Review by JF7X

Reviewed: 02/01/06

Horrible SNK vs Capcom game. Third installments sucks.

Svc chaos: Snk vs Capcom is the worst game in the whole entire series. As your read the review you know why this is a crap game.

Controls: The PS2 controller is really not good for this game at all. It goes really bad with this game(or perhaps my own controllers are breaking down).

Replay value: Man there is no replay value in this game at all there is only one extra mode in this game that the arcade version didn't have and that is survival mode. The only reason to replay it is to play the extra characters that they added. They are Mars People, Geese, Dan, Demitri, Zero, Violent Ken, Iori, and Goenitz.

music: Ok now this was pure laziness. SNK playmore didn't even change or arrange the music in any different way. It's just the same songs from the arcades.

Graphics: This is probably the only good thing about the game. the graphics are just the same as arcades. There really isn't much difference in this category but at least the graphics are not bad.

Storyline: Ok this is the saddest thing about the game. There is no story line to it. The bosses is Mr. karate and Shin Akuma. There are also two secret bosses and they are the Red Arremer from Ghost and Goblins and Athena

Characters: The fighters that Playmore chooses to put in this game was not very smart. The worst character is the alien from the metal slug games. I mean come on, the alien metal slug games??????? At least they should have chosen a better set of characters to put in here like people from rival schools or fatal fury or strider or etc. The point is that they didn't really choose any good fighters to put in this game.

This game basically is the exact version from the arcades except its on a ps2 now, there really isn't that much difference at all between the two. In my opinion this game isn't worth whatever the price in the store but if you are a fan of Capcom vs SNK or just wanting to collect it just because you have money to blow, then be my guest and buy it.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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