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General FAQs

FAQ/Move List (ARC) 05/23/04 A Large Trout 1.2.7 88K
FAQ/Move List (ARC) 12/21/03 Kao Megura 0.6 230K
FAQ/Move List (ARC) 07/22/05 Moriya 2.212 226K
FAQ/Move List (NEO) 05/13/09 IceQueenZer0 90K
Short Move List (ARC) 07/22/05 Moriya 1.021 53K
FAQ/Move List (ARC) 09/08/02 Genji Masamune 0.10 71K

Character FAQs

Athena (ARC) 12/07/02 weis 1.1 13K
Athena (DC) 08/12/03 Saturn Urameshi 1.3 27K
Billy Kane (ARC) 02/27/03 Basel 22K
Blue Mary (ARC) 12/15/03 mario_san 1.7 26K
Geese 04/14/04 Basel 86K
K' (ARC) 11/28/04 Toxic 51K
Kensou (ARC) 11/11/02 weis 1.0 7K
Kim Kaphwan (ARC) 08/11/03 RTorrez 44K
Kula (NEO) 12/22/04 ketsudan hyougashimo 28K
Kyo (ARC) 08/05/03 RTorrez 39K
Mature (ARC) 11/25/02 NLiu 18K
Maxima (ARC) 11/28/04 Toxic 38K
Ramon (ARC) 12/18/02 Rugal_Br 7K
Rugal (ARC) 01/11/03 Dmario14 1.1 14K
Ryo (ARC) 07/11/03 aofan 1.0 36K
Terry (NEO) 07/14/05 Hookman7 1.0 19K
Vice (ARC) 01/04/03 Rugal_Br 9K
Whip (ARC) 03/08/04 fabian_ 4.0 83K
Yamazaki (ARC) 05/03/03 Stalin Man of Steel 0.1 98K
Yashiro (ARC) 01/04/03 Rugal_Br 9K

In-Depth FAQs

Foreign Language FAQs

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