Review by jetta42

Reviewed: 01/13/06

Holy Blue Metal Batman...err Mega Man!

Mega Man X Command first ps2 mega man game. To be honest, my mega man expertise goes about as far as someone can throw a car. In other words, I've barely played any mega man games besides one for NES and mega man legends back on the psx. Regardless, I am quite happy I made the purchase and picked up this little gem.

Gameplay 8/10
- So MMXCM is a typical RPG. It's turn based, something I enjoy. There are also various different things that are slightly different than other rpgs. First worth mentioning, is "hyper mode." Thing of this as something similar to "Dragoon Mode" in Legend of Dragoon. Each character can transform to a more powerful entity for a number of turns depending on how much "Weapon Energy" or WE they have. This adds some strategy to the game. During boss battles, you'll be saving up your WE to unleash much powerful attacks on the enemies. I think this is a great feature. MMXCM also borrows some ideas from FFX including showing you who will be attacking next and in the next couple turns. Also, I think its neat that the game continues through different stages or levels. You'll beat a boss and move on to the next level, it doesn't constantly flow. I think this is an interesting idea to stay true to the real mega man series.

Graphics 9/10
- I really enjoy these cel shaded graphics. Everything is bright and colorful, which is something I think is a plus. The characters mouths also move pretty well according to their dialogue. I've only run into one character so far who didn't really match with their dialogue, but other than that I think it's great.

Story 7/10
- at first I really didn't catch the story, you're on an island trying to find something and you get betrayed? It then picks off from there. However, now that I'm in the 3rd chapter the story is starting to come along nicely. The characters are also very cool. X, Spider, and Epsilon all seem like characters you can grow to hate, according to whether they are heros or enemies.

Sound 7/10
- the sound is sort of a rock techno sort of deal. After a while it sort of gets repetitive but, what can ya do? There is also some neat feature during the boss battle, where a warning screen blares and tells you whats about to "go down!" The characters voice acting is good as well. I really have enjoyed each characters voice. None of them are whiny or annoying yet, so we'll just have to wait and see!

Replay 8/10
- The game is a shorter rpg, around 15-25 hours. However, there are different figures and objects to collect once the story is over. Also, somewhere in the game, is the demo for Mega Man X8. If you find it, it then unlocks the demo. This is something that I'm intrigued by, because maybe I'll enjoy that demo and have another game to go and pick up.

Overall 8/10
- The game has it's ups and downs, mostly ups. If you are looking for a good basic rpg, with cool characters that have been around a while, than this is your game! If your looking for a super in depth RPG with a ton of customizing then I suggest you look elsewhere.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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