Review by FreQZomby

Reviewed: 04/11/04

First Off I HATE Boxing...

Not really hate but It's definately not my favorite sport. (Full Contact Chess)
I work at a local Gamestop where I can view games for 4 days. For free. I was bored and I wanted something else to play with my 56k modem. SO i grabbed fight night. I had seen our instore demo and I thought at least I could have some info for customers. The next day I out and out paid for the thing. It's that good.

The series is acctually the new Knockout kings game. But this game takes all of the previous problems and beats them into the ground!

Electronic arts really knew what they were doing when they made this. Instead of making the game feel like street fighter or MK by makeing the game all about button mashing, they added a new feature called ''Total Control Punching''. Basically this works by letting you use the Right stick for punches and the left stick to control movement and leaning. All of these features are switched off and on by the trigger buttons.

Another great feature is the Amazing create a boxer. Unlike most games where you just mix & match parts like some macabre Mr. Potato Head, You acctually get to build the facial structure of you boxer. Mine acctually looks like me. All of the weight classes are implemented as well.

After you Create your boxer and get into the career mose there are a series of mini games you can use in order to increase your stats. But that's not all that they are good for. They also help you as a player become accustomed to the controls in the game. You Grow with your character!

Graphics. 9/10

I am only giving it a 9 because the animations of the crowd care a little stiff.

Gameplay 11/10 I give extra points for the online feature. TAKE THAT X-BOX!!!!

Sound 8/10 My big problem wiht the osund is that you can't change tracks. I liked maybe only one song in the whole game. For fans of hip-hop and rap this game has a lot.

replay-Infinite/10 You can replay this game forever and never hass the same match twice. Add the Awsome online features with the create a boxer and this game goes on forever!

All in all this game is a great ressurection of the Knockout Kings series. Even if Boxing isn't your thing this game still manages to be very fun!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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