Review by MinortyBreeder

Reviewed: 10/06/04

Its alright, if you like Megaman and RPGs

Alright. A few words before I start...

Capcom has been known to make some great games. Breath of fire, Megaman, Street fighter and other great titles. This one however, seemed a bit skeptical at first. I'll say this much, it was a lot better than BOF 5: Dragon's Quarter. The game was so dull and the story was kind of bland. Capcom really let me down on that one. I can only say one thing about this game before you read my review. If you LOVE Megaman and RPGs as much as I do, then chances are you'll enjoy this. If you dislike ethier one, then stay away from this game and dont read this review.

Alright. We have your typical Megaman story. You know, bad guy is trying to do something bad and you have to stop him. We have 8 party members. 3 are pretty known, X, Zero, and Axel. The 5 other ones are pretty new to the X series. You use these 8 robots to go into battle and explore dungeons. The story is split into chapters. As you play will, no doubt get stronger and get power ups to match up with the enemies you will fight later in the game.


The graphics are somewhat like X7. They are celshaded. If you cant stand cell shading, then your eyes might freak out.

SOUND 7/10

The music is your typical Megaman music. The voice acting is BAD! If you are used to hearing bad english voice acting, you're all good to go.

STORY 5/10

An average story. Nothing too great hear folks.


Exploring the dungeons can be a pain sometime. You'll find yourself wishing the enemies would get a life when they attack you too frequently. The battle system, is like Xenosaga. You got 3 party members as active fighters. In battle you push certain buttons to perform certain attacks (ex: Before I have Zero attack, I will push the square button to charge up, the circle button to launch out a missle to weaken the enemy and go after him with my main attack.) There is a lot more to the battle system, which makes it more enjoyable.


You get the Megaman X8 demo with this and my God is it BAD! And its very hard if you havent played an X game at all. Dont bother with this if you havent played X7. Ack.

Sorry if this review isnt helpful enough. After all this is my first time attempt to write a review, so please bare with me while I improve slowly.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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