• New Game +

    First, you need to beat the game and start a new game using the cleared data on your memory card. You can play through the game again with all of the items and money (Minus any armor or runes you had equipped to your party during the final battle) you earned the first time through, and you also gain the option to choose a new party leader. This person will replace Hero IV as your on-screen character in the field.

    Contributed By: Blazefeeler.

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  • Obtain Snowe's different oufits.

    After you get Snowe to rejoin you, you will be able to find his three outfits he wore earlier in the game. ( Pirate outfit, Aristocat oufit, and Knight outfit ) To get the pirate outfit go to the Illuya island sea, set up a net by talking to Shiramine on the rear deck, depart the ship, and leave the ship just sitting in the water. You will have no random encounters and your net will fill up every 5-10 minutes. For the aristocat outfit do the same thing, except go to the Pirate's nest sea. For the knight outfit do the same, but instead go to the Razril sea. Keep in mind this may take about 30 minutes for each outfit. To change Snowe's outfits talk to him on the deck and choose the 2nd option.

    Contributed By: Swordmaster Karel.

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  • Obtaining the most useful/powerful mage in the game: Ted

    After collecting 70 stars of Destiny, go into the War Room BEFORE liberating Obel. You must go in by yourself, and a scene will activate. You will go through a fog ship, fighting some pretty hard enemies, so be prepared. Make sure you save most of your magic for the boss at the end of the ship since you will need it. Afterwards you'll have recruited the most powerful mage in the game!

    Contributed By: Majin Legacy.

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  • Window set locations

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Window Set 1Net Fishing, Obel Ocean
    Window Set 2Treasure Chest, Obel Ruins
    Window Set 3Five Wins, Tops Mini-game
    Window Set 4Treasure Chest, Mordo Island Docks
    Window Set 5Treasure Hunt, Map #7
    Window Set 6Net Fishing, Razril Ocean
    Window Set 7Win mouse catching, Normal floor, extra large mouse count
    Window Set 8Net Fishing, Obel Ocean
    Window Set 9Back Alleyway in Razril (citizen)

    Contributed By: Cemmos.

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Easter Eggs

  • Suikoden I type army battle

    Go through the Nao mint growing process three times and Nao will say the mushrooms are invading the mints. Then, you are taken to a Suikoden I type army battle. You could choose between Charge, Arrow, Magic, or Other. You can repeat this process as many times as you want.

    Contributed By: xroninbladex.

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  • Early Ending

    You can end your game early in the game, when you are washed up on the shore of the Deserted Island. When you are given the choice to try to leave or stay, choose to stay. It'll take some convincing for your team to finally give in, but when they do you can't leave. All you can do is the surviving tasks over and over and over again. Check the portraits of your teamates, they have changed.

    Contributed By: Black Sheep.

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  • Early Leveling Trick

    After the battle with Troy and Colton, turn around and you will see two Kooluk soldiers guarding the steps to the upper deck. Face one of these soldiers, and using a turbo controller initiate a battle. Turn the turbo on and tape down the x button. Your characters will automatically go through the fight by the turbo function. When the fight ends the turbo function will initiate a fresh battle with this stupid soldier who NEVER moves! Now turn off the TV and goto sleep, and see what happens when you wake up! :)

    Be careful of your characters levels. When they level up they will obviously regain max HP, but if they're not strong enough and you turn your back on the game, they may die while fighting. I began this at level 13, and never had problems with any of my characters living(Hero, Chiepoo, Jewel, Paula).

    Contributed By: Zilveari.

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  • Early Quick level up!

    Before going on a patrol mission, you meet up with Snowe at the dock then he tells you that Tal and the others are waiting in the training hall, go there. Continue and you will fight a single knight, then you'll be asked to change party members. Pick Kenneth among the fighters and use his rune againts the 2 knights. Next Snowe will ask you if you decided the best group, choose I Can't Decide then you'll be asked again to choose members. Do not remove Kenneth because you have an unlimited use of his lightning rune. Keep doing this again and again it should give you a high amount of xp without having a sweat

    Contributed By: Sydney10.

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  • Easy Money

    After recruiting Warlock, return to the underground passageway where you recruited him. Fight the boss there as many times as you want. Each time you defeat the Land Dragon you will obtain 8,000 Potch. Use the Hand Mirror to return to your ship. Go back to the Land Dragon and fight him again, repeat the process until you are satisfied.

    Contributed By: Cemmos.

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  • Extra Scene

    Collect all 108 Stars of Destiny to unlock an extra scene during the ending.

    Contributed By: Correy.

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  • Second premature ending

    The second ending is also a premature ending (first is choosing to stay on the Deserted Island), after the second naval battle when you're liberating Obel, choose not to use the Rune of Punishment three times, and the game will end.

    Contributed By: Eloute.

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