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Manual Translation by spookychee

Updated: 04/17/04

                        DRAGON QUEST V - BRIDE OF THE FIRMAMENT

                           INSTRUCTION MANUAL TRANSLATION

                        by spookychee (spookychee@hotmail.com) 04/11/04

    *** This is my first translation and I hope that it helps someone out.
        This is also my first Dragon Quest game so I might have some of
        the terms wrong. When in doubt I used ones I knew from Final
        Fantasy. If you are reading this with the manual, I went
        pretty much word for word, page for page. But, some things
        were omitted due to their repetitiveness. Thanks. ***

                                  A long time ago...

                 The Dark King, having spread his evil will throughout
                 the world, sought to make himself the ultimate living
                 entity. However, there lived a brave man from a noble
                 line who was able to crush the Dark King's ambitions.

                              Hundreds of years later...

                 A man and his son travel across a vast land. But why
                 is this man taking this young boy on such a perilous
                 quest? And where is the descendent of the noble line?
                 Your adventure begins here...


   Control Pad     -  The control pad has three main uses. First, it is
                      used when walking through fields and cities. You can
                      walk through open and doors and doors for which you
                      have a key for. Second, it moves the cursor in open
                      windows. Third, when the arrow mark appears in an
                      open window, use the control pad to leaf through
                      additional pages.

   Circle Button   -  Also known as the "command button". This button
                      brings up the command window. With the window open
                      this button carries out the selected command.

    X Button        - Also known as the "cancel" button. Used to cancel
                      commands and close windows.

  Triangle Button -   Also known as the "convenient button". Use this to:

                      Talk -    When someone is in front of you, use
                                this to talk to them.

                      Check - Check dressers, bookshelves, treasure
                              boxes, etc. for items.

                      Pick up/Throw - Pick up pots, barrels, flowers, etc.
                              Press again to throw them. You can find
                              items this way.

  Square Button  -   This button has four main functions: Cancel, Change
                     Viewpoint, Open Map and Close All Windows.
                     (With the map open, use X to return to the
                     field screen)

   L1 Button        -   Rotate the map to the left.
   R1 Button        -   Rotate the map to the right.

   L2 Button        -   Rotate the map 45 degrees to the left.
   R2 Button        -   Rotate the map 45 degrees to the right.

**** Pressing the L1+R1 buttons or L2+R2 at the same time will realign the
     map so that up is north. ***

     Left Stick               -     Same as Control Pad
     L3 Button                -     Same as Triangle Button
     Right Stick              -     Rotates the 3D map.
     R3 Button                -     Same as Start Button
     Start Button             -     Realigns the map so that up is north.
     Select Button            -     No use.


A.  After the title screen, three options will be available.

    They are: GO ON AN ADVENTURE

    Choose the second choice "Create an adventure log" to create a profile

B.   Here you input the hero's name. It must be at least four characters.
     Use the control pad to move the cursor, the circle button to select
     and the X button to erase the last character. This screen appears:

                                   ___  ___  ___  ___

                                  Please insert you name

                           A   I  U  E   O      HA HI FU HE HO
                          KA  KI KU  KE KO      MA MI MU ME MO
                          SA SHI SU  SE SO      RA RI RU RE RO
                          TA CHI TSU TE TO      YA YU YO WA N    Kana
                          NA  NI NU  NE NO      ya yu yo tsu wo  Return
                           a   i  u   e  o                       End

*** Hit "Kana" to switch between Hiragana and Katakana.
    (The characters are different but the sounds are the same) ***

C. When you want to end your game, always go to the church to save. Talk
   to the priest and choose the first option "Pray" to save. When you
   save, you can choose to save to a new file or overwrite your current
   file. You can store 42 saves on one memory card.


     To advance along your journey it is important to skillfully use the
     basic commands. There are six main commands you can use on the field

                        TALK               SPELLS
                        ITEM               CHECK
                        STRENGTH           STRATEGY

     TALK - Use this to talk with the person in front of you. Same as
            Triangle Button.

     ITEM - Choosing this brings up a list of your party plus the word
            Pouch (fukuro). Each character can carry up to 12 items.
            Selecting their name will display their items. The pouch
            is for extra items and can hold up to 999.

         ITEM SUB MENU  -  USE
                           HAND OVER - Use this to pass items between the
                                       pouch and characters, or between
                           THROW AWAY

      STRENGTH - Choosing Strength brings up a screen like this:

                                                           I Gold       I
                  ================== ====================  ==============
                  I Strength       I I Character's Name I  I Strength   I
                  I 1. Hero's name I I Occupation       I  I Quickness  I
                  I 2. Name #2     I I Sex              I  I Health     I
                  I 3. Name #3     I I Level            I  I Cleverness I
                  I View All       I ====================  I Luck       I
                  ================== ====================  I Attack     I
                                     I    Equipped      I  I Defense    I
                                     I    Items         I  I Max HP     I
                                     ====================  I Max MP     I
                                                           I Experience I
      With this screen you can view each character's detailed statistics.
      You can view spells that have been learned, also.

      Choosing "View All" reveals the total party's money,casino coins,
      medals,etc. It also shows the length of time played. Hitting the
      command button displays the party's stats.

     SPELLS - This displays spells that can be used outside of battle.
              Battle spells cannot be used in the field. Here you can
              check which spells you have learned, current MP, spell
              expenditure cost and result. Be sure to use healing
              spells often.

     CHECK  - Check / examine something that is in front of you.
              Same as the Triangle Button.

     STRATEGY -  There are seven Strategy sub commands:

                 1.FILL - Party members who know recovery spells chant
                          and all members regain Max HP.

                 2. EQUIP - Equip weapons and armor.

                 3.CHANGE BATTLE STRATEGY -  Here you can instruct the
                          non-hero party members on how to fight. Choose
                          each name to change strategy one by one or
                          "Entire Party" to give everyone the same order.

            There are 6 battle strategies:

            BLITZKRIEG  - The member will do everything in its power to
                          end the battle quickly including using
                          magic spells.

            PERFECT KILL- A balance of attack, defense and magic with
                          no waste.

            NO MAGIC    - No magic will be used. You must use healing
                          items to regain health.

            PROTECT     - Uses magic and items to keep the party's HP
                          from becoming too low.

            LEAVE IT TO ME - Have only one character do the fighting.

            OBEY MY ORDERS - Instruct the member every turn.

                 4. Change Party Line-up

                 5. Item Organization
                 6. Pouch Organization

                 7. Sound Options


    When moving throughout the game you will encounter random battles.
    The battle screen will appear and you will have five inital options.

      FIGHT                RESHUFFLE
      STRATEGY             RUN AWAY

     Moving the cursor to the right lets you change the text speed
     ( 1 being the fastest).

     A. FIGHT

          FIGHT has six subcommands that the up to four party members can
          choose from:

          ATTACK              ITEM
          SPELLS              EQUIP
          DEFEND              RUN AWAY


          STRATEGY lets you choose the member's battle styles.


         RESHUFFLE can be used once you obtain the horse and wagon. It
         allows you to swap battle members with members in the wagon mid-

         There are two sub commands:

              RESHUFFLE - Swap one member for another member.
              TOTAL RESHUFFLE - Change all members.

      D. RUN AWAY

          When you face a much stronger opponent, you may wish to run away,
          and this command lets you. However, it does not work 100% of the


      After fighting a heartfelt battle, defeated enemies may wish to join
      your party. You can choose whether or not to be their friend. The
      hero can only make friends with monsters once he is grown. You can
      take the monsters to "Uncle Monster" who will raise the monsters for
      you and uncovers hidden powers in them.


      Even if you claim victory in battle, don't be careless. Make sure
      to cure damage and status ailments.

         - If you should be poisoned: Poison will show as your status and
           as you continue walking, your HP will go down. Go to the church
           or use spells and items to cure it.

         - If you should be paralyzed: Your body is frozen and you cannot
           do anything. Eventually it will wear off, but spells cure
           it quicker. Return to normal after the battle.

         - If you're cursed: Many unfortunate things happen to the cursed.
           Go to the church or use spells to lift it.

         - If you're dying: When your HP gets low, your status numbers
           and letters will turn yellow. Use healing herbs, spells,
           or visit an inn to restore health.

         - If you run out of life: When you have zero energy, your status
           display turns red and a coffin appears. Go to the church to
           resurrect dead party members.

         - If you are annihilated: When all battle members are killed, the
           members in the wagon will come to the rescue. If they too are
           killed, then you are annihilated. When this happens the hero
           will be automatically resurrected at the church but half of
           your money will be taken. Money in the bank, however, is safe.


      A. CHURCH

         The priest at the church can offer much assistance to you on your
         journey. There are six choices that appear when you talk to the

         1. PRAY - Use this to save your adventure.

         2. HEAR THE DIVINE MESSAGE - Use this to show how many experience
            points needed to level up.

         3. RESURRECTION - This returns dead members to life. But, the higher
            the level of the member, the higher the donation you must make.

         4. CURE POISON - Cures poison. Also requires donation.

         5. LIFT CURSE - Lifts curses. Requires donation.

         6. QUIT - Same as cancel button.


         Over the course of your adventure you will find many different
         shops, each selling different things. You can also sell
         belongings that you don't need anymore.

      C. INNS

         Here you can restore HP and MP. The room fee depends on the
         number of people in your party and on the city.

      D. BANKS

         Here you can deposit and withdraw money in 1,000G increments.
         When your party is resurrected, half of your money is taken, but
         any money in the bank is safe.

      E. LUIDA'S BAR

         Here you can organize your party. There are two important party
         options available. Remember, the maximum number of people in
         your party, including in the wagon, is eight.

         1. ADD PARTY MEMBER - When you want to add someone to your party
            who is in the bar, use this command. Selecting this will bring
            up a list of available members.

         2. REMOVE MEMBER - Use this to remove a member and leave him in
            the bar.


         Here you can leave, call forth and rename monsters that you have
         made friends with. Uncle Monster takes care of them and makes
         them stronger.


         If you get the Monster Box you can display all of the enemies
         that you have encountered.


         Here all of the artifacts that you have found from around the
         world are exhibited. There are many ways to exhibit the goods.
         The museum is very popular and the more people that come, the
         more the value rises.


         During your journey you will find "small medals". Somewhere in
         the world is a king who collects these. Bring them to him and
         receive goods in return.

      J. CASINO

         Exchange Gold for coins and play games like slots or poker. If
         you win, your coins increase. Exchange these for goods that can
         only be found in the casino.


      There are many different types of terrian that you will traverse
      during your journey. However, some are inaccessible or dangerous.
      Also, the amount of enemy encounters vary by area. Some accessible
      types of land are: grassy plains, bushes, forests, mountains,
      deserts and bridges. Poison swamps are dangerous. You cannot cross
      the tall mountains. The ocean is yours once you obtain the boat.



         Obtaining the horse and wagon allows you to increase your party
         from four to eight members. It cannot enter cities or dungeons
         so it must wait outside.

      B. BOAT

         Once you get the boat you can freely travel the ocean. You cannot
         take the boat through shallow areas or bridges.


         The magic carpet is very useful because it allows you to freely
         travel the skies. You can travel with your horse and wagon but
         if you do, you will have to fly at a low altitude, leaving you
         vulnerable to obstacles.


      The more you level up, the more spells that you will learn and the
      more you will enjoy your adventure. Spells have many different
      results like attack, defense or health regeneration. Monsters
      in your group use their magic specialties and depending on
      the specialty, there may be no magic expenditure. Here are some
      of the spells and specialties you may learn.

*** I am keeping the Japanese names to avoid any confusion that I would
    cause by attempting to rename them myself. ***


	                    Fireball Attacks
         MERA - Light fire attack. Attacks one enemy.          2 MP
       MERAMI - Medium fire attack. Attacks one enemy.         4 MP
     MERAZOMA - Fierce fire attack. Attacks one enemy.        10 MP

                          Blaze Attacks
         GIRA - Light blaze attack. Attacks 1 group.           4 MP
     BEGIRAMA - Medium blaze attack. Attacks 1 group.          6 MP
    BEGIRAGON - Fierce blaze attack. Attacks 1 group.         10 MP

                          Explosion Attacks
           IO - Light explosion attack. Attacks all enemies.   5 MP
         IORA - Medium explosion attack. Attacks all enemies.  8 MP
      IONAZUN - Fierce explosion. Attacks all enemies.        15 MP

                          Blizzard Attacks
        HYADO - Light blizzard attack. Attacks one enemy.      3 MP
    HYADARUKO - Medium blizzard attack. Attacks one group.     5 MP
      MAHYADO - Fierce blizzard attack. Attacks all enemies.  12 MP

                          Wind Attacks
         BAGI - Light wind attack. Attacks 1 enemy group.      2 MP
       BAGIMA - Medium wind attack. Attacks 1 enemy group.     4 MP
   BAGIKUROSU - Fierce wind attack. Attacks 1 enemy group.     8 MP

                          Lightning Attacks
      RAIDEIN - Light lightning attack. Attacks all enemies.   6 MP
     GIGADEIN - Medium lightning attack. Attacks 1 group.     15 MP
     MINADEIN - Uses entire party's strength to deal a massive
                attack to one enemy.                          10 MP each

                          Death Attacks
         ZAKI - Death attack against one enemy.                4 MP
       ZARAKI - Death attack against one enemy group.          7 MP

      MEGANTE - Sacrifice yourself to deal a devastating hit
                to all enemies.                                1 MP
    PARUPUNTE - Who knows what will happen?                   20 MP


       RARIHO - Make one group go to sleep.                    3 MP
     RARIHOMA - Make one group fall into a deep sleep.         5 MP
       RUKANI - Lower one enemy's defense.                     3 MP
      RUKANAN - Lower one group's defense.                     4 MP
     NIFURAMU - Make one group disappear.                      1 MP
      MAHOTON - Silence one enemy group.                       3 MP
     MAHOTORA - Absorb MP from one enemy.                      0 MP
     MAHOTEKI - Receive an enemy attack but then receive
                the MP used for that attack.                   2 MP
     MEDAPANI - Confuse one enemy group.                       5 MP
    BAIKIRUTO - Double a member's attack power.                6 MP
   DORAGORAMU - Become a dragon and attack.                   18 MP


       MANUSA - Cause 1 group to miss due to hallucination.    4 MP
       SUKARA - Increase 1 member's defense power.             2 MP
     SUKURUTO - Increase all members' defense power.           3 MP
    MAHOKANTA - Reflect a spell back to the enemy.             4 MP
       FUBAHA - Increase party's resistance to fire and
                blizzard by 50%.                               3 MP


        HOIMI - Recover a little health. Can be used anytime.  3 MP
      BEHOIMI - Recover a lot of health. Anytime.              5 MP
       BEHOMA - Recover all health. Anytime.                   7 MP
     BEHOMARA - Recover a lot of the party's health. Anytime. 18 MP
    BEHOMAZUN - Recover all party's health. Battle only.      36 MP
        KIARI - Cure one member's poison. Anytime.             2 MP
      KIARIKU - Cure party's paralysis. Battle only.           2 MP
      ZAORARU - Resurrect a fallen member. Anytime.           20 MP
     MEGAZARU - Resurrect all party. Battle only.              All
      SHANAKU - Remove all status ailments on 1 member.       10 MP


         RURA - Transport to a town or castle you've been to.  8 MP
     RIREMITO - Escape from caves or towers.                   8 MP
     TOHEROSU - For a while, have only strong enemies
                approach you. Can't be used in dungeons.       4 MP
     TORAMANA - Take no damage from poison swamps.             2 MP
       INPASU - Make out the contents of a treasure box or
                the details of items.                          3 MP
     RANARUTA - Change day to night, or night to day.          4 MP


CHIKARAOTAMERU- Save your energy from one turn to do extra
                damage the next.
       MEISOU - Stop your movements and concentrate on
                reviving your energy.
      HINOIKI - Give all enemies fire damage.
  TSUMETAIIKI - Give all enemies blizzard damage.
      AMAIIKI - Put one enemy group to sleep.
    DOKUNOIKI - Poison one enemy group.
  YAKETUKUIKI - Paralyze one enemy group.

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