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Online FAQ by Polar Kraken / Dbacker37

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/09/2004

MVP baseball 2004 
Created by: Dbacker37 
E-Mail: E21shawn@aol.com
Assistant Writer: Polar Kraken
E-Mail: stormdemon2k4(at)yahoo.com 
Created: 4/9/04 
Version 1.0 
Version Info 
1.0 4/9/04 General info, online community, advice and FAQ section 
Table of Contents 
I. Introduction 
1.1 General Information 
1.2 Disclaimer
1.3 Legal Notice 
II. The Online Community 
2.1 Ranking system 
2.2 Chatrooms/finding a game 
2.3 selecting a team 
III. Advice 

V. Conclusion 
I. Introduction 
1.1 General Information 
First, I would like to say "Thank you" for reading my FAQ because this 
FAQ contains a lot of useful information for playing online and 
hopefully will strengthen the MVP online community. This FAQ contains 
general advice for playing online. All strategies, tips and advice are 
simple that-advice. My FAQ is based off of what I have seen playing 
over 100 online games since this game has come out(March 8th). I have 
played against different skill levels, different game types and with 
different options. This is my first FAQ so please give me feedback, I 
would love to have your opinions as well, email them and I will add 
them and give you credit.

Please note that the actual info seen in this guide was written by 
Dbacker37. Polar Kraken did the work on the margins and some 
grammar/spelling touch-ups. 
1.2 Disclaimer 
This FAQ does contain some factual information however, this advice is  
simply my opinion and just recommendations based on my style of 
I don't mind if you share my information as long as I am giving credit  
where credit is due. Copyright 2004 Shawn Edwards 

Legal Notice 
This guide was written by Dbacker37. The touching-up job was done by 
Polar Kraken. You may use this guide at your leisure, but if you want 
to put it on a website, please contact Dbacker37 first. 
II. The Online Community 
2.1 Ranking system 
The ranking system is basically based on total # of wins NOT win 
percentage. So, if someone has 300 wins and 500 losses he will be on 
top of the player that has 250 wins and 2 losses generally speaking. 
Disconnects and how many inning games you play I believe are factored 
in as well. Ea has a list ranking EVERY online player which is really 

2.2 Chatrooms/Finding a game 
When you enter the lobby you will notice many different Chatrooms. They 
are composed of 4 channels - Rookie, Pro, All-Star and MVP. Each 
contains a room for each demographic location(i.e. east, west). The 
most common room you will find is the 1 inning room usually named 1in 
or 1inn. This is the most popular room and you will usually find 
players of all different skill levels there. 
Warning: From what I have seen this is also where I find the most  
cheesers or quitters. 
Some people play this just to get easy wins, while some just don't have 
the time to play a 9-inning game. 1-inn games are definitely the most 
risky gametype because there are players of all different skill levels 
in there and usually it's because no other rooms are open so everyone 
will chat in the 1-inn room. Also, just because you are in a 1 inning 
room does not mean you cannot challenge/be challenged for 9 inning 
games. Make sure you read challenges. Over 50% of the challenges I get 
are not for 1-inn games!!! (Which I find very amusing.) The channel I 
usually occupy is PRO-cable because I usually find the better players 
or quicker games there. Finding a game can be difficult. Challenge 
players that have a similar record to yours if not better. Some players 
will only challenge people with horrible records and their opponent 
will never accept. Challenging players with a better record than you 
doesn't mean they are better than you just they have more experience. 
This is the easiest way to find a game and then it's on to selecting 
your team. 
2.3 Selecting your team 
This may sound easy but it can be frustrating. Most players do play 
with the Yankees and you have to deal with it. I always choose my 
favorite team(the D-Backs) no matter what team they select. Play the 
team that you are most comfortable with and stick to them. Never pick 
the all-star teams because that's unfair. I have had several opponents 
pick them and I still won. Some opponents will even be sneaky about it 
and try to wait for you to select a team then once you do they select 
the all-star team or they will select the tigers and wait for you to 
select a team and then choose the all-star teams. If someone selects a 
good team against you don't adapt to them and choose a different team. 
Stick to the team you are good at. 
III. Advice 
Work the count!!! This is the best advice for playing online. I try not 
to swing at the first 2 pitches unless they are up and in(money spots). 
Chances are your opponent won't throw you 2 strikes and if they do, 
they are usually just dusting the corners and you wont get a good swing 
on them anyway. Most online players throw 2/3 or more balls than 
Be patient and pick a zone and swing. Low outside corner is a great 
zone hitting spot, time it late and it's almost always a base hit. This 
is the favorite strike that online player throw. Some players will only 
pitch in this location and I have seen some try to do this and change 
the defensive alignment to slap. Take what the pitcher will give you if 
he only pitches low and away you better take advantage and hit them the 
other way. If an opponent throws casually inside pitches be ready and 
wait for those HR pitches.

Use hot/cold zones. Ok, some good players will turn them off in options 
but if they are on use them. Blue = RED. Basically lots of online 
players will sometimes only pitch your cold zones! I have got so many 
hits from the cold zones its not funny. Online opponents will barely 
pitch hot zones so I will never expect a pitch in my hot zone. Cold 
zones = your friend. It doesn't really affect you hitting that much; I 
have hit several HR's from guessing cold zones. 
L3 button is the pitch history feature. It allows you to check pitch 
history and most good players use this. Use this feature to look for 
trends. Most online players will only throw first pitch breaking balls 
or only outside or only low. I use this usually the 2nd pitch of every 
at bat. You can only use it once per batter though so be careful. 
Mix it up! When pitching you have to mix it up just like in real life. 
Use all your pitches and don't be afraid to throw inside. Yes, 
sometimes you will give up HR's, but all good pitchers in the MLB know 
how to work the inside. If you do pitch inside try and pitch low and 
inside and try and hit the corners or even balls near the hot zones 
work! Don't be afraid to walk a good batter. Good pitches include high 
fastballs, low curveballs or pin point fastballs right on the corners. 
I almost forgot to mention the knuckleball, most online players I have 
played CANNOT hit this, and if they do, it rarely gets out of the 
infield. If you have a Knuckleballer use him for relief or your closer, 
try it and see if your opponent can hit them. With K-Ballers I will 
usually just pitch right down the middle. When I throw inside, high 
strikes or a hot zone I try and do it on the first pitch or when they 
are expecting a ball(0-2, 1-2, 2-2). 
Take advantage of mistakes. When a pitcher gets tired or there is some 
lag pitchers will throw some mistake pitches. Whether these pitchers 
are high, low, outside, if they are strikes(white) hold up and swing, 
chances are you will get a HR or gapper. Take advantage of this 
especially when your opponent leaves his starter in and he gets around 
60% stamina, that's when the freebies start popping up. 
STEALS. Read your opponent! Does he take big leads? How likely is he to 
steal bases? This is a very important part of MVP online. You have to 
do it at the right time and with the right runner. I usually take the 
first pitch and run on the 2nd pitch. If your runner has a 75 or lower 
in speed I don't recommend taking a 2-step lead. He will get picked off 
Feel your opponent out; test him! Some players you can steal with every 
attempt, some players online its better to just sit at the base. It 
doesn't really matter who you try to steal with! I have stolen bases 
with Randy Johnson, it just matters how aware your opponent is. When 
defending the steal, use the pitchout option and pickoff attempt. 
WARNING: Some players will try and steal home often or a squeeze play. 
To prevent this use your defense alignments/pickoff/pitchout. 
Steal with fast runners!!! It may sound obvious, but if you have a 
player with a 90 speed rating or higher, STEAL bases! It is very hard 
to throw them out even when they do not take a lead and you pitchout. 
This is one problem I have encountered online I cannot throw out super 
fast runners, they steal 2nd then 3rd and even with constant pitchouts 
and pickoffs they still get the base.  
You should not attempt to steal with runners under a 70 rating. It all 
depends on your opponent. If he isn't paying attention and lets you 
have a 2-step lead, then take the base or if it is late in the game and 
you need to advance the runner. I really suggest using a pinch runner 
because most teams will have a speedy guy on the bench; however this 
will usually tip off your opponent that you are going to steal. In this 
situation I recommend not going on the first pitch but try and work the 
count and go on a 2-2 count or a 3-1 count when the opponent has to 
throw a strike. Sometimes when your opponent is so worried about the 
runner that he will do several pitchouts and fastballs out of the zone 
so try and be patient. 
Use the hit and run. I haven't been too successful with it, but my 
opponents have executed them well, do them with fast runners on base 
and if you miss they will usually get the steal anyway. 
To steal, press L1. The steal all signal gives you the best jump so use 
this button ONLY when you have 1 runner on base or else it will tell 
all your runners to steal. 
Squeeze plays/double steals: Many players use this and it is actually 
effective online. If you have a quick runner on 3rd base and another 
runner on 1st base, less than 2 outs, I recommend the double steal. In 
order to execute this properly, first take a small lead with your 3rd 
base runner, then switch to man on first and give him a lead, then try 
and ONLY steal 2nd base. When the opponent throws to 2nd, switch over 
to your man on 3rd and head for home, make sure you slide! 
SLIDING is also very important. You have to slide properly depending on 
where the ball is coming from. 
For example: When the catcher throws to 2nd trying to get out a 
stealing runner you need to slide to the outside of the bag, this way 
its harder to tag you. So whenever stealing 2nd press the R3 up and 
right this way you slide to the right side of the bag. Pressing down 
while sliding will do the feet first slide which I don't recommend 
unless its a close double play and you want to break up the DP. I 
usually always execute up + right slides. But if the throw is coming 
from the outfielders you usually want to use the up + left. These are 
important on close plays. I have been thrown out because doing a feet 
first slide or just up does an all out dive slide. Also, I always slide 
into home and never feet first this is because I have had several times 
when you don't slide its possible that your runner can miss the base. 
Just like real life he has to go back and try and tag the base again.  
Running over the catcher is almost impossible. Over 100 games and I 
have yet to do it!! I believe you have to be a bigger player than the 
catcher in general and it has to be a semi-close play, then press the 
R3 UP. 
From: Kaban  
about the whole running catcher over thingy. It didn't work for me 
until I tried something. Went into scenario editor, put someone on 3rd 
base and went to steal home after a pitch. He has the ball and moves 
right in front of the plate. I just held up on the right analog stick 
and my guy nailed the catcher, and best of all he dropped the ball! I 
was able to pull it off in a game against my friend and as long as the 
catcher is STANDING not moving, or getting into position when you are 
running up to him, hold up on the right stick and watch the hit. 
Don't change the options. This just makes the game more frustrated and 
not fun. If you would like to change a few options such as pitching 
cursor or strike zone just ask your opponent first before the game 
starts send him a message. He will usually agree if not maybe you can 
compromise. If not you will be changing the options back and forth all 
game long, which is not fun at all. If you want to get better online 
get used to practicing playing online games with the strike zone off, 
cursor off or just everything off because it WILL happen to you when 
you don't expect it, so its good to know in advance how to play with 
all the different options, even fielding aid/vector line off, WHICH I 
PERSONALLY HATE!!! Most good players play with different options. If 
you play with the strike zone off or other options off it will make you 
a better player when they are on.

What is unfair behavior? 
Alot of people ask this... Here's the answer: 
Basically it means you were disconnected from the server, not 
necessarily that you cheated, just you were lagging or for some strange 
reason, no one knows why you lost your connection to your opponent. Its 
as simple as that. 
Another way you or your opponent can get awarded with a loss. they get 
2 warnings for delaying the game after about 2 min of just sitting 
there 3rd time they get kicked!!!  
you can Hold L2 or R2 button as long as you want and EA wont kick you. 
I had an opponent hold it for about 10minutes then when he thought i 
was gone he would pitch then he would do it again, I just eat some food 
do whatever, eventually he quit. 
V. Conclusion
MVP 2004 online is a fun game, but take it for that – a game. Don't 
take it too seriously and just have fun with it. If you have any 
questions about the guide or MVP itself, feel free to contact either 
one of us. We will attempt to keep this guide update, just be patient. 
If anything that you submit gets into the guide, you will be given 
proper credit.

Good day, and many RBI's to you.

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