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FAQ/Walkthrough by BNii

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/20/04

Culdcept FAQ/Walkthrough (Playstation 2)
Version 1.1
January 4, 2004
By Brian Nii (bnii at hawaii dot edu)

Table of Contents
1.  What is Culdcept?
2.  Version History
3.  Game Overview
4.  Game Flow
5.  Territories
6.  Creatures
7.  Items
8.  Spells
9.  Characters
10. Walkthrough
11. Creature List
12. Item List
13. Spell List
14. Gallery
15. Medals
16. Culdcept Strategy
17. FAQ
18. Acknowledgements

|1. What is Culdcept?|

"CULDCEPT, the book of creation and destruction made by the absolute Goddess
Culdra. Those who control the power can acquire the power of God. CEPTERS,
individuals with the capability to summon from within the book fight for total
control over Culdcept. Those who control the book become Gods, and many worlds
were created or destroyed by those who took over this power."

"But, Culdra has foreseen the future..."

"There would be one Cepter who will stop this chain and use the power to
destroy the entire universe..."

"Now...The fight for the fate of the universe is about to begin..."

                                                       - Culdcept story

Culdcept can be best described as a combination of Monopoly and Magic: The
Gathering. Players move about a map using dice and try to accumulate as much
territory as possible, while summoning creatures to attack and defend and
casting spells via cards. While popular in Japan, Culdcept was virtually
unknown outside of that country. Now, NEC brings an adaptation of the Japanese
Dreamcast version of the game for the first time to the American market with
the release of Culdcept for the Playstation 2.

|2. Version History|

Version 1.1 (1/4/04)
- The spell "Anti-Element" was accidentally listed as "Anti-Amulet" in the
spell list.
- For the Protector of the Earth medal, "Gooba" was misspelled "Goomba". Too
much Super Mario Bros. for me. =)
- Updated information on the two secret Cepters Zeneth and Najaran.
- Added curse effects to the Creatures section.
- Added card details to the card lists.
- Updated the FAQ.

Version 1.0 (12/24/03)
- First version of FAQ.

|3. Game Overview|

[Basic Goal]

In Culdcept you take control of a Cepter (a being who can use magic from cards)
and must win battles in various maps by accumulating a target amount of magic
(referred to as G). You can think of magic in this case as both money and
magical power. Each Cepter has a "deck" of 50 cards (referred to as a Book)
from which they draw cards to cast spells. The first person to return to the
Castle (starting point) with the target G total wins the match.

A Cepter can obtain G by the following methods:

- Summoning a creature on an unclaimed territory (this adds to their G total,
but in land value only and not G available to spend).
- Increasing the level of a territory (land value).
- Claiming a toll from another Cepter that lands on a territory they own and
they decide not to fight (or fight and lose).
- Defeating another Cepter's monster and claiming their land (land value).
- Playing certain spells.
- Reaching a Fort (checkpoint) for the first time.
- Reaching the Castle after passing all Forts (called a lap bonus, resets all


A Book consists exactly of 50 cards. Cepters cast spells from these cards by
playing their G costs. There is a maximum of four cards of each type that can
be in your deck (except for Extra type cards, see below). Each Cepter begins
the battle with four cards drawn from their Book. During the start of a
Cepter's turn one card is added to the hand. Cepters can have a maximum hand
size of six. If a card is drawn which would put the hand size at seven, a card
must be discarded. Once all the cards have been drawn from the book, an entire
new Book is created and reshuffled to draw from. Note that is new book is an
exact duplicate of your original deck, so it's possible to draw more cards of a
certain type than you had in your deck originally.


Cards are obtained after every battle regardless if you win or lose. Winning a
battle gains you more cards, and the more Cepters involved in a match, the more
cards you can obtain. Each card has a rarity, type, and cost associated with it.

Normal (N) cards for the most part can be obtained frequently. Strange (S)
cards are less common. Rare (R) cards are difficult to find. Extra (E) cards
are unique. You can only have one of each card in your deck and they can only
be obtained after certain battles in story mode or when certain conditions have
been fulfilled.

There are three types of cards: Creatures, Items, and Spells.

Creatures are summoned to claim territory for the Cepter or to attack another
Cepter's creatures. When a Cepter summons a creature on an empty territory, the
land comes under their control. However, certain creatures cannot occupy
certain territories. A Cepter can also summon creatures to attack other
Cepter's creatures. However, certain creatures cannot be used to attack.

Each creature also has a type associated with it: Neutral (White), Fire (Red),
Water (Blue), Wind (Yellow), and Earth (Green). Creatures that occupy a
territory matching their type gain a defensive bonus. Neutral creatures usually
do not gain defensive bonuses for territory.

Creatures have a ST, HP, and MHP value. ST indicates the amount of damage the
creature inflicts in battle. HP indicates the current amount of damage the
creature can withstand. MHP indicates the maximum amount of damage the creature
can withstand at full health.

Items can be used during battles to increase a creature's attack or defense, or
give them special abilities. Some items can be used outside of battle as well.
However, certain creatures cannot use certain items.

Spells are cast outside of battle, and have various effects. Some spells target
Cepters, while others target creatures.

Each card has a cost in G, which must be paid when the card is used (some cards
have a cost of 0, which means they can be played for free). Some powerful cards
require that you discard cards from your hand as an additional cost, while
certain creatures require that you control certain land types before they can
be summoned.

|4. Game Flow|

The first Cepter to return to the Castle with the target G value wins the
battle. Next to each Cepter's name are their color (the number inside is which
place they are currently in, this will flash if they have enough G to win the
battle), current G (upper value), and total G (current G plus the total land
and symbol values). Next to these values are letters, which represent each Fort
(checkpoint) on the map (N for north, W for west, etc.). These letters will
turn white when the appropriate Forts have been passed. Each Cepter starts with
a predetermined amount of G and four cards drawn from their Book.

Start of Turn


One card is drawn from the deck and added to the Cepter's hand. If the Cepter
has more than six cards one must be discarded. If the Cepter has drawn the last
card from the Book, a duplicate of the original book the Cepter started with is
created, shuffled, and drawn from.

2. CAST A SPELL (optional)

A Cepter can cast a spell from their hand for its G cost.


If a spell is played this automatically occurs. If not press up from the hand
display to access the dice. Press the X button to stop the dice. Your Cepter
will move forward the number of squares on the die. Note that the die value can
vary from map to map (i.e. 1-6, 1-7, 1-8 etc.). If the Cepter reaches a branch
in the path you have the option of which direction to move. If you reach a dead
end you will travel back in the opposite direction.


You can either summon a creature or use the Territory command, but not both
during your turn.

[Summon Defending Creature to Claim Territory]

If you land on an unoccupied territory you can summon a creature from your hand
by paying the G cost (and any other if applicable) and claim the territory. The
territory's land value is added to your G total. Note that certain creatures
cannot be summoned on certain territories.

[Summon Attacking Creature to Invade Territory]

If you land on a territory that is occupied by an opposing Cepter's creature,
you can summon a creature to do battle with it by paying its G cost. Note that
certain creatures cannot be used to attack. If you win you claim the territory
with the creature you used. If you lose, you must pay a toll in G to the Cepter
according to the land's value. This also happens if you decide not to attack
the opponent's creature. If the battle is a draw, you must pay the toll as if
you had lost the battle. If both creatures are destroyed then the territory
reverts to unclaimed land.

Flow of Battle

To defeat a defending creature your creature's ST must equal or exceed the
defending creature's HP. Before summoning a creature to attack you will notice
several icons appearing above the creature cards. An up arrow indicates that
that creature's ST exceeds the defender's current HP. An equal sign indicates
that that creature's ST equals the defender's current HP. A down arrow
indicates that that creature's ST is lower than the defender's current HP. It
is very important to note that this DOES NOT guarantee victory or defeat, as it
does not take into consideration any special abilities either creature has, or
any items or spells in effect. This icon only represents a comparison of raw
values, not victory.

Note: Some creatures have special abilities that can alter this flow of events.
This is a basic flow of battle.

Step 1: Use an item. Both the attacking and defending Ceptor can use an item by
paying its cost before the battle.

Step 2: Any changes or abilities granted by items takes effect before the
attacker strikes. Defending creature loses HP equal to the attacker's ST. If
the defending creature's HP is reduced to zero or less the attacker wins.

Step 3: Defender strikes. The attacking creature loses HP equal to the
defender's ST.

If the attacker wins the attacking creature occupies the territory for the
invading Ceptor. If the defender wins, the invading Ceptor pays a toll to the
defending Ceptor. If the battle is a draw, the attacking creature is returned
to the hand and the invading Ceptor pays a toll (as if they had lost the
battle). If both creatures are destroyed, the land reverts to unoccupied

Any damage inflicted to a creature remains after the battle (ones that return
to the hand recover all damage). A creature recovers 20% of its MHP every time
its owner receives a lap bonus.

[Use Territory Command]

You can use the Territory command if you land on a square that you control,
have moved past a territory you control, or land on a Fort or Castle. If you
move past multiple territories you control, you can only select one of them
with the territory command. If you land on a Fort or Castle you can use the
Territory command on any territory you control. Regardless of how many
territories you can select you can only use the Territory command once per
turn. If the Territory command is available you can access it by pressing down
from the hand display.

The following commands can be used with the Territory command:

Level Up Land: Allows you to increase the level of the land (level 5 max). As
the land level increases so does its cost to increase. For each increase in
level the toll fee for the territory increases. Also, defending creatures that
share the same type as the terrain (excluding neutral creatures) gain a bonus
of +10 HP for each level.

Land Change: Allows you to change the territory type of the land to fire,
water, wind, or earth for a cost in G. This is usually used to match the
defending creature on the territory, or to increase Chains (see Territory

Creature Movement: Allows you to move the creature to an adjacent territory. If
the space is unoccupied, the creature claims the territory. If an opposing
Cepter's creature occupies it, combat ensues as if you had invaded that
territory. Certain creatures cannot move.

Creature Exchange: This allows you to exchange a creature in your hand with the
creature currently occupying the territory. Note that you must pay for the cost
of the creature as if you were summoning it on an unoccupied territory.
Creatures are still affected by Land Limit (see Creatures below). This is
usually used to match a creature to its terrain type, to recover a creatures HP
(cards that return to the hand recover all HP), or to remove a Curse (all
Curses disappear from a creature when it returns to the hand).

Creature Power: Certain creatures have special abilities that can be activated
for a cost by using the Territory command. This is usually denoted on the card
by Territory[X]: Effect, where X is the cost in G to activate the effect.


You must draw a card and roll the dice before you end your turn. You can end
your turn without casting a spell or summoning a creature. The next Cepter's
turn begins.

|5. Territories|

There are two land types in the game: regular and special.

[Regular Lands]

Cepters can occupy regular lands by summoning a creature on them, or by
defeating an occupying creature. There are six types of regular lands: Fire,
Water, Wind, Earth, Multi-attribute, and Neutral attribute. A creature that
occupies a land type matching its own type gains a defensive bonus of +10 HP
for each level of the land. For example, a Fire creature occupying a level 3
Fire land gains a defensive bonus of +30 HP. Certain creatures cannot occupy
certain land types. Multi-attribute lands give a bonus to all non-Neutral
creatures, but do not contribute to Chains (see below). Neutral lands do not
usually give a defensive bonus, and they do not contribute to Chains. In
addition to defensive bonuses, if a Cepter controls any land adjacent to the
territory, the creature on the territory gains a +10 ST bonus. Note that this
applies to both attacking and defending creatures. It is possible to gain
multiple bonuses from adjacent squares (i.e. +20 ST bonus if you control two
adjacent squares).

A Chain is formed when a Cepter controls multiple land types. For example, a
Water x2 chain is formed when a Cepter controls two Water territories, a Water
x3 chain for three, etc. This has the effect of increasing the toll fee for all
lands of that type under their control. The higher the Chain, the greater the
toll fees will increase. Note that some maps are broken up into areas. In this
case, Chains will only occur for lands in that area. A Chain can be reduced if
the Cepter loses lands of that type, or broken completely if the Chain drops to
one land.

[Special Lands]

Special lands are indicated by structures on the map. Cepters cannot occupy
these lands.

Castle: The Castle is the starting point of the map. If all Forts (checkpoints)
are passed on the map and the Castle is reached, the Cepter gains a lap bonus
of G, and an additional bonus based on the territory and Symbols (see Shrine)
owned by that Cepter. If the Cepter has the target G for the map, landing on or
crossing the Castle wins them the game. If the Castle is landed on directly,
the Cepter can use the Territory command on any of their territories.

Fort: A Fort gives a G bonus the first time it is passed. You can think of this
as a checkpoint of sorts. When a lap bonus occurs at the Castle, all the Forts
reset and give out a bonus again. If the Fort is landed on directly, the Cepter
can use the Territory command on any of their territories. Note that certain
maps have multiple Forts of the same direction. In this case, you cannot gain G
from a Fort of the same type you already passed.

Prophet: When this tent is landed on, you can draw a random creature, item, or
spell card from your deck.

Altar: This Stonehenge-like structure causes a random spell effect to occur
when landed on. This can be good, bad, both, or neither.

Bridge: When a Cepter enters a land with a Bridge, they are immediately
transported to another Bridge and continue the remaining movement.

Warp: This sun symbol transports the Cepter to another area when landed on.
Unlike the Bridge, passing the Warp does not trigger it.

Shrine: You can purchase Symbols here (see Symbols below) by either landing or
passing the Shrine. Your turn continues as normal after you decide/decline to
buy Symbols. You can purchase up to 50 Symbols during each visit.


Symbols are purchased at the Shrine, and are available in all four basic land
types (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth). The value of Symbols contributes to your G
total. As you increase the level of your lands, the value of the Symbols
associated with it increases. For a Symbol to be affected by land value, the
land must be in the area that you purchased it in. For example, if you purchase
Fire Symbols in the north area, only Fire lands in the north area will affect
those Symbols. Symbols give a Cepter a 10% G bonus based on the value of the
Symbols during a lap bonus, provided that the Cepter controls more Symbols of
that type than any other Cepter. If Cepters have the same number of Symbols, no
one gets the Symbol lap bonus.

|6. Creatures|

Each creature in the game has the following statistics: Attribute, ST, HP, MHP,
Cost, Land Limit, Item Limit, and Special.

Attribute: There are five attributes in the game: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and
Neutral. Fire creatures tend to have high ST. Water creatures tend to have high
HP. Wind creatures tend to have the First Attack special. Earth creatures tend
to have the Support special. Neutral creatures usually do not get a defensive
bonus, but they are usually cheaper to summon than other creatures.

ST: Strength or Striking Power. This is the amount of damage that this creature
deals in an attack. A creature gains a +10 ST bonus for every adjacent
territory they control (this applies to both attacking and defending creatures).

HP: Hit points or health power. This is the amount of damage that the creature
can currently withstand. If a creature's HP is reduced to 0 it is destroyed. A
creature gains a +10 HP defensive bonus for every land level if they match the
type of territory they occupy.

MHP: Maximum hit points or maximum health power. This is the maximum amount of
damage the creature can withstand at full HP. A creature regains 20% of MHP
every time its owner gains a lap bonus.

Cost: This is the cost in G to summon this creature. Some creatures have an
attribute or card symbol listed in the cost as well. For example, the Dragon
has a cost of 90 + Fire x 2. This means that in addition to paying 90 G, the
Cepter must control at least 2 Fire territories. If a card symbol is present,
you must discard a card from your hand as part of the cost.

Land Limit: If a creature has a Land Limit, it cannot be summoned to that
territory. For example, the Dragon has a Land Limit of Water, so it cannot
occupy or attack a Water territory.

Item Limit: If a creature has an Item Limit, it cannot use that Item in battle.
For example, the Dragon has an Item Limit of Armor so it cannot use Armor type
Items in battle.

Special: If a creature has any special abilities it is listed here.

[Special Abilities]

Bonus Attack: This creature as an added effect if it successfully attacks the
opposing creature.

Boost: This creature affects all creatures of the indicated type.

Confusion: This creature deals damage to itself after a successful attack.

Critical Hit: This creature deals 1.5 times damage under certain conditions.

Death: A successful attack destroys the opposing creature under certain

Defense: This creature cannot invade a territory, and cannot move using the
movement command.

First Attack: This creature always attacks first in battle, even on defense. If
both creatures have First Attack, the attacker attacks first.

Global Effect: This creature affects the entire game.

Last Attack: This creature always attacks last in battle, even on offense. If
both creatures have Last Attack, the attacker attacks first.

Neutralize: This creature takes no damage from this attack. This does not
include scroll attacks.

Paralyze: This creature adds the Paralyze effect to a creature when it attacks.
Paralyzed creatures cannot attack, use items, or use special abilities.

Penetration: This creature ignores the defensive land effect of the opposing

Poison: This creature adds the Poison effect to a creature when it attacks.
Poisoned creatures receive additional damage after every battle.

Regenerate: This creature recovers all HP to MHP at the end of battle.

Scroll Critical Hit: When a scroll is used, it causes 1.5 times more damage.

Support: This creature can use a creature card in battle like an Item. The used
creature adds its ST and HP to the Support creature.

Territory[X]: This creature can use this ability by paying X G using the
Territory command.

Untargetable: This creature cannot be targeted by spells or territory effects.

There are many other special abilities than the ones listed here, but these are
the most common ones featured on creatures.


Curses are effects placed on either a creature or Cepter. They appear as
balloons over the creature's/Cepter's head. Most curses are negative, while
others are beneficial. Some curses have a limited duration, while others are
permanent. Curses on Cepters are never permanent. There are several ways to get
rid of Curses. The most direct way is to cast Remove Curse. On creatures, you
can remove a Curse by either exchanging it or moving it with the Territory
command. Curses are not cumulative, so casting another Curse will replace the
previous one.

[Creature Curses]

Anti-Element: Creature receives no land effect.

Confuse: Creature receives 30% of damage inflicted to the enemy.

Disease: Creature loses -20 ST/HP.

Paralyze: Creature cannot attack, use Items, or special abilities.

Poison: Creature loses HP after every battle.

Sleep: Toll cannot be collected.

Vitality: Creature gains +20 ST/HP.

There are many other creature Curses than the ones listed here, but these are
the most common ones.

[Cepter Curses]

Barrier: Cepter cannot be targeted by spells.

Bind: Cepter cannot move.

Despair: Cepter discards drawn cards.

Haste: Cepter's die roll is 6-8.

Haunt: Cepter becomes controlled by the computer.

Silence: Cepter cannot summon creatures.

Slow: Cepter's die roll is 1-3.

Waste: Cepter pays 50% more to play spells.

There are many other Cepter Curses than the ones listed here, but these are the
most common ones.

|7. Items|

Creatures in battle can use Items to give them an advantage over their
opponents. Certain creatures cannot use certain Items as indicated in their
Item Limit. There are four types of Items: Weapons (sword icon), Armor (armor
icon), Tools (ring icon), and Scrolls.


Weapons usually increase the ST of a creature, but some increase HP as well, or
give abilities such as First Attack.


Armor usually increases the HP of a creature, although some have other effects
such as neutralizing the attack of a certain type.


Unlike other Items, Tools can be used both right before a battle starts as well
as outside of battle. These usually give a permanent ability or increase ST/HP
for a target creature.


Scrolls are offensive in nature and usually deal damage to the opposing
creature. They have the advantage of penetration, meaning that they ignore
defensive bonuses due to territory.

|8. Spells|

There are two basic spell types: Instance and Curses. Some powerful spells
require a card sacrifice in addition to its normal cost.

[Instance Spells]

Instance spells take effect immediately and are indicated by a lightning icon.
They can affect one target (one icon) or multiple targets (two icons).


Cure - Restores target creature's HP to MHP.
Holy Word 6 - Target Cepter's next die roll is 6.
Manna - User receives lap number x 50 in G.
Meteor - Reduces target land level to 1.
Weakness - Reduces target creature's ST to 0 permanently.


Curses (balloon icon) can be temporary or permanent, and can affect one target
(one icon) or multiple targets (two icons).


Barrier - User cannot be targeted by spells for five rounds.
Haste - Target Cepter's die roll is increased to 6-8 for two rounds.
Silence - Target Cepter cannot summon creatures for two rounds.
Slow - Target Cepter's die roll is reduced to 1-3 for two rounds.
Vitality - Target creature gains +20 ST and +20 HP.

|9. Characters|

Note: The spells listed for each character are not a comprehensive list and may
vary depending on when they are encountered in story mode.

[Performer of the Mission]

Description: This is you, the hero of our story. You are selected by Goligan to
save the universe from destruction at the hands of the evil Cepter Geminigh.

Book Focus: Dependent on player. Initially you will receive a Book focusing on
either Water and Wind or Fire and Earth.

Playing Style: Dependent on player.

Creatures: Dependent on player.

Items: Dependent on player.

Spells: Dependent on player.


[Goligan, the Magical Staff]

Description: A magical talking staff sent to Soltaria by Culdra to find the
Cepter who would save the universe from destruction by defeating the evil
Cepter Geminigh. He becomes your companion throughout your journey in Soltaria.

Book Focus: Neutral, Fire, Water, Earth

Playing Style: Very conservative. Doesn't attack unless he's sure of winning.
His deck has a lot of cheap creatures so he can fill up the map in a hurry.
Fortunately, they don't have much staying power, so his deck tends to do badly
in the late game.

Creatures: Dragonfly, Kobold, Marfolk, Remora, Pan, Tiger Beatle, Giant Bat,

Items: Leather Armor, Mace

Spells: Dimension Door, Fly, Manna, Weakness


[Ryvern, the Bounty Hunter]

Description: An evil bounty hunter always looking for a way to make easy money.
His skills as a Cepter make him a formidable foe. A mercenary at heart, he'll
work for anyone as long as the price is right.

Book Focus: Neutral, Fire, Water, Earth, Wind

Playing Style: Very aggressive. He takes any land he sees open. This aggressive
style often leaves him with creatures occupying territories different from
their attributes.

Creatures: Decoy, Werewolf, Bard, Minotaur, Will O' the Wisp, Giant Amoeba,
Grendel, Pirate, Wall of Ice

Items: Chain Mail, Sling

Spells: Drain Magic, Haunt, Shrink


[Zagol, the Head Thief]

Description: The leader of a band of thieves in Dombwood forest. He's all brawn
and no brains. Zagol uses his Cepter abilities to physically intimidate his
foes, but isn't smart enough to realize when he's outclassed.

Book Focus: Neutral, Fire, Wind

Playing Style: Very aggressive. Zagol always attacks even if he has no chance
of winning. While this might seem counter-productive, it is also dangerous for
you as it can wear your creatures HP down to the point where they can be taken
out next turn. Interestingly enough, Zagol is the only character in the game
that does not play spells.

Creatures: Berserker, Statue, Thief, Dragonfly, Fire Giant, Minotaur, Giant
Rattler, Hornet, Leveler, Roadrunner, Spectre

Items: Bandit's Glove, Chain Mail, Leather Armor, Long Sword, Morning Star,
Power Bracelet

Spells: None


[Selena, the Fighting Princess]

Description: This spunky lass is the Princess of Malthessburg. She's also an
accomplished Cepter, and loves challenging rival Cepters for the fun of it.
Being kept in the royal palace all her life she is very naive about the outside

Book Focus: Fire, Earth

Playing Style: Conservative. She utilizes a lot of support creatures, which
makes taking territory from her a real guessing game. Sometimes she'll let a
territory fall in one instance, and then defend another one to the death.

Creatures: Cleric, Fighter, Ninja, Cait Sith, Gladiator, Minotaur, Valkyria,
Dryad, Dwarf, Grimalkin, Odradek, Sage, Trench Worm, Woodfolk

Items: Claymore, Earth Amulet, Fire Amulet, Petrify Stone, Plate Mail, Trident

Spells: Fairy Light, Fog, Holy Word 6, Peace, Shrink, Shatter, Silence


[Leo, the Revenger]

Description: A warrior from a far away land who comes searching for the one who
murdered his sister Claire. When he swears revenge a hidden Cepter ability
arises from within.

Book Focus: Water, Wind

Playing Style: Aggressive. Leo usually prefers land that matches his creature's
attributes. He'll also attack other creatures when he gets the opportunity.

Creatures: Samurai, Amazon, Bunyip, Lizardman, Storm Giant, Gremlin, Griffon,
Knight, Nike, Pegasus, Wyvern

Items: Crossbow, Flame Tongue, Gaseous Form, Gremlin Amulet, Masamune, Plate
Mail, Scale Armor, Sword of the Falchon

Spells: Banishing Ray, Black Out, Echo, Erasure, Growth Body, Haste, Magic
Bolt, Squeeze, Telekinesis, Vitality


[Luthien, the Prophet]

Description: One of the three sages of Soltaria, Luthien has the gift to see
into future events. Our hero visits her to learn the location of Geminigh.

Book Focus: Water, Earth, Wind

Playing Style: Very conservative. She won't attack unless she feels absolutely
sure of victory. Many of her creatures have Curse effects.

Creatures: Cleric, Amazon, Fate, Nymph, Dark Elf, Harpy, Nike, Succubus, Witch

Items: Gaseous Form, Trident, Vestment

Spells: Binding Mist, Freeze, Holy Word 1, Holy Word X, Mass Growth, Simulacrum


[Pickett of the Rabbid Tribe]

Description: A member of the Rabbid tribe, Pickett possesses power that belies
his diminutive size.

Book Focus: Water, Earth

Playing Style: Conservative. Many of Pickett's creatures can use support
ability, and his deck is loaded with defensive items. Pickett frequently uses
the Territory command, which makes his defensive creatures even more effective.

Creatures: Giant Amoeba, Hydra, Cerberus, Coati, Cockatrice, Mudman, Troll

Items: Battle Axe, Diamond Armor, Morning Star, Mujina Mask, Rock Biter, Spike

Spells: Backwards, Growth Body, Influence, Manna


[Aldha, the Sage]

Description: The second sage of Soltaria, Aldha possesses the rare Erasure
card, which can remove any spell effect. Our hero visits him to obtain this
card to remove a curse placed on Luthien.

Book Focus: Fire, Water, Earth

Playing Style: Very conservative. Alhda will take lands when possible, but
avoids conflict unless absolutely necessary.

Creatures: Domovikha, Fire Giant, Lava Worm, Sorcerer, Bunyip, Storm Giant,
Wizard, Angostura, Sage, Spitting Cobra

Items: Glaive, Holy Grail, Trident, Vestment

Spells: Barrier, Dream Terrain, Erasure, Fly, Holy Word 3, Relief


[Morroc, the Alchemist]

Description: This mad scientist is researching the power of the cards to
develop new technology. He believes that the power of Cepters can be harnessed
for his scientific research.

Book Focus: Neutral

Playing Style: Aggressive. Morroc only uses Neutral creatures in his deck,
which can be surprisingly effective since they're both cheap and sturdy to use.
He takes any open land and frequently levels them up.

Creatures: Battle Gear Beta, Decoy, Steam Gear, Trojan Horse, Wonder Wall,

Items: Battle Axe, Catapult, Petrify Stone

Spells: Avalanche, Drain Magic, Simulacrum


[Gemmory, the Heretic Apostle]

Description: One of Balberit's three henchmen/women. Gemmory delights in
causing great suffering with his/her powers as a Cepter. He/she is sent to the
tournament in Cratos to defeat the one chosen by Goligan.

Book Focus: Earth

Playing Style: Aggressive. Gemmory invades territory as much as possible.
His/her deck is loaded with many curse type spells, which he/she casts at any

Creatures: Gold Idol, Basilisk, Dark Master, Dwarf, Ghoul, Gooba Queen, Quake
Beast, Wereboar

Items: Chameleon Armor, Dagger of Mite, Earth Shield, Nunchaku

Spells: Binding Mist, Changeling, Disease, Pain, Ruin



Description: A proud member of the avian Fard tribe, Whirlwind has sworn to
seek out and defeat the Cepter who would eventually become Geminigh.

Book Focus: Wind

Playing Style: Aggressive. Whirlwind takes any open land and often uses the
Terrain command to increase his chains.

Creatures: Archer, Elf, Gremlin, Griffon, Harpy, Hurricane, Nightmare,
Quetzalcoatl, Sphinx, Wyvern

Items: Air Slasher, Amber Wing, Battle Axe, Wind Shield

Spells: Bind, Haste, Influence, Magic Bolt, Plain Leap


[Gamygin, the Master of Fire]

Description: Balberit's right hand man, Gamygin is a master of fire magic. Only
Balberit himself exceeds his sheer offensive power.

Book Focus: Fire

Playing Style: Very aggressive. Gamygin's entire deck is designed to destroy
opposing monsters with either powerful weapons or offensive spells.

Creatures: Catoplepas, Golem, Manticore, Old Willow, Salamander, Sorcerer

Items: Claymore, Long Sword, Ruby Ring

Spells: Dimension Door, Magic Bolt, Shatter, Subsidence


[Mullyn, Master of Water]

Description: Balberit's left hand man (or in this case woman). Mullyn is a
master of water magic. She is Gamygin's counterpart, and the two work well as a
team together.

Book Focus: Water

Playing Style: Conservative. Most of her spells are defensive in nature, which
makes taking land from her a real chore.

Creatures: Grendel, Hydra, Lilith, Lizardman, Megarodon, Undine, Vision, Wall
of Ice

Items: Sapphire Ring, Trident

Spells: Land Protection, Life Force, Slow, Temperance


[Balberit, Founder of Heretic]

Description: The third sage of Soltaria, Balberit founded the Gem Sect, whose
purpose was to bring about the coming of Geminigh to power.

Book Focus: Fire, Water, Wind

Playing Style: Aggressive. Balberit uses extremely powerful cards in both
attack and defense. While this makes him very tough, most of his cards also
force him to discard cards, so he can be vulnerable when he runs out of cards
to discard.

Creatures: Horned Chameleon, Dragon, Fanatic, Larvae, Behemoth, Trench Worm,
Gremlin, Knight, Night Fiend

Items: Diamond Armor, Holy Grail, Lance of Odin, Morning Star, Necro Scarab,
Storm Causer

Spells: Bind, Thunder Storm, Telekinesis, Waste



Description: The goddess Culdra foretold that this evil Cepter would destroy
the universe. His true identity remains unknown.

Book Focus: ???

Playing Style: ???

Creatures: ???

Items: ???

Spells: ???


[Zeneth, Wander of Dimensions]

Description: A mysterious dimensional wanderer from another world. He arrives
in Soltaria looking for powerful Cepters to battle against.

Book Focus: Neutral, Fire, Water, Earth, Wind

Playing Style: Aggressive. Frequently plays offensive spells such as Magic Bolt
and Evil Blast. On a side note, he only uses cards that were featured in the
original Playstation version of the game.

Creatures: Berserker, Decoy, Gas Cloud, Hell Hound, Lilith, Storm Giant,
Cerberus, Troll, Woodfolk, Griffon, Gremlin

Items: Battle Axe, Claymore, Gaseous Form, Gremlin Amulet, Plate Mail, Sword of
the Falchon

Spells: Evil Blast, Haste, Magic Bolt


[Najaran, Disciples of Horowitz]

Description: An apprentice of the powerful wizard Horowitz accidentally
transported to Soltaria via a dimensional door.

Book Focus: Neutral, Fire, Wind

Playing Style: Aggressive. Has a reckless playing style, and often makes hasty

Creatures: Decoy, Samurai, Domovikha, Minotaur, Gremlin, Knight, Succubus

Items: Mujina Mask, Vorpal Sword

Spells: Feast, Fly, Magic Bolt, Peace, Shatter, Weakness

|10. Walkthrough|

[Battle 1]

Area: Dunnan, Land of Destiny
Goal: 5,000 G
Opponent: Ryvern / Goligan (after battle)

Description: Dunnan is a pretty straightforward area. It's basically a version
of a Monopoly board, so you don't have to worry about getting all the Forts
(checkpoints). By the time you've reached the castle you've already gotten them
all, so the castle is basically like the Go square in Monopoly. Don't get too
comfortable with this, as things get a lot more complex in later maps.

Opposition: Ryvern will be your first opponent. He's not too tough to beat, but
considering that this is your first battle in Culdcept, and chances are good
you don't know what the heck you are doing, it might prove to be a bit of a
challenge. I'm not actually sure if you can lose this battle, so even if you
fall behind don't give up.

Strategy: Initially you'll have either a Fire/Earth deck or Water/Wind deck.
Either one is enough to deal with Ryvern, but since neither deck is what you
would call overpowered it might take a while. Basically you will want to play
creatures on the same type of land whenever possible for the defensive bonus.
If you don't have matching creatures don't worry about it. Play them anyway, as
you can switch them out on the next pass. Remember that you get a bonus for
every territory you control during your lap bonus, so if you don't get as much
land as you can, Ryvern will happily snap them up for you. Ryvern will switch
his creatures to the matching territory type as often as he can. This is a good
idea so you should follow his example.

One of the more important things you should note is whether or not Ryvern has a
Mace or Leather Armor in his hand during his draw phase. A Mace gives an
additional 20 ST to a creature, and the Leather Armor gives a creature an
additional 20 HP. Keep this in mind before you attack, as the Mace will most
likely be used if he suddenly decides to attack you with a weak creature, and
the Leather Armor will be used if you decide to attack one of his creatures.
This habit of looking at your opponent's hand during his draw phase is a very
important strategy in Culdcept. Make a habit of recognizing ST/HP boosting
items on sight, as this will greatly increase your chances of winning battles.

Results of Victory: After the battle Ryvern will run away in defeat (he'll be
back) and Goligan will recruit you to save the universe from destruction
(whether you want to or not). The roads to Malthessburg and Dombwood will open
up, but you should spend some time to play this map again a few more times to
build up your stock of cards. Goligan will be your opponent, and his Book is
pretty much the same as Ryvern's was. Feel free to beat on him as much as you
want, and maybe experiment with some of the cards. Once you're done, you can
head for either area next, but for the sake of this walkthrough we'll go to

[Battle 2]
Area: Malthessburg, the King's Metropolis
Goal: 6,000 G
Opponent: Selena

Description: Malthessburg is shaped like a figure eight, with the Castle being
in the connecting center point. The Forts are located in the top and bottom
parts of the 8, so you'll have to go both ways to get the lap bonus from the
Castle. This map introduces the Prophet square, which looks like a tent. If you
land on this you can draw a random card of a certain type (creature, item,
spell) from your deck.

Opposition: Selena is your opponent, and she can be tricky to beat as most of
her creatures have the Support ability. The Support ability allows creatures to
use creature cards as items. For example, if you attack her Dryad and she has a
Fighter (40 ST/ 40 HP) in her hand, she can use the Fighter card to add 40 ST
and 40 HP to her Dryad in the battle. Note that she'll need to pay the cost of
playing the creature as if she were summoning it on the map.

Strategy: While the support abilities of her creatures makes her defense tough
to get around, it does have the effect of depleting her of creature cards.
You'll have to hit her hard and fast if you want to take advantage of this. If
you're lucky she won't have any creatures left to use as items, and support
creatures aren't very strong without their support. Be careful of her Silence
spell, as not only does this prevent you from claiming territory with your
creatures, but also leaves you defenseless against her creatures since you
can't summon them to attack either. Try to chain and claim as much territory as
possible, as the offensive bonus for adjacent allied creatures can make the
difference between winning and losing a battle.

Result of Victory: Nothing new opens up by defeating Selena alone, but
defeating her and Zagol in Dombwood forest opens up the path to the next area.
Selena will offer to challenge you again if you reenter Malthessburg, and doing
so will gives you the opportunity to obtain several new spell cards to add to
your Book. If you need more creatures it would be better to go back to Dunnan,
as Goligan seems to give you more creatures than Selena.

[Battle 3]

Area: Dombwood, Forest of the Thieves
Goal: 6,000 G
Opponent: Zagol

Description: Dombwood is basically a larger version of Dunnan, except that
there are two branching paths on the map along the way. This allows you more
flexibility in aiming for the territory you want.

Opposition: Zagol is your opposition, and as you might imagine he relies on
brute force to get things done. Unlike Goligan or Selena, Zagol will attack
even if he has no chance of winning. Interestingly enough, despite the fact
that he's a Cepter, Zagol uses no spells whatsoever.

Strategy: This map is much longer than either Dunnan or Malthessburg, so you'll
need to be a bit more conservative with your G or risk running out of it
halfway through the map. As mentioned previously, Zagol will always attack you
regardless of whether or not he can win. While this seems foolhardy, it does
deplete your creatures of HP fairly quickly, making them vulnerable the next
time he comes around. Of course, if your creatures have Regeneration it becomes
a moot point. Defensive creatures have an advantage here due to Zagol's
aggressive tendencies. Anything that increases movement such as Fly or Holy
Word 6 can be useful as well, as this map is longer than Dunnan or
Malthessburg, and you'll need to get that lap bonus quickly to replenish your
creature's HP more often than not.

Result of Victory: Defeating Zagol and Selena opens up the path to the next
area. You can come back to Dombwood to challenge Zagol again if you like, but
it would probably be faster to just head back to Dunnan if you want to get more
creature cards.

[Battle 4]

Area: Alta, Mountain of Advent
Goal: 8,000 G
Opponent: Leo

Description: This map is similar to Malthessburg, except that now the areas are
divided into east and west. The Bridges present here automatically transport
you to the next area when you enter their square.

Opposition: Your opposition is Leo, and man, is he pissed or what? He's just as
aggressive as Zagol, but unlike Zagol he has a whole lot of spells, and he's
not afraid to make use of them.

Strategy: Don't go with expensive creatures and spells here. If you fall behind
in the territory game Leo will overpower you by sheer attrition. You'll need to
get several creatures up and running, and hope that he falls on one of them
before he gets on a roll. Leo will play Haste frequently, giving him an
advantage in getting lap bonuses. He'll also use Magic Bolt to weaken your
strongest creature, and use Vitality (+20 ST/HP permanent boost) on his
strongest creature. Watch out for the Gremlin Amulet (it looks like a golden
amulet). It can destroy your Item at the start of battle, and he'll usually
save it for when you land on his strongest creature, giving you an incredible
headache. Don't be surprised if you lose several times trying to beat him. If
he gets a good deal he can be almost impossible to stop once he's on a roll.

Result of Victory: Leo runs away swearing revenge, and the path to Luthien
opens up. You won't be able to enter Alta for a while, but if you've played
against Leo several times, chances are you already have a sizeable increase in
your card stock already.

[Battle 5]

Area: Temple of the Medium
Goal: 8,000 G
Opponents: Luthien, Ryvern / Luthien (after battle)

Description: This is a fairly simple square map, and marks the first appearance
of Temples where you can purchase Symbols for the first time.

Opponents: This will be your first multiplayer battle in story mode, as not
only must you deal with Luthien, but Ryvern as well. Fortunately for you,
they're not allied, so they will be equally happy to attack and cast spells on
each other if you're not around.

Strategy: This can be somewhat of a chaotic battle, as both your opponents have
an equal chance of attacking you as they have each other. The battle can swing
in either direction depending on who's attacking who, especially if Ryvern
starts casting Haunt (target Cepter becomes AI controlled for two turns) with
wild abandon. It's probably more useful to increase land levels than purchasing
Symbols on this map, as Chains can drastically increase your odds of hitting a
jackpot (i.e. humongous toll) with one of the Cepters. In case you're
wondering, Ryvern is probably the bigger of the two threats here, as his
creatures are slightly tougher than they were previously, and he still plays
aggressively as ever. Don't ignore Luthien, however, as many of her creatures
have varying Curse effects.

Results of Victory: Ryvern runs away again, and Luthien returns to her normal
self. Unfortunately, she can't locate Geminigh until she recovers from the
spell she was under. You'll need to get the Rainbow Shard and Erasure spell to
cure Luthien, and you'll find those at Rabbid and Durhan respectively. Since
it's closer we'll head for Rabbid. You can return to the temple for a friendly
match with Luthien if you want, as she has quite a bit of spell cards for you
if you win.

[Battle 6]

Area: Rabbid, Mine in the Snowfield
Goal: 8,000 G
Opponents: Pickett, Ryvern / Pickett

Description: Rabbid introduces dead ends on the northwest and northeast of the
map. If you hit them you'll go back in the opposite direction you came from.
There are two Forts in the northern dead ends, and one in the south via two
bridges. This map also introduces neutral territory, which doesn't give any
defensive bonuses, but can be changed to another type with the Territory

Opposition: Geez. Didn't we just get rid of this guy? Ryvern once again
intervenes in your business, and he's just as annoying as he was in the last
battle. Pickett plays defensively, and chances are good that Ryvern will wear
himself out if he tries to go for the little fur ball's territory.
Unfortunately, this also applies to you as well.

Strategy: This is a smaller map than the temple, and the dead ends to the north
and branching paths to the south allow for more flexibility in choosing your
path. Ryvern is still the same as last time, and can either be a help or
hindrance depending on his die roll. If you have Holy Word spells you might be
able to use them to your advantage by directing him to attack Pickett's
creatures. Pickett has a bunch of defensive items, so it might actually be
worth it to attack his low toll creatures even if you end up in a draw, just to
make him use up his items.

Results of Victory: Ryvern runs off yet again, and Pickett gives you the Extra
Rainbow Shard card. It might not be too useful right now, but it sure is
pretty. You can enter Rabbid again to challenge Pickett to a one on one match,
which will probably be much easier to win this time around without Ryvern as a
random element. With the Rainbow Shard in hand it's time to head on over to

[Battle 7]

Area: Durhan, Island of the Sage
Goal: 9,000 G
Opponents: Aldha, Leo / Aldha (after battle)

Description: Durhan is shaped like a figure eight like Malthessburg, but also
has an entire separate area as well. This map introduces two new features:
multi-attribute lands and warps. Multi-attribute lands count as all land types
(Fire, Water, Earth, Wind), but do not contribute to chains. Like neutral land
these can be changed with the Territory command as well. Warps transport a
Cepter to another area, but unlike Bridges they must be landed on exactly to do
so. On this map there are several warp areas that lead to a separate area on
another island with warps leading back to the main island.

Opposition: Aldha is a complete pacifist, and is just as likely to pay a toll
than fight for a territory. This is a stark contrast to Leo, who will happily
invade territories any chance he gets.

Strategy: Just when you thought you could take a nice relaxing vacation on a
tropical island that king sized jerk Leo arrives to spoil everything. He's just
as annoying as before, but this time you have several things working in your
favor. First of all, Aldha is present, and while he's pretty much a pacifist,
Leo will be more than happy to vent his anger out on him as he would on you.
Second, there are warps that might possibly trap Leo on the other island. The
bad part is that it's equally possible for you or Aldha to get trapped as well.

Result of Victory: Aldha gives both you and Leo the Extra Erasure card (Leo
will actually add it in his Book). If you have both the Rainbow Shard and
Erasure cards, you can return to the temple to cure Luthien. Aldha will happily
challenge you again if you revisit Durhan.

[Battle 8]

Area: Temple of the Medium
Goal: 9,000 G
Opponents: Ryvern + Zagol
Ally: Selena

Description: Looks like Luthien did some remodeling. The temple map now
features many dead end paths along the way, making this map one of the few
areas where you can reverse your direction relatively easily. There's also some
warp points leading to an inner area on the map.

Opposition: Ryvern and Zagol have now teamed up, and both are eager for
revenge. This can be trouble, considering that both of them play quite

Allies: It's the Cepter code of honor that if two Cepters are allied with each
other, the other Cepters are allowed to have a partner as well. Considering how
weak Goligan's Book is, it's a relief to have Selena with you for this battle.

Strategy: This is the first battle featuring allies. This means that they both
Cepters in an alliance share combined land values, and can move freely through
each other's territory. Selena is here to help you out, and she'll even cast
beneficial spells on you if it looks like you need it. Her deck still has
support creatures, but she also some offensive ones thrown in as well. Since
you both share the same G total value, you can either try to level up your
lands as fast as possible, or concentrate on taking out the other creatures on
the board while Selena racks up the G. In either case, remember that once you
get the target G it doesn't matter which one of you reaches the Castle first.
If Selena is closer to the Castle when this happens, cast Haste or Holy Word X
on her to push her towards the finish line.

Result of Victory: Ryvern and Zagol once again retreat in defeat, and Luthien
recovers fully from her condition. According to her vision, Geminigh will
appear in a tournament being held at Cratos. At this point all of the other
areas in the game are closed off, save for Dunnan and Cratos. If you want to
get additional cards, Dunnan is the only choice available, as all the other
areas will remain closed until you win the tournament at Cratos. Once you feel
that you're ready, proceed to Cratos and get ready for one heck of a battle.

[Battle 9]

Area: Cratos, Land of the Warriors
Goal: 9,000 G
Opponents: Selena, Pickett

Description: This looks like one humongous map, but it's actually two maps in
one. The reason being that it's the only map that has two Castles. This means
that you'll be getting lap bonuses twice as often, but so will your opponents.
The map is linear so you won't have to worry about movement (well actually you
do, but you get what I mean), just old school Culdcept action.

Opposition: Yep. It's Selena and Pickett. You probably know how these two play
already. Their decks have been buffed up a bit, but that shouldn't be a
problem, as you probably have added some new tricks to your Book as well.

Strategy: You might want to invest in some speed boosting cards (Fly, Haste,
Holy Word X) since the map is quite long and you'll want to rack up those lap
bonuses as quick as possible. Manna might be good too, since you'll be on this
map for quite a while. There isn't any real pattern on this map, so you'll want
to bring a variety of creatures to get terrain advantage. Defensive creatures
are good here, since chances are you'll have plenty of opportunities to place
one on the map since it's quite huge. Also by the time you get back to them
they'll have recovered 40% of their HP, so cumulative damage shouldn't be a
problem. The only random element (well there's always a random element, but you
know what I mean) is whether or not Selena and Pickett fight you or each other.
 Selena's Silence spell is still as annoying (and effective) as ever. Remember
that you can counter it by casting a boosting spell on yourself.

Result of Victory: Winning here advances you to the semi finals of the
tournament. You can edit your Book if you like or get more cards in Dunnan
before then. When you're ready, reenter Cratos for the semi finals.

[Battle 10]
Area: Cratos, Land of the Warriors
Goal: 8,000 G
Opponents: Leo, Morroc

Description: Yikes. This map is pretty crazy, considering that you almost have
complete control over your movement. There's quite a bit of ways to get around
on the map, so strategic movement is vital when the map starts filling up with

Opposition: Leo is back, and has added some beef to his Book. The newcomer here
is Morroc, who plays nothing but Neutral creatures in his deck. While this
might seem like a poor strategy on this map, it can be surprisingly effective
since a lot of his creatures are cheap to summon, and you'll be seeing a lot of
action on this map.

Strategy: Since this map is small you might want to trade your movement spells
for some offensive or defensive items, as close quarters combat will be
inevitable in a few turns. These two don't care who they fight, so with some
strategic movement you can pick and choose your battles at will. The goal here
is 1,000 G less than the previous battles, so you'll want to build up lands as
quickly as possible or risk getting left behind as the two gobble up all the
land on the map.

Result of Victory: Winning here gets you into the finals of the tournament.
Before entering you might want put back your movement cards in your Book, and
maybe the Barrier spell if you have it, as it might come in handy for the next

[Battle 11]

Area: Cratos, Land of the Warriors
Goal: 9,000 G
Opponents: Ryvern, Gemmory

Description: In stark contrast to the last map, this map is quite big, so
movement cards will be handy here. Three areas and two tough opponents make for
an interesting Culdcept match.

Opposition: You probably could have guessed that Ryvern would show up, but
Gemmory will just freak you out. I mean I'm not even sure what gender he/she
is. Anyway, Ryvern is pretty much Ryvern, but Gemmory is a bit peculiar, as
he/she plays nothing but Earth cards. Gemmory also specializes in casting
unpleasant spells on other Cepters.

Strategy: If you have any creatures that neutralize Earth attacks, they will
give you a huge advantage against Gemmory. Gemmory tends to cast negative
spells on other Cepters frequently, most likely on the one that's in the lead
at the moment. If Gemmory is in the lead he/she will cast spells on both of you
with equal abandon. Interestingly enough, Ryvern is the closest thing to an
ally you have here, as he will happily attack Gemmory every chance he gets.
Unfortunately, the same applies to you. Barrier can give you some breathing
room, as Gemmory's spells can wear you down, and Ryvern's Haunt can mess you up
at a delicate moment in the match if he casts it on you.

Result of Victory: You become the champion and the King gives you the Lance of
Odin Extra card as a reward. Selena and Leo join your party, and two new paths
open up on the world map. All of the previously closed areas on the map become
available again, with some new changes that you might want to check out.

[Area Changes]

Dunnan: When you return to Dunnan a little surprise awaits you. A new Cepter
called Zeneth appears and challenges you to a fight. He's nowhere near the
pushover that Goligan was, and defeating him will take some skill considering
that the map and goal remains the same while the competition is much better.
Defeating him gets you the same cards you would have gotten from Goligan. After
the battle Zeneth remains here for the remainder of the game. While challenging
him again might seem like a waste of time, there could be some hidden bonuses
for you. You might even win a medal under certain conditions. If you defeat
Zeneth enough times, maybe something special will happen as well...

Malthessburg: Selena will be happy to challenge you with her new Book here.
It's a bit more offensive oriented than before, but it shouldn't be a problem
for you.

Zagol: Zagol has a few stronger cards, but he's still, well, Zagol.

Alta: Leo will now challenge you here whenever you like. He's got a stronger
deck than he had previously, and will be more than happy to demonstrate it on

Temple of the Medium: The map is still the second version you encountered here.
Luthien will gladly challenge you if you like, but Selena will also participate
as well. Luthien has some new cards in her Book, but she's still as
conservative as ever.

Rabbid: Pickett is still here and will challenge you if you like, but once
again Selena decides to join in on the fun. Pickett's Book has slightly more
offensive cards thrown in to make things interesting.

Durhan: Aldha will happily challenge you to a duel again, but this time Leo
decides to get in on the action as well. Like everyone else Aldha has some new
cards in his Book.

Cratos: Reentering Cratos will randomly select one of the three maps and two
opponents from the tournament for your pleasure. This can make for some
interesting matches.

Once you're done revisiting the previous areas, you can head either towards the
Alchemistic Laboratory or Kazatega. You'll need to clear both to move on, so
for the sake of the walkthrough we'll head for the lab first.

[Battle 12]

Area: Alchemistic Laboratory
Goal: 9,000 G
Opponent: Morroc

Description: There is absolutely no elemental land here whatsoever. This is bad
considering whom you're going up against. There are two areas on this map
connected by Warp points, each with its own Forts and Castles. This can make
things interesting, as both are essentially maps in and of themselves.

Opposition: Morroc is back, and he wants you in a bad way. He still has the
same deck he had at the tournament, but this time he has a definite advantage,
as all the territory here is Neutral.

Strategy: It would behoove you to put any creatures in your deck that have an
advantage against Neutral creatures, as that's all you'll be seeing here. Take
out speed boosting cards since the map here is small, and put in some items or
offensive spells, and maybe a scroll or two. Since you'll get lap bonuses
frequently here, you should get a steady supply of G for the battle. The only
question is whether to spend it on leveling up the land or changing it. Both
have their merits, depending on how well the battle is going. Of course, you
can always try to build a Neutral deck yourself, but unless you have a great
deal of those cards it would be easier to just stick with your own creatures.
Just be careful of the Decoy (reflects all damage except for scrolls) and
Wonder Wall (neutralizes all non-Neutral attacks), as these can definitely mess
you up.

Result of Victory: Morroc grudgingly gives you his hospitality, and you get a
lot of Neutral creatures. You can challenge Morroc again for the opportunity to
win more, as you'll only receive Neutral creatures from the battles here. If
you're lacking in Neutrals this is a great place to stock up.

[Battle 13]

Area: Kazatega, Valley of the Winds
Goal: 9,000 G
Opponents: Whirlwind, Ryvern / Whirlwind, Leo (after battle)

Description: This is fairly unique map. The Castle is located on a set of
"stairs" leading to a lower and upper area. You'll need to head towards both,
as the Forts are stationed there. Both the upper and lower areas have many
paths to choose from.

Opposition: Whirlwind is yet another Cepter with a theme, as his deck features
nothing but Wind creatures. Oh yes. Did I mention that Ryvern is here as well?

Strategy: If this battle was with Whirlwind alone, you might get a type
advantage by bringing creatures that neutralize Wind attacks. Unfortunately,
Ryvern's presence here complicates things a bit. You can still gain terrain
advantage over Whirlwind since he only has one creature type, but he also
carries Amber Rings that nullify that advantage. Ryvern is a bit more
diversified, but he still has that habit of dropping creatures all over the
map. He might also help out since Whirlwind is as much a valid target for him
as you are. Most of Whirlwind's creatures have First Attack, so watch for items
like his Air Slasher bow.

Result of Victory: Ryvern runs away (again), and Whirlwind opens the way to the
next area. If you decide to return Whirlwind will challenge you again, only
this time Leo will join in the fun. If you win this rematch you'll get the
Extra Sanctum Guard card!

[Battle 14]

Area: Quanze, the Blazing City
Goal: 9,000 G
Opponents: Gamygin + Mullyn
Allies: Selena or Leo

Description: Now this is one funky city. One half of the city is frozen in ice
and the other half is on fire. The frozen half of the map contains an abundance
of Water territory, while the fire half is rich in Fire territory.

Opposition: Gamygin uses all Fire creatures, and his deck is mostly offense
oriented. Mullyn uses all Water creatures, and her deck is mostly defense
oriented. Put the two together and you have a formidable combination.

Allies: You have your choice of either Selena or Leo for this battle. Selena is
more defensive, and Leo offensive, so it's a matter of personal choice who you

Strategy: Creatures like Decoy and Wonder Wall might seem unstoppable here, but
Gamygin's offensive spells can quickly put an end to them. This is a difficult
battle to prepare for, as there are quite a bit of approaches you can use. You
could stock up on creatures that neutralize or have an advantage over Fire and
Water creatures, or maybe bring Fire and Water creatures of your own (along
with Ruby and Sapphire Rings). Items that neutralize Fire and Water attacks
(such as the Fire and Water Shields) could be useful as well. Regardless of
your strategy, it's going to be one tough battle. Selena/Leo will be of some
help, but luck plays a large factor in this one as well.

Result of Victory: Gamygin and Mullyn open the way to Promsdale. You can
reenter and challenge them again if you like, but why you would want to do so
is beyond me (unless you love the challenge). You can still select which ally
you want, but the battle isn't any easier than before.

[Battle 15]

Area: Promsdale, the Holy Land
Goal: 10,000 G
Opponents: Balberit + Ryvern / Balberit, Ryvern (after battle)
Ally: Selena

Description: A simple circular map, with warp areas leading to an inner
circular map. Nothing fancy here.

Opposition: Ryvern makes his last stand here, but he's actually the least of
your problems. Balberit is one of the toughest Cepters in the game, and he has
a horde of grossly overpowered cards at his disposal.

Allies: You won't have any choice this time. Selena is your ally by default.
And in this battle you'll need all the help you can get.

Strategy: You already know how Ryvern plays all too well, but Balberit requires
special attention. He's not as land greedy as Ryvern, but like him he'll attack
when the opportunity presents itself. The only Achilles heel he has is that
many of his spells require him to discard a card. If Balberit plays too many of
them at once, he may find himself out of creatures or items at a crucial
moment. Drain Magic or Echo can help out, as most of his cards are quite
expensive to play, and he'll usually have a large amount of G saved up for
them. If Balberit gets a good distribution of creatures and items during his
turns he can be unstoppable, so don't be surprised if you don't make much
progress for most of the battle. As always luck plays a huge factor, even more
so in this tough battle, so don't be disappointed if you lose several times in
a row.

Result of Victory: The path to the Heavenly Altar is opened. You can reenter
Promsdale again, but this time Ryvern is an independent entity unlike the last
time. This of course makes things a whole lot different the second time around.

[Battle 16]
Area: The Heavenly Altar
Goal: 12,000 G
Opponents: Geminigh, Balberit

Description: The largest map in story mode is appropriately the last one. The
final area consists of four areas in each of the cardinal directions. You'll
have to go through each one to get a lap bonus, and having to deal with two
opponents doesn't make things much easier.

Opposition: Balberit has even more powerful cards than before (even the Lance
of Odin!), but fortunately this time he doesn't have any allies. I won't spoil
anything about Geminigh, except that you've probably seen his deck before.
Needless to say, taking on either of them is tough, but taking on both of them
is the ultimate test of your abilities as a Cepter.

Strategy: This is a long map with multiple paths, so just about anything is
possible. There isn't really any one strategy that works well than any other,
so stick to the creatures and spells that you favor the most and hope for the
best. Good luck, because you'll definitely need it.

Result of Victory: Congratulations! You've won the game. You can save your game
(which when reloaded starts back at the Heavenly Altar), or replay the game
with all the cards you've previously collected.

|11. Creature List|

C = Card Discard
LL = Land Limit
IL = Item Limit
T[X] = Territory Ability (cost X)


#    Creature          Rarity
-    --------          ------
1.   Amber Mosquito    R      ST:0 HP:40 G:10 IL:Scroll Transforms randomly to
                              Tyrannosaurus (N ST:50 HP:60) or
                              Giant Rat (N ST:20 HP:10) in battle.

2.   Archbishop        R      ST:30 HP:30 G:60 T[50] Remove target curse effect.
                              Ignores item destroy/capture.

3.   Baldanders        S      ST:0 HP:30 G:10 Transforms into random creature.

4.   Bandit            N      ST:20 HP:20 G:20 Support Ability.
                              Bonus Attack: User takes damage x2G from opponent.

5.   Basalt Idol       S      ST:0 HP:20 G:50 IL:Weapon,Scroll Defense.
                              Global Effect: No creatures can use abilities if
                              destroyed at end of battle.

6.   Battle Gear Alpha R      ST:40 HP:20 G:60 IL:Scroll Support Ability.
                              Coalition with Battle Gear Beta. Untargetable.

7.   Battle Gear Beta  R      ST:20 HP:40 G:60 IL:Scroll Support Ability.
                              Coalition with Battle Gear Alpha.
                              Neutralize scroll attack.

8.   Berserker         N      ST:40 HP:50 G:50 Confusion (receives 30% damage).

9.   Borgess           S      ST:30 HP:30 G:50 Boost(Neutral creatures HP+20).

10.  Brass Idol        S      ST:0 HP:20 G:40 IL:Weapon,Scroll Defense.
                              Global Effect: All Cepters draw 2 cards each turn.

11.  Cleric            S      ST:10 HP:30 G:55 Support Ability.
                              Death to Neutral creature (80%).

12.  Clockwork Owl     S      ST:0 HP:20 G:10 IL:Weapon,Armor T[30] Target
                              Cepter can move in direction of choice next turn.

13.  Colossus          R      ST:70 HP:70 G:120 IL:Weapon,Armor,Tool,Scroll
                              Does not recover HP from lap bonus. Untargetable.

14.  Cray Idol         S      ST:0 HP:20 G:60 IL:Weapon,Scroll Defense.
                              Global Effect: Damage reduced by 10 all creatures.

15.  Cyclops           N      ST:50 HP:50 G:60 Last Attack.

16.  Dancing Doll      S      ST:20 HP:20 G:30 T[70] Lowers value of symbols 20%

17.  Decoy             S      ST:0 HP:10 G:40+C IL:Sword,Armor
                              Reflects attacks (except scroll attack).

18.  Doppelganger      R      ST:0 HP:30 G:10+C
                              Transforms into same creature as opponent.

19.  Ebony Idol        S      ST:0 HP:20 G:40 IL:Weapon,Scroll Defense.
                              Global Effect: All creatures cannot use territory

20.  Fighter           N      ST:40 HP:40 G:40

21.  Giant Rat         N      ST:20 HP:10 G:0 IL:Scroll First Attack.

22.  Goblin            N      ST:20 HP:30 G:0

23.  Gold Idol         R      ST:0 HP:20 G:70 IL:Weapon,Scroll Defense.
                              Global Effect: Creatures ignore all conditions
                              except magical powers when summoned.

24.  Golden Totem      N      ST:0 HP:30 G:0 IL:Weapon Defense.
                              T[0] User receives 300 G and self destructs.

25.  Granite Idol      S      ST:0 HP:20 G:60 IL:Weapon,Scroll Defense.
                              Global Effect: Users cannot use single spells
                              except for "Dispel".

26.  Horned Chameleon  R      ST:20 HP:30 G:40 IL:Scroll
                              Land effect gained from any land element.

27.  Iron Idol         S      ST:0 HP:20 G:40 IL:Weapon,Scroll Defense.
                              Global Effect: Only 4-6 will be rolled.

28.  Ivory Idol        S      ST:0 HP:20 G:60 IL:Weapon,Scroll Defense.
                              Global Effect: S cards are 1.5x stronger. R & E
                              cards cost 2x more to use.

29.  Jade Idol         S      ST:0 HP:20 G:50 IL:Weapon,Scroll Defense.
                              Global Effect: Territories do not receive level
                              lowering effects (except territory ability).

30.  Little Gray       R      ST:10 HP:20 G:50+C Bonus Attack: Randomly sends
                              opponent to vacant land.

31.  Living Shield     S      ST:0 HP:30 G:40 IL:Weapon,Armor,Scroll
                              Can be used as an item (HP+30).

32.  Living Spear      R      ST:20 HP:20 G:50 IL:Weapon,Armor,Scroll
                              Can be used as an item (ST+20 HP+20).

33.  Living Sword      S      ST:30 HP:1 G:30 IL:Weapon,Armor,Scroll
                              Can be used as an item (ST+30 HP+1).

34.  Lunatic Hare      R      ST:20 HP:30 G:20
                              Switches opponent's ST and HP at end of battle.

35.  Marble Idol       S      ST:0 HP:20 G:70 IL:Weapon,Scroll Defense.
                              Global Effect: Copies of creatures in play cannot
                              be summoned.

36.  Migoal            R      ST:40 HP:40 G:80+C Critical hit to Water & Earth.
                              Neutralize Fire & Wind attacks.

37.  Mystic Egg        R      ST:0 HP:30 G:0 If item used, transforms into
                              creature depending on item used.

38.  Ninja             S      ST:40 HP:40 G:80 First Attack. Scroll critical hit

39.  Samurai           R      ST:50 HP:30 G:80
                              Death to creature with 30 MHP or less (60%)

40.  Sanctum Guard     E      ST:40 HP:40 G:70 First Attack. If opponent
                              destroyed, user gains 5 symbols of element where
                              battle took place.

41.  Silver Idol       S      ST:0 HP:20 G:50 IL:Weapon,Scroll Defense.
                              All defense creatures receive First Attack.

42.  Skeleton          N      ST:30 HP:40 G:30 IL:Scroll Regenerate.

43.  Squonk            S      ST:20 HP:30 G:0 Support Ability.
                              Returns to hand if opponent is destroyed.

44.  Statue            N      ST:0 HP:50 G:20 IL:Weapon,Scroll Defense.
                              Does not recover HP during lap bonus.

45.  Steam Gear        S      ST:50 HP:50 G:60 IL:Scroll
                              Toll fee for land is reduced 50%.

46.  Thief             N      ST:20 HP:40 G:30 Steals opponent's item at
                              beginning of battle (if not yet used).

47.  Trojan Horse      S      ST:0 HP:30 G:50 IL:Weapon,Armor,Scroll
                              Penetration. Support Ability.

48.  Tyrannosaurus     N      ST:50 HP:60 G:80+C IL:Armor,Scroll

49.  Werewolf          S      ST:30 HP:30 G:30 Bonus Attack: Transform opponent
                              into Wolf (60%). Wolf Neutral ST:20 HP:40.

50.  Wolf              N      ST:20 HP:40 G:10 IL:Scroll

51.  Wonder Wall       R      ST:0 HP:30 G:30+C IL:Weapon,Armor Defense.
                              Neutralize Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind attacks.

52.  Wraith            S      ST:10 HP:30 G:40+C IL:Weapon Death(50%).
                              Destroyed at end of battle.

53.  Zombie            N      ST:20 HP:50 G:20 IL:Scroll HP-20 at end of battle.


#    Creature          Rarity
-    --------          ------
54.  Ares              R      ST:50 HP:60 G:90+Firex2 LL:Water
                              Boost(Offense creature ST+20).

55.  Ba=Al             R      ST:50 HP:50 G:80+Fire+C First Attack.
                              Destroys random card from user after battle.

56.  Bard              S      ST:30 HP:30 G:30 Bonus Attack: Warps to vacant
                              land if opponent is not destroyed.

57.  Barrow Wight      R      ST:20 HP:30 G:30+Fire+C Bonus Attack: Sleep.

58.  Boggart           N      ST:10 HP:30 G:40 IL:Armor Toll x2. If destroyed
                              by spell/territory ability returns to hand.

59.  Cait Sith         S      ST:20 HP:30 G:60 LL:Water Untargetable. Neutralize
                              attack of creature with 40 ST or more.

60.  Catoblepas        S      ST:20 HP:50 G:80+Fire If item not used, in battle
                              ST = opponent's ST.

61.  Chimera           S      ST:30 HP:50 G:80+Fire IL:Scroll First Attack.
                              ST+10 for every user's lap bonus (max 80 ST).

62.  Conjurer          R      ST:20 HP:30 G:40 IL:Weapon T[80] Summons Ba=Al to
                              vacant land & self destruct. Scroll critical hit.
                              Ba=Al Fire ST:50 HP:50

63.  Domovikha         R      ST:10 HP:20 G:10
                              T[70] Casts Land Protect on target creature.

64.  Domovoi           R      ST:20 HP:20 G:10
                              T[30] Casts Phantasm on target creature.

65.  Dragon            R      ST:40 HP:60 G:90+Firex2 LL:Water IL:Armor
                              In offense, ST+20 HP-20.

66.  Dragonfly         N      ST:30 HP:20 G:20 IL:Scroll First Attack.

67.  Efreet            N      ST:40 HP:60 G:60+Fire LL:Water Last attack.
                              Scroll attack. User loses attack damage in G.

68.  Executor          N      ST:70 HP:20 G:60+C IL:Weapon

69.  Fanatic           R      ST:20 HP:20 G:25+Fire T[60] Decreases own HP by
                              20, deals 20 damage to target creature.

70.  Fire Giant        N      ST:50 HP:50 G:100+Fire Critical hit to Water.

71.  Flame Lord        R      ST:70 HP:70 G:140+Firex2+C LL:Water
                              Boost(Fire HP+10). User loses 100 G per battle.

72.  Gas Cloud         N      ST:30 HP:30 G:70 IL:Armor
                              Receives 50% damage (except scroll attack).

73.  Gladiator         R      ST:40 HP:40 G:70 IL:Armor,Tool,Scroll
                              Critical hit to Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind.

74.  Golem             N      ST:40 HP:50 G:60 ST-10 HP-10 at end of battle.

75.  Heat Imp          S      ST:20 HP:20 G:10+C T[50] Target Cepter loses
                              40% of symbols & self-destruct.

76.  Hell Hound        N      ST:50 HP:40 G:80 50% damage to Fire creatures.

77.  Kobold            N      ST:20 HP:30 G:20

78.  Larvae            S      ST:30 HP:50 G:75+C If user holds 3 more cards than
                              opposing Cepter, ST+20 HP+20.

79.  Lava Worm         S      ST:40 HP:50 G:90+Fire IL:Armor
                              Penetration to Water.

80.  Manes             S      ST:30 HP:40 G:50 LL:Water
                              If territory has curse effect, HP+20.

81.  Manticore         S      ST:0 HP:30 G:70+Fire
                              In battle ST & HP = user's hand x 10.

82.  Mephistopheles    S      ST:40 HP:30 G:50+C If destroyed by spells or
                              territory abilities, spell user loses 200G.

83.  Minotaur          N      ST:40 HP:40 G:70

84.  Old Willow        R      ST:20 HP:40 G:40+Firex2 IL:Weapon,Scroll Defense.
                              When placed on Fire land, opposing Cepters will
                              be stopped in territory.

85.  Peri              S      ST:30 HP:30 G:50+Fire If opponent's book has three
                              more cards than user's, ST+20 HP+20. Untargetable.

86.  Phoenix           N      ST:30 HP:30 G:40 IL:Scroll
                              Returns to hand if destroyed in battle.

87.  Pillar of Flame   N      ST:30 HP:50 G:30 LL:Water IL:Armor,Scroll Defense.

88.  Pyrallis          N      ST:30 HP:40 G:50 LL:Water IL:Scroll
                              In battle, ST = Fire land owned x 10. If user
                              controls Water land HP-20.

89.  Pyro Drake        N      ST:30 HP:40 G:80 LL:Water IL:Armor
                              In battle, if no item used ST+20 HP+20.

90.  Salamander        N      ST:40 HP:50 G:80+Fire LL:Water IL:Armor
                              If attacked by Fire creature, gains HP in damage.

91.  Sharazad          S      ST:20 HP:30 G:55 Support Ability.
                              T[30] Remove curse from all Cepters.

92.  Son Ascetic       R      ST:0 HP:30 G:60 Support Ability.

93.  Sorcerer          N      ST:0 HP:30 G:40 IL:Weapon Scroll critical hit.
                              If no item used, ST=20 (Scroll attack).

94.  Sulfurous Balloon S      ST:10 HP:30 G:15+Fire IL:Scroll
                              If destroyed in battle, opponent's HP-30.

95.  Valkyria          S      ST:30 HP:30 G:70+Fire First Attack. Support.
                              If opponent destroyed ST+10 (80 maximum)

96.  Will O' The Wisp  N      ST:10 HP:50 G:60 IL:Weapon Last Attack.
                              Bonus Attack: User takes remaining HP x 2G from


#    Creature          Rarity
-    --------          ------
97.  Alga Sphere       S      ST:10 HP:40 G:30 IL:Weapon,Scroll Defense.
                              T[30] MHP+10.

98.  Amazon            N      ST:40 HP:40 G:80 Bonus Attack: If no item used,
                              user takes lap # x 20G from opponent.

99.  Anubias           S      ST:30 HP:50 G:70+Water LL:Fire In battle HP =
                              # of creatures destroyed in match x 5.

100. Banshee           R      ST:20 HP:30 G:20+Waterx2 IL:Weapon
                              T[60] All creatures take 25% of HP damage.

101. Behemoth          S      ST:60 HP:60 G:90+Water LL:Fire IL:Armor,Scroll
                              Last Attack. User loses random card after battle.

102. Bloody Pudding    S      ST:20 HP:20 G:30 IL:Scroll Support Ability.
                              At start of battle, combines support's HP with its
                              MHP (80 maximum).

103. Book Worm         R      ST:10 HP:20 G:10+Water IL:Scroll T[40] Choose and
                              destroy card from target Cepter's hand.

104. Bunyip            S      ST:50 HP:40 IL:Armor
                              Neutralize Penetration attack (except Scroll).

105. Charon            R      ST:20 HP:30 G:70+Water IL:Armor Neutralize attack
                              (except scroll). User loses damage x 2G.

106. Dagon             R      ST:60 HP:80 G:140+Waterx2+C LL:Fire
                              Boost(Water HP+10). User loses 100G per battle.

107. Drool             S      ST:0 HP:40 G:70 IL:Weapon,Scroll Penetration.
                              In battle, ST=controlled Water lands x 10.

108. Fate              S      ST:30 HP:40 G:60 T[40] Draw one card.
                              If Fate destroyed user draws a card.

109. Fungonoid         N      ST:30 HP:40 G:60 IL:Scroll
                              At end of battle HMP+10 (80 maximum).

110. Giant Amoeba      N      ST:30 HP:30 G:50 IL:Armor,Scroll
                              Neutralize Fire and Earth attacks.

111. Grendel           S      ST:50 HP:50 G:110+Water
                              Critical hit to creature with 20 ST or less.

112. Grindylow         N      ST:20 HP:40 G:60 Neutralize attacks from creatures
                              with 30 ST or less.

113. Hyde              R      ST:30 HP:30 G:50+Water LL:Fire
                              T[50] Paralysis to target creature.

114. Hydra             S      ST:40 HP:50 G:90+Water IL:Armor
                              Regeneration (except on Fire land).

115. Kelpie            R      ST:30 HP:30 G:70+Water IL:Scroll Defense.
                              When placed on Water land, opposing Cepters will
                              be stopped on territory.

116. King Tortoise     N      ST:10 HP:50 G:45 IL:Scroll Last Attack.

117. Kraken            S      ST:50 HP:50 G:80+Water LL:Fire IL:Scroll
                              Neutralize Neutral. If user has Fire land HP-20.

118. Leviathan         R      ST:30 HP:60 G:120+Waterx2 IL:Armor
                              If opponent is defeated, land becomes Water land.

119. Lilith            N      ST:0 HP:30 G:80 IL:Armor First Attack.
                              During battle ST = hand size x10.

120. Lizardman         N      ST:30 HP:40 G:70 First Attack.

121. Lung              R      ST:0 HP:30 G:50+Waterx2 LL:Fire IL:Weapon,Armor
                              In battle ST & HP = # of Water symbols user owns.

122. Mad Clown         R      ST:10 HP:20 G:10+Water+C
                              Boost(Ally creature HP+10).

123. Marfolk           N      ST:20 HP:30 G:20

124. Medusa            S      ST:30 HP:30 G:50+C Bonus Attack: Turn opponent
                              into statue. Statue Neutral ST:0 HP:50.

125. Megarodon         N      ST:50 HP:50 G:70 LL:Neutral,Fire,Earth,Wind

126. Mujina            S      ST:0 HP:30 G:50+Water
                              In battle ST & HP = opponent's hand x 10.

127. Nymph             R      ST:10 HP:30 G:50+Water LL:Fire,Wind
                              Neutralize Fire. Bonus Attack: Takes opponent with
                              HP <= 30 (40%).

128. Pirate            N      ST:10 HP:30 G:45 Support Ability.

129. Remora            N      ST:20 HP:40 G:40 LL:Fire,Wind IL:Scroll
                              Bonus Attack: Destroys random card from opponent's

130. Sea Bonze         S      ST:20 HP:40 G:70 LL:Fire,Earth Defense.
                              No effects or abilities can be used during battle.

131. Shell Creeper     N      ST:20 HP:30 G:50 IL:Scroll
                              Neutralize Fire and Wind attacks.

132. Storm Giant       N      ST:40 HP:60 G:110+Water Critical hit to Fire.

133. Suiko             S      ST:20 HP:30 G:0+C LL:Fire Casts Vitality on
                              defense creature at end of battle.

134. Undine            N      ST:30 HP:30 G:60 IL:Armor In battle HP = Water
                              land owned x 20. Neutralize Water attack.

135. Vision            N      ST:40 HP:50 G:80 In battle HP=30. Neutralize Wind.

136. Vodyanoi          R      ST:40 HP:40 G:90+Water+C First Attack.
                              Death if on defense (80%).

137. Wall of Ice       N      ST:0 HP:40 G: LL:Fire IL:Armor,Scroll Defense.
                              In battle HP+30.

138. Wizard            N      ST:0 HP:30 G:45 IL:Weapon Support Ability.
                              Scroll critical hit.

139. Yeti              R      ST:40 HP:40 G:80+Water IL:Scroll Neutralize Fire.
                              Death to Fire creature (60%).


#    Creature          Rarity
-    --------          ------
140. Angostura         N      ST:20 HP:60 G:80 IL:Weapon,Scroll Defense.
                              Death to creature with 30 MHP or less (80%).

141. Armadillo         N      ST:20 HP:50 G:40 IL:Scroll In battle, during odd
                              # round HP=60, even # round HP=30.

142. Barometz          S      ST:0 HP:30 G:20 LL:Fire IL:Weapon,Scroll Defense.
                              T[0] User gains lap # x 30G.

143. Basilisk          R      ST:30 HP:40 G:50+Earthx2 IL:Armor Death(50%).
                              Land level decreases by 1 after battle.

144. Blynx             N      ST:20 HP:20 G:40 IL:Scroll Untargetable.
                              Can move to distant vacant land in area.

145. Carbuncle         N      ST:20 HP:20 G:20 Support Ability.
                              Reflects scroll attacks.

146. Cerberus          S      ST:20 HP:40 G:50+Earth LL:Wind IL:Scroll
                              Attacks twice in battle.

147. Coati             S      ST:30 HP:30 G:60 In battle, ST increases by user's
                              placed Earth creatures x 5.

148. Cockatrice        S      ST:30 HP:40 G:60+Earth IL:Scroll
                              Bonus Attack: Turns opponent into "Stone Wall".
                              Stone Wall (Earth) ST:0 HP:60

149. Dark Elf          S      ST:40 HP:30 G:70+Earth First Attack.
                              Critical hit to Wind creatures.

150. Dark Master       R      ST:60 HP:80 G:140+Earthx2+C LL:Wind
                              Boost(Earth HP+10) User loses 100G after battle.

151. Death Gaze        R      ST:50 HP:30 G:70+Earth LL:Wind Neutralize Scroll.
                              Remove opponent's card from game if destroyed in
                              battle (80%).

152. Dragon Zombie     N      ST:40 HP:60 G:100 LL:Wind IL:Armor

153. Dryad             N      ST:20 HP:30 G:60 LL:Wind IL:Weapon Support Ability
                              Can move to vacant Earth land in area.

154. Dwarf             N      ST:30 HP:50 G:70

155. Gargoyle          S      ST:30 HP:50 G:90+Earth First Attack.
                              If defending, ST=50.

156. Ghoul             S      ST:40 HP:30 G:50+C Bonus Attack: Paralysis.
                              If opponent is destroyed, gains Regeneration.

157. Gigantherium      R      ST:50 HP:60 G:90+Earth IL:Scroll
                              If land has curse effect HP-20.

158. Gnome             S      ST:20 HP:40 G:60 Toll fee is 1.5x higher.

159. Gooba Queen       R      ST:10 HP:40 G:30+Earthx2 IL:Weapon T[20] Place
                              Gooba on vacant land. Gooba Earth ST:0 HP:10.

160. Green Mold        N      ST:10 HP:50 G:45 IL:Weapon,Scroll Defense.

161. Grimalkin         S      ST:20 HP:30 G:60+Earth Support. Untargetable.

162. Healer            S      ST:10 HP:40 G:50 Regeneration.
                              T[20] HP+30 to target creature.

163. Huge Spider       N      ST:30 HP:40 G:70 IL:Scroll Bonus Attack:Paralysis.

164. Hunbaba           R      ST:50 HP:40 G:80+Earth+C LL:Wind
                              Bonus Attack: Poison. Boost(Wind ST-10).

165. Leshy             S      ST:30 HP:40 G:50 Defense. Territory increases 1
                              level at end of battle.

166. Mandrake          S      ST:10 HP:50 G:55+Earth LL:Wind If Mandrake HP <=20
                              at end of battle, both creatures are destroyed.

167. Mudman            S      ST:20 HP:40 G:65 LL:Wind IL:Armor In battle HP
                              increased by user's Earth creatures x 5.

168. Mummy             N      ST:20 HP:50 G:40 IL:Weapon Defense.
                              If destroyed user gains lap # x 50.

169. Odradek           R      ST:20 HP:20 G:40 Support. Receives no damage from
                              spells or territory ability.

170. Pan               N      ST:30 HP:40 G:60 Bonus Attack: Confusion.

171. Quake Beast       R      ST:50 HP:30 G:40+Earthx2 IL:Armor
                              T[60] Lowers land level of adjacent land by 1 &

172. Raksas            R      ST:50 HP:30 G:70+Earth If destroyed opposing
                              Cepter loses 30% of most common symbol.

173. Sage              R      ST:20 HP:30 G:70 Support Ability.
                              Ignore item destroy/capture effect.

174. Spitting Cobra    N      ST:40 HP:40 G:70 IL:Scroll
                              T[0] Poison to target creature.

175. T'ao T'ieh        R      ST:40 HP:40 G:70+Earth LL:Wind If opponent
                              destroyed ST+10 MHP+10 (80 maximum each).

176. Tiger Beetle      N      ST:20 HP:30 G:20 IL:Scroll

177. Trench Worm       S      ST:40 HP:50 G:90+Earth IL:Armor
                              Penetration to Wind.

178. Troll             N      ST:40 HP:40 G:70 LL:Fire,Wind Regeneration.

179. Vampire           R      ST:40 HP:40 G:80+Earth LL:Water,Wind IL:Armor
                              First Attack. Bonus Attack: Adds damage to HP.

180. Wall of Stone     N      ST:0 HP:60 G:30 LL:Wind IL:Armor,Scroll Defense.

181. Wereboar          N      ST:20 HP:40 G:80 ST+30 if on offense.

182. Woodfolk          N      ST:30 HP:30 G:60 IL:Weapon Support Ability.


#    Creature          Rarity
-    --------          ------
183. Archer            N      ST:20 HP:30 G:40 IL:Weapon
                              T[30]10 damage to target creature.

184. Beelzebub         R      ST:70 HP:70 G:140+Windx2+C LL:Earth
                              Boost(Wind HP+10). User loses 100G after battle.

185. Centaur           S      ST:30 HP:40 G:80 First Attack. Used item recycles.

186. Chon Chon         S      ST:20 HP:30 G:40 If item not used HP+20 and casts
                              "Anti-Element" on defending creature.

187. Cornfolk          N      ST:30 HP:40 G:70 If destroyed user gains 200G.

188. Dhampir           R      ST:40 HP:40 G:80+Wind Neutralizes Earth attack.
                              Death to Earth creature (60% chance).

189. Elf               S      ST:40 HP:30 G:70+Wind First Attack.
                              Critical hit to Earth creature.

190. Giant Bat         N      ST:20 HP:30 G:20 IL:Scroll

191. Giant Rattler     N      ST:40 HP:40 G:70 IL:Scroll If item not used,
                              casts "Disease" on defending creature.

192. Gouda             R      ST:0 HP:40 G:60+Windx2 LL:Earth In battle,
                              HP and ST equal placed Wind creatures x 10.

193. Gremlin           S      ST: 20 HP:30 G:70 IL:Scroll Destroys opponent's
                              item at start of battle.

194. Griffon           N      ST:50 HP:50 LL:Earth IL:Scroll

195. Harpy             N      ST:30 HP:30 G:60 First Attack.

196. Holy Llama        N      ST:20 HP:40 G:60 IL:Scroll T[30] Cepter's roll
                              becomes 6 & can move to vacant Wind land in area.

197. Hornet            N      ST:40 HP:30 G:60 IL:Scroll Bonus Attack: Poison.

198. Hurricane         N      ST:20 HP:50 G:50 LL:Earth IL:Armor,Scroll
                              First Attack.

199. Igneous Fatui     R      ST:10 HP:30 G:10+Windx2+C LL:Fire,Water
                              Last Attack. Death (80%).

200. Knight            N      ST:50 HP:40 G:90 Critical hit to creature with 50
                              MHP or more.

201. Leprechaun        R      ST:20 HP:20 G:40+Wind+C Gives user's item to

202. Leveler           S      ST:40 HP:60 G:100+Wind+C IL:Scroll
                              If land not Wind element, land level reduced by 1
                              after battle.

203. Master Monk       N      ST:20 HP:30 G:80 First Attack.
                              If Item not used ST+30 HP-30 in battle.

204. Mermecoleo        R      ST:20 HP:30 G:60 LL:Earth IL:Scroll Last Attack.
                              If destroyed in battle transforms into Dragonfly.
                              Dragonfly Fire ST:30 HP:20.

205. Night Fiend       R      ST:0 HP:40 G:70+Windx2 LL:Water IL:Weapon,Armor
                              First Attack. In battle ST = land level x 2.

206. Nightmare         S      ST:30 HP:30 G:50+Wind Penetration.

207. Nike              S      ST:30 HP:30 G:60+Wind IL:Armor First Attack.
                              Bonus Attack: Paralysis.

208. Nue               R      ST:40 HP:50 G:80+Wind LL:Earth
                              Boost(offensive creature ST-10).

209. Paladin           R      ST:50 HP:50 G:90+Wind LL:Earth
                              Critical hit to Neutral. Regeneration.

210. Pegasus           N      ST:30 HP:20 G:60 First Attack. Untargetable.
                              Neutralize scroll attack.

211. Powder Eater      S      ST:1 HP:1 G:0 IL:Scroll Increases ST & HP during

212. Pushpull          N      ST:0 HP:40 G:70 IL:Scroll Attacks twice.

213. Quetzalcoatl      S      ST:30 HP:50 G:80+Wind IL:Armor
                              Boost(trades First Attack for ST+10)

214. Roadrunner        N      ST:20 HP:30 G:60 IL:Scroll First Attack.
                              Moves 2 spaces using movement command.

215. Soul Collector    R      ST:20 HP:30 G:60+C In battle ST increases # of
                              creatures destroyed in match x 5.

216. Spectre           N      ST:0 HP:30 G:30 In battle ST & HP randomly
                              transforms 10-70.

217. Sphinx            R      ST:40 HP:50 G:80+Wind+C LL:Earth
                              Bonus Attack: Confusion. Boost(Earth HP-10).

218. Sprite            N      ST:20 HP:20 G:10 LL:Earth Neutralize attack of
                              creatures with 40 MHP or more.

219. Succubus          N      ST:40 HP:40 G:50+C LL:Earth
                              Bonus Attack: Opponent's ST = 0.

220. Trample Weed      S      ST:20 HP:60 G:30+Wind IL:Weapon,Scroll Defense.
                              Cannot change land level.

221. Virus             R      ST:10 HP:10 G:0+Wind LL:Earth
                              IL:Weapon,Armor,Scroll Boost(All creatures HP-10).

222. Wendigo           S      ST:30 HP:50 G:70 If item not used casts Fog on
                              defending creature.

223. Wind Imp          S      ST:20 HP:20 G:10+C T[50] Reduces enemy Cepter's
                              magic by 50% & self-destruct.

224. Witch             S      ST:20 HP:30 G:50 IL:Weapon T[30] Takes 20 G x # of
                              spell cards in opposing Cepter's hand.
                              Scroll critical hit.

225. Wyvern            S      ST:40 HP:40 G:80+Wind LL:Earth IL:Armor
                              First Attack. Can move to vacant Wind land in area

|12. Item List|

#    Item                 Rarity Effect
-    ----                 ------ ------
226. Air Slasher          N      Weapon G:10 ST+20. Critial Hit if used by Wind.

227. Amber Ring           R      Tool G:30 ST+20. Penetration if used by Wind.

228. Aura Blade           S      Weapon G:40 ST+Value of HP.

229. Bandit's Glove       N      Tool G: Bonus Attack: Takes damage x2G from
                                 opposing Cepter.

230. Battering Ram        S      Weapon G:30 ST+20. Death to Defense creature.

231. Battle Axe           N      Weapon G:30 ST+40.

232. Bell of Chaos        S      Tool G:50 Item card opponent used will be
                                 removed from all books and hands.
                                 Ignore capture/destroy effects.

233. Bell of Law          S      Tool G:10 Destroys card with highest cost in
                                 opponent's hand. Recycles back to book.

234. Black Orb            S      Tool G:30 Ignores opponent's neutralize or
                                 reflect ability.

235. Boomerang            R      Weapon G:40 ST+20,HP+10. Recycles back to hand.

236. Buckler              N      Armor G:30 Neutralize attacks of creatures with
                                 30 ST or less (except scroll attack).

237. Catapult             R      Weapon G:90 ST+30, HP+30.

238. Chain Mail           N      Armor G:10 HP+30.

239. Chameleon Armor      S      Armor G:30 HP=Land level x 20.

240. Changing Salve       N      Tool G:0 In battle, creature's ST & HP switch.

241. Claw of the Ghoul    N      Tool G:10 Bonus Attack: Paralysis

242. Claymore             R      Weapon G:60 ST+50

243. Coin of Piety        S      Tool G:0 After winning battle, gain 10 symbols
                                 of element where battle took place.

244. Counter Amulet       R      Tool G:100 Reflects attack back to opponent
                                 (except scroll attack).

245. Crossbow             R      Weapon G:70 ST+30 HP+20

246. Dagger of Mite       S      Weapon G:40 ST+game rank x 20.

247. Death                R      Scroll G:80 Death to opponent (60%). At end of
                                 battle death to user's creature (40%).

248. Diamond Armor        R      Armor G:60 Last Attack. ST-30 HP+60

249. Dynamite             S      Tool G:50 ST+60 Creature destroyed after battle

250. Earth Amulet         S      Tool G:30 ST+10 First Attack.
                                 Critical hit if Earth creature uses it.

251. Earth Shield         S      Armor G:25 Neutralize Earth attack. If Earth
                                 creature uses, neutralize all (except scroll).

252. Emerald Ring         R      Tool G:30 ST+20
                                 If Earth creature uses, Penetration.

253. Fire Amulet          S      Tool G:30 ST+20 HP+10 Regeneration.
                                 If Fire creature uses, critical hit.

254. Fire Bolt            N      Scroll G:40 ST=30 Critical hit to Water.

255. Fire Shield          S      Armor G:25 Neutralize Fire attack. If Fire
                                 creature uses, neutralize all (except scroll).

256. Flame Tongue         N      Weapon G:10 ST+20 Critical hit to Water.

257. Freeze               N      Scroll G:40 ST=30 Critical hit to Fire.

258. Gaseous Form         N      Tool G:70 ST=0
                                 Neutralize attack (except scroll attack).

259. Gem of Life          S      Tool G:20 Destroys either creature if they have
                                 20 HP or less at end of battle.

260. Glaive               S      Weapon G:40 ST+20 HP+20

261. Golden Goose         N      Tool G:0 Receive HP x 10G is creature is
                                 destroyed in battle.

262. Gremlin Amulet       N      Tool G:70 Destroys opponent's item in battle.

263. Heart Fibula         N      Tool G:30 ST+20
                                 MHP+20 if opponent is destroyed (80 maximum).

264. Hell Blaze           S      Scroll G:80 ST=40 Critical hit to creatures
                                 with 20 ST or less.

265. Holy Grail           R      Tool G:80 Neutralize all attacks(except scroll)
                                 User loses damage x 2G.

266. Hourglass            S      Tool G:10 First Attack.
                                 Neutralizes opponent's First Attack.

267. Icicle               N      Weapon G:10 ST+20 Critical hit to Fire.

268. Iksear               E      Tool G:50 HP increased by Water land owned x 20
                                 Ignores item destroy/capture effect.

269. Knight Shield        N      Armor G:40 Neutralizes attack from creatures
                                 with 40 ST or more (except scroll attack).

270. Kris                 S      Weapon G:50 ST+30 Ignore item destroy/capture.

271. Lance of Odin        E      Weapon G:80 ST+50 HP+10

272. Leather Armor        N      Armor G:0 HP+20

273. Long Sword           N      Weapon G:10 ST+30

274. Luna Stone           R      Tool G:50
                                 Switch opponent's ST & HP at end of battle.

275. Mace                 N      Weapon G:0 ST+20

276. Magic Shield         N      Armor G:10 HP+20 Neutralize scroll attack.

277. Magus's Mirror       S      Armor G:40 HP+20 Reflect scroll attack.

278. Marker Flag          R      Tool G:30 Invading Cepter can use territory
                                 command or fight battle again.

279. Masamune             S      Weapon G:50 ST+50 HP-10

280. Morning Star         N      Weapon G:40 ST+30 HP+10

281. Mujina Mask          S      Tool G:30 HP increased by opponent's hand x 10.

282. Necro Scarab         S      Tool G:60 If creature is destroyed, transforms
                                 into Zombie. Zombie Neutral ST:20 HP:50.

283. Neutral Amulet       S      Tool G:10 Changes creature to Neutral type.
                                 Recycles back to book.

284. Nuclear Fusion       R      Scroll G:120 ST=50

285. Nunchaku             N      Weapon G:0 ST+30 HP-10

286. Offering Doll        N      Tool G:0 Depending on invade/defend, user gains
                                 30% value of element symbol.

287. Petrify Stone        S      Tool G:50 ST=0 HP=80

288. Phoenix Amulet       N      Tool G:20
                                 Creature recycles back to hand if destroyed.

289. Plate Mail           R      Armor G:60 HP+50

290. Power Bracelet       R      Tool G:30 ST is doubled.

291. Prismatic Wand       N      Weapon G:80 If element of user's creature is
                                 different from opponent's, ST+40 HP+40.

292. Protean Ring         R      Tool G:0 Transforms into random creature.

293. Rainbow Piece        E      Tool G:50 Neutralizes scroll effect/curse.

294. Rat Hunter           R      Tool G:50 Bonus Attack: Transform opponent
                                 into Giant Rat.
                                 Giant Rat Neutral ST:20 HP:10

295. Ring of the Succubus N      Tool G:30 First Attack.
                                 Bonus Attack: Opponent's ST = 0.

296. Ring of the Vampire  N      Tool G:30 First Attack. Bonus Attack: Adds
                                 damage to own HP.

297. Rock Biter           N      Weapon G:10 ST+20 Critical hit to Earth.

298. Ruby Ring            R      Tool G:30 ST+20
                                 If Fire creature uses, Penetration.

299. Sapphire Ring        R      Tool G:30 ST+20
                                 If Water creature uses, Penetration.

300. Scale Armor          N      Armor G:30 HP+40

301. Shadow Armor         S      Armor G:30 HP+(7-land level)x10.

302. Silver Plow          R      Tool G:100 Land increases 1 lvl after battle.

303. Sleep                N      Scroll G:50 Puts "Sleep" effect on creature.

304. Sling                N      Weapon G:40 First Attack. ST+10 HP+10.

305. Smoke Torch          S      Tool G:30 Neutralize scroll and Penetration.

306. Spear                N      Weapon G:20 ST+20 HP+10

307. Spike Shield         S      Armor G:60 Reflects 50% damage received to
                                 opponent (except scroll attack).

308. Stink Bottle         S      Tool G:20 Destroys tool items and Support.
                                 Recycles back to book.

309. Stone Hail           N      Scroll G:40 ST=30 Critical hit to Wind.

310. Storm Causer         R      Weapon G:60 ST+60 HP-30

311. Sword of the Falcon  R      Weapon G:30 First Attack. ST+20

312. Tearing Halo         R      Scroll G:80 ST=30 Critical hit to non-Neutral.
                                 Ignore item destroy/capture effect.

313. Terrair              E      Tool G:50 ST increased by # of Wind lands owned
                                 x 20. Ignore item destroy/capture effect.

314. The Hand             R      Tool G:80 Takes opponent's item in battle.

315. Tower Shield         N      Armor G:40 Reduce damage by 50% (except scroll)

316. Trapezon             S      Tool G:20 Transforms creature into Ba=Al.
                                 Ba=Al Fire ST:50 HP:50.

317. Trident              R      Weapon G:70 ST+40 HP+10

318. Venom                S      Tool G:20 Deals 50% HP damage after battle.

319. Vestment             S      Armor G:50 HP+30 Ignore item destroy/capture.

320. Vorpal Sword         R      Weapon G:40 ST+30 Critical hit to creatures
                                 with 40 MHP or more.

321. Water Amulet         S      Tool G:30 ST+30 Critical hit if Water uses.

322. Water Shield         S      Armor G:25 Neutralize Water attack. If Water
                                 creature uses, neutralize all (except scroll).

323. Wind Amulet          S      Tool G:30 ST+10 HP+10 Critical hit if Wind uses
                                 MHP+10 if opponent destroyed (80 maximum).

324. Wind Cutter          N      Scroll G:40 Critical hit to Earth.

325. Wind Shield          S      Armor G:25 Neutralize Wind attack. If Wind
                                 creature uses, neutralize all (except scroll).

326. Winged Boots         N      Tool G:10 First Attack.
                                 Recycles back to book.

|13. Spell List|

#    Spell          Rarity Effect
-    -----          ------ ------
327. Acid Rain      N      Multi G:70 30 dam to all defense creatures.

328. Anti-Element   S      Curse G:60 Nulls land effect bonus for creature.

329. Anti-Magic     N      Curse G:50 Neutralize spell or curse.

330. Aports         N      Multi G:60 Calls all Cepters on land matching user's
                           land to user's land.

331. Aurora         S      Multi G:50 Value of all symbols increases 20%.

332. Avalanche      R      Multi G:150 Deals 30 damage to all creatures on level
                           5 territories.

333. Babble         S      Curse G:30 For 3 rounds, target Cepter cannot use
                           Prophet or Temple. Recycles back to book.

334. Backward       N      Curse G:20 Target Cepter moves backward on next die.

335. Banishing Ray  S      Single G:70 Destroy target Neutral creature.

336. Barricade      S      Curse G:10 For next 3 rounds, user receives 30% more
                           in toll fees.

337. Barrier        N      Curse G:30 For next 5 rounds target Cepter is
                           untargetable except for "Dispel".

338. Bind           N      Curse G:60 Target Cepter cannot move for one round.

339. Binding Mist   N      Curse G:30 Casts "Paralysis" on target creature.

340. Bistair        E      Single G:80 Target creature receives Fire land owned
                           x 10 damage.

341. Black Out      S      Curse G:40 Target Cepter cannot take toll fees for
                           two rounds.

342. Camouflage     S      Curse G:40 Target creature gains land effect.

342. Catastrophe    R      Multi G:300+C 50% MHP damage to all creatures.

344. Changeling     R      Single G:100 Changes two cards in target Cepter's
                           book to Goblin. Goblin Neutral ST:20 HP:30.

345. Chaos Panic    S      Multi G:90 Reverse all Cepter's directions.

346. Chariot        N      Single G:50 Moves user's creature two spaces.
                           Recycles back to book.

347. Corruption     R      Single G:90 Target Cepter loses # of symbols
                           owned x 10G.

348. Cramp          S      Multi G:60 All creatures ST-20 in target area.

349. Cure           N      Single G:10 Fully restores HP of target creature.

350. Death Cloud    S      Multi G:80 20 damage to all Wind creatures.

351. Demonic Trade  R      Multi G:200+C All user's creatures change to Goblin.
                           User gains # of placed Goblin x 100 G.

352. Desert Storm   R      Multi-Curse G:80 Cannot change land levels in target
                           area for two rounds.

353. Despair        S      Curse G:70 Target Cepter discards drawn cards for two

354. Dimension Door N      Single G:20 Target Cepter transported to random
                           location. User forfeits die roll this round.

355. Disbelief      R      Multi G:90 All Cepters lose # of their symbols x5G.

356. Disease        N      Curse G:40 In battle, ST-20 HP-20.

357. Dispel Magic   N      Single G:10 Remove curse from target Cepter.

358. Drain Magic    S      Single G:80 Caster gains 30% of target Cepter's G.

359. Dream Terrain  N      Curse G:40 User gains 50% of other Cepter's tolls
                           until Castle is reached.

360. Drought        S      Curse G:50 Target land cannot change land level.

361. Dullness       N      Curse G:30 Cannot use offense/defense Items in
                           target territory.

362. Earth Shaker   R      Multi G:300+C All lands decreased one level.

363. Echo           S      Single G:80 User's G becomes equal to 50% of target.

364. Eclipse        S      Single G:60 Takes 20 symbols of most common element
                           from target Cepter. Target Cepter gains # of lost
                           symbols x 10 G.

365. Elemental Rage S      Multi G:80 All creatures with mismatched elements
                           lose 50% HP.

366. Erasure        E      Multi G:50 Removes all curses from all
                           Cepters and creatures.

367. Escape         N      Single G:20 User goes to nearest vacant land.
                           User forfeits die roll this round.

368. Evil Blast     R      Single G:120 30 damage to target creature.

369. Exile          S      Single G:100 Return creature with curse to hand.

370. Exorcism       S      Multi G:60 Removes curse from all creatures in area.
                           Affected creatures MHP+10.

371. Fairy Light    N      Curse G:60 Cepter gains hand x 10 G every turn until
                           Castle is reached.

372. Feast          N      Multi G:20 All Cepters gain # of territory owned x50G

373. Find           S      Single G:40 User draws 1 card. Recycles back to book.

374. Fire Explosion S      Multi G:80 20 damage to all Water creatures.

375. Fly            N      Single G:20 User moves sum of two dice.

376. Fog            N      Curse G:50 Toll fee of territory is halved.

377. Foresight      N      Single G:40 Look at six cards from Book and add one
                           of them to your hand.

378. Forest Leap    R      Single G:20 Cepter moves to nearby Earth land.
                           User forfeits die roll this round.

379. Goblin's Lair  R      Single G:10+C Positions Goblin if user is on vacant
                           land. Recycles back to book. Goblin NeutralST:20HP:30

380. Grace          N      Single G:30 User gains 15% in G that target Cepter
                           has in Symbols.

381. Gravity        S      Multi-Curse G:50 All Cepter's die roll is 1.

382. Greed          N      Curse G:20 Toll fee increases 1.5x.
                           In battle, HP-10.

383. Growth Body    N      Single G:20 Target creature's MHP+10.

384. Haste          N      Curse G:50 Target Cepter's die is 6-8 for two rounds.

385. Haunt          R      Curse G:70 Target Cepter is controlled by the
                           computer for two rounds.

386. Holy Word 0    S      Curse G:30 Target Cepter's die roll is 0.

387. Holy Word 1    N      Curse G:20 Target Cepter's die roll is 1.

388. Holy Word 2    N      Curse G:10 Target Cepter's die roll is 2.

389. Holy Word 3    N      Curse G:10 Target Cepter's die roll is 3.

390. Holy Word 6    N      Curse G:10 Target Cepter's die roll is 6.

391. Holy Word X    N      Curse G:30 Target Cepter's die roll is 10.

392. Ice Storm      S      Multi G:80 20 damage to all Fire creatures.

393. Incineration   R      Multi G:10 User gains total # of destroyed creatures
                           in match x 20 G.

394. Influence      S      Single G:80 Transform target land into element which
                           caster owns most of.

395. Insect Swarm   S      Multi G:80 20 damage to all creatures in area.

396. Invisibility   R      Curse G:60 Territory cannot be targeted except for
                           Remove Curse. Effect ends if user casts a spell.

397. Judgment       R      Single G:100 Target Cepter (66%) or casting
                           Cepter (33%) loses 80% of their G total.

398. Lake Leap      R      Single G:20 Cepter moves to nearby Water land.
                           User forfeits die roll this round.

399. Land Protection N     Curse G:70 Target creature cannot be targeted except
                           for Remove Curse.

400. Land Transfer  S      Single G:20 Abandon target territory and gain its
                           value in G. Recycles back to book.

401. Life Force     R      Curse G:70+C For three rounds target Cepter can use
                           creatures or items for half cost, but cannot cast

402. Life Stream    S      Multi G:50 Fully restores HP to user's creatures.

403. Locust         S      Single G:80 Target territory loses one level.

404. Magic Bolt     N      Single G:50 20 damage to target creature.

405. Magic Fountain N      Curse G:20 First Cepter to reach target territory
                           gains 400 G.

406. Manna          N      Single G:0 Cepter gains lap # x 50 G.

407. Mass Growth    R      Multi G:30 All creature's MHP+5.

408. Mass Phantasm  R      Multi-Curse G:100 Casts Phantasm on all creatures in

409. Mesmerize      R      Single G:100+C Choose and use one card from target
                           Cepter's hand except Mesmerize.

410. Meteor         R      Single G:200+C Target territory becomes level 1.

411. Mind Seeker    R      Single G:20 Choose one of six cards from target
                           Cepter's book (without looking) and destroy it.

412. Mine           N      Curse G:10 First Cepter to land on target territory
                           loses 50% of their total G (can be used on any land).

413. Mistletoe      S      Curse G:20 For two rounds User gains 50 G each time
                           any Cepter rolls 5-7.

414. Mountain Leap  R      Single G:20 Cepter moves to nearby Fire land.
                           User forfeits die roll this turn.

415. Mutation       S      Curse G:40 Target creature gains "Poison" & MHP+20.

416. Pain           N      Single G:20 Target Cepter loses 100G.

417. Parasite       S      Curse G:50 Owner of target creature loses 100G at the
                           end of battle.

418. Peace          S      Curse G:70 Target territory cannot be invaded. Toll
                           fee is reduced to 0.

419. Permission     S      Single G:80 All Forts become passed for Cepter.

420. Phantasm       S      Curse G;30 Creature cannot receive/regain damage from
                           spells or territory abilities.

421. Plague         S      Multi-Curse G:100 Gives "Poison" to all creatures in

422. Plain Leap     R      Single G:20 Cepter moves to nearby Wind land.
                           User forfeits die roll this round.

423. Pressure       N      Multi G:70 Lower all symbol values 30%.

424. Prophecy       R      Single G:40 Take a chosen card type from book.

425. Punisher       R      Multi G:100 20 damage to all creatures with curses.

426. Quicksand      R      Curse G:100 Stops all passing Cepters for two rounds.

427. Quintessence   R      Single G:60 Turns land into multi-element type.

428. Raise Dead     S      Single G:30 Adds most recently destroyed creature to
                           Cepter's hand. Recycles back to book.

429. Ray of Law     S      Multi G:80 Destroys cards costing 100G or more.

430. Regeneration   N      Curse G:40 In battle, Regeneration and HP+20.

431. Reincarnation  S      Single G:50 Discard hand and draw cards equal to
                           number discarded.

432. Reinforce      S      Multi G:60 All creatures ST+20 in target area.

433. Relief         N      Single G:30 Exchange two of user's creatures from
                           their territories. Recycles back to book.

434. Remove Curse   N      Single G:10 Remove curse from target creature.

435. Replace        R      Single G:120 Exchange target creature with selected
                           creature from hand.

436. Revelation     S      Curse G:50 For next two rounds Cepter can use
                           territory command on all territories.

437. Revival        N      Single G:70+C Return target Cepter's book to the
                           way it was at round 1.

438. Ruin           R      Single G:80 Destroy all spell cards in caster's and
                           target Cepter's hands.

439. Rust           S      Single G:80+C Destroy all item cards in target
                           Cepter's hand.

440. Scourge        S      Multi G:80 Decreases G 30% for all cursed Cepters.

441. Sculpture      R      Multi G:150+C All creatures with 30 MHP or less
                           become Statues. Statue Neutral ST:0 HP:50.

442. Selenear       E      Single G:50 User gains # of Earth land owned x100G.

443. Senility       R      Curse G:100 Target creature destroyed at end of

444. Shatter        N      Single G:20 Destroy non-creature card from target
                           Cepter's hand.

445. Shine          R      Curse G:150 Increase value of all symbols 50% for two

446. Shrink         N      Single G:30 Target creature's MHP-10.

447. Silence        S      Curse G:70 Target Cepter cannot summon creatures for
                           two rounds.

448. Simulacrum     R      Curse G:40 Neutralizes one attack (except scroll).
                           User loses damage x 3 G.

449. Sink           R      Single G:150 Transform territory to Water.

450. Slow           N      Curse G:20 Target Cepter's die roll is 1-3 for two

451. Soltis         E      Single G:80 Choose and regain one of the seven

452. Sonic Wave     S      Multi G:70 20 damage to all creatures with First

453. Soul Hunt      S      Curse G:10 When target creature is destroyed by
                           spells or territory ability, owner gains HP x 5G.

454. Soul Steal     R      Curse G:10 For three rounds, caster gains # of
                           creatures destroyed in match x 50G.

455. Spartoi        N      Single G:40+C Summons Skeleton to random vacant land.
                           Skeleton Neutral ST:30 HP:40.

456. Spirit Walk    S      Curse G:20 Target creature can move to vacant land in

457. Squeeze        S      Single G:50 Destroy one of target Cepter's hand
                           cards. Card owner gains 150G.

458. Subsidence     S      Single G:120 Target Cepter's highest territory level
                           is lowered by 1.

459. Suppression    R      Single G:100 Target card is removed from all hands
                           and books.

460. Telegnosis     N      Curse G:60 User can use territory command on all
                           territories. Recycles back to book.

461. Telekinesis    R      Single G:100 Moves target creature one space.

462. Teleport       N      Single G:10 Sends target Cepter to land behind Fort
                           or Temple. User forfeits die roll this round.

463. Temperance     S      Single G:70 Target creature's MHP=30.

464. Tempest        R      Multi G:200+C 20 damage to all creatures.

465. Thorn Fetter   N      Curse G:50 Creature cannot move. HP-20 at end of

466. Thunder Storm  S      Multi G:80 20 damage to all Earth creatures.

467. Torture        N      Curse G:50 Target Cepter loses # of spell cards in
                           hand x 20 G every round until Castle is reached.

468. Triumph        N      Curse G:20 User's next lap bonus increases 1.5x.
                           Effect ends when Castle is reached.

469. Turn to the Wall S    Single G:80 Target creature becomes defense creature.

470. Upheaval       R      Single G:150 Transform territory to Fire.

471. Vitality       N      Curse G:40 In battle, ST+20 HP+20.

472. Vortex         S      Curse G:40 Effects/abilities cannot be used in target

473. Waste          S      Curse G:70 Target Cepter pays double cost to summon
                           creatures until Castle is reached.

474. Weakness       N      Single G:10 ST=0 permanently.

475. Weathering     R      Single G:150 Transforms territory to Wind.

476. Wild Growth    R      Single G:150 Transforms territory to Earth.

477. Wind of Hope   N      Single G:40 Draw two cards.

478. Wing           N      Curse G:40 Target creature gains First Attack & ST+20

479. Wizard Eye     N      Single G:0 Look at six cards from target Cepter's
                           book. Recycles back to hand.

480. Word of Recall R      Single G:80+C Target Cepter sent to Castle.
                           User forfeits die roll this round.

[Unreleased Cards]

#    Name         Rarity
-    --------     ------
481. Astral Queen E      Neutral ST:30 HP:40 G:70+C
                         T[60] All creatures "Camouflage" status.
                         HP + Neutral creatures placed x5.

482. Leoknight    E      Neutral ST:0 HP:40 G:100 IL:Scroll
                         In battle ST=opponent's land x 10,
                         HP=user's land x 10.

483. Tetramorph   E      Neutral ST:30 HP:50 G:80+C
                         Def. Boost (Off. Creature HP -20).
                         T[50] 50 dam to creature with land mismatch.

484. Dragon Helm  E      Tool G:70 Critical hit to Fire, Wind.
                         Neutralize Water, Earth attack. Ignore capture/destroy.

485. Talisman     E      Tool G:100 Destroy opponent's item at start.
                         Neutralize attack (except Scroll).
                         "Land Protect" on defending creature.

486. Darkcraft    E      Spell G:70 Cepter with most Symbols loses 30% of
                         most owned Symbols.

487. Energy Flash E      Spell G:100+C Destroys all creatures on level 1 lands.

488. Lightcraft   E      Spell G:50 All Cepter's Books return to start status.
                         Discard hands and draw five new cards.

489. Polymorph    E      Spell G:80+C Random transform of target creature.

|14. Gallery|

After every battle you receive a random piece of artwork you can view in the
gallery. Clearing the game allows you to view the various in game movies as
well. In addition, several new movies may appear if you fulfill certain
conditions, such as collecting all cards of a certain type.

1.  Support Ability
2.  Territory Ability
3.  Global Ability
4.  Gods Of Soltaria
5.  Card Excavation
6.  Gem March
7.  Help For Cepter
8.  Book Edit
9.  Coliseum Tournament
10. Fard Tribe
11. Culdra
12. The World Of Culdra Universe
13. Creature Summon
14. Knight Of Armor
15. Creature Battle
16. Aria
17. Meteor
18. Undead Army
19. Effect Land
20. Culdra Looking Down At The World
21. Geminigh's Omen
22. The Rule Of Geminigh
23. To Soltaria
24. The Winner's Shrine
25. Dragon Summon
26. First Attack
27. Machine Army
28. Gremlins And Items
29. Warriors Of Flame
30. Storm Causer

|15. Medals|

Medals are unlocked when you fulfill certain conditions in the game, such as
collecting certain cards or winning a battle in a particular way. Some of the
requirements range from simple to almost impossible. Unlocking medals gives you
access to additional maps in versus mode and Extra cards unavailable in story

#   Medal                           Requirement
-   -----                           -----------
1.  Performer of the Mission        Complete story mode.

2.  Supreme Ruler of the World      Collect over 500 cards.

3.  Supreme Ruler of the Universe   Collect over 1000 cards.

4.  Scholar of Monsters             Collect all creature cards
                                    (Excluding E cards)

5.  Scholar of Artifacts            Collect all item cards.
                                    (Excluding E cards)

6.  Scholar of Sorcery              Collect all spell cards.

7.  Two-Headed Attacker             Victory in a two on one match.

8.  Solitary Swordsman              Victory in a three on one match.

9.  Proof of Friendship             Win an alliance victory at Malthessburg.
                                    (Ally cannot be denied toll)

10. Death Bearer                    Victory by sudden death.

11. Proof of Knighthood             Win versus Zeneth with a difference of more
                                    than 5000 G between totals.

12. Repeated Victory                Over 50 wins in story mode.

13. Victors Among Victors           Over 100 wins in story mode.

14. Roaring Flame                   Victory with over 90,000G.

15. Cosmic Mystery                  Set all Idols on map.

16. Loser Among Losers              Lose at Malthessburg with less than 100G.
                                    (Except on sudden death)

17. Stars of the Ascetics           Victory using Book without creatures.

18. Destroyer of Articles           Victory with 10,000 G in tolls collected
                                    without any items in Book.

19. Denier of Spells                Victory using Book without spells.

20. Stone of the One and Only       Victory without duplicate cards in Book.

21. Soul of the Alchemist           Victory with only Neutral creatures in Book.

22. Destroyer of the Land           Quake Beast lowers the level of more than
                                    four lands at once.

23. Dragon Slayer                   Defeat the Dragon with the Powder Eater.

24. Mechanical Duke                 Play more than three Bundlegears.

25. Exiler of Existence             Make opponent's Book have less than 40 cards
                                    using Death Gaze.

26. Protector of the Earth          Fill the map with Gooba.

27. Wind Rider                      Fill the map with Powder Eater.

28. Chief of the Commoners          Victory with only N cards in Book totaling
                                    over 10,000 G in cost.

29. Chief of the Extraordinaire     Victory with only S cards in Book totaling
                                    over 10,000 G in cost.

30. Chief of the Rare Tribe         Victory with only R cards in Book totaling
                                    over 10,000 G in cost.

31. King of the Wasteland           Victory with all lands at level one.

32. Emperor of the Desert           Victory with no Symbols or lands.

33. Unifier                         Victory with opponent controlling no land.
                                    (Except in sudden death)

34. Fortune Bearer                  Victory with building a chain of 10
                                    territories consecutively.

35. Administrator of Fertility      Raise one territory to level 5.

36. Avaricious Smile                Gain more than 3,000 G in a single toll.

37. Explorer of the Swamps          Lose more than 3,000 G via tolls.

38. Lucky Scale                     Take more than 20 tolls in a match.

39. Ominous Fang                    Pay more than 20 tolls in a match.

40. Voice of the Sandman            Victory without paying toll.

41. Wings of Swiftness              Victory before round 20.

42. Denizen of the Sanctuary        Gain over 3,000 G in Symbols without a

43. Merciless Breath                Dry out enemy via toll fee.

44. Shadow of the Pauper            Depleted magic via tolls.

45. Scythe of Insanity              Take opponent's lands more than 20 times
                                    in a match.

46. Solid Defense                   Protect land more than 20 times in a match.

47. Roar of the Butcher             Destroy over 10 creatures at once.

48. Time Tramper                    Roll 1 three consecutive times without using

49. The Infinite Sword              Make creature's ST over 200 in battle.

50. The Infinite Shield             Make creature's HP over 200 in battle.

|16. Culdcept Strategy|

[Book Construction]

- For the most part you'll want to have at least half your Book comprised of
creatures, if not higher. While it is possible to win with less than 50%
creatures in the Book, chances are that you won't be able to do so early in the
game when your cards are fairly weak.

- Ideally a Book should have a balance of creatures, items, and spells, but
sometimes you may want to forgo spells in favor of items, or vice versa,
depending on the situation.

- An ideal distribution of creatures should include types from all four
elements, but you'll notice that later in the game several opponents might
focus on three, two, or even a single element. Neutral creatures can be helpful
in filling out the rest of your roster if you're a few creature cards short.

- Keep in mind the costs of the cards in your Book. Having expensive creatures
and spells may work well on a small map, but on a large map it will leave you
dangerously low on magic.

- Cheap creatures and items have the advantage of being able to deploy
creatures and items at will, allowing you greater control of the board in the
early game. In the late game this proves to be a deficit, as more expensive
creatures at this point often overpower cheap creatures.

- Expensive creatures and items have the obvious advantage of being quite
effective in the late game, at the cost of increased vulnerability in the early

[Offensive Items]

- Early in the game Mace and Long Sword will be your primary offensive weapons.
Later you'll want to upgrade to Battle Axe and Morning Star. Late game weapons
are the Claymore and Masamune. Spear, Glaive, Crossbow, and Catapult give a HP
bonus as well as ST, which can come in handy when you need to prevent a bit of
damage and don't have any armor handy. The Mace and Nunchaku can be played for
free, making them handy weapons indeed.

- Later in the game you may obtain several ring items (Amber Ring, Emerald
Ring, Ruby Ring, Sapphire Ring). When used by a creature of the matching type
(Wind, Earth, Fire, and Water respectively), these rings give the Penetrate
ability, which allows them to totally ignore any defensive bonuses due to the
level of the land. If your Book is running heavy on a certain creature type, it
might be good to include some of these items.

[Defensive Items]

- Early in the game Leather Armor and Chain Armor will be your primary
defensive items. Scale Armor, Plate Armor, and Diamond Armor provide a great
deal of protection late in the game. The more powerful defensive items include
Gaseous Cloud, Necro Scarab, and Petrify Stone.


- If you need to get somewhere in a hurry, Fly and Holy Word 6 will certainly
help speed things along. Later on you'll want to replace them with Haste or
Holy Word X for even faster movement.

- Need a little more G? Manna works wonders on some of the later boards.
Squeeze is good for when you need a little boost. Echo and Drain Magic work
wonders on some of the harder opponents, since they'll usually have far more
magic than you most of the time.

- Want to delay the opposition? Slow, Bind, and Holy Word 0 can seriously
hamper their movement. If you want to delay them even more, try Despair or
Silence. Despair gives you a two-card advantage over your opponent, and Silence
will certainly put a damper on their plans for expansion.

[During Your Turn]

- Keep in mind what you have in your hand before you roll the dice. This is
important when you reach a branch in the path and have the opportunity to
attack your choice of the opponent's creatures. Sometimes you'll forget that
the creature that you intended to attack the opponent with is defensive, has a
land limit, or has an attack that gets neutralized by the defender. Early on
this isn't as important when the toll fees are small, but when the tolls start
to skyrocket, you need to be absolutely sure of what your creatures can and
cannot do.

- If you're unsure of what cards you have in your hand during movement, you can
press the R1 button to review your cards. Thanks go to Tim Bolin for that tip.

- Try to match elements with creatures and lands. The +10 HP defensive bonus
can make a big difference between holding onto the land and losing it. If you
don't have matching creatures, try to summon defensive creatures since they'll
be more likely to survive long enough for you to exchange them on the next pass.

- Be aware of support bonuses when you invade, as this can allow even weak
creatures to take land away from your opponent. Be careful, as the same applies
to you as well.

[During the Opponent's Turns]

- Get to know which cards your opponents are playing and be able to recognize
them on sight. When an opponent draws a card, you will be able to see their
hand for a split second. If you know what your opponent can and cannot do, it
will make life a lot easier down the road. For example, if you see your
opponent draw Leather Armor (+20 HP), you should take that into consideration
that HP addition before you decide to attack.

[Basic AI Behavior]

- The computer AI will almost always play a creature on an unoccupied land if
it matches the land element. It will also attempt to exchange creatures to
match the element whenever possible.

- The computer knows that it can remove curses by playing another curse on
itself, and will often do so. For example, if you cast Holy Word 1 on the
computer to make it land on your high toll square, it might counter with Fly,
Haste, or even Slow on itself.

- With the possible exception of Zagol, the computer will usually not attack
you unless it is sure it can defeat you, with or without an item.

- The computer is more likely to use items to defend territory guarded by a
matching creature than it would a mismatching creature (see below).

- The computer will almost certainly use an item if doing so can prevent you
from stealing a land. Note that the computer only considers the base ST of your
creature only. It doesn't take into consideration that you might have a ST
boosting item in your hand. For example, if you decide to attack a Fighter (40
ST/40 HP) with a Knight (50 ST/40 HP) and the computer has Leather Armor (+20
HP) and you have a Mace (+20 ST), the computer will use the Leather Armor
thinking that the Fighter will have 10 HP left, not knowing that you plan to
use the Mace to neutralize the HP bonus of the Leather Armor.

|17. FAQ|


Q: Why was my Cait Sith was destroyed even though the opponent's ST was 40+?

A: Whenever a creature card mentions ST, it is referring to the creature's base
ST before modifiers. This means that a Skeleton with a Mace can still destroy a
Cait Sith, even if its ST becomes 50, since its base ST is still 30.

Q: Why didn't my creature's Bonus Attack activate?

A: A Bonus Attack only activates if the creatures get a chance to attack. For
example, if a creature gets destroyed first due to the opponent's First Attack,
its Bonus Attack will not activate. If the creature attacks first and gains
First Attack, then its Bonus Attack will activate.

Q: How does Boost work?

A: Whenever a creature occupies a territory, if it matches the condition of the
Boost it will receive the bonus. For example, if a Dark Master is in play
(Boost: Earth HP+10), then all Earth creatures on the map gain +10 HP. This
Boost applies to all creatures on the map, regardless of controller. Note that
this Boost does not apply to attacking creatures. Also if the Boost creature
leaves play, the Boost effect does as well. You cannot receive multiple Boost
effects from copies of the same creature. Boost does not affect the creature

Q: How does Poison work?

A: After both creatures in battle have attacked, the poisoned creature receives
a random amount of damage. If the creature survives, the poison effect remains,
and the creature will receive poison damage at the end of each subsequent
battle that takes place on the territory.

Q: How many cards are there in the entire set?

A: There are 480 cards in the original set. There are 9 additional cards not
included in the set that can be obtained by earning medals during the game.

Q: What is the maximum number of cards you can have of each type?

A: You can have a maximum of 99 cards of each type, with the exception of Extra

Q: Where are all the Extra cards in story mode?

A: The ones I've found so far are as follows:

     Rainbow Shard: Defeat Pickett at Rabbid.

     Erasure: Defeat Aldha at Durhan.

     Lance of Odin: Win the tournament at Cratos.

     Sanctum Guard: Defeat Whirlwind a second time at Kazatega.

Q: How come I can't get another Rainbow Shard/Erasure/Lance of Odin/etc. when I
replay story mode?

A: You can only have one of each Extra card in your collection. Even if you win
the card again you will still only have one in your stock.

Q: Where do I find the Bundlegear card?

A: You can't obtain a Bundlegear card. You can only summon it using the Battle
Gear Alpha and Battle Gear Beta cards. Using Battle Gear Alpha as an item on
Battle Gear Beta, or vice versa, forms the Bundlegear.

Bundle gear     Neutral     ST:60 HP:70 G:250 IL:Scroll
                            Neutralize scroll attack. Untargetable.

Q: How do I obtain the Extra cards that weren't included in the original set?

A: You need to unlock these by collecting medals.

Card            Medals
----            ------
Leoknight       10
Polymorph       15
Astral Queen    25
Dragon Helm     25
Lightcraft      ???
Tetramorph      40
Energy Flash    40
Talisman        45
Darkcraft       45


Q: How do I challenge Zeneth?

A: Zeneth will challenge you at Dunnan after the tournament in Cratos.

Q: How do I challenge Najaran?

A: Najaran will appear at Dunnan when you defeat Zeneth three times. You can
only challenge him once before he leaves for his home world.

Q: I noticed I'm still missing some movies in the gallery. How do I get these?

A: You can unlock additional movies by collecting all the cards of a certain
type. Not only does this play a new movie, but earns you an exclusive Extra
card as well. Here's a list of them:

Card          Requirement
----          -----------
Bistair       Collect all Fire creatures.
Iksear        Collect all Water creatures.
Selenear      Collect all Earth creatures.
Terrair       Collect all Wind creatures.
Soltis        Collect all 480 cards.

|18. Acknowledgements|

Special thanks go to the following:

- NEC for bringing Culdcept to the states.

- Omiya Soft for developing this game.


Tim Bolin: Provided the R1 trick to look at your hand during movement.

This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission by the author. Use of
this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly
prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

The following have explicit permission by me to post this FAQ on their web


Copyright 2003 Brian Nii

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