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FAQ/Walkthrough by Serpent Snake

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/01/2005


       Tekken's Nina Williams in DEATH BY DEGREES FAQ/Walkthrough ver 1.01
               written by Sean Audrey (serpent_snake@hotmail.com)
                          Last updated : September 01, 2005



Death By Degrees is an action game based on popular Namco's Tekken fighting
game series, starring Nina Williams as the main character.
Although this game has alot minus points that disappointing those who had
waited this game ever since the rumours floating around(since 2003) because
of the fighting style by using analog controller(similar to Jet Lee's Rise To
Honor game), also the bad-angeled camera, bad & too many loading time, &
others. But overall, I said this is a great game. It has many mini-games &
also challenging gameplay(Honeycomb puzzles anyone?)

Some notes about my FAQ :
All the walkthru', infos in this FAQ is based on my own personal experience
in playing the game, & also contribution from others(especially from GameFAQs'
Message Boards.) While there's actually the official guide book out there but
they're not sold around my place here. So, for those of you who got the book
there & find there're some stuff missing on my FAQ here. Feel free to let me
know. For the sake of others too who couldnt find/get the book & their only
hope to get the walkthrough is from a FAQ ^_^

This FAQ shouldn't be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web sites or otherwise distributed
publicly without my permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as
a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of
copyright. (I will not tolerate anyone, especially those who try to use this
to gain their own profit. Especially magazines, game guides that published
in Indonesia. I live in Indonesia, & if I ever see found any guides there that
I consider as a rip-off from my work. I'm gonna sue you & let the mags
publisher to know about it so that you won't get your dirty-money from
stealing my work!

You may put this FAQ on your web site provided that not a single character has
been edited or removed & you MUST have permission from me in order to do so.
You can also, print a copy of the entire walkthrough or a part of it, provided
you only use it for personal purposes.

This FAQ can only be found (officially) at :


Ok, let's get started...



1. FAQ Version History
2. Main Menu Screen
3. Basic Controls
4. Walkthrough
5. Tips
6. Q & A
7. Misc. Infos
8. Skills List
9. Items List (available in future updates)
10. Melee-Weapons List (available in future updates)
11. Other Weapons List (available in future updates)
12. Personal Code List
13. Credits



1.01 (September 01, 2005) : I haven't played this game again for a long time.
                            This small update is just to put all the
                            contributions that have come to me so far.
1.0 (April 15, 2005) : Finally the walkthrough section is done. Although some
                       secrets aren't revealed yet (if there's any. Since many
                       of the Personal Codes haven't gotten yet). Adding some
                       more tips & infos, fixing some Q & A section.
0.7 (April 01, 2005) : Sorry I couldn't update the FAQ for 2 weeks. Sick plus
                       too many work to do & I don't have much time to play
                       DBD again. This version I add some sections & fix some
                       walkthrough part on the sewer submitted by a person.
                       Also completing Mission 16 walkthrough, up until almost
                       the end of Mission 17. I guess current walkthrough has
                       covered most of the troubles that people often encounter
                       in this game. Next update probably will have covered the
                       whole part of the walkthrough. (No, Im serious! This is
                       not a lie for April's Fool day! /swt)
0.6 (March 16, 2005) : Completing Mission 14 walkthrough, up until beginning
                       of Mission 16. Fixing some parts here & there.
0.5 (March 15, 2005) : Completing Mission 10 walkthrough, up until beginning
                       of Mission 14. Added some Q & A (FAQ) sections, fxing
                       some misspelling.
0.4 (March 09, 2005) : Completing Mission 8 walkthrough, added Mission 9,
                       10 (incomplete). I hope this weekend I can finish with
                       the walkthrough. Pretty busy these days, no time to
                       play much. Somemore I got Tekken 5 here =(
0.3 (March 04, 2005) : Add Mission 8 walkthrough (incomplete), some submitted
                       infos. (Sorry I kinda busy today, can't update much).
0.2 (March 03, 2005) : Add Mission 5, 6, & 7 walkthrough.
0.1 (March 02, 2005) : First release (Walkthrough only 'til Mission 4).



-Load Game : Load your previous saved games

-New Game : Start a new game. If you died & continue in the middle of the game
for many times, a new BEGINNER mode will appear right on this menu. & if you've
beat the game at least once. A new HARD mode (BEGINNER mode also automatically
unlocked) will be selectable.

-Anna : Playing as Anna Williams, the story wont be the same as you're playing
Nina. It's just a sub-game. Difficulty levels also available at the same time
you unlocked this mode. You have to beat the game at least once to unlock this

-Challenge : A mini-game that requires you to knock out some enemies by using
Nina's certain skills. Beat the game once to unlock this mode. There're total
50 different levels in this game.

-Sniper Mode : Playing mini-game as Sniper. This sniper mode isn't the
same sniper as you're playing in the middle of the story mode. Beat the game
once to unlock this mode. There're total 50 different levels in this game.

-Stingray Mode : Same as Sniper mini-game. Won't be the same as in story mode.
Beat the game once to unlock this mode. There're total 30 different levels in
this game.

-Honeycomb Lock : Solve the Honeycomb puzzles. Not the same puzzles as in the
story mode(some could be the same, haven't beat out all the puzzles yet.)
Beat the game once to unlock this mode. There're total 100 different levels
in this game.

-Music Player : Listen to the BGM's on the entire game. Game illustrations/
artworks can be found here. Beat the game once to unlock this mode.

-Movie Player : Watch all teh FMVs through the entire game. All the FMVs that
you've seen on your game will straight available there. There're total 16
different movies including 1, the Tekken 5 Arcade Demo.


Overall the game, there're 3 kinds of basic controls that you need to know.
(All the controllers here is based on TYPE 1-A control. You can change it
later in the game from the OPTIONS.)

-Main basic controller :
Left analog : Move
Right analog : Attack
Up/Down pad : Switching weapons
Left/Right pad : Switching combat modes
Select : Game Menu (Pause)
Start : Status Menu
Square : Map (also can be access from Status Menu)
Circle : Run
Triangle : Cancel
X : Action/OK
L1 : Combat Mode
L2 : Critical Attack
R1 : Grab
R2 : Change View (hold R2 & move right analog to look around. Cant be used on
certain situation. Also, if you move while holding R2, Nina will always move
by running towards.)

-Sniper mode :
Later on in the game, you'll encounter few times playing as a sniper.
Left analog : Moving the aim
Right analog : Up is for zoom-in, while Down for zoom-out
L1 : Reload/Hide
R1 : Shoot

-Stingray mode :
Later on in the game, you'll encounter few times playing as the stingray.
Left analog : Move the stingray (forward, backward, left, right)
Right analog : Up/Down to adjust the high, Left/Right to turn around
R1/R2 : Change View (bottom-side-above)



After watching the Intro FMV, you'll start with Nina's very first outfit
(bikini) in tutorial mode at the swimming pool. Learn the basic controller
there. And beat those guys. After that, Bryce & Lana will come & lock you up
in your room.

-Mission 1 :
You'll start the true mission from here, now you're wearing her Cocktail Dress
(her 2nd outfit in the game). There's a save game there but you dont need to
save the game right now. Wasted your save game counter by 1 since this is
still very beginning. Start by look at the table to get the NEWS ARTICLE.
Check the bathroom for a MEDKIT. Then head out the veranda and jump off to the
lifeboat. Keep moving toward to the stairs & go up.

-Mission 2 :
Now your objective here is to walk around the pool & enter the door there.
I leave it up to you whether you wanna try to sneak in there or just rush out,
this is not Metal Gear game, so dont worry if they caught you up.
More fighting, more EXP you get, more skills you can obtained =)
Break the box on the pool bar there for MEAL KIT S, dive on the pool there to
obtain your 1st Gold Coin(near under the door that you'll enter).
There's also a spot to save the game near the pool bar there.

After you enter the door, you'll encounter around 5 guys there. Enter the
nearest door where you came in there. As soon as you walk there near the
stairs, Alan will ask you for help. 5 soldiers will come to your place
there. Go up the stairs & climb up the ladder. Take out the sniper there &
prepare for your first sniper mini-game.

Once you finish off protecting Alan. Take out the CRANK HANDLE down there.
Climb down the ladder, go down the stairs, walk all the way to the left until
you see a long ladder there. Go up, & use the CRANK to open it. (Rotate the
right analog to any direction to move the crank.)

Go down the ladders inside there, hang on the pipe & go to the other side
there. Get the SECURITY MEMO once you reached the other side, walk down there
& you'll see John's suit there. Take his INFRARED GOGGLES & the INFRARED
SYSTEM MANUAL. There's a save point on the corner there. Climb down the ladder.

You may go from the left or right, it doest matter. You still have to pass
through the sensor there. Dont hit the sensor or it's a straight Game Over for
you! Now go down the stairs & head right(right side from the camera angle.
Not from the stairs.) run thru all the the way down there to the 2F 'til you
see a small door & go in there. Go down the stairs & enter the door. You'll
encounter some guards there. Enter the door on the other side, follow the way
there & since the lift is broken, you have to jump down there. Take the
COMMUNICATION LOG on the right, go straight & enter the other door there.
Push the switch on the conveyor belt to obtain the PRINT SCANNER. There'll be
a cut scene talking about the Print Scanner when you're about to go out from
that room. Now get the fingerprint from the dead soldier near the door you
came out just now. You got Personal Code #10. Now enter the other door there
that requires the fingerprint access A1. Power on the lift, get BLUE TAG KEY,
EXECUTIVE ROSTER document. Remember all the way to come to this place, you'll
need to come back here later on. Get the fingerprint from the mug. You got
Personal Code #06. Now go up using the lift & head back all the way to the 3F.

Before you go to the 3F, you may want to visit the other small door on the
right side. There're locker for Personel #?? to #?? here. Also there's a STUN
GRENADE near the other door (below Julia's poster). Once you're done here,
go back outside & continue head to 3F.

Enter the glass door, pick the BOTTLED WATER S there, get the fingetprint
from the cocktail shaker to obtain Personal Code #08 & check on the corner of
the bartender place there. There's a hidden MEAL KIT L. Enter the door there.
Take out 1 soldier inside there & get the WORK ORDER on the table near him
there, get the fingerprint from the shaker to obtain Personal Code #04. Take
the RAT CUISINE RECIPE. Break the box there for a save point. Enter the
evelator. Inside there, look at the table & take the 9MM 3RB HANDGUN,
there'll be a cutscene where Nina will look at the blood on the floor to the
door there. Before you enter the door, climb the box near there & go in the
airduct, follow the tunnel which will leads you to the room with TACTICAL BELT.
Now go back & enter the door. Prepare yourself for your 1st boss fight battle.

Fighting Bryce (Round-1) :
All you need to do here is to damage him 1/2 of his life bar there.
(Strategy how to fight him will be added in the future updates)

Bryce will escape from there. Now get the fingerprint from the knife on the
deadbody there to obtain Edgar Grant & John Doe's fingerprints. Now go out &
chase Bryce enter the elevator. (In case you've no idea where did he go. He
runs to the pool on the outside there.)

On the pool area, you'll see the GPS Device is put on the middle of the pool.
Pick it up & get ready to fight Bryce for the 2nd time.

Fighting Bryce (Round-2) :
Now, you have no cover at all to avoid him shooting at you. The only way to
avoid all the bullets is by tapping the left analog(evade) at the right timing.
He shots 5x before he stop & reload his guns. So, after 5x dodging, it's your
chance to get near him & kick his ass. Just try to not stay away from him,
& try to push him to the spikes. Keep your distance so that you're not hitting
the spikes as well as you attack him too close or you get knocked by him and
you're the one who hit the spikes.

Once you beat him, get his fingerprint. You got Personal Code #13 & also
access to any door with A2 security level. After that, start the fingerprint
authorization on the wall there to open back the arena.

-Mission 3 :
Now head left to the bartender place there & open up the LCD Panel from the
fingerprint authorization there.

Honeycomb Puzzle #1 :

  6          6          1
 1 2   ->   2 1   ->   2 3
4 5 3      4 5 3      4 5 6

Now head back enter the atrium & you may want to check the table on the corner
there(if you haven't done it at the beginning) to get MEAL KIT S & unlock the
door to the other side of the pool area there. Anyway, head back to the atrium
from the elevator.

Use the other elevator right in front of you to go to the B1F. The lift will
be shutted down & you have to climb up to the airduct & find your own way.
Inside the airduct, move toward, turn right, turn left, turn left on the
T-junction, & get the Gold Coin. After that, turn back & go straight to get
out from there. You're in Boiler Room now, remember this place as you'll come
back here later. There's another LCD Panel here & also a save point.

Honeycomb Puzzle #2 :

 1 4        1 4        1 2
2 6 5  ->  3 6 5  ->  3 4 5
 3 7        2 7        6 7

Get out from there & you'll meet Alan. Wipe out the enemies & there'll be a
cutscene, Alan will give you a Stingray.

-Mission 4 :
Climb up the ladder, walk all the way to the right & climb up the water tank
ladder & enter the tank. There's a gold coin on the ground here, search the
hole on the top to the surface. Get DEFIBRILLATOR there, pull the lever. Head
down the stairs.

You're inside Lana's room now. Check the fingerprint on the champagne glass
there, you'll get some part of the fingerprint A. Enter the door. Get the
METHANE HYDRATE REPORT on the table & check the fingerprint from the photo on
the same place, you got another part of the fingerprint A. Now enter the other
small door. Take the KATANA right in front of the door with PIN code. Get the
MESSAGE FOR MS. LEI on the table. Now look at the airduct near the door with
PIN code, put in the Stingray. Move the Stingray to Lana's desk for the PIN
code number(0523).

Now open up the room with that number. There's nothing special on her room
here so proceed to the other door. Scan the fingeprint on the silver bracelet
on the Wardrobe room there to obtain the last part of the fingerprint A. It's
Lana Lei's fingerprint, you got Personal Code #45 & also level A3 security
access. Once you're about to go out from there, Nina will change her clothes
with the Infiltration Suit (3rd outfit). Before you go out, check out the
floor near the door there (under Lana'a clothes) for a HOLSTER.

Go out from that room & you'll encounter 3 bunch of kungfu guards. You may
also wanna check out the other room there next to the big TV there to save
your game & get a BOTTLED WATER M. Also unlock the door there to the outside.

Head back to the Guest Room (before you proceed, remember this Guest Room has
that sailboat model with 'chimera' sign. You'll have to come back here later
on.) Now enter the door which requires security level A3 there. Inside, you'll
face another 3 kungfu guards. One of the vases in the middle there has
Gold Coin, get it. Procced to the other room, take out the 2 guards. Check
the fingerprint on the emblem at the table to obtain the first part of the
fingerprint B. Walk all the way down the stairs, there's a 5.56MM ASSAULT RIFLE
under the stairs there. Enter the door & you'll arrived at the Arena Room.

In this room, there's a J-Statue there. I will recall this as the J-Statue #1
location, you'll need to come back here later. So, when I said go back to the
J-Statue #1 location, go to this place later. Now take out the 1st 2 guards
there. Go to the 2nd floor there, rid the another 2 guards there, & get the
fingerprint from the can on the corner there. Now you have the whole part of
fingerprint B, it's Frederick Parker's fingerprint, Personal Code #05. Heads
up to the 3rd floor & enter the door there.

You'll be back at the atrium 1F, go up head to the 3F. On the way there, you
may want to revisit the 1st place you fight Bryce (the freezing room) to get
a fingerprint from the guard there (Personal COde #11). When you're done,
proceed to the 3F & enter the main door.

Again, you'll have to pass the infrared sensors. Once you passed the sensors,
use the fingerprint authorization on the wall there to disable the sensors &
proceed to the next room. Wipe out the the guards there, go in to the
receptionist place, take the DOTANUKI & scan the pen there to get the 1st part
of the fingerprint C. Also, the 2nd J-Statue is located on this place. When
the time comes you have to search these statues. Remember that the J-Statue #2
is located here. Now walk up the stairs & go to the right side & get the
fingerprint from the tea-stand there. You got the last part of the fingerprint
C (Personal Code #14). Now head back down & enter the door on the corner.

Enter the last door on that corridor which leads to the toilet room. You can
save your game there if you want. Now look at the airduct next to the save spot
there, time to play the Stingray mini-game again. Be careful with the shells!
You should be able to reach the Stingray goal there, the way isn't mazed.
There'll be a cut-scene after that.

-Mission 5 :
Now, remember the room where you got the BLUE TAG KEY & a EXECUTIVE ROSTER
document? (Search those 2 keywords up there), your objective now is to go back
to this room & send the image that your Stingray took on the Meeting Room just
now. When you go out from the toilet room, you'll see 2 guards lying on the
floor there while some guards coming at you. Deal with those guards 1st,
afterthat get the fingerprints from those 2 dead guards (you got Personal
Code 07 & 03). On the next room, you may go out from the upstairs there while
to unlock that door too from there. Outside, enter any door on the corner,
doesnt matter which door you enter from, both will lead to the atrium entrance.
Use the elevator to go down & head to your objective room (incase you forgot,
it's on 2F, small door on the left-side from the camera angle). Use the laptop
there to send the image data.

-Mission 6 :
Before you go out from there. Release the lifeboat lock right next to the
laptop there & get out from there. Some guards will wait you at the outside,
get rid of them & go to the lifeboat on the right there. Use the handle on
the lifeboat to lower it down (use your right analog to move it). There'll be
a cut-scene & a FMV (I won't spoil them here). Now, Prepare yourself for the
2nd boss fight.

Fighting Lana (1st fight) :
Fighting Lana actually isn't hard, what makes it hard is that you have to
protect the little Nina as well from the zombies, & those zombies also can
hit you(although they're not that aggresive). 1st thing you have to do as soon
as the battle start is, find Lana! She's around the south. Kick her butt &
get back A.S.A.P. to protect little Nina. Start from here, don't stay away too
far from little Nina, Don't worry about the Lana. She won't appear too far
from your position after that. So, that you can also protect little Nina
easier as well as fighting Lana too. If Lana throws her 'shuriken' at you,
evade it! The problem isn't the damage, but the fall down effect if you got
hit from that & ... Little Nina would likely already bite by the zombies,
which cause you alot damage from it. So, protecting Nina is your 1st priority

After you beat her, there'll be a cut-scene & you'll wake up on a prison.
All your equipments were confiscated. Take care the guards there & go to the
right(up) from there. You may want to go to the left(down) 1st to save your
game. Destroy the box to get to the save point. Go down the stairs, destroy
the box on the top-right there for a MEAL KIT M. Look at the room that has
the jaildoor opened (& also  a shiny thing inside the room). That's where
your equipments are. Pick it.

From there, go back upstairs to the cell right next from the cell where you
started. Get the fingerprint from the dead body there (Personal Code #26 &
also B1 security access). Now go downstairs again, enter the cell right under
the cell where you got the fingerprint just now for the PRISONER A'S JOURNAL.
Now head upstairs from the other stairs there, go right & enter the cell on
the corner to get to get a DOTANUKI. Now go to the other side there & enter
the cell right on the corner before you go up again, there's 1 guard inside
here. Get the PRISONER B'S JOURNAL there. Now go up, climb the box & hang on
the pipe to get across to the other side. Enter the only room there for a
TACTICAL BELT. Jump down from there & go downstairs.

Now go to the path located on the right-side from the cell where you got your
items back just now. (The camera-angle makes you kinda hard to see that path,
use the Change View button if you have any problems to locate it.) Enter the
door with security authorization there. There'll be a cut-scene once you're

-Mission 7 :
Go down all the way there, deal with the 5 guards. Break the box near where
you came down for a MEAL KIT M. Enter the only door there.

You will hear a mumbling from a soldier in the toilet there, break-in to his
place & get the BRONZE KEY from him. There's a box in this room where you can
break also for a MEAL KIT S. Now get out from there, back to the prison area.

Now try to go to the cell on the corner there near the stairs where you went
down at the beginning. There'll be a cut-scene & you have to fight 3 of the
Tekken Force soldiers. After that, enter to that cell by using the BRONZE KEY.
This will lead to the underground prisons. Alan will send you out the maps of
this facilty once you're in. Go down all the way there & enter the door.

Take care the 4 guards there. Get the INTERROGATION REPORT on the table, break
the left basket under the bookshelf there to get a GOLD COIN. Get the
fingerprint from the trussed up soldier (you got Personal Code #29), proceed
to the next side from the room there & there'll a cut-scene.

-Mission 8 :
That place has 4 cells, I'll refer those rooms in a number based on the map.
First, enter cell #3 & get the WEAPONS CACHE MANUAL #2 & open up the LCD Panel.

Honeycomb Puzzle #3 : This one contains INFINITE KATANA if you played the game
by using the save-game from a cleared-game.

(Note : I'll mark 0 for 10, A for 11, 12 for B, & so on from here & the next
puzzles to prevent confusing you with the picture.)

  1 5          1 5          1 2          1 2
 4 7 3        4 7 3        4 5 3        3 4 5
2 0 8 9  ->  6 0 8 9  ->  6 7 8 9  ->  6 7 8 9
 6 A B        2 A B        0 A B        0 A B

You may want to save your game 1st on the cell #3 before you proceed to cell
#1. Inside cell #1 get the PRISONER A'S JOURNAL #2 & break the 'pictured' wall
& get in to the tunnel.

Once you're in the 'mazed' tunnel, go right, left, left, keep walking straight,
ignore the T-junction to the left, at the end you'll find the 1st GOLD COIN
here. From here go back to the right, now head right on the T-junction you
passed just now go right on the 4-junction, you'll found another 4-junction,
go right, you'll meet another T-junction here, go to the right, at the end you
will get the 2nd GOLD COIN here. Now turn back & on the T-junction later you
take the right way, just follow the path & you'll find your way out from the
freaking maze.

Go straight & then turn left on the T-junction & take the 9MM 3RB HANDGUN on
the corner boxes. Now go to the other way, just follow the path & you'll be
attacked by 3 Tekken Force soldiers. After that, climb the ladder. Go straight
1st to get the DEFIBRILLATOR before you turn left. Another 4 Tekken Force
soldiers will attack you there. After that, turn left on the T-junction (left
side from your camera angle), follow the path there. Get the PRISONER A'S MEMO
on the corpse. Go to the south (from your camera angle), destory 1 of the
crates there to get BOTTLED WATER M. Now turn back & go to the other way
around & enter the tunnel.

Once again, you have to pass thru a 'mazed' tunnel, keep goin' straight on the
1st 4-junction, then turn right on the 2nd 4-junction to get a GOLD COIN. Now
turn back, keep going straight 'til you meet a T-junction, turn left. Keep
going straight forward on the T-junction later, just follow the path & you'll
be out from there.

Once you're out, follow the way there to the ladder on the south & climb down.
Dive on the water to the direction where you came out from the tunnel, on that
way there's a GOLD COIN under the water. Swim across & climb the other ladder
there. Go to the left 1st to get the DOTANUKI, then proceed to the other side.
Keep going straight when you meet a T-junction, climb down the ladder to the
water & dive. Search a hole on wall around the upper-right side (the hole is
on the north side, it's near the ladder there.) Dive as fast as you can to the
bottom side once you're inside, get the GOLD COIN. Then swim to the surface to
get some air before you go back out. (On the surface inside, incase you forgot
where's the hole you came-in just now from the walls there, since you hardly
see it when you dive. It's the upper-left side one.) Now go back climb the
ladder & turn left on the the T-junction. Adjust the water level to 0ft. Once
you try to walk away from there, 4 Tekken Force soldiers will jump down to
attack you. Go down all the way, destroy the crate on the upper-left & get the
GOLD COIN on the water. After that, go back up to re-adjust the water level to
15ft now. Go down & swim to the door across there.

Inside, head upstairs & enter the door. You may want to save you game 1st
before you enter, there's a save point under the breakable crate on the right
there. Inside there, you'll be given 2 minutes to escape to the door on the up
there. Be careful to the broken electric cables once you're hanging on the
pipe there. Since 1 hit from it, you'll fall down & it's a straight Game Over
for you.

Now you're outside in the yard. There's save point near the door on the fence
there. Find your way to the upper-right side there to the other side on the
fence (there're some guards here, be careful). There're guard sensors on the
other side there, careful with your moves. Again, 1 mistake = instant Game
Over. Once you passed it, get the RAILGUN to disable it. Before you enter the
door there, go to the left to get EUCALYPTUS EO L, then go in. Take care the
guards there, then go left all the way & enter the big door on the corner.
Deal with the 2 Tekken Force soldiers inside, then take the MEAL KIT M on the
table. Destory the chair nearest to the door where you came in, so that you
can take the HOLSTER. Now get out from this room & enter the nearest door
(white door). 3 Tekken Force soldiers is waiting for you inside, also there're
lockers there which you can only open it if you have the Personal Code #21 to
#24. Take the SHUTTER OPERATION MANUAL on upper left side & operate the
shutters on the right after that. Press the C, D, E, then the ACTIVATE button.
Then go out from that room.

Once you're outside, turn right & then left (opposite way from the evelator
with 2 fingerprints authrorization). Follow the path & put off your items on
the deposit box on the right. Then proceed forward & enter the nearest door.
4 Tekken Force soldiers are waiting for you inside, beat them. Then go to the
lower left & climb the ladder, then enter the door to the outside. Another 4
Tekken Force soldiers are waiting for you outside. Once you beat them, activate
the elevator's power switch on the left, then go back in to take your items
back. They're on the room right near to the deposit box (careful there're
2 Tekken Force soldiers inside there). Inside, there're lockers for the
Personel #25 to 28. Take the TASK REPORT on the table, open up the LCD Panel,
& take back your items on the deposit box.

Honeycomb Puzzle #4 : This one contains INFINITE 9MM HANDGUN if you played the
game by using the save-game from a cleared-game.

  1 2          1 2          1 2
 3 4 8        3 4 8        3 4 5
7 A 9 6  ->  6 7 A 9  ->  6 7 8 9
 0 5 B        0 5 B        0 A B

Now head back to the yard & go up from the elevator which you activated just
now (unlock the door on the fence from the side where you are now for a
shortcut, so you don't need to walk around it to go to the other side).

On the shower room, go to the lower right & get the fingerprint on the
locket (Personal Code #31). Back to the hall, now you've passed the metal-
detector area but you're not naked. So, proceed to the north & go up enter
the room. Get the WHITE TAG KEY & fingerprint from the film splicer (Personal
Code #22) there, you may want to save your game 1st on the save point there
before you proceed to the next room. Since it's a boss fight after this.

Fighting Enrique :
(strategy to fight him will be added later in the future updates)

-Mission 9 :
After the battle, there'll be a cut-scene with Anna's 1st appearance on the
game & also a FMV about the little Anna. Now get the fingerprint from the
Enrique's broken sword & also his scabbard on the same room to get the complete
of fingerprint E (Personal Code #78 & access level B2). Now go out from the
door on the corner.

Kick the bin right near you to get MEAL KIT M. Now go back up, proceed the
same way like when you're about to go fighting Enrique just now. Now there're
3 guards guarding there, take care them & 1 of them will drop an emblem.
Get the fingerprint from it (Personal Code #23). Get the DOTANUKI from the
suitcase & kick the boxes on the left to get BOTTLED WATER M.

Now go back to the hall, use the WHITE TAG KEY on the metal-detector panel to
disable it. Now go through & turn right on the T-junction(right from your
camera angle). Enter the door on the right, open up the LCD Panel.

Honeycomb Puzzle #5 :

  3 2          3 2          D 2          1 2          1 2
 1 5 6        6 1 5        3 1 5        3 4 5        3 4 5
D 7 4 B  ->  D 7 4 B  ->  6 7 4 B  ->  6 7 8 B  ->  6 7 8 9
 0 A 8        0 A 8        0 A 8        0 A D        0 A B
  C 9          C 9          C 9          C 9          C D

There's a save point also in this room. Once you're done, go out & proceed
down. There're 3 guards around the area there, 1 of them will drop an emblem,
get the fingerprint from it (Personal Code #32). Follow the way to the upstairs
& enter the door. You'll be back in prisons area. Walk a bit & 3 Tekken Force
soldiers will jump off at you. Proceed to the jail which leads to the
underground prisons to get to Lukas (if you forget where it is. Read the
1st pharagraph right above the Mission 7 section). Anyway, the jail there is
guarded by some guards, it'll make you easier to locate it. Now go rescue
Lukas on the cell #4 & there'll be a cut-scene.

-Mission 10 :
After that, 3 Tekken Force soldiers will come at you, protect Lukas from them.
Inside Lukas cell there's a MEAL KIT M. Now enter the tunnel on cell #1 again
& you'll meet a condition where you can't go back outside again. Now, proceed
thru the tunnel until you're out from there (same way with the previous time
you came). Now, the sewer has been flooded with water. You have to swim fast
to go through from there. From the direction where you jump out from the hole,
dive straight forward, take the 1st GOLD COIN right in front of a small hole
there & immeditely then go up to the hole to recover your breath. Then start
dive again to the right, recover your breath on the next hole. Dive to the
right, get the 2nd GOLD COIN on the corner, now proceed back to the 1st coin
place you took just now & enter the small hole. Inside the tunnel, dive to
the left on the T section. Before you take the GOLD COIN, recover your breath
1st on the square room right before it. Then proceed take the coin & turn
right on the T section. Skip the hole in the left & turn right on the T section
to get the 3rd GOLD COIN. Now go back & enter the hole that you passed just
now. Inside, immediately get the 4th GOLD COIN right above the elevator on the
left & immediately swim up to the surface quickly. 

*Submitted by Cristiano Gori*
"Before to climb the ladder, swim around the elevator until reach the end,
so, immediately under that position get the fifth gold coin (now you have 5

Now climb the only ladder around there & keep going up until you reach the
door at the end. Before you get out from there, take the DOTANUKI on the
corner next to the door there.

Once you're out, there're 3 guards waiting for you on the left. Take care of
them then climb the ladder & enter the room next on your right side. Get the
MAINTENANCE WORK MEMO on the table & the 1st part of fingerprint F from the
traffic signal baton on the right. There's a save point right in the middle
of the square mark on the floor there. Go back out once you've finished here.
Walk to the helicopter, there's 1 guard guarding there, take the fingerprint
from toolbox right under the helicopter to get the 2nd part of fingerprint F.
Then head to the way where there're 2 guards standing. Go downstairs, the
go north, enter the door on the corner. Inside, break the box in front of the
elevator & get the fingerprint from the emblem to get the last part of
fingerprint F (Personal Code #30). Now head back upstairs & go to the side of
the building. Jump on the box & hang on the pipe go to the left side. Careful
with the 2 lights, don't get yourself spot by them or you'll be shot, fall
down & those soldiers will come to you (good for leveling til your level MAX
here). Just keep moving to the left even if you're spotted, if you're lucky
enough, you can still make it to the left, if you shot down, just go back
upstairs & try again. Enter the door near there once you've made it.

Inside, kick the boxes right in front of the door for MEAL KIT M, there're
also lockers for Personel #29 to #32 in this room. Behind there, activate the
Terminal computer & 3 Tekken Forces soldiers will come to you. The door right
next to the lockers leads to the other room which you came in previously,
just unlocked it in case you wanna save your game or something later.

-Mission 11 :
Now get out from there, & proceed to the right while some guards will come
after your way. Avoid the 2 lights on the floor there if you don't want to
have more guards coming after you. Don't go up the ladder yet later as there's
a GOLD COIN on the end of the way there. Once you climbed up the ladder, you
will be spotted by the light suddenly, hurry up run to the right under the post
to avoid the shots. Once the situation back to normal, continue climb up the
ladder. There're 2 ladders for you to go up in here, I suggest you'd better
take the behind one as there're light on the front side. Watch the guard up
there, start climb the ladder when he's far from the side you climb. Once you
are successfully climb up the tower, get rid the guard. Sniper time!

Sniper mode :
Your objective here is to clear out the 4 towers around you. If you find the
light from the tower annoys you, just shot it. Watch for the 2nd & 4th tower,
as there're some guards come out from the ground. 3rd tower there's 1 guard on
the top of the tower hiding behind the light. Just at the light on the top to
spot his position. While on the 4th tower, there's 1 guard on the ground who's
holding a bazooka, you can't hide from it. It'll still hit you, so deal with
him as soon as he comes out.

Now climb down from the top. Climb on the box in front of the ladder that
leads down again, hang on the cable & go to the other tower. Turn on the
tower elevator power switch on the wall. Climb to the top of the tower from
the ladder back there, get the HAND GRENADE on the top. Now go back down &
use the elevator to go down to the yard. Your objective here is to go to the
hall, there're 2 ways to go there. 1 is to go from  the elevator that leads to
the shower room, another 1 is from the door on the most left. Choose whichever
you like, Lukas is waiting for you in front of the elevator with 2
fingerprints access on the hall (I'd suggest to go from the door on the left).
Access the elevator with Lukas to 1F, & there'll be a cut-scene of Anna &

-Mission 12 :
Follow out Lukas until you see a cut-scene. Then go to the right passing the
gate, go to the end of the harbour on the right & break the create to get a
GOLD COIN, then climb up the tower. There's a guard up there, use the same
method as you did back there just now. Take care of the guard & get the BLACK
TAG KEY on the wall. Now climb down, go to the forklift near the elevator you
came there & use the key on it. Climb the box on the forklift, the deploy your
Stingray on the airduct.

Stingray mode :
Your objective here is to 'get near' on the 2 buttons. Follow the airduct
until you get out from it, then proceed down 1st. To make your view easier to
look around, switch the camera angle from the Stingray top-side. Find the
shiny switch near the elevator way to make the elevator move down. Then
immediately go up to avoid the guard's shots at you. Follow the elevator way
up there until you reached on the top level where there're 2 guards patrolling
around. Now find another shiny switch on the corner & immediately push it
before the guards notice & start shooting at you (this is the hardest part).
3 shots & it's Game Over for you, so be careful. This is the last, & also
the hardest of the Stingray mini-game in the entire game.

Now the electric door on that place has been unlocked, while some guards will
be put there after that. Protect Lukas while fighting them, then proceed
inside & head down from the elevator.

-Mission 13 :
There're some guards down there, take care of them. Get the fingerprint from
the nudy magazine on the table (Personal Code #39). There's a save point on
the other side there if you want to save your game. Now enter the door in the
middle. Keep going thru the corridor, 2 Tekken Force soldiers will jump at you
in the front of the next door. Enter the door.

Straight go down inside, don't touch the fence there as it's electric for now.
There're some guards guarding the stairs to the downside. One of them will
drop an emblem, scan the fingerprint (Personal Code #28). After that, go down,
ignore the small building on the right for now. Keep going down & get the
HOLSTER at the end of the way down there. Now go to the small building that
you saw just now, 3 Tekken Force soldiers will jump at you when you try to go
up from there. As you go in, 4 soldiers will come at you, finish them off.
Get the EXAMINER's REPORT on the table, press the switch on the wall to
deactivate the electric on the fence. Now go out & proceed to the door on the
fence located right opposite from the door where you came in to that place.
You may want to save your game 1st before you proceed, as it'll be a boss fight
inside there. There's a save point around on the right-side from that door.

Fighting Anna :
Lukas has 'demonstrate' you that the floor on that place is fragile. So, watch
your steps in this fight, you can also take this as your opporunity to straight
beat Anna if you can make her fall down to the broken floor.
(strategy to fight her will be added later in the future updates)

There'll be a FMV cut-scene after you beat her. Now proceed go back & as you
are about to enter the door, there'll be a cut-scene again. 3 Tekken Force
soldiers awaits you out there. Now go back to the small building again, some
soldier coming up at you as you go there. Inside the building, go to the
computer there. There'll be a cut-scene about Lukas whining around in the
monitor F. Your objective here is to guide Lukas to the place in the L-spot
to get a crowbar 1st before you start guiding him out to the exit.

Guiding Lukas :
(I need confirmation on this too whether it's randomly or not, 'cuz some
people said Lukas seems appear to be randomly at the beginning). You won't
have any clue at the beginning about his position currently. So, try to ask
him to move around until he appears in 1 of the monitor there. Then start look
carefully on the map, look carefully where's the camera-side so that you won't
misguiding him to the wrong direction. You don't need to look at the monitors
again once you've figured out his position. Just look at the map, & imagine
the direction that Lukas run to. If he counters the robot in the middle of the
way you direct him, you'll mostly will lose him from the position & have no
clue which direction he's running to, unless he's on the monitor that moment.
If that happens, then you got no choice but have to tell him to move around
again until he appears on 1 of the monitors. I'll try to make a better guide
about this later. As I still need some stuff to be confirmed on this.
Here's guide in my case for now : 
After the cut-scene, Lukas is running to the left side on the monitor F. So,
the commands for him would be : Turn Left, Left, Straight, Straight, Straight,
eft (at this point, he should be appear on the L monitor & take the crowbar).
Now turn Left, Right, Straight, Straight, Left, Left, Straight. BINGO!

After the cut-scene, both of you will be ended up on the lower level on that
area again. Take the Crowbar on the floor & go up all the way. 3 Tekken Force
soldiers will jump at you on the top level. Take care them off, & use the
Crowbar to open the hatch & proceed inside.

Inside, keep moving to the left, ignore the stairs to the down for now. 
Another 3 Tekken Force soldiers will jump at you there. After you take care
them, proceed to the left & climb the ladder up to the tank & jump in.

-Mission 14 :
Swim thru' the tunnel, as you're out from the tunnel, look at the ground & get
the GOLD COIN. Then get off from the water from the ladder. Head to the right,
get the fingerprint from the dead scientist body (Personal Code #34), next to
the door on the right corner there're lockers for Personel #37 to #40. Unlock
the door so that Lukas can go in, then move to the left & follow all the way
'til cut-scene (more look like a MGS cut-scene this one). 3 Tekken Force
soldiers will straight jump down after the cut-scene ends. Protect Lukas from
them. After you take care them, get the CHEMCIAL TRANSFER REPORT on the floor
under the console. Get the diving suit from 1 of the locker near the locked
door on the corner. There's a save point on this room right near the ship on
the ground floor there. Now, get out from that room from the door where you
unlock for Lukas just now.

Outside, there'll be some guards patrolling around, just take care all of them
& go to the right side. Go downstairs from there, & jump in to the water. Dive
to the left side, there's a GOLD COIN under there, & in front of the coin
there's a narrow path that leads to the other side of that cave. Proceed thru
the path, & when you're out from the narrow path. You can see there's another
GOLD COIN on the ground right in front of it. Take the coin & then heads up
from the water.

Get the fingerprint from the dead scientist once you're out from the water
(Personal Code #40) & enter the door on the left. As you're inside, enter
to the another door right next to you (Chemical Weapons Storage Room).
Go straight down, you'll see an LCD Panel. Activate it.

Honeycomb Puzzle #6 :

    2              2              2              1              1
   D 3            D 3            4 3            2 3            2 3
  8 4 5    ->    8 4 6    ->    8 5 6    ->    4 5 6    ->    4 5 6
 A 9 C 7        A 9 5 7        A 9 0 7        8 9 0 7        7 8 9 0
1 B 6 0 E      1 B C 0 E      1 B C D E      A B C D E      A B C D E

Now go to the right, scan the fingerprint on the glove at the corner up
(Personal Code #35), proceed follow the path. In the end of the path, get the
CHEMICAL AGENT on the floor. Now go back outside the door.

Go to the south, get the fingerprint from another dead scientist (Personal
Code #--), follow the way & get the DETERGENT at the end of the hall. Now get
out from there from the door where you came, climb up the Sprinkler System
tank on the right. Get the fingerprint on the wrench there (Personal Code #36),
then use all the 2 chemical items that you get just now (CHEMICAL AGENT &
DETERGENT) on the reservoir hole. Now go back to the Chemical Weapons Storage
Room, turn on the fire alarm on the right. 

-Mission 15 :
Now you've neutralized the gas, get out from that room. Go straight to the
right & enter the door on the corner up. There'll be a cut-scene showing that
Lukas is entering the door in front, follow him. Inside, get the BOSKONOVITCH'S
JOURNAL on the table, get the ESCAPE ROUTE MAP on the wall right next to the
glass door. Also here there're lockers for Personel #30 to #33. Once you're
done here, go back outside.

Proceed through to the other way, take care the guards. Go to the left side
from the T-junction there. Get the TACTICAL BELT from the box on the left
in front of the 'entrance'. Get the fingerprint from the dead scientist in
front there (Personal Code #38). Enter the door on the corner. Inside, there's
only an LCD Panel there. Open it. 

Honeycomb Puzzle #7 : (HOLSTER)

C 2 3      C 2 3      1 2 3
 1 5        1 5        4 5
6 4 8  ->  6 4 8  ->  6 7 8
 7 9        9 7        9 0
A B 0      A B 0      A B C

Now go back & head to the other way from the T-junction. Get all the finger-
prints from all the dead soldiers there (Personal Code #24. The rest 3 soldiers
don't have Personal Codes). Now enter the door (get ready for a tough boss-
fight. Don't worry there's a save point inside. You can still save your game
1st before you start fight).

Inside the room, go to the south, DON'T TOUCH THE ELEVATOR PANEL YET! (the one
on the elevator, not the shiny ones!) Check around near the elevator there's
a save point incase you want to save 1st. After that, you may press it & there
will a cut-scene before the fight.

Fighting J-Robot :
All you need to do here is to damage half of it's life-bar. I found that the
camera angle in this fight is kinda wrong. & will make you hard to see the
robot nor it's 'shurikens' (use the Change View button to fix the camera
everytime you find that the camera angle is 'wrong'). After you success reduce
half of it's life-bar, there'll be a cut-scene Alan is actaving the radio-
active machine there. Now you need to lure the robot to get near it & make the
robot stunned in front of it for awhile by hitting his head (easier to do it
with melee weapons). The problem is that the radioactive isn't always ready,
sometimes it'll off for awhile. So, you really have to get the correct timing
for this (I haven't tried yet whether you can actually kill it without using
that radioactive or not. Need confirmation on this).
(strategy to fight it will be added later in the future updates)

After you're done with it. There'll a cut-scene again (I won't spoil it here),
then you can save your game if you want before you proceed down (it'll be
another boss fight). Once you're ready, proceed down & there'll be another
cut-scene once you're out from the elevator.

Fighting Enrique :
Now here you dont fight him 1-on-1. The J-Robot will try to hit both of you,
so it could be advantage for you. But also could be disadvantage for you. But
your main opponent here is actually Enrique, the life-bar on the bottom is
Enrique's life-bar. Once you've damage 'til his life-bar left around 1/4, the
J-robot also will be down. & it'll be a pure 1-on-1 battle after that. The
only strategy I can give for now is try to avoid his attack 1st before you
try to hit him. 'cuz most likely he'll parry all your attacks if he's in steady
condition. Once he missed to attack you, it's your chance to counterattack him.
(strategy for this fight will be added later in the future updates)

Once you've beat him, proceed to the room on the north. Get LUKAS' JOURNAL
on the table & enter the door on that room. Proceed downstairs, get the 5.56MM
ASSAULT RIFLE on the suitcase right just after you arrived downstairs. There's
a save point opposite side on that place (if suitcase is on the left, then the
save point in on the right side). Get the fingerprint from the dead scientist
there (Personal Code #--). Before you take the elevator on the south, climb
the ladder near the suitcase just now. & enter the door on the corner up.
Inside the room, there's a LCD Panel in front of you, open it.

Honeycomb Puzzle #8 : This one contains INFINITE 9MM SUB-MACHINEGUN if you
played the game by using the save-game from a cleared-game.

1 4 5      1 4 3      1 4 3      1 2 3
 6 8        6 5        6 5        4 5
7 9 2  ->  7 8 2  ->  2 7 8  ->  6 7 8
 A 0        9 0        9 0        9 0
3 B C      A B C      A B C      A B C

Get the fingerprint from the flask on the table (Personal Code #33). Also, you
may want to unlock the glass door from that side (that leads to the room where
you saw Lukas entered last time). So that you can open the locker #33 with
his fingerprint now & get the TYPE J REPORT.

Once you're done all here, get out from that room from where you came in just
now. Use the elevator on the south to go up back to the underground prison
area. You'll see Lukas hanged there & Alan is right next to him. Go to them
& there'll be a cut-scene. After that you'll get Lukas' POCKET WATCH.

Mission 16 :
Get the fingerprint from Lukas body (Personal Code #37), also check out the
shiny thing on the table (just to make sure you get Edgar Grant fingerprint).
Now proceed thru to the door on the left, get the fingerprint from the dead
soldier (Personal Code #--), go all the way upstairs back to the prisons area.

When you've reached the prisons area, go all the way to the left, you'll
encounter some guards on your way. Get the fingerprint from the dead soldier
on the middle on that area (Personal Code #--). Keep going to the left to the
door on the corner hall & enter.

Your objective now is to go to the Watchtower. Follow all the way & keep going
straight you reached the 1st T-junction, once you reached the 2nd T-junction,
turn left (upside on your camera angle). Exit from the door on corner back to
the yard. There's a dead soldier too that you can take his fingerprint around
the middle on this area (Personal Code #25). Now use the elevator right around
the right side of him to go up & meet Alan. Go walk to him & there'll be a
cut-scene. Now go to the backside, climb up the ladder, kill the guard on the
top. Prepare for another sniper game.

Sniper mode :
Just like on the 1st time, you have to protect Alan again from the guards.
I can only give you tips here that the soldiers that attack Alan are ALL on
the ground. While those who're attacking you are MOSTLY from the towers. So,
if your Danger meter increased, try to check the towers 1st instead of the

After Alan succeed make his way to the helicopter, there'll be a FMV.

Mission 17 :
Now you're back on the ship again with new suit. This time, mostly you're not
facing ordinary/Tekken Force soldiers anymore. Your opponents now mostly a
robot, you can see the example right when you start, there're 2 robots straight
coming at you. Beat them & get the HEIGHTENED SECURITY MEMO on the table near
you, get the INT.CODE FLAG CHART from the world map board on the wall in the
middle. Also there's a STUN BATON from the suitcase on the left table. To the
far corner on the left there's a DEFIBRILLATOR in a suitcase on the floor.
Now go back to the right side, & right near the stairs on the right (on the
lower part) on the wall there's a print scanner leads to the LCD Panel.

Honeycomb Puzzle #9 : (Armory)

 1 2 3        1 2 7        1 2 7        1 2 3
5 6 9 4  ->  5 6 3 4  ->  4 5 6 3  ->  4 5 6 7
 8 7 0        8 9 0        8 9 0        8 9 0

There's a save point on the far corner to the right. Once you're done in
this room, enter the door near the save point there.

Keep going until you reached the room with many shelves. First, get the LOST
ITEM REPORT hanged on the wall. Now use the control panel to move the shelves,
press AB, then CD. Get the BLANK CARD on the floor. Now back to the panel,
move GH, IJ, & lastly KL to get the GOLD COIN on the floor under the KL shelf
before it moved. Now back to the panel again & press the KL again (because
you can't go proceed if you don't move the KL shelf back). There's a computer
near the ladder that you can use to change your BLANK CARD into BLUE CARD.
Now climb up the ladder. Break the mirror on the right side at the corner hall.
2 guards are waiting behind there, careful. Now use the panel on the table
(the clue for this puzzle is on the Shakespeare painting right in front of
the table). Anyway, the answer for this is the 2 flags marked as ROMEO & JULIET
behind the painting. Now enter the door on the left.

From here, go down (right side), break the vase right next to the door on the
corner to get a GOLD COIN. After that head back to the other side & enter the
door to the Reception Hall.

4 robots are waiting for you here in the middle, so prepare yourself for a
their surprise attack. Once you've get rid of them, head to the door on the
other corner. Make your way back to the atrium from there. Once you're back on
the atrium, go down the stairs & head to the right (left side from Nina), watch
out for the robots in front of the bars since they're actually alive. Go in to
the bar (they've fixed the glasses now, eh?) get the BOTTLED WATER S on the
table & a MEAL KIT L on the corner of the bartender place. Now enter the door
there. Take care the 2 guards on that room, you might want to break the box on
the bottom corner for a MEAL KIT M. Proceed to the next floor down. The
suitcase on the table contains 9MM 3RB HANDGUN if you want to take it. Proceed
to the freezing room where you fought Bryce for the 1st time. Inside, the
medallion will turn into CHIMERA CREST. There're 3 robots are waiting for you
in this room. You might want to check the fingerprint on the dead body there
just to make sure again that you have Edgar Grant's fingerprint (I won't spoil
the whole story here), there's a MEAL KIT L at the back there if you need it.
Once you're done here head back up & go back to the atrium again. Once you're
back on the atrium. Go to the north & when you reached a T-junction, turn
right. Use the elevator to go to the B1F.

There's a guard here, you can just sneak-in to him & kill him before he
calls for backup, up to you. Get the TACTICAL BELT from the black suitcase on
the table. After that, proceed to the end of the path, & you'll be out on the
ship deck. Climb up the ladder near you (2 robots are waiting for you once you
are on the top). Enter the door to Lana's room. Get BOTTLED WATER M on that
room & head to the next room. Get the Katana from the suitcase on the table
opposite from Lana's private room. Head to the next room. Put the CHIMERA
MEDALLION on the sailboat model, & you should get CHIMERA KEY after that.
Before you leave this room, don't forget to take back the CHIMERA MEDALLION
with you. Now go back to the lower deck where you came in there. Now go to
the heliport & be ready for a fight with ALL the robots there. They will start
move once you take the RIPPER BLADE in the middle, if you don't want to fight
them all then don't take it. But you'll miss tons of EXP from them & 1
fingerprint. They will only move simultaneouly maximum 3 of them at the same
time. The last robot will drop a fingerprint (Personal Code #16). On the
corner of the heliport, there's an LCD Panel.

Honeycomb Puzzle #10 : This one contains INFINITE TONFA if you played the game
by using the save-game from a cleared-game.

  4          1          1          1
 2 1        2 6        2 3        2 3
5 7 6  ->  5 7 4  ->  5 6 4  ->  4 5 6
 3 8        3 8        7 8        7 8
  9          9          9          9

Now go to the left part of the ship deck to the Boiler room. Inside, the
medallion will change again into UNICORN CREST. Head back all the way back to
the atrium again (choose 4F on the elevator).

Once you're on 4F, enter the elevator in front of you back to the atrium
entrance. Tons of robots are waiting for you there, just like the fight on
heliport, maximum only 3 of them can move simultaneously, the rest wait until
at least 1 of them is beaten. There's MEAL KIT S on the corner north incase
you need. On the middle of this room there's an aquarium with sailbot inside
of it. Use the UNICORN MEDALLION on it (use it from the side facing the
elevator), you should get UNICORN KEY after that. Now it's up to you whether
you want to take the UNICORN MEDALLION again or not. After all, it won't be
any use anymore for the rest of the game. Now go back to the elevator back to
the atrium. Use the elevator to go to 1F.

There's a guard here, if he noticed you out. He will call for backup & some
robots will also come there. Ok now press the switch TWICE on the statue near
the piano at the center of the room. So that the 'light-words' are on the
keyboard. Now use the UNICORN KEY & the CHIMERA KEY on the piano & play the
piano. Press the notes following these order (according to the words there) :
O-R-P-H-E-U-S. There'll be a cut-scene after that & now you can go down to
the lower part of the ship. Enter the new elevator that just arised & there'll
be a conversation cut-scene with Alan.

Right side of the door (from your camera angle), there's a save point. Go to
the north & take care the 3 robots. There's an LCD Panel in the middle.

Honeycomb Puzzle #11 : This one contains INFINITE 9MM SUB-MACHINEGUN if you
played the game by using the save-game from a cleared-game.
(There're 2 ways to solve this puzzle. You can start by moving the 4-9 like
the one I do on below, or move the 8-0-2 first after that the 4-9. It doesn't
affecting each other. While the 3rd & 4th step have to be the same like above.)

 4 5 3        9 5 3        9 5 3        1 5 3        1 2 3
9 1 6 7  ->  4 1 6 7  ->  4 1 6 7  ->  4 8 6 7  ->  4 5 6 7
 8 0 2        8 0 2        2 8 0        2 9 0        8 9 0

Now climb up the ladder on the right there. Once you reach the top floor, you
can ignore the 2 robots on the north since there're no items around that place.
While on the south area there's a fingerprint that you can take (Personal Code

Now enter the submarine on the center (the path is on the right side). Inside
the submarine, get the 1st part of fingerprint D from the diving mask. After
that, enter the thing on the corner & you'll be fall to the pool. Get the GOLD
COIN right in front of you & swim up to the surface. Swim to the lower left
side to reach the LCD Panel box, also get the 5.56M ASSAULT RIFLE on the
suitcase under the stairs.

Honeycomb Puzzle #12 : This one contains INFINITE SUITCASE GUN if you played
the game by using the save-game from a cleared-game.

   0            2            2            2            1
  3 2          3 5          3 4          4 3          2 3
 7 8 5   ->   7 8 6   ->   7 5 6   ->   7 5 6   ->   4 5 6
1 4 9 6      1 4 9 0      1 8 9 0      1 8 9 0      7 8 9 0

Now jump back to the water & climb the ladder on the left. Go to the right &
enter the door on the corner. Proceed & you'll see that the pipe on that room
is leaking. Proceed to the end of the path & climb down the ladder. Go pass
those robots (you'll fight them very soon!) to the end of the way. Press the
lever & the leaking gas now will have temporary drop every few seconds. Get
ready to fight those robots while you're going back to the top. This time is
harder than before, because of 4 of them now can move simultaneously. Once
you've climbed the ladder back to the top. Still on the path there, climb the
box on the right & take the STUN BATON on the top of the boxes. After that,
stand on the brown box & hang to the pipe. Make your way to the other side
there, stop when the gas is leaking & proceed when it's on temporary drop.
Once you've reached the other side, go to the north to open another LCD Panel.

Honeycomb Puzzle #13 : (This puzzle's solution I found from GameFAQs Message
Board. Someone there had drawn it very well. I want to give him/her credits
for this but I forgot what's his/her nick there. 'cuz the thread has been
deleted after a month nobody's bumped it. I wish I could remember his/her nick.
If you the person whom I meant read this. Feel free to let me know your
nick/name if you want so that I can give you credit for this *along with the
proof of your draw last time. So that I don't give the credits to the wrong

This one contains INFINITE RAIGUN if you played the the game by using the
save-game from a cleared-game.

 9 2 3        1 2 3        1 2 3        1 0 3        1 0 3        1 2 3
8 1 4 5  ->  8 7 4 5  ->  5 8 7 4  ->  5 2 7 4  ->  4 5 2 7  ->  4 5 6 7
 0 7 6        0 9 6        0 9 6        0 9 6        8 9 6        8 9 0

Now head to the south & climb onto the airduct. Inside, follow the path until
you see there's a path to the left, turn left. When you reached a T-junction,
turn right. Proceed until you reached another T-junction, turn right. Follow
all the way to the end to get a GOLD COIN. After that, go back follow the
path & you'll see there's an exit on the other way. Go out from there.

You'll be in a room where there's 1 guard inside there. Get rid of him.
There's a save point on the corner from the computers. Take the YELLOW TAG
KEY near the save point. Use the BLUE CARD on the 'shiny' machine to change
the card into YELLOW CARD. Break the chair next to it so that you can take
the fingerprint from the pen on the table (Personal Code #15). Near the door
there, next to the panels on the south wall, there's a fingerprint authori-
zation leads to another LCD Panel.

Honeycomb Puzzle #14 (last) : Armory (Thanks to Pianoman for helping me out
solving this one.)

   4            4            9            1            1            1
  3 8          8 3          4 3          9 3          9 3          2 3
 1 2 6   ->   1 2 6   ->   8 2 6   ->   4 2 6   ->   4 2 6   ->   4 5 6
9 5 0 7      9 5 0 7      1 5 0 7      8 5 0 7      7 8 5 0      7 8 9 0

Once you're done here, get out from that room. Go to the south (right side
from Nina's view) going upstairs. Once you're on the upper floor, there's a
diver's watch on the flood, get the last part of fingerprint D from it
(Personal Code #19). There're 4 robots near there waiting for you. After you
beat them, proceed to the end of the way there & operates the power for the
elevator on the left by switching the panel on the wall next to it. Then use
the elvator to go up.

The 3 robots there as you know, they'll attack you once you walk near them.
After that, enter the door nearby. Now here, you'll have to do 1 of the hardest
part in the game. Passing the sensors but this time the sensor is more complex.
Watch carefully the sensor patterns before you start make your moves.

Hint : Your 1st 'checkpoint' is to stop on the middle passing the 1st
horizontal line, then carefully move either to the left or right where the
laser doesn't pass it. Then go straight up from that side you're on, wait for
the right moment to do it. Now the hardest part is you have to come back to the
middle just before the last line. Once you're 'safe' on that spot, you can
walk easily to the other side once the last horizontal line is gone.
So, you need totally around 4 times to stop if you want to play the most safe
way here.

Once you passed the sensor, take the Railgun so that the !@#$%^&* sensor is
deactivated. Enter the door.

Assuming the door where you came in is on the north side, go to the upper
right & break the vase to reveal the save point in this room. Get the
ATTENDEE ROSTER from the table on the middle. Now head back all the way back
to the Deep-Sea Sub Bay (Mid Level). Use the elevator to go down to the
lower level & enter the door on the corner.

Once you're inside, immediately turn left & enter the Operation Room. Inside,
go to the control panel of the 6 switches on the wall, press the switch A &
get the fingerprint from the deadbody (Personal Code #56), now press the switch
B & get also the fingerprint from the body (Personal Code #67), next is the
deadbody from switch D (Personal Code #89), & lastly, deadbody from switch E
(Personal Code #00).

There's DEFIBRILLATOR on the table on the upper right corner. Get the finger-
print from the guy who's lying right next on the robots (Personal Code #20).
Now go to the small room around the south corner & get the fingerprint from
the tightened deadbody (Personal Code #18). Now get out from that door, & then
come back in, 1 of the lying robots there will wakup & attack you, beat him &
check his 'bed', there'll be a GOLD COIN there. Now get out from there & enter
the other door on that corridor. Inside, there're 6 lockers that if you follow
this walkthrough properly, you should be able to open them all right now
(I need confirmation about the personal codes needed of this lockers).
Get the HOLSTER from the suitcase on the seat there. & get the WORK
INSTRUCTIONS on the table near the other door on the corner. You're about to
open the door-lock puzzle now. The numbers are : 45, 56, 67, 78, 89, 00 (the
clue for this puzzle is on the ATTENDEE ROSTER file.)

Proceed through the corridor & you'll arrive on 1 quite huge room (remember
all the way to this place as you will have to come here later at the very end
of the game). Enter the door on the corner. Take out the 2 guards inside, get
the IC KEY plus the GUARD'S JOURNAL on the table. Don't forget to operates
the control on the right before you leave the room. Some robots will be
released as you're passing them later on the next room. Your objective is
to find the 3 J-Robots & activated them with the IC KEY. Now go back to the
Deep-Sea Sub Bay (Lower Level), go to the other corner, trash all the robots
& go downstairs. Enter the door on the corner back to the room with the
leaking gas. This will be the 1st (& also the hardest) J-Robot that you'll
fight. Use the YELLOW TAG KEY to open the fenced-door there. Quick way to go
down there is by hanging on the pipe & then press the Action button to jump
down. Activate the J-Robot & prepare for a fight. Once you beat it, you'll
automatically get the KNIGHT PIECE. Now go back to the Deep-Sea Sub Bay (Mid
Level) & enter the door on the other corner that leads back to the Atrium 1F.

Tons of robots are waiting for you once you're back on the atrium. From here,
you can choose which one from the 2 J-robots left that you'll destroy 1st.
One is located on the Reception hall (the room next to the meeting room on the
ship), while the other one is on the arena near Lana's room.

So, now you're back in the Atrium 1F. Head upstairs & enter the big door on
the middle. Go down to the middle of the arena, activate the 2nd J-Robot & get
ready for the fight. Once you beat it, you'll get the 2nd piece, SOLDIER PIECE.

Now go back to the Atrium & use the elevator to go to the 4F. Turn left or
right anywhere you like, follow all the down & enter the big door in the
middle. Follow the corridor to the Reception Hall. Activate & fight the last
J-Robot & get the last GENERAL PIECE from it.

Now you've beat all the 3 J-Robots, your objective now is back to the room
where you see a chess board with some missing pieces (the one where you got the
ATTENDEE ROSTER file). So, now go back to the Atrium 1F, enter the elevator to
the lower level, enter the door on the corner, back to the Captain's Office.
Put all the missing pieces on the board &... you may want to save your game
1st before you proceed to the next room. 'cuz there'll be a boss fight later.

Once you're ready, go inside the secret & there'll be a cut-scene plus a FMV.
After that... Fight Lana for the 2nd time.

Fighting Lana (2nd fight) :
The 'rules' is still the same as you fight Lana for the 1st time. But this time
it's harder. Because you have to protect Anna as well. Like on the 1st time you
fought her, her 1st location will always on the south. After that, she will
always spawn around but it won't be far from your position.

After the fight, there'll be a cut-scene about the true identity of Alan &
Lana who's successfully escape. Before you go chase Lana, check out the corner
of the room which is the opposite direction from where you came in there &
get the MANJI SWORD, the most powerful sword in the entire game. Now go chase
Lana by using the elevator she used on that room. There'll be a FMV & a cut-
scene before you fight Lana for the last time.

Fighting Lana (last fight) :
Now, the good thing is you don't have to protect anyone. So, you can focus
on your battle. The bad thing is, the old zombies are replace by bunch of
Enrique & Bryce clones plus some new zombies now. & again, Lana's location is
still somewhere around the south.

Mission 18 (last) :
Lana's down. There's a save point near her at the corner incase you want to
save your game. Now head up the stairs, get the SALACIAL MANUAL on the floor.
Get the RAILGUN from the suicase on the corner. Now use Lukas' POCKET WATCH
on the main control panel. 1st, make the clock hands pointing at 5:40 within
60 second, then 4:35 within 30 seconds, & lastly 9:00 within 10 seconds!
There'll be a FMV after that, now you have to escape from that ship within
certain minutes depends on your difficulty game level (Beginner is 7 mins,
Normal is 5 mins, Im not sure for the Hard level. Haven't tried it yet, maybe
3 mins). Use the YELLOW CARD on the panel on the wall near the stairs to turn
it into RED CARD. Now get out from that door on the door behind. Keep running
until the end of the path where there's a robot blocking the door. You have to
beat the other 4 robots 1st there before that robot is activated. 2 robots are
waiting for you outside, you can beat them if you feel you need some EXP &
you still have plenty of time. Or you can just ignore them & run to the
elevator & go down. 6 robots are waiting for you here. You have to beat the
1st 2 of them to activate the other 2 (which 1 of them is blocking the
door), once the other 2 starts moving, you can fight them if you like or you
can just ignore them & force your way to enter the door. Inside there, go
straight & enter the door on the other side. Passing the locker room, proceed
to the next room. You'll be back on the big room where you're about to get
the IC KEY last time. Enter the other door (which has red light on the bottom
of it) whereas you can't enter it last time you came there. Enter the empty
launch pod & there'll be a FMV again. After that, prepare for you final battle
with Anna Williams!

Fighting Anna :
Anna is a real pain. She will block most of your normal attacks. Your chance
to hit her for sure is by Critical Attack or by Hunting Swan (which is real
hard to hit her if she's not stunned since it takes time too long to perform,
but doesn't mean that it's impossible. Since when you perform this move, it
won't be cancelled eventhough your opponent is attacking on you, dont't worry
you'll take no damage at this moment. So, if you can use this in the correct
situation, like when Anna is about to attack you. This can be a good move).
Hunting Cutter also works well on her. Whenever she was stunned after she
knocked down. Always use this moment to blow some free hits to her. Also, the
edges of the stage here can be broken if you hit or you were hit there for a
few times. This can be your chance to get a straight victory... or straight
game over, dont expect too much to try to throw her out as aside of risking
yourself who will be thrown, also she's not that easy to fall. Sometimes she
will jump on the other side when she's pushed on the edge.
While the corner right on this place is already 'opened' up for it.
When you've damage around 1/3 of her life bar, there'll be cut-scene
between the sisters fight. Next cut-scene is when you've beat around 1/2 of
her life bar.

After you beat her, there'll be final FMV &... congratulations! You've beat
this game. After the Staff Roll, there'll be a report of your game results.



-Always use the Run button whenever you're on climbing ladders, or hanging on
the pipe, & also when you're crawling inside the airduct. It makes your move

-To fight the J-Robots on Mission 17. You have to hit their head if you want
to paralyze them for awhile so that you can give some free strikes on them.
Also, Critical Attack will only executable if you're aiming to their head's
direction, or else it will be failed.

-Here's some tricks & strategies contributed by Christiano Gori
(I'll just copy & paste it from what he wrote to my mail, & arrange them) :

I assume that here are two different moments on the game
First part:  you need to make skill points (to buy all the weapons you need).
remember that initially is unnecessary at all to gain all the combos as the
three combos I use mostly, are sufficient for the first 3/4 of the game.
Concentrate on the Melee proficiency and all the skills of this type. You must
gain many times 2000/4000/8000 score points to gain all levels of skills. Do
not use any of the water bottles nor Peppermint or other poisons, conserve
these only for bosses.
Second part: Use 8 hours of time to do the trick I explained and gain ALL the
skill points to buy ALL the melee weapons. So you don't need anymore
unnecessary fights. Use your stealth capacity to evade direct fights. Remember,
you are a sniper!
Perhaps you can use all the combos you want to enjoy yourself and your friends

There's some trick to fight most of enemies without fear.
Melee used: 
Me01 --> four kicks + one stun kick (TapLeftTumb + (L1 + TapLeftTumb +
TapRightTumb four times)
Me02 --> Bad Habit (L1 + TapLeftTumb + PressAndTapRightTumb
Me03 --> 5/10/20 Hit combo (L1 +  TapLeftTumb + TapRightTumb 20 times)
(buy these weapons as soon as you can)

--- Fighting Enemies ---
1) stupid & armed soldiers
    You can defeath these with any method. I prefer to use Me01 overall and
    Me02 and Me03 when I want to play spectacularly
    Note that Nina auto parry other enemies when she use these combos or when
    she takes Meat and Weapons on the floor.
2) "Calling backup" soldiers
    Defeat them before they call backup when You don't need more skill
    points. Make sure they remain alive as long as you want to fight and
    fight. Use Me01
3) mad soldiers 
    make sure to not give them time to counter you or use theirs 5hits combos,
    use Me01 without mercy
4) Red Martial artists
    make sure to conserve Dotanuki blades or/and electric tonfas to deal with
    these enemies as they can shot you on distance.
5) Standard robots
    You can use blades when deal with many of these, make sure to gain all
    level of skills to not break your melee weapons too soon. But remember
    that these robots don't give you blades
6) SS robots with blades
    These robots can give you the blades you'll need later to defeat J robots.
    You must use blades on them, make sure to get all the blades they can give
7) Robots with fire
    concentrate to defeat these robots as soon as possible as they can crunch
    your life bar fastly.
8) All Bosses
    Bosses are simple to defeat. As you need is much bottles of water,
    peppermint and other poisons. So, before to fight them, make sure to gain
    all bottles as you can. 
    The method is simple: when you are near the boss, use melee attack a "gogo".
    The first three times with three full bars (three attacks), the others with
    two. Use the time the boss ask to regain focus to restore your bars with
    bottles and strike again! When the boss life bar reach 1/4, use the Me01
    combo to finish him. If the boss shots you, escape (evade) his/her attacks
    tapping the left tumb. You must always reach the "face to face" with the

Perhaps guns and blades are not so good for them as they can parry all melee
weapons except all Melee Strike and some Me01. Avoid to use them

9) T3 Enemies 
    These enemies don't give You much skills because all of these can break
    your skill gain counter when in fight. Avoid these enemies.
10) J robots: Avoid as you can theirs attacks and use all the giant blades you
    have or melee01. Remember that theirs weak point is the head. Use of melee
    strike is no so decisive with them, but make sure to mirate to the J head
11) Anna Williams 
    Anna williams is a special boss. She can parry all your melee weapons except
    Melee strike and Me01. Use them and avoid Anna's 5/10/20 combos, evade her
    as you can and regain the face to face to use Melee strike! When, in Melee
    strike rallenty mode you can't reach any "red" point on her body,
    concentrate two shots on her heart.
    In final fight you can reach the end of fight if Anna fall out the boat.
    Remember also that Anna is your sister and...  my preferred Tekken fighter,
    don't be too mad with her :-)>



Q1 : What to do with the Flag buttons on Mission 17?
A1 : Look at your Flag chart. Search for the ROMEO & JULIET flag pictures.

Q2 : Help with the Salacia codes!
A2 : Point the hour & minute to 5:40, & then 4:35, lastly 9:00.

Q3 : What's the password for the the piano on the atrium?

Q4 : What're the numbers for the door-lock puzzle on Mission 17?
A4 : 45, 56, 67, 78, 89, 00

Q5 : Where to get the Chimera Medallion?
A5 : In order to get the Chimera Medal. You need the original/Unicorn medal
     (whichever it is also OK) to the freezing room (the room where you fought
     Bryce at the beginning). Inside that room, the medal will turn into
     Chimera Medal itself.

Q6 : Where to get the Chimera Key?
A6 : Chimera Key you can obtain from the sailboat model on Lana's room by using
     the Chimera Medallion.

Q7 : Where to get the Unicorn Medallion?
A7 : As for the Unicorn Medal. Bring the medal to the Boiler room (the path to
     get there is from the heliport to the left side.

Q8 : Where to get the Unicorn Key?
A8 : Go to the atrium entrance (the room right next on the arena where you
     fought Bryce for the 2nd time). There's a sailboat model just like the one
     in Lana's room. Use the Unicorn Medallion on it.

Q9 : What are the Gold coins for?
A9 : Ok, this has been asked many times to me. & to tell the truth, I don't
     even know exactly what's the used of it. There's been many rumours spread
     around about it, including unlocking Nina's 7th costume (if it were
     trully existed, which I really doubt about it.) Since I haven't got any
     proof for it's use until now. So, I'd better say "I don't know the use"
     for now.



-If you haven't beat the game at least once. You won't be able to skip all
the FMV's, dialogue events in the game. (Press START to skip those events.)

-Using a Defillibrator is considered as Continue (it'll be counted as you
continue the game at the end of game's results)

-Andree Surianta told me that you can actually beat the J-Robot on
Mission #15 (which I wrote in the walkthru to use the radioactive to beat
it.) well, you don't really HAVE to use the radioactive. You can still even
beat it without it. & in the end, the cutscene will still show you the
J-Robot get blasted by the radioactive.

-Beating the game once will give you GARMENT BAG on your next game (if you
start it by loading from the cleared save-game). With this bag, you'll be able
to change Nina's outfit anytime you want. The default available outfits after
you beat the game for the 1st time is 4 :
1. Cocktail Dress : The dress where you got after the tutorial on the
                    beginning of the game.
2. Swimwear : The dress that you used during the tutorial at the very
              beginning of the game.
3. Infiltration Suit : The dress that you got in Lana's room.
4. Tekken Force Battle Suit : The dress that you got once you're back to the
                              ship for the 2nd times (Mission 17).

After you've beat the game again for the 2nd time using your 2nd cleared save-
game, you'll get another new outfit, Wrestling Outfit (the one you saw at the
intro where Nina wear it during the fight on the ring).

-Here're some infos from AcidXTC. I'll just copy-pasted it what he told me :
The following lists what I have completed so far and what is unlocked.
Costumes: 6
Nina: Normal [Unlocked 24.6 in Music]
Anna: Easy [Unlocked 27.6, and Heihachi boss fight in Nina Mode]
Challenge: 43/50 (About 50% gold medals, 25% silver/bronze, 25% check mark)
           [1.6 – 4.6]
Sniper: 50/50 (about 15% gold, 35% silver/bronze, 50% check mark) [6.6 – 10.6]
Stingray: 15/30 (about 5% gold, 10% silver/bronze, 85% check mark) [11.6]
Honeycomb: 100/100 (about 50% gold, 35% silver, 15% bronze, 0% check mark)
           [14.6 – 23.6]
Music: 22/30
Movies: 16/16

Based on what the above I am pretty sure what unlocks everything but 30.6.
I am sure that medals do not matter while unlocking 1-23, but is possible 30
requires them.
01 – 05 unlocked through Challenge
06 – 10 unlocked through Sniper
11 – 13 unlocked through Stingray
14 – 23 unlocked through Honeycomb
24 – 26 unlocked through Nina Mode
27 – 29 unlocked through Anna Mode
30 have no idea

-JD said about unlocking 30.6 by doing this (copy-pasted) :
I checked out your faq, near the bottom you speculate that picture 30.6 might
be done through medal counts or something else. well those aren't the ways to
get the last pictue. Beat Anna mode on expert, which is ridiculasly hard, to
get the last pic. You get a a picture of Nina for the trouble.

-Gaining tons of EXP trick submitted by Cristiano Gori
In mission 11 there is a good trick to make tons of skill points, weapons and
When you've cleared the four tower in sniper mode, return to the room where is
the save point, take guns on hand and go to the next room (the room with #29
to #32 lockers). Shot down the enemies with guns until reach 16 combos, so
make three  steps ahead along the lockers until other enemies come on. Before
the combo counter reach the end, shot again other 10-16 shots so finish the
last three enemies by hand or with the Dotanuky. You should gain over 500
skill points. Now, go back to the save point room, and go out on the roof.
Now reenter the room and make the same procedure, all the enemies are ready
again to give you tons of skill points. If you finish the guns repeat the
fight by hand, the first or second time two or more of the guards you defeat
will leave  you other two guns to repeat the trick again ang again.

-Another trick to gain tons of EXP & skill points submitted by Gordon Grech
I`ve a place where you can get a high number of skill points and increasing
levels. I`m talking about after you kill Bryce Adams in the poolside, when you
enter the lift room a number of soldiers attack you, when you kill them all,
exit the room and re-enter it, soldiers will be replenished. Killing alot of
them will give a considerable amount of skill points.

-Here're some useful links submitted by Donny Chan
*In Chinese :

*In Japanese/Korean :



Note : I'm still missing some of skills which can be upgraded. Those which
       are missing are not the final form of the skill.

Explanation of icons :
(The skills moves will be available on the future updates.)

=L=> : Tap left-analog
=R=> : Tap right-analog
-L-> : Quick tap left-analog
-R-> : Quick tap right-analog

-Hunting Kick : A flying forward kick.
-Hunting Kick Combo (3) : A 3-hit combo executed from a Hunting Kick.
-Forward Roll Kick : A front roll into a heel thrust kick.
-Back Slicer : A low back spin kick for sweeping an enemy's legs out.
-Geyser Cannon : A special leg move used to launch an enemy into mid-air.
-Rapid kick : A rapid succession of kicks.
-Hunting Cutter : A flying back spin kick - very effective when surrounded by
-Ivory Cutter : A flying heel thrust kick followed by a spin kick.
-Bad Habit : A forward kick aimed at an enemy's vitals.
-Hold Submission Combo : A quick-step forward by a submission hold
-Rapid Kick Submission : A special submission hold executable during Rapid
-Killing Viper : A flying back spin kick that launches an enemy.
-Double Geyser Cannon : A special leg move used to launch an enemy even higher
                        into the air.
-Rapid Kick Combo : Rapid kick followed by a strong kick to launch an enemy.
-Hunting Slicer : A wider range kick executed from Hunting Cutter.
-5-Hit Combo : Unleashes five consecutive hits, but depletes Focus.
-10-Hit Combo : Unleashes ten consecutive hits, but depletes Focus. (This move
                can be acquired once you've acquired the 5-Hit Combo skill)
-Reversal : Throw an enemy by press R1 right before their attack connects.
-Hunting Kick Combo (5) : A 5-hit combo executed from a Hunting Kick.
-Hunting Kick Combo (10) : A 10-hit combo executed from a Hunting Kick.
-Hunting Swan : A quick sharp thrust on a vital spot (unblockable).

-Bone Cutter : Quick tap right-analog while running to attack enemies.
-Wall Attack : While running across or flipping off a wall, quick tap right-
               analog forward to attack.
-Spinning Cutter : 360 degrees right-analog while on the ground to do a leg
                   sweep while rising.
-Breakfall : Perform an ukemi to reduce damage when launched into the air.
-Hammer Throw : Use an enemy as a weapon by sweingin them around in a circle
                before throwing them.
-Surrender Attack : Attack an enemy that's down on their knees.
-Bone Cutter Submission : A submission combo executed from a Bone Cutter.
-Evasion Submission : A special submission hold executable during evasive
-Head Hunter Twist Throw : While jumping over an enemy, press R1 to grab their
                           neck and throw them.
-Silent Kick : A special kick executable during evasive action.
-Back Stab Kick : A flying kick delivered while jumping over an enemy.
-Accelerated Vision Lv1 : Enemy movement slows down when Critical Strike is
-Accelerated Vision Lv2 : Enemy movement slows down when Critical Strike is
-Accelerated Vision Lv3 : Enemy movement slows down when Critical Strike is
-Disarm & Attack : Start by disarming then throwing an enemy.
-Focused Breath Lv1 : A special breathing technique to recover Focus.
-Focused Breath Lv2 : A special breathing technique to recover Focus.
-Focused Breath Lv3 : A special breathing technique to recover Focus.
-Twisted Wind : Grind your heel on a downed opponent.

-Lethal Attack : Results in a fatal attack, but the melee weapon is destroyed
                 in the process.
-Melee Proficiency Lv1 : ?
-Melee Proficiency Lv2 : ?
-Melee Proficiency Lv3 : Reduced melee weapon deterioration by half.
-Melee Rush Attack : Delivers a series of armed attacks, but depletes Focus.

-Head Shot : A highly skilled and deadly technique which results in a one
             shot-one kill.
Rapid Fire Lv1 : ?
Rapid Fire Lv2 : ?
Rapid Fire Lv3 : Rate of fire increases by 60%.



Below are the list of Personal Codes of the people in the game, also the list
of items on their own lockers.

Note : I didn't try to open all the lockers during my previous game. I'll
       complete this section later once I'm done with the walkthrough part.

00 : Klaus Dijkstra
03 : Wang Tai Long
04 : Dennis Burwell
05 : Frederick Parker
06 : Jean Ducet
07 : Liu Fan Chen
08 : Kenny Brecker
10 : Richard Rhemer
11 : David Robbins
13 : Bryce Adams
14 : Douglas Taggart
15 : Alexi Vlandas
16 : Karim Rashad
17 : Wayne Gray
18 : Salvador Gomez
19 : Allan Gilliam
20 : Tim Fellner
22 : Sergei Brunovsky
23 : Gary J. Esparza
24 : Khafaru Adeniyi
25 : Pavel Mahler
26 : Barry Goldman
28 : Elias Haddad
29 : Marc Sonnenfeld
30 : Marios Kalis
31 : Jim Black
32 : Rodorigo Dolores
33 : Geppetto Boskonovitch (TYPE J REPORT)
34 : Thomas Roveski
35 : Hans Schmidt
36 : Andreas Reiner
37 : Lukas Hayes
38 : Charles Stoppard
39 : Carlos Alvarado
40 : Sarah Hamilton
45 : Lana Lei
56 : Graham Milton
67 : Yuri Gogniyev
78 : Enrique Ortega
89 : Vincent Brechet
-- : Thomas Murphy
-- : Keizo Hayashi
-- : Philip Jones
-- : Masatoshi Kudo
-- : Natalie Moore
-- : Chris Leighton
-- : Mbeki Olusajabo



1. Namco : Making this game.
2. GameFAQs : To publishing my FAQ for the 1st time in their site.
3. Pianoman : Help me out solving the last Honeycomb
4. AcidXTC : Extra modes info.
5. Donny Chan : Some useful links (cheat codes, hints).
6. Cristiano Gori : Many many of useful infos, tricks & strategies.
7. J B : Info about unlocking 30.6
8. Gordon Grech : Another trick to gain tons of skill points.
9. Andree Surianta : Info about possible to beat J-Robot on Mission #15
   without radioactive.
10. Tomas Burian : Info there's a medkit on the bathroom at the beginning.

FAQ copyright 2005 Sean Audrey. All rights reserved

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