Review by Nightmare827

Reviewed: 04/09/07

Like stealing a quail egg...

Let me start by saying this: for the most part, I hate sports. I also hate sports games, A few exceptions, such as NHL 95 and Tecmo Super Bowl (mostly old games..Madden is overrated). Out of all sports, golf is probably my LEAST favorite of all sports.

Why is it, then, that this is one of my favorite games?

Gameplay: 9/10

I don't know much about golf, but this game is makes trying to put a tiny golf ball into a small hole 400 yards away seem fun.

The system itself can be described as "tried and true". The three-click method isn't hard to learn, but it's almost TOO easy. The physics are more realistic than the 3rd Hot Shots game.

The game has a large amount of diversity. Every character is slightly different, both in terms of personality and playing skill. Throw in different balls and clubs to play with, and you've got tons of room for customization.

Not only are the people you can play as diverse, but the ways to play are diverse. There are about 20 different courses, plus you can change what season you want to play in, and different variations on the course are available to play around with.

There are also tons of modes. Tournament mode is fun, but it doesn't offer many rewards. VS. Mode allows you to unlock one of the game's many characters, but it gets difficult, as the computer, most of the time, plays far better than you. You can also play mini-golf, which is almost self-explanatory.

In terms of multiplayer, you can play stroke play for up to four players. Bust this out at a party and have some fun. If you want to go mano y mano, you can do match play, which is similar to the single player VS. Mode, except you play against a friend instead of computer. There's loads to do.

Graphics: 9/10

The game itself looks great. The character's super-deformed looks are nice, and keep it from being like all the other golf games. Every course has its own unique look, and the environments react to the weather and wind. The game's got a great look, but it's nothing that's going to stun you.

Sound: 5/10

My only complaint about this game is the sound. The music is annoying after a time, and often distracts you while you try to hit.

The sounds in the game are okay, for the most part. Little sounds like the dragonflies and sprinklers absolutely make this game for me.

The part that kills me, though, is the voice-overs. Most of the character's voices are so annoying that you just want to shut off the game. When you hear Mel say "Let's drink some ketchup" for the 500th time, you'll know what I mean. Falcon, my favorite character, looks like a total bad-***, but when he opens his mouth, he'll sound more at home on "What Not to Wear".

Story: 0/10

There is no story. Sorry.

Replay Value: 10/10

This game has nearly limitless things to do. Unlock all the characters, costumes, courses, win all the tournments, and unlock all the little things for your course, and there's still more. If you DO manage to unlock everything, you'll still want to keep this title in your library for multiplayer, make and break records, fill your library with awesome chip-ins and'll never get bored.

Well, this is one of those "anti-sports sports games", which will appeal to people like me, who prefer Middle-Earth to Wrigley Field. Buy it, show it off to your friends, bust it out at parties, and you and your friends won't be disappointed.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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