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Reviewed: 07/11/05

Paradise? Almost...

This is a game with an obvious concept but faced with the challenge of recreating the feel of a stick with the use of the Dualshock Controller. And the game succeeds quite nicely. For a game about pool it has suppressing depth and the main game will take ages to complete, admittedly it can drag on at times but if you do get bored you can always try one of the other attractions that this game offers.

However, before we rush off to the bonus features, lets talk about the most important thing, the controls. Now at firs the controls feel awkward, but give it chance and after 30 minutes you'll be making shots like a pro! The cue is controlled be use of the two analogue sticks, one to move the cue, one to control the weight of the shot. Sounds strange, but trust me, it works.

There are also other options that affect the cue ball, everything that you can do with the cue ball in real life; you can do it with the virtual reality cue ball. Top, side and bottom spin can all be put on the ball to the degree you require for that shot. The ball can be chipped, curled, you name it, and you can do it.

The object of the main game is simple; beat the opponents to become the richest player on the island. You can take the players on in any order providing you have sufficient money to lay down you bet and with each player you get a choice of three randomly selected matches. However, the richest player, Jimmy White, is very rich and getting the money that is required to beat him takes ages and become tiresome. Another problem is that your money is how much cash you have, not your career earnings. This means even though the game encourages you to buy things, you get punished for doing so, and often end up dropping right down the rankings after making only a small purchase and being forced to replay matches with very easy opponents that your skill surpassed ages ago. This seems as a cheap attempt to maker the game last longer. It dose not work.

Even though it feels like the game punishes you for spending, it is often worth it. Purchases vary from different cues; all affect play in some way, to one of many crazy tables and from a giant dodo to goggles that show you where every ball will go before you play the shot. Darts and other pub games can also be bought, along with some retro games.

This is a game that is bought for short goes, to fill time and in that respect its perfect, but it gets too frustrating to play on for any length of time because of the way it punishes you for things that encourages you to do. The controls are perfect and really give you the feel that your in control of a cue and even gives you the sense of weight when striking the cue ball. This game is a must for those who like pool, want a game to play with mates as it has a very good multiplayer mode, or people that need to fill twenty minutes with a gaming fix.

Graphics- 7/10- Not great but gets it done.

Sound- 4/10-Terrible, so annoying it masks you wants to eat the speakers to make it stop. Luckily it’s a game that doesn't need sound, put on some music or sit in silence, both preferable to listing the **** it come with.

Gameplay-8/10-As good a pool game as your going to get with plenty of extras with only a few problems letting it down.

Lifespan-8/10-Depends how much you like pool and how much you can stick with games, stick with it though and you will be rewarded.

Re-playability-10/10- Like ordinary pool, no two matches are ever the same, plus all the unlockable extras.

Rent or Buy? Buy- You can pick it up for £6, it'd be stupidity to rent.

Get this game now, its no GTA but it is a good game that strays true to its roots...most of the time!!!


Rating:   4.0 - Great

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