Review by chancevance

Reviewed: 09/15/08

Mindless but fun

Dead to Rights II is a good follow up to the first one.It isn't as inventive or as good as the first one but it's still pretty good.They basically took away the variety from the first one and made the second as basic as possible.

STORY: The main problem is they say the game's a prequel except Jack Slate is distinctly bulkier,older and his voice sounds rougher whereas in the first one he's leaner and has a softer voice. The actual story is average. A distinguished judge is kidnapped and Slate tries to rescue him and recover his files.Along the way he encounters some of the most stereotypical villains you could ever encounter.

GAMEPLAY: As I said there's no variety even though the first had little variety to start with in Dead to Rights II you'll find yourself doing the same thing over and over again. You'll run through a level shooting bad guys with Pistol's,Shotgun's and Machine guns and doing it throughout the rest of the game. Shadow now can be used in real-time so you can use him and still shoot bad guys. The disarms are back and they don't disappoint. There are now more disarms Jack can use and they look very cool when you do them. Boss fights are few and far between and they're mostly enemies with bigger health bars although the fight with the helicopter is quite challenging. They occasionally throw in a brawling level where you use your bare hands plus whatever else you can get your hands on. Some say it's boring but I find it pretty entertaining. There's also an Instant Action mode where basically you're stuck in one room and you shoot bad guys. The game play overall is fun but it will get repetitive.

GRAPHICS: The graphics have improved over the first one but it's still nothing jaw dropping.

SOUND: The music consists of Rock/Techno beats. It doesn't get too repetitive in my opinion and besides you're often too busy shooting to notice it. The guns sound decent enough. The voice acting isn't too bad either Jack Slate's voice actor does a pretty good job and the others do their job well enough.

PLAY TIME/REPLAYABILITY: The game shoudln't take you too long too beat. As far as replayability it all depends how much you like shooting bad guys over and over again. Beating the game on harder difficulties get's you some cheats,weapons and some art galleries.

OVERALL: Overall the game hasn't set out to do anything special. It's just a fun game to play and good follow up to the original.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Dead to Rights II (EU, 10/28/05)

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