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Changes Guide by The Dover Tornado

Version: 2.5 | Updated: 07/22/04

MegaMan Anniversary Collection
Changes Guide

Table of Contents:

I:    Introduction and Update History

II:   MegaMan Anniversary Collection General Information

III:  MegaMan

IV:   MegaMan 2

V:    MegaMan 3

VI:   MegaMan 4

VII:  MegaMan 5

VIII: MegaMan 6

IX:   MegaMan 7

X:    MegaMan 8     

XI:   Contact Me! Correct Me!

XII:  Contributer Credits

XIII: Copyright Information

I: Introduction and Update History


        Welcome to the MegaMan Anniversary Collection changes guide. This 
guide covers changes from the original MegaMan games to the games included
in MegaMan Anniversary collection. Please take note that I am making this
guide based on the Nintendo GameCube version on the game, and these changes
may or may not apply to the Playstation 2 version.

        Please note that this guide does not cover general gameplay, 
and was not created with the intention of providing gameplay assistance. 
GameFaqs offers gameplay guides for each game in this compilation, and your
gameplay questions may be answered there.

        Also, there are a few universal changes that are applied to all of
the games. First, pressing Z brings up the items/weapons menu, and pressing
start brings up a menu to exit the game, view maps, or reset the game. For 
every game, the controls have been switched. Originally, [A] jumped and [B]
fired. In this version, [B] always jumps and [A] always fires.

        Finally, be aware that there are spoilers in this FAQ. Read no 
further if you do not wish to learn about key plot elements. 


Update History

1.0: (June 30, 2004) Initial Release.

1.5: (July 1, 2004) Added one change for MegaMan 7, and two changes for 
     MegaMan 8. Also added Contributer Credits section (XII).

2.0: (July 7, 2004) Added two changes for MegaMan 3, one change for 
     MegaMan 4, one change for MegaMan 6, one change for MagaMan 7, one 
     change for MegaMan 8, and three corrective removals (one each from 
     MegaMan 4-6).

2.5: (July 22, 2004) This update will only include differences that I have
     personally found from the last update. I will add corrections that have
     been sent to me in the next update. (3.0)


II: MegaMan Anniversary Collection General Information 

        You probably already know this, but MegaMan Anniversary Collection
is a compilation of games from the original MegaMan series. It contains
MegaMan 1-8, plus MegaMan: The Power Battle and MegaMan 2: The Power Fighters.

        While the games are almost exact replicas of the originals, there seem 
to be changes in most of these games. The purpose of this FAQ is to highlight
these changes.


III: MegaMan (AKA MegaMan 1)

        MegaMan highlights MegaMan's first battle against Dr. Wily, who has
turned six of MegaMan's colleagues against him.


- The title screen now says "(c) 1986, 2004 Capcom". Originally, it did not
  say "2004". Obviously, this change is due to the fact that this is a 
  re-release, and informs the user that it holds two copyrights.

- When start is pressed on the title screen, it makes the same sound as when
  you select a level. Originally it made no noise. However, the Japanese 
  version of the game (Rockman) did make the sound.

- MegaMan's shots, landing sound, and the sound made whenever the score is
  being tallied at the end of the level, have all been slightly altered.

- The sound made by Dr. Wily's saucer is slightly different.

- Whenever a boss is selected in the original the beginning of the 
  "Boss Selection" tune could not be heard because of the "Boss Selection"
  sound effect. However, now both can be heard at the same time.

- In the original ending, the message at the end read "Presented By Capcom
  U.S.A.," (yes, the comma was in the original.) Now, it just reads 
  "Presented By Capcom".


IV: MegaMan 2

        Dr. Wily builds eight of his own robots to battle and defeat MegaMan
for his revenge.

- When the game begins, "2004" and then "Capcom" flash on the screen. In the
  original US release, it had a longer copyright notice for 1988. However, in
  the original Japanese release (Rockman 2), "1988" Flashed on the screen,
  followed by "Capcom".

- The game on Anniversary collection is more like Rockman 2, in that it has 
  only one difficulty. In the original US release, there were "Normal" and
  "Difficult" modes.

- When you beat a robot master, the words "Get Equipped With [item]" are 
  already on the screen. In the original release, these words were typed
  onto the screen, rather slowly.

- In the original, the sound created by the robot master's energy tank 
  filling obscured the sound of the "boss battle" music. Now, they can both
  be heard at the same time.

- On the password screen after the robot master is defeated, it reads "Press
  [B] Button." In the original, it read "Press A Button."

- The "II" on the title screen is straight up and down, while on the original
  it appeared as though it had been slanted backwards slightly.

- The dripping lava in the final stage now has two distinct sounds when it 
  hits the ground, a higher pitched and a lower pitched. In the original,
  just the higher pitched sound was present.

- A sound effect was added to the room Dr. Wily is in at the end of the game,
  right after you defeat the hologram.

- The music at the end, during the credits, has been butchered for whatever 


V: MegaMan 3

     Seeming to be in alliance with Dr. Light, Dr. Wily helps to create Gamma,
a giant peace keeping robot. It's up to MegaMan to retrieve the power crystals
from the eight robot masters.

- The title screen now has a picture of MegaMan to the right of the title. 
  This was originally only present in Rockman 3, the Japanese version of this

- The "III" on the title screen is straight up and down, while in the 
  original, it appeared as though it had been slanted backwards slightly.

- In the original, the sound created by the robot master's energy tank 
  filling obscured the sound of the "boss battle" music. Now, they can both
  be heard at the same time.

- All text is now instantly on the screen, instead of being typed as in the

- The sound that Hardman makes when he is ramming into the ground has been 
  altered, and now sounds more violent.

- Explosions just sound different.

- The secrets that could be accessed by using controller II, such as 
  'slow motion', no longer work. [Thanks to TheCraftyTitan for this change.]

- When talking to Dr. Light the first time, the dialogue has changed.
  [Thanks to Superstar Player for this change.]


VI: MegaMan 4

        The world is attacked by a mysterious scientist named Dr. Cossack.
MegaMan goes after his eight robots with his new Mega Buster.

- The wording on the introduction has changes so that it does not look as
  unevenly "broken up" as it did in the original.

- In the original, the sound created by the robot master's energy tank 
  filling obscured the sound of the "boss battle" music. Now, they can both
  be heard at the same time. [Thanks to Superstar Player for this change.]


VII: MegaMan 5

        Protoman, MegaMan's own brother, uses eight robots to attack and
kidnap Dr. Light. MegaMan must find and defeat his brother.

- The letters "M-E-G-A-M-A-N-V" that were collected in the original now have
  a "5" instead of "V", the Roman numeral for 5.

- It sounds to me like the sound quality has been slightly depleted in this 


VIII: MegaMan 6

        After holding a robot tournament, a man named Mr. X takes the robots
and begins to conquer earth. MegaMan and Rush go after the now corrupt robots
in an attempt to stop Mr. X.

- The music used in the introduction is the same as what was used in the
  original Japanese version (Rockman 6). The original US release had a 
  different tune.

- In the original, a fully cherged shot sounded like a regular shot. Now, it
  sounds like a regular shot and a more powerful shot at the same time.

- Whenever MegaMan receives damage, the regular sound effect is heard, as well
  as the same sound effect as when MegaMan hits an enemy.

- During the 'got weapon' screen and the newspaper screen in the ending, you
  are supposed to hear the words typed out. instead, they are silent.
  [Thanks to Superstar Player for this change.]

- After degeating Mr. X in the original, the word "failed" is misspelled 
  "faild". This is now corrected. [Thanks to Spikey for this change].


IX: MegaMan 7

       Four robots break out of Dr. Wily's lab after his imprisonment and go
on a rampage. It's up to MegaMan to stop them and to find out the purpose of
Bass, a new humanoid robot.

- Some sound clips seem to be cut off at the end.

- Bass now says "Darn" Instead of "Damn" as it the original release.

- The ending has been almost completely removed. Now, only the credits are 
  shown. Originally, MegaMan walked away from the site of Wily's castle, which
  then explodes. This one is a real shame. [Thanks to R9delta for this change]

- On the "Got Weapon" screen, the background is supposed to be shades of blue,
  not black. [Thanks to Superstar Player for this change.]


X: MegaMan 8

        After finding a crashed robot on a desolate island, MegaMan must once
again stop Dr. Wily's forces from attacking.

- When the music loops, it skips, just barely.

- The last four robot masters have higher pitched voices than in the 
  original release. 
  [Thanks to Millenial Bakura and Mister X for this change]

- Most of the song intros are absent. 
  [Thanks to Superstar Player for this change.]


XI: Contact Me! Correct Me!

        Anything that I missed and could be added to this FAQ would be greatly
appreciated. If you have anything to add, or have any questions or comments,
e-mail me at:


        I will credit anyone who brings me the changes first. If two people 
send me a change and I see them at the same time, I will credit both people.


XII: Contributer Credits

Thank you to the following people for informing me of changes or corrections:

- Millenial Bakura (one change)

- Mister X (1 change)

- R9delta (one change)

- TheCraftyTitan (one change)

- Superstar Player (so many changes...)

- M H (three corrections)

- Spikey (one change)


XIII: Copyright Information

        This FAQ is protected under copyright law. Use of this FAQ on any 
website other than http://www.gamefaqs.com is prohibited.

        Download of this FAQ to your hard drive for your personal use is 
permitted, as long as you do not take credit for it.    

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