Review by Ultimasaber

Reviewed: 05/01/06

An RPG worth getting

This is Megaman's first RPG. If any of you have played an RPG before, you should know how it works.

Story 9/10
The story is great. Though there is some room for improvement, it is excellent. The story is an okay length. Unfortunately, some things aren't right. I could probably get more imformation about the story by reading it than actually playing the game. That is a bit annoying. Alot of things happen. So many things occur, so many events, befriending, assisting, betraying...

Gameplay 10/10
This a typical RPG. You give the commands, your teammates follow them. You equip weapons, level up your characters, etc. There aren't many things that make it stand out from all the other RPGs. There are certain things that make it stand out though.The action triggers, sub-weapons, and hyper modes are the main things that stand out. There is also a good variety of characters.

Graphics 9/10
The graphics are great, but certain things aren't entirely correct. Megaman X has a whole new look, but for some reason Zero and Axl don't (this is unexplained). Zero looks slightly wierd. His body seems slightly disoriented. Other than that, everything is great. Everything is clear and the different points of view are also excellent.

Sound 8/10
The music is okay and the sounds are great. No music seems to trap inside my head though. The sounds are excellent, but you get tired of them after hearing them for the millionth time. The voices are pretty decent. Each character has his own voice that describes who they are. Certain bosses and characters even have their own theme song!

Replay Ability 9/10
The duration of the game is an okay length. Unfortunately, leveling up your characters seem to take forever. The actual story isn't too long or too complicated. Overall, the replay ability is decent.

Overall 9/10
The game overall is great. There are a few features that are new and some that are naturally in the genre. There are twists and turns in the plot. The game is promising with new features. This is definitely a game worth getting!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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