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Reviewed: 05/09/04

Probably the best boxing game ever made...

Ea Sports has finally brought us a great boxing game. Knockout Kings was too much of a slugfest, while Fight Night is a bit more of a technical boxing game. But with any game, it does come with minor flaws.

Music/Sound 8/10

First of all, the music in this game is all rap, which should be a good thing because these rap songs get you pumped up for the big fight. But these are songs you wouldnt listen to on your headphones or something besides "Victory", which is a boneified classic. :)

The ringside commentary is from Big Tigger, from the Bassment on BET. His commentary can be funny sometimes, but annoying, I would rather listen to a REAL boxing announcer announce the fight.

The sound effects are really nice. The punches sound perfect and real. The crowd sounds real, and everything else in the ring or arena sound great.


Of all the boxing games created, this one obviously wins in the graphics department. All the boxers look exactly like they look like in real life. You can see all their cut muscles and the sweat coming off them when they get hit. The blood ooks great as it flies off their face when they get smacked by an uppercut. Also, the boxers face looks great when they get beat up. You can see all their cuts, bruises, and black eyes perfectly. It looks very real.


Fight Night 2004 introduces a new fighting system called Total Punch Control (TPC). Its hard at first, but after a few fights you'll get used to using the right analog stick to control which arm to throw which type of punch. It's really fun to use too. And if you dont like it, then you can just switch to the boring, easy, no skills involved button configuration. Keyword to the last sentence:Boring. You should just stick with the extremly fun TPC.

Also by holding R1 and using the right analog stick you can block any part of your body. And by holding L1, you plant your feet, and can dodge any incoming punches.

What I didn't like about this game is the fact that you cant KO your opponent with the first knockdown. You have to knockdown Ali like 6 or 7 times before he actually stays down, which is annoying and unrealistic. But atleast they brought back the Flash knockdown which they left out of Knockout Kings 2002.

Career Mode:9/10

You can either create a boxer, or use an existing one. The fun thing about create-a-boxer is that you can completly customize the way they look, and can create boxing legends that didnt make this game like Tyson or Foreman. The career mode lets you choose which opponent to fight. You start at rank 50 and try to make your way to the top, unlocking special punches, trunks, gloves, etc. along the way. You have to purchase these items in the fight store using the money you gain from the fights.

Also before each fight, you have the opportunity to train in the gym, which raises your stats. They have the Heavy Bag, Sparring, Boxing Mitts, and Combo Dummy. I'll admit, these arent the funnest thing to do in the game, but they raise your stats so..

Replayability: 10/10

If you have friends, then invite them over on the weekends and play some Fight Night, trust me you'll have loads of fun. Also, you can create as many boxers as your memory card holds and take them all through career mode.


Overall score:9/10 small, small flaws....great game

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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