimes even write poetry.

   6: Story mode Script

Episode 1, Miss Spencer is stretching and limbering up for her first match.

Miss Spencer: Finally, the Rumble Rose. *sigh* Wrestling takes me back to my 
school child days, but there is no time to reminisce. I have come to find Miss 
Welsh. She is one of my precious students. Miss Welsh might be a little naughty 
sometimes, but deep inside that rough exterior lies a kind girl. Dropping out 
of school seems uncharacteristic of her so she must have a good reason. Why any 
student of mine would dare enter such a dangerous tournament is beyond me. I 
must retrieve her post haste, she has missed far too many days of school.

I'm too virtuous plays in the speakers above the ring as Miss Spencer enters 
the ring for her first match. After beating Reiko, Miss Spencer walks through 
the hallway backstage.

Miss Spencer: This is taking too much of my time. I must find Ms Welsh.

Candy Cane is seen strolling down the hall rather blissfully with her arms 
waving as she takes big steps. She jumps back in surprise at the sight of Miss 

Candy Cane: Jeez teach?

Miss Spencer: Miss Welsh, I have found you at last.

Candy Cane: What the hell are you doin here?

Miss Spencer: I am the one who should be posing that question. Now back to 

Candy Cane: I don't think so!

Candy Cane runs off screen

Miss Spencer: Hold it Right there, Unbelievable!

Episode 2, Miss Spencer stands before Candy Cane in the beach arena.

Miss Spencer: Miss Welsh, I have you so we must hurry back to school.

Candy Cane: Get off my back! I already said no.

Miss Spencer: What good could possibly come of this? and that bathing suit, far 
to inappropriate.

Candy Cane steps up to Miss Spencer who is wearing a small white tank-top and 
cut off blue jean shorts

Candy Cane: Like you should talk, look at your getup.

Miss Spencer: I am an adult! But you are not, so go change this instant.

Candy Cane: In one ear, out the other.

Miss Spencer: Then I will take discipline into my own hands.

After getting schooled by Miss Spencer, Candy Cane sits up.

Miss Spencer: Are you satisfied now, its time to return to your studies.

Candy Cane stands up

Candy Cane: Hell no! That prize money's mine.

Miss Spencer: Prize money?

Candy Cane: We'll have a rematch, later.

Candy Cane runs off again

Miss Spencer: Wait one minute!

Episode 3, Aisha stands in the corner while Miss Spencer stands in the ring

Miss Spencer: Ahh, you are Miss Aisha correct?

Aisha: Yeah, so?

Miss Spencer: Miss Welsh is quite the fan of yours, she is one of my students 
you know. Could I please have your autograph?

Aisha: Tch, You a teacher?

Miss Spencer: Yes, I am.

Aisha: Sorry, but teachers piss me off.

Miss Spencer: Ahem *cue the anger music* watch your mouth missy. I cannot let 
you be a bad role model.

Aisha: What-chu gunna do about it? Bust out the ruler?

Miss Spencer: I will teach you a lesson...

Aisha: Bring it on!

The two of them fight and Miss Spencer teaches her a lesson. Miss Spencer bumps 
into Anesthesia in the hallway backstage.

Anesthesia: You beat Aisha, and here I thought you were just a school teacher.

Miss Spencer: I am just a teacher, who are you?

Anesthesia: I am Anesthesia. How about teaming up? We would make a great pair.

Miss Spencer: I am only here looking for my wayward student. She has red hair 
in pigtails, big eyes and is quite an attractive young lady.

Anesthesia: Never seen her. But, if she's as attractive as you say, I wouldn't 
'mind' meeting her. Hm hm hm hm...

Miss Spencer (to herself): I do not like the cut of that women's jib. I had 
better find Miss Welsh as soon as possible.

Episode 4, Candy Cane is talking trash to Makoto in the ring while Miss Spencer 
walks down the aisle.

Candy Cane: hmph, you're a gold medallist? Gold Medals mean jack where I grew 

Miss Spencer: Miss Welsh!

Candy Cane: Ack, Teach? Again?

Miss Spencer: Miss Welsh, get yourself back to school.

Makoto: Umm... scuse me?

Miss Spencer: Who are you, and what are you doing out of school?

Makoto: oh..wha..um... I was going to fight Candy Cane here.

Miss Spencer: *sigh* well, you will have to fight me instead. Brace yourself!

Makoto (bows politely): ah, ok. Let's go

Miss Spencer defeats Makoto and takes the microphone.

Miss Spencer: I am sorry everybody. That is quite enough for today. Miss Welsh 
must get back to her studying before she fails her classes.

Aigle: Nobody stops match, I not like

Aigle walks into the ring and stands before Miss Spencer

Miss Spencer: Hmm? Are you the next opponent? What are you doing out of school.

Aigle: I not go to school.

Miss Spencer: Well that certainly will not do, a girl of your age needs a 
proper education.

Aigle: But I warrior!

Miss Spencer: That is no excuse young lady. If you will not listen to reason, I 
will make you listen. En Guard!

Candy Cane has been watching Miss Spencer take out two girls in a row from the 
outside. She is very impressed.

Candy Cane: wow, not bad!

Miss Spencer (turning to face Candy Cane): There you are!

Candy Cane: Damn! (she runs away)

Miss Spencer: Wait! Hold on one second.

Episode 5, Miss Spencer chases Miss Welsh down to the coliseum arena and the 
two of them stand in the ring.

Miss Spencer: You will not get away this time Miss Welsh.

Candy Cane: Back off! I need that money.

Miss Spencer: So, pray tell, why do you need this money?

Candy Cane: The orphanage I grew up in is almost broke, they were my only 

Miss Spencer: Why... why have you not confided in me?

Candy Cane: Like you care! Leave me alone.

Miss Spencer: Now I really cannot let anything bad happen to you.

Candy Cane: Out of my way lady, or I'll give you the beat down!

Miss Spencer: Such language! Unbelievable!

Miss Spencer gives Candy Cane a beating and leaves her in the corner. That'll 
teach her

Candy Cane: Owww! What's gotten into you?

Miss Spencer: I used to be the captain of the wrestling team in my college days.
Did I fail to mention that?

Candy Cane: Thats news to me...

Miss Spencer: Fret not, I will win that prize money for you. But in exchange, 
you must go back to school. Promise?

Candy Cane: But, teach..... Eek!

Anesthesia grabs Candy Cane in a twisting hammerlock from behind, bending her 
right arm up behind her back making a soft crackling sound.

Anesthesia: Sorry to break up your little melodrama, but this one's mine. I'll 
take my time with her.

Miss Spencer: I remember you. Release her this instant!

Anesthesia: I don't think so. Who cares about a dropout anyway? She's too much 
for you to handle.

Miss Spencer: All my students are precious and she is no exception.

Candy Cane: Miss Spencer!

Anesthesia: Enough of the high school drama. Lady X, finish her off.

Miss Spencer: aaahh!

Lady X arrives and after a battle, her dress suit comes off, revealing her 
metallic joints and various cybernetics. She rises and comes at Miss Spencer 

Miss Spencer: *huff...huff...* She is much naughtier then I thought and needs 
to be taught a lesson.

Miss Spencer defeats lady X and Anesthesia is very surprised with the outcome.

Anesthesia: Damn, how could my lady X lose?

Candy Cane grunts and throws her head backwards and smashes it into 
Anesthesia's face. A satisfying crunch can be heard and Anesthesia's nose is 
probably broken. She groans and staggers back, holding her face in her hands.

Candy Cane: Don't mess with me nurse freak! Miss Spencer!

Candy Cane jumps into the ring with her teacher

Anesthesia: ugh... I better get out of here

Candy Cane: Thanks for what you did for someone like me Miss Spencer

Miss Spencer: I told you Miss Welsh, You are my precious student and you should 
have more confidence. 

Candy Cane: yes ma'am.

Miss Spencer: Time to return to class. You have serious catching up to do.

Candy Cane: What... What do you mean by that?

Miss Spencer: surely you realize how many days of school you have missed.

Candy Cane laugh's nervously and burry's her head in her hands. Miss Spencer 
turns around to face the camera and lets out a single giggle. 

7: Miss Spencer's thoughts on ...

Wrestling: Brings me back to my schoolgirl days, I was captain of the college 
wrestling team.
School: A good education is very important for today's youth.
Aisha: Arrogant, selfish and a bad role model. I am very disappointed with her.
Candy Cane: Miss Welsh is a good girl, she just needs a push in the right 
Becky: It is so nice to see how Miss Welsh has improved, she is passing her 
classes and participating in extra curricular activities.
Anesthesia: That lady is not just a nurse, I do not like her one bit.
Makoto: She is a very modest little girl and worthy of her gold medal.
Aigle: She is in desperate need of proper schooling.

8: Speculation: 
Miss Spencer stands with her right side forwards and tilts right when doing her 
corner dropkick which may mean she is left handed. She does however write with 
her right hand but many older left handed people were forced to do that in 
school. Perhaps Miss Spencer is one of those left handed people who can only 
write with their left hand due to right handed teachings in school. I've had a 
few teachers who were like that in elementary school.

Rebecca Welsh does not like Aisha. I'm not sure if that was just a script error,
a slip on Rachel's part or Miss Spencer just doesn't know any better at the 
time. In Aisha's storyline Miss Spencer mentions that her students are fans and 
later explains that she's getting revenge for Miss Welsh.

It is worth mentioning that though they do not talk on camera, Makoto passes on 
Miss Spencer's concerns to Candy Cane after their match. Candy replies with 
"You know Miss Spencer?"

The fate of the flipped Rebecca and Muriel may or may not be connected. In 
Becky's ending, she seems fed up with all the productivity she has had and 
seems to be falling back on her old ways. Mistress Spencer's ending however 
shows Muriel in the mood to give Becky some long overdue punishment while she 
looks on in horror at what has become of her teacher. It seems as if it's 
either one ending or the other, Becky changes back or Spencer changes then 
scares her off but it is quite possible that Becky may have just had one fit 
because of all the pressure Miss Spencer has put on her. Much time Later, Miss 
Spencer may have had a sudden midlife crisis triggered by that sudden reaction 
to one responsibility too much which turns her into Mistress Spencer. It is 
safe to believe that some time passes before Rebecca gets to see Muriel again 
as Becky mentioned she would really like to meet her and more importantly 
because of the shock when Becky meets Mistress Spencer at the end.

Not really speculation but it's interesting to note that the 'flipped' version 
of a character never appears as a loading icon regardless of what her current 
status of alignment is.

9: The boring stuff

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders. As for this FAQ as a personal 
intellectual property, I give you (the reader) permission to do whatever you 
want with it. I really don't give a damn.

If I made any mistakes, general or otherwise please let me know. Same goes for 
anything I'm forgetting and left out. 
My E-mail is ...

Thanks go to all the people who didn't write an FAQ because if you all didn't 
write an FAQ for if you had written one, I probably wouldn't have. Thanks to 
Pirajacinto for figuring out a few things for me and lots of help in general. 
Thanks to the gameFAQ's messageboards for just talking there and being fun. 
Thanks to my father, Cousin Chris, best friend Jean-Claude and Vera for looking 
over my FAQ before I submit it.

No thanks go to my mother for crashing the computer and setting me back a full 
day's work, forcing me to re-finish the FAQ three days later because I had to 
work the next two days. It's also unfortunate that I lost the original writing 
which in my case, is always better then my rewrite of the same. If the special 
moves section seems a bit hurried, this is why. Maybe I'll rewrite them when I 
submit my first update.

Look forwards to an update to this FAQ sometime which will include more tidbits 
in the creative sections and all the information on Miss Spencer as a heel, 
Mistress Spencer.

"Have you completed your assignments?" - Miss Spencer

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