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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MJEmirzian

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    MJ's Front Mission 4 Guide
    Revision: Final
    Contact: mjfaqs@live.com
    You may not publish this guide without my permission.
    Just to be clear, I was the first non-developer on gamefaqs,
    and probably the entire internet/world to discover Simulator 13 and 14.
    Even the official Front Mission 4 guide does not mention them.
    I discovered them on my first playthrough just by playing how I normally do.
    Table of Contents:
    Section 01 - Introduction
    Section 02 - Gameplay Tips
    Section 03 - Wanzer/Pilot Setup
    Section 04 - Getting Free Items/Unlocking Simulators
    Section 05 - MJ's Unofficial Score Ranking
    Section 06 - Walkthrough
    Section 01 - Introduction
    	Welcome to my FM4 guide.  Front Mission 4 is a game that requires a
    good amount of skill to play well.  This guide can remedy some of that skill
    for you by instructing you on what wanzer parts and skills to purchase, along
    with the general strategies of each mission.  You still need to know how to
    use the link system properly to achieve optimal results in battle.  The guide
    is based on my Unofficial Score Ranking, which is a way to rank how well
    you've done in each mission based on pre-set criteria.  The guide is based on
    offensive playing and smart resource management, not turtling or simulator
    abuse.  No level in this guide will take more than 20 turns to complete, with
    an average of 13 or so.
    I've given each mission a difficulty rating from 1 to 6 stars.
    1 Star (*) - A training mission.  No risk of dying unless you're trying hard
    2 Stars (**) - A bit tougher than a training mission.  You need to use basic
    tactics here at least, like the link system, setting up your wanzers and
    skills properly, etc.
    3 Stars (***) - An average difficulty mission.  You need to use some specific
    tactics to succeed, and you might get in some trouble if you screw up.
    Overall, though, you won't be in too much danger as long as you follow basic
    battle tactics.
    4 Stars (****) - Above average difficulty mission.  These missions can be
    difficult for numerous reasons, but they always involve a higher than normal
    risk of failure, with some definite 'danger' spots.  You need to achieve
    objectives that are often involved and difficult, requiring use of pre-battle
    configuration of wanzers, skills, and links, along with effective tactics and
    use of enemy AI.
    5 Stars (*****) - High difficulty mission.  On these missions, you must
    perform mission specific pre-battle configuration of links and equipment, and
    play at a high level of skill while knowing exactly what to do in the
    mission.  The risk of failure or a destroyed wanzer is quite high and you
    usually won't make it out of the mission without some heavily damaged wanzers
    (although no broken parts, I hope).
    6 Stars (******) ? Highest difficulty mission.  You must to perform extensive
    pre-battle configuration of links and equipment.  These missions have map
    conditions that are even more difficult than keeping all of your wanzers
    healthy and fighting well, which you will also have a difficult time doing
    without expert abilities.  They may have extra bonus conditions that are even
    more difficult to achieve.  Lucky you there￾fs only one level in the game that
    I consider to be this difficult.
    Section 02 - Gameplay Tips
    Here are some assorted tips that I'll develop as I write the guide.
    Links with melee units are extremely effective throughout the game.  Learn how
    to attack in sequences that optimize your melee attacks and link chains.  Link
    chain bonuses can do some incredible damage!  The most effective fighting
    method is to attack with a Melee unit who is linked to your gunners, and pull
    off a large link combo.  Then, have all the gunners linked to the melee unit -
    as long as they have enough AP to fire their weapons, the melee unit can
    attack with them.  Position your melee units between two enemies when
    possible, because normal wanzers usually don't survive more than a few link
    Making the most of your melee unit is important in links.  If you begin your
    turn with an enemy next to your melee unit, make ranged attacks on that unit
    for melee support, unless there￾fs a higher priority enemy.  Once that unit is
    dead, move your melee unit to a new target and trigger some more attacks.
    Position your ranged units in ways that allow them to strike multiple enemies
    at once for more support.  Keep in mind which units are linked and not, as you
    can always fire through a non-linked ally.
    If a support weapon runs out of ammo or is broken, the pilot will not support
    with their other weapon (if any), so keep an eye out.
    Rifles and bazookas only use their wielding arm for an accuracy bonus, the
    other arm doesn￾ft need to be high accuracy.  If the wielding arm is broken,
    the weapon cannot be used.  If the non-wielding arm is broken, the weapons
    accuracy is cut in half.
    Aiming ranged weapons with link attacks is important to get the hang of.
    While you can't fire directly in front of a linked unit, you can almost always
    move a bit to the side and get the same results.  Plan out how your units are
    going to make a successful link attack.  Since melee units have low AP
    requirements, it's smart to angle them to the side or behind an enemy so your
    ranged units have a clear shot at the enemy, while your melee unit can pound
    on them with links.
    Fighting enemies in tight corridors is often a bad idea, since you'll block
    each other off and become much less effective.  Try to lure them out into the
    open or find something else to attack instead.
    Unlike Front Mission 3, shields are less important and dual wielding is more
    of a possibility, due to the healing wanzer.
    The enemy AI has two main traits.  First, it is scripted to wait until a
    certain turn to move out and attack your party, or it will simply wait to be
    attacked.  Second, it acquires the first target it can attack, and will often
    stick with that target until it sees a better opportunity (for example, a
    ranged unit may switch to attacking a melee unit).
    Damage is worthless without accuracy.  You will get ahead in the long run with
    more accuracy rather than more damage, especially with single shot weapons
    like RF, BZ, and ML.  However, your own pilots evasion isn't something you
    should worry about until the end of the game when you have more EP points to
    Shotguns aren't too useful until you can hit more reliably with them and they
    meet up with machine guns in damage.
    The two most important stats for your pilots in the game are AP and links.
    Luckily, they're both fairly inexpensive.  More AP means more linked attacks,
    and more linked attacks means more damage and very dead enemies.  No enemy can
    survive a fully linked gang beating with AP stocked pilots for long.
    Section 03 - Wanzer/Pilot Setup
    Taking the time to prepare your wanzers and pilots for battle is an ongoing
    task in the game that will either lead to easier battles, or more difficult
    ones.  Thankfully for you this guide tells you the ideal setups for each
    pilots wanzer, and what skills to buy in what order.  With wanzers, you want
    the highest accuracy, the most evasion, the most power, and the most
    mobility.  Since EMP backpacks are too unreliable and not useful in most
    levels and Sensor packs are worthless in most levels, you can safely ditch
    them and build some more powerful wanzers for your pilots.
    Some of the best battle skills are the ones that are passive, non-situational,
    don't rely on parts breaking to activate, or don't take up a whole turn or
    rely on counterattacking.  Some of your pilots (Hermes, Bosch, etc.) never get
    any link/attack skills, so you must buy some for them at the computer shop.
    Here's a list of the good skills, the decent ones, and the bad ones.
    Bad Skills -
    Defense, First, Rush, Hold - All of these are conditional and activate
    randomly, thus you never know whether it'll actually be useful or a hindrance.
    Alertness, Sensor Plus - These skills require an entire turn to use, and do no
    damage on their own.  The sensor BP is worthless in most missions anyway.
    Revenge, Last Stand, Shield Bash, Last Dash - All of these skills rely on
    damage to your wanzer or parts breaking, which you never want to allow to
    Defend Body - You never know whether your body or arms/legs will be low on
    HPs, and this skill activates randomly.  Could easily lead to unnecessarily
    broken parts.
    Barrage - This skill is quite worthless as you almost never have more than 2
    linked enemy wanzers in MG attack range, and you can never rely on it
    Auto Machine - Status damage is easily curable, so this is just a waste of
    slots and EPs, plus you don't know whether your EMPed guy is going to be
    attacked anyway.
    Decent Skills -
    Anti-Skill - Good against bosses and some levels where all the enemies have
    loads of skills.  It doesn￾ft stack with regular skills, though, so you￾fre
    missing out on a Feint or attack skill.
    Sniper Skills - Good when you need to take out a certain body part, but costly
    in terms of AP use and lack of link support/counterattacks.  Also, these
    skills take the place of more damaging skill activations, and cannot be linked
    by anybody.
    Fix DMG - Conditional, so you never know when it'll work for you or not or
    whether the enemy is using missiles/bazooka/rifle or whether their damage will
    fall into the Fix DMG range.  Still, not too bad when it works.
    Minus Shot, Panic Shot - Good for making link chains, but otherwise skills
    that do more damage or increase accuracy are better.
    AP Cost -4, -8, 0 - Good on sniper or bazooka units, as they can continue to
    perform link attacks.  They can activate it even when their AP is too low to
    fire normally.  Does take the place of another more potent skill, though, and
    is conditional.
    Escape - While sounding good initially, remember that the enemy retains their
    AP and you will have to face them eventually.  Useful in a few levels though.
    Anti-Break - A good skill, but it can activate when you could have used a
    Feint or other defensive skill instead.
    Boost - Useful early in the game, but once everyone's levels are at 3 it
    doesn't really matter.  I'm not sure if you can get more damage out of this
    even if you have level 3 in a weapon.
    Skill Down, AP Damage - Slightly useful, but not really.  AP Damage only halts
    the enemy until they engage someone who doesn't have the skill or isn't linked
    to someone with the skill.  Enemy skills are rare enough that 5% or 10% down
    won't make a difference.
    Good Skills -
    Feint, Full Defense, Block DMG 50 - All good defensive skills.
    Terror Shot, Zoom - Accuracy is always good.  I'd say Zoom is better than
    Terror shot since multiplying your accuracy is better than dividing the
    enemy's evasion.  It is fairly conditional but accuracy is very important in
    this game so there's no avoiding it.
    Double Punch, Double Assault, Double Shot, Rapid Fire, Charge, Blast
    Strike/Shot, Perfect Shot/Strike/Missile - All great attack and link skills
    that will cause major damage.
    EP Plus - More EPs are always welcome.  Only Zead and Ines get this skill by
    default, so you have to spend 3,000 gold in the computer shop to get it for
    anyone else.  Recommended for Thammond at least.
    Chain Up, AP Bonus, Skill Up, Hit Rate Up - All good skills for your linked
    Move Plus, Repair Plus - Move plus is great on anybody, and Repair Plus is
    good for your two healers.
    Pilot status skills range in importance, depending on how useful they are and
    how much more damage your pilot can do with them.
    1. Weapon Proficincies - more damage per shot
    2. Links - Lets you link up with other pilots, very important.
    3. AP & AP Charge - More attacks/link attacks.
    4. Evasion - Good for dodging more shots.
    5. Speed - Allows you to attack faster.
    6. Resistances - Not super useful, but good when you've run out of other
    things to buy.
    Section 04 - Getting Free Items/Unlocking Simulators
    This is a section that covers how to get the good free items in the game and
    unlock all of the simulators.
    Free Stuff:
    Grille 6 Horn set w/ Ziege Rifle - A nice set of high quality low weight
    wanzer parts with a high accuracy, low range, medium ammo, double firing, high
    damage rifle.
    1. In pre-mission 05 at Durandal HQ, talk to Allison twice.
    2. In pre-mission 16 at Zaftran Border, talk to Zead.
    3. In pre-mission 18 at Megafloat Command Center, talk to the E.C. Officer
    4. In pre-mission 23 at British Army Camp, talk to Telford twice.
    Grom Bazooka - A high accuracy, low ammo, medium-high damage bazooka.
    1. In pre-mission 11 at Ritters, talk to Nick.
    2. In pre-mission 23 at Ritters, talk to Nick.
    Magicbox Missile Launcher - A stock missile launcher with high accuracy.
    1. In pre-mission 16 at Keal, talk to Boris.
    2. Go back to Sergei's Office and talk to Bosch.
    3. In post-mission 16 at Chang's Ship, talk to Chang three times.
    Vyvoz IV Rog set w/ Ogon F Rods - An excellent high quality low weight wanzer
    with two excellent melee weapons.
    1. In pre-mission 14 at Refugee Village, talk to Wanzersmith.
    2. In pre-mission 18 at Venezualen Jungle, talk to Thammond three times.
    3. In pre-mission 20 at Refugee Village, talk to Elmo twice after entering the
    Blackstone Shotgun - The best shotgun in the game - superior accuracy,
    firepower, and loads of ammo.
    1. In pre-mission 03 at Command Center, talk to Male Operator twice.
    2. In post-mission 14 at Governor's Manor, enter the Manor Basement.
    3. In pre-mission 20 at Refugee Village, talk to Punch twice after entering
    the House/School.
    4. In post-mission 21, talk to Renges and Chaeffer, then leave the area.
    Unlocking Simulators:
    D01 - Complete Mission 01 (Jutland, Denmark)
    D02 - Complete Mission 02 (German Base)
    D03 - Complete Mission 06 (German Border)
    D04 - Complete Mission 07 (Blauer Nebel Base)
    D05 - Complete Mission 12 (Zaftran Border)
    D06 - Complete Mission 18 (Megafloat Base)
    D07 - Complete Mission 23 (Zaftran Border Fortress)
    D08 - Complete Mission 24 (Zaftran Terminal)
    D09 - Complete Mission 06 (German Border) in 15 or less turns.  Reward is a
    Galbados Rocket, a decent rocket launcher and the only one Durandal ever gets.
    D10 - Destroy the two Missileer wanzers in Mission 16 (Port Nikolaev) in 15 or
    less turns.  Reward is a Vampire Arms, a heavy weapon arm with high accuracy
    machine gun and very high ammo missile launcher.
    D11 - Complete Mission 22 (Defend the Carrier) with the Carrier having 1600 or
    more HPs.  Reward is a Zhelanie II set, a decent set of wanzer parts with
    super low weight, medium accuracy arms and below average weight legs with high
    D12 - Complete Mission 24 (Zaftran Terminal) with 4 or more British units
    alive.  Reward is an Artduex Machinegun, a high accuracy, very high ammo,
    medium-high damage machine gun.
    D13 - Complete D12 in 15 or less turns.  You must have unlocked D09-12 early
    by completing the early unlock challenges.  Reward is a choice of three
    backpacks, all of which have turbo power and 4 item slots.
    JP75-Adler II - Jetpack, basically a super turbo pack with jetpack.
    Jetpack ability is the same as the JP50
    W???/Turbo Power 240/Item Space 4
    EMP-9F Licorne II - EMP Backpack, an EMP pack with power to spare.
    EMP ability is the same as the standard EMP-9F
    W???/Turbo Power 100/Item Space 4
    RD33 Glocke II - Radio Backpack, a superior air-strike radio with enough power
    to let Beck put on some decent wanzer parts.
    Radio ability is the same as the standard RD33 except air strikes are 1860
    damage. (+170)
    W220/Turbo Power 100/Item Space 4
    D14 ? Complete Mission 27 and complete D13 in 15 or less turns.  You must have
    unlocked D09-12 early by completing the early unlock challenges.  Reward is a
    choice of three full wanzer sets.
    Oborona II - Poor quality parts, but high hit points.
    Vyzov IV - Nothing you can't find in the shop.
    Vyzov IV Rog - One of the very best wanzer sets in the game.  You￾fd be a fool
    not to get this set!
    U01 - Automatically available.
    U02 - Complete Mission 08 (Port Cumana)
    U03 - Complete Mission 10 (Refugee Village)
    U04 - Complete Mission 13 (Caracas Hideout)
    U05 - Complete Mission 15 (Caracas Escape)
    U06 - Complete Mission 20 (Secret Zaftran Base)
    U07 - Complete Mission 26 (Central Caracas)
    U08 - Complete Mission 04 (Guinerama Base) in 15 or less turns.  Reward is a
    Leosocial machine gun, a stock machine gun available in shops.
    U09 - Complete Mission 13 (Caracas Hideout) with all Al Alianza units alive.
    Reward is a Boa 36 Bazooka, a stock bazooka available in shops.
    U10 - Complete Mission 14 (Governor's Manor) while allowing no enemy units to
    escape.  Reward is a Minotaur Arms, an incredible weapon arm with high damage
    and ammo double-firing Bazooka and an extremely high damage, high ammo, and
    high range rocket launcher.  Get these arms ASAP and use them at all costs!
    U11 - Complete Mission 21 (Base Elevator Shaft) while moving a unit onto the
    bottom floor in 10 or less days.  Reward is a Zenith RV wanzer set, an
    excellent set with high power and low weight.
    U12 - Complete Mission 26 (Central Caracas) while destroying Ivanovna's Zhuk
    II before destroying the other two Zhuk Is.  Reward is an Oborona II set, a
    pretty lousy missileer set with high hit points and low everything else.
    U13 - Complete U12 in 10 or less turns.  You must have unlocked U08-12 early
    by completing the early unlock challenges.  Reward is a choice between two
    backpacks and a shield.
    Angel Shield II, a massively defensive shield with low weight and near
    infinite uses.
    W35/Damage Cut 95%/Block 40
    JP75-Adler II Jetpack, basically a super turbo pack with jetpack.  This is the
    ONLY jetpack you￾fll ever be able to get for Darril￾fs team.
    Jetpack ability is the same as the JP50
    W???/Turbo Power 240/Item Space 4
    RP2R-500VS Repair Backpack, a super repair backpack that can heal up to 2080
    HPs or 520 per part with Repair Plus skills.
    W240/Repair 1300/AP3/Restore 1300/AP4/Remove Status: All Types/AP4
    Item Space 4
    U14 - Complete U13 in 10 or less turns.  You must have unlocked U08-12 early
    by completing the early unlock challenges.  Reward is a choice of three full
    wanzer sets.
    Zhelanie III - The arms are comparable to Zenith RV parts, but the rest sucks.
    Vyzov IV - Nothing you can't find in the shop.. standard parts.
    Zaigaut 304 - Yes, this is the wanzer set for the lovable recon units. Now you
    can own your very own dodging machine!  No, the sensor is sold separately, and
    you never do get one in Darril￾fs story.  The legs are nice with low weight and
    better evasion than the best stock legs available, and the arms are the
    lightest in the game (15, beating out the Valiant G￾fs 16).  The body is no
    slouch with more power than the stock +10% evasion body available to Darril￾fs
    Section 05 - MJ's Unofficial Score Ranking
    What is the Unofficial Score Ranking (USR)?
    The FM4 Unofficial Score Ranking is a set of rules and rankings that players
    can use to score how well they played through the missions of FM4.  The
    rankings are easy to calculate, based directly on in game data, and are a good
    indicator of player ability.  The ranking focuses on scores that a good player
    will strive for - high enemy damage, low player damage, max EP points, and a
    modest time limit.  The scoring system is based on honesty, so play fair and
    make sure you enjoy the challenge!
    USR Rules:
    1. You may only play the simulator missions one time each.
    Analysis: Since you can't use the simulator for EPs, gold, experience, or
    weapon levels, you need to get as much as possible in the missions themselves.
    2. You must complete the simulator missions as soon as they are available.
    All simulator missions are ranked.
    3. You must unlock simulator missions whenever possible.  You may, however,
    delay playing a simulator mission as long as that team (Durandal or UCS) can
    play it later without going into their next mission.
    4. If you unlock two simulator missions in one mission, complete the lowest
    number first (for example, do UCS04, then UCS09)
    5. Abuse of quicksaves is NOT allowed.  This means saving before an attack
    then constantly reloading to get a desired result out of their attack, for
    example an EMP attack, or a hit on an enemy wanzer body.
    USR Rankings:
    You are graded for your performance based on each level out of 100 points.
    Too many penalties will result in a lower rank.  However, the system is
    flexible enough to reward the highest rank even with a few flaws.  The ranks
    Platinum: 90 or above
    Gold: 80 or above
    Silver: 70 or above
    Tactics Ranking - The tactics score represents the number of turn cycles taken
    to end the mission successfully.  There is a count of allowed turn cycles for
    each mission.  Subtract 3 points for every extra turn cycle past the turn
    cycle count.
    Analysis:  These turn counts are not 'as fast as possible' scores, but scores
    that are a balance between speed and optimal funds/survival/EP.  You'll be
    able to go through the missions at a pace that allows you to keep your wanzers
    healthy and your enemies dead.  This is done through intense pre-battle
    planning and smart in-battle tactics.
    Survival Ranking - The survival score represents the number and type of broken
    parts at the end of the mission.  Units other than your main 12 wanzers
    (British, Al Alianza..) do not count.  Subtract 4 points for each broken
    arm/leg at the end of the mission.  Subtract 8 points for each broken body at
    the end of the mission.
    Analysis: Broken parts will happen, but they can be restored.  The turn cycle
    count is comfortable enough that you can play through each mission with no
    broken parts by the end of it.
    Avg. EP Ranking - The EP gained score represents the average EPs gained at the
    end of the mission.  There is an average EP count for each mission.  If a
    pilot has EP Plus, subtract 20% of their EP score before taking an average.
    Subtract 1 point for every EP point below average.
    Analysis: Your pilot gains EP for a kill as long as they initiated combat with
    the enemy unit.  In addition, pilots who initiated combat with an enemy unit
    will allow a pilot that they are linked to gain in experience from a kill,
    regardless of whether or not they initiated combat with the enemy unit.
    Getting EPs is important for growth in the game, so get as many as possible!
    USR Ranking Mission Chart:
    	Days, EPs
    M01 ? 08,25 (Abandoned Camp)
    D01 ? 08,12 (Durandal Simulation 01)
    M02 ? 09,20 (German Base)
    M03 ? 16,30 (Eastern Venezuela)
    U01 ? 18,20 (UCS Simulation 01)
    M04 ? 14,33 (Giunerama Base)
    D02 ? 10,19 (Durandal Simulation 02)
    M05 ? 07,26 (Polish Command Center)
    M06 ? 12,35 (German Border)
    D03 ? 11,23 (Durandal Simulation 03)
    D09 ? 15,25 (Durandal Simulation 09)
    M07 ? 19,34 (Blauer Nebel Base)
    U08 ? 12,24 (UCS Simulation 08)
    M08 ? 14,33 (Port Cumana)
    U02 ? 12,15 (UCS Simulation 02)
    M09 ? 08,26 (Cumana City)
    M10 ? 11,21 (Refugee Village)
    D04 - 13,18 (Durandal Simulation 04)
    M11 - 15,45 (Wassau)
    M12 ? 13,42 (Zaftran Border)
    U03 - 16,20 (UCS Simulation 03)
    M13 - 17,44 (Caracas Hideout)
    U04 - 12,12 (UCS Simulation 04)
    U09 - 14,14 (UCS Simulation 09)
    M14 - 09,44 (Governor's Manor)
    U10 - 17,13 (UCS Simulation 10)
    M15 - 10,47 (Caracas Escape)
    D05 ? 12,10 (Durandal Simulation 05)
    M16 ? 15,42 (Port Nicolaev)
    U05 ? 13,03 (UCS Simulation 05)
    M17 ? 07,18 (Jungle Trap)
    D10 ? 13,10 (Durandal Simulation 10)
    M18 ? 09,39 (Megafloat Base)
    D06 ? 12,12 (Durandal Simulation 06)
    M19 ? 06,24 (Madeira Island Evacuation)
    M20 ? 09,32 (Secret Zaftran Base)
    U06 ? 06,08 (UCS Simulation 06)
    M21 ? 12,35 (Base Elevator Shaft)
    M22 ? 09,35 (Defend the Carrier)
    D11 ? 12,13 (Durandal Simulation 11)
    M23 - 12,65 (Zaftran Border Fortress)
    D07 - 07,18 (Durandal Simulation 07)
    M24 - 10,55 (Zaftran Terminal)
    U11 - 07,13 (UCS Simulator 11)
    M25 - 08,47 (Caracas Highway)
    M26 - 13,55 (Central Caracas)
    D08 - 07,08 (Durandal Simulation 08)
    D12 - 08,14 (Durandal Simulation 12)
    D13 ? 15,12 (Durandal Simulation 13)
    M27 ? 10,50 (Paris Suburbs)
    D14 ? 11,17 (Durandal Simulation 14)
    M28 ? 08,48 (Paris Assembly)
    U07 ? 07,09 (UCS Simulation 07)
    U12 ? 10,10 (UCS Simulation 12)
    U13 ? 10,07 (UCS Simulation 13)
    U14 ? 07,10 (UCS Simulation 14)
    M29 ? 10,30 (Cumana Terminal)
    New Game+ Scores:  These scores are based entirely on how fast you can
    complete each mission.  How fast can you butcher the enemy with piles of gold
    to spend on wanzers and pilot skills?
    M01 - 06 (Jutland, Denmark)
    D01 - 04 (Durandal Simulation 01)
    M02 - 05 (German Base)
    M03 - 16 (Eastern Venezuela)
    U01 ? 11 (UCS Simulation 01)
    M04 - 07 (Guinerama Base)
    D02 ? 09 (Durandal Simulation 02)
    M05 - 06 (Polish Command Center)
    M06 - 08 (German Border)
    D03 ? 09 (Durandal Simulation 03)
    D09 ? 10 (Durandal Simulation 09)
    M07 - 15 (Blauer Nebel Base)
    U01 ? 11 (UCS Simulation 01)
    U08 ? 07 (UCS Simulation 08)
    M08 - 10 (Port Cumana)
    U02 - 08 (UCS Simulation 02)
    M09 - 06 (Cumana City)
    M10 - 08 (Refugee Village)
    D04 ? 10 (Durandal Simulation 04)
    M11 ? 11 (Wassau)
    M12 ? 09 (Zaftran Border)
    M13 - 13 (Caracas Hideout)
    U03 ? 10 (UCS Simulation 10)
    U04 - 09 (UCS Simulation 04)
    U09 - 09 (UCS Simulation 09)
    M14 - 08 (Governor's Manor)
    U10 - 13 (UCS Simulation 10)
    M15 - 10 (Caracas Escape)
    D05 ? 09 (Durandal Simulation 05)
    M16 ? 13 (Port Nicolaev)
    U05 ? 09 (UCS Simulation 05)
    M17 ? 05 (Jungle Trap)
    D10 ? 11 (Durandal Simulation 10)
    M18 ? 08 (Megafloat Base)
    D06 ? 08 (Durandal Simulation 06)
    M19 ? 05 (Madeira Island Evacuation)
    M20 ? 07 (Secret Zaftran Base)
    U06 ? 04 (UCS Simulation 06)
    M21 ? 09 (Base Elevator Shaft)
    M22 ? 07 (Defend The Carrier)
    D11 ? 10 (Durandal Simulation 11)
    M23 - 11 (Zaftran Border Fortress)
    D07 - 07 (Durandal Simulation 07)
    M24 ? 09 (Zaftran Terminal)
    U11 ? 06 (UCS Simulator 11)
    M25 ? 08 (Caracas Highway)
    M26 ? 11 (Central Caracas)
    D08 ? 07 (Durandal Simulation 08)
    D12 ? 06 (Durandal Simulation 12)
    D13 ? 14 (Durandal Simulation 13)
    D14 ? 11 (Durandal Simulation 14)
    M27 ? 11 (Paris Suburbs)
    M28 ? 07 (Paris Assembly)
    U07 ? 07 (UCS Simulation 07)
    U12 ? 09 (UCS Simulation 12)
    U13 ? 09 (UCS Simulation 13)
    U14 ? 07 (UCS Simulation 14)
    M29 ? 09 (Cumana Terminal)
    Section 06 - Walkthrough
    Mission 01 - Jutland, Denmark
    Difficulty: *
    Tactics: Turn 08
    Average Funds: 500
    Average EP Gain: +25 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    El: Buy Max AP+1, MG Level+1, Rapid Fire I, and Terror Shot.
    Battle Position:
    No detail necessary.
    This is a very basic mission.  Just make sure Zead gets a target every turn.
    Use the shotgun to attack and MG to counter.  There's only so much you can do
    on this level, so if luck turns against you, just start over.
    Mission D01 - Durandal Simulation 01
    Difficulty: *
    Tactics: Turn 08
    Average Funds: 400 funds
    Average EP Gain: +12 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    El: Buy Panic Shot I
    Ze: Buy MS Level+1, Max AP+1, AP Charge+1
    Battle Position:
    North Drop Zone -
    Use the same tactics as the first mission - shotgun to attack then counter
    with MG, while keeping Zead with targets to hit.
    Mission 02 - German Base
    Difficulty: **
    Tactics: Turn 09
    Average Funds: 1000
    Average EP Gain: +20 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    El: Buy Rank 2, SG Level+1
    He: Buy Minus Shot I
    Battle Position:
         S1      ZeEl
         S2      He       M1
    The challenge here is getting all the EP gains for everyone, since you don't
    have any links set up.  Destroy M1 first, then S1.  Have Zead fire on M1, C1,
    and S1 (in that order) before they get too close to him.  Focus on S2 with
    Zead while finishing off S1, but don't kill it until Elsa and Hermes can get
    in a shot.  C1 will sometimes get in the way of your party depending on your
    positions, so you may have to kill it to get to the remaining two enemies.
    Mission 03 - Eastern Venezuela
    Difficulty: ***
    Tactics: Turn 16
    Average Funds: 1000 funds
    Average EP Gain: +30 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Battle Position:
    No detail necessary.
    This is a slightly tough mission, since you can't set your pilots up
    beforehand or use links.  Head across the river to take on the machine gunner,
    then take out the missile launcher, keeping close to his range.  Stay out of
    the tanks range and it won't approach your guys.  Once you've finished off the
    missileer, take on the tanks and remaining mech.  Repair/restore any
    critically broken parts.
    Mission U01 - UCS Simulation 01
    Difficulty: *
    Tactics: Turn 18
    Average Funds: 1200 funds
    Average EP Gain: +20 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    Da: Buy SG Level+1, Rank 2
    Re: Buy RF Level+1, Aim
    Ch: Buy Max AP+2
    Wanzer Setup -
    Change all wanzers armor type to impact.
    Battle Position:
    North Drop Zone -
    Jam up the tanks at the bridge and tear them apart.  Have Ch attack first to
    take their counters.  Once they're through, mow down the remaining two
    Mission 04 - Guinerama Base
    Difficulty: **
    Tactics: Turn 14
    Average Funds: 1300 funds
    Average EP Gain: +33 avg.
    Special Condition: Complete the mission in 15 or less turns.  Unlocks
    Simulation U08.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Da: Buy ML Level+1, Rapid Fire I
    Re: Buy Rank 2, Focus Up
    Battle Position:
    You need to finish this map in 15 or less turns to unlock UCS Sim 9, so you'll
    need to make a few body shots on the melee wanzers from Renges.  Quickly take
    out the base cannons and start blasting away at the wanzers.  Use one or two
    body shots on the melee wanzers but not the gunners, since they die easily
    enough anyway.
    Mission D02 - Durandal Simulation 02
    Difficulty: **
    Tactics: Turn 10
    Average Funds: 800 funds
    Average EP Gain: +18 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Make sure you set up your links and wanzers before starting this one.  You
    might not have enough money to do all the wanzer setup here, but you will soon
    enough.  Do not waste your money on power packs for Zead or Latona.
    Pilot Setup ?
    The Pilot setups for the early game are all about digging into the ranks for
    link points, weapon proficiencies, and good link skills.  The goal is to link
    everyone up to Latona ASAP so she can deal major linked melee damage, which
    will make your team majorly powerful on the offense.
    El: Buy Link Points+2, Double Shot I, remove Panic Shot I and equip Double
    Shot I
    Ze: Buy Rank 2, EP Plus
    Wanzer Setup -
    Here's the first round of wanzer equipment.  The Gust 500 weapon arms have
    both excellent accuracy and superior firepower, so there's no reason not to
    equip these suckers on everyone who wields a MG.  They're so good they'll last
    through the second round of equipment, too!
    I suggest you remove Latona￾fs EMP backpack and especially Bosch￾fs Sensor
    backpack.  The EMP Backpack is nice when it works, but the numbers are often
    far too poor to justify the loss of melee damage Latona can do, since melee
    attacks gain a damage bonus if the wanzer has extra power available that is
    not utilized by the weight of the arms/legs/body.  As anyone who has played
    Fire Emblem will tell you.. never rely on a 50% chance to do anything!  The
    Sensor backpack is completely useless once you get Zead a set of high mobility
    legs, and his AP levels will rise higher than anyone else on the team, making
    it easy for him to maneuver himself around just fine.  Bosch himself will
    benefit, as you can give him a great Elsa-style wanzer setup instead of a
    crippled Hermes-style wanzer setup.
    Body: Latona's Stork IV
    Both Arms: Gust 500
    Right Arm: (optional) Quint w/ Shotgun instead of Gust 500
    Legs: Stork IV
    Backpack: TB-40 Power
    Body: Valiant F
    Shoulders: MGR-IB Missiles
    Legs: Quint
    Remove Bone Buster
    Body: Valiant F
    Left Arm: Gust 500
    Legs: Quint
    Body: Quint
    Left Arm: Quint
    Legs: (optional) Gust 500
    Remove EMP Backpack
    Bo: (Bosch, once you get him)
    Right Arm: Gust 500
    Remove Sensor Backpack
    Change all wanzers armor type to impact.
    Link Setup -
    El: Attack link 2 with La and He
    La: Defense link 1 with Ze and He
    Battle Position:
    Center Drop Zone -
    East Drop Zone -
    If you've set everything up correctly, you should be tearing through the
    enemies like paper.  Kick some butt with link attacks (attack with Zead, then
    Latona, then Elsa/Hermes on a unit next to Latona).  Once the east group is
    eliminated, have Zead pelt the north group with missiles while the rest of the
    team catches up.  Nobody should take any significant damage.  This is an easy
    level to kick butt in and get some experience with the link system.
    Mission 05 - Polish Command Center
    Difficulty: **
    Tactics: Turn 07
    Average Funds: 1400 funds
    Average EP Gain: +25 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    El: Buy Skill Slots+2, equip Panic Shot I
    Ze: Buy Max AP & Charge +1, Skill Slots+2, Piercing Missile
    He: Buy Rank 2, MG Level+1
    La: Buy Charge I
    Wanzer Setup -
    El: Place a repair 200 in her backpack.
    Battle Position:
        S3 S4
         G1           ElZe
        S2 S1         LaHe
    It's worth it to heal the NPC ally, since the enemies will pound on him in
    your place, and he'll dish out a fair amount of damage himself.  If he kills a
    unit, your pilots will still get the experience.
    Move your units west - Latona first, Elsa second, Hermes third, then Zead
    fourth.  If the allied wanzer gets directly hit by G1's bazooka shot, I
    suggest you just restart the mission, because he will usually dodge it.  Have
    Elsa repair the NPCs left or right arm, and Hermes repair the NPCs body.
    Attack S1 with Zead and Latona.
    Proceed with a general ass beating of G1 and S1-2 - use link attacks again
    with Latona pounding away.  Nobody should take any significant damage, unless
    you're unlucky with the bazookas - then just do a link-repair with Hermes.
    Aside from one more heal of the NPCs legs, he should last the rest of the
    battle just fine.
    Mission 06 - German Border
    Difficulty: ***
    Tactics: Turn 12
    Average Funds: 2900 funds
    Average EP Gain: +33 avg.
    Special Condition: Complete the mission in 15 or less turns.  Unlocks
    Simulation D09.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    El: Buy Rank 3, MG Level+1
    Ze: Buy Rank 3, Max AP+1
    He: Buy Rank 3, Link Points+2
    La: Buy Rank 3, ML Level+1
    Link Setup -
    He: Attack link 2 with La
    Battle Position:
    Liquefy the tanks and move out against the sniper and gunner.  You should now
    have both Hermes and Elsa triggering Latona to attack, so she now gets 3
    attacks per turn on the unfortunate target of your choice.  If you don't block
    the bridge when killing the gunner, and don't provide the sniper with a shot
    as he moves down the ramp, he will move into the main road on his own, where
    you can easily gang up on him, instead of being cramped up.
    On to the main entr?e, the four enemies to the west.  It's best if you spread
    out the enemies target acquiring, since all four enemies beating on a unit is
    tough to handle.  Wait until the shotgunner moves forward at least, so you can
    distribute the AI targeting instead of having them gang up on one unit.  Take
    out whoever's in front of Dranz, then go after him with melee link attacks.
    He won't last more than two turns.  Take the sniper out next, then the
    remaining units.
    Mission D03 - Durandal Simulation 03
    Difficulty: **
    Tactics: Turn 11
    Average Funds: 1600 funds
    Average EP Gain: +23 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    El: Buy Max AP+1, Link Points +2
    Ze: Buy Max AP & Charge+1, MS Level+1
    He: Buy Max AP+2 & Charge +2, Panic Shot
    La: Buy Link Points+2
    Wanzer Setup -
    Right Arm: Gust 500
    Remove Sensor Backpack
    Change all wanzers armor to impact.
    Link Setup -
    El: Attack link 1 with Ze, Defense link 1 with Bo
    La: Attack link 1 with Bo and He, Attack link 2 with El
    Battle Position:
    Southwest Drop Zone -
    Move your units north to take care of the baddies, while firing a few missiles
    at the east group.  Take out the initial gunner in range, then the missileer.
    The east group should be right behind your troops to finish off, then the
    Bazooka troops will be right around the corner to the north.
    Mission D09 - Durandal Simulation 09
    Difficulty: ***
    Tactics: Turn 15
    Average Funds: 2700 funds
    Average EP Gain: +19 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    El: Buy Rank 4, Rapid Fire II - replace this with Panic Shot I
    Ze: Buy Rank 4, Max AP & Charge +1, Skill Slots+2, Impact Missile
    La: Buy Rank 4, Link Points +2, Blast Strike I - replace this with Fire Strike
    Link Setup -
    La: Attack link 2 with He, Defense link 1 with Ze
    Wanzer Setup -
    Change all wanzers armor to piercing.
    Battle Position:
    Bridge Drop Zone -
    As soon as you destroy a unit in the east group, the west group will come
    after you.  Get the enemy bunched up around you and use Latona to trigger mass
    attacks from Elsa and Hermes.  Hermes should have 4AP left for one more Latona
    attack.  It's possible to make 4-chains here which rock, so go for it.  You
    should be taking out one full unit a turn, with the enemies trying to gang up
    on the evasive Bosch.  Move Zead eastward out of the bridge entrance once the
    west group shows up, and don't let them gang up Hermes either, as he'll take a
    beating.  On turn 9, both teams should be eliminated, so go after the river
    group.  Send Zead after the missileers, and try to take out the sniper asap.
    Don't let them focus on one guy, especially not both missileers attacking one
    Mission 07 - Blauer Nebel Base
    Difficulty: ****
    Tactics: Turn 19
    Average Funds: 5200 funds
    Average EP Gain: +34 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    El: Buy SG Level+1, Skill Slots+2
    He: Buy Rank 4, MG Level+1, Link Points+2
    Bo: Buy Rank 3, Link Points+2
    Wanzer Setup -
    Right Arm: Quint
    Right Arm Weapon: Kirishima 51
    Right Arm Weapon: Bone Buster
    Bring along some repair items.
    Link Setup -
    El: Attack support: Shotgun
    La: Attack support: Bone Buster
    La: Change Attack link 1 with Bo to Defense link 1
    He: Attack link 2 with El
    Bo: Attack link 2 with La
    Battle Position:
    	Just in time for the Blauer Nebel Base, everybody but Zead is linked
    with Latona for maximum melee pounding.  You can now get a total of 4 attacks
    out of her per turn, plus counterattacks.  Even Wagner won't stand much of a
    chance once you link out on him.
    	Start out using piercing weapons on the gunners.  They will do a bit
    of damage but nothing you can't heal.  Trash em all quickly and move on to the
    machine gunners.  Draw them out a bit instead of fighting them on the ramp,
    then take them apart.  Try to destroy the grenade launcher asap.
           Do a bit of healing on the way up the ramp, then bring Wagner and
    friends over.  Take Wagner out first thing, then the sniper, and then the
    gunner.  Try to get them focused on Latona and Bosch, since they have very
    high evasion rates.  Make sure Latona is there for every hit on Wagner for
    more melee support.  Wagner should go down in two turns at most with constant
    attacks.  By the time you take them out and the base cannon, the two copters
    should be right there to blow up.  Use Elsa/Zead on the east copter, and
    Hermes/Bosch (and Zead if necessary) on the south copter.
    Mission U08 - UCS Simulator 08
    Difficulty: **
    Tactics: Turn 12
    Average Funds: 700 funds
    Average EP Gain: +24 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    Da: Buy Rank 3, Charge I
    Re: Buy Rank 3, Link Points +2
    Ch: Buy Rank 2 & 3, Link Points +2, MG Level+1
    Wanzer Setup -
    Left Hand Weapon: Kirishima 51
    Link Setup -
    Ch: Attack link 2 with Da
    Re: Attack link 2 with Da
    Da: Attack Support: Bone Buster
    Battle Position:
    South Drop Zone -
    Use Darril's links to dish out 3 melee attacks per turn + counterattacks.
    Don't let any of the melee units start hounding Renges - cut them off.
    Chaeffer makes a good meat shield, although most units will be attacking
    Darril.  No body sniping necessary in this level.  Do not go provoking them,
    let them come normally.
    Mission 08 - Port Cumana
    Difficulty: ***
    Tactics: Turn 14
    Average Funds: 1200 funds
    Average EP Gain: +36 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    Da: Buy SG Level+1, Link Points +2
    Re: Buy RF Level+1, AP & Charge+2
    Ch: Buy MG Level+1, AP & Charge+2
    Wanzer Setup -
    Change all wanzer armor to piercing.
    Link Setup -
    Da: Attack link 1 with Re and Ch
    Battle Position:
    No detail necessary.
    Have the three meet up by the boxes and start slugging it out with the gunner
    and Vavliov.  Use Darril's 3x melee attacks to take out the gunner, then
    Vavliov.  If he's about dead, you can hop on boxes and blast him away.  His
    destruction triggers the next two units, another gunner and Ivanovna.  Try to
    take the gunner out asap, then Ivanovna.
    Mission U02 - UCS Simulation 02
    Difficulty: **
    Tactics: Turn 12
    Average Funds: 1000 funds
    Average EP Gain: +15 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    Da: Rank 4, ML+1
    Re: Rank 4, Blast Shot I
    Ch: AP+2
    Wanzer Setup ?
    The first UCS wanzer setup is very limited, and only some small changes are
    necessary to beef your guys up a bit.
    Legs: Husky IV (optional)
    Right Arm: Giza
    Legs: Husky IV
    Body: Recsys V
    Right Arm: Husky IV
    Right Arm Weapon: M.Gun
    Legs: Gust 400
    Link Setup -
    Ch: Set attack/defense support to right arm.
    Battle Position:
    Northeast Drop Zone
    Immediately take out the right then left misileer while the rest of the
    enemies stay put.  The west group will approach first, then the east.  Just
    take them as they come and use link attacks with Darril.
    Mission 09 - Cumana City
    Difficulty: ***
    Tactics: Turn 8
    Average Funds: 1200 funds
    Average EP Gain: +26 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    Da: AP+2
    Re: SS+2, Zoom II
    Battle Position:
    No detail necessary.
    A fairly straightforward battle against the Zhuk.  Have Darril and Renges
    pound on it while Chaeffer heals and provides link attacks.  Hopefully your
    guys will dodge most of the low-hit rate cannon shots.  Don't bother with the
    gunners until the Zhuk is eating dirt.
    Mission 10 - Refugee Village
    Difficulty: ***
    Tactics: Turn 11
    Average Funds: 2600 funds
    Average EP Gain: +21 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    Da: LP+2, Rapid Fire II
    Re: AP+2, Charge+2
    Wanzer Setup -
    Set all wanzer armor to fire.
    Link Setup -
    Da: Attack 2 with Re and Ch
    Battle Position:
    Move Darrils team out east to take on the melee units and copter, while Ines
    and Luis take out the gunners with grenades and the shotgun.  Have them meet
    around the center to take the second copter out and the remaining two
    gunners.  For some reason the last two gunners try to move west past your
    guys, but it's not hard to slaughter them.
    Mission D04 - Durandal Simulation 04
    Difficulty: **
    Tactics: Turn 13
    Average Funds: 2500 funds
    Average EP Gain: +18 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    Ze: Rank 5, AP & Charge+1, MS Level+1
    La: Rank 5, ML+1
    Bo: Assault Skills I, Skill Slots II, SS+2, Double Shot I, Rapid Fire II
    Wanzer Setup -
    The Gust 500 arms are good enough for the second round of equipment, due to
    their excellent ranged accuracy.  You may choose hand MGs if you wish,
    though.  There￾fs not too much that you need to upgrade here, mostly more
    durable and evasive equipment.
    Body: Cicada II
    Right Arm: Cicada II
    Right Arm Weapon: Catsray X
    Legs: Tatou
    Body: Ratmount
    Legs: Mareraid
    Shoulder Weapons: Piz 3
    Body: Giza 2
    Legs: Tatou/Mareraid
    Right Arm: Valiant F
    Body: Cicada II
    Arms: Cicada II
    Legs: Tatou
    Weapons: Hard Rod
    Body: Cicada II
    Arms: Gust 500
    Change all wanzer armor to impact.
    Link Setup -
    El: Attack 2 with Bo, Weapon support to left hand (MG)
    Battle Position:
    Southeast Drop Zone -
    Move your units west to engage with the south group of enemies.  Take out the
    missileers first and repair the grenade launcher.  Once the missileers are
    dead you don't have to repair the turret any longer.  Work westward then head
    up the ramp to engage the jetpack team.
    Mission 11 - Wassau
    Difficulty: ****
    Tactics: Turn 15
    Average Funds: 4000 funds
    Average EP Gain: +45 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    El: Rank 5, MG+1
    He: Rank 5, Ap Bonus II
    La: Melee Skills I, SS+4, Double Strike I
    Wanzer Setup -
    Set Zead armor to Fire, and all others to piercing.
    Bring along some repair items.
    Link Setup ?
    Change Elsa￾fs attack support back to MG.
    Change Latona￾fs attack support back to left hand.
    Battle Position:
    Northwest Drop Zone -
    Northeast Drop Zone -
    With Bosch and Elsa, trail after Wagner.  Once he's close to the shotgunner,
    stay out of his attack range, or he'll turn around and start firing, and you
    want him to keep moving.  Once Wagner is past the gunner, trash it with Elsa
    and Bosch, then meet up with Zead's team in the center to take on Wagner.
    With Zead's team, move south and engage all three enemies.  Don't fight the
    gunner until he's out of the narrow corridor.  With those enemies dead, head
    through the narrow corridor to the center of the map, where Wagner should be
    passing by.
    Make sure Wagner has someone to attack when your teams meet, or he'll just
    keep running north.  Bosch, Elsa, or Latona are preferable.  Quickly trash the
    sniper standing in the way before taking Wagner on, so Latona and Hermes can
    break out.  Pull some link madness on Wagner and he won't last more than a
    turn or two.
    With Wagner out of the picture, proceed south while doing a bit of healing.
    Take out the missileer then sniper.  Do not let the sniper start hounding
    Zead, as there's no way he can dodge the shots.  Finally, work around west to
    eliminate Dranz and the shotgunner, who have terrible accuracy rates.
    Mission 12 - Zaftran Border
    Difficulty: ****
    Tactics: Turn 13
    Average Funds: 5000 funds
    Average EP Gain: +42 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    El: AP Charge II, Double Shot II, Rank 6, Perfect Shot
    Ze: Rank 6, Perfect Missile, AP-8, 2 SS+4, AP & Charge+1
    He: 2 SS+4, Accuracy II, LP+2, AP Bonus I
    La: Heavy Strike I, LP+2, 2 SS+2, Move Plus I, Piercing Strike, Skill Slots I
    Bo: AP+2, Rapid Fire I, AP Charge II, Skill Trigger I, Rank 4, MG+1
    Wanzer Setup -
    Purchase Pegase Legs for all wanzers.
    Set all wanzer armor to fire.
    Link Setup -
    He: Attack 2 with Bo
    La: Attack 2 with El
    Battle Position:
    	This battle is annoying because you can't dodge at all with the Pegase
    legs, and the enemies will do some nasty damage with their machine guns and
    missiles.  Proceed east to take out the two ground units, then spread out to
    take on the grenadier.  Converge on it and kill it, then move north to take on
    the two gunners and missile launcher.  By the time they're out for the count,
    the south ones should be in your range, so go after them.  The enemies will go
    down fairly quickly, but mobility and health can be a serious problem.  The
    missile launchers will run around all over the place trying to hit their
    target if you don't keep them put.  Try to spread the damage evenly among your
    units, don't let any gang ups occur, and use Hermes almost exclusively for
    Mission U03 - UCS Simulation 03
    Difficulty: ***
    Tactics: Turn 16
    Average Funds: 2500 funds
    Average EP Gain: +21 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup ?
    With Ines in your group, you can have a second linked melee unit along with
    Darril, which makes for some excellent pounding opportunities.  Ines should
    stay a melee/grenadier until the Minotaur arms show up.
    Da: LP+2
    Re: SP+2, Focus Left, Focus Right
    Lu: LP+2
    In: Skill Slots I, EP Plus, 2 SS+1, Heavy Strike I
    Wanzer Setup -
    In this second round of Darril team equipment, you have plenty of power and
    even some accuracy, but fairly low evade.  This is the way it￾fll be for all of
    the shop equipment for Darril, so get used to it.
    Body: Cicada II
    Arms: Giaour
    Left Weapon: Catsray X Shotgun
    Right Weapon: Hard Rod
    Legs: Cicada II
    Backpack: TB-60
    Body: Cicada II
    Right Arm: Calm 200
    Left Arm: Giaour
    Left Weapon: Anaconda Rifle
    Legs: Cicada II
    Body: Giza 2
    Left Arm: Cicada II
    Right Arm: Calm 200
    Left Weapon: Luis' Cemetary MG
    Legs: Cicada II
    Backpack: RP-5 Healing Pack
    Remove Backpack
    Right Weapon: Grave S
    Optional - Power pack with Giaour arms.
    Body: Giza
    Left Arm: Cicada II
    Left Weapon: Hard Rod
    Legs: Cicada II
    Make sure she has some Grenade reloads.
    Set all wanzer armor to piercing.
    Link Setup -
    Da: Attack 2 with In
    Lu: Attack 2 with Da and In
    Battle Position:
    Southeast Drop Zone (near the group of 5 snipers)
    Ines will be acting as a melee and grenadier unit until the minotaur arms show
    up.  So for now, she can be a second melee link attacker along with Darril.
    Her grenades are important in this battle - they can really put a hole through
    the snipers and they're useful for taking out near-dead units.  Don't waste
    grenades, though - only use them when you can hit 2 or more enemies at once.
    This is a good mission to practice tossing them around.
    The large group of snipers will bunch up on the road, making perfect grenade
    targets.  As tempting as it might be, don't split your group up to attack the
    snipers attacking from the side, just take the enemies out one at a time as a
    team.  They will be coming at a fairly steady pace, so you'll almost always
    have a new one to gang up on.  Try to get them to make stupid shots that have
    extremely poor accuracy.  Use the double melee links with Darril and Ines to
    do some serious pounding.  There are some good melee spots north of your team
    where your units can hop behind bushes, while the snipers have a terrible hit
    Sometimes a sniper or two may start moving towards your party very late - just
    chase after them if you've got nothing left to kill.
    Mission 13 - Caracas Hideout
    Difficulty: ***
    Tactics: Turn 17
    Average Funds: 4500 funds
    Average EP Gain: +44 avg.
    Special Condition: Complete the mission with all Al Alianza units alive.
    Unlocks Simulation U09.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    Ch: Assault Skills I, Rapid Fire I & II, 3 SS+2
    Lu: MG+1
    In: AP+2 & Charge+1, 2 SS+1
    Wanzer Setup -
    Change armor to impact.
    Make sure Ines has grenade ammo.
    Battle Position:
    Head west and surround/kill the Moth wanzer and melee wanzer.  If it gives you
    hell dodging your shots constantly and activating DMG 30 every attack, just
    try the level again.  Normally it'll go down in two turns at most with Darril
    and Ines slamming it.
    Move southwest to save the hideout.  Send Darril and Chaeffer to the west
    copter, and the other three south - snipe the tank and south copter with
    Renges, have Ines pound on the tank with grenades, and have Luis fire on the
    south copter.  They'll go down fairly quickly.
    Once Calvo's team shows up, send then west against the mech, tanks, and south
    copter.  They can take them on without much trouble, just haul some grenades
    from Rodriguez.
    With Darril's team, move them west along the road against the three wanzers
    (lob some grenades), then backtrack a bit to stop the north copter dead in its
    tracks.  Renges can hit it fairly accurately from the bridge as it passes over
    the river.
    Mission U04 - UCS Simulation 04
    Difficulty: ***
    Tactics: Turn 12
    Average Funds: 2500 funds
    Average EP Gain: +12 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    Da: Rank 5, LP+2, SG+1, Double Assault, 2 SS+2
    Re: Rank 5, RF+1, LP+2, SS+4, Focus Down, Terror Shot II
    Ch: Rank 4,5 & 6, MG+1, Link+2, AP Bonus II, AP Charge+2
    Lu: AP+2, LP+2, SG+1
    In: GR+1, ML+1, AP+2 & Charge+1, SS+1
    Wanzer Setup ?
    Set armor to fire.
    Make sure Ines has grenade ammo.
    Link Setup -
    Da: Defense link 2 Lu
    Re: Attack link 2 In
    Lu: Attack link 2 Ch
    Battle Position:
    Northeast Drop Zone - Ines
    South Drop Zone -
    Start out by dropping grenades on all 5 units with Ines.  Head east with
    Darril & Co. to take them out up close.  Focus on the missileer/grenadier
    units, as Ines's grenades will quickly paste the gunners and melees.
    Prioritize grenade drops on the sensor wanzer, as it is a pain to hit, like
    all sensor wanzers.
    Take out the copters as they approach while heading west.  Engage the west
    group with grenades and link attacks.  Have Renges/another gunner blow off the
    grenade arm of whatever grenadier/missileer is launching grenades at your
    party.  After that danger is taken care of, beat the crap out of the gunners
    and melees with grenades and just like the first group.
    Mission U09 - UCS Simulation 09
    Difficulty: ****
    Tactics: Turn 14
    Average Funds: 5500 funds
    Average EP Gain: +14 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    Da: AP Charge I, 3 AP Charge+1
    Ch: Repair Plus II, SS+2
    Lu: AP Charge II, AP Charge+2
    In: Rank 4, AP Charge+1
    Wanzer Setup -
    Left Weapon: Heavy Pile
    Body: Cicada II (you got a whole set of this from Calvo)
    Backpack: TB-60
    Left Weapon: Heavy Pile
    Make sure you have grenade ammo for her.
    All armor types to impact.
    Battle Position:
    Northwest Drop Zone
    This mission is one of the tougher simulations.  Immediately run south and
    obliterate the missileers and base cannon.  The enemy melee units will come at
    you one at a time, slow enough to deal with them if you put all your power
    into wiping them out one at a time.  Don't fight near the top of the ramp:
    back down slowly while pounding with grenades and linked melee attacks, so
    that the enemy grenadier can't get a shot at you until most of the melees are
    dead.  Once the grenadier is in attack range, take him out with the full force
    of your party (plus or minus Ines), then finish off the remaining melees and
    the northeast turret.  You need top condition skills, wanzers, and links to be
    able to handle the melees without them backing up.  If you take too long, the
    melee units will back up and the grenadier will tear your party apart.
    Mission 14 - Governor's Manor
    Difficulty: ****
    Tactics: Turn 09
    Average Funds: 4500 funds
    Average EP Gain: +44 avg.
    Special Condition: Complete the mission while allowing no enemy units to
    escape.  Unlocks Simulation U10.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    Da: SS+2
    In: Heavy Strike II, 2 SS+1, Move Plus II
    Wanzer Setup -
    Change armor to piercing.
    Battle Position:
    In this battle, you must destroy all units.  The problem is, they start
    running away after you kill the fourth one.  You have to take out legs and
    generally weaken the whole group to the point where you can kill them all off
    in a turn or two without them running away.  Grenades are a big help, as is
    Renges' Focus Down skill.
    The copters are the easiest to keep alive and kill reliably, as long as
    they're very low on health and you don't let them run for it.  The ranged
    attackers like the gunners and snipers are most likely to run for the hills
    while hitting you at range, while the melee units are usually stupid enough to
    hang around and attack you instead of fleeing.
    Move Darril's group west and knock the legs off two of the wanzers, and get
    the copter down to very low HPs.  Then proceed south with them to the south
    group.  Have Ines lob grenades on the southwest group to soften them up.
    Calvo's group should move west and critically wound the copters, as well as
    try to kill the mech outright.  Move Rodriguez westward and start bombing the
    southwest group along with Ines.
    Injure the southwest copter, and make sure the sniper isn't going to be
    running anywhere.  Once the southwest gunners are weak enough to be killed
    with one more grenade shot, start killing them all.  Drop a grenade on the
    crippled north units that are remaining, and shoot all the copters down.
    Anything that has legs should be prioritized for killing.  Take one last day
    to finish off whatever else you didn't kill.  You should definitely get this
    done, because you need to unlock UCS Simulator 10 in order to win the Minotaur
    Arms, which is nearly essential in the next mission.
    Mission U10 - UCS Simulator 10
    Difficulty: ****
    Tactics: Turn 17
    Average Funds: 4500 funds
    Average EP Gain: +13 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    Da: Rank 6, ML+1, SS+2, Blast Strike I
    Re: Rank 6, Blast Shot I, Snipe, Zoom 3, AP+2, AP Charge II, AP Charge+2
    Ch: SS+4, AP Damage II, AP Charge II, SS+2, Repair III
    Lu: Rank 3, MG+1
    In: AP Charge I, 3 AP Charge+1, AP II, AP+2, 2 BZ+1, 2 RK+1
    Wanzer Setup -
    Change armor to fire.
    Make sure Ines has Grenade ammo.
    Battle Position:
    Southwest Drop Zone:
    Southeast Drop Zone:
    Fight your way eastward with Darril's team, droping grenades on the recon unit
    and meeting the group of enemies at the bottom of the middle road.  They will
    bunch up, so greet them with some heavy grenade fire and linked attacks.  With
    Renges, body snipe the missileer, meet up with Darril, then go around the
    corner to body snipe the missileer on the other side of the buildings.
    After crushing the meager opposition, all that remains are two missileers, two
    recons, and a Zhuk I.  Proceed north to the Zhuk.  Gang up on the recon before
    going for the Zhuk.  Send Renges to snipe the missileer east of the Zhuk.  Use
    Darril and Ines' melee links to give the Zhuk a good pounding.
    Once the Zhuk is dead, carpet bomb and gang up on the remaining recon, and
    body snipe/attack the remaining missileer.
    Mission 15 - Caracas Escape
    Difficulty: *****
    Tactics: Turn 10
    Average Funds: 6500 funds
    Average EP Gain: +47 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    Da: Skill Slots I, AP+2, AP Charge+1
    Re: Skill Slots I, SS+1, Zoom III
    Ch: Skill Slots I
    Lu: LP+2
    Wanzer Setup -
    Body: Giza
    Legs: Giaour
    Backpack: TB-60 Power
    Left Arm: Minotaur
    Make sure Ines has rocket ammo, and others with her.
    Link Setup -
    Lu: Defense 2 with Chaeffer
    Battle Position:
    Lu  InRe
      Pu    Ca
    Sa      Ro
    This is a nasty battle involving no less than three rocket launcher wanzers,
    which are to be your mortal enemies.  They can bomb you far faster than you
    can repair yourself, and facing three of them means a whole lot of trouble.
    You'll need the minotaur arms on Ines to blast away the regular enemies and
    allow you to focus on the rocket launchers.
    One good thing about the rocket launchers is that they only have a launcher on
    their left arm.  That means you only have to take out that arm to render them
    harmless.  Renges's sniping will be very handy for blowing those arms away.
    Start out moving your units south along the road.  Move Darril and Luis before
    Chaeffer, and move Calvo straight south.  For some reason, Calvo seems to be
    the favorite target of most enemies in this level.  Have Ines fire the first
    rocket at the enemy group below you.
    You'll get smashed by your first rocket on enemy turn 1.  On turn 2, blast the
    baddies with a grenade and rocket blast.  Have someone with high evasion
    attack the rocket launcher - all of the enemies are linked, so whoever attacks
    first is going to get blasted at.  With that out of the way, snipe the rocket
    launchers left arm, then perform a relentless assault until you break the
    arm.  There's not really any luck involved - just keep attacking and you'll do
    enough damage to break it.
    On turn 3, kill one of the snipers blocking the way with Luis, then break out
    and move southeast towards the second rocket launcher with everyone but Ines
    and Chaeffer, who should move south.  If your units aren't too close to him,
    he won't do anything, which is what you want.  If he decides to lob rockets at
    you, consider trying to approach him at a bit more of a distance.  I'm not
    sure what the exact conditions are - anyway, it's possible to complete the
    mission while taking the hit.
    Send the Al Alianza units east to the bridge to face off with the two linked
    bazooka units.  Don't let them both lock onto the same target, or that target
    will probably end up in very bad shape and cost you maintenance money.  It's
    best to surround one of them and just fire away, as there's not much of a
    better strategy.  Let one of the non-targeted units attack first to take any
    counter damage, then fire away with the rest of the group.
    Meanwhile, move Ines and Chaeffer south to start rocket bombing the south
    group.  They'll give chase to her, so just keep moving back north and bombing
    them at range, while Chaeffer picks the two gunners off and repairs Ines.
    Once you finish with the second rocket launcher with Darril, Renges, and Luis,
    send them south (you can move over the low-level buildings) to take out the
    third one and the rest of the south force, which should be significantly
    damaged from Ines's carpet bombing.  Good thing too, because everyone will be
    really beat up at this point by the constant rocket flinging.  Vavilov will be
    weak enough that you can blast him without needing to get into melee range.
    Send Ines and Renges back up northeast to help finish off the bazooka units
    while you repair any broken parts with Chaeffer.  Lob rockets with Ines then
    fire her bazooka, and use some body snipes with Renges to seal the level for
    Mission D05 - Durandal Simulation 05
    Difficulty: ****
    Tactics: Turn 12
    Average Funds: 2300 funds
    Average EP Gain: +10 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    El: AP Ch+2, SS+4, LP+2
    Ze: 2 SS+4
    He: SS+2, Repair II, Skill Slots I, 2 SS+1
    Bosch: SS+2, Skill Slots I, Move I, 2 SS+1
    La: AP+2
    Wanzer Setup -
    Set armor to fire or piercing.
    Link Setup -
    El: Defense 1 with Ze and He
    Battle Position:
    North and south mid-road drop points -
    La  (north)
    He Ze (south)
    In this urban firefight, every enemy on the map will immediately converge on
    your position.  Move to the center of the middle road and nail the two recons
    as they emerge from the building cover.  A jetpack sniper will hop on a roof
    to the west in the meantime - blast him with Zead but don't get anyone else
    close to the missileer behind him.  The paperweight gunners will arrive soon
    afterwards - crush them quickly, then proceed west and south to take out the
    snipers and missileers.  Have Zead and Hermes well protected while crippling
    the snipers, then go after the missileers.  Prioritize Zead's targets on
    snipers that have taken a roof position.  In the open space with snipers and
    missileers shooting at your party, you're guaranteed to have a few scratches,
    but it's possible to handle it with some skill.  Don't split your group up
    between the west and south roads unless it's really necessary.
    Mission 16 - Port Nicolaev
    Difficulty: ***
    Tactics: Turn 15
    Average Funds: 8000 funds
    Average EP Gain: +42 avg.
    Special Condition: Destroy the two Missileer wanzers in 15 or less turns.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Wanzer Setup -
    Change armor to piercing.
    Bring along Repair All items.
    There are some unique parts in the Wanzer Shop that you can't access anywhere
    else, but nothing really worth buying.
    Battle Position:
    This is a fairly easy mission, as long as your links are well setup and you've
    managed your skills properly.  Head south and clobber the EMP units, then go
    straight for the missileer while Zead fires missiles on the sniper/gunner on
    the corner to provoke them.  Make sure Zead doesn't get jumped by them,
    though.  After the killing, proceed north then west and tear apart all
    opposition with link attacks.  You should be getting some pretty good 4-link
    attack combos now.  Kill the gunners, run past the sniper while hitting it
    with missiles, kill the missileer, then finish the sniper off.  For some
    reason the gunners try to charge down the empty street instead of fight, so
    make sure they're nice and dead.
    Mission U05 - UCS Simulator 05
    Difficulty: ***
    Tactics: Turn 13
    Average Funds: 4500 funds
    Average EP Gain: +03 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    Da: SS+1
    Re: 7 SS+1, LP I
    Ch: SS I
    Lu: SS+2, Rapid Fire I
    In: Rank 5, AP Ch+1, Move III
    Wanzer Setup -
    Change armor to piercing.
    Link Setup -
    Th: Attack 2 with Da and Ch
    Battle Position:
    Mid island drop zone.
    Go southeast across the bridge and slaughter the rocket launcher and three
    enemies.  The gunner shields are annoying, so try to wear their AP down.  Two
    groups will be converging from the north and west - drop rockets on them and
    take them out.  Proceed west back across the bridge to take on the remaining
    group and rocket launcher.  The rocket launchers only have weapons on the left
    arm, so try to snipe them off.
    Mission 17 - Jungle Trap
    Difficulty: ***
    Tactics: Turn 07
    Average Funds: 6000 funds
    Average EP Gain: +18 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    Th: (optional, but highly recommended if you want him to weild the second
    Minotaur Arm) Support Skills I, EP Plus
    Wanzer Setup -
    L. Arm: Calm 200
    R. Arm: Minotaur
    Optinal Thammond wanzer names (instead of ￾gAbominator￾h):
    Battle Position:
    Immediately run up and lob some rockets at a large section of the enemy group
    with Ines.  Darril's team should work their way south, killing everything and
    dropping rockets.  The Alianza team should focus on killing the gunner - the
    grenadier can't run very far, so don't worry about him for now.  The rockets
    make a great way to stop fleeing enemies that have already taken a lot of
    Mission D10 - Durandal Simulator 10
    Difficulty: ***
    Tactics: Turn 13
    Average Funds: 7500 funds
    Average EP Gain: +10 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    El: SS I, 7 SS+1, Terror Shot II, Panic Shot II, Max AP+2, Evasion +3%
    Ze: AP-4, Resist Attack Down, Fix DMG 100
    He: Rank 6, SS+4, Chain Plus II
    La: 4 Evasion +3%, 2 SS+1, Feint I
    Bo: Rank 5, LP+2
    Wanzer Setup -
    You have more options here for the third set of wanzer equipment.  You can
    choose between damage and accuracy with the FV-24 or Grayeye machine gun, and
    you can choose between medium evasion, high movement and high HP or high
    evasion, medium movement and medium HP with the Novaraid or Vaje/Stork legs.
    This is also the point where the wanzer parts and skills are good enough for
    Zead to wield a bazooka and shoulder missile.  The Zead modification is the
    only one that I think is necessary at this point, but you're free to make your
    own modifications - just remember that you need to spend a considerable amount
    of money to get anyone proficient in a new weapon type.
    I personally prefer the Grayeye MG, as it has great accuracy even at range.
    The FV-24 has a bit more power, but consider the overall damage output of the
    weapon.  The Grayeye works well with links and AP use since you can be
    accurate from far away, plus it's highly accurate overall - enemies will
    rarely ever dodge.  The FV-24 does more damage, but as soon as an enemy dodges
    your shots, the overall damage output goes way below the Grayeye - and they
    will do a lot of dodging, especially if you attack at range.  The other choice
    is to try to get Grille 6 arms for your gunners, but that isn't possible
    without sacrificing something else on the wanzer.
    Body: Novaraid
    L.Arm: Zeria II/Grayeye
    R.Arm: Grille 6/Circular
    Legs: Stork V
    BP: TB-90
    Body: Grille 6
    L.Arm: Grille 6/Banish Bazooka/Magicbox Missile
    R.Arm: Stork V
    Legs: Stork V
    BP: TB-90
    Body: Grille 6
    L.Arm: Zeria II/Grayeye
    R.Arm: Valiant G
    Legs: Novaraid
    BP: RP2E
    Body: Novaraid
    Arms: Zeria II/Press Needle
    Legs: Vaje
    BP: TB-90
    Body: Stork V
    Arms: Zeria II/Grayeye
    Legs: Vaje
    BP: TB-90
    Body: Zeder T
    Legs: Novaraid
    Change armor to pierce.
    Link Setup -
    Here's the new link setup for the third round.  You have to buy the LP points
    in the near future to set this up.  Everyone should have at least 8 AP, except
    Beck, who can link up later.
    El: Attack 2 with La, He, Ze, Defense 2 with Bo
    Ze: Attack 2 with Bo, He, La, Defense 1 with Be, El
    He: Attack 2 with La, El, Bo
    La: Attack 2 with He, El, Ze, Defense 1 with He, Ze
    Bo: Attack 2 with La, Ze, He, Defense 1 with Ze, El
    Battle Position:
    South pier drop zone.
    Send your units out to the center of the buildings for a royal rumble on the
    docks.  Call an air strike on the southeast building.  Here's a diagram.  X is
    the building and o is the bomb layout.  This should nail 4 guys at once, as
    long as Elsa is out in front (with 7 movement).
    Since it's nighttime with reduced accuracy, your wanzers should be dodging
    most shots, while nailing the enemy repeatedly.  The gunners are very easy to
    kill, and the bazooka units are a bit sturdier, but will have a hard time
    hitting your units with high evasion.  By the time the initial group is gone,
    reinforcements will be arriving.  Meet them in the middle with the boxes and
    crates and take them out in the same manner.  There's no real good point for
    the second airstrike, just drop it wherever you can get 2 Bazooka units that
    aren't in immediate attack range.  If you bomb a gunners arms off, it'll just
    sit there and you'll have to hunt it down.
    Mission 18 - Megafloat Base
    Difficulty: ****
    Tactics: Turn 09
    Average Funds: 9000 funds
    Average EP Gain: +39 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Wanzer Setup -
    Change armor to fire.
    Bring remove all items.
    Battle Position:
    Get ready for a quick and violent battle on the Megafloat mission with enemy
    wanzers all over the place.  You aren't going to turtle up on the ramps, are
    you?  That's not what this guide is about!  Get in there and let the killing
    Immediately start an air strike against the two rockets and grenadier unit.
    Once again, the rocket launchers only have a rocket on the left arm, which you
    should aim to destroy instead of the body.  Move everyone down the right ramp
    towards the first rocket unit - move Latona in a straight line down the ramp
    so that the enemy gunner doesn't get in her way.  Latona, Bosch, and Zead are
    three units that are guaranteed to be able to fire on it.  Send Latona up
    first, then fire with Zead and then Bosch.  They should do enough damage to
    take its arms off, if not kill it outright.  Set up a second bombing with Beck
    against the grenadier and remaining rocket unit.  Send Latona and Bosch back a
    bit to help fight off the bazooka, gunner, and melee units.  Hermes should
    repair them, as they will have taken rocket and grenade blasts.  Once the
    Grenadier is close enough, have everyone jump it and kill it.  It takes a bit
    of a beating but will go down with one concentrated group attack.
    The rest of the level is just tearing up the rest of the enemy units.  The EMP
    units take first priority, then everyone else.  Just about everyone has such
    high dodge rates that the bazookas will rarely hit.  Latona can literally
    dance around an entire bombardment.  Link attacks and piercing weapons are the
    rule of the day here.  Stay on the east side until you've killed everyone
    there, then move up and around against Dranz and the remaining two units that
    just sort of sat there the whole level.
    Mission D06 - Durandal Simulator 06
    Difficulty: ***
    Tactics: Turn 12
    Average Funds: 4000 funds
    Average EP Gain: +12 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    El: 2 AP Ch+1, 4 Eva 3%
    Ze: AP I & Ch I, 3 AP & Ch +1
    He: AP & Ch +2, Minus Shot III, 4 SS+1, AP Damage II
    La: Rank 6, 4 SS+1, Anti-Skill, Eva +3%, Resist Systems Down
    Bo: LP I, AP Ch I, 2 AP Ch+1, 4 LP+1
    Be: AP & CH +1, Impact Missile
    Wanzer Setup -
    Change armor to fire.
    Battle Position:
    No detail necessary.
    Run around the ring while kicking butt with Latona.  These guys have almost no
    evasion so it's easy to tear into them.  Use air strikes/missiles to provoke
    far off enemies into coming towards you, as most of them just stay put until
    provoked.  Not a difficult level at all.
    Mission 19 - Madeira Island Evacuation
    Difficulty: ****
    Tactics: Turn 06
    Average Funds: 6500 funds
    Average EP Gain: +24 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    El: AP I & AP Ch III
    He: Eva 3%
    La: AP Ch II
    Be: Rank 5
    Wanzer Setup -
    Bring a few Repair 600 items for the brits.
    Battle Position:
    No detail necessary.
    This is a short, frantic, and violent level with enemies desperately trying to
    blow the British units to hell.  As long as you finish the mission with them
    alive, you will get the 3,000 credit bonus, so just keep their bodies
    repaired.  At least two of the british units will need a body repair.  Go on
    the offensive, splitting up into an upper-middle team of four and a lower team
    of two.  Take out the gunners before the grenadiers, as the brits have fire
    armor and not piercing.  Your units won't be taking much flack since the
    enemies will be pursuing the british units.  On the first turn, set up an air
    strike on the bottom road that should catch a grenadier and two gunners - this
    will make it easier for your two units to destroy them.  The battle doesn't
    last long if you work on demolishing as much as possible while the enemies
    chase after the brits.  Just drop the second air strike wherever you like.
    Maybe on the same poor gunners/grenadier a second time.  It￾fs fairly wild and
    even a bit uncontrollable for a turn or two, but quickly settles down if you
    perform some major destruction.
    Mission 20 - Secret Zaftran Base
    Difficulty: ****
    Tactics: Turn 09
    Average Funds: 11500 funds
    Average EP Gain: +32 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    Da: AP II & CH II, AP+2 & Ch+2, 7 SS+1, Feint III, Block DMG 50
    Re: LP I, 4 LP+1
    Ch: LP I, 4 LP+1
    In: Skill Slots II, LP II, 4 LP+2
    Th: LP I, 4 LP+1, AP Ch II
    Wanzer Setup -
    Separate from the Durandal parts, the UCS parts are more powerful with more
    hit points, but have far less evasion.  You have a choice with your arms of
    either medium HP, weight, and accuracy (Quint G), or low hit points and high
    weight and accuracy (Type 150).  It's possible to weild the higher weight and
    higher power arms and MGs like the FV-24 with the same level of accuracy as a
    medium arm and the grayeye, due to the more robust bodies and power packs
    available.  You should have gotten the Vyzov IV Rog wanzer set w/ Ogon F parts
    now, which will make setting up super units much more easy.
    Body: Husky S
    L.Arm: Vyzov IV Rog/Circular
    R.Arm: Type 150/Ogon F
    Legs: Vyzov IV Rog
    BP: TB-99
    Body: Tempest 100
    L.Arm: Type 150
    R.Arm: Tempest 100
    Legs: Quint G
    Body: Tempest 100
    L.Arm: Quint G/Grayeye
    R.Arm: Tempest 100
    Legs: Quint G
    BP: RP2E
    Body: Tempest 100
    L.Arm: Type 150/FV-24
    R.Arm: Vyvoz IV Rog/Circular
    Legs: Quint G
    BP: TB-99
    Body: Tempest 100
    L.Arm: Minotaur
    R.Arm: Calm 200
    Legs: Quint G
    BP: TB-60
    Body: Vyvoz IV Rog
    L.Arm: Type 150/FV-24
    R.Arm: Minotaur
    Legs: Quint G
    BP: TB-60
    Link Setup -
    Da: Attack 2 with Re, Ch, In, Defense 1 with Ch, Re
    Re: Attack 2 with Da, Ch, Lu, Defense 1 with In, Lu
    Ch: Attack 2 with Da, Th, Lu, Defense 1 with Th, Lu
    Lu: Attack 2 with Da, Ch, Th, Defense 1 with Ch, Th
    In: Attack 2 with Da, Re, Ch, Defense 1 with Ch, Da
    Th: Attack 2 with CH, Da, In, Defense 1 with Lu, Re
    Battle Position:
    No detail necessary.
    The Al Alianza team should always have both grenadiers, both snipers, and a
    gunner, unless indicated otherwise.  From now on their positions will be
    represented as their weapon type.
    Start bombing with the minotaur arms while pounding through with Darril's
    team.  The enemy forces are mostly pushovers, and breaking through into the
    base should not be much of a problem with strong links.  Darril's Ogon F rod
    will be putting extreme hurt on his foes, and the minotaur rockets can easily
    soften up just about everything on the map.  Killing the sensor wanzers is
    fairly important, but most of the missileers are inactive for the first few
    turns, so you have a bit of leeway, plus the enemies won't be doing much but
    scratching your tanked out wanzers anyway.  Once the ground forces are gone,
    plow through the EMP units, then go into the base and south to catch the
    missileers and sniper/gunner wanzers that decide to go harass the Al Alianza
    With Al Alianza, drop grenades on the wanzers while the other units fire at
    the turret.  The gunners won't even be able to touch the sensor wanzer, but
    grenades will have it eating dirt quickly.  Send your snipers and gunner after
    the second turret, while moving your grenadiers further east to blast any
    wanzers that proceed down the ramp.
    Mission U06 - UCS Simulator 06
    Difficulty: ***
    Tactics: Turn 06
    Average Funds: 4000 funds
    Average EP Gain: +08 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    Da: AP I, AP Ch III
    Re: SS II, Speed+1
    Ch: 2 Speed+1, Evade 3%
    Lu: Rank 5, SG+1, Rapid Fire II, 2 SS+2
    In: Rank 6, RK+1, Skill Slots II, AP 0, 2 SS+2
    Th: Weapon II, III, V, VI, 2 BZ+1, 2 RK+1
    Wanzer Setup -
    Change armor to pierce.
    Battle Position:
    West drop zone.
    Immediately rush for the rocket launcher to take his left arm out - use
    Darril, Ines, and Renges.  Afterwards, start lobbing rockets at the largest
    clusters of troops.  The north group will go running after the turrets and you
    can't stop them, so just baste them with Rockets while the rest of the team
    focuses on the south group.  By the time they come back at you, they should be
    nearly dead.
    Mission 21 - Base Elevator Shaft
    Difficulty: ****
    Tactics: Turn 12
    Average Funds: 5000 funds
    Average EP Gain: +35 avg.
    Special Condition: Complete the mission while moving a unit onto the bottom
    floor in 10 or less days.  Unlocks Simulation U11.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Wanzer Setup ?
    Bring remove all items.
    Bring some repair items.
    Change armor to fire.
    Link Setup ?
    Link Th and Lu
    Battle Position:
    	This battle requires some splitting up to finish it in a reasonable
    time frame.  Send the Al Alianza group down the east ramp with Luis and
    Thammond, and send the rest of Darril￾fs team down the west ramp.  Darril￾fs
    team should have no problem pounding the enemies to paste down to the bottom
    level.  The Al Alianza team should focus on grenading the enemies while
    attacking with everything they￾fve got, with Luis and Ines providing link
    attacks.  Focus on the recon units, but try not to get the missileers firing
    on the Al Alianza team, since there￾fs no repair unit.  The missileers will
    usually attack Ines if given the chance.
    	Once the Al Alianza team is on the second level, send the gunner and
    sniper west to attack the missileer, while using the rest to keep plowing
    south against the gunner, melee, and grenadier.  With Darril￾fs team, get down
    to the third level.  Send Darril and Ines south to the bottom (on or before
    day 10), then east to handle the remaining gunner.  Send Chaeffer north to
    help destroy the missileer on the second level, and send and Renges east to
    meet up with the Al Alianza units and destroy the remaining missileer.
    Mission 22 - Defend the Carrier
    Difficulty: ***
    Tactics: Turn 09
    Average Funds: 5500 funds
    Average EP Gain: +35 avg.
    Special Condition: Complete the mission while the carriership has 1600 or more
    HPs remaining.  Unlocks Simulation D11.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup ?
    El: Weapons VII, SG+1
    Ze: Weapons VIII, 3 RF+1, BZ+1
    He: Weapons VII, MG+1, Chain I
    Bo: Weapons VII, MG+1, Speed+1
    Be: Weapons IX, MS+1
    Wanzer Setup ?
    The Durandal team is very quickly stuck with a whole new round of wanzer
    upgrades (the next to last one) plus a full selection of computer skill sets.
    Considering that you get the Grille 6 Horn wanzer set plus a Zhelanie II set
    and the Grom bazooka in the next level and simulator, I suggest that you wait
    on the upgrades for this mission, especially if you￾fve already got good setups
    from the last round of upgrades.  The set of wanzer parts prior to this set
    will see you through the level fine as long as your pilot skills and links are
    up to snuff.  See the next mission for all the ideal setups.
    Bring remove all items.
    Battle Position:
    Immediately call an air strike on the grenadiers.  You￾fve got to kill these
    buggers ASAP so that they don￾ft damage the carrier beyond 1600 HP.  Trash the
    EMP unit along the way.  Your units should be very close to them afterwards,
    and one of the rocket units will probably decide to bomb your wanzers instead
    of the carrier.  Position Latona between the two units and kill both of them
    with link attacks.  Kill the last grenadier and EMP unit then move around the
    mountain range westward to meet with the missileer, bazookaman, and gunner.
    Call a second air strike on the bazookaman/gunner and missileer if you can
    include him.  Trash all three of them, then proceed east along the mountains
    to face the remaining gunner/bazooka pair.
    Mission D11 - Durandal Simulation 11
    Difficulty: ****
    Tactics: Turn 12
    Average Funds: 7500 funds
    Average EP Gain: +13 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup ?
    He: Repair Plus III
    Bo: Eva+3&6
    Be: Rank 6, Perfect Missile
    Wanzer Setup ?
    This is the second to last set of upgrades.
    Body: Type 90X
    L.Arm: Grille 6/Grave S-II
    R.Arm: Grille 6/Girino
    Legs: Vaje M10
    BP: BP-110X
    Body: Prisomare
    L.Arm: Grille 6 Horn/Grom or Ziege
    R.Arm: Valiant G3/Donkey DX Missile
    Legs: Grille 6 Horn
    BP: BP-110X
    Body: Grille 6 Horn
    L.Arm: Grille 6/Grave S-II
    R.Arm: Valiant G3
    Legs: Vaje M10
    BP: RP2G Repair
    Body: Prisomare
    Arms: Type 90X/F-5 Rods
    Legs: Vaje M10
    BP: BP-110X (optional)
    Should be the same as Elsas but with another Grave S-II or a greyeye.  I
    didn￾ft bother upgrading him this round.
    Body: Valiant G3
    L.Arm: Vampire
    BP: R07A Radio
    Change armor to pierce.
    Battle Position:
    South drop zone.
    This is an urban based level with an initial firefight then a hunt northward
    in tight confines.  Start out by taking the rocket launchers left arm out and
    dropping impact armor on your team.  It won￾ft fire on the first turn, but take
    it out on turn 2 to be safe.  It￾fs tough to get an angle on it, so just focus
    your attacks and it￾fll go down.  Next, you￾fll have to deal with 5 jetpack
    rifle/bazooka wanzers and two copters.  Use Latona with attack links to take
    them out one at a time, hopefully destroying 1 per turn at least.  If they
    jump up on the rooftops or won￾ft leave them, move the target wanzer far away
    enough, and the enemy will jump down into the streets to follow.  The copters
    are very easy to take down.
    While you￾fre finishing the 5 attackers off, make air strikes on the north
    groups.  Don￾ft hit any wanzer twice, or they￾fll run back to the repair wanzer
    and sit around instead of moving south.  Proceed north and take out the
    copters and remaining enemies.  The confies are difficult to work with, so
    just try to move one wanzer in front of the other making subsequent attacks,
    with Latona going last with a melee attack.  They￾fll be much easier to kill if
    you￾fve already softened them up with air strikes.  If any wanzers jetpack onto
    the buildings, fire missiles at them.  The copters approaching from the east
    can be annoying if they start backing away to the south, so make sure to keep
    whatever target they￾fve acquired moving northward so the rest of your team can
    easily finish them off.  In the back corner is another rocket launcher.  It
    should be easy enough to finish off with link attacks.
    Mission 23 - Zaftran Border Fortress
    Difficulty: ****
    Tactics: Turn 12
    Average Funds: 10000 funds
    Average EP Gain: +60 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    Wanzer Setup ?
    This is one of the few missions where a sensor backpack will come in handy.
    Since the slow moving british units won￾ft be able to catch up to your team,
    you can use the sensor pack to have them firing missiles well after your units
    have left them behind.  If you don￾ft care about finishing the level in 13 as
    opposed to 12 turns, though, just forget it.  Latona is the best candidate to
    carry the sensor pack.  Don￾ft bother with EMP or antilock ? as long as your
    team is aggressive, destructive, and smart, your main wanzers won￾ft be taking
    many missile hits.
    Change armor to fire.
    Battle Position:
    Start out moving your team north to take out the missile turret and sniper.
    Use the brits to finish the sniper off and attack the EMP unit.  The recon and
    EMP units will come down in the brits face to attack, which puts them in good
    range for your next strike.  Note that the brits will get hit by missiles ?
    they￾fre all big tanks with fire armor, so you can afford to let them get a bit
    roughed up in place of your own units.  Move back down the ramp and east to
    destroy the pair, while calling down pierce armor on Elsa￾fs team and any brits
    you can fit in there.  The next objective is a pair of EMP/sensor wanzers and
    a sniper coming down the left ramp.  Most likely the sensor will be blocked by
    the EMP and sniper, so just focus on destroying the EMP then sniper.  Once the
    EMP is out, have the brits move eastward while getting shots on the sensor or
    missile turret.  You will get a few missiles launched at your party, but
    nothing you can￾ft repair.  While the brits proceed east, move your units north
    to destroy the turret then east along the platform to face another pair of
    EMP/sensor units.  Block the east ramp with the brits to prevent the pair from
    running away from Elsa￾fs team, then destroy em ? you can use an airstrike here
    if you want.  At this point, another pair will be coming down the ramp towards
    your party ? once again destroy those buggers before any missiles are launched
    your way.  At this point, the brits won￾ft be able to catch up to your party
    hightailing it east, so if you have a sensor pack, it will come in handy at
    this point.  This is the easiest part of the level - just work your way east
    then north, taking out the remaining turrets and enemies.  If you have any
    airstrikes left, use them on the two wanzers in the northeast corner.
    Mission D07 - Durandal Simulation 07
    Difficulty: *****
    Tactics: Turn 07
    Average Funds: 6000 funds
    Average EP Gain: +18 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup ?
    In this third half of the game, buying Melee Skills III for Latona and Sniper
    Skills III for Zead will greatly increase their combo damage.  Bosch may also
    benefit from Assault Skills II or Sniper Skills III, as will Hermes, who will
    finally have enough wanzer power to get a dual MG setup.
    El: AP I, AP Ch IV, Resistances, 3 AP+1, AP Ch+2
    Ze: Sniper Skills III, SS I, Perfect Shot, Blast Shot II, Zoom 3, 8 SS+1
    He: AP I, AP Ch I, SS II, Resistances, 3 SS+2, 3 AP & Ch+1
    La: Melee Skills III, SS II, Heavy Strike III, Charge III, Double Strike II,
    Perfect Strike, Blast Strike II, 3 SS+2
    Bo: Rank 6, Evade +6, Speed+1, Feint III
    Be: SS+4, MS+1, AP 0
    Wanzer Setup ?
    Set armor to pierce.
    Battle Position:
    Northwest drop zone.
    This is a short but violent mission that￾fs difficult to get a handle on.  The
    enemies are linked in pairs with fairly high AP and skills that can cause
    major damage on any wanzer they focus on.  It￾fs also easy to get overrun by
    enemies or hammered by rockets.  Luckily the rocket launchers have extremely
    low HPs and their arms can be taken out with one solid MG/SG attack, but the
    problem is reaching the northmost one without triggering every other enemy to
    gang up on your wanzer out in the open.
    Send Elsa against the south rocket launcher while also in attack range of the
    nearby enemy trio ? her attack should destroy its left arm and make it
    worthless.  Have Hermes attack the rocket launcher north of your party, who
    should get link support from Bosch and cripple it if not kill it.  Then send
    Latona and all others against the southeast group, hopefully taking out at
    least one of the enemies.  Make a drop of impact armor on your party.
    I￾fm not sure what it is that triggers the nearby set of units to start moving
    and attacking.  I think it has to do with how close you are to them, but I￾fm
    not sure.  Provoke them and take them in the two space corridor, firing
    missiles on the third rocket launcher until it￾fs rendered harmless.  Keep
    healing and replace damaged units with healthy ones for the enemies to
    target.   This is easier when you￾fre fighting in the corridor instead of out
    in the open.  Make an air strike on the southeast group, then provoke the
    northeast group.  They should both gather together for one big airstrike
    that￾fll hit 4-5 of them at once and put a quick end to the battle.  If it
    helps, you can set up salvage links with Beck, although I didn￾ft need to.
    Mission 24 - Zaftran Terminal
    Difficulty: *****
    Tactics: Turn 10
    Average Funds: 10500 funds
    Average EP Gain: +55 avg.
    Special Condition: Complete the mission with 4 or more British units alive.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup ?
    El: Feint II
    Ze: Chain Plus II
    He: SSII, Feint I
    Bo: Bo: Rank 6, Move Plus II, Feint III, AP I, AP Ch IV
    Be: Boost II
    Wanzer Setup ?
    This is one of the few missions where the sensor backpack comes in handy,
    since the british missileers will take far too long to move east and battle
    Glaeser.  From my experience, though, it isn￾ft really worth it, since the brit
    missileers will have a fairly intense battle with the three units they￾fre
    given to fight.
    Change armor to pierce.
    Battle Position:
    Here it is, the big battle against Glaeser and his troops.  This is probably
    the most dangerous story mission for all of Durandal, as Glaeser has enough
    firepower to instantly kill just about any of your wanzers if he gets lucky
    enough.  Anybody caught in the unfortunate range of a sensor wanzer will be
    focused on and obliterated by missiles, and the anti-lock backpack only helps
    against a full on missile assault twice or so.
    There are several strategies for dealing with the initial recon unit.  You can
    move your units just out of its full range (which is 8 tiles+3 sensor range),
    you can stick an EMP anti-lock backpack on a unit and use them as missile
    cover, or you can move in and let one of your guys get absolutely creamed by
    missiles, probably die, and then get salvaged (with no maintenance penalty
    involved).  If speed doesn￾ft matter to you, just get right outside of its
    range or use the EMP backpack.  If not, get Latona right up in his face and
    have her get completely blasted away and revived.  Drop impact or fire armor
    on your party, also.
    The British units are in for a rough time.  It￾fs fairly random whether or not
    you￾fll lose one or two, due to the enemy sniper unit getting lucky body shots
    and the sensor unit calling in missiles while dodging all of the brits shots.
    You can￾ft lose more than two brits, though, or you won￾ft unlock Simulator 12.
    First, focus on the sensor unit ? blast that sucker with missiles, surround
    him, and fire away.  You will almost certainly lose a gunner to the sensor
    induced missile bombardment, unless you were lucky and killed the sensor
    immediately, usually because the missiles took his legs out.  After that,
    focus on killing the repair unit, as it￾fll keep repairing the sniper if you
    try to kill snipey first.  Finally, get your gun on with the sniper and send
    him to wanzer hell.  If you lost more than two units, you￾fre either unlucky or
    didn￾ft play very well with the brits.
    On with the rest of the mission.  Use link attacks to rip into the sensor
    wanzer.  If you have the best accuracy arms, high damage weapons, and super
    pilot skills, you can almost definitely take him out.  Afterwards, take out
    the sniper and two MGers using standard link-gang up attacks.  Make a left
    turn for the remaining three enemies ? take out the sensor again, this time
    without letting him call in missiles against you.  Around turn 6 or 7, the
    northmost missileers will start moving south.  Use that opportunity to bomb
    all four (missileers and gunners) wanzers near Glaeser, which will make them
    much easier to kill.  Once you finish up with the three west units, proceed
    east towards Glaeser himself.  Try to get into his cannon range and not
    missile (unless you￾fre toting an EMP pack), as his missiles can do up to 800
    damage each with perfect missile.  On the other hand, his cannon has poor
    accuracy, only does 400 damage, and your agile wanzers can often dodge them.
    Let the southmost missileers acquire a soft target like Beck who is certain to
    be in full health and available to take a few pot shots.  Perform the second
    air strike on a combination of the gunners, missileers, and Glaeser himself.
    Prioritize the air strike on the gunners, though, who will take the most
    damage.  Gang up on Glaeser like you￾fve never ganged up on a gigantic four
    square occupying monster wanzer before.  With Latona performing a 2.0X Melee
    Skills III skill (such as Charge III), she can often do just shy of 2,000
    damage, which will easily dig Glaeser an early grave if you let her pound on
    him with 4 separate link attacks.
    With the big guy dead, take out the gunners if they￾fre still alive, then the
    remaining missileers.  Don￾ft let the north missileers start backing up north
    away from your units ? keep the poor target in place so your other wanzers can
    kick the crap out of them (unless it￾fs Latona, who has plenty of movement
    range to beat on them.)
    Mission U11 - UCS Simulator 11
    Difficulty: ***
    Tactics: Turn 07
    Average Funds: 7500 funds
    Average EP Gain: +13 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup ?
    Da: SS+2, Speed+1, 2 Eva+3%, Melee Skills III (if you want him to do melee
    attacks with his supports, otherwise get Assault Skills II or Sniper Skills
    Re: Speed+1, resistances
    Ch: resistances
    Lu: Speed+2, 2 Speed+1
    Th: Rank 5, AP&Ch+2, AP I, AP CH I, Weapon IX & VIII, BZ+1, RK+1, LP+1
    Wanzer Setup ?
    Here in the final round of Darril team upgrades, you￾fre given bountiful
    amounts of power, accuracy, mobility, and even a +10 evasion body.  You should
    have the Vyvoz IV Rog and Zenith RV wanzer parts, capable of making super
    wanzers out of any one you choose (even allowing Chaeffer to dual weild MGs).
    You should also have a large amount of cash on hand to spend, which should go
    towards wanzer upgrades, then some good pilot skills and AP upgrades.  The
    remaining Darril missions are mostly pushovers, so there￾fre not many worries
    past this point.  It￾fs butt kicking all the way home for Darril.  Can￾ft say
    the same for the Durandal, though!
    Body: Zora B2
    R.Arm: Zenith RV
    L.Arm: Blackstone Shotgun
    Body: Zora B2
    L.Arm: U-Recson/Glowtusk Rifle
    R.Arm: Frost C
    Legs: Zora B2
    BP: (optional) 12 item pack loaded with goodies
    Body: Zenith RV
    L.Arm: Type 150/Grave S-II
    R.Arm: Husky S/24s Grayeye
    Legs: Zora B2
    BP: RP2G Repair
    Body: Zora B2
    L.Arm: U-Recson/Grave S-II
    R.Arm Weapon: Girino 2
    Legs: Zora B2
    Body: Zora B2
    Legs: Zenith RV
    (optional): R.Arm: Blizzaia L2/Ogon F Rod or TB-111W w/ U-Recson/Ogon F Rod
    BP: (optional) TB-111W w/ ammo and stuff
    L.Arm: U-Recson
    Legs: Zora B2
    BP: 111W (put some ammo in here)
    Change armor to impact.
    Link Setup ?
    You may choose to change Darril￾fs attack support to the Blackstone, as it does
    simply amazing damage, works great in links, has an actual range, and he
    should have tons of AP to support it.
    Battle Position:
    LuDaIn  ThReCh
    The Zhuks are running amok in the Megafloat Base, and only Darril￾fs motley
    band can stop them!  Here￾fs a level where you get to show off your mega link
    attacks by pounding Zhuks into putty.  If Darril is still swinging his club
    around in attack links, he can easily surpass the 2,000 damage mark with a
    2.0x Melee Skills III swing.  Charge forward and crush the two Zhuks up front
    while tossing grenades at the three enemy units+two Zhuks in the back.  By the
    time you clean up the two Zhuks, the enemy wanzers will be near dead and easy
    to bowl through.  Crack open the two north Zhuks and the east Zhuk, then head
    west up the ramp to face the remaining Zhuk.  Zhukin￾f nuts!
    Mission 25 - Caracas Highway
    Difficulty: ***
    Tactics: Turn 08
    Average Funds: 10500 funds
    Average EP Gain: +47 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup ?
    Re: AP I, AP Ch I
    Lu: AP III, AP Ch III
    In: Sniper Skills III, SS III, Weapon VII, Perfect Shot, Blast Shot II, Chain
    Plus II, Accuracy II, BZ+2, 3 SS+4
    Wanzer Setup ?
    Change armor to fire.
    Bring some remove all items.
    Battle Position:
    Da         Th
    ReCh     Lu  In
    GR  GR
    This mission is all about lobbing big ass rockets into huge packs of enemies
    and watching em fall.  Get some vengeance for the Caracas Escape mission!
    Immediately move Ines and Thammond west near the grenadier and drop some major
    rockets on the enemy group.  You may also choose to restrict yourself and put
    on a weaker rocket launcher or grenade weapon, if you find it more fun that
    way.  Attack the grenadier with Luis, and move the guerilla units forward.
    Keep firing rockets and don￾ft stop until most of the units are dead.  Use the
    Al Alianza units and the rest of Darril￾fs team to mop up the near dead units
    and burst through the gates.  Vavilov won￾ft stand a chance with Renges sniping
    at him and Darril firing his shotgun.
    Now, the annoying part of the mission is hunting down the two missileers, who
    will still be on or near the top ramps, and are literally impossible to hit
    with any weapons besides RK/GR/MS weapons from the ground level.  Far from
    coming down to meet you, they￾fll either stay put or run away to hit their
    target if they have to.  Keep your missile target in place or move them
    backwards a bit to draw the enemy closer to your wanzers.  Once you nail them,
    the map is over.
    Mission 26 - Central Caracas
    Difficulty: ****
    Tactics: Turn 13
    Average Funds: 12000 funds
    Average EP Gain: +55 avg.
    Special Condition: Complete the mission while destroying Ivanovna's Zhuk II
    before destroying the other two Zhuk Is.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup ?
    All pilots ? finish up resistances, skills, etc.  except Thammond.
    Th: AP III, AP Ch III, Sniper III, Perfect Shot, Blast Shot II, etc.
    Wanzer Setup ?
    For the Al Alianza group, bring along 2 SGs, 2 GRs, and 1 ML.
    Battle Position:
    In  Da  Lu
      Re  Ch  Th
    This mission is a piece of cake for Darril￾fs team, but will be tough for the
    Al Alianza group if they become unlucky/lose a unit/run out of grenade ammo.
    If they start having trouble killing the repair unit, I suggest sending one of
    your units away from Darril￾fs group to help, as you have plenty of power to
    spare without needing every unit in your group to take on Ivanovna and her
    The enemies are really no threat to Darril￾fs mega-beefed up team.  Past the
    initial batch of enemies, the road is all clear.  Send the team east behind
    the bushes then straight north for Ivanovna￾fs Zhuk II, going for the kill.
    The other lucky Zhuks will have theirs coming in just a turn or two!  Take
    them out (even easier than USN 11), then finish off the repair unit.  No
    For Al Alianza, the going is rougher as they face three units that overpower
    them in evasion, accuracy, and firepower.  Drop grenades on the sensor and
    quickly surround and kill it.  Go after the gunner next, then the repair
    unit.  If you lose a unit or run out of grenade ammo, the repair unit will be
    nearly impossible to kill without some help from one of Darril￾fs team mates,
    barring some high luck.
    Mission D08 - Durandal Simulation 08
    Difficulty: ****
    Tactics: Turn 07
    Average Funds: 6500 funds
    Average EP Gain: +08 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup ?
    Any resistances or loose ends you haven￾ft purchased yet, do so.
    Wanzer Setup ?
    Here we are at the final round of Durandal wanzer upgrades.  You￾fre once
    against presented with some fairly powerful wanzers that you can just barely
    squeak in some high evasion and accuracy into.  It￾fs been a long road here and
    the going is about to get even tougher with Durandal Simulator 13 and 14 just
    around the corner.  You should have about 10,000 gold to do most of this
    setup, then play through D08 and D12 for the rest of the cash needed.  Save at
    least 7,500 for D13 though.
    Body: Blizzaia L
    Weapons: FV-24B/Girino 2
    Legs: Tatou 2
    Body: Blizzaia L
    R.Shoulder: Blackpanther
    Legs: Tatou 2
    BP: TB-160
    Weapons: FV-24B
    Backpack: RP2H Healing Backpack
    Legs: Grille 6 Horn
    Body: Blizzaia L
    Weapons: Crusader (or Last Stake)
    Legs: Tatou 2
    BP: TB-160
    Body: Blizzaia L
    Arms: Grille 6/FV-24B
    BP: TB-110X
    Body: Frost M
    Legs: Zhelanie II
    Set armor to impact.
    Battle Position:
    Rush south to kill the grenadier, then take out the melee units.  Drop
    piercing armor on the first turn.  Send air strikes on the three EMP units
    running westward.  Have someone with high evasion face the gunners/snipers,
    and use Latona and link attacks to tear them up.  I suggest leaving snipers
    with a broken arm alone for more promising targets, as they￾fll almost
    certainly never hit your units.  With those guys cleaned up, send Latona/Elsa
    and maybe another unit north, while sending the rest southwest against the EMP
    units that you bombed.  They should all go down in a few attacks.
    Mission D12 - Durandal Simulation 12
    Difficulty: ****
    Tactics: Turn 08
    Average Funds: 9000 funds
    Average EP Gain: +14 avg.
    Special Condition: Complete the mission in 15 or less turns.  Unlocks
    Simulator D13.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Battle Position:
    Immediately move Latona south between the two Rock Jacks and open fire.  Start
    attacking both of them and hopefully take em out.  Immediately drop fire armor
    on your units, as well.  The rock jacks will come fast and furious, but they
    go down easy with no evasion, and they should have trouble hitting your fast
    units.  Set up air strikes that cause maximum carnage, hitting the Zhuks and
    the Rock Jacks and anything else you can fit in between.  Repair as necessary
    and use your combined firepower to waste the non-dodging Rock Jacks.  After
    most of the Rock Jacks and both Zhuks are dead, trash the missileer that￾fs
    been picking on your units, then rush east to take out the remaining turrets,
    missileer, and Rock Jack.
    Mission D13 - Durandal Simulation 13
    Difficulty: ******
    Tactics: Turn 15
    Average Funds: 13000 funds
    Average EP Gain: 12+ avg.
    Special Condition: Complete the mission in 15 or less turns.  Unlocks
    Simulator D14.  You must also have unlocked D9-12 through the early unlock
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Believe it or not, the entire Durandal campaign has been a build up for this
    difficult level.  This level requires more preparation, planning, and perfect
    execution than any other level in the game.  This is especially true if you
    have only played the simulator missions once each and want to finish the map
    in 15 or less days!  If you want to hit the simulators more than once to get
    more gold and EP, you can do so, but be aware that it￾fs fully possible even
    when only playing the simulators once each.
    Basically, you have to eliminate all enemies in 15 or less turns, and no enemy
    can reach beyond the bottom ramp.  The enemies have the latest weapons,
    wanzers, and several elite skills.  You have to split your party into two
    separate autonomous teams that must battle 11 enemies each, so you￾fre already
    outnumbered almost 4 to 1.  There are several recon units with 5 square sensor
    range that can easily ruin your level attempt with missile showers.  In
    addition, many of the enemies are carrying jetpacks that allow them to fly
    over your units in a mad dash for the bottom floor ? and they will do so
    ruthlessly.  Beck￾fs radio backpack won￾ft work, either, due to the compound
    being indoors.  All of your pilots must be prepared with strong links, skills,
    equipment, and AP levels.  You need to play extremely well and even get a bit
    lucky if you want to complete the level in time.  If you screw up, you￾fll fall
    Pilot Setup ?
    Be: Link I, 4 LP+1
    I recommend having Anti-Skill on Latona.
    Wanzer Setup ?
    The keys to completing the map successfully are link attacks and EMP
    backpacks.  The EMP antilock is essential in warding off enemy missiles, and
    the EMP itself is essential for cutting off enemy movement towards the bottom
    ramp.  The EMP pack has a 70% chance to disable melee wanzer movement, and a
    100% chance to disable all other wanzer types movement.  You also have a 100%
    chance of systems down on most of the weaker non-Jetpack wanzers, and 70% on
    most others.  Latona gets the east team EMP, since she has a huge amount of
    power to spare, and Beck gets the west team EMP, since his radio backpack
    doesn￾ft work in this level anyway.
    By this point in the game, you may have changed your party significantly from
    mine in terms of weapon usage.  The only major change is Zead toting a
    bazooka/rifle, and Beck equipped with a MG for the purpose of triggering
    support links.
    BP: EMP-9F Backpack
    R.Arm Weapon: Last Stake
    BP: EMP-9F Backpack
    R.Arm: Zenith RV/Maestro MG
    L.Arm Weapon: Artduex MG
    Bring MG and BZ ammo, and some healing items.
    Change La/Be armor to fire, El/He armor to impact, and Ze/Bo armor to pierce.
    Link Setup ?
    Elsa￾fs team is faced with tougher enemy opposition ? several powerful units
    are lined up to be fought, including a trio of jetpack enabled Rock Jack
    bazooka wanzers that can easily overwhelm them if they aren￾ft destroying enemy
    units fast enough.  The trio should be primed for total slaughter, with all
    three units delivering 2.0x level link attacks constantly.
    Zead￾fs team is weaker in terms of attack power, with Beck being a fairly weak
    party member who￾fs only useful for triggering Zead and Bosch and holding the
    EMP pack.  They won￾ft face a heavy concentration of enemies, but they do have
    to deal with the same number of enemies as Elsa￾fs team.  They￾fre responsible
    for reaching the top level and destroying the two missile launchers, who start
    moving west later in the level.  These guys don￾ft have a repair backpack, so
    you have to make sure to keep them healthy!
    El/He/La ? Link them all together with offense and defense links.
    Bo/Ze/Be ? Link them all together with offense and defense links.
    Set Latona￾fs defensive link to Backpack.
    Battle Position:
    East drop zone:
    West drop zone:
    Start moving your teams up their respective sides of the ramp.  The first two
    enemies you￾fll encounter are a melee and sensor unit.  Kill the sensor unit
    first, then the melee.  It helps for Zead￾fs team to EMP the melee unit￾fs
    movement, so you can blast it away safely.  From here, the two teams face
    different challenges and enemies.
    Elsa￾fs team should focus on strong offense.  Try to kill 1.5 wanzers per turn
    at least and use your links effectively.  The middle area with two ramps will
    be the main battleground.  Taking enemies out as they come down the ramp is
    important.  You can get decent firing angles supporting Latona at the ramp
    entrances, which is good.  The second enemy recon will consistently try to run
    around to an open side of the ramp if you block one side, so by switching
    sides you can keep him up there until you￾fre ready to face him.  Don￾ft use EMP
    attacks unless an enemy breaks through and tries to make a run for it, as you
    want to focus on offense.  Hermes should be offensive and not healing every
    turn ? he needs to trigger more attacks by Elsa and Latona, and he can do some
    nice damage himself.  Once Elsa runs out of MG ammo, reload her!  She can￾ft do
    support attacks otherwise.  If you￾fre playing well, you￾fll have all units
    destroyed by the time the Rock Jack bros. and a shotgunner show up.  It￾fs best
    to fight them at the bottom of the two ramps, as they￾fll be more spread out
    and unable to hit you reliably.  You will definitely need to EMP at least one
    or two of their movements, as they can easily jetpack past your team and cause
    trouble.  If you￾fre feeling lucky or just beat up, you can try to EMP them
    with 70% chance of systems down.  They will often jetpack from the upper level
    right into the group and fire a bazooka shot, which makes it easier to kill
    them since you can counterattack and they￾fre next to Latona.  Use those links
    and kick some butt ? you￾fll need to do as much ass kicking as you can!
    Zead￾fs team faces technically lighter opposition, but must reach the very top
    to destroy the two missileers.  It￾fs going to be a long haul!  Since they￾fre
    not powerhouses like Elsa￾fs team and they have no healer, Zead￾fs team must use
    their smarts to avoid damage and use their AP wisely for support attacks.  The
    big enemies are the recon units, which can be tough to hit and kill.  Keep
    Zead and Bosch always within missile cover when a sensor wanzer shows up.
    Bosch and Zead should have decent evasion, but Beck has none, so make sure not
    to let him get picked on, as he￾fll probably get smacked by a few missiles.
    Beck doesn￾ft really need to use the EMP pack to disable enemies.  Use him
    instead to trigger more linked attacks by Zead and Bosch, who are the only
    ones who can do any decent damage.  This side can get really unlucky, if the
    sensor wanzer decides to dodge all their shots, or if the sniper starts
    breaking parts.  Once you finally reach the missileers, show them no mercy and
    mow em down.  They won￾ft last long!
    If you￾fve completed the mission in 15 or less days, some congratulations are
    in order, especially if you￾fve only played the sim missions once and aren￾ft on
    a New Game+.  You have a choice of three great items, and I usually choose the
    Radio backpack.  You￾fve passed the most difficult mission in the game, but the
    Durandal still has one more wild urban mission ahead of them!
    Mission 27 - Paris Suburbs
    Difficulty: ****
    Tactics: Turn 10
    Average Funds: 20000 funds
    Average EP Gain: +50 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
     Remember to change all of your previous links back, equip Beck with a radio
    again, and remove Latona￾fs EMP/switch her weapons if you wish.
    Pilot Setup ?
    Try to get all resistances, buy some more AP and maybe some evasion, etc. or
    some better attack skills for Hermes/Bosch.
    Wanzer Setup ?
    Set armor to fire.
    Bring MG/BZ/RF ammo.
    Link Setup ?
    Be: Attack 2 with Ze and La
    Battle Position:
    Head towards the shotgunners and wipe them out, then take on the east then
    west missileer.  Send Elsa and Latona east to take on the east AA missileer
    and send the other four west to take on the west AA missileer.  Once Elsa and
    Latona are finished, move them west to rejoin with the rest of the group.
    Take out the EMP units, then the recons, and the rest of the gunners.  Make an
    air strike on the approaching two EMPs and recon, which will make them much
    easier to kill.  Drop pierce or impact armor if you need it.  Do a second air
    strike on the north set of enemies to provoke them, then meet them around the
    north part of the map to finish them off.
    Mission D14 - Durandal Simulation 14
    Difficulty: *****
    Tactics: Turn 11
    Average Funds: 17000 funds
    Average EP Gain: +17 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup ?
    Once again you have tons of money from the previous mission to spend on more
    AP, speed, evasion, better skills, etc.
    Wanzer Setup ?
    Set armor to pierce.
    Bring MG/BZ/RF ammo reloads.
    Battle Position:
    Northwest drop zone:
    Northeast drop zone:
    This is a difficult and intense urban level with a huge number of enemies
    packing serious heat and skills.  Every enemy north of the bridge will start
    coming after you by turn 3, so you￾fll have a lot to handle in a very short
    amount of time.  This level features special Type XX wanzers with 3,000 HP
    bodies (same values as Wagner￾fs final rig), with 7 elite skills, toting high
    level MG, SG, MS, and GR weapons.  These suckers take an enormous pounding and
    will often only go down with 4 strong link attacks that reach 2.0x each time.
    Other enemies in the level are no pushovers either, with powerful wanzers,
    weapons and elite skills.
    The enemies south of the bridge will not attack unless provoked, so
    immediately call an air strike on them to get them off their lazy asses.
    Their movement ranges will separate their ranks and they should arrive in a
    timely manner just after you￾fve defeated most of the enemies north of the
    The general movement plan of your party isn￾ft too complicated, and you won￾ft
    be running around the map hunting any enemies if you choose to provoke the
    enemies south of the bridge.  Move south to engage the group of four wanzers,
    then head east.  Run Hermes and Beck west along the same road to meet up.
    Proceed with the entire party east to engage with the four northeast units and
    the three east units, then work south, and finally westward to engage with the
    enemies from the south bridge that have lined the road.
    Starting out, take the Type XX wanzer out with a serious pounding.  If you
    kill it, the other three units will stand still.  If you don￾ft kill it, the
    other three units will attack you.  Either way, take out the sensor wanzer
    then the two gunners and head east.  During this time, run Hermes and Beck
    westward to meet up with Elsa￾fs team.  Beck￾fs first move should be an air
    strike on the southwest group of enemy wanzers.
    Head east with Elsa￾fs team to meet up with Beck and Hermes.  Beck and Hermes
    will get attacked by the two wanzers and copter ? just keep running em.  Once
    Elsa￾fs team arrives, don￾ft run them back really far, just about mid way, so
    that the enemy copters are in easy attack range of Elsa, Bosch, and Zead.  The
    four enemy units should be positioned around the road opening.  Anyway, strike
    at them hard and fast, taking out the copters first then the wanzers.  The
    copters will go down very easily and it￾fs much easier to take them out now
    than it is to let them fly around all over firing shots and making you chase
    them.  Drop some fire armor on your entire party at about this time.
    After taking care of those four units, head south around the corner and start
    attacking the enemies there.  In my playthroughs, Beck often becomes the
    target of missiles, so keeping him behind the corner will usually protect him
    from missiles, or you could use Latona￾fs EMP abilities if she has a backpack.
    Doesn￾ft make a whole lot of difference though.  After fighting the three east
    enemies, more enemies will be approaching from the west and south.  From the
    west, three enemies positioned at the west portion of the map along with most
    of the enemies south of the bridge.  From the south, two more copters and a
    type XX wanzer.  There￾fs a sensor wanzer among the group coming from the west,
    so don￾ft lose sight of your mission to kill it mercilessly.  Your second air
    strike should be around now, with enemies packed in the street and ready to be
    blasted to hell.  Try to get at least 3-4 units to bomb.  The copters will
    merge into the battle and are mostly a distraction, so just ignore them for
    now unless you feel like copter huntin￾f.  Focus your attacks on the already
    air-bombed enemies and then take out the healthy ones afterwards, such as the
    additional Type XX wanzers joining the fray.  The battle gets really wild and
    there￾fs plenty of mayhem to go around.  Enjoy it while it lasts!
    After wiping out most of the enemy forces, all that remains should be a
    missileer or so.  Take them out and bask in victory!  You￾fll be able to pick
    up a Vyvoz IV Rog wanzer set, one of the best sets in the game.  It￾fs almost
    identical to the Grille 6 Horn set, with the arms/body being 6 weight lighter
    and the legs having a bit different stats.  I￾fve never unlocked a simulator 15
    past this, but if you find it (perhaps completing it in 10 days or less?), let
    me know!
    Mission 28 - Paris Assembly
    Difficulty: ****
    Tactics: Turn 08
    Average Funds: 17000 funds
    Average EP Gain: +48 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup ?
    La: Melee II, Move Plus II, Skill Slots III
    Wanzer Setup ?
    Set armor to fire.
    Battle Position:
    This battle can get intense at points, but it￾fs relatively short if your units
    are killing machines that rocked D13 and D14.  Immediately run up and kill the
    sensor wanzer, or it￾fll bring up a bunch of nasty missiles from the Snivets.
    The tree lining here makes accuracy difficult for both you and your enemies.
    If you￾fre being targeted by snipers, hide behind the tree line, and they won￾ft
    change their position to hit you despite having 30% accuracy or so.  You can
    hit an enemy aiming directly from the other side of the trees, but any other
    angles will be a hindrance.  Still, it￾fs worth it if you can keep triggering
    Latona￾fs attacks and have no other options.  Make the first air strike count,
    hitting a good section of the enemies along the road.  Drop some pierce armor
    as well.  Wagner is no tougher than the Type XX wanzers you faced earlier, so
    he should go down very quickly.  For some reason he was more intent on using
    his weak ass claw than his gun, but anyway, he should be toast almost
    instantly.  Prioritize your attacks on the second sensor that comes down the
    With the brits, send every last one of them eastward to gang up on the gunner
    and sniper in the northeast corner.  After that, take on the other gunner and
    sniper approaching from the west.  If you split them up, they￾fll get rocked,
    but as a swarm they can be pretty effective on one enemy unit at a time.
    The first Snivets will lumber down the street to face off with your party.
    It￾fs just as piddly as Glaeser￾fs Snivets machine, so gang up on it and take it
    out.  At this point the mission is mostly over.  Head east against the
    remaining snivets and melee unit.  Call an air strike on the remaining enemy
    sniper facing the brits to help ￾esoften￾f it up.
    Mission U07 - UCS Simulation 07
    Difficulty: ***
    Tactics: Turn 07
    Average Funds: 6000 funds
    Average EP Gain: +09 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup ?
    Since your wanzers are all setup, all that￾fs left is to spend money on your
    pilots.  I suggest some evasion, AP, skill slots, and better attack skills.
    Re, In, Lu, Ch ? Evade I
    Wanzer Setup ?
    Ch, In, Th ? Fire Armor
    Da, Re, Lu ? Pierce Armor
    Link Setup -
    Battle Position:
    Use Ines and Thammond to drop tons of grenades on the enemies, while using
    Chaeffer to block off the street access and heal whoever is getting hit by
    missiles.  Send the other three units east to handle the snipers and bazooka
    units.  Once all but the missileers are left, use Chaeffer and Thammond to
    take them out while sending Ines northeast to help Darrils team if needed.
    The bazookas will run north, but will about face and start heading back down
    the same road south, so just stay on the main road going east towards their
    position.  Catch up with them and blast em to hell.  Since they￾fre hover
    wanzers they will eat your bullets like candy.
    Mission U12 - UCS Simulation 12
    Difficulty: *****
    Tactics: Turn 10
    Average Funds: 10000 funds
    Average EP Gain: +07 avg.
    Special Condition: Complete the mission in 10 or less turns.  You must have
    unlocked U08-12 early by completing the early unlock challenges.  Unlocks
    Simulator U13.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup ?
    Wanzer Setup -
    Change all wanzer armor to fire.
    Link Setup -
    Battle Position:
    The challenge in this mission is racing through the terrain like lightning
    while flinging maximum rockets.  If you don￾ft have both Minotaur arms ready
    with level 3 rocket proficiency, you￾fll find it far more difficult to
    eliminate every enemy in the 10 or less turns time limit.  There are sensor
    wanzers everywhere and there￾fs no way to avoid running into them and getting
    blasted by missiles.  You can￾ft take your time, just have to move at near top
    speed and repair with Chaeffer as you go.
    Start out blasting the initial enemies with rockets then moving in with the
    other four units to finish off the front lines.  Proceed onto the third level
    and do the same.  At the ramp downward onto the second level, a whole host of
    enemies are waiting ? blast them all with heavy rocket fire while charging
    your other units in fearlessly.  Move your units westward along the platform,
    then send In/Th/Da down the ramp to take out the sniper, and the rest westward
    to take out the remaining missile turret.  If you made it in 10 days, you done
    good, soldier.
    Mission U13 - UCS Simulation 13
    Difficulty: ****
    Tactics: Turn 10
    Average Funds: 10500 funds
    Average EP Gain: +07 avg.
    Special Condition: Complete the mission in 10 or less turns.  You must have
    unlocked U08-12 early by completing the early unlock challenges.  Unlocks
    Simulator U14.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Battle Position:
    This is another ￾ecarpet bomb em to hell￾f level that you must finish in 10
    days, except you must have at least one allied missile turret alive.
    Thankfully it isn￾ft ￾ehave all missile turrets￾f alive, or the level would be
    much more difficult!  As it is, the only one you have to keep alive (and the
    easiest to keep alive) is the one in the center that your group starts by.
    Begin by bombing the two southwest groups, all 7 enemies.  Send all but In and
    Th south down the ramp to kill, then east and north back up the ramp.  With In
    and Th, send rockets against the south enemies that move to attack the
    southwest turret.  Don￾ft worry about blowing the SW turret up with them, as
    you just need the center turret to survive, and they don￾ft even fire until
    turn 7 or so.
    With those enemies out of the way, start up the ramp, taking out the two units
    in front of you and proceeding all the way to the top.  It￾fs possible to fire
    grenades that hit all four enemies at the very top from the northeast corner
    above the ramp to the third level.  Once again, don￾ft worry about destroying
    the allied turrets as long as the center one is still alive.  The faster
    they￾fre blown up, the sooner the enemies will come after you and not hang
    around trying to hit the turrets, anyway.  Just bowl through em with more
    rockets and link attacks.
    You have a choice of good items, and I usually choose the jetpack, as Darril￾fs
    team never gets a jetpack, and this one is just cool.  The repair backpack is
    great as well, though.
    Mission U14 - UCS Simulation 14
    Difficulty: *****
    Tactics: Turn 07
    Average Funds: 1000 funds
    Average EP Gain: +10 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Wanzer Setup ?
    Set In/Th/Lu/Ch armor to fire, all others pierce.
    Bring RK ammo.
    Battle Position:
    West drop zone ?
    East drop zone ?
    What￾fs the Zhukus?  Here￾fs an insane level where you have to destroy the three
    Zhuk Is near the Paris Assembly.  The Zhuks themselves should be easy to tear
    up, but the problem lies in the huge number of enemy wanzers spread out across
    the level.  No less than 15 wanzers are defending the three Zhuks I, in
    addition to numerous groups spread out across the map.  Since most of the
    wanzers are made of mid to low level parts, it￾fs fairly easy to toss out
    rockets to tear them up, but there are so many of them that staying alive,
    healthy, and even reaching the Zhuks is a major concern.  In addition, 1-4
    reinforcements per turn will randomly appear in different corners of the map
    to charge after your party!
    The easy way to finish the level is to take it steady, meet in the center
    road, and march north.  The hard way is to make a mad dash for the Zhuks as
    two separate teams and converge on the center Zhuk.  Since the hard way is
    faster, that￾fs what I￾fll be going with.
    Send Darril￾fs team westward then north across the stacked building path
    leading to the east Zhuk.  Send Ines￾fs team slightly northeast over the
    stacked building path and onto the road leading to the west Zhuk.
    On the first turn, drop rockets on the four center enemies as you proceed
    north (two recons and two EMPs).  The enemy EMP units are a huge pain in the
    ass on this level, so keep an eye out for them.  The recons are relatively
    harmless, though.  On the second turn, drop rockets on the west Zhuk, and keep
    moving the east team north.  Enemies will be coming in from behind against
    Ines￾fs team which will give them a hassle.  Have Luis block the rear while
    Chaeffer heals and Ines carpet bombs the enemies to break out and face the
    Zhuk.  A bunch of enemies from the east Zhuk will also come running towards
    Ines￾fs team.
    With Darril￾fs team, bust through any wanzers in your path and start attacking
    the Zhuk with Darril and Renges.  With Thammond, move out and start bombing
    the west enemies to assist Ines.  Darril and Renges should be able to take out
    the east Zhuk by themselves.  Once the first Zhuk is down, the center Zhuk and
    his buddies will start advancing towards your party.
    After a healthy grenade shower, bust out with Luis, Chaeffer, and Ines.  Send
    Ines northeast to help bomb the center Zhuk and friends.  Luis and Chaeffer
    should stay behind to finish the west Zhuk off.  Send Darril, Renges, and
    Thammond towards the center Zhuk, dropping bombs and causing carnage.  It
    helps to hide Thammond behind one of the bushes while dropping rockets, as the
    enemies will have poor accuracy trying to fire at him.  Once Darril, Renges,
    Ines, and Thammond converge on the center Zhuk, it￾fs all over!  Aw zhuks!
    Mission 29 - Cumana Terminal
    Difficulty: ****
    Tactics: Turn 09
    Average Funds: 15000 funds
    Average EP Gain: +30 avg.
    Pre-Battle Planning:
    Pilot Setup -
    Wanzer Setup -
    Link Setup -
    Battle Position:
    The very last battle in the game.  A bit of a pushover if your wanzers and
    pilots are beefed up, but fun to play anyway due to Ivanovna￾fs big mobile
    weapon.  She￾fs not Zhuking around this time!  Ah, hah hah, ok, enough of the
    Zhuk jokes.. I￾fm all Zhukered out.  Anyway, the general path to take in this
    level is north/east across the bridge, north through the port to take on the
    gunners/missileers, west across the bridge to take on Ivanovna, and then north
    to finish off the two snipers.  Sort of a long snake movement across the
    bridges of the level.
    Proceed north/east and drop rockets on the three gunners in range.  Once the
    Recon shows up, do your damndest to blow it to hell.  Take out the gunners and
    then proceed north.  Wipe out the closest missileer and send three units or so
    to handle the second one.  Once Ivanovna is in range, give her a good
    whacking.  I suggest you wait until she￾fs out in the open and not hiding
    behind the boxes/tower, as it￾fs difficult to get good link attack angles on
    her that way.
    There￾fs not much of a trick to beating down Ivanovna.  If you have everyone
    bombarding her, she won￾ft last more than one turn.  Once the beast is down,
    run north while dropping rockets on the two snipers, then crash their party.
    End of the Road
    Hope you enjoyed this guide.  If you found it helpful or unhelpful, feel free
    to post on the www.gamefaqs.com board about it.  Also, if you have information
    about new hidden levels or new secrets, please post to gamefaqs or email me
    about it.

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