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Game Script by Shotgunnova

Updated: 12/19/12

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     | Game Script by Shotgunnova |

  01) A Savage Earth .................................................... GS01
  02) The Message ....................................................... GS02
  03) Scallion .......................................................... GS03
  04) The Immortality Gambit ............................................ GS04
  05) The Valley of Screams ............................................. GS05
  06) The Stranger ...................................................... GS06
  07) An Enemy Defined .................................................. GS07
  08) My Lover, My Comrade .............................................. GS08
  09) A Legend Grows .................................................... GS09
  10) The Secret of Peace ............................................... GS10
  11) A Winter's Tale ................................................... GS11
  12) The Dambusters .................................................... GS12
  13) Unlucky for Some .................................................. GS13
  14) Turning Point ..................................................... GS14
  15) A Fatal Error ..................................................... GS15
  16) My Enemy, My Self ................................................. GS16
  17) Into the Lair ..................................................... GS17
  18) The Mutation ...................................................... GS18
  19) The End ........................................................... GS19

  Updates & Contributors ................................................ UPDT
  Legality .............................................................. LGLT

01) A SAVAGE EARTH                                                       [GS01]

Diary (


[Along a crick, a dad throws his caught fish onto the ground near his son.]

Father: Gotcha!!

Low: Great. Can we go back now?

Father: I thought you wanted to learn how to catch a fish, Low?

Low: That was before I knew how boring it would be. You said hunting was

Father: Come on, let's...

[A nearby explosion rings out. They find the source: Creatures at a mine.]

Low: Perhaps today won't be such a washout after all.

Father: We didn't come out here to fight monsters. You know how dangerous they
        can be.

Low: What are they doing?

Father: Who knows? Probably their idea of fun.

Low: Freaks! Why don't they go back to whatever ars...

Father: I wouldn't have put it quite like that. But you're right. The world
        was certainly a better place without 'em. People lived in cities once,
        made love, had kids, put down roots. Not like now, too scared to stay
        in one place for more than a month. Well we can do without this so
        close to the camp. We'll have to go around them, warn the others that

[Low has instead ran into battle instead of leaving.]

Father: Not again! Low! LOW!! Great!

[They defeat the monsters and hightail it back to camp.]

02) THE MESSAGE                                                          [GS02]

Diary (


[Back at the family campground...]

Father: I don't know where your impulsive streak comes from...your mother's
        side most probably...

Low: The camp is safe isn't it?

Father: That isn't the point. It's dangerous to...

[A young girl runs out of a tent.]

Pepper: You're back!

Father: We'll talk about this later. Hello, Pepper. Did you miss us?

Pepper: I've been digging for things from the old times! Look what I've found.

[She shows some bombs.]

Father: That's great, Pepper.

Pepper: Dex says he saw a ruined house down by the meadow. I'm going to go and
        look for it.

[She runs off.]

Father: Pepper! Don't go too far... Go and keep an eye on your sister, Low.

Low: Why should I do it? You're her father.

Father: Just GO will you!!

Low: Fine. Whatever. Yes, master.

Father: Definitely from Martha's side.

[Pepper is walking through the forest and stops.]

Pepper: Who's there! Low...? Low, I know it's you - I'm not scared, you know!


Low: Pepper? Come on, Pepper, I've got things I want to do...

[A strange man stops Pepper from screaming. A gunshot rings out nearby, and
everyone sees monsters are in camp. After slaying them and the catapult, Low
finds his father's corpse.]

Low: Stay there! And this time do as you're told.

Pepper: But there was someone in the woods, who... What's going on?

Low: I'll tell you on the way...

[He begins walking out of camp.]

Pepper: Where are we going, Low? Low, where are we going...?

03) SCALLION                                                             [GS03]

Diary (


[Much later on, Low is surveying a village, seeing it infested with Creatures.]

Pepper: What I've never understood is what Dad used to say, how they all just
        appeared one day. How could monsters just appear? 'Cause I've read
        about the dinosaurs and stuff, and things don't just appear. They...
        they revolve.

Low: Evolve. Revolve is when something spins around. Wait here.

[He runs into battle.]

Pepper: Why do I always have to stay behind? I want to kill monsters too.

Low: Do as I say.

[After seeing him fight solo, Pepper soon runs into battle as well.]

Low: I told you to stay behind!

Pepper: Yes, but I ignored you.

Low: You'll be the death of me, Pepper.

[Later, a burly man with a bazooka joins in.]

Scallion: Hold onto your underwear, ladies. The guy with the ten-ton gun is
          in town!

Low: Who the hell are you?

Scallion: Your backup. Name's Scallion.

Low: I don't need backup, I'm doing just fine on my own, thanks.

Scallion: Many guns make light work, my young friend.

Low: Whatever. Just don't get in my way.

Scallion: You won't even know I'm here. Eat explosive death, you green
          perversions of nature!

[The team fights for awhile.]

Scallion: Of course, this is all completely pointless.

Low: What do you mean?

Scallion: Ever get the feeling you killed the same monster more than once?

Low: What?

Scallion: You never noticed how they seem to regenerate? How you kill them
          and they come back to life? Say, a few days later?

Low: That's impossible.

Scallion: I know their secret. You want in?

Low: Is this some sort of joke?

Scallion: Do you see me laughing?

[They finally finish off the baddies.]

Scallion: We saved your village! Perhaps you would like to reward us, some
          wine perhaps, a night with your daughter, heh heh. Get ready.

Low: Get ready for what?

Scallion: For that! Same everytime.

[The farmers throw vegetables at them.]

Farmer: You idiots! Who's gonna protect us when they come back! Get out of our

Farmer 2: What's left of it! You destroyed my barn! I had three cows in there!
          Go on, get out!

[Their veggie barrage drives the 'heroes' out into the wilderness.]

04) THE IMMORTALITY GAMBIT                                               [GS04]

Diary: His name was Scallion, and he said he hated the Creatures as much as
       we did. He reckoned the Creatures had a secret, that they could come
       back to life after they died, using some sort of machine.

       Low and Scallion hatched a plan to grab the machine from the Creature
       camp. He didn't say so, but I could see in his eyes that Low wanted to
       see if this machine thingummy could bring mom and dad back to life...


[That night, the team enacts their daring snatch-and-grab plan in the valley.]

Low: I can't believe they treated us like that.

Scallion: You get used to it. People just don't know what's good for 'em.

Low: Tell me about the monsters. You said they...what was it, regenerate? How?

Scallion: See that machine they're guarding? THAT's how!

[A large, floating egg-shaped device is under heavy guard.]

Low: What is it?

Scallion: Help me steal it and I'll show you what you can do with it.

Low: Just walk into the camp and steal it? Are you insane?

Scallion: It has been suggested.

Pepper: Low!

Low: Stop interrupting! What do you want?

Pepper: My feet hurt...

[After slaying the guards, everyone approaches the machine.]

Scallion: ...Achoo!

[His sneeze alerts other monsters.]

Low: Nice going! We might as well've come in here banging a drum!

Scallion: Sorry, I get hay fever.

[They run off with the machine, with some creatures in hot pursuit.]

05) THE VALLEY OF SCREAMS                                                [GS05]

Diary: How we managed to escape the Creatures, I'll never know. I'd never seen
       so many attack at the same time before. I think that whatever this life
       machine is, it's really important to them.

       After we got safe, Scallion said he knew someone who might be able to
       help make it work. The only thing was, she lived somewhere both Low and
       I had hoped we'd never have to go. Somewhere the grown-ups always spoke
       about like it was the worst, most horrible and terrifying place in the
       world - the Valley of Screams, home of the Science Witch.


[The crew encounters an icy, deserted overpass running through the mountains.]

Pepper: This place is scary...

Scallion: Don't worry, honey. Every one of these carmobiles is dead.

Low: You say this Caraway can help us figure out how the thing works?

Scallion: Probably.

Low: Probably? We've been pulling this damn machine for five days! I hope this
     is worth the effort.

Scallion: Trust me, Caraway and I go waaay back. She's a Science Witch: if
          she can't figure out how this thing works, nobody can.

Low: That isn't very reassuring.

Pepper: I'm cold...

Low: We're all cold!

Pepper: But I can't feel my head I'm so cold!

[A gunshot gives away a nearby Creature's position.]

Scallion: Heh heh...company!

[After fighting awhile, a small robotic sniper appears.]

Wardwarf: What what, Scallion old bean, need a hand?

Scallion: Wardwarf, you tin-assed old rascal!

Low: What is THAT?

Wardwarf: "That"? How dare you, sir. I'm an individual.

Scallion: Wardwarf is Caraway's bodyguard.

Pepper: Hehe, he's funny.

Wardwarf: Thank you for that assessment, young lady. Now, if we can all just
          get to the end of the valley, we should be safe. Even the rude young
          man with the big nose.

Low: Is he talking about me? Are you talking about me?

[Eventually, they slay the monsters and make it to Caraway's domicile.]

06) THE STRANGER                                                         [GS06]

Diary: Same as Low had led the Creatures to the camp, we had now led the
       Creatures to Caraway's home, a home she'd kept secret for years, by
       protecting it with ghost stories and legends. She wasn't half as
       frightening as you'd expect a Science Witch to be, and she was pretty
       and really smart.

       She worked out how to use the machine, which she said she'd heard
       stories about. She called it the Immortality Engine, and she said it
       could stop us from dying. Still, I think we were all pretty scared going
       into that battle, even with her help...


[Everyone approaches the snowy building complex.]

Low: What the hell is this place?

Wardwarf: The locals call it The Valley of a Thousand Screams. But inbred
          primitives always did have a tendency for melodrama.

[Caraway hops down to meet them.]

Caraway: I call it home.

Scallion: Hey Caraway, it's been too long!

Caraway: Wardwarf, patrol the perimeter!

Wardwarf: Right oh missis...

Caraway: Is this what I think it is? Neat!

Low: Can you work it?

[She fiddles with its buttons.]

Caraway: Oh I reckon so, that's the memory purged and...and that's it primed
         for a new template. Scallion, touch the machine.

Scallion: Whatever you say, babe.

[He does so, and she shoots him in the head.]

Low: you! You killed him!

Caraway: He'll be fine.

Low: Fine? He's got a hole in his head the size of my fist!

Wardwarf: Bandits at twelve o'clock what what.

Caraway: Great. That means we've got half an hour to kill. Oh, have a sense of
         humor. OK, both of you touch the machine. You too Wardwarf!

[They defeat the Creatures. Everyone gathers at the Immortality Engine.]

Low: Where is he?

[Scallion teleports into the area.]

Scallion: Man...what was I drinking last night?

Caraway: You never could handle a hangover, Scallion.

[An older gentleman and a young woman appear nearby.]

Caraway: This is the General, and his daughter, Peace. They're staying here
         until the weather improves.

Peace: Hello.

Low: (blushing) Hi.

General: Saw you fighting. Some nice moves.

Low: (to Scallion) I think you're in there.

Scallion: Hey! Enough!

Caraway: We're going to have to move out, General. The monsters know we're
         here now. Plus Scallion kind-of-borrowed something off them that
         they'll do anything to get back.

General: The Immortality Engine! God help us.

Scallion: You know about it?

General: With this on our side we could...

Pepper: I think we should go now.

[A Sentrik appears and starts charging its laser, but someone kills it.]

Scallion: Who the hell is that?

[The gunman goes down to meet everyone.]

General: We can't thank you enough.

Scallion: What's your name, stranger?

Stranger: Stranger will do.

Caraway: Ooh! Check out Mr. Mysterious. Why don't you just call yourself the
         nameless enigma and be done with it?

Scallion: Hey, leave the guy alone. Maybe his real name is something really
          embarrassing, like Quentin or Geoffrey.

Pepper: Low - it's him, the one from the night dad died.

Low: What!! You sure?

General: So what kind of rockets were they? They certainly are big.

Caraway: Gentlemen, if we've all finished comparing our phallic symbols, could

[Low runs over to Stranger.]

Low: I'll kill you.

Wardwarf: Crikey! It's all kicking off.

Caraway: Scallion, stop him!

Scallion: Who?! Low, or the stranger?

Caraway: Low, of course!

Scallion: Come on, buddy. You can murder him up later.

Low: But he hurt Pepper!

Pepper: He...he didn't hurt me. Not really. He just sort of scared me. I
        thought he was a boogly-woogly.

Low: I'll deal with you later, scum!

Stranger: Juvenile!

Peace: Please stop! This won't help us. Please, Low.

Scallion: Come on, pal. Leave the boogly-woogly alone.

Stranger: Pleased to meet you too.

07) AN ENEMY DEFINED                                                     [GS07]

Diary: I hadn't seen that face in months. In all the chaos and upset after
       dad died I'd forgotten all about the man in the woods last night. But he
       was back, and he was here, and because he'd saved everyone from the
       Creatures, Low was the only one who believed me.

       He called himself Stranger, and I reckon that was because he had
       something to hide. But even though I should have known better, and he'd
       scared me before, there was something about him, something that made me
       want to trust him, even though I knew I probably shouldn't.


[Everyone camps in a mountain cave.]

General: I say we recruit who we can, and...

Scallion: And I say we keep it just us.

Caraway: He's right. The fewer people who know about the machine the better.
         Power corrupts. Right, General?

Scallion: Call of nature beckons.

[He walks off. Stranger finally addresses the stare he's getting from Low.]

Stranger: Do you have a problem, Low?

Low: You know I do.

General: This isn't helping us, boy.

Stranger: Perhaps we ought to settle it.

Low: Perhaps we should.

Caraway: Oh you boys! What do you like...?

[The two battle it out, but the tension subsists.]

Caraway: That's enough!

Stranger: I'm not going to kill you, Low. You and I are more alike than you
          could ever imagine.

Low: Go to hell! I'm nothing like you.

Scallion: That's better. Did I miss anything cool?

08) MY LOVER, MY COMRADE                                                 [GS08]

Diary: I hated it when Low and the Stranger fought. He was so much more grown
       up than Low, and so much calmer, that whenever they argued Low just
       ended up making himself look stupid. Peace was the only one who ever
       seemed to listen to Low's side of things.

       I could tell the minute they met that she and Low liked each other. And
       not in the way that two friends liked each other. I could tell that Low
       cared about her, and she cared about him, and it made me happy to see a
       flicker of happiness on his face.

       But something had happened between them in the meadow, and when they
       came back they hardly even looked at each other.

[In the snowy meadow, Peace finds Low staring into the campfire.]

Peace: Penny for them?

Low: It's the others. They just don't care what I have to say.

Peace: My dad's always been like that.

Low: But it's not just him. It's all of them. Even Scallion. They think I'm
     just a boy.

Peace: And what's so bad about being a boy? You can have lots more fun when
       nobody takes you seriously.

[They go in for a kiss. Elsewhere, Stranger checks on a sleeping Pepper.]

Scallion: What are you doing?

Stranger: Nothing... Checking she was OK.

Scallion: Oddball.

[Meanwhile, Caraway and General are near the Immortality Engine.]

General: ...It was strictly need to know, but I heard that a team of
         archaeologists dug it up somewhere in what was Africa. Of course, that
         was a century or so before my time even...

Caraway: And the monsters?

General: Your guess is as good as mine.

Stranger: I think we ought to get moving.


Low: I guess I just want Pepper to be safe.

Peace: That's what you're doing, isn't it? Making the world safe.

Low: I suppose... Look, I'm sorry. We shouldn't get involved like this. Not
     with things how they are.

Peace: But Low, I thought you...

[Enemies approach, but Low and Peace dispatch them. Everyone then regroups.]

Wardwarf: There must be thousands of the cheeky buggers.

Stranger: They want their machine back, so I say we give it back to them. With
          a few modifications.

Scallion: Give it back to them!? With what modifications? Built in egg timer?
          A suit press?

Stranger: Trust me.

Low: Trust you?! Trust someone who hides in bushes waiting to pounce on passing

Caraway: Shut up, Low. It's getting boring.

Stranger: We'll need to get to the far side of the continent. There's an island
          that the monters [sic] consider, well, their spiritual home shall we

Scallion: Wait. The far side? That'll take months. And that's if the weather's
          on our side. This isn't like we can hop on a bus, pal.

Stranger: Well we'd better get moving then.

[They set off out of the mountains.]

09) A LEGEND GROWS                                                       [GS09]

Diary: We set out on what the General called a crusade, the final battle
       against the Creatures. He said that the fewer people who knew about the
       Immortality Engine the better, and that a rag-tag band of immortals like
       ourselves were moer than a match for the hordes of now mortal creatures.

       In the weeks and months that followed I lost track of how many fights we
       got into. It passed in a blur. Sometimes it was almost fun killing the
       Creatures. Other times I felt bad about what I'd done. I just had to
       tell myself we were doing it to help people, to help the planet.

[The team fights a town full of monsters. No additional dialogue, though.]

10) THE SECRET OF PEACE                                                  [GS10]

Diary: The constant battles took their toll on all of us, especially Peace. She
       was so frail, and you could tell she didn't like fighting, and she and
       Low hadn't talked to each other in months. I started to wonder if she
       was sick, but the truth was something none of us expected...

[The team happens upon a snowy farmstead.]

Low: Look!

[They kill the enemies, then occupy the windmill shed. Caraway walks in.]

Caraway: She's pregnant.

Scallion: Huh huh huh, granddad!

General: You animal!

Scallion: Hey, man! It wasn't me!

Low: Leave him alone. It was me. I'm the father. I think.

General: What?!

Pepper: Does that make me an auntie?

11) A WINTER'S TALE                                                      [GS11]

Diary: I could tell Low was secretly pleased that he was going to be a dad,
       same I was excited about being an auntie. Our family had suffered so
       much loss that this was a chance to rebuild.

       The news had given everyone a new sense of determination to save the
       world. Even when things were looking bleak, in the middle of battle, our
       spirits remained high.

[Everyone stays at the windmill until summer. Low practices shooting logs.]

Scallion: You sure showed them logs who's boss... How you feeling?

Low: I've been thinking. We've been using this machine for over nine months
     now. What do you think it's doing to us?

Scallion: Well, I can normally tell if something's up by my, er, plumbing. And
          you can rest assured that I'm still as regular like clockwork first
          thing every morning. One time I had this cold, and I was so gummed
          up, I...

Low: Oh, please. Too much information, Scallion.

Scallion: Come on, whats [sic] wrong with you? Don't act like you ain't got a

Low: OK, well...if not us, what about Peace? What is this machine doing to the

[In the windmill, Peace and Pepper sit by the fire.]

Peace: Do you want to feel the baby kicking?

Pepper: Can I?

Peace: Of course you can...

[Outside, Caraway, Stranger and the General run into the camp.]

Scallion: Hey guys. How'd the hunting party go? Find us anything to eat?

General: Run, you damn fool!

Pepper: What's all the noise?

[They slay the Creatures and escape the area by boat.]

Pepper: This is scary.

Low: Pepper - be careful!

12) THE DAMBUSTERS                                                       [GS12]

Diary: We were going to destroy the dam. It seemed a shame to cause so much
       damage to such an impressive structure from the old times, but it was
       the best chance we'd ever had, to wipe out hundreds of Creatures in one

[The team stands on top of the dam's road, and can see a large enemy camp.]

Scallion: Damn. Hey...I've just had the most amazing idea!

[He gets on a lowerable cart and starts attaching explosives to the side.]

Caraway: This is the most stupid thing you have ever done.

Scallion: Which bit is stupid, hun?

Caraway: You know, the whole hanging over the edge of the dam, to plant
         explosives bit. It's suicide.

Scallion: Only if I get killed.

[A bullet strikes near him.]

Caraway: Go!

[They eliminate the enemies. Scallion returns to the surface.]

Scallion: We've got fifteen minutes until this thing blows. Didn't I tell you
          we'd do it? Am I not the baddest...

[His gesticulating accidentally knocks the Immortality Engine over the side.]

Scallion: Oh.

13) UNLUCKY FOR SOME                                                     [GS13]

Diary: It was one of the bravest things I'd ever seen Low do, running headlong
       into the creature camp to retrieve the Immortality Engine, before the
       dam burst. Of course, it was also one of the most stupid things I'd ever
       seen him do... But still, one of these days I'm going to tell him how
       proud he makes me feel.

[The team kills the foes and retrieves the Engine before narrowly escaping.]

General: What happened to it?

Stranger: That doesn't matter. Can you fix it?

Caraway: Let's hope so.

14) TURNING POINT                                                        [GS14]

Diary (Low): Caraway said continuing Pepper's diary would give me focus. Help
             me find closure, but it's still too early, and the pain too
             raw...I don't feel like I'll ever be complete again. Not even with
             Peace ready to give birth at any moment...

[They arrive at another deserted farmstead.]

Low: So what happens now if we're killed? Can we still come back?

Peace: Look out!

[A Sentrik fires, killing Pepper.]

Low: Nooooo!

General: The robot and I will hold them off. Look after the girl and my

Peace: Dad! Don't...

General: Go!

Peace: I think the baby is coming...

Caraway: Impeccable timing.

[They eliminate the threats.]

Wardwarf: Oh dear.

General: What?

Wardwarf: I believe my reactor housing sustained a direct hit in the battle.
          I appear to be leaking coolant.

General: Which means what exactly?

Wardwarf: I'm afraid I'm about to explode.

General: What?!!

Wardwarf: Sorry, old boy.

[Wardwarf explodes, killing himself and the General.]

15) A FATAL ERROR                                                        [GS15]

Diary (Low): You could almost feel it in the air. The anticipation, the nerves.
             We were facing the final battle of the war, and the Immortality
             Engine was broken. All those months fighting as immortals,
             Pepper's death reminded us that we were still flesh and bone, and
             could still be hurt. In more than just the physical sense.

             I think having Peace and the baby around helped to distract us all
             from the real issues we were facing...

[The travellers stop at Pepper's grave near the lighthouse.]

Stranger: If it's any consolation, I know how you're feeling.

[Low just runs off.]

Scallion: We made it, then.

Stranger: Yup. We made it. We'll move out in the morning by boat.

[On the bridge...]

Peace: Do you want to hold him?

Low: Will he, y'know, crap on me? Hello, little feller.

Peace: I thought I'd call him Hope.

Low: Hello, Hope.

Caraway: Got it! I think I got it working!

[Monsters teleport in immediately.]

Caraway: Oh. Maybe I haven't.

[Afterwards, Low finds Stranger trying to escape with the Immortality Engine.]

Low: Moonlight stroll?

Stranger: I've let too many people die. I'm going to end this.

Low: Who are you?

Stranger: You don't know yet? Look at me, Low. I'm you.

Low: That's impossible.

Stranger: I'm from the future. Well, one possible future. I was sent here to
          put things right.

Low: By who?!

Stranger: By those who created the Infinity Engine. They're unhappy that their
          creation has been abused. That it has opened a Pandora's Box that has
          let those monsters get a foothold on this planet.

Low: This planet?! Oh God. This is too much. I can't take this in. I don't do
     cosmic concepts very well you know. When I was a kid books were just
     something to scribble in.

Stranger: The engine is a device for manipulating reality on a quantum level.
          Time. Space. The size of your boots.

Low: My boots?

[Stranger seemingly uses the machine to shrink Low's boot size.]

Stranger: Don't try and follow me, Low. It's a one way trip.

Low: But I have nothing left to live for.

Stranger: You have a baby.

Low: Please, let me come. You can't do this alone.

Scallion: He's right.

[The rest of the gang is standing behind them.]

Caraway: We're all coming...Low.

Stranger: OK.

Low: Can you...fix my boots, please?

16) MY ENEMY, MY SELF                                                    [GS16]

Diary (Low): I could feel the reality of my world crumbling beneath me. I was
             just a simple kid, if I was honest with myself. I couldn't deal
             with the things the Stranger, myself from an alternate future, had
             told me. The Immortality Engine was part of the machine that
             designed the universe? That he had been sent by those responsible
             for its creation to stitch this little corner of reality back
             together? None of it made any sense to me.

             To be honest, I was glad the others had come with us to the
             island. Without their company, I fear I may have been consumed
             with madness.

[They land on Dark Isle's beach.]

Scallion: So you're really from the future?

Stranger: Uh-huh.

Scallion: So...in the future, do I...

Stranger: Whatever you're about to ask me, I'm not going to answer it.

Low: What's the plan?

Stranger: I'm going to erase the monsters from the planet.

Caraway: Oh. Is that all?

Stranger: We need to reach the energy source that's located beneath the towers.
          It acts as an anchor, keeping them here in this universe. If we
          destroy the energy source, the creatures will be absorbed back into
          their own reality.

Scallion: I liked it better when I understood what's happening.

[Monsters appear.]

Scallion: One for the road?

[They slay the opponents and enter the tower.]

17) INTO THE LAIR                                                        [GS17]

Diary (Low): We were in the heart of the mindless evil that had perverted the
             world. Surrounded by Creatures. Just the four of us, doing right,
             by fighting to save an oblivious planet. At least, that's how we
             justified it to ourselves.

             I started to wonder whether ridding the Earth of the Creatures,
             and returning order to mankind's control was really the best
             course of action... Could humanity be trusted with a virgin
             planet? But as we got closer to our goal, it became clear that it
             was too late to have a sudden crisis of conscience...

[The team battles through a large contingent to reach the main tower.]

18) THE MUTATION                                                         [GS18]

Diary (Low): We were faced with something called a quantum singularity, a tear
             in the fabric of space, through which the Immortality Engine had
             fallen, centuries before.

             The Stranger told us that by returning the engine to the
             singularity, we'd trigger a cosmic rewind. The disease which had
             infected the world would be wiped from the face of the Earth.
             Balance would be restored to the universe... I hated it when he
             explained stuff.

[The team reaches a large arena with weird objects in it.]

Scallion: I wonder what caused that?

[A large robot rises up from the ground.]

Caraway: It might have been this guy.

[They defeat the robot and enter the singularity chamber.]

19) THE END                                                              [GS18]

Diary (Low): We were all exhausted, drained by the battle, but it wasn't over
             yet. Not by a long shot in fact, things were about to get a hell
             of a lot worse...

[After a battle, the team disposes of the Immortality Engine. Dark Isle falls
apart and self-destructs. The cosmic rewind Stranger spoke of occurs, undoing
the damage the Creatures' presence caused on the planet.]

Diary (Low): It was over. The Creatures were gone. My future self had
             presumably returned to his proper place in the timestream. All was
             right with the world. Except...except that my sister was still
             missing. I refused to believe she had died. Like all of us she had
             been touched by the magic of the Immortality Engine, and like my
             child, I sensed we had all been endowed with gifts.

             First I was going to find Pepper, and then I was going to help
             build a better world. Now, like never before, there was hope...

[Somewhere, Peace and Low are walking in a forest.]

Low: I can't explain it. I died...but somehow put everything right.

Peace: Have you had any luck? With Pepper, I mean.

Low: Not since six months ago. Found the grave empty.

[Nearby, the other two allies are picnicking.]

Caraway: Will you quit doing that?

Scallion: Doin' what? Heh heh.

Peace: So now what?

Low: I keep looking. She's out there somewhere.

Peace: Take care, Low.

Low: I will. Look after him.

Peace: He'll be fine.

[They look at their child, sitting on the road.]

Hope: Gotcha.

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