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Glitch List by Frowdo

Version: 2.0.0 | Updated: 08/19/2004

Frow's MVP Baseball 2004 Glitch List
Version 2.0.0
Originally Created - July 20, 2004

[I.  Introduction] - Well it's my first FAQ in quite sometime so bare with me.
My name is Frow and I have been a long time member of Gamefaqs, but have only
recently dove into FAQ and Review writing.  After my cliffhanger FAQ for
Monster Rancher 4, that I never completed fully, I took time off from FAQ
writing but have been a regular poster.  After spending several months with
this current game I decided to create a FAQ for those new players to the game
so they don't wonder what just happened.  In truth there wouldn't really be any
reason for this FAQ if it wasn't for those great people over at EA sports.  Now
a days bugs, glitches, and other oddities are a way of life in the gaming
world, because we buy this stuff no matter what.  So this FAQ was made so you
could learn to deal with them...good luck.

New In V2.0.0 - August 18, 2004
Reorganized Entire FAQ

New In V1.5 - August 16, 2004
Added New User Submitted Glitches

New In V1.4 - August 07, 2004
Finally remembered to add in the Runner on 3rd Bug

New in V1.3 - August 05, 2004
Added User Submitted Glitches near the bottom.

New in V1.1 - July 25,2004
Changed Boundary Ratings - Added note about Fenway
Added Announcer Issues - White Sox and Royals.

[II.  Copyright Info] - This document was created by Jason "Frow" Renfrow and
may not be altered in any way. Also it may only be posted the sites:


MVP Baseball 2004 is a copyright of Electronic Arts, and all players and teams
are property of Major League Baseball.

[III. The List] - To Quickly Search For a Specific Bug/Glitch Use The
Chart Below And Go To Edit===>Find On This Page.

[Lefty Glitch]
[Righty Glitch]
[Foul Ball Homerun]
[9 Inning Save]
[No Wind]
[Never Ending Game]
[5 Hole, No Error]
[Error By Inaction]
[CPU Diving Fiend]
[Ignorant Trades]
[Post-Season Trades]
[Ball In Da Wall]
[Indoor/Outdoor Blimp]
[Odd Injuries]
[3 Day Starter]
[Announcer Errors]
[Runner On 3rd...Again]
[Miss Credited Stats]
[All-Star Mishap]
[Stadium Woes]
[Manager Mode Errors]
[Playoff Goofups]

All Glitches have a X/X Rating.
The First Number is Severity Rating
The Second Number is a Rarity Rating
0 = Non-Flaw/Uknown
5 = Severe/Common

[Lefty Glitch]
The lefty glitch is a problem with the original version of the game.  The cause
isn't exactly known, but for some reason when ever a left handed hitter hits
the ball, backspin is put onto the ball causing the ball not to go as far as it
should.  Left handed hitters on your team and the CPU team won't be able to hit
HR's as easily, and most will die in the outfield.  It's also very noticble on
hard line drives as the ball will start going out then basically smash right
into the ground.  The bug also affects switch hitters who hit left handed.

-Fixes- In the PC version a patch was released that fixes that bug.  On the
other versions there are 4 possible ways to deal with it; (1) get the PC roster
updates onto your PS2 memory card (2) use other roster updates that have
increased power numbers for Lefties (3) Pre-load, or hold up and to the right
to attempt to pull it. (4) change the sliders to increase player and CPU
batting power.

[Righty Glitch]
This is a lot more debatable than the lefty glitch, instead of not being able
to hit a home run as easily, you'll be able to hit them 550 feet+.  The problem
comes with people who like playing realistically.

-Fixes- Lowering the Player Power slider will help, but will also hinder left
handed power, you can also try for line drives and grounders by simply holding
the Analog stick left or left and down.

[Foul Ball Homerun]
This bug hits you when you hit a foul ball.  If you hit a foul ball over the
dugout, sometimes the game will screw up and call it a homerun.  There have
been some discrepancies at this point.  Some people say that the HR counted,
others say it didn't.  Some say it didn't count in the game, but on the
player's stats he gets credit for it.  Also rumored to happen if you foul it

-Fixes- No known fixes, but is rare.

[9 Inning Save]
Another issue that is a problem for players who like realistic gaming.  In
major league baseball to get a Win as a pitcher you must be pitching past the
5th inning.  To get a save your team must be up b 1-3 runs, you must be the
last pitcher on your team, and your team must not lose the lead at any point.
With that being said in this game you can get a save from pretty much any point
in the game.  As long as your relief pitcher comes in while you have have a 1-3
run lead and never gives it up, he can get a save during any part of the game.
Example - Your starting pitcher goes 2 innings and your team is up 3-0.  At
this point in real baseball he would not be qualified to get the win because he
isn't pitching past the 5th.  Now the relief pitcher pitches the rest of the
game and never loses the lead.  In real baseball he would get
the win, for pitching past the 5th.  However in MVP baseball the Starting
pitcher would get the Win, and the relief pitcher would get the save. There is
also a problem with a rule that has been left out about saves that some board
members including

{Freshnet} has posted.  It has to do with a tying run being at the plate or if
a closer pitches the last 3 innings that they are suppose to get the save...not
in the game though.

-Fixes- Let your starters go for more than 5 innings, and don't bring your
closer in until the late innings.

[No Wind]
The name says it all, there is no wind in this game.  It got a severe rating of
4 because in every game you play, there is no wind.  In HR Derby and Exhibition
mode you are allowed to set how fast and from where the wind is blowing.
However, in every mode of play, simply press the start button during the game
and it will says 0 MPH.  There is no wind in any mode of play in this game.

-Fixes- No Known Fixes

[Never Ending Game]
The game doesn't freeze exactly, but at some point you won't be able to move
your players, and everything just sits there.  You'll probably be able to pause
the game, and look through your box score, but that's all.

-Fixes- No Known, but Try going to Sim Options and just simming your game.  If
not, then reset the system.

[5 Hole, No Error]
Anyone who knows about hockey knows what the name means.  The 5 hole is
between the legs.  Every once in a while in the game a batter will hit the ball
and the ball will go between the legs of the fielder Bill Buckner style.
However the game will USUALLY will call it a base hit, instead of error.

-Fixes- No Known other than have better fielding fielders.

[Error By Inaction]
This bug comes into effect when a batter hits the ball and it goes over the
fielder's head.  The fielder may or may not attempt to get the ball or the ball
even be reachable.  However the game will ALMOST always call the play an error.

-Fix- Jump when you are fielding.

[CPU Diving Fiend]
Although not a bug, the CPU can be annoying with it's ability to dive and catch
almost any ball hit into the outfield.  If the ball is going to land anywhere
near the CPU it will dive and usually catch the ball.

-Fix- Tweak sliders to slow down CPU outfielders and/or mess with CPU catching

[Ignorant Trades]
One draw to current baseball games is that the CPU will deal it's players just
like you.  The problem, they aren't always the smartest of deals.  In many
cases the compute may make one sided trades, also they make trade a player then
release that player or trade him again.

-Fixes- No Known

[Post-Season Trades]
If you turn off the Trading Deadline option the CPU will be more than happy to
make trades as far in as the World Series.  I actually was playing against NYY
and they traded Roger Clemens for Sammy Sosa in game 7 of the World Series.

-Fixes- Turn on Trading Deadline

This is a common problem among games.  Most games today have some form of a
cloning problem.  In MVP the problem comes when players are cloned and 2+ of
the same players are created.  Some are permanent, but some just last the game
you are playing.

-Fixes- Restart from last saved game.

[Ball In Da Wall]
Another common problem among video games is the boundaries of a game.  In some
games the game allows you to go into places you weren't intended to go.  In MVP
you can hit a ball into a wall, and it not come out.  This can cause a double
to turn into an in-the-park home run.  Because of the way they made Fenway Park
(Boston Redsox Home Field) there is a much higher chance for the ball to get
stuck in a triangle portion of the wall.
-Thanks to {Whsbomber} for additional info.

-Fixes- Don't Play In Fenway, no known.

[Indoor/Outdoor Blimp]
You may notice as you play a game that there is an EA Blimp that flies
around.  Well sometimes in some stadiums it comes down for a closer look and
actually gets stuck in the seats.  This is very noticeable in stadiums like the
Metronome in Minneapolis.  It's a domed stadium, yet the blimp tends to fly
around in the right field corner.

-Fixes- No Known.

[Odd Injuries]
Players get injured, fact of life, but can a player play with a broken arm?
One of the mysteries of this game are when a player is severely injured with
say...a broken arm, he might only be out for a few days.  It can also happen
the other way.  Nothing is worse than season ending Turf Toe, or if you 2nd
baseman dives for a ball just to get a season ending concussion.

-Fixes- Play with Injuries off/restart from a save/Deal with it.

[3 Day Starter]
Sometimes a pitcher feels he needs to pitch more, so instead of starting 1
game, he starts all 3 games of a series.  Only a real concern if you are
playing for realism.

-Fixes- No known.

[Announcer Errors]
Depending on the team you use or play against you might run into some strange
occurrences.  One that I'm familiar with is Angel Berroa of the Royals.  The
announcers will call him Angel, as in the heavenly being with wings.  However
the PA announcer and in real life his name is pronounced "An-Hell Berroa"

{Mattmc1992}When Aaron Rowland of the White Sox comes to bat, the announcers
call him Aaron Boone instead. Also, in dynasty mode play a game as the
Montgomery biscuits (Tampa Bay AA team) at the end of the game the pa announcer
will thank everyone for coming and come again tomorrow to see the Orlando Rays
play the team that you play next. i think the Orlando rays moved to Montgomery
at the start of this season.

{Freshnet}DH Problems - Edgar Marinez is called a "First Basemen" by announcers
even though he is a DH.  Also he can be voted onto the All-Star team as a 1B.

-Fixes- No known.

[Runner On 3rd...Again]
If you have a runner on 3rd and your batter gets a hit.  If you "accidentally"
Send the runner back to third right before you score, and then turn him around
And bring him into score.  When the next batter comes up you'll be credited
With the run and that runner will still be on third.

-Fixes- Don't retreat your runner.

[Miss Credited Stats]
Much like several past sports games, occasionally there are some issues with
how the game credits stats.  Sometimes they aren't counted right and others
they aren't counted at all.

{MattMc1992} If you get an inside the park home run the game calls it a triple.
In dynasty mode your player can only hit 158 home runs in 1 season. If you hit
more you get credit for the run(s) but in the box score the game says you got
out dropping your average.

-Fixes- No known fixes

[All-Star Mishap]
There are several issues with the All-Star game.  First of all, Javy Lopez of
the Baltimore Orioles will be on the NL and AL teams.

{MattMc1992} Gary Sheffield is on the national league all stars even though
he's on the Yankees.

{Freshnet} Edgar Marinez is called a "First Basemen" by announcers even
though he is a DH.  Also he can be voted onto the All-Star team as a 1B.

-Fixes- Unknown at this time.

[Stadium Woes]
{MattMc1992} - In the playoffs the home field advantage is never given to the
right team and there are no night games.  In the Ballpark in Arlington (Texas
Rangers stadium) the scoreboard in left field says
TEX 5 YAN 0 no matter who you play or what the score is.

-Fixes- No Known

[Manager Mode Errors]

{OverlordofEvil} - "In manager mode...if you pinch hit for a pitcher then hit
"Intervene" and play the game and get a hit with the guy you put in for your
pitcher and then go back to manager mode without subbing a pitcher...it will
say that the guy you pinch hit is your pitcher without saying "You currently
have a fielder assigned to pitch" if u didnt catch that heres an example:(all
in manager mode)
1. Randy Johnson comes to bat.
2. You pinch hit Ty Cobb for Johnson
3. Intervene (play the game) Get a hit with Cobb (MAKE SURE THIS ISNT THE FINAL
4. Go back to manager mode and dont change Cobb It wont say you have a fielder
assigned to pitch! However, ive only gotten this to work in my dynasty mode
with Ty Cobb and Alfonso Soriano If you try to play the game and intervene
again the only pitches u have will be fastballs
and change ups with the bar all the way down and the stamina at 0 and after 1
or 2 pitches it will finally say "You currently have a fielder assigned to

This next glitch is weird and also comes from manager mode. Make sure u are
losing in the top of the 9th and you are the away team. Get 2 outs and then
intervene. At the "select jersey screen" wait a few minutes. Then, select your
jersey and team. You are the away team...in the bottom of the 9th...LOSING!!
the game will still be on when ur losing in the bottom of the 9th as the away
team!! the home batting order will come up, but just like the first one, after
one or 2 pitches it will do the ending animation"

-Fixes- Don't go into Manager Mode, Don't Intervene, Don't do what he did

[Playoff Goofups]

{MattMc1992}-  In the playoffs the home field advantage is never given to the
right team and there are no night games.

[IV. Conclusion] - Hopefully my FAQ has helped in some way.  In no way is this
FAQ complete as over the years several more problems will pop up randomly.  I
will update the FAQ on the discovery of new bugs, glitches, or fixes.

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