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FAQ/Walkthrough by DeadCatX2

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/28/05

Game: BloodRayne 2
Console: Sony PlayStation 2
Date Finished: January 21, 2005
Got around to submitting to GameFAQs: Feburary 27, 2005
(College classes took over for a month or so)
Name: DeadCatX2
Email: deadcat@psu.edu
Version: 1.0

----------- LEGAL STUFF ------------

This FAQ is owned wholly by me, created only by my repeated completions of the 
video game BloodRayne 2.  GameFAQs is the only site allowed to host this FAQ, 
and if you read this FAQ and it's hosted by someone else, please email me so 
that I may take action.

Other FAQs on BloodRayne2 (all posted on GameFAQs)
- cjh87 has a combat FAQ, which contains Vampire Lair listings from abordoli, 
but I had found ones it was missing.  Seeing as how some of the content will 
obviously be the same, they should be due some credit, but I did find all the 
lairs on my own, including a few that are missing from that post (as well as 
the mysterious never-goes-away lair in the Unraveller level).
- Misfit119 posted a Boss FAQ that helped me beat two or three of the bosses.  
Check out his FAQ if you need more help on a boss.
- VampireHorde also has a FAQ, but it covers some different things and 
provides no strategy for bosses.  The best solution is a combination of that 
FAQ and this one, since you will get more information that way.  And yes, you 
can just Blood Rage/Fury bosses to death, but sometimes a little strategy goes 
a long way. ;)

----------- /LEGAL STUFF ------------

----------- WHY? --------------------
Aghast that there are no walkthroughs for this game on GameFAQs (at least, 
when I started...there's one other one up now, thanks to VampireHorde), I 
decided that there was only one real solution.  I had to write my first FAQ.  
Bear with me here, I'll only cover important things as this game is very 
elaborate and developed.  All in all the game is very well done, with no real 
weakpoints, but there are a lot of abilities and listing them all at the 
beginning doesn't seem like the right thing to do.  So when Rayne gets a new 
ability, that's usually when I'll decide to explain how it works and all the 
little fun details that go along with it.  Which, there are a lot.  Any help 
with this FAQ will be appreciated, as it will probably not be complete.  And 
this may have a few spoilers.  And it's my first one, so it'll be a little 

----------- /WHY? --------------------

A suggestion: Use the cheat WhackLickEroticCunningly to unlock all outfits and 
pick an outfit you like.  Rayne's standard outfit is nice, I also like Dark 
Rayne and Schoolgirl Rayne (the latter mostly because it gives a nice view 

At some point (perhaps Spring Break) I'll be revising this FAQ to include a 
table of contents, and maybe some other details.

----------- WALKTHROUGH --------------


After you gain control, practice with the engine to get used to it.  Here's a 
little description - I'll give more when more features of the game become 


LAS = Left Analog Stick
RAS = Right Analog Stick

The circle around the L is the LAS, and the other is the RAS.  X is jump, [] 
attacks with blades, O attacks with kick, /\ feeds.  It is possible to double-
jump, and change direction in mid-air using the LAS.  You can attack while 
jumping.  L1 makes Rayne start targeting, and her movement changes while 
targeting, as well as all her attacks.  There's a complete Moves List if you 
hit Start to pause the game.  L2 will cycle targets when Rayne is targeting.

As far as Vampire Powers, pressing the D-pad left will activate Aura Vision.  
This ability is free of cost and I HIGHLy suggest leaving it on ALL the time.  
You can see enemies through walls, you can tell how much life they have left, 
you can see hidden Vampire Lairs (free health, rage, and ammo!), you can see 
the rails you can grind on, you can see the poles you can do acrobatics on, 
and there are green BloodRayne logos that lead you to important places.  
So...just leave it on if you aren't using other powers.

Pressing the D-pad to the right activates Dilated Perception.  Rayne processes 
sensory information so fast that you get to act in slow-mo.  Kind of cool, not 
ENTIRELY useful, but the game will suggest playing around with it shortly. (If 
you want, you can activate DP right now, as it appears you can use it with no 
Rage even though it consumes Rage)

Up activates Blood Rage.  Damage is given to the Rage bar instead of her 
health, she won't get knocked down, and her attacks get stronger.  Useful for 
boss fights.

/\ is used to feed on enemies.  You can't feed on enemies carrying weapons, at 
least from in front.  You can jump over them by targeting them with L1, and 
then pressing toward them with LAS and then pressing jump.  You can feed on 
weapon-wielding enemies from behind just fine.  The [] fatalities from behind 
are also really wicked.

While feeding, you can still be hurt, but you can rotate the enemy with the 
LAS and put them between you and harm's way.  When using an enemy as a shield, 
they don't take the damage that you would have gotten, so you still get to 
feed the whole way.  You can also be knocked off of an enemy while feeding.


From in front:
X while feeding will kick the enemy in the direction Rayne is facing (useful 
if you need to pitch a body real quick because a bigger problem is coming your 
way, but you get no Rage).
[] tosses an enemy in the direction Rayne is facing, kinda far but not very 
high.  Usually sufficient to toss enemies into "killing puzzles"
/\ [], O, and /\ O do not toss an enemy.

From behind:
X will pitch the body in the direction Rayne is facing again, quick but you 
get no Rage.
[] is a beautiful dismemberment, but no tossing.
/\ [] is even more beautiful, but no tossing.
O Launches an enemy like something fierce, very high and very far.
/\ O doesn't throw them.

I'll detail Killing Puzzles when we get to the first one.


Rayne carries a harpoon that she can use to throw enemies around.  It doesn't 
do much damage, and it has a limited reach, so play around with it to get a 
feel for how far it works.  Target an enemy with L1, then press triangle to 
shoot the harpoon.  Press the LAS in the direction you want to throw an enemy 
and they go flying.  Very useful for Killing Puzzles and earning Carnage.


Carnage is earned by impaling enemies on sharp objects, electrifying them with 
the environment, blowing them up with explosives in the environment, and 
tossing them from very high up places.  When you earn enough Carnage, Rayne 
levels up and gets more Health/Rage.


I'm not going to be terribly descriptive with respect to how the game 
progresses.  I'll point out difficult or confusing parts, puzzles, minibosses, 
provide some strategies...but the game is fairly straightforward.  It would 
get kind of old, saying "kill the enemies, go to the next room, kill the 
enemies, go to the next room, kill the enemies, go to the next room..." over 
and over again.

The game coaches you through the usage of attacks, feeding, harpoons, throwing 
enemies onto spiked things for Carnage, targeting etc.  There's a few scenes 
and lots of enemies, and the direction is pretty straightforward, especially 
if you have Aura Vision on.  When you get to the bedroom and kill all the 
enemies, the game shows you that Aura Vision can reveal Vampire Lairs.  Before 
going through that Vampire Lair door, go into the bathroom.  There's a bathtub 
full of blood in the back.  Stand in it to regenerate Health and Rage, since 
there's a miniboss in the Vampire Lair.

*** VAMPIRELAIR01 - Shown in the Aura Vision.

*** MINIBOSS01 - MALE DHAMPIR - These guys aren't too difficult.  Throw on 
Blood Rage (press up once) to help you out.  Target him and lay into him.  
Also try evasive manuevers, like pressing a direction on the LAS and jump.  If 
you press an attack button while you're doing an evasive manuever, you'll 
throw an attack when you're done evading.  L1 + LAS away + jump + [] is a good 
one, it jumps back (so you avoid any attacks they're doing) and then lunges 
forward for some slice and dice.

There's a reward for this battle - Twisted Wind.  It's good if you're 
surrounded, but I never used it too much.  Test it out, see if you like it.

After the miniboss fight, go upstairs to the exit.  Upon entering the Vampire 
Lair door, the game prompts you to save.


Starts off with a scene and an FMV, which is unlocked for viewing at the Main 
Menu now.  Then our first Killing Puzzle.


These usually involve throwing enemies into things to make them break.  
Sometimes they can be hard to figure out, so I'll do all of the puzzles, even 
the relatively easy ones.

*** PUZZLE01 - FIREPLACE - Toss 3 enemies into the fireplace to make it come 
crashing down

Keep going.  There's some enemies, and some interesting scenary (did I mention 
this game was well-rounded?)  You get to meet some enemies with weapons - you 
can kick to disarm them, harpoon them to disarm them, or just feed on them 
from behind.  At one point you come to a section which introduces you to 


Aura Vision will reveal the places you can perform acrobatics as yellow poles.  
There are three types of yellow poles - vertical poles (vpoles), horizontal 
poles (hpoles), and rails that you can grind on.

The LAS and jump are used during acrobatics.  Not pressing the LAS will make 
Rayne perch on the hpole.  Holding LAS up will cause her to swing around the 
hpole.  Press LAS left or right while perched will rotate her, but if you hold 
LAS left or right while she's swinging or just as she grabs onto a pole, 
she'll do an acrobatic flip to change direction.  Pressing down will make her 
hang upside down.  If you press jump while she's swinging, she'll fly through 
the air.  If you press it while she's hanging upside down, she'll drop down.

Test out the change in direction, because it's useful to not have to perch to 
change directions.  Just start swinging and then hold the LAS to the left, and 
keep holding it, and you'll see how it works.  Try to get to the top without 
perching at all.

The game coaches you through most of the acrobatics.  When you get to a vpole, 
you can go up or down using LAS up and down, respectively.  LAS left or right 
will rotate her around the hpole.  Kick will make her swing around the pole, 
and jump will cause her to jump in the direction her back is facing.  Sliding 
down with the LAS down will cause her to hang upside down.

After landing, you get to meet the rail grind.  If you ever go down a rail, it 
will always grind.  You can jump side to side (more on that later), or jump up 
if you don't press the LAS in any direction.  Hold [] while grinding to keep 
your blades extended and chop up people who are too close to the rail you're 
grinding on.  I do this almost every time I grind, because it earns Carnage 
and she usually makes funny comments if anyone gets injured.


After the scene with the acrobatics, a guy comes running up.  Lead him back to 
the courtyard and feed on him, then use a fatality to toss him over the 
balcony.  Tossing people off of high rises is probably the most efficient and 
effective way to earn Carnage in this game - and you can get Health/Rage by 
feeding to boot!  You might want to review which fatalities toss, and in what 
direction they throw the enemy.  Try leading the other two enemies back to the 
courtyard for even more Carnage.

Through that last door after the two enemies is a save.  You'll notice a Quick 
Save option, this will save to the same place that the last save went to.


More acrobatics to get around the roof, and an opportunity to see the 
scaffolding in action.  The game will coach you through it, it's pretty 
simple, all you can do is jump.  If you're using Aura Vision like you should 
be, this part is easy - the poles are bright yellow that lead you from one 
place to the next, and the goals have the green BloodRayne logo.

*** PUZZLE02 - Make your way across to where the other green marks are (when 
Aura Vision is on) and "cut" the power.

Go back to the now open door and get the Carpathian Dragon Pistols, then save.



Press R1 to shoot.  If you aren't targeting someone, Rayne will auto-target an 
enemy or object that can be shot, or waste ammo otherwise.  If you are 
pressing L1, she will shoot that target.  There are six total Gun Modes, of 
which Blood Shot is the first.  It's pretty weak, so I wouldn't stress using 
it.  Blood Stream is much better and is coming up soon, which is the Uzi-style 
Gun Mode.

Each time you cause damage with a Gun Mode, that Mode earns experience.  Get 
enough experience to fill the circle around the ammo meter and the Gun levels 
up, getting more ammo and more powerful.  You have to watch your ammo, though, 
when the number turns into a skull the guns will start feeding off of Rayne 
(like the FMV says).  In order to get ammo back, there are four new fatalities 
using the R1 button.  None of these fatalities gives Rage, though, so a 
balance must be struck.  Each enemy can be fed from, and can give either 
Health, Health and Rage, or Health and Ammo.  If you're clever, you can also 
get Carnage after fatalities, especially since all the Gun Fatalities toss an 

Gun fatalities in front
R1 tosses them to Rayne's back.
/\ R1 tosses them in the direction Rayne is facing.

From behind
R1 tosses them in the direction Rayne is facing.
/\ R1 tosses them towards Rayne's back.

You can also shoot while on poles, or hanging upside down on poles, or 
grinding.  I prefer blades while grinding, as that can earn you Carnage while 
the guns don't.  When you get another Gun Mode, R2 will cycle between them.


Practice your guns (just a little) on the guys, and then feed from them to 
restore the life you'll probably lose and the ammo you used up.  See how weak 
they are?  Blood Stream is MUUUCH better.  Keep going and you'll get to 
practice guns while doing acrobatics, as well.  Shortly after the acrobatics, 
there's an opportunity to really Rail Grind for the first time.  Hold Square 
while Rail Grinding and the three enemies on the stairs will lose limbs, be 
cut in half, etc, and she'll make some awesome comments ("They do wonders with 
prosthetics these days").

**** MISSION05 - MANSION: ZERENSKI? (this time it uses an S, not a Z) ****

*** MAINBOSS1 - ZERENZKI - If you hear the bats squeaking, use Blood Rage to 
not fall down.

This battle is jokingly easy.  There are some explosives on the ground that 
you can use to get some Carnage (explosives are good for Carnage, but not as 
good as tossing off buildings).  Work your way to him using Aura Vision to see 
the yellow pole road, slice or kick him, then use AV and Target him with your 
guns and shoot him, just like Severin says.  Three times and he's toast.  He 
shouldn't be too much trouble.

Your reward for this boss fight is Super Speed.  While Dilated Perception is 
active, press right one more time to activate Super Speed.  The enemies keep 
moving in slow-mo, but Rayne returns to her normal speed.  Useful for getting 
behind enemies who turn around too quickly if you jump over them.  Note that 
the game says press right twice - it assumes that you don't have Dilated 
Perception active.  If Dilated Perception is active, pressing right twice 
would activate Freeze Time, assuming that you had it right now.  save, and 
then proceed to the next "Chapter", the MEATPACKING DISTRICT.


Short level, make your way to the top to start a killing puzzle.

*** PUZZLE03 - THE FAN - throw six enemies into the fan to solve.


If you're using Aura Vision it's pretty easy to see where to go.  Once you do 
some acrobatics and are up on the ledge near where the train passes by, there 
are two guys that come out.  After those guys there are some more around the 
corner, but this is also a chance to listen to some dialog.  At certain points 
in the game, enemy characters will hold a dialog with each other, and this can 
sometimes be funny.  I'll try to point them out whenever they occur.

After you take out the first set of dialog guys, you come to a grinding rail.  
Keep your blades extended for this one, and after you land there's a wall with 
some wooden supports.  Take out those supports with your blades.

After those supports are taken out, there's a huge crate that needs pulled 
down before you can get to the next set of acrobatics.

After some scaffold jumping, Rayne points out the next puzzle - the Garbage 
Truck Crusher.  Grind down the rail with your blades extended to get all four 
guys.  They fall off while running around, which nets you even MORE Carnage.

*** PUZZLE04 - CRUSHER - toss 5 guys into the crusher to blow it up

Now you meet the Kestrels.  First, one of them sends a squad of weapon-
wielding goons after you. (You can take the gunner out with a shot to the 
propane tank underneath him).  Then, some acrobatics to get to the rooftop 
where you fight the Kestrel for the first time.

*** MINIBOSS02 - KESTREL - Blood Rage and try to use some evasive attacks.  
Particularly effective is the L1 + LAS away + jump + [], she backflips and 
then forward flips with an attack.  You don't have to kill her, just bring her 
life way down.

Next, there are a few antennas to chop down and grind along.  After a while 
another Kestrel appears.  This time she must die.

*** MINIBOSS03 - KESTREL - Use the same tactic.  Your reward for this fight is 
Blood Stream Gun Mode.  Actually effective for dispatching enemies, it's much 
like an Uzi that some enemies have used against you.  It saves automatically 
after that, and proceed to the next chapter, UNION STATION.

If you're all full on Rage, I suggest trying to use the Blood Stream to kill 
some enemies and then feed to get the guns back up, unless you need Rage.  
Rage tends to be more important in case you run into a boss battle.


Notice that your Gun Mode is still Blood Shot.  Every time you start a level, 
your Gun Mode returns to Blood Shot.  That's really annoying.

Head up the stairs, and when you get to the train, head AWAY from the green 
symbol.  You have to get inside the train before you can get to any further.

*** MINIBOSS04 - KESTREL - Same tactic as above.  like the first Kestrel 
(MINIBOSS02) she doesn't need to be killed.  Your reward for this fight is 
Silver Circlet - test it out.

After taking out the Kestrel, head to the opposite end of the Train Bay and go 
through the door.  Watch the water - it hurts quite a lot.

When the stairs fall down, don't take that route, but go up instead.  If you 
fall down, those stairs are how you get back up here quickly without having to 
go through the whole level.

After the acrobatics, you go down a chute and through the ventilation, and 
then the game saves.


*** PUZZLE05 - ELECTRIC DOOR - Toss a few guys at each electric box until the 
door opens.  I'm not entirely sure what the rhyme or reason is behind how the 
door finally opens, but just keep tossing guys and try not to focus too much 
on one box.

After heading up two flights of stairs, there should be a hidden Vampire Lair.

*** VAMPIRELAIR02 - At the top of two flights of stairs.  If you go through a 
door, you've gone too far.

After the Vampire Lair, it's pretty straightforward.


After taking out some punks, you reach one of the biggest pain-in-the-butt 
puzzles in the game.

*** PUZZLE06 - CLUB KILLIN' - You must have one punk in each speaker 
simultaneously.  Punks fall out of the speaker after a short period of time.  
This puzzle sucks, quite frankly, because the last guy never gets tossed in 
the right direction and the next guy always takes too long to come in.  This 
puzzle can take from a minute to half an hour.  Just keep trying, and remember 
that if your punk is too close to the speaker, she can't toss him or her up 
high enough.

Make your way to the top.  There's a place where you have to pull the roof 
down on some enemies to continue.  After that is a series of acrobatics, then 
some more acrobatics in a clock tower, followed by a mock fight with Ephemera.

*** MAINBOSS2 - EPHEMERA - You can try to hurt her, but as soon as she uses 
her teleportation, she heals.  Just run around for a while, the fight 
eventually ends and you get Ghost Feed.

If you have Aura Vision on, Ghost Feed is just a single tap of left on the D-
pad.  This becomes important when you get Enthrall because Enthrall straight 
up sucks and is totally and utterly useless.  It completely drains your Rage 
and there's nothing you can do about it.  Ghost Feed, however, is great 
because if you need health as you can feed and still be moving around and 
avoiding enemies or, rather, minibosses wielding 500 lb hammers.  It also 
works well for killing enemies who are hard to kill, such as some of the ones 
in the Twisted Park, but I'll cover that later.


After a scene with innocents being taken away, and the door opens after you 
kill all the enemies, there's a rail to grind down and some enemies holding a 
dialog about a blind Vampire Goddess called Slezz.  Run around and take them 
out, and then this is a non-killing Puzzle.

artillery with Aura Vision on and take out the gas tanks that Rayne mentions 
in the scene.  

*** VAMPIRELAIR03 - At one point there are some more explosives that go off 
(and some funny dialog) and there are side-by-side rails to grind down.  At 
the bottom and around the corner is a (third?) person arming a fully automatic 
gun, and to their back is a side room behind a waterfall.  The Vampire Lair is 

*** PUZZLE08 - YOU MUST BE HAPPY TO SEE ME - Upon viewing a short scene where 
they blow up even more stuff ("Follow us now, skank" says the one guy) you 
need to get to that fully auto and Aura Vision will show you what to shoot.

After falling down you'll start grinding instantly.  You have to watch out and 
hop to the left or right to avoid water pouring down.  At the end, make sure 
you jump or you'll fall into the water.

When you get to the water pumps room, at the bottom you'll finally meet the 
suicide bombers.  These guys are cake, just don't feed when they're around or 
they'll blow up right next to you.  Just run right up to them, double jump 
over them, and they'll blow themselves to bits while you're far out of harm's 

The West Water Pump is easy to shut down, just hit the switch.  Make sure your 
Rage is topped off, though, because there's a Kestrel waiting outside for you.

*** MINIBOSS05 - KESTREL - If you left the explosives, there's some in the 
corner and fire is really good for finishing off bosses.  Otherwise, just put 
the beat down on her.  You get Blood Spray for this battle - very useful for 
disarming enemies.  Level 3 Blood Spray can send enemies _flying_!  It's 

In the East Water Pump Room, we have our first real Killing Puzzle of this 

*** PUZZLE09 - EAST WATER PUMP - Toss three regular men or one suicide bomber 
into each piston to shut off the pump.  Watch for the bombers if you harpoon 
regular enemies, because you stand there long enough to get blown up.


After grinding, Severein informs you that there's a tidal wave coming your 
way.  He says you need to "do everything in your power to move faster", but 
that's not entirely true.  You can make it just by running without Super 
Speed, but should you run into trouble I'm sure Super Speed helps out.

After the catwalk falls down, you need to pull down two more catwalks from 
underneath the gunners, then make your way across so you can go up the steps 
and jump to the remaining pieces of the catwalk to get to the other side 

When they start talking about her Silver Stiletto Heels, just run straight 
through, you can't hurt them and you'd probably die trying.  Then after the 
exit blows, a puzzle begins.

*** PUZZLE10 - EXPLOSIVE CAVALRY - Toss six suicide bombers into the wall to 
get through.

*** PUZZLE11 - NOT SO HAPPY TO SEE ME ANYMORE? - Turn on Aura Vision and use 
the big gun to blow up the gas line.  Careful, there are a lot of Uzis around 
and it's really easy to lose lots of health.  Then climb up the scaffolding 
and rail grind over.

After you fall down, you start grinding again.  There's a lot more water to 
avoid this time, but if you get hurt that's okay - jump at the end of this 
grind and make your way across all three hpoles to get to...

*** VAMPIRELAIR04 - at the end of the rail grind after the above puzzles

Keep going forward to reach...

*** PUZZLE12 - OR HOW I LEARNED TO LOVE THE BOMB - throw an explosive guy at 
the green symbol shown with Aura Vision to blast those pumps and fill that 
chamber up so you can get across.


*** MAINBOSS3 - SLEZZ - Short scene.  When she throws a guy, you have to wait 
till he's close and harpoon him in mid air, then toss him back at her.  She'll 
block it, so you need to hit the switch to make her flail her arms so she 
can't block it.  The switch returns to normal in time, so you have to time 
this right.  Four or five guys should blow open her tummy.  Jump down, jump 
over the rocks, and jump into her belly.  Target and harpoon her heart out.  
You get Blood Fury for this fight, which is a most excellent upgrade.  Not 
only is it stronger than Blood Rage, but it also activates slow-mo while doing 
it.  On top of that, there's an addition to her combos that takes off quite a 
nice chunk of life on most minibosses.  Short, funny scene, followed by an 
FMV, and then save.


Pain in the rear.  Watch for the sunlight.  If you see your health going down, 
that's why.  Make your way over, and listen to a great dialog ("I have a buddy 
over in Rendering, he comes over HERE for vacation!").  Get inside and go left 
immediately or get filled with lead.

After going left, you can hear some more dialog (dialog really becomes 
prominent at this point in the game and on).  Without going out and fighting 
those guys, you can hit the little propane tank behind them and take them out.  
Man the automatic that they were arming and take out the little propane tank 
behind the guys who were in the doorway.  Then, don't head back but keep going 
in the direction you were and there's a guy behind a door.  Harpoon him into 
the electrical box to open some of the doors (unfortunately, not the one in 
front of you) and THEN go back and around.

Make sure you fill up on Health and Rage.  You're going to have your first 
encounter with a Turned.

*** MINIBOSS06 - TURNED - These monsters are actually pretty easy.  You can 
use the LAS Away evasive attack, or you can push to their sides and spin 
around them, slicing them up from behind.  Another fun thing to do is, if you 
get too far away from them, the Turned will charge.  Get out of the way and it 
hits head-first into a wall, stunned for a moment.  You can slice and dice 
from there, usually two full combos, and then run away again.  Far enough 
away, he charges again...rinse wash repeat.

When you reach the point with two side-by-side grinding rails, you'll notice 
some yellow vpoles.  They're invisible - you can only see them with Aura 
Vision.  While grinding down, try to jump up and get on the invisible poles...

*** VAMPIRELAIR05 - In the upper room near the invisible vpoles.

Go back down to where the grinding rails would have taken you.  Then, hang a 
left, take out some guys, and don't go straight, but go right instead.  Walk 
up to the door and it opens - just in case you fall, this is a shortcut back 
here.  Then proceed to the stairs.

That first yellow hpole is actually a pain to get to - just double jump over 
it to the next pole.

Make your way to the controls for the Tesla Coil.

*** PUZZLE13A - SUPERNOVA TESLA COIL - Toss a guy into the Tesla Coil after 
the fence goes down.  You may need to go down to the second floor, but 
sometimes you can do it from the control panel window.

Then, proceed to the other control panel, for...

*** PUZZLE13B - LIGHT UP THE BAD GUYS - Rinse wash repeat.

Get to the elevator, and the game saves.


More sunlight, watch your step.  There's a huge propane tank behind the gunner 
you can shoot.  You don't need the lower hpole to get to the higher poles, and 
it will put you in sunlight.  Unfortunately, at the top hpole and vpole you 
are forced to be in the sun for a bit anyway.  Get over the fence.  Over the 
next fence, a few guys, and along another fence in the back is an opening you 
can go through.  When you get in the building, there's a big propane tank in 
the back that needs blown up.  Take out some people and a door opens.  Make 
sure your Health and Rage are up...

*** MINIBOSS07 - FOREMAN - These guys wield a 500-lb Sledgehammer, and they 
know how to use it.  Their most annoying attack is smashing the sledge onto 
the ground, it sends you flying and costs an unhealthy amount of life.  Use 
the same techniques as you do on Turned, they go down pretty easily.

*** VAMPIRELAIR06 - I guess the developers felt kind after throwing a Foreman 
at you for the first time.  When you start jumping up scaffolding, in the 
intermediate room (not the top or bottom) is the sixth Vampire Lair.

Or perhaps it was provided because, just ahead there's...

*** MINIBOSS08 - MALE DHAMPIR - You've seen these before.  Not too hard.  Your 
reward is Quiet Thunder.


I suggest killing the intro guys with a fatality ASAP, because you need the 
Rage for the...

*** MINIBOSS09 - FOREMAN - These guys aren't actually that hard, especially if 
you circle around them.

Don't worry if you're almost dead.

*** VAMPIRELAIR07 - Down the hall after the Foreman fight, on the left.  If 
you go up stairs, you went too far.

Speaking of stairs, there are upstairs and downstairs.  Take the upstairs.  

*** PUZZLE14 - CAUSTIC CHEMICALS - Toss six guys into the chemicals to blow up 
the pipe and open the door.

Proceed through the door to the end of the level.


At the start, there are three rails (see the three red blobs below the floor?)  
Take the furthest left rail so you can slash two of the three guys.  Three 
guys around the corner can be simultaneously axed if you get behind the cart 
and hit it.  Up the elevator and hit the cart again.  Keep your Rage up as 
there's a Foreman nearby.

*** MINIBOSS10 - FOREMAN - First one's on the top level.

Two, actually...

*** MINIBOSS11 - FOREMAN - Appears once you get downstairs after a while.  You 
can lead this last one to the Turbine and get it eaten alive in there, as well 
as many enemies.  But watch out - if you get sucked in, you die and start back 
at the first Foreman.

*** VAMPIRELAIR08 - BEFORE going up the elevator, there's a dark room behind 
the Turbine.  The Vampire Lair is in there.

You seriously need that Vampire Lair, because there's a nasty fight coming up 

*** MINIBOSS12 - FEMALE DHAMPIR - These ones are annoying.  They're built like 
Rayne.  Guns and blades.  Try to stay close and beat the snot out of her, 
backing her into a corner works well if you use kicks and Blood Fury, because 
her kicking combo almost always knocks her over and the end of the kicking 
combo is a really powerful stomp.  Reward is Blood Bomb gun mode, pretty 
useless but fun to play with.


Use the guys for Rage and set Super Speed to get through quickly without being 
touched.  Toss them on the conveyer for easy Carnage.  Jump down off the 
conveyer belt and there's another cart around the corner to take out the two 
guys who don't run to you.

*** PUZZLE15 - LIGHT MY FIRE - Toss a guy onto each candle-looking thingie to 
put it out.  After all five are out, the furnaces blow open.  You can toss 
guys into either furnace, it doesn't matter, but once you get five guys tossed 
in the pipes blow and the door opens.

After going through the door, you reach a rail to grind down.

*** VAMPIRELAIR09 - After grinding down the railing of the steps, look under 
the steps and you'll see this Vampire Lair.  Kinda nice, since there's two 
Turned coming up.


*** MINIBOSS13 - TURNED x2 - Take your time or be quick about it...there's 
sunlight, because they take damage while in the sunlight, and a fully 
automatic gun (which puts you in sunlight, unfortunately, but there's plenty 
of guys to refuel afterwards

Go into the building behind the gunners.  At the end is the end of the level.  


Pull down the big crate next to the guy in the operating booth.  It's an easy 
way to double jump without having to take the stairs.

*** PUZZLE16 - GET A LOAD OF THIS - Take the ride across, and go to the far 
end, where there's a secondary operating booth.  Toss that guy out the window, 
and make the other ride come back across.  Take it to the primary operating 
booth, where you can puncture a hole in the grate and go to where the others 
were taken.

*** VAMPIRELAIR10 - On the conveyer belt ride down, in the glass room.  Can't 
miss it.

Toss guys onto the conveyer belt for a gorey scene.  Then, back on the 
conveyer belt, make sure to use the hpole to escape being ground up.  After a 
few scenes with intermittent chasing of Ferril, the game saves.


This part is full of elevators and enemies at the tops of elevators.  Up the 
first elevator where the guys talked about the Mistress in her black rage.  
Some guys, second elevator comes up facing the direction you need to go 
(careful these types of elevators go back down pretty quick).  Keep Rage up 


Some acrobatics, a few guys (toss some into the fan for Carnage) and another 
elevator which comes up facing.  Acrobatics, and then some scaffolding to jump 
up.  Watch out up here, the door needs blown open and one of the idiots 
usually shoots the engine to blow the door.  That opens the door so you can go 
through.  Next elevator comes up with the exit to her back.  Can't get through 
the next door, so jump on top and drop down.  Hold up on LAS so you swing and 
knock that guy down the hole for Carnage.  Next elevator comes up facing.  
Grind to the circular elevator.  Another circular elevator and

*** PUZZLE17 - SHROUD LUNGS - These pumps remind me of lungs, and the next 
puzzle is more like a heart.  Anyway, see those two little jets that push 
steam and then stop for a while?  Impale a guy on those while they aren't 
steaming and they'll toss him into the pump.  Sometimes it misses, though.  
Make sure you leave here with full Rage because

*** MINIBOSS15 - FOREMAN - at the top of the circular elevator.

After that, do some scaffold jumping and take the next elevator (she's facing 
the wrong way when she gets on).  This level is great for Carnage since 
there's so many long falls.  Anyway, there's a LOT of acrobatics and the 
camera isn't usually very friendly.  Some more guys (oh yeah, level 2 Blood 
Spray is great for tossing people over the edge.  Carnage AND gun experience!)  
Elevator comes up facing, while the one after it comes up not facing, as does 
the next one (not facing).  Jump across to the one guy shooting you in his 
little hole, and through there is some scaffolding.  Go up to the far edge 
before trying to jump onto the scaffolding, as it's a little high.  At the top 
is a rail to grind, and one guy begging to be sliced.  At the very top, 

*** VAMPIRELAIR11 - Ridiculously hard Vampire Lair to get to.  You have to 
walk up to the edge of the railing, and even though these aren't rail-grinding 
poles you can still stand on them.  Make sure you're pressing against it, and 
then press jump and while in mid-air move forward just a little bit, but not 
too much.  You should end up standing on the railing.  From there, double jump 
to the pipe that takes you to the Vampire Lair.  A huge pain to get to, but 
well worth it since the next puzzle is, IMO, the most difficult in the game.

After returing from the Vampire Lair, take the circular elevator to

*** PUZZLE18 - SHROUD HEART - DON'T KILL THE FOREMAN!  It'd be a waste of your 
Health and Rage, since there would be infinite Foremen to come.  Instead, you 
need his help to smash open the electric boxes.  Get him to break all four 
open (you still can't kill him after that, though).  Then, I suggest using 
Blood RAGE (NOT FURY!) so you can harpoon guys into the electric boxes without 
getting knocked down by the Foreman.  After all four boxes are taken out, 
puzzle is solved and Foreman is dead.

After that, go up into the heart and there's a vpole.  After a few guys, 
there's a

*** MINIBOSS16 - FOREMAN - There are some other guys around to give you a 
boost of Health or, preferably Rage.

After the Foreman, it's a bunch of elevators and guys.  Make sure to keep your 
Rage topped off, as you need it for Super Speeding through the end of the 
level.  Once you come to two circular elevators in a row, be prepared to run.  
There's a lot of heavy artillery and you can't kill them, but they'll mow you 
down.  Super Speed is your best bet.  RUN (it takes over 3/4 of a Full, as in 
maxed out Carnage, Rage bar to make it to the top using Super Speed).  After 
going up the next elevator, the game saves, and this horrid, horrid level is 
done with.


*** MAINBOSS4 - FERRIL - Notice once the fight begins that Ferril has no 
health bar.  Even if you knock her off, she comes back.  She's invincible; you 
have to run around and destroy all the electricity to the pumps to win this 
fight.  If you fall off, you start at the entrance again.  Which is cool.  
Ferril also follows you WHEREVER you go, you can't escape her.  She's also 
faster than you are.  Just try to get the pumps.  Oh, yeah, if you're in the 
Shroud you'll also be losing life slowly.  Feel free to drop down once Ferril 
chases you to the top and eat some of her minions for food.  You can still use 
them for shields while she's trying to beat on you, too.  Make your way around 
and take out all the electric pumps.  Then you'll win the fight and get Freeze 
Time.  Pretty useless IMO, except in some very rare circumstances.  Then an 
awesome FMV, which becomes available at the main menu.  Save.


This part of the game straight up sucks.  There are enemies with weapons and 
you can't just jump over them to feed from behind.  Ghost Feed works well to 
finish them and get you life, but that costs Rage.  Harpoons usually get 
blocked, too.  A good trick I found is to use Super Speed to run around behind 
them, start feeding, then turn Super Speed off, and fatality (if you fatality 
with Super Speed on, you won't get Rage).  If this is your second time 
through, though, Curtain Twice Torn is wonderful for splitting these pests in 
half.  But you only get a little bit of Rage.

*** PUZZLE19 - CHOPPER - Throw 4 guys into the chopper's blades.  (Check out 
the girl embedded in the blades in the tree afterwards!)

Jump over the chopper and keep going forward.  Try to get as much Rage as 

*** MINIBOSS17 - SHADOW LEGION x2 - I suggest trying to lead them to the 
explosive thing in the back.  If you get one close enough to it and blow it 
up, he'll catch on fire.  Then he'll run around, idiotically neglecting the 
fountain in the center of the park, before he finally dies.  Blood Fury makes 
short work of the other one.

After she satisfies her curiousity, just avoid the insects.  You can't hurt 
them (yet).  At some point a few stupid girls knock over some tanks and the 
insects go after them.  Watch them fight with the insect monster and laugh at 
their stupidity.  Head towards them and watch for the Miniboss life bar to 

*** MINIBOSS18 - SHADOW LEGION - Gah, these guys suck when you're short on 
Health and Rage.  There should still be some exploves around, hopefully.

Head down to where some Shadow Legion are getting it on with some bugs.

*** MINIBOSS19 - SHADOW LEGION - Around this point, I realized that Curtain 
Twice Torn (not available if this is your first time through the game) cuts 
these minibosses right in half.  I dunno if it was an accident or not.

Immediately after you finish off the Shadow Legion and the girls with him...

*** MINIBOSS20 - FEMALE DHAMPIR - Did I mention I hate these ones?  Stupid 
guns.  Anyway, it appears that by literally kicking the crap out of them they 
aren't that hard.  I found that they can't keep up with Rayne in a kicking 
match, but that just may have been dumb luck.

After you finish her off, you get Blood Flame, another Gun Mode that you can 
burn things with (and yourself, if you aren't careful), and the mission ends.


Remember that water is bad, and the name of this level is Aquarium.  Not so 

*** PUZZLE20 - DIESEL WOOD CHIPPER - Throw 3 enemies into the wood chipper to 
blow it up.  I found that if you lead the bug monster close to the wood 
chipper, the guys will spend most of their time fighting it.  You can then 
toss them into the wood chipper while they're fighting him, as they won't 
block your harpoon while fighting the bugs.  I suggest topping off your Health 
and Rage, too...you can sneak up behind them while they're busy.

After going through the hallway, you get to the merry-go-round

*** MINIBOSS21 - SHADOW LEGION x3 - After taking out one, a third one appears.  
Use the explosives to your advantage.

*** VAMPIRELAIR12 - After killing the three Shadow Legion, head down to where 
all the guys are busy fighting the bug monsters (still in the area with the 
merry-go-round) for a much needed Vampire Lair.

*** PUZZLE21 - WHALE - Chop the cords holding the whale up to smash through 
the floor

After grinding down the tree, pull the 18-wheeler down with your Harpoon.  
Inside, take out some guys and then a

*** MINIBOSS22 - FOREMAN - Drops through the roof.  Your reward for this fight 
is Shiva Aspect.

Go through to the end of the hall, and save.


*** MAINBOSS5 - EPHEMERA - Turn on Aura Vision and destroy everything creating 
her shadows.  For the one, you need to pull the supports from under the gazebo 
so it falls down.  For the other one that doesn't have a rock, there's a thing 
you need to target to pull it out of the way.  The pool fills up with water 
and gets rid of the shadow.  Then slice and dice her since she can't 
regenerate anymore.  

Earn Enthrall, save.

Enthrall sucks, it basically turns an enemy into your ally.  That sounds cool, 
till you realize it uses your Rage while the enemy is your aid.  So you think 
"Oh, well there's probably a way to turn it off, huh?"  Nope.  You can even 
try killing your new "ally" - it will reduce your Rage to zero.  Enthrall 
sucks, totally and completely.


No more stupid enemies in these levels, just a few annoying boss fights.

*** MAINBOSS6 - XERX - Take out all the 5? Sun Guns to win this and your 
reward is Blood Hammer, the rocket-launcher of the Dragon Pistols.

After the fight, don't just grind down to the end.  Jump before you get there, 
lest you fall down and have to do it all over again.

Make sure your Rage is up as you enter an office-like area.  Just down the 


After you kill it, some guys open a door.  Refill your Rage/Health and go 
through that door.

After going up the stairs, go up to the door where two guys are behind him.  
Listen to some great dialog.  After they're finished, attack the door to hear 
some more.

*** VAMPIRELAIR13 - At the top of the second flight of stairs, there's a 
Vampire Lair.

The door you're supposed to go in has a spotlight on it, then save


Go through the first few doors to meet a new guy.

*** MINIBOSS24 - PINK SUIT - My first time through, I thought these guys were 
Turned, till I realized they didn't charge.  They die just the same.

After going outside the building and up some pipes, you get to meet another 
new guy.

*** MINIBOSS25 - ANCIENT VAMPIRE - Typical Miniboss strategy.  Be careful, 
they've got guns and they're actually decently strong.  I recall accidentally 
using Blood Storm in this fight, before having gotten it.  Can anyone verify?  

*** VAMPIRELAIR14 - Where the guys were shooting at you before you go to 
Ancient Vampire.  It's kind of difficult to jump down, but you can find a way.

Go back to Ancient Vampire fight area, and go outside towards the ductwork.  
Try to jump to the next place, even though it looks like it can't work - 
you'll rail grind for sure.

*** MINIBOSS26 - PINK SUIT x6 - Yes, you read that right.  Six pink suits.  
Plenty of punks to feed on.  Three heavy artillery guns.  Heavy artillery can 
make short work of a pink suit, if a punk doesn't kick you from behind in the 
process.  After you get them all, the door opens, and you can go save.


*** MAINBOSS7 - UNRAVELLER - At the top of the Unraveller Pit, there are 
"pods" that you can harpoon down.  It may take a few tries to get it, use L2 
and see if she faces up instead of towards the big beastie.  An important one 
is at the top of some steps.  About two twists down, there's a vpole that will 
lead you to the harder-to-find pod.  At the top of the steps, in a corner is a 
nice treat...

*** VAMPIRELAIR15 - This Vampire Lair isn't listed in the other FAQ on 
GameFAQs.  It's in one of the top areas, near the pod that you get by going up 
steps.  I think there's a SERIOUS glitch, because this Vampire Lair didn't go 
away after I used it...so you could just Blood Hammer the Unraveller to death, 
and then go back in the Lair...but the pods are more challenging.

The other pods are easily reached by just running around up top.  The hardest 
one to find is by the vpoles near the steps.  There's a decent amount of 
acrobatics to get there.

Four pods later, we've got a dead Unraveller.  Your reward is Blood Storm.  
Uses a lot of Rage, but puts the beat-down on an enemy.


*** PUZZLE22 - PRINTING PRESS - Flip the switch the goon in the cutscene hit, 
then toss guys into the three pieces of the printing press

Go through two doors after the printing press to prepare to get the best 
normal attack in the game..

*** MINIBOSS27 - FEMALE DHAMPIR - Kick the crap out of her.  Strangely, Blood 
Fury Kick Combo works incredibly well.  Your reward is Curtain Twice Torn, a 
lovely move which cuts most normal enemies in half, weapon or not.  One slice, 
one kill.

*** VAMPIRELAIR16 - Right after you finish the female Dhampir, go out the door 
and hang a right, there's a Vampire Lair waiting to fix you up after that 
fight in case it sucked.  

Or perhaps it's to help you out for this next fight.

*** MINIBOSS28 - ANCIENT VAMPIREx2 - Let the other guys tickle the Ancient's 
some, after all it may help you out.  Then just unleash.  Some cannon fodder 
occasionally appears, if you start to have trouble.

Through that last door, however, is the save.


*** PUZZLE23 - STEEL BALLS - knock the steel ball's loose, and then you might 
have to push them into the center by yourself.  It takes some effort to get it 
to work.

After you fall down...


Just down the hall, you can see...

*** VAMPIRELAIR17 - Right after you kill the Ancient Vampire, in the very next 
hallway.  This is also missing from the one in GameFAQs, which I don't 
understand how because it's particularly easy to discover.  Maybe that's why.

Just down the hall..

*** MINIBOSS30 - FEMALE DHAMPIR - you may be able to throw her out of the 
hallway, but it doesn't always work.  Afterwards, save.


*** MAINBOSS8 - XERX - this battle sucks.  You use the Blood Hammer to hit the 
pink things till they turn green, then you can harpoon the green things off.  
Takes a lot of time and effort and practice.  Sometimes you gotta get up 
higher in order to hit the pink things or to pull the green things off.  Try 
using time powers.  The hole with the stairs is the best place to sit and wait 
for guys, they won't get stuck.  

*** VAMPIRELAIR18 - In one of the four corner rooms.  


*** MAINBOSS9 - KAGAN - There's a regenerative pool of blood in the center of 
the room, which regenerates both Kagan and you.  Try to keep him out of it.  
Blood Fury, and otherwise try to beat the snot out of him.  I say lead him to 
his throne so he has to run around some rails to get to the regenerative pool.


After beating the game, you unlock all outfits, and if you start any new 
games, your Carnage is maxed, you have all combos, all powers, all gun modes, 
and their modes are maxed.  Pretty nice...Curtain Twice Torn works wonderfully 
on everyone.

Also, the Master Cheat is WantThisDarkRealityTaintQweef (note that on the last 
word of any cheat, Qweef in this case, the cursor must be on it but you 
mustn't have selected it.  If you hit X on Qweef, it will look like 
WantThisDarkRealityTaintQweefQweef, see what I mean?)

I've tried to figure out what most of the stuff is.

It also unlocks everything, outfits movies slideshows...

The first cheat is available on the Extras menu:
*** I have no idea what Overlord Mode is.  The only thing I noticed is that 
all the mini and main bosses start with less health.

The rest of the cheats are activated in-game:
*** Enemies Thawed/Frozen - Thawed means they move.  Frozen means their state 
stays in the stationary position, no attacking or moving.  This even works on 
bosses, because you may have noticed that Freeze Time doesn't work on bosses 
(nor does it actually freeze time.  It slows time WAAAY down)
*** God Mode - Turns on the Unlimited Health cheat and also gives unlimited 
Rage, but doesn't turn on the Unlimited Rage cheat.
*** Time Factor - Speeds up or slows the game down.  Fun to put it on 2, 
freeze time, and then make Rayne scream.  Anything below 1 slows things down, 
and anything above 1 up to 4 speeds things up.
*** Refill Ammo - Does what it says.
*** Credit Carnage 1000 points - Does what it says.
*** Credit Gun 1000 points - Does what it says.
*** Debug Mode - Displays a lot of pretty much useless information.  I found 
it interesting, as a programmer myself...
*** Go To Warp Room - doesn't always work, but takes you to a room full of 
triggers which allow you to skip parts of the mission.
*** Show Character Collision - Puts green circles around people.
*** Collision Geometry Mode - Changes the scenery based on whether you can 
collide and what it is you can collide with.
*** Enable X-ray Rendering - Walls are see-through.
*** Debug ODE - Opens a drop-down menu that can turn on and off some more 
debugging features.
*** Show Triggers - I believe this allows you to take the warp points, and it 
also shows you invisible walls that the game uses to change state (such as 
activating a group of enemies that you couldn't see)
*** Show Safe Area - Puts a red box around the screen.
*** Motion Debug - More debugging info.
*** Memory Usage XXX - All three just show a summary of some more debugging 
*** Bump Map Set - Something to do with drawing.
*** Credit XXX - Same as above.
*** Enable All XXX - Does what they say.
*** Restore Health - Ditto.
*** Fill Bloodlust - This is actually Rage.  Must have changed during 
*** Unlimited XXX - Sometimes you may wonder why I'm explaining these...
*** Juggy Mode - Because some things are kind of strange.  Like Juggy Mode.  
When on, Rayne is noticably more endowed than before.  I'm reminded of a Lords 
of Acid song..."I Must Increase My Bust"
*** Gratuitous Dismemberment - One hit kills.  Pretty much any attack chops 
off limbs or chops the enemy in half.  Even kicks.

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