Review by izzy17961

Reviewed: 06/03/04

ES sports has done it the BEST boxing game ever!!!!!!!!

This is the best boxing game ever period. The total punch control system makes the better than any of the Knock Out Kings punching systems. The traning mode is so interactive that it makes me shiver. The Create a boxer is the first game that you could actually make a boxer look like yourself or another person. There isn't much more EA sports can do to i mprove this game and I'm looking forward to see what they add to next years version.

Graphics-10/10 EA has always known how to make awesome graphics and this game is no different. The tatoos, shoes,trunks all look very real, not to mention the entrance affects and the gloves,and all of the other things blood cuts ect. The areans such as cesars palace, the staples center, and other boxing venues are all copied down to the amount of dust on the floor. Unlike some boxing games this one the crowd looks like they could be characters in some other game, not like paper figures from a used sega game. The title belts also look very real.

Sound-9/10- With the addition of EA Tracks and the dolby surround option makes you feel like you are watching a real fight on pay-per-view. The sound of glove hitting gut is almost scary how real it sounds. The songs fit well with the boxing. There are three different sound modes,but they all sound awesome on any T.V.

Gameplay-1110 Total Punch Control. Need I say more use the right analog stick the fist moves awesome, same with the blocking, and leaning outstanding. Training mode includes heavy bag, sparing, target mits, and a combo dummy. As for the actual boxers their styles perfectaly match their styles in real life. Unlike the KOK games their are more than three divisions the divisions include featherweight,lightweight,middleweight,lightheavyweight, and Heavyweight.

Other-Fight Night has a fight store where you can spend the money you have eearned from you're career mode. You can buy things such as entrance affects, shoes,trunks, tatoos, entourage, and much much more. This is also the firstt boxing game to include Rocky Marciano, and Sonny Liston. There are also may unlockables, and such.
In all this is the BEST ea sports game of the year.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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