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FAQ by Tyma

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 02/27/04

Pop'n Music 9
FAQ by Tyma (mail@tyma.net)                                         Version 2.0

               "The, it will try enjoying cute music together with everyone!!!"
                                                         "82? Go away, Poet :{"

-  Welcome To Pop'n Music
1. FAQ
2. Master Songlist
3. Gambler De Z
4. Challenge Mode
   4.1 Challenge List
   4.2 Omake Rewards
5. Other Modes
   5.1 Marathon Mode
   5.2 Expert Mode
6. Thanks & Dedications
7. Version History


                           -Welcome To Pop'n Music-

Hihi! ^_^
After 6 months, Pop'n Music is back on the PS2, with the largest cs songlist
BeMani has ever seen. 111 songs, new gameplay modes and an unprecedented number
of Hyper and Ex stages makes Pop'n Music 9 the biggest CS release

Assuming your reading this document while sober, you probably already know what
Pop'n Music is. Of all the games in Konami's 'Bemani' series to come and go,
Pop'n Music has long-since proved to lead the way in the music game genre.

Of course, this japanese-heavy game demands an FAQ, and this commitment is as
good an excuse as any, to play through the game again. As usual, there's no
filler, or information garnered out of an instruction manual, just days of
research (and calculation fun), which have hopefully pieced together everything
you really want to know.

As always, feel free to drop me a line with comments, suggestions and
contributions. (mail@tyma.net)


1. FAQ

Q. I unlocked a song.. Why can't I play it?
A. Are you sure you unlocked the song, and not the song's Hyper or Ex stage?
   Because the unlocks are random, it's often likely you'll unlock a song's Ex
   stage, before unlocking the actual song itself. In this case, you need to
   unlock the actual song itself, before you can play it's Hyper stage.

Q. In total, what is there to unlock?
A. Songs and characters are all unlocked with the Gambler De Z mode
   Ex stages can all be unlocked by playing Challenge Mode
   Omake artwork can be unlocked by playing Challenge Mode

Q. How long does it take to unlock everything?
A. Usually, around 30 hours. With planning and method, around 20, and around 5
   if you cheat ^^;

Q. How do I unlock a song's Ex difficulty?
A. By opening up the Extra Stage, and playing whichever song you want, on Ex
   difficulty. Once a song has been played on Ex difficulty during the Extra
   Stage, then it's Ex difficulty can be chosen at any time, from the song
   select menu (by selecting it and press Select 3 times). I used the word "ex"
   way too many times in that sentence.

Q. How do I get the Extra Stage?
   By playing Challenge Mode, and hitting a certain total of points at the end.
   See the Challenge Mode section for details.

Q. What do the Z coins in Gambler De Z do?
A. So far, nothing. They serve as 'dud' treasure chests, and a reference of how
   much Gambler De Z you've played. They may also be recorded in the upcoming
   Gambler De Z Internet ranking competition, and a measurement of how much you
   love Gambler De Z?

Q. What is Pop'n Cafe?
A. Pop'n Cafe is "Free Mode". It allows you to choose and play any songs you've
   already played, without the game ending after 3 stages.


2. Master Songlist

The songlist this time is split into 3 categories (AC, CS, Licensed). AC
denotes songs which are taken from arcade versions of Pop'n Music, CS consists
of songs taken from Consumer Software versions of Pop'n Music, and Licensed
contains covers of licensed songs, featured in Pop'n Music 9 arcade. The AC and
CS categories are further split into subcategories, and then organised in
order of 9-key difficulty.

There's also a 4th category not listed here called "Secret". Shockingly, it
contains all the secret songs you've unlocked. These songs appear in both the
Secret songwheel, as well as the AC or CS wheel.

AC Songwheel

Missa 	          St.Naya'n - Requiem
Me Pop 		  Jimmy Weckl feat. Taro Kokorozaire - Honest, OK!
French Bossa 	  Sakurai Yasushi feat. Saori - Coquette
Pastoral	  N.A.R.D - The Beat Of The Woods
Taiga Drama 	  Naya'n Symphonic Orchestra - Snowy Flower
Choco Pop 	  Lab Pop Orange - Goodbye Chocolate Kiss
French Pop-J*     Sana - Une Fille Dans Le Pluie (Long)
Showa Boogie	  Subtropical Ska Band feat. Maki - Lover's Boogie Woogie
Cossack	          Next File feat. Mercey - Souvenir Of Russia
Hyper J-Pop 2	  Terra - North Wind
Country Beats 	  ? - Today Was Also A Good Day
Winter Dance 	  Sana - White Eve
Hi-Ten K Mix      Ahn Sungyoon - Ochi Doue Teun
Super Euro Long   Lala Moore - We Two Are One
Celt Long         Parauets - Underwater Family's Theme (Long)
Mods 	          Love And Zest - 2tone
Childsren Pop	  Oh,La,La! - Twinkle Song
Philly Soul       Senax - Yokashima Color Baby
Cowgirl Song	  good-cool feat. Naoko - Where's The Coyote?
Bio Miracle       Mr.T - My Upa
Tabla'n Bass	  Q-Mex - Nataradin
Cyber Rockabilly  Atsushi Shindou - Dynamic, Atomic Space Cowboy & Girls (Pt.1)
Softrock IIDX     Sana - Secret Tale
Pops Enchole      Q-Mex - I Really Want To Hurt You
Depa Funk	  School - Talk Of Depa Underground
Pride		  Kiyommy & Seiya - Revolution Of Pain
Darkness 2	  Kinjirareta Keiyaku - The Forbidden Contract
Hard Rock Long    School - Sa-Da-Me (Long)
Rock Guitar       Good-Cool vs dj TAKA - Absolute (Rock Guitar)
Girls Rock 	  Riyu & Noria - Shining
Carol             Paraquets - Filament Circus
Des Nawa          Des-Row - Dream Right (Des-Mix)
Showa Kayou Mix   Apple Man - Apple & Honey (Delicacy Redoubling Mix)
Misty Long	  N.A.R.D. feat. Lala Moore - Blue Moon Sea
Peach Idol        Rei Akiba - Doki Doki Delusion Idol Syndrome (Doki Chara)
Rock Fusion	  Naya~N feat. Yaju Ohkoku - Tower of the Sun
Mellow Remix      Sana - Season Of Light
Hi Punk 	  Des-Row Group Special - Cobalt
Swedish Long 	  Yu Tokiwa - Chamomile Bathroom
Oi Punk 0         Buta Punch - Theme Of Buta Punch
Hip Rock 2	  Des-ROW - Dan Dan Doh
Hip Rock Long     Des-Row - Daikenkai (Long)

-Pop'n Music 10
Hama Ska          Subtropcical Ska Band feat. Masaki - Youth Style In 2003
Core Groove       Des-Row feat. True Voice - The Place To Be
Zen Jazz

-Pop'n Music EE'Mall
Roller Coaster    Tomosuke feat. Three Berry Icecream - Jet Coaster Girl
Trance            dj TAKA - Colours
Hyper J-Pop 3     Terra - 1/6 Billionth
Punk              Ai Suzuku - Quiet

-Returning Songs
Anime Hero        Naramcha feat. Ryo - Theme Of Gambler Z
Technopops        Windslope - Electonic Fill
Anime Hero R      Ichiro Mizuki featuring RYO - Fly! The Great Gambler Z
Sound Tracks      Q-Mex - Spaceship Q-Mex
Cartoon           Toon Maniac - Theme From Toon Maniac
Special Ending    Popper Head - Tap'n! Slap'n Pop'n Music!
Disco Girls       Good-Cool feat. Mickin' & Tockin'- Honey, Do It Tonight
Allegria          Nakayami Mami - Kuchibiru
Cinema            Q-Mex - Theme of Scilliana
US Dance Pop      Geila - Without You Around
Latin Pop         Noriko Fukushima - In A Grow
Lesson            Soundroid - Pop-Step-Up
Suburbia          Apresmidi - Une Lette De Mon Copain
Hard Country      Mitsuhiko Izumi - Jet World
Special Cooking   Orange Lounge - 100 Sec Kitchen Battle

CS Songwheel

Tears             ToMo K - Angel Fish
Sly	          Nanekawakimiwo And His Hughness, Tazu - Tokyo Traffic Report
Silky 	          Yuku Asai - Shooting Star Pattern
Folk Soul 2	  Usagi - Butterfly Lessons
UK Pop 80	  Mickey Masahi - We Get It Together
Nostalgic         Miyuki Adachi - 25 O'Clock, No Joke
City Pop 2        2Days - Myself
Neomotown	  Ariko Shimada - Sunny Sunday's Sky
Beat Rock	  KMJ Taro - Lazy Girl
Lovers Pop	  Oka Megumi - Nice One
Dandy             Kazutoshi Uematsu - Break The Night!
Snappy 	          Rabbit's Foot - Clover
Energy Rock       P-4 Laboratory - Dreams & Reality.
Toybox            My Malon - Redraw Lots
Takkyu Boogie	  School - Ping Pong Boogie
Emotional	  Sana - Loveholic
Tweet	          Paraquets - Bush Warbler
Symptahy Long     Egoistic Lemon Tea - Usual Days (Long)
Girls Band 2  	  Threep - Bitter Sweets
Pure Long
Infinity	  Asparagus - kaleido scope
Prelude Long      Waldeus von Dovjak - Streams
Classic 9         Waldeus von Dovjak - Heaven Or Hell?
Slash Beats	  Atsushi Shindou - New Sensation (Don't Cry Jesus)
Jazzy             Q-Mex - Get On That Train
Positive          Yuuko Asai - Candy Blue
Motor 5           Little Toppy - Noisy Mama

-Returning Songs
Progre            Asparagus - Penta-mode
Sky               Paraquets - Sorekara
Swing             Sana - Tonight It Escapes From The Woods
Pump              School - Suteteko Keeps Throwing It Away
Mode              Paraquets - Otenki to Chocolate
Latin Enka        Kazuyoshi Maruyama - Romance
Lonely            Komotomok - Artemis
Miracle 2         Hitomi Horikawa - HaiHaiHaiHai Groove -Trap You In A Spiral-
Swish             Hapa-P & Maru - Pink Timebomb
Classic 8         Waledus Von Dovjak - Line Times
Hot Rock          Sasebo Brothers - Cryin'

Licensed Songwheel

Cats              Cats Eye
009               Hiroaki Takeuchi - For The Sake Of Someone
Oba Q             Manimi Fujino - Q Taro's New Obake
Hone              D-Crew + 1 - Hone Hone Rock
Naniwa            Someone Stole My Gal
Highso            In The Mood
A.I (My ABC)      VCO feat ALT - Computer Oba Chan


3. Gambler De Z

The main unlock system in Pop'n Music 9 is the new 'Gambler De Z' game. Based
on Like the Suguroku De 8 game in Pop'n Music 8, Gambler De Z is a board game
that takes place at the end of each game. The aim of the game is to move Toru
Kamikaze through an endless dungeon, collecting treasure chests, and
confronting evil do-ers, in his eternal quest for hidden songs.

-The Dice-
At the end of every game, Gambler de Z starts up, regardless of how many songs
you played. Assuming you played (and passed) 3 stages, you'll be allowed to
roll 3 dice. The first 2 dice add up to a total of 12, and the 3rd dice will
give a multiplier value ;

   (4)         (6)           (5)        (50)
1st Dice  +  2nd Dice  X  Multi pier  =  Total

In the example, Toru would move 50 spaces through the dungeon

In the event that you clear 4 songs in one credit (ie ; playing Expert Mode),
you'll be get to roll 4 dice (3 regular dice and one multiplier). Clearing LESS
than 3 songs on one credit will give you one dice for each song you cleared,
with no multiplier.

Every room in the dungeon has 2 exits. each of which will take you to a
different room. When faced with a choice of which exit to take, use the blue
buttons to toggle the selection arrow, and the red button to make a decision.

As with any tacky 80s RPG, the Gambler de Z dungeon is laden with treasure
chests for Toru to find, and pillage. The chests contain new songs, characters,
modifiers, and hyper / ex stages for certain songs.
More often than not, the chests contain nothing more than 'Z' - a currency
which not even Toru can seem to find much use for. Chests containing any
amount of Z are essentially duds, since they don't help you unlock anything.

-Preview Songs-
Just like the real world, it's not usual for Toru to walk into the middle of a
dungeon, and find a Pop'n Music 10 machine standing in the middle of the room.
If you happen to bump into Pop'n Music 10 (or Pop'n Music EE'Mall) machine,
then Toru is given a chance to play a preview of a song from one of the
upcoming games. After the song finishes, the song (and character) is unlocked,
regardless of whether you passed it or not.

-Important Note-
The placing and contents of all the treasure chests are COMPLETELY RANDOM. In
some cases, you can get a Pop'n Music EEmall machine in the first room, but in
some, you won't see one until your 5th play through the dungeon. There is no
formula or method to the order in which songs are unlocked, it's just a matter
of playing repeatedly, until every single treasure has been handed out.
Although logic would suggest it, you don't have to explore every room in the
dungeon, in order to unlock all the songs. Upon entering a room, the game will
randomly decide how many treasure chests to place there, and randomly generate
the contents, from the selection of treasures you have yet to unlock. Playing
the game repeatedly will eventually allow you to collect the first 51 items in
the list below.

-Treasure Checklist-

Page 1 (Songs)

01. Jazzy                 09. Anime Hero
02. Positive              10. Anime Hero R
03. Motor 5               11. Sky
04. Bossa?                12. Swing Jazz
05. Progre                13. Bengbu
06. Pops Enchole          14. Mode
07. Rock Guitar           15. City Pop 2
08. Softrock IIDX         16. Tears
                          17. Indy
                          18. Nursery
                          19. Energy Rock
                          20. Nostalgic
                          21. Classic 9

Page 2 (Songs)

22. Hama Ska              29. Hard Rock Long
23. Zen Jazz              30. Celt Long
24. Core Groove           31. French Pop J Long
25. Trance                32. Hip Rock Long
26. Punk                  33. Sympathy Long
27. Hyper J-Pop 3         34. Pure Long
28. Roller Coaster        35. Prelude Long
                          36. Hi-Ten K Mix (Remix)
                          37. Mellow (Remix)
                          38. Showa Kayo (Remix)
                          39. Okinawa (Remix)
                          40. Oi Punk 0 (Remix)

Page 3 (Hyper & Ex Stages / Characters / Modifiers)

41. Depa Funk [ex]        49. Hip Rock 2 [ex]
42. Cartoon [h]           50. Allegra [h] [ex]
43. Cyber Rockabilly [ex] 51. ALT [character]
44. Disco Girls [h]       52. Latin Pop [h] [ex]
45. Special Ending [h]    53. Rave Girl [character]
46. US Dance Pop [h] [ex] 54. P-1 & P-2 [character]
47. Cinema [h]            55. Hone Nyami [character]
48. Soundtrack [h] [ex]   56. Meba B [character]
                          57. KKK Nyami [character]
                          58. Hi Speed x6 x8 [modifier]
                          59. Stage Pop / Chara Pop [modifier]
                          51. 009 Mimi [character]
                          51. S-Random

Page 4 (Expert Courses / Hyper & Ex Stages / Characters)

52. Nostalgic [h]
53. Sympathy Long [h]
54. Hi-Ten K Mix [ex]
55. Des-Row [expert]       Energy Rock [ex]
56. Oi Punk 0 [ex]
57. Trance [ex]
58. Hell The 9 [expert]

-Dungeon Layout-
Every room in the dungeon has 2 exits, which each leads to a different room.
After 4 rooms, you'll eventually reach one of 6 different rooms, which each
contain a boss. The object of Gambler De Z is to reach all 6 of these rooms,
labelled J to O, and defeat the 6 bosses.
To make your life easier than mine was, you can use the map (or directions)
below, for reference. I suggest tackling them from J to O.

-Basic Layout-

        D  -  G
      /   \      \ K
    B       \      L
  /   \          /
A       E  -  H
  \   /   \      \ M
    C              N
      \      \   /
        F  -  I



                                                        *G* Right - J
                                                            Down  - K

                                    *D* : Up    - G                       *K*
                                          Right - H

                   *B* : Left  - D                                        *L*
                         Right - E

*A* : Up   - B                      *E* : Up - H        *H* : Down - L
      Down - C                            Right - I           Up   - M

                   *C* : Down - E                                         *M*
                         Left - F

                                    *F* : Up   - G                        *N*
                                          Down - I

                                                        *I* : Right - N
                                                              Down  - O


-Sensible Routes-

J : Up, Left, Up, Right          Nostalgic [h]
K : Up, Left, Up, Down           Sympathy Long [h]
L : Up, Right, Up, Down          Hi-Ten K Mix [ex]
M : Up, Right, Up, Up            Energy Rock [ex]
N : Down, Down, Left, Right      Oi Punk 0 [ex]
O : Down, Down, Left, Down       Colours [ex]

At the end of rooms J-O is a boss, and inevitably, a big fight. All the bosses
have 3 lives, and just like in the real world, you can inflict damage upon them
by hitting brightly coloured buttons in time to music.

Each boss has a specific song for you to play (usually on Ex, and with
modifiers). Beat the song to take 3 lives off the boss (killing any boss except
Warudoc in one go), or fail the song to take off 1 life. If you fail to kill
the boss, then you'll fight it again the next time you play Gambler De Z (I
suggest choosing any Expert course and pressing Start right away, to fail it
immediately). After you lose to the boss 3 times, they'll keel over and die
anyway :D

Beating a boss unlocks the character, his song's hyper/ex difficulty and an
Expert course. It also throws you back to the start of the dungeon, so you can
progress towards one of the others.

Room J : Up, Left, Up, Right
Boss   : Poto
Song   : Nostalgic [hyper] [White Pop-kun]
Spoils : School Nonstop [expert], Nostalgic [h], Poto [char]

Room K : Up, Left, Up, Down
Boss   : Sumire
Song   : Sympathy Long
Spoils : Sana Nonstop [expert]

Room L : Up, Right, Up, Down
Boss   : MZD
Song   : Hi-Ten K Mix [Excite Mode]
Spoils : Paraquets Nonstop [expert], Hi-Ten K Mix [h], MZD [chara]

Room M : Up, Right, Up, ?
Boss   : Jaguar-B
Song   : Energy Rock
Spoils : Des-Row Nonstop [expert], Energy Rock [h], Jaguar-B [chara]

Room N : Down, Down, Left, Right
Boss   : Uowo
Song   : Oi Punk O [ex] [Hi-Speed x2]
Spoils : Classic 3 Nonstop [expert], Oi Punk 0 [ex], Uowo [chara]

Room O : Down, Down, Left, ?
Boss   : Tran
Song   : Colours [ex] [4D Mode]
Spoils : Usagi Nonstop [expert], Colours [ex], Tran [chara]

After all 6 bosses have been defeated, climb up the dungeon again, and head off
in any direction. When you reach the 5th floor, whichever staircase you take
will lead to a hidden 7th room (The ? Room). At the end of the room, Toru will

Room ? : 7th Floor
Boss   : Warudoc [<3 <3 <3 <3 <3]
Song   : Anime Hero R [hyper] [Hi-Speed 2]
Spoils : Hell The 9th [expert], Anime Hero R [h], Warudoc [chara]
         Marathon Mode

Beat up Warudoc (or watch the pretty pop-kuns fly past you a few times), to
grab the last unlocks (Hell The 9, and Anime Hero R hyper/ex, Warudoc, Marathon
Mode), and the most important unlock of all ; the option to turn off Gambler De
Z :D

-Advanced Strategy ~ Cheating-
Obviously, Gambler de Z takes a long time to beat, and given that you have to
beat it 7 times to reach Warudoc, you'll be forgiven for wanting to get through
the damn thing as quickly as possible. There are 2 methods of cheating, both of
which require no skill whatsoever, but LOTS of patience

Long Version Method (~75 Sec / 2 Dice)
Play Normal Mode and choose a Celt Long as your first song. As soon as it loads
up, press Start to immediately fail the song, and choose any song for the next
stage. Press Start to fail it, and go straight into Gambler de Z with 2 Dice.

Battle Mode Method (~100 Sec / 3 Dice)
Choose Battle Mode, choose the first song on the song selection screen, and
press start to fail it. Repeat twice more, until the game puts you into Gambler
de Z with 3 dice


4. Challenge Mode

The aim of challenge mode is to challenge yourself, by selecting a song, and
then 2 challenges. The challenge list is split into different colours,
representing requirements (yellow, pink, blue) and Ojama (white). Requirements
give you a set achievement, such as a certain score, or a minimal amount of
misses. Ojamas act as in-game modifiers, which activates for periods of the
song, and manipulate the gameplay, by changing the appearance and movement of
the Pop-kuns (on-screen notes), and interfering with the way in which you view
the game, making it much harder to play.

To select your challenges from the list, use the shoulder buttons. You can also
hit triangle to have the game generate a random set of challenges, although
once generated, you can still change your selection (unlike random song

If you chose an Ojama, then during the song, you'll see a brief "Danger" sign,
seconds before the Ojama kicks in. If you chose 2 Ojamas, then after the danger
sign, the left-side Ojama will start first, and the right-side slightly after
it. If you selected 'Eternal Ojama' as one of the challenges, then the ojama
will remain in place for the remainder of the song. Otherwise, the game will
return to normal for a brief time, before the Ojama activates again.

Each challenge has a points value, equal to it's relative difficulty. At the
end of the game, your score will be calculated, based on the points value of
challenges you competed, tacked onto the difficulty level of the song. The
apparent aim of challenge mode is to achieve the highest score possible, by
balancing song difficulty and challenge difficulty, to score as high as

That said, the true point of Challenge Mode is to aim for (and unlock) certain
rewards... More on that later..


4.1 Challenge List

note : The names of the modifiers listed here are literal explanations, not
the Japanese names for the modifiers (which make little sense). It's intended
as a reference, not a translation

[00]  Nothing

[02]  Score of at least 50,000
[03]  Score of at least 60,000
[04]  Score of at least 70,000
[05]  Score of at least 80,000
[07]  Score of at least 90,000
[11]  Score of at least 95,000
[14]  Score of at least 25,000 and ?
[15]  Score of 100,000

[01]  Max combo of at least 50
[02]  Max combo of at least 100
[03]  Max combo of at least 150

[01]  Less than 100 bad
[03]  Less than 050 bad
[04]  Less than 020 bad
[07]  Less than 010 bad
[08]  Less than 005 bad
[11]  No bad notes
[15]  All great notes
[15]  All good notes

[01]  Hi-Speed (x2)
[03]  Mini Pop-kun
[03]  Sudden
[04]  Beat Pop
[05]  Hidden
[06]  Hi-Speed (x4)
[06]  Fat Pop-kun
[06]  Wavey Pop-kun (easy)

[07]  Rocket + Hi-Speed x4
[07]  White Pop-kun
[07]  Character Obstruction
[07]  Random Obstruction
[07]  Widescreen
[07]  Wavey Pop-Kun

[08]  Character Pop-kun
[08]  Deformed Pop-Kun
[08]  Mirage Pop-kun + Hi-Speed x2

[09]  Narrow-screen
[09]  Hell
[09]  Camoflaged Pop-kun

[10]  Excite
[10]  Fuwa Fuwa

[11]  Wavey Pop-kun + Hi-Speed
[11]  Hidden + Sudden
[12]  Excite + Obstruction
[12]  Earthquake

[14]  Reverse
[14]  Hidden + Sudden + Hi-Speed
[15]  4D Speed
[15]  Permanant Ojama


4.2 Rewards

The hidden purpose of Challenge Mode is that every time you beat the game,
you'll be rewarded with one of 2 bonuses :

a) An 'Omake CG' image, viewable at any time via the 'Omake' menu
b) Access to the Extra Stage

The reward is based upon the total number of 'challenge points' you have, at
the end of your 3rd stage. Most totals will give you Omage CG images, whereas
very few will allow you access to the Extra Stage. However, the following
totals will give you the Extra Stage every time :



5. Other Game Modes

Besides Normal Mode and Challenge Mode, there are other ways to play Pop'n
Music 9, none of which really make much sense at first ^^;


5.1 Marathon Mode

After the hell of Gambler de Z comes the fun of Marathon Mode! It's time to
reward all that hard work you put into Gambler de Z, by taking this opportunity
to play.. every song in the game.. in a row. o.O

The aim of Marathon Mode is quite simply to play through all the songs in the
game, on the difficulty of your choice (5-key / 9-key / hyper / ex). At the
start of the game, you'll start with 50 lives, and lose a life every time you
get a 'Bad' (and break your combo).

Since 111 songs is an awful lot of playing time, Marathon Mode is split up into
stages, each made up on 8 - 10 songs. At the end of each stage, you'll be given
a chance to rest your hands, wrap up your blistered fingers, and save your
progress. You'll also get your entire stock of 50 lives replenished, for the
next stage.

If you should lose all 50 lives, you'll be taken back to the main menu.
However, selecting Marathon Mode will allow you to continue your game from the
last save point.

The song order is as follows :


001 - 010 : Allegria, Cinema, Missa, Tears, Pop, French bossa, Sly, Pastoral,
            Silky, Cats

011 - 020 : Latin Enka, US Dance Pop, Anime Hero, Latin Pop, Bossa, Nostalgic,
            Taiga Drama, UK Pop 80, 009, Lonely

021 - 029 : Folk Soul 2, Rollercoaster, Choco Pop, ObaQ, Motor 5, Techno Pop,
            Neomotown, City Pop 2, Miracle 2

030 - 038 : Swish, French Pop-J (Long), Beat Rock, Anime Hero R, Lovers Pop,
            Showa Boogie Woogie, Hone Hone, Swing, Toon Maniac

039 - 048 : Naniwa, Dandy, Classic 8, Nursery, Snappy, Winter Dance,
            Hyper J-Pop 2, Country Beats, Cossack, Lesson

049 - 056 : Hama-Ska, Hi-Ten K Mix, Trance, Super Euro (Long), Celt (Long),
            Sky, Emotional, Cyber Rockabilly

057 - 066 : Takyu Boogie, Tabla'n Bass, Surburbia, Philly Soul, Energy Rock,
            Toybox, Softrock IIDX, Mods, Pops Enchole, Children Pop

067 - 076 : Bio Miracle, Cowgirl Song, Positive, Jazzy, Pride, Core Groove,
            Tweet, Depa Funk, Pump, Special Ending

077 - 084 : Highso, Darkness 2, Rock Guitar, Sympathy (Long), Hard Rock (Long),
            Carol, Disco Girls, Sountrack

085 - 092 : Hyper J-Pop 3, Girls Rock, Showa Kayo Remix, Des-Nawa,
            Girls Band 2, AI (My ABC), Misty (Long), Puro (Long)

093 - 102 : Mellow Remix, Hard Country, Hot Rock, Infinity, Peach Idol,
            Rock Fusion, Mode, Prelude (Long), Punk, Progre

103 - 111 : Zen Jazz, Classic 9, Hipunk, Swedish (Long), Special Cooking,
            Oi Punk O, Slash Beats, Hiprock 2, Hiprock (Long)

-other difficulties to come later-


5.2 Expert Mode Courses

Default (Ranking) Courses

-Fancy-            -Dancer-            -Upper-
Pastoral           Pride               Choco Pop
French Bossa       Hyper J-Pop 2       Peach Idol
Carol              Philly Soul         Showa Boogie Woogie
Children Pop       Winter Pop          Girls Rock

-Mystery-          -Country-           -Guitar-
OBaQ               Country Beats       Rock Fusion
Tabla'n Bass       Hard Country        Mods
Hone               Cowgirl Song        Depa Funk
Darkness 2         Cyber Rockabilly    Cobalt

Girls Band 2

Artist (Unlockable) Courses

-School-           -Sana-              -Paraquets-
Pump               Swing               Mode
Depa Funk          Softrock IIDX       Sky
Hard Rock Long     French JPop Long    Celt Long

-Des-ROW-          -Classic 3-                   -
Des-Nawa           Classic 8           Folk Soul 2
Hip Rock 2         Classic 9           Nursery
Hip Rock Long      Prelude Long        Sympathy Long

-Hell The 9-       -My History 1-      -My Best-
Cyber Rockabilly   *                   **
Depa Funk          *                   **
Hip Rock 2         *                   **
Oi Punk 0          *                   **


* History courses are unlocked every time you reach the Extra Stage in
Challenge Mode. The course will always consist of whichever 4 songs you played
during that game.

** My Best consists of the 4 songs you've played the most, during the history
of your Pop'n Music 9 save file. Songs played on Hyper or Ex count as
independant songs, so it's possible for the same song to show up more than once
in this course, assuming you played it on Hyper and Ex enough.


6. Thanks & Dedications

Chocobo Ghost, Nanaki Lioness, NeoM and Flazh, for the nonstop 15 hour Pop'n
session, which spawned this FAQ

Reo & Eddie, for bringing Pop'n to a western audience, and media to my hard
drive :D

Reo again, because I <3 him so much.

Ntrophi, Fuse, Damien, Bee, Sparrow, Rogue and Matt The Pikey, for bothering to
play Pop'n in the UK

Reo, because he's dreamy

CJayC, Gamefaqs.com


7. Version History

v1.0 - February 21, 2003 - Met my new friend Tetra, who helped unlock all of
       Gambler de Z. Ported other sections from the Pop'n Music 8 FAQ, and re-
       wrote them to apply to Pop'n Music 9

V1.5 - February 23, 2003 - Mykeyboardbroke:{.

v2.0 - Added information for Marathon Mode, Expert Mode, and a new big, ugly
       ASCII map for Gambler de Z.


This FAQ was the product of constant days of gameplay and research. We did it
all for our love of the game and the Pop'n community, and as such, this FAQ can
be printed or distributed on any websites, without permission. All I ask is
that you don't edit it, or copy, paste and publish selected sections. I know
there's no such this as intellectual copyright, but I'm asking nicely.

The latest version of this FAQ is always availible at www.gamefaqs.com

                                                                 FAQ ©2003 Tyma

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