Review by wanderer35

Reviewed: 09/16/04

A mediocre game by SNK

Graphics: 7
Since the guy who draws the beautiful potraits of the KOF series has left SNK to join Capcom the portraits are really above average at best. However they still look much better than the terrible potraits of KOF 2001. As for the in game sprites I must admit that I have always been a fan of SNK's fighters. Thus I really like the look of the Capcom fighters in this game. They were able to make one of my favourite characters from the street fighter series look more decent than he did in Street Fighter. Vega the spanish Ninja looked really great in the original street fighter 2 game until Capcom made a joke out of his look in SSFT and Street Fighter Alpha 3. Thankfully SNK made his look really great in this game. However there were some that didn't looked as good with SNK styles. Chun Li did not look as cute in this game. Was it because of her figure in this game or was it because the SNK guys made her legs a little too muscular?

Sound Effects/ Music : 6
I'm really sad to say that the music is really mediocre compared to the classic music of Street Fighter 2. It is really terrible compared to the music of the King of Fighters series from 1996-1998.While this is supposed to be a dream match I do not understand why the game uses new music and not the various themes that represented the various characters.

Storyline : 5
Well basically I will not try to spoil the story here but it is really terrible and boring. The only good thing about this game is the dialogue between the various characters before they fight. That is the only thing saving this game from bad game play and bad storylines. I do now wish to say this but why is a certain character from capcom always one of the last two guys that you have to fight against ? I have lost count of the number of times that he has been playing that role and it just gets boring and irritating. At least for the SNK side Geese (who has played the role of end boss in just one too many games) doesn't play the role in this game.

Gameplay :5
This game is really very unbalanced. Firstly if you are playing with your friends and they insisit on choosing certain cheap characters there is little fun in playing against them. The reason here is that in order to play against such people you would need to pick cheap characters as well. I must say that this has to be one of the most unbalanced games made by SNK. SNK also tried to cater to players who love fireball traps. You can not run at all in this game so people can play this game with the usual fire ball trap style which gets irritating and boring after a while. Also you can't roll at all which was what made SNK fighters a fun game.SNK had to weaken Kyo again although he appears to be slightly stronger than his former self in capcom vs SNK and capcom vs snk 2. However he is really much weaker and its hard to use him against most fireball trap shoto clone fighters. He is really quite different from the kyo of KOF 97-99. In my opinion he is weaker than the kyo of KOF 96 which is already one of the weakest kyos in the kof series.

Another complaint of this game is the choice of characters. We either have really cheap guys or really unpopular choices that no one cared about. I don't really want to comment on this since once you play the game you will find out. However there are no popular SNK grapplers in this game. Where is orochi yashiro , Goro Daimon , Clark , Ralf ? Were these characters not included because they would pose a threat to the capcom fighters who only know how to throw fireballs and do dragon punches ?

Conclusion: This game's gameplay is really bad compared to most of the KOF games in the series.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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