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FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova

Updated: 12/21/12

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 | FAQ & Walkthrough by Shotgunnova |

    I. CONTROLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CNTR
   II. TH' BASICS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THBS

       Abilities ........................................................ ABLT
       Attack Types ..................................................... ATCK
       Tips N' Tricks ................................................... TPST

  III. WALKTHROUGH (EPISODES) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLKT

       01) A Savage Earth ............................ Abandoned Mine ... WK01
       02) The Message ................................... Low's Camp ... WK02
       03) Scallion ......................................... Village ... WK03
       04) The Immortality Gambit ..................... Wooded Valley ... WK04
       05) The Valley of Screams .................... Motorway Bridge ... WK05
       06) The Stranger ........................... Valley of Screams ... WK06
       07) An Enemy Defined .................................... Cave ... WK07
       08) My Lover, My Comrade ...................... Mountain Ridge ... WK08
       09) A Legend Grows .......................... Mountain Village ... WK09
       10) The Secret of Peace ..................... Windmill, Winter ... WK10
       11) A Winter's Tale ......................... Windmill, Summer ... WK11
       12) The Dambusters ............................ Top of the Dam ... WK12
       13) Unlucky for Some ......................... Foot of the Dam ... WK13
       14) Turning Point ....................................... Barn ... WK14
       15) A Fatal Error ................................. Lighthouse ... WK15
       16) My Enemy, My Self .............................. Dark Isle ... WK16
       17) Into the Lair .................................. Courtyard ... WK17
       18) The Mutation ................................... Catacombs ... WK18
       19) The End .............................. Singularity Chamber ... WK19

   IV. APPENDICES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . APPN

       Enemies .......................................................... ENMY
       Characters ....................................................... CHRC
       Unlockables ...................................................... NLCK

    V. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAQZ
   VI. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
  VII. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT

I. CONTROLS                                                              [CNTR]
                     ____          |  |          ____
    L2 BUTTON -->   /____/\        |  |        /\____\   <-- R2 BUTTON
    L1 BUTTON -->  /____/\ \_______|  |_______/ /\____\  <-- R1 BUTTON
                  /  _    \________|__|________/    _  \
                 / _| |_                         _ /_\ _\  <-- TRIANGLE BUTTON
DIRECTIONAL --> ( |_   _|   [SELECT]   [START]  |_|   (_)) <-- CIRCLE BUTTON
    PAD         |   |_|          [ANALOG]          (X)   | <-- X BUTTON
                )            ____        ____            (
               /            /    \      /    \            \
              (            (      ) __ (      )            )
               \         /\ \____/ /  \ \____/ /\         /
                \       /  \______/    \______/  \       /
                 \_____/ LEFT ANALOG  RIGHT ANALOG\_____/
                            (L3)          (R3)

 Controls cannot be modified in the options menu, although it's possible to
 toggle subtitles, widescreen mode, auto-saving, and so on. Buttons that have
 no function are omitted from the list below. [Analog Mode required.]
  ___________ _______________________________________________________________
 | BUTTON    | FUNCTION                                                      |
 | D-Pad     | Toggle attack type (in attack menu)                           |
 | Start     | Toggle battle menu                                            |
 | Select    | Changes camera aiming (when in 'look around' mode)            |
 | Circle    | Toggle camera distance (when wandering around the field)      |
 | Square    | Jump button                                                   |
 | Triangle  | Toggles 'look around mode                                     |
 | X-Button  | 'Confirm' button for menus                                    |
 | L1 Button | Zoom-out button (when applicable)                             |
 | R1 Button | Zoom-in button (when applicable)                              |
 | R2 Button | Toggle first-person mode (when wandering around the field)    |
 | L. Analog | Controls movement                                             |
 | R. Analog | Controls camera                                               |

II. TH' BASICS                                                           [THBS]
ABILITIES                       [ABLT]
 Here's the game's upgradable abilities.

 • 2x ATTACK - This gives the unit an additional attack per turn, and is an
   ability all characters can learn once (except a particular ally who learns
   it twice, thus gaining 4 attacks per turn). It's a skill often learned late
   for many characters, while physical powerhouses may learn it earlier.

 • B ADAPT - Allows the unit's line-of-sight throw attack to be used with a
   ballistic trajectory. This allows one the advantages all ballistics users
   get: firing from behind cover, hopefully not tipping foes off to one's

 • BEAM - A line-of-sight gun attack that damages the foe, then refills the
   unit's health proportionally to damage inflicted. Only two allies use this,
   and only one is used frequently. However, this ability does help with the
   unit's survivability.

 • BOUNCE - The user's ballistic projectile will bounce a bit before exploding
   like normal. The player can prematurely detonate the bomb before then, if
   it suits one (as in, damages enemies better). Only one character can learn
   this and may not get a chance to use it, so it's not that important.

 • DEFLECT - Allies can fire their line-of-sight weapons at the unit who knows
   this, and those shots will be deflected (no damage to user) toward a nearby
   enemy. This essentially allows allies to increase their firing range. Only
   one unit learns this.

 • HEAL - A skill unique to the game's medic, Heal allows for a line-of-sight
   healing technique, used just like a gun. It doesn't heal much initially,
   but can be boosted by knowing Restore.

 • INFRARED - Allows the unit to see better through obscuring smoke. A couple
   units learn this, but it's by no means essential. In fact, given how the
   game works, it may end up inconsequential...still, gotta learn it to get
   better skills, so it has its uses.

 • MINES - A special ability that allows the unit to drop mines in place of
   attacking. If one knows 2x Attack, this technique can be done twice each
   turn. The question is...why drop mines instead of aggressively attacking?
   The answer: there isn't many. This skill won't be often used, if at all.

 • POWER - Allows the user to potentially double the strength of their primary
   attack by tapping the displayed button halfway through the animation. All
   characters learn this fairly early on, and for good reason: it's one of the
   few essential abilities.

 • RANGE - Typical of ballistics user, this upgrade increases the unit's area
   of effect. Simple to understand and very useful for those characters.

 • RESTORE - Known only by the game's medic, this ability increases the power
   of the "Heal" skill, allowing it to fill more health. If said unit can
   learn this, it makes her ridiculously useful; without it, Heal doesn't do
   much to make a difference.

 • SCATTER - A special ballistics-type attack. Instead of firing a single
   large projectile, the unit fires several smaller ones, peppering an area
   and causing widespread devastation. This is great for clearing debris and
   cratering the landscape, in addition to causing havoc on the enemy ranks.
   This can often be more damaging than the regular ol' primary attack, so
   don't be afraid to use it!

 • SMOKE - A special ballistics-type attack that creates a plume of smoke on
   the battlefield. While it lasts (for a few turns), its dense cover allows
   it to be a decent hiding spot as foes cannot see through it. The unit that
   learns this technique can also attack twice per turn, so if one can't reach
   a foe with a normal attack, this can be a good fallback measure.

 • TELESHOT - Allows the unit to swap places with the foe fired upon. It can
   be a good way to raise hell in the enemy line, but should be used with
   caution -- nothing sucks more than being isolated from friendlies, and
   some maps have a no-ally-death mandate! [Luckily, this doesn't come into
   play as much as any unit who learns it does so as a LV5 upgrade.]

 • ZOOM - Lets the player see vast distances by zooming in with the shoulder
   buttons. One of the simplest, most useful abilities known, this makes
   scoring headshots tons easier, and since headshots mean more damage, the
   skill's usefulness only grows throughout the game.

ATTACK TYPES                    [ATCK]
 There's three types of attacks one can perform. Pressing up/down on the main
 attack cursor can switch between modes (if applicable).

 1) LINE OF SIGHT: This type of attack applies generally to gun users, who
    must visually identify and aim at foes. After establishing a target, one
    narrows in by lining up the reticle for extra damage.

 2) BALLISTIC: This mode gives a bird's-eye view of the field, and shows a
    radius around the ally unit. One lines up attacks on an enemy by adjusting
    the distance, then aiming the weapon a second time (appears as a line
    moving around the circle) toward the foe. If all goes well, the attack'll
    explode near or on the target.

 3) MELEE: This type of attack can be done at close range and gives no danger
    of explosive blowback. It's not super effective against foes, except the
    Sentrik, who's hilariously weak to punches. Otherwise, it's usually best
    to use headshots and keep one's distance.

TIPS N' TRICKS                  [TPST]

 • Sentriks have high health but are very weak to physical attacks. The game
   does not inform the player of this (heck, some players spend so much time
   staying away from foes, they don't even know meleeing is possible!). This
   strategy should be employed as often as possible -- some levels are rather
   annoying without it!

 • Breaking line of sight is one of the best ways to minimize damage, and a
   good way to do that is cratering an area, creating a nice hiding spot from
   mid- to long-range foes. Normal weapons can do this, but it's ballistics
   users that truly shine here. Additionally, enemies who spawn in gigantic
   craters may be robbed of line of sight in that case, making them idle each
   turn (assuming allies don't intervene).

 • If a mission fails, it can be replayed by picking the appropriate option
   again...but this also has an added bonus: all experience/levels retained
   earlier carry over. Thus, intentionally failing missions can allow units
   who've been neglected (or who've had less time to improve compared to the
   mainstays) a chance to grind out a few levels.

 • Know when to use the Shield ability! Sometimes ending a turn in the open
   can't be helped, and this will minimize damage a lot. However, it's not
   very effective if a unit is several levels lower than the attacker, so
   don't be too sloppy.

III. WALKTHROUGH (CHAPTERS)                                              [WLKT]

 Location: Where map takes place
 Dffculty: Difficulty (out of 5)
 Opponent: Starting opponents
 Rnfrcmnt: Reinforcements (if any)
 Charctrs: Usable characters
 Upgrades: Number of ability upgrades and health packs

 Location: Abandoned Mine
 Dffculty: * of *****
 Objectiv: Reach the bridge
 Opponent: Hubrik x4
 Rnfrcmnt: Sentrik (LV8), Hubrik (indefinite)
 Charctrs: Low (LV4), Father (LV7)  
 Upgrades: 2

 The first mission has all the trappings of a tutorial battle: Low, the main
 character, is accompanied by his dad, a strong attacker with all his skills
 enabled. The enemies, wimpy Hubriks, are enemies with no ranged attacks, but
 can kamikaze themselves in a large radius if allowed. They also die in one
 hit, making them decent practice fodder.

 Use the first turn to get acclimated to attacking. Once a target area is
 picked, one has to line up two reticle lines onto the target to ensure it's
 fired straight. Off-center shots do less damage, but this isn't always a bad
 thing (it can still allow pinpoint shots if one messes up the initial target,
 headshots are still enabled, etc). The landscape itself can be destroyed to
 make craters, fling debris and uncover buried items. Most of the time, the
 tactic of cratering an area serves to break line of sight with enemies, who
 may otherwise miss their chance to attack. Finally, there are two kinds of
 pickups: health (have a red cross on them) and upgrades (gray wrench icons).
 The latter improves the skill of a chosen character; the former simply heals
 one in full.

 Alright, now to the actual objective. The goal is to reach the red designated
 area across the map. On Turn 2, an imposing Sentrik will burst out of the
 mine, flinging a boulder across the way (this inflicts damage if it hits
 anyone, but the same principle is true if one flings it back). Sentriks have
 a mighty defense, but are HILARIOUSLY WEAK to physical attacks -- these can
 only be done by moving in close. This principle is very important, so don't
 ever forget it!

 Sentriks have a chest laser but have mediocre movement and require line of
 sight to attack -- they typically won't shoot through the environment on a
 whim, basically. Although it isn't necessary to kill it, giving Low a leg up
 level-wise is a smart idea, especially if he gives the coup de grace. [Note
 that more XP is earned for a headshot kill, but that's not too important at
 this juncture.] The quickest way to the exit is straight across the gully,
 near the minecart's upgrade token. DO NOT LEAVE UPGRADES BEHIND if possible.

 The map ends when both characters reach the red circle. If either player is
 killed (health reaches 0), the map fails and must be replayed. However, one
 is allowed to keep earned experience/upgrades, so one can intentionally
 restart maps to grind levels a bit. This probably isn't necessary here, as
 replacement hubriks will appear at the end of each enemy turn (if others were

 • UPGRADE: By bridge mine cart
 • UPGRADE: Inside small white rock along left-hand mountain
 • HEALING: By central mine cart
 • HEALING: Within large white rock nearest bridge
 • HEALING: Within large white rock on riverside cliff

 Location: Low's Camp
 Dffculty: ** of *****
 Objectiv: Destroy the catapult
 Opponent: Hubrik (x5), Catapult
 Rnfrcmnt: Hubrik (indefinite)
 Charctrs: Low, Pepper (LV1)  
 Upgrades: 2

 For a first-time player, Battle #2 can be quite a doozy. Father's might is
 replaced with Low's sister, a level-one, no-upgrade weakling. Additionally,
 the objective is to defeat a high-health unreachable target amidst a sea of
 lackeys. Needless to say, it's easy to get overwhelmed.

 The greatest ally here is movement -- all units will have increased walking
 range, although Low and Pepper get the best of it. In fact, it's one of her
 defining characteristics. Being able to run to isolated corners of the map is
 a fine tactic, allowing one to easily collect upgrades/health packs or just
 take potshots at the catapult without being ganked by self-destructive goons.

 Speaking of which, let's talk about the catapult. It sits on a high cliff in
 the "north-central" part of camp, firing 1-3 enemies into battle each turn
 (to replace slain ones). Occasionally, it gives no reinforcements or the foe
 it flings explodes when it collides with an ally unit (instead of harmlessly
 bumping off). It has high health relative to the circumstances, and will take
 a ton of shots to go down, which is why having two characters with "Power"

 The general flow of battle is to survey the immediate area and see if any
 Hubrik is within exploding distance; if so, kill it or flee to an area where
 none can detonate. (One can check enemy move range by hovering over them in
 the "look around" mode.) If the coast's clear, have Low attack the catapult,
 and have Pepper slay a Hubrik (if any). Attacking the catapult twice in one
 turn is doable, but is better reserved for when few enemies remain. [Luckily,
 Hubriks may occasionally self-destruct for no reason.]

 The mission's over when the catapult explodes. In general, I'd recommend
 giving Pepper at least one upgrade here and boosting her to LV3 in order to
 use it. "Power" is a standard damage-increasing ability everyone -- even
 weak li'l Pepper -- should have. Finally, don't forget the "Shield" ability
 everyone has. If the enemy spread is closing in, it can be a lifesaver.

 • UPGRADE: Beneath wagon nearest catapult
 • UPGRADE: Beneath black rock near forested corner
 • HEALING: Half-exposed rock near riverside
 • HEALING: Half-exposed rock opposite riverside
 • HEALING: Inside tent nearest forested corner
 • HEALING: Underneath central campfire

 Location: Village
 Dffculty: **½ of 5
 Objectiv: Defeat all enemies
 Opponent: LV5 Gnarlak (x4)
 Rnfrcmnt: Pepper (ally), Scallion (ally)
 Charctrs: Low
 Upgrades: 3

 This fight begins with Low facing off against a new enemy in an abandoned
 village. Gnarlaks are generic foot soldiers with a long-range weapon, and
 while they don't really excel at anything (levels nonwithstanding), they've
 got decent movement. However, they're purely line of sight types, meaning
 characters can hide behind the plentiful fences to avoid detection.

 After Low's second turn, Pepper will enter battle near the riverside's large
 boulder. This is exposed terrain, but her movement should assist, not to
 mention enemies may not see her anyway. After Low's third turn, Scallion, a
 large bearded grenadier, enters battle near the smaller of the two bridges.
 He has a ballistic-type cannon that can shoot from behind cover, creating a
 large crater in the process. If Pepper learns B Adapt soon/already, she can
 have a ballistic-type attack as well, and can get the same behind-cover
 benefits her ally does.

 Finally, the map's notable for having the first (usable) environmental death
 scenario: getting knocked into the river. This is fatal to all enemies; same
 goes for characters, if they fall in outside the movement phase. Scallion
 should especially be careful when shooting, as he does a slight spin move
 that changes his positioning. He can fall into water, off cliffs, etc. if not

 As for upgrades, I suggest giving two to Scallion (increased range and Power
 option), then the other can be used as one likes. A diligent player should be
 able to have all current characters with two upgrades now, though. Can't
 decide what to do with the third upgrade? Just give it to Low -- he fights in
 each of the 19 chapters.

 Battle ends when all enemies are taking dirtnaps. Any character's death will
 force a game over, though. If people are dying repeatedly, think about Low's
 first movements: depending on which side he draws enemies to, he may foul up
 Pepper or Scallion's chances of hiding. Plan ahead!

 • UPGRADE: Underneath plaza well
 • UPGRADE: Within tallest building's tower
 • HEALING: Within stable building (has straw roof)
 • HEALING: Within the millhouse

 Location: Wooded Valley
 Dffculty: **½ of *****
 Objectiv: Get to the machine
 Opponent: LV8 Sentrik (2), LV5 Gnarlak (3), Insidiak (2)
 Rnfrcmnt: n/a
 Charctrs: Low, Pepper, Scallion
 Upgrades: 2

 Oh dear...the first of the "dark" levels. On some screens, these may appear
 impossibly dark, requiring a lot of extra camera maneuvering to tell what's
 going on (first person mode may be less useful here due to it). It should be
 doable, though, and there won't be another for a long time. 

 Like the first mission, the goal is to have all surviving units reach the
 designated area, near the second bridge across the map. In-between, there's
 a long corridor flanked by several large rocks, including a large unbreakable
 one -- an Insidiak begins on it. Speaking of which, Insidiaks are like the
 game's "snipers" and while their long-range weapons aren't that different
 from previous foes, they tend to score headshots more often. They're rather
 weak, though.

 The first stretch entails surviving the first 3-4 turns and making it to the
 large boulder halfway through. Snipe the Insidiak early (Low's zoom function
 is good for this) and attack the nearest Gnarlaks. The best places to hide're
 right near the beginning -- Low and Pepper can make do with any of the rocks,
 but Scallion should use the left-hand cluster. [If Low hides too far in the
 rocks, he can still be an open target, so stand near the riverside for best
 effect.] The next few turns should be attacking the remaining Sentriks and
 dealing with the Insidiaks as they close in. If all goes well, there'll be
 little trouble. There's a health kit underneath a movable boulder right at
 the beginning, in case something goes awry.

 Once the halfway point is reached, the hard part is over, and it's just about
 repeating the same strategy. The only difference is all Sentriks are found in
 this area, so one can either snipe them from afar as they lumber closer, or
 rush in and melee 'em to death. Foes don't respawn in this map, so the latter
 is probably preferable.

 Upgrade-wise, everyone should (hopefully) be at LV2. Upgrading Pepper's Range
 (LV3) and giving Low a Zoom function is more important than Scallion's 2x
 Attacks (LV3) since it requires LV11 -- most players will be in the LV5-7
 range by now. A diligent player should be able to have all units LV3, though.
 If it comes down to giving anyone a LV4, pick Low, since it's his 2x Attack
 and he participates in the most battles. [Pepper can collect the upgrades
 even if all foes are dead, remember, so don't worry too much about finding
 'em in the heat of battle.]

 • UPGRADE: Behind unbreakable boulder (Insidiak perch)
 • UPGRADE: Underneath large boulder opposite Insidiak perch (destroy rock)
 • HEALING: Underneath a movable pathside boulder (near the starting point)
 • HEALING: Behind oak tree, embankment near destination bridge
 • HEALING: Half-buried in boulder near destination bridge

 Location: Motorway Bridge
 Dffculty: **½ of *****
 Objectiv: Get across the bridge
 Opponent: LV6 Gnarlak (2), LV7 Insidiak, LV12 Sentrik
 Rnfrcmnt: LV6 Gnarlak (5 max?), Wardwarf (ally)
 Charctrs: Low, Pepper, Scallion
 Upgrades: 3

 An ancient overpass serves as the battleground this time. The team starts at
 a collapsed tunnel and must work their way down the multiple-lane highway,
 battling foes on the bridge in the meantime. An Insidiak sniper waits on a
 building across the abyss; the high-level Sentrik guards the destination
 area. There's plenty of automobiles to hit foes with (and vice versa!), plus
 the abyss itself serves as instant death to those who fall in.

 Although this place is busted up good, the cement medians are tall enough to
 provide ample cover, something that'll be useful while progressing upstreet.
 The car husks can be somewhat useful in the same regard -- just remember,
 they're potential weapons, too! 

 Gnarlak reinforcements will spawn at the allies' starting tunnel after each
 enemy turn ends. Their long-range shots can be annoying at the home stretch,
 so keep to the inside curve for good measure (or make craters to hide in).
 Luckily, Wardwarf, Caraway's robotic bodyguard, will join the fray on the
 allies' side, after any ally waits/rests on Turn 2. This guy's got a double
 jump ability that enables him to reach the Insidiak tower, not to mention he
 begins near an upgrade. Since he starts at such a high level, he can often
 OHKO reinforcements to protect the party's behind. [He should do this each
 turn, lest too many cause problems and/or destroy his tower hiding spot.]

 Finally, a funny tactic! The enemy reinforcements will all begin in the same
 spot, so if one puts a crater there, none will spot the allies' positions at
 the start. Better yet, if one flips an automobile in there, they may waste
 time trying to shoot it out, damaging themselves in the process (from the
 shot) and perhaps sustaining extra damage from the debris, too. Players who
 have little to do once the Sentrik's dead, like Pepper and Low, can simply
 keep trying to fire debris (back) in there, stalling further and having a
 hilarious time as well. Remember: damage dealt by debris gives experience!

 Upgrade-wise, at least one should be given to Wardwarf, since he begins with
 none -- everyone needs "Power," man! Also, since he's the only character who
 can learn 2x Attack twice (!!) and do it as a LV2 powerup, consider giving
 him another too. Scallion doesn't participate in the next fight, so don't
 prioritize him here.

 Battle ends when all living units reach the designated circle.

 • UPGRADE: Underneath automobile near starting point
 • UPGRADE: Underneath large bus near Sentrik's position
 • UPGRADE: Near Insidiak's building (Wardwarf's starting point)
 • HEALING: In a small crater near starting point
 • HEALING: At highway's halfway point, near broken curve
 • HEALING: On exposed highway girder, close to Sentrik's position

 Location: Valley of Screams
 Dffculty: ** of *****
 Objectiv: Defeat all creatures
 Opponent: LV14 Sentrik
 Rnfrcmnt: LV7 Gnarlak (5)
 Charctrs: Low, Pepper, Wardwarf, Caraway
 Upgrades: 3

 With Scallion "indisposed," it's up to the foursome to tackle the enemies on
 Caraway's front lawn. This area is rather spartan cover-wise, since it's an
 old courtyard. However, the four unbreakable pillars near the sitting area,
 the large bus and some of the snowbanks are sufficient enough...as long as
 no one shoots 'em. Also, the immortality engine grants friendlies its titular
 benefit -- that is, if an ally perishes, there is no game over like before.

 Caraway makes her debut in this map, and is the only unit one ever gets who
 can heal targets -- this is accessed and aimed just like a normal line of
 sight weapon. [This requires LV1 upgrade first, however.] Other than that,
 though, she's not very powerful, and remains as such until she her skills're
 fleshed out more. For the moment she's fine, though.

 Use the first turn to melee the Sentrik to death, since 3-4 reinforcements
 arrive on the next turn, regardless of whether a player did so. Two start
 on a roof and may eventually jump down; the others begin on corners nearest
 the massive cliff, and close in thus. The interior corners of the sitting
 area courtyard makes decent cover in this situation, as long as the Sentrik's
 deep-sixed. With Low's Zoom headshots and Wardwarf's double attacks, this'll
 hopefully be a simple battle.

 As for upgrade allocation, I try to give a few to Caraway here, even though
 she won't be used frequently in the game. The more annoying part is how most
 are hidden! One is hidden within a pillar, the only one of the four that will
 tip over if shot (attack twice to uncover in base). Another is hidden under
 the bridge portion near the Sentrik, and can only be accessed by shooting the
 snow where it connects to land -- try from the sides or top and there'll be
 unbreakable steel mesh that prevents access! Wardwarf's twin attacks help in
 this category.

 Mission's over when the Sentrik and its five cohorts are kaput. If one's
 having trouble finding the upgrades, prolonging the fight may be necessary.
 Don't give Low any upgrades here -- he'll have the next two battles to get
 three all to himself.

 • UPGRADE: Hidden behind bricks near main building's entrance
 • UPGRADE: At base of red-steel bridge near bus (must shoot ground to find)
 • UPGRADE: Inside pillar near Sentrik/bus (shoot twice)
 • HEALING: Visible on a lower snowbank
 • HEALING: Alongside outer building, half-hidden (camera-wise) by debris
 • HEALING: On top of one of the roofs (use camera to find; reach via snowbank)

 Location: Cave
 Dffculty: * of *****
 Objectiv: Defeat Stranger
 Opponent: LV12 Stranger
 Rnfrcmnt: n/a
 Charctrs: Low
 Upgrades: 1

 The shortest chapter in the game is just a small fight with Low vs. Stranger.
 Winning is completely optional -- the outcome affects nothing. However, since
 Stranger may OHKO Low, one's goal should be to snag the upgrade atop the
 waterfall. It'll take about 3 turns to reach it by using the cliff path; Low
 can use stalagmites as cover during that time.

 Other than that, this area's very dark and Stranger's AI is often pretty
 stupid here, often causing him to aimlessly run into the lower water. This
 gives ample chances to score headshots, although it'll take a number to
 actually win the fight. It helps that the main way to Low's side is the
 thin bridge-like formation, and if Stranger stops on it, careful positioning
 allows one to shoot him off. If it's too dark, use first person POV to ensure
 Low's carefully hidden from sight. 

 • UPGRADE: On top of the waterfall
 • HEALING: Near Low's starting point
 • HEALING: Not far from campsite (left side)
 • HEALING: Not far from campsite (right side)

 Location: Mountain Ridge
 Dffculty: ** of *****
 Objectiv: Get to the 
 Opponent: LV8 Insidiak (2)  
 Rnfrcmnt: LV8 Grenadak, LV8 Insidiak (indefinite), LV1 Hubrik (indefinite)
 Charctrs: Low, Peace
 Upgrades: 2

 This can be a rather fun level, depending on how one proceeds. Low and Peace
 are the only players, which is usually alright -- even if Low's a little
 weak, Peace has all upgrades (including 2x Attack).

 How's the enemy spread? To begin, two Insidiak snipers line the ridge. If
 one can get a clear headshot on them, it's easy to kill 'em in one hit (like
 before). When one is killed, another typically spawns after the enemy's
 turn ends, and it can act immediately, too. Sometimes one can do chip damage
 (bodyshot, etc.) to knock it away from the ridge, and it simply does nothing
 the rest of the fight. Up to 3 Insidiaks can spawn there, so the more foes
 that get knocked back, the easier things become. [Destroying the treeline
 helps find them.]

 Hubriks will spawn each turn as well, along the gorge's rim (respawning only
 if killed). When the hubrik furthest from the destination dies, including by
 self-destruction, a Grenadak spawns in its place. Like Scallion, these have
 ballistic weapons and can do severe damage; however, they rely on line of
 sight to find aiming spots, so it's still possible to hide. [Ex: appear on
 one side of a hill, hide, run to other side of hill; it will shoot the first
 spot.] It doesn't HAVE to be slain to win, but it makes everything much
 easier. Since it begins on a cliff, one good shot can send it spiralling into
 the abyss.

 As for general progression on this level, sticking to the middle works best,
 and the hills provide excellent cover from Insidiaks. The Hubriks/Grenadak,
 without line of sight to rely on, will often idle endlessly until the team
 reaches the gorge, making things a little simpler [and in the Grenadak's
 case, allowing one to take it unawares]. To reach the destination, one must
 shoot the large tree to make a bridge. This takes a few shots, so attack on
 the way down and, when the coast's clear, run across. Do not rest on top of
 the branches because every enemy has a clear trajectory to knock 'em off --
 this applies mostly to Peace, who should wait at the base and run across on
 her next turn.

 Mission ends when the destination's reached. Upgrade-wise, Low should get
 everything...there's really no alternative. He may already be LV4 coming into
 the fight, which means there's a little leeway in which one to collect.

 Finally, one thing I've noticed is, after getting down towards the gorge, it
 becomes increasingly difficult to move the camera along the area's upper rim
 (where the Insidiaks are). This makes line of sight shots a bit tougher, if
 one can't see their silhouettes on the cliff. Luckily, Insidiaks spawn in the
 same spot, so this may not be too vexing.

 • UPGRADE: Large cave/fissure near campsite (right side)
 • UPGRADE: In one of the hubrik-spawning caves along gorge (right side)
 • HEALING: On a hill near campsite (right side)
 • HEALING: On a hill near Grenadak spawning point

 Location: Mountain Village
 Dffculty: *** of *****
 Objectiv: Rescue Pepper and defeat all creatures
 Opponent: LV9 Gnarlak (2), LV14 Grenadak
 Rnfrcmnt: LV9 Gnarlak (indefinite), Pepper (ally)
 Charctrs: Low, Scallion, Wardwarf
 Upgrades: 3

 The premise behind this mission is rescuing Pepper, who's been chased into a
 cathedral by an evil pursuer. The building itself is quite unsteady, so one
 needs to rescue her (by approaching front door) before it explodes in three
 turns. If the building is destroyed by gunfire before those three turns are
 up, the same outcome's reached. The fastest way to reach the destination is
 to blast a hole in the outer wall, for reference -- this should be done on
 the first turn. [Wardwarf can reach Pepper by the second turn.] When rescued,
 Pepper joins battle, too.

 Opposition-wise, all enemies start at the other side of the map. Gnarlaks'll
 approach if one's spotted (can ofte be avoided by forming a tactical crater)
 while the Grenadak typically relies on his comrades to aim properly. Even
 though reinforcements occasionally arrive from the lower village road, the
 Grenadak (which doesn't respawn in any form) should be top priority. It's
 unlikely that anyone will be higher than its level here, so it'll take quite
 a few shots to take down. On the bright side, lower-level characters like
 Scallion and Pepper can probably skim extra experience from the encounter.
 Without the Grenadak, the rest of the fight is a mop-up mission.

 Upgrade-wise, I'd suggest giving one to Wardwarf (hopefully his LV4, Zoom)
 and one to Scallion -- the latter probably won't be able to use it, but it
 can pay off later. Giving one to Pepper doesn't make much difference unless
 she's near her LV5 (2x Attack) ability. As for Low, he should already have
 all upgrades...even if not, he'll be used frequently, so one can be sloppier
 on that end. [Still, if he can learn and use 2x Attack now, give it priority.]

 Final thoughts on this map: the houses can provide extra cover for ballistic
 users, especially if one hides on a roof. However, this game can be glitchy
 when standing on roofs, occasionally "trapping" a person in place, so do it
 at one's own risk. The grenadak strategy from the previous mission (reveal
 position intentionally to bait it into firing at an empty area) works here
 too, thanks to the high fences and ample cover. If it has line of sight and
 stands near a building, the projectile may scratch into the environment.

 Mission ends when all foes are slain. This isn't hard to do once the Grenadak
 juggernaut is slain, especially if Wardwarf has 4 attacks per turn, so make
 sure all upgrades are found (our favorite robot will need to get the bell
 tower one via his double jump ability).

 • UPGRADE: Behind fence right near starting point (easily missed)
 • UPGRADE: Within cathedral bell tower (collect after it explodes)
 • UPGRADE: Within lowest houes on hill
 • HEALING: Visible on top of a house
 • HEALING: Within graveyard tower

 Location: Windmill, Winter
 Dffculty: ** of *****
 Objectiv: Protect the windmill and defeat all creatures
 Opponent: LV10 Insidiak (2), LV10 Grenadak
 Rnfrcmnt: LV9 Gnarlak (indefinite)
 Charctrs: Low, Wardwarf, General 
 Upgrades: 2

 "The Secret of Peace"...get it? The windmill farmstead the team wants to use
 is overrun with monsters, so the mission becomes eradicating these vermin
 while simultaneously protecting the windmill (can take about 3 square hits).
 This means trying to lure enemy fire away from the building -- long-range
 play works best.

 The difficulty of this map largely depends on how well-upgraded one's units
 are. Low and Wardwarf should both have at least two attacks per turn and/or
 Zoom capabilities -- more than enough to blitzkrieg the enemies here. Where
 the difficulty comes into play is General, a very weak link. As a ballistic
 type user with no upgrades and low level, he'll almost certainly die within
 the first couple turns (even if shielded) thanks to the Grenadaks. And, if
 he does make it, it's probably because the other two are strong enough to
 carry the fight themselves, making his involvement moot. [The experience-
 -building trick of letting him attack a higher-level unit, then restarting
 battle, can work to one's advantage here.]

 As for the enemies themselves, both Insidiaks are on top of the windmill; the
 Grenadaks are near the stable and boathouse, respectively. The first turn
 should be spent nixing the snipers (Zoom headshots to ensure the windmill is
 not damaged) and ganging up on one of the Insidiaks. General can usually make
 it to the riverside house to hide, so the boathouse Grenadak may be the best
 target. [Gnarlak reinforcements will appear from within the windmill every 2
 turns or so.]

 Mission completes when all foes are destroyed, so it pays to use Wardwarf's
 handy movement range to collect upgrades when possible. He's usually best to
 get the windmill's roof upgrades, although Low can get up there also by using
 an open door as a stepping stone. General is too wimpy and too infrequent an
 ally to recommend upgrading him, although there may be no choice if Low and
 Wardwarf are maxed out (as they very well may be).

 • UPGRADE: Windmill roof balcony (seen in intro video)
 • UPGRADE: Behind windmill, in sheltered area
 • HEALING: Inside boathouse itself
 • HEALING: Inside river rock (near central house)

 Location: Windmill, Summer
 Dffculty: ** of *****
 Objectiv: Get the boat down the river
 Opponent: LV12 Gnarlak, LV16 Grenadak
 Rnfrcmnt: LV11 Sentrik (2)
 Charctrs: Scallion, Wardwarf, General 
 Upgrades: 2

 The windmill farm is once again the stage of a battle, only it's springtime,
 so the river's thawed (now an instakill hazard) and all destroyed buildings
 have been rebuilt, thankfully. However, this is the first battle without Low,
 so it's basically one unit with high potential (Wardwarf) and two others
 who've been neglected level-wise.

 The starting enemies begin at the bridge, and on Turn 2, the Sentriks appear
 near the stable and boathouse, respectively. Remember: Sentriks are deathly
 susceptible to melee attacks! Wardwarf alone should be able to solo most foes
 (thanks to possibly 4 attacks per turn), so the ballistic users should use
 cover or self-made craters as hiding spots, particularly General who's still
 very weak. Luckily, the Windmill isn't tagged as a destructible unit this
 time, so one can use it as cover at leisure.

 The mission ends when the boat gets downstream. This is only possible by
 destroying all obstacles in its path: two rocks, the bridge and a waterwheel
 -- they take 1, 4 and 3 square hits, respectively. [One may need to destroy
 the dock as well.] The initial Gnarlak may sometimes drown in the millrace
 regardless of circumstances, but especially if the bridge is destroyed early
 on, or someone hides near the central house.

 Upgrade-wise, they should be given to units in this priority: Wardwarf,
 Scallion, General. General will actually need upgrades most, but is often a
 low-level third wheel, so don't take pity on him when Scallion's a better
 recipient. If Wardwarf's maxed out by now, the others can be distributed at
 leisure. [The battle doesn't end when foes are destroyed, so the post-fight
 downtime is the easiest chance to collect 'em.]

 • UPGRADE: Windmill's rooftop entrance
 • UPGRADE: Underneath watermill (takes a few shots to reveal)
 • HEALING: Inside boathouse
 • HEALING: At windmill's summit

 Location: Top of the Dam
 Dffculty: **½ of *****
 Objectiv: Protect Scallion
 Opponent: LV12 Gnarlak, LV13 Insidiak, LV16 Sentrik
 Rnfrcmnt: LV12 Gnarlak
 Charctrs: Low, Pepper, Scallion, Caraway, General
 Upgrades: 2

 That crazy Scallion concocted a hair-brained idea to destroy the dam! As
 such, he'll spend each of his turns placing bombs along the exterior -- this
 means no attacking, leaving Low with three characters who may or may not be
 battle-ready. [They retain their "original" levels, even after a months-long
 time lapse.] The top of the dam is relatively sheltered, allowing one to let
 all low-level players get in a potshot for experience grinding, though. [This
 is especially important if Low doesn't have 2x Attack yet!]

 Enemy-wise, the Sentrik is upon a concrete arch at the bottom, giving it a
 clear view of the dam's face. It can't be knocked off without difficulty,
 and cannot be melee'd, making it a continuous annoyance. The other foes are
 not as lucky -- the Insidiak begins on an old bridge above the dam highway;
 the Gnarlak is near the roadway tunnel. Occasional reinforcements arrive from
 the lower dam highway. Lower enemies will not climb the sheer exterior, so
 the top is relatively safe once cleared.

 As for Scallion, he's completely exposed on his maintenance car. He can take
 several hits, but it'll be prudent to either (1) minimize damage by killing
 enemies quickly (2) present other characters as better targets, i.e. bait
 foes into shooting them. It's possible to gank the Sentrik by having everyone
 focus on it, but it's not truly necessary. Either way, keep Caraway's long-
 -range heal ability ready!

 Other musings: (1) the dam wall isn't perfectly flat; if one checks darker
 spots, there's actually large structural ridges. This obstruction can trash
 enemy shots if they're firing from the low road. (2) Try to get Caraway up
 at least one level in this fight, just so she isn't subsisting on levels
 gained six+ missions ago (3) although Scallion cannot act, I've seen his
 health refill, so it seems possible he can somehow level-up during the course
 of battle (4) it's ridiculously hard to see, but at the mid-level road, there
 is a lift that can take a player back to the upper road. If one finds it, a
 small scene plays.

 The mission automatically finishes when Scallion survives for six turns. To
 ensure all upgrades are found, make sure Pepper locates them ASAP; with her
 movement range, it should be a snap. [Note that Scallion is not an upgradable
 target in this fight.] If Low's properly upgraded, it's best to give Caraway
 the others.

 • UPGRADE: Hidden inside top dam road tunnel (side nearest large truck)
 • UPGRADE: Underneath Sentrik's platform
 • HEALING: Upper road, small exposed pipe segment near tunnel (left)
 • HEALING: Upper road, small exposed pipe segment near tunnel (right)

 Location: Foot of the Dam
 Dffculty: *½ of *****
 Objectiv: Reach the elevator
 Opponent: LV13 Gnarlak (5)
 Rnfrcmnt: n/a
 Charctrs: Low, Pepper, Scallion, Caraway, General 
 Upgrades: 1

 After the mishap above, the team scrambles into the enemy camp to recover
 the dropped item. Now, with an outburst imminent (represented by 14:00 timer)
 everyone must reach the target elevator across the map. Speaking of which,
 though it's awfully dark, the map is basically several dry platforms joined
 by bridges, making a zigzag path.

 The gist of this fight is harnessing the stream itself -- allies can walk in
 about 85% of it, but foes who fall in die instantly! Well-placed shots will
 careen foes to their doom, expediting battle. [Some areas are still deep
 enough to kill allies shot into it, but these can be found through trial and
 error.] High-level characters like Low can probably forego environmental
 deaths and just use zoomed headshots, however. [For a good hiding spot, try
 the watery boundary near the upgrade hut.]

 With the above method, most foes will die on Turn 1, making the running
 clock rather useless. When all Creatures are slain, simply mosey to the lift
 to finish. As for the only upgrade, if Low's learned all his abilities, it's
 best given to Scallion or Caraway.

 • UPGRADE: Inside breakable hut (corner opposite ally starting position)
 • HEALING: Inside breakable hut (corner opposite ally starting position)

 Location: Barn
 Dffculty: **½ of *****
 Objectiv: Defend the barn and defeat all creatures
 Opponent: LV14 Gnarlak (2), LV16 Grenadak, LV18 Sentrik (2)
 Rnfrcmnt: n/a
 Charctrs: Low, Wardwarf, General  
 Upgrades: 1

 Oh goodie, another night mission. This farmstead serves as the battlefield,
 and like the Windmill a few jobs back, it can be damaged to the point of
 exploding -- instant game over. However, enemies won't target it and as long
 as one doesn't stand near it, things'll be hunky dory.

 Enemies begin in the field and near the entrance road, giving players proper
 time to hide. I only mention this because (1) the high walls give adequate
 coverage for guerilla tactics (2) General begins exposed and will probably
 die on Turn 1 if not shielded.

 The difficulty that arises here depends solely on Low and Wardwarf -- with
 their higher levels and multiple attacks, they could shoot a barrage that
 would rival an entire team. It's suggested to take out the outer Gnarlaks
 first, using the walls as cover, then try to lure the Sentriks closer for a
 swift, melee-filled demise. The Grenadak, who's generally isolated on a far
 side of the map, can often be left for last, provided one stays hidden well
 enough. [Some folks may want to attack it first, and with 6-7 attacks per
 turn on it, that's certainly doable; 8 even, if General's got upgrades under
 his belt!] Leaving the Grenadak for last also allows one to search for hidden
 upgrades in relative peace.

 Speaking of which, upgrades should only be given to Low here. If he's fully
 upgraded, give to whoever -- it'll be irrelevant in that instance.

 • UPGRADE: Under foundation of old building near truck barn
 • HEALING: Underneath wagon cart (left of barn)
 • HEALING: In building nearest barn (has bunch of barrels in front of it)

 Location: Lighthouse
 Dffculty: ** of *****
 Objectiv: Protect Peace and defeat all Creatures
 Opponent: LV17 Gnarlak (2), LV22 Sentrik
 Rnfrcmnt: LV17 Gnarlak (3)
 Charctrs: Low, Scallion, Caraway, Stranger
 Upgrades: 1

 This is another "protect X and defeat all Y" missions. Peace, continuing her
 motherly duties, will reside in the lighthouse itself, taking no action at
 all (in fact, her level has dropped to zero...the heck?). She can be damaged
 if the Creatures set their sights on her, but this rarely happens once the
 team enters the fray.

 The opponents will waste their first turn pounding on Caraway, so have her
 collect the health kit in the collapsed tunnel to erase the pain. Low should
 melee the Sentrik to death when possible, and generally skidaddle from the
 bridge, as that's where the reinforcements arrive on Turn 2. It can be a li'l
 more difficult than other hazards, but it IS possible to knock opponents into
 the ocean, instantly killing 'em. The same holds true for enemies, Scallion in
 particular, since he spins to his right when firing his cannon.

 Other than that, things proceed as normal. Cratering the bridge boulder area
 is the handiest form of cover, although I've noticed enemies occasionally get
 stuck on the bridge's ends (particularly nearest the lighthouse) and may just
 idle each turn. There's only two health packs in the level, and one is all
 the way across the bridge, so it pays to play tactically (i.e. cratering, as
 mentioned above) to conserve health. Caraway can pull double duty, healing
 allies with her command and draining health with Beam, too.

 Upgrade-wise, prioritize Stranger -- he makes his debut here and has none
 whatsoever, despite boasting a ridiculous level (19!). However, without Power,
 multiple attacks and so forth, even his might gets tempered with mediocrity.
 [Laughably, he may be the only character who isn't fully upgraded by now.]

 One final note: I've had the camera drastically screw up on this mission,
 thanks to debris flying over the scenery. Typically, this happens when a shot
 knocks the upper boulder across the mountain, which can cause the screen to
 shake repeatedly, making playing darn near impossible. It may correct itself,
 but the only reason I mention it is 'cause this level is the only one where
 it's happened. [Normally, when a boulder is knocked out of play, the game may
 wait a bit, as if it needed to come to a rest; this isn't the same thing.] 

 • UPGRADE: Underneath boat on beach
 • UPGRADE: Inside the lighthouse (thanks to Tlink2 for this find)
 • HEALING: Caved-in tunnel near Caraway's starting position
 • HEALING: In rock alongside lighthouse (side away from bridge)

 Location: Dark Isle
 Dffculty: **
 Objectiv: Get into the tower
 Opponent: LV20 Grenadak, LV24 Sentrik (3)
 Rnfrcmnt: LV24 Sentrik (3)
 Charctrs: Low, Scallion, Caraway, Stranger
 Upgrades: 1

 The final party lineup is set for the sojourn to Dark Isle, the site of all
 remaining battles. The map is essentially a large lagoon with small boulders
 dotting the area -- not very good shelter, considering the enemy lineup has
 several hard-hitting line-of-sight users, plus the pesky Grenadak. This means
 Scallion's crater strategy will be crucial in evading most damage -- those
 rocks may not hold forever!

 My first time playing this, everyone but Low and Stranger died. Why? Because
 the Grenadak bombarded the others at the starting point, making their health
 low enough that any shots would simply kill them. Can't Heal well, can't do
 much else. [Since they'll be lower level than Low and Stranger anyway, this
 was a double whammy of crappiness.] Do not get crippled in the first turns!
 The best starting turn is having Scallion create a crater, then hiding the
 others in it (preferably using nearby cover to avoid the crater itself, which
 will be targed by the Grenadak when it acts).

 The environment can also play a big part here, with mines and those purple
 debris pieces serving as chip damage, plus the ever-present instadeath water.
 Low will probably be the only one with Zoom here, but that should be enough
 to slam the Grenadak into the water, provided he does it every turn and the
 shots are aimed well enough that it flies alongside the tower (to the right)
 instead of further inland. All fire should be concentrated on the Grenadak
 first thing (if possible), anyway. Of course, the melee-weak Sentriks don't
 need any special strategy besides HULK SMASH!!! ...right?

 Oh, and since Scallion/Caraway may be over 10 levels lower than enemies from
 now on (depending on how one favored them in battle), it's nice to dawdle a
 bit to let 'em play catchup experience-wise. One can grind situations like
 this by having Caraway heal the Sentrik, then let her comrades beat on it
 with guns. Leaving this fight with Scallion at Lv11+ and Caraway probably 3
 or four levels higher will help boatloads.

 Mission ends when everyone reaches the tower's designated circle. This can
 be rather hard to see on standard def TVs: it's on top of a structure near
 the Grenadak's starting position (move the camera up to find). It also shows
 in red when one uses a ballistic trajectory near it.

 For upgrades, I'd give any found from this point on to Stranger, unless our
 fave medic gal is high enough level (15) to learn Restore. Low should have
 been fully upgraded for some time now, so he doesn't even factor into this
 overview any longer! The battle has only a few reinforcements and they spawn
 when the team starts nearing the tower.

 • UPGRADE: Boulder on lagoon's middle "island"
 • HEALING: Inside boulder near lagoon front (closest to enemy), right side
 • HEALING: Inside boulder near lagoon front (closest to enemy), left side

 Location: Courtyard
 Dffculty: *** of *****
 Objectiv: Open the blast doors and get up the tower
 Opponent: LV20 Gnarlak (4), LV24 Patriok
 Rnfrcmnt: LV20 Gnarlak (4), LV17 Grenadak (2)
 Charctrs: Low, Scallion, Caraway, Stranger  
 Upgrades: 1

 The courtyard is a massive space cut in half by a large lasergrid (blocks
 projectiles). Each half contains a maze of sorts, plus a large staircase; the
 team begins on one and must enter the other. This is done by triggering some
 green-colored floor buttons; once both in a section are damaged, they open
 the central divider, allowing passage through. This tactic's then repeated a
 second time.

 The first maze is rather tall, allowing the team to occasionally avoid any
 damage, as the short foes simply don't have a height advantage. One decent
 strategy is to use ballistic attacks to trigger the door release buttons. If
 one preserves the maze -- which blocks direct access to the divider passage
 -- then it's possible any reinforcements will be too unorganized to mount a
 pursuit team. Scallion's Scatter can clear massive amounts of maze (and mines)
 if desired, though. If one's a few levels above the Gnarlaks, Low can rack up
 headshot kills each turn.

 Note that the reinforcements will enter the initial maze when the initial
 ones are slain -- this means simply heading for the door while the coast is
 clear can be a great idea. [Even better if the maze blocks line of sight for
 their trajectories.] Hiding in the maze is the single-most useful way to
 minimize damage, giving cover and often making foes idle. There's also only
 one health pack in this level, so make use of hiding spots to Heal or, in
 Caraway's case, constantly use Beam for the same end.

 The second part of the level is ascending the stairs where the Patriok sits.
 This new enemy is a bit more formidable HP- and damage-wise, but is otherwise
 a souped-up Insidiak, and uglier to boot. Opening the door to its roost will
 require triggering 1 door release, on either side of the stairway; these
 are blocked by very high walls. Additionally, a few turns after breaching the
 maze's second half, two Grenadaks will spawn (either side of the stair). It's
 nice to take one or both out if possible -- they will attack players who go
 up the stair, although their shots may scratch into the overhang. They're
 just LV17, though, and don't respawn, so a headshot or two can nix 'em. If
 one slays the reinforcements, defeating the Patriok is much smoother.

 Mission completes when all living units reach the red circle behind the
 Patriok's position. [This requires opening both door release buttons.] As
 for upgrades, there's only one and can be gotten early. It should be given
 to Stranger -- he should be the only unit not currently upgraded in full.

 • UPGRADE: To right of initial stairway (lower, partially hidden by darkness)
 • HEALING: To left of initial stairway (lower, partially hidden by darkness)

 Location: Catacombs
 Dffculty: **½ of *****
 Objectiv: Get to the end of the corridor
 Opponent: LV21 Insidiak, LV22 Gnarlak (3), LV?? Boss
 Rnfrcmnt: n/a
 Charctrs: Low, Scallion, Caraway, Stranger
 Upgrades: 2

 This is a two-stage battle.

 The first occurs within the Catacombs -- why it's called that, I don't know,
 as it's basically just a sloping staircase to get through. It contains a few
 Gnarlaks and an Insidiak (latter on a high-up, overarching perch), but isn't
 too difficult on its face. However, this level can appear VERY dark on some
 TVs, so it helps to check the surroundings for cover. Enemy trajectories can
 be obscured by the landings themselves and the statues nearby. Like in the
 last level, there are a few switches to hit -- these disable the lasergrids,
 rather than open doors, however.

 Like in the last level, there are a few switches to hit -- these disable the
 lasergrids, rather than open doors, however. [They can also act as a "fence"
 to keep foes at bay, perfect for hiding atop the staircase.] Overall, these
 fights offer little difficulty or resistance; by the same token, they offer
 no upgrades or health packs. Caraway's Heal ability, hopefully supplemented
 by Restore (req. LV15 & 4 upgrades), can smooth things over where HP is
 concerned, though.

 Part 1 ends when all living units make it to the designated circle below,
 and begins Part 2 immediately afterward, within a large arena. [All units are
 healed upon entering this area.] A gigantic robot boss appears to do battle!

 This sucker has a rather large movement radius, plus can attack multiple
 times per turn. It has a close-range physical attack and a beam strike, the
 latter of which can go off a few times in a row. The general strategy for
 fighting it is to spread out, using the spartan landscape (mechanical barrels,
 central machine) as cover while firing shots at its green stinger. When enough
 shots strike true, a weird test tube rises up, containing the boss -- target
 this each turn, if possible. [Funny note: the boss' laser attack cannot hit
 foes near its base, and one can break its line of sight by standing under it!]

 The boss is defeated after its test tube is struck a few times (5-6 usually).
 Until then, it's best to spread out and make use of the cover, which can and
 will be destroyed. The cratering strategy doesn't work on this manmade floor,
 so time is against the allies here. Also, if one isn't prudent in destroying
 the boss, its special attack (requires 1 turn preparation) drops a volley of
 green energy missiles on a target, reducing their health to 1.

 As for upgrades, both are located within the barrel-like machines scattered
 around the room. One is near the arena's entrance (left side); the other is
 opposite the entrance, on the right side. It takes 2 hits to destroy them
 completely, but only one is needed to reveal the item. The boss will often
 destroy these partially during its turn.

 Battle finally ends when the robotic behemoth is slain, and the game will
 autosave immediately after the "breakdown" scene. Thus, get all upgrades
 before this point or they're gone for good!

 • UPGRADE: Boss arena, barrel (near entrance; left side)
 • UPGRADE: Boss arena, barrel (gate opposite entrance, right side)
 • HEALING: Boss arena, far side of room (opposite entrance)
 • HEALING: Boss arena, left side of room

 Location: Singularity Chamber
 Dffculty: 5 of 5
 Objectiv: Reach the singularity
 Opponent: LV19 Sentrik, LV19 Patriok (2), LV24 Gnarlak (2)
 Rnfrcmnt: LV19 Patriok (indefinite)
 Charctrs: Low, Scallion, Caraway, Stranger
 Upgrades: 2

 No doubt, this is single-handedly the most annoying map (and not just because
 it's ridiculously dark on many screens). The map is circular, with either
 side barricaded by laser grids; the middle is a large pit with installations
 the Creatures use as weapons. There's a couple things to do that will help
 avoid getting decimated in the opening turns.

 1) ELIMINATE EMPLACEMENTS: Those four orb platforms in the middle shoot each
    turn, relying entirely on line of sight -- without it, they just idle.
    With this in mind, a smart player will immediately carve out a crater
    near the starting Sentrik (Scallion nominates himself for this!), deep
    enough that no enemy can see into it.

    The cliff rim closest to the first emplacement tends to hold up under
    fire, making it a great barricade against cross-map enemies. [As one goes
    left/right of that cliff, though, it will decay, so use first person POV
    to see clearer.] Anyway, from here, one can swiftly nix emplacements, a
    task made easier by those with multiple shots (except Scallion) and the
    Zoom function.

    In the amount of turns this takes (and it takes a few), the two creatures
    nearest the party may close in for potshots, so beware. It's also not
    recommended to venture into the pit, even for that upgrade. The reasons
    should be clear: mediocre cover and one may be shot into the abyss.

 2) TRENCH WARFARE! This battlefield is not very player-friendly, being mostly
    flat and having few obstacles. Scallion will definitely be MVP here, as
    his carpet bombing can create long craters that provide line-of-sight
    cover from most foes. This can be a double-edged sword, though: misplaced
    strikes will degrade the cliff rim, revealing crucial positions. When in
    doubt, use his default shot instead of Scatter. The quicker the orbs are
    destroyed, the easier this portion is.

 The gist of battle is for Scallion to manufacture long trenches to conceal
 the party's movements, while Low/Stranger/Caraway destroy emplacements and
 nearby enemies. Trenches can be made all along the rim, so there's little
 reason to split the team up. As one closes in on the laser gates, shooting
 under them to hit the switches works (enemies may blow up their own switches
 accidentally). Approaching the singularity platform ramps up the stakes a
 little, but the enemies tend to clump on one side or the other, preventing a

 TIP: Destroying central emplacements creates little bridges. While it's not
 recommended to go on them as they're destructible, they do obstruct enemies'
 trajectories. This actually saved my hide when Low accidentally picked "Heal"
 in plain sight, so don't underestimate obstacles!

 Another well-known tactic is using the environment's pitfalls to one's
 advantage. Besides the central abyss, the singularity setup itself has a
 pit underneath it. In the hands of a good shooter, one can rack up fatalities
 and expedite battle, which will definitely be longer than the other missions.
 This can be done more frequently as one approaches the singularity.

 The mission finishes when all living players reach the designated location.
 The not-all-characters-must-be-alive mandate allows one to literally limp
 across the finish line.

 • UPGRADE: Behind orb emplacement nearest start (must destroy orb to get)
 • UPGRADE: Left side of abyss, in plain sight near lasergrids
 • HEALING: Left side of abyss, in plain sight near lasergrids
 • HEALING: Right side of abyss, in plain sight near lasergrids

_____________________________________________________/ IV. APPENDICES [APND] |_
ENEMIES                                                                  [ENMY]
 Here's an overview of enemies encountered.

 • HUBRIK: A small Creature with no ranged attack. It carries a bomb on its
   back and will self-destruct (medium radius) when it gets close to a target.
   These typically die in one hit and, due to their luggage, explode an extra
   time, damaging terrain and any other unit (including foes) if nearby. Doing
   hand-to-hand techniques on 'em isn't recommended.

 • SENTRIK: A large, hulking monster with high health and formidable defense.
   It has a long-range laser (line of sight), but is ridiculously susceptible
   to physical attacks -- OHKO susceptible, in some cases. In any situation
   in which they appear, it's recommended to kill them with physical attacks,
   preferably with units who can attack twice, ensuring they perish.

 • INSIDIAK: These are "sniper" types, which are highly accurate but have
   very little constitution -- one good Zoom'd headshot can usually kill 'em
   outright, while a few bodyshots can do the trick otherwise. They often
   start in high-up places, so it serves the allies well to knock 'em down at
   the beginning.

 • GRENADAK: This enemy has a ballistic-type weapon, but unlike allies, it has
   infinite range. It has relatively low movement and can only attack once, so
   use of hiding spots helps immensely -- if line of sight is broken, it has
   to rely on foes' observations to target; if there are no foes, it may just

 • PATRIOK: Appearing only in the final few missions, Patrioks are similar to
   Insidiaks, except they have higher health and damage output. It's advised
   to gank these foes when possible.

 Other "enemies" that appear throughout the chapters:

 • CATAPULT: This appears only in Chapter 2, and serves as a launching pad for
   foes to enter the battlefield. It has infinite range for this purpose, and
   occasionally, Hubriks launched will explode on allies (sometimes they just
   bounce off harmlessly). The contraption can launch several foes into the
   fray each turn.

 • ORB: This sucker only shows up in the final battle, and can fire gigantic
   projectiles that crater/erode the landscape, similar to ballistics users.
   Being stuck to a pedestal, they have no movement range and rely on line of
   sight attacks. When defeated, part of a walkway forms over the central

CHARACTERS                                                               [CHRC]
 Here's an overview of the characters, their skills and upgrades. There may be
 minor spoilers in this section.

 LOW (Starting LV: 4)
 LV04: Power
 LV06: Zoom
 LV10: Infrared
 LV13: 2x Attack
 LV16: TeleShot

 Low is the main character and appears in every fight (except Battle 11), and
 as such, he gets an impressive arsenal: learning both Zoom and 2x Attack, the
 latter coming earlier than some others. For a long time, he's the only person
 with Zoom, meaning he often falls into the role of long-range sniper. Using
 TeleShot, he can swap places with enemies, a technique that can be a double-
 -edged sword, to be sure. In addition to a gun, Low also can use a ballistic
 rocket from the get-go, although it's not always available like others.

 PEPPER (Starting LV: 1)
 LV03: Power
 LV05: B Adapt
 LV06: Range
 LV08: Mines
 LV11: 2x Attack

 Pepper is Low's little sister and the second character recruited, although
 she only appears in a handful of fights (#2, 4, 5, 6, 12, 13) overall. She's
 not physically powerful, but does have an enormous movement range, making her
 a versatile unit: she can quickly take upgrades/health, or make brazen attacks
 with leeway to hide. "B Adapt" allows her to throw her bombs like a ballistic
 weapon, allowing her to fire from behind cover; Mines allows her to plant
 the titular weapon along paths, up to twice per turn depending on if she's
 learned her final upgrade.

 SCALLION (Starting LV: 6)
 LV--: Range
 LV06: Power
 LV11: Attack x2
 LV14: Scatter
 LV17: Smoke

 The team's third recruit and main ballistics user, Scallion also appears the
 second-most out of everyone (#3, 4, 5, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19).
 This is for good reason -- he can grow into quite a formidable brute, raining
 death upon poor enemies. The downside is there's a few chapters early on where
 he falls by the wayside, stunting his potential growth a bit (particularly in
 learning 2x Attack quickly). He also has several unique upgrades: Scatter
 drops a fragmenting bomb, causing several explosions in a wide area; Smoke
 creates a plume of dense cover, allowing one to make hiding spots on the go.

 WARDWARF (Starting LV: 10)
 LV02: Power
 LV05: 2x Attack
 LV08: Deflect
 LV10: Zoom
 LV14: 2x Attack

 Although he only appears in a handful of missions (5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 14) in
 the game's middle, Wardwarf's influence is vast. He's the only character who
 can learn 2x Attack twice, and he also gets Zoom, making him a ridiculously
 overpowered sniper unit. His unique Deflect ability allows allies to shoot
 at him; aiming true allows the shot to be redirected toward nearby enemies.
 This essentially lets players hit foes outside their normal range (just don't
 use ballistics in conjunction). One issue is that Wardwarf is SO GOOD, other
 units who appear in later chapters may be under-levelled. Try to let them get
 some shots in as well!

 CARAWAY (Starting LV: 9)
 LV04: Heal
 LV08: Power
 LV10: Beam
 LV15: Restore
 LV18: 2x Attack

 This cheeky Lara Croft-ish woman is a medical unit, capable of dishing out
 line-of-sight healing on allies and foes alike. "Heal" enables the ability
 itself, while "Restore" cranks up the power, often fully restoring HP to the
 target. "Beam," which is mostly unique to her, lets her damage a foe and also
 siphon health to herself, lending her some constitution in battle situations.
 However, she lacks a Zoom upgrade and, although debuting early on, appears
 very infrequently until the game's third act. This means she often develops
 slower than Low, Scallion and such, making her a bit frail. Try to let her
 get some killing blows when possible, or grind out some experience by having
 her heal enemies before wailing on 'em again!

 PEACE (Starting LV: 7)
 LV--: Zoom
 LV--: Power
 LV--: Infrared
 LV--: Beam
 LV--: 2x Attack

 Peace is a frequent companion to the team starting at Mission 5, although she
 only appears as a playable unit in one mission (8), and has all upgrades to
 begin with. This actually makes her more capable than Low in that battle! As
 there's little development to her and she has no special abilities (outside
 of Caraway's Beam skill), a player needn't bother with her, really.

 GENERAL (Starting: LV 6)
 LV03: Power
 LV05: Range
 LV07: Infrared
 LV09: 2x Attack
 LV11: Bounce

 Peace's militaristic father, the General is a second ballistics users, only
 much less developed than Scallion, who'll have the benefit of upgrades from
 missions passed. Debuting in Chapter 5 but only appearing battle-ready during
 the game's middle (10, 11, 12, 13, 14), General comes off as rather frail,
 and can die quickly to tougher foes like Grenadaks. His weakness often makes
 him odd man out amongst battle-hardened allies, but he's not without upsides.
 As a ballistics user, he can destroy the landscape to make craters as hiding
 spots, and his unique "Bounce" ability lets his projectile hop around a bit
 before exploding (including prematurely, on the player's command). Is it worth
 it to grind out some levels and give him upgrades? That's up to the player
 to decide.

 STRANGER (Starting: LV 19)
 LV04: Power
 LV08: Zoom
 LV10: Infrared
 LV13: 2x Attack
 LV16: TeleShot

 The final character obtained in battle, despite appearing as early as Chapter
 2, Stranger has a skillset identical to Low's, making him quite capable in
 a jam -- assuming he's given upgrades to bring him up to speed. This can be
 a bit difficult since the missions he appears in (15, 16, 17, 18, 19) don't
 provide tons of upgrades. If a player hasn't been upgrading characters that
 well along the way, it may be a tough decision as to who gets them!

UNLOCKABLES                                                              [NLCK]
 Completing campaign missions and performing certain feats will unlock Battle
 Mode prizes. [Clearing each campaign chapter unlocks that map, for reference.]
 There's thirteen unlock "tricks" that can be viewed in the Battle Mode menu's
 "unlock details" screen. Simply hover over the highlighted trick to see the
 method required.

 [TP] - Team Power
 [TT] - Team Type
  _______________________ ___________________________________________________
 | UNLOCKABLE            | UNLOCK METHOD                                     |
 | Character             | All characters fully upgraded*                    |
 | Crossteam             | All upgrades in a map are found                   |
 | Custom [TP]           | Score 2 successive 100% headshots                 |
 | Custom [TP]           | One character kills all map enemies               |
 | Defeat Leader         | No character is hit by the foe during battle      |
 | Defeat Leader         | All characters finish at max HP                   |
 | Humans/Creatures [TT] | One character is fully upgraded                   |
 | Humans/Creatures [TT] | No ally misses a shot during battle               |
 | Normal Free           | Obtain an upgrade for the first time              |
 | Size                  | Score 2 successive 100% shots                     |
 | Power                 | A unit kills 2 or more enemies in one shot        |
 | Team Power            | Score 2 successive headshots                      |
 | Team Setup            | One character is not hit during the entire battle |
   * - refers to those who participated in battle, not each unit overall

 Additionally, completing story mode twice unlocks a "fourteenth" trick: a
 level select mode, letting one replay missions at leisure. Playing through
 the campaign a second time also gives a few noticeable differences, most
 notably the "allies move, enemies move, repeat" strategy changing to a set

V. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                            [FAQZ]

 [Q] - How come I'm not killing enemies in one hit like I should be?
 [A] - An important factor is levels and headshots. Headshots do more damage,
       and while all characters with line of sight weapons can get them, it's
       way easier for units with the Zoom function (Low, Wardwarf, etc.). If
       one's levels are lower than a target's, damage tends to be less than
       normal; conversely, if one's at a higher level, damage across the board
       tends to be more. Basically, headshots on lower-level foes do the best.

 [Q] - Do I have to get all upgrades?
 [A] - No. It certainly helps some get great skills like 2x Attack, but some
       of the attacks (like Pepper's mines) won't be as useful. Additionally,
       since the game has a decently sized cast of characters and not all are
       usable at once, it becomes hard to upgrade people fully anyway. [To
       combat this, some may come with initial upgrades.]

 [Q] - Should I aim to hit enemies with debris?
 [A] - Well, it's free damage, and that never hurts. Also, damaging foes with
       debris gives experience just as if one had shot them with a normal
       weapon, so low-level units may prefer this form of indirect fighting.

 [Q] - If a character is KO'd, can I use upgrades to revive them?
 [A] - This does squat and wastes the upgrade, so don't do it!

 [Q] - [Mission 15] Is there anything under the grave?
 [A] - Nope. It can't be destroyed like most of the environment.

VI. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTORS                                               [UPDT]
  11-16-12 -------------------------------+ Started walkthrough
  12-17-12 -------------------------------+ Finished walkthrough

 • Sailor/Ceej, for hostin' my junk
 • Wardwarf, you turn-hogging, scene-stealing rogue!
 • Tlink2, for missing upgrade at the Lighthouse

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through electronic or commercial means without the expressed consent of the
author (P. Summers). It cannot be hosted, edited, or distributed for profit,
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