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Reviewed: 09/05/12

Heavily Underrated

I love Mega Man. I think we can all agree on that. We love his old games, and we love his new games: the X series. But when the transition from 2-D plat-former went rogue to the all famed RPG genre, people really weren't expecting Capcom to make such a daring move. Personally, I had the same opinion as I did when Squaresoft decided to develop Super Mario RPG. Seeing as how amazed I was with that game, I was really looking forward to Mega Man switching his role over to turn based combat.

However the hate for this beyond unreasonable. People said that the story was flat, the cell-shading graphics didn't fit, the sound effects were loud, the game was linear, (by the way, these are same people that said Final Fantasy X wasn't linear) and hearing this makes me wonder why people look into the most pointless things to depict if a game is good.

No question here. It isn't great, but it certainly isn't the bane of all video games. You have the rebellions wreaking havoc on Giga City. The game throws you out on a mission in a destroyed ruin. You spiral up the tower checking what's going on. On the way up you can check certain rooms for cool upcoming characters you'll meet later and it's all a nice touch to it, very mysterious. Then you meet the big boss: Epsilon. He wants to start an uprising against the citizens of Giga City and destroy the Maverick Hunters. It gets a bit better along the line so you shouldn't be bored.

Results: 6/10

Besides the main characters Axel, Zero, and X, everyone else has a bit of development when you play through their selected missions. It's not much but at least we get to see Zero cutting through enemies with his saber.

Results: 7.5/10

This is where people get extremely ignorant. The soundtrack is nothing short of amazing. One of the best in my opinion. You can't listen to Zero's theme and not be amazed. Also, Epsilon's theme as clearly bad ass too. Multiple songs in this game are breath-taking. I guess people missed a lot of the soundtrack because they were focusing on minor problems. Oh and only a couple enemies are annoying in terms of irritating noises.

Results: 10/10

Also a great part of the game. I love exploring each different new location that I venture to. The Melda Ore Plant, Ancient Grave, and the Prison Camp are really fun and enjoyable. Plus, the dungeons are a polar opposite of linear. These places are so big that you take a lot of time in them. The battles are fun too. The WE system is amazing and keeps your characters from being too over-powered, but it also lets you enjoy the special abilities in the game when you explore the battling. The game outshines in it's Force Metal equipment system. It lets you choose traits from additive stat points to innate abilities such as Zero's Heat Haze.

Results: 9.5/10

-Fun Factor/Replay Value-
There are a few side missions you can explore on such as deploying units to obtain secret treasures and miscellaneous items. You can also fight secret bosses, get extra hyper modes and check out the Sky room. (Room for playing music and re-watching old cut scenes. This game has seldom to offer story-wise, but playing in the atmosphere of all the levels makes up for the lack of plot.

Results: 8/10

Usually people hate on the game because it's a 2-D Mega Man game like the others. I know it's not the best Mega Man game, but come on. Show a little bit of deserved respect. Is that all we can ask?

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Mega Man X: Command Mission (US, 09/21/04)

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