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Japanese Items FAQ by tankboy

Version: 1.04 | Updated: 08/09/04

Naval Ops: Commander
Japanese Mission Pickups and Rewards
Version 1.04
By Jeremy Kuris

Copyright 2004 Jeremy Kuris

This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use.  It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission.  Use of this guide
on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly
prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.


Pickups and Rewards

This is a list of the pickups and rewards that I have received while playing
"Naval Ops: Commander" as the Japanese.  This list is not exhaustive, but it
can be used to get an idea what kind of item to expect in each mission.  Note
that the actual items you find can depend on your technology levels.  The
annotation "not verified" indicates that I have not found that item myself,
but I believe the information to be credible.

Mission Pickups                     Rewards
------- -------                     -------
A-1     10cm/55cal                  A: 12.7cm/65cal x 2
        12.7cm/50cal                A: 35.6cm/45cal x 2
        10cm/50cal High Angle       S: 14cm/65cal x 2
        12cm/55cal High Angle       S: 20.3cm/55cal x 2
        Aerial Electron Laser

A-2     12.7mm Machine Guns         A: Fuel Supply Ship B
                                    A: Ammo Ship B
                                    S: DD B

A-3     Depth Charges               A: Anti-Sub Missile
        45cm Torpedoes              S: Depth Charge Launcher

A-4     Depth Charges               A: 45cm Oxygen Torpedoes
        45, 48.3, 53.3cm Torpedoes  S: 61cm Torpedoes

A-5     DD Boiler 2, 3, 4           A: Turbine 3 x 2
        DD Turbine 2, 4             A: DD Boiler 4 x 4
        Turbine 2, 3                S: DD Boiler 5 x 4
                                    S: CC Boiler 2 x 4
                                    S: Turbine 4  x 2

A-6     10cm/55cal High Angle       A: Light DD B
        12cm/55, 60cal High Angle   S: Light DD D  
        12.7cm/50, 55, 65cal

A-a     Firing Delay 1              A: EBS 1
        Emergency Purge 1           S: Sonar 3
        Radar 2

A-7     20, 25, 28, 37mm MG         A: 37mm MG x 4
                                    S: 40mm MG x 4

A-8     Anti-Sub Missile            A: AA DD C
        Depth Charges               S: CC A
        45cm Torpedoes

A-9     61cm Torpedoes              A: 53.3cm Oxygen Torpedoes
        45cm Oxygen Torpedoes       S: 61cm Oxygen Torpedoes

A-10    12cm/65cal                  A: 35.6cm/45cal x 2
        15.5cm/45, 50cal            S: 14cm/65cal x 2
        35.6cm/45cal                S: 20.3cm/55cal x 2
        10cm/65cal High Angle
        12cm/60cal High Angle


B-1     CC 1, 2                     A: CC 2
        CV 1                        S: CC 3
                                    S: CV 2

B-2     12cm/30b RL                 A: 20cm/12b RL
        Anti-Air Missile Launcher   S: AS Missile Launcher

B-3     Depth Charge Launcher       A: Anti-Sub Guided Torpedoes
        61cm Torpedoes              S: 45cm Guided Torpedoes
        53.3cm Oxygen Torpedoes

B-4     DD Boiler 6                 A: Heavy CC A
        CC Boiler 3, 4              S: Missile DD A
        CV Boiler 3

B-5     37, 40mm MG                 A: 40mm Chain
        20mm CIWS                   S: 57mm Chain

B-6     B6N Tenzan                  A: AA CC D
        Scout Type 2                S: Missile DD B
        A6M Type 54 
        C6N Saiun
        B7A2 Ryusei Mod.
        A7M Reppu       
        D4Y Susei Type 43

B-7     CC Fwd 2, 3, 4              A: CC Aft 4
        CC Aft 1, 2, 3, 4           S: BB Fwd 1
        CV Fwd 3, 5                 S: CC Fwd 5
                                    S: CC Aft 5

B-8     15.5cm/55, 65cal            A: 25.4cm/55cal x 2
        14cm/65cal                  S: 25.4cm/60cal x 2
        20.3cm/55, 60cal
        12cm/65cal High Angle

B-9     53.3, 61cm Oxygen Torpedoes A: Anti-Sub Guided Torpedoes
        New Anti-Sub Missile        S: 45cm Guided Torpedoes

B-10    Anti-Air Missile Launcher   A: AS Missile Launcher
        Anti-Air Missile VLS        S: Anti-Sub Missile Launcher
        20cm/12b RL

B-a     ETS 2, 3                    A: EM Shield 1
        Sonar 3                     S: Auto-Load System 3


C-1     DD Boiler 7                 A: Turbine 6 x 2
        CC Boiler 4, 5, 6           S: CC Boiler 7 x 4
        CV Boiler 4
        DD Turbine 7
        Turbine 5

C-2     CC Fwd 4, 5                 A: AA CC C, D
        BB Fwd 1                    S: Chain DD A
        CC Aft 4

C-3     20mm CIWS                   A: 25mm CIWS x 4
        40mm MG                     S: 88mm Chain
        40mm Chain

C-a     Auto Fire Ext 2             A: EM Shield 2
        ETS 2                       S: EBS 3
        EM Shield 1

C-4     C6N Saiun                   A: D4Y Susei Type 54 x 4
        B7A2 Ryusei Mod.            A: Akimizu x 4
        A7M Reppu                   S: Kikka x 4
        D4Y Susei Type 54           S: J7W2 Shinden x 4

C-5     53.3, 61cm Oxygen Torpedoes A: 48.3cm Guided Torpedoes
        Anti-Sub Guided Torpedoes   S: Burst Anti-Sub Rockets
        New Anti-Sub Missile        S: 68cm Torpedoes

C-6     15.5cm/55, 60, 65cal        A: BB B
        20.3cm/60cal                S: Missile CC A

C-7     Anti-Air Missile Launcher   A: Anti-Ship Missile VLS
        Anti-Air Missile VLS        S: 45cm Autogun
        AS Missile Launcher
        30cm Autogun
        20cm/12b RL

C-8     DD 5                        A: CC 8
        CC 5, 6                     A: CV 4
        CV 3                        S: CC 7
                                    S: BB 1

C-b     Sonar 3                     A: Sonar 4
        Radar 3                     S: Optical Int 2
        Auto-Load System 2
        Auto Fire Ext 2
        ETS 2, 3
        Emergency Purge 3
        EBS 2

C-9     15.5cm/65cal                A: 25.4cm/55cal x 2
        20.3cm/60, 65cal            S: 25.4cm/60cal x 2

C-10    32.4, 45cm Guided Torpedoes A: 53.3cm Guided Torpedoes
        Anti-Sub Guided Torpedoes   S: 68cm Guided Torpedoes
        61cm Oxygen Torpedoes       S: CML System


D-1     25mm CIWS                   A: 127mm Chain
        40mm Chain                  S: 203mm Chain
        88mm Chain

D-a     ETS 3                       A: EM Shield 3
        Sonar 4                     S: Radar 4
        Firing Delay 3
        EM Shield 1, 2

D-2     CC Fwd 5                    A: Heavy Chain DD B
        BB Fwd 1, 2, 3              S: Missile CC B
        BB Aft 1, 2

D-3     20.3cm/65cal                A: 35.6cm/60cal x 2
        28cm/50cal                  S: 38.1cm/60cal x 2

D-4     CC 9                        A: BB 5
        CV 4                        A: CC 10
        BB 1                        S: BB 6

D-5     D4Y Susei Type 54           A: Missile DD C
        Akimizu                     S: Submarine A
        New Seiran
        J7W2 Shinden

D-6     DD Boiler 7, 8              A: Gas Turbine 2
        CC Boiler 7, 8              S: BB Boiler 5 x 4
        CV Boiler 5                 S: Atomic Engine 5 x 2
        BB Boiler 2, 3
        Atomic Engine 1
        DD Turbine 8
        Turbine 6, 7
        Gas Turbine 1

D-7     Anti-Ship Missile VLS       A: Multi-Missile Launcher
        AS Missile Launcher         S: Multi-Purpose Missile VLS
        Anti-Sub Missile Launcher

D-8     45,48.3,53.3cm Guided Torp  A: CML Torpedoes
        Anti-Sub Guided Torpedoes   S: PML Torpedoes

D-9     30.5cm/50cal                A: 35.6cm/55cal x 2
        35.6cm/50cal                S: 38.1cm/60cal x 2
        38.1cm/45, 50cal

D-b     (no pickups)                A: Optical Int 2
                                    S: Auto Fire Ext 4

D-10    57mm Chain                  A: 254mm Chain
        88mm Chain                  S: 305mm Chain
        127, 203mm Chain


E-1     Anti-Sub Missile Launcher   A: 28cm/9b RL
        Anti-Ship Missile VLS       S: Anti-Sub Missile VLS

E-a     Radar 4                     A: Aegis System 2
        Sonar 4                     S: EBS 5
        Radar-Sonar 2
        EBS 3
        ETS 4
        Optical Int 1

E-2     CC Fwd 6                    A: DD Fwd a
        BB Fwd 3, 4, 5, 6           A: DD Aft a
        BB Aft 3, 4, 5, 6           S: CC Aft a
                                    S: CC Fwd a

E-3     J7W2 Shinden                A: Submarine A
        Mod. Kikka                  S: Missile BB A

E-4     30mm CIWS                   A: 305mm Chain
        245, 305mm Chain            S: 356mm Chain

E-5     CC Boiler 8                 A: BB Boiler 6 x 4
        BB Boiler 5                 S: BB Boiler 7 x 4
        Atomic Engine 1, 2          S: Atomic Engine 7 x 2
        DD Turbine 8
        Gas Turbine 3, 5

E-6     38.1cm/50cal                A: 35.6cm/60cal x 2
        41cm/50cal                  S: 35.6cm/55cal x 2
        43.2cm/45, 50cal
        46cm/45, 50cal
        50.8cm/45, 50cal

E-7     CC 9, 10                    A: BB 8
        BB 3, 4, 5, 6, 7            S: Small DD
        BC 1, 3

E-8     Multi-SSM Launcher          A: Flamethrower Ship
        Multi-Missile Launcher      S: Submarine B
        Anti-Sub Missile
        Anti-Ship Missile VLS

E-b     ETS 1                       A: Optical Int 5
        Aegis System 1              S: Bow Thrusters
        Radar 4
        EM Shield 4
        Gravity Field 2, 3
        Firing Delay 4
        Optical Int 3
        Radar-Sonar 3, 4

E-9     48.3,53.3,68cm Guided Torp  A: New Anti-Sub Torpedoes
        PML System                  S: Burst Torpedoes

E-10    Charged Particle Gun        A: Electron Laser
        Guided Charged Par. Gun     S: Cat Beam
        Charged Par. Burst Gun
        Heavy, New X-Ray Ord   
        Burst Plasma Gun
        New Electron Laser
        Anti-Air Pulse Laser


F-1     J7W2 Shinden Mod.           A: Missile CC C
        I32 Arawashi                S: Missile BB A
        B78 Konpaku              

F-2     Flamethrower Gun            A: New Flamethrower Gun
        New Flamethrower Gun        S: Tower Railgun
        Tower Railgun

F-3     BB Fwd 5, 6, 7              A: CC Aft a
        BB Aft 5                    S: BB Fwd a
                                    S: BB Aft a

F-a     Radar 4                     A: EM Shield 5
        Radar-Sonar 5               S: Weapons Command System
        ETS 5
        EBS 4
        Gravity Field 3, 5
        EM Shield 4
        Optical Int 4
        Firing Delay 4
        Aegis System 2

F-4     38, 45, 60cm Autogun        A: Anti-Sub Missile VLS
                                    S: Cluster Bomb Launcher

F-5     BB 7, 8                     A: 2-Hull DD
        BC 3                        S: Drillship

F-6     127, 203, 254, 305mm Chain  A: Heavy Chain DD C
                                    S: Missile BB C

F-7     50.8cm/50cal                A: 61cm/50cal x 2
        56cm/50cal                  S: 80cm/55cal x 2

F-8     Charged Particle Gun 1, 2   A: Plasma Gun
        Guided Plasma Gun           S: New Pulse Laser
        Burst Plasma Gun
        Anti-Air Pulse Laser 2
        New Electron Laser
F-9     CV Boiler 7, 8              A: Gas Turbine 8
        BB Boiler 6, 7              S: Atomic Engine a x 2
        Atomic Engine 5, 6
        Turbine 8
        Gas Turbine 3, 4, 5, 6

F-10    (no pickups)                (no rank screen)
                                    A: Wave Gun (silently awarded)
                                    S: Breac Wave Gun (silently awarded)


G-1     Crois Laser                 A: Sian Laser
                                    S: Dorn Laser

G-2     203, 254, 305mm Chain       A: 356mm Chain
                                    S: 381mm Chain
                                    Special Reward: Duck

G-3     Multi-Warhead VLS           A: 80cm Autogun
        Multi-Missile Launcher      S: Cluster Bomb Launcher
        38, 45cm Autogun

G-4     (no pickups)                A: CC Fwd a, b
                                    A: CC Aft a, b
                                    S: BB Fwd a
                                    S: BB Aft a

G-5     56cm/50cal                  A: 38.1cm/55cal x 2
        61cm/45, 50cal              S: 38.1cm/60cal x 2
        80cm/45, 50cal

G-6     KaRyuu                      A: Laser DD A
        Mod. Kikka                  S: Laser CC A
        J7W2 Shinden Mod.
        I32 Arawashi
        B78 Konpaku

G-7     Krypton Laser               A: Ring Laser
        Anti-Air Pulse Laser        S: Burst Ring Laser
        New X-Ray Ord
        Cat Beam
        Crab Laser

G-8     PML, CML Torpedoes          A: New Supersonic Torpedoes
        PML, CML System             S: Special Warhead Torpedoes
        Burst Torpedoes
        68, 80cm Guided Torpedoes
        Supersonic Torpedoes
        Special Warhead Torpedoes

G-9     Mini DD                     A: Drillship
        Small DD                    S: Duckship
        Special CC
        2-Hull CC
        BB 7, 8

G-10    Flamethrower Gun            A: Railgun Dris
        New Flamethrower Gun        S: Light Railgun
        Tower Railgun
        Railgun Dris


*A-1    28cm/55, 60cal              A: Missile DD A
        30.5cm/55cal                S: Laser DD A

*A-2                                A: Firing Delay 6
                                    S: Auto-Load System 6

*A-3    Gas Turbine a, b            A: DD Boiler a x 4
                                    S: DD Boiler b x 4

*A-4    68cm Torpedoes              A: Sonar 6
        Burst Anti-Sub Rockets      S: Sonar a

*A-5    Ring Laser                  A: Electron Laser
        Rapach Laser                S: Charged Par. Burst Gun 2

*A-6    30.5cm/60cal                A: Small DD
        38.1cm/65cal                S: 2-Hull DD

*A-a    CC Boiler a, b              A: 60cm Autogun
        CV Boiler a, b              S: Multi-Warhead Launcher

*A-7    Sonar a                     A: 68cm Oxygen Torpedoes
        ETS a                       S: 80cm Oxygen Torpedoes
        Emergency Purge 6
        Auto Fire Ext 6

*A-8    CML System                  A: DD Turbine a x 2
        CML Torpedoes               S: DD Turbine b x 2
        68cm Guided Torpedoes
        80cm Oxygen Torpedoes

*A-9    A7M Reppu                   A: Enigmatech Atli
        Jinpuu                      S: Enigmatech System
        New Seiran
        J7W2 Shinden

*A-10   Radar a                     A: Turbine a x 2
        Auto-Load System a          S: Turbine b x 2
        Firing Delay a


*B-1    Caob Laser                  A: Missile DD B
        Trom Laser                  S: Missile CC A
        Rotach Laser

*B-2    60, 80cm Autogun            A: ETS 6
        Multi-Warhead Launcher      S: Weapons Command System

*B-3    38.1cm/60, 65cal            A: DD Boiler g x 4
        41cm/55, 60cal              S: DD Turbine g, d x 2

*B-4    Emergency Purge a           A: DD Fwd b
        Velocity Control System     A: DD Aft b
                                    A: CC Fwd a
                                    S: BB Fwd a, b
                                    S: BB Aft a

*B-5    Charged Par. Burst Gun 2    A: Missile DD D
        Charged Par. Gun 2          S: Laser DD B
        Guided Charged Par. Gun
        Guided Plasma Gun

*B-6    Rapid Fire 127mm            A: Radar b
        New AGS 203mm               S: Sonar b
        381mm Chain
        30mm, 35mm CIWS

*B-7    DD Turbine a                A: Submarine D
        DD Boiler b, g, d           S: New Submarine A

*B-8    Jinpuu                      A: Tacail Laser
        New Seiran                  A: Caob Laser
        J7W2 Shinden                S: Trom Laser                
        Kikka                       S: Luan Laser
        I32 Arawashi

*B-9    80cm Torpedoes              A: 46cm/60cal x 2
        68, 80cm Oxygen Torpedoes   S: 56cm/55cal x 2

*B-10   CC Boiler b                 A: 2-Hull CC
        Turbine a                   S: Special CC

*B-a    Pocket BB                   A: Submarine C, D
        2-Hull DD                   A: New Submarine A, B
                                    S: Shark


*C-1    Railgun                     A: New Kryton Laser
        Railgun Dris                S: Trom Laser
        Tower Railgun

*C-2    Multi-Purpose Missile VLS   A: Laser DD C, D
        Multi-Warhead VLS           S: Laser BB A, C
        Cluster Bomb Launcher

*C-3    Anti-Air Pulse Laser 2      A: Enigmatech Propulsion
        New Pulse Laser             S: Enigmatech System 2
        Plasma Gun

*C-a    35.6cm/55, 60cal            A: Heavy Chain DD D
        43.2cm/60cal                S: Laser BB B, D
        46cm/55, 60cal

*C-4    Radar 6                     A: Missile DD B
        ETS 6                       S: Missile DD C
        Auto-Load System 6

*C-5    Charged Par. Gun 3          A: DD Aft a
        New Pulse Laser             S: BB Fwd d

*C-6    Sian Laser                  A: Light Railgun
        Dorn Laser                  S: Breac Wave Gun
        Rapach Laser

*C-7    DD Boiler d, g              A: EBS 6
        DD Turbine b                S: EM Shield 6

*C-8    Radar a, b                  A: Rotach Laser
        Auto Fire Ext 6             S: Uranta Laser
        Emergency Purge 6

*C-b    J7W2 Shinden                A: New AGS 254mm
        KaRyuu                      S: 406mm Chain
        Mod. Kikka

*C-9    Rapid Fire 102mm            A: CV Boiler d x 4
        New AGS 254mm               S: CV Boiler e x 4

*C-10   Sonar 6                     A: 56cm/55cal x 2
        EBS 6                       S: 56cm/60cal x 2
        Good Luck Charm             S: 61cm/55, 60cal x 2


*D-1    New Supersonic Torpedoes    A: Submarine A
        Supersonic Torpedoes        S: Plasma BB A, B
        Burst Torpedoes             

*D-a    CV Boiler g, d              A: Bow Thrusters
        BB Boiler a                 S: Radar-Sonar a

*D-2    Electron Laser              A: BB Aft b, g
        Plasma Gun                  A: BB Fwd g, d
        Anti-Air Pulse Laser        S: EBS Fwd
        New Krypton Laser

*D-3    Flamethrower Gun            A: Enigmatech Egill
                                    S: Enigmatech Propulsion 2

*D-4    BB Boiler a, b              A: Gas Turbine g
        Turbine a                   S: Atomic Enigne b

*D-5    50.8cm/55, 60cal            A: Caob Laser
        61cm/55, 60cal              A: Trom Laser
                                    S: Tacail Laser
                                    S: Luan Laser

*D-6    Cruise Missile Launcher     A: Special CC
                                    S: 2-Hull BB

*D-7    New AGS 203, 254mm          A: Missile CC B
        Rapid Fire 127mm Cannon     S: Missile CC C
        406mm Chain

*D-8    CC Boiler d                 A: Guided Ring Laser
        DD Trubine d, g             S: Guided Ring Laser 2
                                    S: Burst Ring Laser 2

*D-9    Charged Par. Burst Gun 1, 2 A: Auto-Load System b
        Charged Part. Gun           S: Firing Delay g
        Guided Plasma Gun
        Burst Plasma Gun

*D-b    (no pickups)                A: Breac Wave Gun
                                    S: Railgun Ealta

*D-10   Tower Railgun               A: EM Shield 6
                                    S: Enigmatech Orn


*E-1    Crois, Caob Laser           A: Velocity Control System
        Cith, Tacil Laser           S: Upgraded Steering System
        Sil, Rapach Laser           S: Upgraded Weapons Command System
        Dorn, Luan Laser

*E-2    56cm/50, 55cal              A: Laser CC B
        80cm/60cal                  S: Laser CC D

*E-3    EBS a                       A: Charged Par. Gun 3
        ETS b                       A: Charged Par. Burst Gun 3
        Autoload b                  S: Charged Par. Gun 3
        Firing Delay b

*E-4    Rotach Laser                A: Special CC
        Neul Laser                  S: XBC

*E-5    KaRyuu                      A: Plasma BB A, B
        Mod. Kikka                  S: New Submarine C, D
        J7W2 Shinden Mod.
        I32 Arawashi
        B78 Konpaku

*E-6    Firing Delay 6              A: KaRyuu x 4
        Bow Thrusters               A: I32 Arawashi x 4
        Auto-Load System 6          A: Mod. Kikka x 4
                                    A: J2W2 Shinden Mod. x 4
                                    S: Osprey x 4

*E-a    DD Boiler a, e              A: Sonar a
        DD Turbine d, e             S: EBS b

*E-7    BB Boiler d, e              A: BB Aft a, b
        Turbine b, g                S: EBS Fwd

*E-8    Uranta Laser                A: Radar-Sonar g
        Salach Laser                S: Optical Int b
        Guided Ring Laser
        Ring Laser 2

*E-b    Light Railgun               A: Wave Gun
        Railgun Ealta               S: Railgun Astal

*E-9    Optical Int b, g            A: New Burst Plasma Gun
                                    S: New Guided Plasma Gun

*E-10   68, 80cm Oxygen Torpedoes   A: Missile CC A, D
        68, 80cm Torpedoes          S: Laser CC A, D
        Burst Anti-Sub Rockets


*F-1    CC Boiler e                 A: Turbine d x 2
        CV Boiler e                 S: Turbine e x 2
        BB Boiler g

*F-2    New Plasma Gun              A: Laser CC C
        New Burst Plasma Gun        S: Missile BB B, D

*F-3    Auto-Load System g          A: Enigmatech Solvi
        ETS g                       S: EM Shield b
        Auto Fire Ext a, b
        Emergency Purge b

*F-a    EM Shield 6                 A: Multi-Warhead Launcher
        Enigmatech Sturla           S: Spec. Warhead Missile VLS2

*F-4    203, 406mm Chain            A: Report Falsifier
                                    S: Enigmatech Mar

*F-5    Spec. Warhead Missile VLS   A: Grian Laser
        Cruise Missile Launcher     S: Guided Ring Laser 3

*F-6    80cm/55, 60cal              A: Guided Anti-Wave BB
        100cm/55, 60cal             S: EM Shield BB

*F-7    Gase Turbine d, e           A: Atomic Engine g x 2
                                    S: Atomic Engine d x 2

*F-8    Ring Laser 3                A: EM Shield a
        Burst Ring Laser 3          S: Gravity Field a
        Guided Ring Laser 3

*F-9    Atomic Engine a, b          A: BB Fwd a, b, g
                                    A: BB Aft a, b, g
                                    S: EBS Fwd

*F-10   Upgraded Steering System    A: Plasma BB C, D
        Upgraded Weapons Command    S: EM BB
        Enigmatech Orn

*F-b    (no pickups)                (No rank screen)
                                    A: Atomic Engine d x 2 (silently awarded)
                                    S: Atomic Engine e x 2 (silently awarded)


*G-1    Black Fly                   A: Black Fly x 4
                                    S: Osprey x 4

*G-2    Pocket BB                   A: Nessie
        Duckship                    S: Laser Duck
                                    Special Reward: Duck

*G-3    127, 203, 254, 305mm Chain  A: Enigmatech Prop 2
                                    S: Gravity Field b

*G-4    (no pickups)                A: Photon Torpedoes
                                    S: New Photon Torpedoes

*G-5    CC Boiler a, b, g, e, d     A: Float
        BB Boiler a, b, e, d        A: Raft
                                    S: Mystery Raft

*G-6    38.1cm/65cal                A: Super Kitty Beam
        41cm/60cal                  S: New Crab Laser
        43.2/55, 60cal
        80cm/55, 60cal

*G-7    Osprey                      A: 2-Hull BB
        Black Fly                   S: XBC

*G-8    Radar-Sonar b, g            A: Swan
        Optical Int a               A: Duckling
                                    S: Duck
                                    S: Cygnus

*G-9    Sonar a, b                  A: Breac Wave Gun
        EBS a, b                    S: Siorc Wave Gun
        ETS b

*G-10   Spec. Warhead Missile VLS   A: Quantum Torpedoes
        Spec. Warhead Missile VLS2  S: New Quantum Torpedoes


Survival Mode
Survival mode missions are the same as the "first-time through" missions, in
terms of enemies, pickups, and rewards.  Additionally, there are rewards for
completing an entire area:

Area A Completed: Shark
Area B Completed: Burst Anti-Sub Rockets
Area C Completed: New AGS 203mm
Area D Completed: Photon Torpedoes
Area E Completed: Super Aegis System
Area F Completed: Laser Swan

In survival mode, there are no a and b missions to unlock, and no Area G.


Kill Rewards
PT Boats:
  100  25.4cm/60cal x 2
  500  80cm/60cal x 2
  999  100cm/60 x 2

  100  2-Hull DD
  500  Pocket BB
  999  Duckship (not verified)

  100  30mm CIWS x 4
  500  102mm Rapid Fire Cannon
  999  New AGS 203mm Cannon

  100  Burst Torpedoes
  500  Special Warhead Torpedoes
  999  New Quantum Torpedoes

  100  KaRyuu x 4 (Bomber, Me 262)
  500  Su37J x 4 (Fighter)
  999  Osprey x 4 (Bomber, F-15E)

  100  Multi-Warhead VLS
  500  Cruise Missile Launcher
  999  Multi-Purpose Missile VLS

  100  Crab Laser
  500  Charged Par. Gun 2 (not verified)
  999  Grian Laser (not verified)

  100  127mm Rapid Fire Cannon
  500  AGS 254mm Cannon
  999  356mm Chain Gun

  100  Weapons Command System
  500  Good Luck Charm
  999  Enigmatech Sturla

Super Ships:
  100  Railgun Astal
  500  Siorc Wave Gun (not verified)
  999  Massive Wave Gun (not verified)


Contact Instructions:

To contact me, please email jeremu@ix.netcom.com with "[NOPS]" in the subject.
Otherwise your email may get deleted by my spam filters.  Please do not email
me unless you have information or corrections to add to this document.  Game
strategy and all other topics should be brought up in the Gamefaqs forum for
this game:


Additional Credit:
  naval ops lover
  Nuclear Fireworks
  tha bridge bk ny 

Thank You.

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