Is there any advantage to upgrading other swords on Normal?

  1. On normal difficulty is there any advantage to upgrading different swords, or should I just concentrate on using all my emel to upgrading one sword only?

    User Info: Eiji_Ebert

    Eiji_Ebert - 7 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Well, having access to more then one magic can be useful, and for one of the optional parts in the later game you will need at least level 1 magic for all of your swords.

    User Info: terrenblade

    terrenblade - 7 years ago 2   0


  1. Every sword has special properties. You can cause more damage to some enemies with one specific sword, so it can be really useful to keep all of them upgraded. My strategy was to level up all of them until realized for the area I was (Limewater Cave) the yellow one was more useful, but the boss was weaker to the special attacks of the red one.

    As a general strategy I would recommend levelling the one you like the most, but keep levelling the others from time to time too.

    User Info: Nervesache

    Nervesache - 2 months ago 0   0

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