Review by lordkor

Reviewed: 02/07/05

Despite looking cartoonish, the game was quite good. A good RPG for you FMA fans.

Looked good and the reviews by other gamers sounded good so I went out and bought it. At the store the clerk warned me that it wasn't very good and someone bought and returned it the next day. They had a used copy so I bought it to save a few bucks in case the game was garbage. At first I wasn't too keen on it, but as I played it for a bit I began to enjoy it. Maybe not worth the $35-$39 price tag, but worth picking up for $29.

Fair. The graphics are supposed to run parallel with the cartoon of this game. The character models are decent as are the monsters. Environmental effects like water and fire are good, and the ambience is average. The cut scenes could have been rendered better though, they were only slightly above the in game graphics. I had hoped for better with a game made by Square Eniex, the same folks who created the Final Fantasy series. But again, if the game was supposed to parallel the cartoon I guess the graphics are on par. I never saw the cartoon and never knew it existed so I can't precisely comment on it.

Good for both. There is a good variety of BGM (Background Music)and environmental sounds are decent. There are different sounds for different weapons that you wield or ride. At times the music seemed a bit loud and drowned out the sound effects, but this wasn't too bad. They could have at least had options to adjust the audio. Overall no complaints here.

Good. Although not as robust or expansive as other RPGs, FMA does a relatively good job. Instead of buying weapons you are able to transmute them from environmental objects. For example, you can turn a street lamb into a trident type weapon, or a trash can into a tank or steam roller. There are several different types of weapons and many can be upgraded with elemental attacks such as fire or lightning. Many enhanced weapons are only good for a limited number of uses, but you can enhance it again provided you have enough elemental upgrades to do so.

You level up like any other RPG, gaining experience from defeating monsters. You then get to spend bonus points on your attributes or your partners. You play along side your brother Alphonse (Al). Although he's not very bright as far as AI goes, at least he can't be killed just KO'ed. You can also revive him with your alchemy powers.

As far as battles go there are a decent variety of monsters, and you get bonus experience for combo hits. You also find books that will aid in giving you additional experience for combo moves. The downside is you can only equip two additional accessories, it would have been better if you can equip at least four. The boss battles aren't too bad, but not too easy either. As the game progresses you find they get a bit tougher but not a "smash your controller" type tough. When you defeat a boss, you get a bonus item, or bonus points, or both depending on how fast you beat it.

The game itself is fairly long. You go through different parts of a world map fighting along and advancing the plot. The puzzles aren't too tough which personally I like because I can't stand spending hours trying to figure stuff out it takes away from the game flow. There isn't much as was of voice acting, most of the dialog is text. There are a few cut scenes but not many, but at least they have voice overs. Even still, the dialog is rather funny.


Savepoints only.

Decent length.
Making weapons from objects.
Good music.

Not as robust as other RPGs.
Little voice overs.

Nothing notable.


Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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