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Anna Mode FAQ by CJ800

Version: 1.10 | Updated: 10/24/2005

          ii..                                    ..  LL######GG
  ..ttGGWW##GGiiii,,                        iiDDWW##############tt
GG##################WWKKDDGGLLii      ..ttGGGGffffffGGKK######WWff
tt########WWWW##################jj  ttWWjj            tt######WWff
  iittff########ii;;ttKK##########DDii;;              KK########tt
      ..########ii      LL############DDtt        ii;;##########WW..
        ttLLLLtt          ff##############jj      GGWW############KKtt
                                      tt############DD##WW######,,      tt####KK
                                        tt####################EE          GG....
                                          LL##################;;          ;;..
|                                                                              |
|       D E A T H   B Y   D E G R E E S   -   A N N A   M O D E   F A Q        |
|                                                                              |
                                ..iittLL      iiWW##############KK;;

                      FAQ for Death By Degrees - Anna mode
                                  Version 1.10
                        Last update: 24th October 2005
                         Written by CJ800 (Kelvin Tan)
                       Contact: kelvinator_800@hotmail.com

00. Content
01. Disclaimer & Copyright                                                 COPPY
02. News & Updates                                                         NEWSS
03. Introduction                                                           GETIN
04. Message for my readers                                                 MESSG
06. Walkthrough                                                            WALKY
07. Frequently Asked Questions                                             Q&ANS
08. Credits & Special Thanks                                               KUDOS
09. Others                                                                 ETCCC

01. Disclaimer & Copyright                                                 COPPY

This FAQ is copyright of CJ800, real name Kelvin Tan. This FAQ may be not be
reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not
be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance
written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any
public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

This FAQ is NOT an official FAQ for Death by Degrees. All characters,
trademarks...etc, are properties to their respective owners.

02. News & Updates                                                         NEWSS

Version 1.10 - 24th October 2005
- Revised Shower Room, Record Room & Experiment Pool.
- Revised Optional quest at Central Control Access, Cell Block Access & B2
  Escape Route.
- Fix the error in Guard Station.
- Fix Frequently Asked Questions

Version 1.00 - 15th September 2005
- This FAQ is complete and polished!

03. Introduction                                                           GETIN

Anna mode is a mini game of Death by Degree. As the name suggest, you'll play as
Anna Williams in this mini game to find out what happen after Nina escape from
the Solitaria Penitentiary.

The objective of this mini game is to collect Data Cards as you make your way to
the Pier alive. Lukas and Enrique are dead, Nina escaped, and everything is a
mess at the Solitaria Penitentiary. So Enrique's men are no longer allies with
you. To make matter worst, Lana Lei send her henchmen and robots to the
Solitaria Penitentiary too. Therefore, everyone is your enemy! You got to get to
the Pier alive!

04. Message for my readers                                                 MESSG

A warning to all new Death by Degrees players, you won't likely to beat Anna
mode in a single try, even with the help of this FAQ. It took me a lot of tried
and error to beat Anna mode and write this FAQ at the same time. So don't blame
this FAQ if it didn't help you. Just try again next time, like many other
players who manages to beat Anna mode.

This FAQ contains some of the best solutions I can come up with for each
location. Each time I load up Anna mode, I discover some tricks that could
prevent certain events from happening, events like getting ambush by the
enemies. I also found some of the best spots where the guards couldn't spots
you. These info help me reduces the chance of dying. I wrote these solutions
into this FAQ and I hope they can help you in your game as well.

With all said and done, good luck.

05. Hints and tips                                                         TIPPS

- You can't save your progress in this game! Sucks eh? The signal detection on
  the top right corner of the screen is to detect the Data Card.

- You can't leave an area or open a door if you are engage in a fight.

- Anna couldn't use guns in this game. She can only use hand-to-hand combat and
  melee weapons. She has every hand-to-hand combat skills acquired including
  weapon removing.

- By holding the Combat Mode button and move behind the guards, they cannot hear
  the sound of your steps and you move a lot faster than using the analog stick
  alone. Use this to your advantage and kill them by breaking their neck. There
  will be A LOT of neck breaking in this FAQ.

- The enemy you killed will not respawn when you enter previously visited place
  like Nina's game.

- The longer you take to wipe out the confrontation in a fight, the harder it is
  to complete this game. If you see a guard with some orange light on his back,
  take him out first. It's because he is the "Back up calling" guard, he will
  call in reinforcements if you let him live too long.

- Save the Dotanuki or Stun Baton for Robots and Kung Fu henchmen. Use only
  Katana or Tonfa on other guards/soldiers.

- The kung fu henchmen will not appear if there are Enrique's guards in the same

06. Walkthrough                                                            WALKY

Location: Yard

Items:    DATA CARD #1

This is where your starting point is. There are 5 guards here. Guard #1 is
patrolling along the broken fence; Guards #2, 3 and 4 are inside the yard and
Guard #5 is at the door to the Central Control Access. There is also a dead
Tekken Force soldier in the yard. Check the ASCII map for a better understanding
of the guards' position.
                               __  _
                 _ _ _ _ _ _ _/  \/ |
                |o  | |_ _|   \_ /  /\
                |o  |            \__|  \
                |o  |     _ TF    / \    \
                |o  |    | |      \__>    \
                |o  |  2 | |               \
                |  _|    |_|      |         \     -----------
                |_|_|             | 1      _|     - Legends -
                |                 ||      | |     -----------
                |    _       _    ||      |_|     1,2,3,4,5 = Guards
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|   | |     | | 3 | |     | |     TF = Tekken Forces Soldier
|        5  |       | |    _|_|   |_|     |_|     S  = Starting point
|           |     4 | |   |   |   | |      ||
 \__ _      |       | |   |_ _|   |_|      ||
       \    |       | |   |   |   |        /
        \    \      |_|   |_ _|   |       /
         \    \                   |  S   |
          \    \ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|      |
           \                             |
            \_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _\

Go forward and hide behind the containers on your left. Wait until the Guard #1
turn his back, sneak behind him and snap his neck by using the grab button. You
could press and hold the Combat Mode button to move and the guard won't hear you
from behind.

Now stand behind the fence and wait for the Guard #3 to walk away. Leave him
alive for now.

From the fence, you can see a dead Tekken Force soldier next to a container.
Don't collect the Data Card yet because Guard #2 is nearby. Hide behind that
container and wait for Guard #2 to turn around, sneak behind him and snap his
neck. Next, return to the dead Tekken Force soldier and collect his Data Card.
Now, sneak behind Guard #3 and snap his neck too.

Guard #4 is patrolling toward and forth the maintenance elevator. Sneak up from
behind and break his neck as well. From this area, you can see Guard #5 through
the fence.

Open the door and let him spot you, 1 "Back up calling " guard and 2 shield
guards will rush in from the Central Control Access. Take care of the "Back up"
guard as fast as possible before he calls in more reinforcement. If you are good
enough, your health should not be lower than 80%. Otherwise, restart and try

Now that you killed everyone, don't wander around the yard; you will be ambush
by Lana Lei's kung fu henchmen if you return to where guard #4 patrolled. They
will also ambush you if you go near the watchtower elevator. To counter this
problem, go to the outer area of the Yard, pass through the broken fence again
and get back to the maintenance elevator. Use it to get to upper floor. Then
proceed to the shower room.


Location: Shower Room

Item:     Meal Kit M
          Data Card #2

There are 2 guards and 3 robots in this room. 1 of the guard is patrolling and
the other is standing in front of a dead Tekken Force soldier. Collect the Meal
Kit M beside you and run towards the ladder, climb down and hide behind the
wall. There is a robot beside the ladder but don't bother about it yet.

Hide behind the wall because there will be a patrolling guard nearby. Wait for
him to turns around, then sneak behind and snap his neck. Move towards the wall
behind the next guard, but don't go too close to the door, or else the robots
will activate. Hide behind the wall and keep pressing L3 to fill up your focus

Wait until the guard turns his head, sneak towards him and kill him. Now collect
the Data Card #2. Collect the Katana if you have space.

Now approach the exit and the Robots will active. Finish them off with critical
strike or the Katana (or the Stun Baton) and move on. If you got badly injured,
use the Meal Kit to recover some health. Otherwise, save it for the next area.


Location: Rec Area Access/Central Control Access

Items:    Meal Kit M
          Tactical Belt

This area has a trick that could reduce the number of alerted guards. There is a
small part of Central Control Access, which is where the gate is.

There are 3 guards in this area, 2 at the RAA area (Rec Area Access), and 1 at
the CCA area (Central Control Access). If you get detected at the CCA area,
don't move into the RAA area, otherwise 2 more alerted guards would come in from
the shower room and join the fight.

Go towards the gate and let the guard at CCA area spots you. Just stay at the
gate and finishing them off at CCA area. That way, you only fight 3 guards
instead of 5 guards.

Pick up the Tactical Belt at the gate and the Meal Kit M nearby. The next area
you should go is the Record Room.


Location: Record Room

Items:    Data Card #3

This room has many guards but it's possible to stealth kill most of them. But
first you have to deal with two of the guards. These 2 guards are armed with
Stun Baton. The first Stun Baton guard is doing some stretching while the second
Stun Baton guard is patrolling towards and forth him. Wait until the second Stun
Baton guard turns around, sneak up to the first guard and snap his neck. Then
quickly run back and jump over the railings. You can do that by pushing the left
analog stick twice.

Your next victim would be the second Stun Baton guard. Don't sneak up behind him
on his 2nd round of patrolling, there will be another armed guard nearby. Wait
for his 3rd round instead. The armed guard will be away so he can't spot you
when you snap your 2nd victim's neck.

Your third victim would be the armed guard. Hide behind the computer cabinet and
sneak to another cabinet beside the 3 monitors. The armed guard will pass by and
you can snap him neck from behind.

Once you finish these 3 guards, the rest will be much more easier. Just find the
right chance to stealth kill the rest. (I had managed to stealth kill 3 guards
so far and I will update this part in the future.)

If you got detected, kill everyone as fast as possible. Use the critical strike,
katana or whatever you can snatch from the guards. You can also jump over the
railings and play cat and mouse game with the guards. Keep them busying running
instead of attacking you. You can attack them while they are busy running along
the other side of the railings. Just keep jumping from side to side and attack

If you hold this fight too long, there will be reinforcements and the guards
will start using guns. So remember to kill the "backup calling" guard first.

After everyone is dead, run up to the stage and pick up the Data Card from the
dead Tekken Forces soldier. Pick up the Dotanuki as well.

[Optional] Location: Projection Room
           Item:     Meal Kit M

           Now, if you need an extra Meal Kit, here's an optional quest for you.
           Go up to the Projection Room. There will be 3 guards at the alcove of
           the Projection Room. Before you go out to the alcove, go to the
           Exhibition Match poster on the wall, press L3 and you can slowly
           fill your focus bar. This is because there is a guard behind the
           wall. Keep doing it until it's full. After you are done, just go out
           and kill them off. Grab the Meal Kit M and backtrack to the Yard.


Location: Yard

Still remember the kung fu henchmen? If you didn't get ambushed by them before,
it's better that you make your way to the broken fence and head to Central
Control Access from the outer part of the Yard.


Location: Central Control Access

Item:     Data Card #4

There are 3 guards in this area, 1 patrolling towards and forth the T-junction
(where the elevator is), 1 standing in front of the Guard Room window and 1
guard patrolling the hallway outside the Guard Room.

The first patrolling guard won't be able to see you if you stand behind the
column at the T-junction. Wait until he turns and walk away, sneak up from
behind and snap his neck.

For the guard at the window, wait for him to do some stretching, then stick to
the left side of the wall, sneak up and snap his neck. Or you could just leave
him alone and deal with the last guard first. There is a side quest, which
requires him to be alive.

As for the last patrolling guard, stand behind the iron fence gate and wait
until his out of your sight. He should be behind the column, stick to the wall
and sneak up to that column. Wait until his out of the hallway, then sneak up
and snap his neck from behind.

Now grab the Data Card from a dead Tekken Forces soldier nearby. Here's some
optional quests you can do in any order you like.

[Optional] Location: Guard Room

           There is no item in this room, but you can fill up your focus bar
           here. Just make sure that no one detects you yet and the guard at the
           window has to be alive. Go to the gate control panel and you can see
           the guard outside the window. You can fill up your focus bar from
           here. Once you're done, get out of the Guard Room.

[Optional] Location: Visitors Room (West side)

           Items:    Tactical Belt

           This is an optional quest to get the Tactical Belt, once you enter
           this room, you will hear a radio message, "we got them on camera". If
           you move further into the room, 3 guards will enter and attack you.
           To avoid this fight, exit and enter the room again. Now you can grab
           the Tactical Belt without worries.

           Now here's an interesting little info, if you leave the guard at the
           window alone and do the "exit and re-enter" trick, the guard will
           magically disappear.

[Optional] Location: Contraband Room

           Item:     Meal Kit M

           This is another optional quest to get the Meal Kit M, enter unless
           you got the focus bar filled and got plenty of health. There will be
           5 kung fu henchmen waiting for you once you enter this room. The Meal
           Kit M can be found on the shelf.

After you done these 2 optional quests, move towards the Lavatory. You will hear
another radio message. Keep moving and 3 Kung Fu henchmen will rush towards you.
Finish them off as well. Another optional quest awaits you at the Lavatory.

[Optional] Location: Lavatory

           Item:     Meal Kit M

           This is the last optional quest from the Central Control Access.
           There will be tons of guards mass orgy (just kidding) here so I won't
           advise you to enter this room unless you got more than 50% of health
           and plenty of focus. Besides, I don't think it's worth it to grab
           that Meal Kit M. Do it unless you really need that Meal Kit M.

Once you are done with Central Control Access, let's head up the stairs and to
the Cell Block Access


Location: Cell Block Access

Item:     Data Card #5
          Meal Kit M

Use stealth kill on the first guard you see. He will patrol and stop at 2 point
in front of you. Stay at the huge wall painting, the guard can't see that far.
When he stops for the first time, don't approach him yet, because there's
another guard nearby. Wait until he stops at the second time and turns around,
then sneak up behind and break his neck.

The second guard will patrol towards and forth a bulk size guard. Since they are
so close together, there's no way to stealth kill. Just let them spot you and
kill them as fast as possible.

Now, go up the staircase towards the area that is badly damage. There will be 2
guards here. One is patrolling alone the corridor and the other is standing.
Wait at the staircase for the patrolling guards to turn around, then run up and
stick to the side of the wall, sneak up and snap his neck. If you do it right,
the standing guard won't be alerted. Sneak up and snap the standing guard as
well. Or you could fill up your focus bar before killing him.

Go pass cell 210 and you will see a dead Tekken Forces soldier, collect his ID
Card and continue to move up the ramp. Hang onto the pipe and move across the
third floor. Go into cell 309 and pick up a Meal Kit M.

[Optional] Item:     Tactical Belt

           If you killed every guard and already collected 2 Tactical Belts, I
           won't advice you to get another in this area, because the kung fu
           henchmen will ambush you on the way to get it. Besides, you don't
           need so many Tactical Belts for this mini game.

           But if you really want it badly, you can prevent getting ambush by
           them. Here's how to do it, after you had killed the guards on the
           ground floor, go up to the staircase towards the badly damage area.
           When you heard a radio message "We got them surrounded", instead of
           killing the guards on the 2nd floor, go back down and go up the other
           staircase. Go to where the save point (in Nina's game) is, that's
           where the Tactical Belt is located.

           Remember this golden rule: The kung fu henchmen will not appear if
           there are Enrique's guards in the same room.

Once you are done with this area, move on to the Solitary - East Access and to
the Interrogation Room.


Location: Interrogation Room

Item:     Data Card #6

Here, you can see the 4 guards in the interrogation Room and the West Access.
Open the gate and stick to side of the wall and move to the cart. The guards
with the shield wouldn't see you at all so you can fill up your focus bar here.

Wait until the guards at the West Access to walk away, then quickly sneak up to
a shield guard and snap his neck. If you're lucky, the guards will only spot you
after you kill one of them. Otherwise just continue to eliminate them.

Go into the West Access and you can see another dead Tekken Forces soldier.
Collect his Data Card and take the elevator from the Iron Maiden.


Location: B2 Escape Route

There are 3 robots in this area, 2 at the hallway towards Lukas' Lab and 1 at
the hallway towards Boskonovitch's Quarters. The robots will activate only when
you approach the doors.

[Optional] Location: Lukas' Lab/Experimental Weapons Hangar (lower floor)

           Item:     Meal Kit M
                     Tactical Belt

           Pick up the Meal Kit M on the desk and return back to the previous
           area, if you want to grab the Tactical Belt, it's at the Experimental
           Weapons Hangar; there will be 2 guards in that area. And some Kung Fu
           henchmen will ambush you if you kill the guards. Like I said before,
           you don't need so many Tactical Belts.

           If you really need that Tactical Belt, let them spot you then quickly
           grab the Tactical Belt and run back to the Lab. Finish them off in
           the lab so that Kung Fu henchmen won't appear to ambush you.

           You will detect a faint signal but the dead Tekken Force soldier is
           located at the upper floor of the Hangar, you can't use the elevator
           here because it's damage. So just return to the Escape Route.

After you are done with the optional quest, climb up the ladder and fight the
last robot.


Location: Boskonovitch's Quarters/Boskonovitch's Lab

Nothing special here, except that Nina took everything from the lockers! >=(
Just keep moving and get to Alcove #3.


Location: Alcove #3

Item:     Data Card #7 and #8

There are 3 guards at the Alcove, wait at the hallway for the guard at the left
to turn around. Sneak up behind the guard and snap his neck. Otherwise, just
ambush him and snatch his Stun Baton. Eliminate any other alerted guards as

Go towards the Experimental Weapons Hangar and you can see 2 dead Tekken
Forces soldiers, collect their Data Card. There is a Katana but take it only
when you got an extra space for the Dotanuki.

Now you got 2 areas that you must go, but you can do it in any order you like.

[Task #1]  Location: Experimental Weapons Hangar (upper floor)

           Item:     Data Card #9

           I suggest you enter this area if you got Dotanuki and Focus bar
           filled, because there are 4 robots here and 2 guards patrolling
           around. Lucky for you, one of the guards is walking away from you.
           Quickly sneak up behind and snap his neck. Learn the route of the
           next guard, then sneak up from behind and snap his neck too.

           The robots will only active when you approach the dead Tekken Forces
           soldier. Finish them off with Dotanuki and Critical Strike.

[Task #2]  Location: Alcove #2

           Item:      Data Card #10

           This is the place where Anna fights Nina for the first time. But the
           bridge is destroyed and you cannot pass. But there is a dead Tekken
           Forces soldier, collect his Data Card and pick up the Dotanuki too.
           When you return to Alcove #3, there will be 4 new guards; they are
           quipped with the 44-caliber Magnum, so watch out. Lure them into a
           corner and finishing them off with Tonfa or Katana.

Once you finish these 2 tasks, go to the Chemical Weapons Storage Access


Location: Chemical Weapons Storage Access

There are 3 guards here. Wait at the middle of the stairs for the first guard to
appear, when he turns around, sneak up and snap his neck. Another guard will be
patrolling on the other stretch of the hallway. Hide behind the corner and sneak
up to kill him too. The final guard will be standing at the door at the end of
the hallway, there's no way to stealth kill him. Wait until he turns his sight
to another direction, then run up to him and finish him as quick as possible.

Here's some optional quest you can do in any order you like.

[Optional] Location: Pump Room

           Item:      Meal Kit M

           Getting this item is a must, since there is no ambush in this room.
           Pick up the Meal Kit M and return to the hallway.

[Optional] Location: Chemical Weapons Storage Room
           Item:      Tactical Belt

           Once again, you don't need so many Tactical Belts, but this optional
           quest is very safe, I guess there's no harm getting it.  Go around
           the area and find the Tactical Belt on the shelf near the fire alarm.


Location: Experiment Pool

Item:     Data Card #11

There are 3 guards here. 1 Stun Baton guard standing in front of the dead Tekken
Forces Soldier and 2 armed guards standing at exit.

There is a place where you can fill up your focus bar. Go to the control panel
(which is destroyed by Lukas in Nina's game), and keep pressing the L3 button
until your focus bar is full. This is because you are standing near one of the

These guards are impossible to stealth kill so let them spot you instead. Finish
them off as quickly as possible. If you got space for melee weapons, make sure
to snatch the Stun Baton; it could come in handy. Once you are done, collect the
Data Card and leave.


Location: Alcove #1 (bottom)

There are 3 guards here. Stick to the corner of the wall and observe the
situation. The guards can't spot you from here. There will be two armed guards
patrolling toward and forth a Tonfa guard. The Tonfa guard is doing some
stretching and he won't walk around at all, so he will be your first target.
Wait for armed guards to move away, then sneak up and snap the Tonfa guard's

Now run back to the corner and wait for one of the armed guard to stop. When he
turns around, sneak up and snap his neck too.

If you kill every guard here, 3 Kung Fu henchmen will appear out of nowhere to
attack you. If you don't want that to happen, you must let the last armed guard
live. Learn his route and sneak pass him. Go to the ladder and climb up.


Location: Guard Station

Item:     Data Card #12

This is another area where you can't stealth kill. There are 2 batches of guards
in this place, 2 guards at the exit and 2 more guards at the Guard Station. If
you alerted the guards at the exit, the guards at the guard station won't come
and reinforce. However, if you alerted the guards at the Station, the guards at
the exit will come and reinforce.

Go towards the Station and you can see the 2 guards. Let them spot you and just
kill them as quickly as possible. You can go into the Station and attack them
while they try to enter.

Go down the stairs further more and collect the Data Card from the dead Tekken
Forces Soldier. Now that you collected every Data Cards, get to the Pier alive!
As you try to move up, you will be ambush by 2 Kung Fu henchmen, so finish them
off too.

Once you are done, go up and exit through the gate.


Location: Alcove #1 (top)

This is another area where you can't stealth kill. Just finish the guards off as
quickly as possible. Make sure you got some weapons with you.


Location: Cargo Lift/Pier

Nothing special here, except the nudy magazine is taken away by Nina! =( Just go
to the upper level using the cargo lift. There will be 3 shield guards outside
the pier. Ironically, they can spot you through the fence. If that happens, they
will enter to fight you so attack them while they are still at the door.

If you kill the guards inside, there will be 3 Kung Fu henchmen ambushing you
when you go out. Here's how you can prevent them from appear, avoid detection
from inside. Wait for the patrolling guards to move away, then sneak up to the
door and open it. Get out and pass through the gate, then rush towards the pier.
You can see an orange marking on the floor, stay there and finish them off.

After you finished the guards, it's not time to celebrate yet; 5 more Kung Fu
henchmen will appear to attack you! Fighting these 5 Kung Fu henchmen is
unavoidable, so do your best and eliminate them all! Once you are victorious,
move to the orange marker and press the X button. You finally escape this damn

Lastly, don't forget to save your data when the game prompts you to.

07. Frequently Asked Questions                                             Q&ANS

Q: How can I access to Anna mode?
A: Just beat the main game once and it will be unlock on the main menu.

Q: I follow your FAQ but I still can't beat this damn game!
A: This FAQ doesn't guaranty that you beat Anna mode, but it can help reducing
   the numbers of enemies and unnecessary fights. Thus giving you less chance of
   dying, the rest is up to you. Maybe you should play more to improve your

Q: What is the reward for beating Anna mode?
A: You can unlock 27.6, 28.6, 29.6 or 30.6 image in Music Player, depends on the
   difficulty settings you beat Anna mode with. You also get a choice to accept
   Heihachi's challenge at Nina's final boss fight.

08. Credits & Special Thanks                                               KUDOS

Thanks to...

- Namco, for trying something different and to bring Tekken to different genes
  of gaming.

- GameFAQs.com, for hosing this FAQ.

- Serpent Snake, without his Death by Degrees FAQ, I'll be stuck at some of the
  Honeycomb puzzles forever.

- you, for reading this FAQ.

09. Others                                                                 ETCCC

This FAQ is best view with fonts like Courier, Fixedsys or Lucida Console, if
you are saving this FAQ and read it offline.

Offical Site of Death by Degrees:
 US site:

 Japan site:

Official Site of Tekken:

My little Death by Degrees Easter egg page:

My homepage:
It has nothing to do with Tekken but do visit it if you like drawings and other
artwork. Just be aware that some of the drawings are pretty bad.

Message to all,

The reason why I don't allow my FAQ on your site is because,
- I only send FAQ to sites I frequently visit.
- I hate registering accounts, which I don't use often.
- Your site doesn't promise an ad free FAQ

            FAQ Copyright (C) 2005 Kelvin Tan, All Rights Reserved

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