Review by KaizokuZack

Reviewed: 07/14/06

Domon vs Master Asia again!

The tagline comes from the joke that Mega Man X is voice by Domon Kasshu's voice actor, as respectively Epsilon by Master Asias (Is Redips voiced by the guy that did Ulube's voice too?) Capcom picked up the Ocean Group studio for their voice acting, which I say is perhaps the smartest thing they've done in a long time. - Voices 10 out of 10

Storywise you'll be horrible confused about whats going on (Rebellion vs Resistance...?) The trick is to ignore the horrible story, knowing that theres some really strong badguys and that its up to X and his posse to stop them. Thought the final chapter is quite the betrayal, but horribly obvious. - Story 4 out of 10.

X is a solid character in this game, he's actually acting more like a leader and not a total panzy. Zero's still Zero and Axl's still Axl, but the point of this section is to elaborate on the new characters. Spider is a card throwning Mercinary, like a futuristic Gambit; he's also the coolest character in the whole game. Massimo is a weenie in a big metal suit, who serves as the game's Meat Shield. Marino is the fastest character, used for stealing and recovering after getting pounded on by a boss. Cinnamon can heal and overall is just for recovery. Each character has their quirks, what makes them mad and upset.
Are they robots anymore? - Characters 5 out of 10

The game is relatively simple, the introduction facility gives pointers during battle, and the first two facilities have simple and easy to beat enemies. It is recommended you spend time leveling up and preparing for the inevitable boss fights, but overall as long as you don't rush into fights like a blind man you should be fine. - Difficulty 3 out of 10.

The music was fitting to the theme, though quite a few tracks were re-used and the second battle theme totally SUCKS. Also the final boss's theme is supposed to rock, but at least they gave props to Epsilon, who in my opinion has the best boss theme EVER. - Music 6 out of 10

Worst thing about gameplay is how X has to literally smash into crystal containers to get items. Its a bit rediculous and the game book doesn't tell you how, so you'll see item boxes in the opening facility and go... "How do I open this?" The menu controls for PS2 are also a bit odd, causing you to back out completely from the menu instead of backing up to a previous area (play an FF game then this, you'll cuss a lot.) However the navigation controls are pretty easy to use and you'll press the dash button a lot (X is a slow runner.) - Nonbattle Gameplay - 5 out of 10

In battle every button does SOMETHING. Side buttons are Side Weapons, which are 90% useless (Generatiors and Power Ups are good though), you'll find up not using these after a while and saving for the Action Trigger. Action Triggers are super-attacks which have a longer cool down. X naturally has the best one, in normal and hyper mode. Some Action Triggers are pointless, like Spiders, whos is based on luck (poker.) You'll find that some characters were ment to keep WE. Hyper Modes are always beneficial, and make your already over-powered robots even more dangerous. Also there is the escape, and even a guard option, which is useful. - Battle Gameplay 9 out of 10

There are plenty of sidemissions to partake in, especially revisiting old facilities, deploying mini-bots to areas for special items, undertaking challenges which earns various prizes for X's Sky Room, or important hidden bosses which enable "Super" Hyper Modes for X and Zero. The replay value on this game is immense, and it takes quite a bit of time to max out Cinnamon's Force Metal sheet. - Replay Value 9 out of 10

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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