• Costume color codes

    The following characters have 3 colors to choose from,
    Benimaru, Choi, k', Kensou, kyo, Mai, Mary, Terry and whip.

    Press Square or Triangle(Default)Color 1
    Press X or circle(Default)Color 2
    Press all four attack buttons at the same time (X, Square, circle and triangle)Color 3(Only for characters listed above)

    Contributed By: DoaFan2003.


  • King of fighters 2000 strikers

    These strikers are not usable characters,
    You should play party mode to unlock the following strikers.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Striker: Blood Iori and Blood leonaDefeat 27 opponents in party mode.
    Striker: Heavy D, Lucky and BrianDefeat 14 characters in party mode or play 5 hours of game play.
    Striker: HiedernDefeat 40 characters in party mode
    Striker: KrizaldDefeat 99 opponents in party mode.
    Striker: Wolfgang Krauser and Mr.BigDefeat 36 opponents in party mode.
    Striker:Orochi(Blood)Defeat 70 opponents in party mode

    Contributed By: DoaFan2003.

  • Kof 2000:King of fighters classic sequences

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    KOF 94 videoPlay more than 10 hours of game play.
    KOF 95 videoGet a 30 hit combo in Practice.
    KOF 96 videoSet the life recover option to quick in practice mode and completely make your dummy's health go down.
    KOF 97 videoGet 200 ability points in Single play.
    KOF 98 videoGet 300 ability points in Team play.
    KOF 99 videoSuccesfully complete the game under the expert difficulty setting!

    Contributed By: DoaFan2003.

  • KOF 2001: Secret Stages and Characters

    NOTE: The secret characters are not the hidden strikers.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    GlauganParty Mode beat 10 opponents.
    KrizalidParty Mode beat 30 opponents.
    Play as IgnizDefeat 200 characters in Party mode.
    Play as Zero(2001)Defeat 150 characters in Party mode.
    RonParty Mode beat 20 opponents.
    Stage of AmericaDefeat 70 or more characters in party mode
    Stage of BrazilDefeat 80 or more characters in party mode
    Stage of ChinaDefeat 60 or more characters in Party mode
    Stage of ItalyDefeat 90 or more characters in Party mode
    Stage of JapanDefeat 50 or more characters in Party mode
    Stage of KoreaDefeat 40 or more characters in Party mode.
    Stage of MexicoDefeat 100 or more characters in Party mode
    Stage of Zero and IgnizDefeat 110 characters to use Zero's stage and defeat 120 characters to use Igniz's stage.

    Contributed By: DoaFan2003 and Awchong.

  • Unlock Zero as a playable character in KOF 2000

    In order to unlock Zero, play through Party Mode unlocking every hidden Striker in the game. Party Mode will instruct you on how to unlock the Strikers until you've unlocked them all. Once this is accomplished, you may select Zero for play in Single and Team Versus or Practice Modes. In order to select him, choose your character and Striker normally at the Character Select screen. Once the Order Select screen comes up, select your primary character with the X button WHILE holding down Up+Square or Up+Circle (For Player 1 or Player 2 colors respectively). It is easier to, once you've chosesn your characters at the Character Select screen, immediately press and hold down Up+Square or Up+Circle before the Order Select screen comes up, and then, while still holding them down, press X to select the character at Order Select. If you've done it correctly, a mechanical noise will sound and Zero's head shot will replace your character's. You'll be playing as Zero when the round starts!

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Zero in Team/Single Versus & Practice (KOF 2000 only)Unlock all hidden Strikers in Party Mode. Hold Up+Square or Up+Circle and press X to select your primary character at the Order Select screen.

    Contributed By: MangaManX.

The King of Fighters 2000 Cheats


  • Extra Colors

    Press C+D when selecting Kyo, Benimaru, K', Terry, Mary, Mai, Whip, or Choi.Extra colors
    Press C+D on Kim or KensouExtra Colors

    Contributed By: Hurricane Higashi and kyokusanagi29.

  • Poses

    Press a button immediately after beating the opponent.Select your winning pose

    Contributed By: Shirow.

  • Strikers

    Select Kasumi, then do the secret striker code(up, left x3, right x3, down)Todo becomes your striker

    Contributed By: Orochi Iori.


  • Freeze Your Character (Ralf)

    When using Ralph, choose Chang as your striker. Do Ralf's Super Argentine Backbreaker, and immediately send out Chang. If done correctly, chang will knock away your opponent, and Ralf will be frozen-waiting for him/her to come back down. You opponent will be able to move around, even in back of Ralf, but will not hit Ralf directly. (Note----> The only way Ralf will take a hit, is if they stand right behind him and press the A button.) But of course, your opponent does not know this. Have Fun!

    Contributed By: Yagaminagi.


  • Endings

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Kula endingBeat the game with Kula on your team
    Kyo & Iori Team EndingBeat the game with Kyo, Iori, and two other characters (No Kula or roulette)

    Contributed By: Hurricane Higashi and kelvSYC.


  • Enable Kula Diamond

    Highlight Whip and press Start, *but do not hold it, then highlight Vanessa and again press start but *don't hold it, then Highlight Seth and again press Start again, Now highlight Maxima and press Start then on K' and press start , now the final thing is to highlight ? icon and press start then UP then Down ''and you will see Kula Appears below the *? icon in 2 secs ''

    Contributed By: HPasha-hassoo.

  • Enable the Maniac Strikers

    When you are at the 'Striker Select' screen, place yourself on the 'Another Striker' and do the following: up, left x3, right x3, down. The Another Striker will then change to the Maniac Striker.
    This code works for these characters only: Chang, Choi, Iori, Kula, Ryo, Ramon, and Kyo.

    Contributed By: Shirow.

  • Fight Kula Diamond

    The ''Anti-K''', Kula Diamond, will challenge as a mid-boss if at any point after the 3rd match (and before the Final Battle) you have met one of these 3 criteria:

    1) With any default team, earn at least 240 Ability Points.
    2) With the Benimaru Team, earn at least 220 Ability Points.
    3) With an edit team (no Kula), earn at least 300 Ability Points.

    Contributed By: Hurricane Higashi.

The King of Fighters 2001 Cheats

Easter Eggs

  • Choose your winning pose

    To get a specific winning pose, simply press one button just after beating the opponent.

    Contributed By: Shirow.


  • Special Endings

    Finish the game with at least one member of the following six on your team (except, of course, if you have chosen all four members of the NESTS team):


    and you will get a special custom team ending.

    Contributed By: kelvSYC.

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