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Speedrun Guide by Akheon

Version: 2.3 | Updated: 10/01/17

Speed/constraint running FAQ    v. 2.3

Written and partially figured out by AKheon.

Much of route info and ideas originally discovered by various Japanese runners,
all credit to them for their awesome findings.

See the end of file for more information.

Also, beware of spoilers.

0. Contents

0. Contents, version history
1. A brief explanation, abbreviations
2. General speedrunning/survival hints
3. Special techniques
4. Notes on constraint gaming
5. Level-by-level info
6. A short checklist for the minimalist gamer
7. Legal stuff, contact info, etc.

Version history

- 2.3 (1. 10. 2017)

- fixed links and some writing.
       File size: 77kb.

- 2.2 (9. 9. 2016)

- a big re-write! I wasn't happy with how this FAQ was previously, so I went
  through it again and added a lot more detail. Hopefully it's more useful now.
  I'll update the full "walkthrough" sooner or later too.
       File size: 76kb.

- 2.1  (4. 9. 2009)

- corrected some grammar
- updated videos
       File size: 71kb.

- 2.0  (27. 11. 2008)

- Added a whole new list with a low% route
- Updated MANY strategies
- How the hell had I missed all these levels from the list? Sorry for this.
       File size: 70kb.


- 0.7 (4. 9. 2007)

- everything, except all level-by-level listings!
        File size: about 40kb.

1. A brief explanation

Speedrunning / Time Attack:

Speedrunning simply means playing a game as fast as possible.

You can try to play through an entire game at one go. Or with some games, like
Siren, it's quite convenient to try to play individual levels through as fast
as possible. The game even offers a specific Time Attack-mode for this purpose
which keeps track of your times after your first playthrough.

Siren is a surprisingly deep speed game, and the best tactics for getting
through a level are sometimes not obvious at all. Try it out sometime!

Constraint / challenge running:

Making up some challenging extra rule and then getting through a level as
well as possible. This can be combined with Time Attack, for extra suspense.

Common constraints are (for instance) pacifism, which means you can't harm
enemies. Or no-damage, meaning you cannot take damage during a level.

Abbreviations and glossary:

M1 = mission objective 1
M2 = mission objective 2

TA = Time Attack. Speedrunning where you measure time using the game's timer.
RTA = Real-Time Attack. In this category you measure time with an external
      timer instead.

PB = Personal Best. The best time you've had in a run.
WR = World Record. Known best time anyone's had in the run.

crawler = one of the enemy types. Another term for them is dog Shibito.

In-game menu = the List menu, the thing you bring up by pressing triangle
               during normal gameplay.

Fastest speedruns of Siren?

First of all, I recommend checking out the leaderboards at speedrun dot com.
They have a leaderboard for both full game runs as well as individual level
runs, and it's maintained quite actively.

Full runs: https://www.speedrun.com/Siren

Individual levels: https://www.speedrun.com/Siren/individual_levels

There used to be some useful Japanese websites featuring records, but most
seem to have vanished by 2017...


Quick note:

I may link to some Nicovideo runs in this FAQ from time to time. Sadly, I can't
read Japanese and I'm not always 100% sure who the runner might be in the video,
so sorry if there are some inaccuracies in this regard.

But anyway, let's move onward...

2. General speedrunning/survival hints

About in-game timer:

The in-game timer of Siren is pretty odd when all's said and done, but it's
still traditionally used for timing runs.

There are many situations in the game where in-game time simply does not run.
For instance, cutscenes or having any menu open. But it's still good form to
minimize the amount of time spent inside these menus during runs, even if it
doesn't necessarily cost you any in-game time.

The in-game timer progresses 0.08 seconds per tick on the PAL version.
I've heard it progresses 0.06 seconds per tick on the JPN / NTSC versions.

Tip against gun Shibitos #1:

These guys can be extremely dangerous but they have to reload some time too.
A classic method of getting past them is to tactically strafe behind some
obstacle while they shoot at you, so that all their bullets hit the obstacle
and not you. They'll eventually shoot all their bullets as long as they stay
alerted. When they finally have to reload, it's time to run past them or even
knock them out, if that's what the situation requires.

Another, often faster way is to trick the gun Shibito into reloading early.
This is done by making them alarmed so that they shoot once. If they no longer
see your character after that, they calm down and start reloading, providing
you a window of opportunity.

1, using this tactic at Shiro Day 1 - 07:00 M2:

Tip against gun Shibito #2:

If you get your escort to appear in a sniper's view just at the right time,
the sniper becomes re-alerted and he takes some extra seconds before aiming
and shooting again. Sometimes this is enough to run past them safely.

1, using this tactic at Tamon Day 1 - 02:00 M1:

Tip against gun Shibito #3:

This works against all Shibito, but it's most useful against gun Shibito.

If you cause a Shibito to become suspicious, f.e. by shouting, he usually
turns and watches around for a moment. It may not be much, but while he's
looking away, you can run up to him and knock him out. This is good for
clearing up routes that wouldn't otherwise be passable.

1, I don't have a video of it, but this tactic can come in handy in Shiro's
  07:00 M2, depending on how you get across the bridge.

Tip against gun Shibito #4:

Your character's hit box is slightly smaller when s/he is sideways. So your
chance of avoiding getting shot is slightly better if you're sideways towards
the Shibito aiming at you.

Other things that may avoid you getting shot is keeping flashlight off and
- as another desperate method - crouching rapidly may cause a bullet to
fly over your head as you're crouching.

Tip against gun Shibito #5:

This also works against all Shibitos, but is most useful vs revolver Shibito.

When first noticing you, many Shibito will stop and do a holler. This behavior
can stall the shooting rate of a revolver Shibito for long enough that you can
run past them safely.

1, an example from Tomoko Day 1 - 17:00:

Tips regarding Shibito who are blocking your way:

Your character is unable to push other characters at all, which means that
running past enemies is literally impossible in tight enough spaces. In some
levels the game abuses this fact and tactically places a Shibito in a doorway
or a forest path to keep it blocked.

So how to move Shibito if they're in your way? One way to move them is to
lure them away by alarming them, although it doesn't work with all of them.
Some are scripted to stay put even if they see the player.

Alternatively, you got to hit a Shibito with a melee weapon. Remember that
you don't have to always kill enemies that are blocking your path. It's often
faster to just give 'em a good whack to push them out of the way, then run
past them.

A final desperate, glitchy tactic to get past Shibito in tight spaces is to
Glide past them. Read more about this technique from further down.

Tips regarding using a gun:

Try to avoid shooting when it's absolutely not necessary. Reloading takes
time too, you know.

The longer you wait while targeting an enemy, the higher your chance of
hitting them. However, in an individual level run you probably want to take
a risk and shoot earlier rather than play things safe. In some rare cases you
may even want to do a completely blind shot and hope that the bullet's arc
just happens to hit a Shibito - blind shots are faster than having to aim.

1, example of a blind shot from Tamon Day 1 - 02:00 M1

Tips regarding enemy attacks:

The Shibito have two types of melee attacks, a strong one and a weak one.
It's pretty random which attack they choose to use at any given time, but
in some levels even a detail like this can become important.

Tips regarding running:

You get the fastest where you want to by running straight. So try to run
in a clean, precise way.
It's very easy to accidentally do a wallram, so use caution. Places like
stairways become your worst enemies at the hospital. (yes, they're overall
worse than Mina!)

If you just HAVE to move close to walls, remember that wallrams only happen
if your character has already ran several steps. So having small breaks in
your movement prevents wallrams... Yeah, it will slow you down, but it can be
situationally useful. Running at a slight curve also prevents wallrams.

There's an interesting mechanic or a glitch in this game which causes your
character's stamina to recover itself instantly by ramming against a wall, but
only in certain circumstances. Read more about in a section about "Strategic
wallram", at the techniques department.

Checkpoint abuse:

The checkpoints in some of the levels give you unexpected advantage. Retrying
can for example help move your escort close by. Other uses of checkpoint retry
include refilling bullets, refilling health and stamina or resetting enemy
positions. It's just too bad you can't abuse checkpoints in Time Attack mode,
since checkpoints are disabled.

1, abusing the mid-level checkpoint at Kyoya Day 2 - 20:00:

"There's no time for that right now."

This message means that you're trying to activate something in the level that
requires you haven't been noticed by enemies, but there is an alarmed Shibito

There are several ways to bypass this message:

1, get rid of the alerted Shibito - either by killing him or avoiding him until
he becomes de-alerted.

2, locking a door and closing the Shibito out. The locked door doesn't last
forever, but while it lasts, you are free to activate all the events you wish.

3, activating the event while the Shibito is hollering. This usually works,
for some reason.

1, this at Naoko's Day 1 - 19:00:

A note about using the in-game menu:

There's a short cooldown period after closing List menu during which you
can't open it again. This can slow you down if there's some point in a level
where you have to open up the List menu repeatedly.

To prevent this time waste, you should examine something (with X) to open a
text message, if you can. This eliminates the cooldown and lets you open another
in-game menu instantly after closing the text box. This hint is mostly
relevant for in-game time runs, though.

1, a speedrun of Kyoya Day 2 - 01:00 where this is done often:

Another note about using the in-game menu:

At the start of each level, there is about a one second period during which
you can't open the in-game menu. This can slow you down in levels where you
have to do something from the in-game menu as the first thing (like summon
your escort).

3. Special techniques

1. Gliding

Gliding is a pretty weird glitch by any game's standards. To sum it up
pretty quick, it's an exploit that lets your character move very fast,
completely silently, even past enemies in tight spaces.

The bad part? It's really difficult to do consistently, unless you use a
turbo controller, which to a degree goes against the spirit of legitimate
speedrunning (depends a bit on the agreed upon rules, though). But it can
still come in handy situationally...

I've heard that the timing is even more difficult on the JPN / NTSC version
because of the different frame rate.

How to do classic gliding:

1, keep strafing or walking backwards and open in-game menu (with triangle).
2, close the in-game menu and then open it again at the first possible frame.

Note: The timing for this step is excruciatingly small. If you do this in
Time Attack, you'll see that the time progresses only a mere 0.08 seconds
between each time you correctly open and close the in-game menu.

3, repeat step 2 until you're happy or you fail.

If you're doing this right, your character should move in a single direction
in an awkward pose with no real "animation" going on. S/he is just sliding,
or "gliding", on the ground, and that's where the glitch gets its name.

Doing this is harmless in short doses. But the longer you do it, you'll notice
some pretty extreme side effects. The most important is that your character's
speed increasese dramatically each time you open and close the in-game menu.
He or she will eventually outrun camera and move far faster than you could via
any other mean in the game. ...So why does this happen? It's a good question.
I guess that your character has no limitations to maximum speed if he or she
is moving like this, so s/he just keeps accelerating every frame.

Because the main character has no animation, s/he won't make any footsteps
and will move completely silently. S/he will also slide effortlessly past
any enemies in tight places. It looks pretty neat! As another side effect,
doing gliding into some small steps lets your character zip inside them and
in this way "climb" up certain things without having to stop and actually
climb them.

Other notes:

Collisions are generally speaking really well made in Siren, and even if you
get an absurd amount of speed from gliding, so far you cannot breach walls
in this game. Your character sinks into a wall but never passes through.

While you can technically start gliding while moving forward too, you won't
get glitchy speed doing it, unlike when strafing or walking backwards. It can
still come in handy sometimes when going past enemies in cramped spaces.

Remember that each character has subtly different strafing and backwards
walking speed. Risa and Reiko are the best in strafe-gliding, but for male
characters it's the easiest to start gliding from backwards walk.

This trick is not too suitable for normal gameplay because it's
so hard to time right. It works pretty well in hardcore speedrunning,

Limitations of gliding:
- so far you can't move through cutscene triggers undetected with gliding.
- moving fast can help you avoid bullets, but the snipers are really that
  good in this game that they can hit you even when you're gliding.
- in many cases it seems you can't descend off ledges while gliding? But this
  should be tested some more.
- you can't turn.

1, Risa Day 1 - 22:00 M2 completed super-fast with gliding:

(note: there is some extra material regarding gliding in my full length FAQ
for this game. Especially turbo controller gliding is interesting...)

2. weapon switch exploit

You can't open up the Pause menu as long as you're in attack stance. However,
you can get around this limitation by letting go of R1 during an attack. This
means that you can switch weapons during an attack animation, causing some
interesting stuff to happen.

If you switch from melee weapon to a gun during an attack, your character
enters quick aiming mode after closing the Pause menu. If you switch from a gun
to a melee weapon while shooting, your character does a quick melee attack
out of nowhere!

So, this technique can be used to speed up attacking, but it's really only
useful for characters with both a gun AND a melee weapon.

1, Kyoya Day 2 - 20:00 where this is used:

3. Pre-emptive 180:

The 180 degree turn of this game consists of two parts: the 'input' part and
the animation part. The 'input' part is the time you activate the 180 degree
turn, in addition to the small pause during which you can still cancel the
move. And the animation part is just that, the turn itself.

You can't cancel a 180 degree turn to anything else, so it isn't the most
versatile of moves. But because of its two-phased nature, it can overall be
used in slightly interesting ways.

The pre-emptive 180 is a technique in which you activate the 180 degree turn
right before activating something else. After the 'something else' has
resolved, the game 180's you the first possible moment, which is almost without
exceptions a lot faster than what any human could do. So if it doesn't cost
time to do a 180 degree before activating a necessary 'something else', and you
benefit from a 180 degree turn in any case afterwards, it's probably worth it
to use this technique.

1, Kyoya Yesterday - 23:00 speedrun, where it's utilized:

4. Strategic wallram:

Ramming into walls is in most circumstances a very bad thing. It happens easily
and wastes about a second each time it happens. But, it has an unexpected
stress-free side too: it replenishes your character's stamina sometimes.

The conditions for a stamina replenish are not completely clear, so it's best
to try out different solutions and see what happens, if you intend to abuse
this mechanism. With its help, it's possible to pass even long levels without
getting exhausted and slowing your speed down to a laughable crawl.

But it's not an essential technique - often just waiting a moment can also
replenish your stamina pretty well.

1, Kei Day 3 - 16:00 MO1 speedrun, where it's utilized:

5. Faster crouched movement

In the first Siren-game, crouched moving is frustratingly slow. But there is
a small exploit to make it faster! While crouching, hold L-stick diagonally
up-left or up-right and tap L1. This should make your character move in a
stuttery way, and the extra speed you gain is determined by how fast you tap
L1. At best you can move at least two times as fast as you normally would
while crouching, so it can be a decent tactic to speed up stealthy sections.

Might not work with all characters.

1, just a casual example of doing this with Kyoya:

4. Notes on challenge runs

The best rules are the ones that force the player to invent new strategies.
It can be a sort of exercise in creativity.

- Flashlight always on (anti-stealth)
- Pacifist (no attacking anything)
- No damage
- No crouching

Of course not all constraints are possible in every level. Like in levels
where you have to kill a brain shibito to win, it's impossible to perform a
pacifist run.

However, a no-damage run through the whole game IS possible... just barely!
You have to use some really eccentric tactics to pull this off, though.

"No crouching" is probably the easiest of these examples.

5. Level-by-level info

This section features analysis and speed tips regarding the individual levels
of this game.

I try to link to a speedrun in most levels to show the route and illustrate
some point. My own runs are usually not perfect, and in some cases the routes
can be quite outdated, but I try to make a note of it and elaborate what would
be a faster route for a given level, if that's the case.

If some level doesn't have a run, I once again direct you to the Speedrun
leaderboards. Feel free to check out the latest records from there:


A few notes:

If some text is encircled (like this), it means that it has everything to do
with the lesser objectives of each level (e.g. shooting a Shibito down the
well), and you can leave them be if you're just doing pure fastest individual
level speed running.

If a section is *marked like this*, it means discussion about something
relatively difficult or risky to do. For fastest times you often got to use
these crazy tactics.

In general this guide focuses on ideas for individual level runs, and doesn't
talk about safer alternative tactics for full game runs THAT much. Perhaps
some day? But until then...

Kyoya Yesterday - 23:00

This is one of the shortest levels in the entire game, and it doesn't even
have Mission Objective 2.

The run is mainly just picking up car keys and leaving. Using pre-emptive 180
and the in-game menu tricks should save a little bit of time.

1, my PB of this level (00:10:16)

Kyoya Day 1 - 02:00

This level is mainly following Hisako around and being stealthy. Sadly, you
can't speed up Hisako at all, making this one of the longer levels in the game.

At the start of the level, after Hisako has said her first line, she expects
you to Sightjack her. So do that as quick as possible, then leave Sightjack menu
to have her continue her speech.

If Hisako encounters enemies during the level, she freezes and things progress
even more slowly than usual, so you better not let that happen. It shouldn't
be a problem, though.

(It's easy to go and get the storeroom key during one of Hisako's speeches, and
you won't even lose any time while doing it.)

*There's a risky, near-impossible method available for speeding up the part
where Hisako asks you to crouch with her. If a Shibito approaches or attacks
Hisako right there, she won't croucwalk but instead walks normally to the
other side of the garden. Unfortunately your chance of survival afterwards is
rather slim since Hisako insists on having yet another speech before running
to the bus stop. So this method is not recommended unless it is fixed first to
make it safer.*

A tip for pulling Hisako up at the end: you have to wait for her to say a
certain line before the option of 'Pull up' is available. She only says it
while you're on the ground level or have just started to climb up, so don't
be too hasty here. Wait a bit so that she runs past you before you climb up
the bus stop. *Or if you want to play it less safe, start climbing as she is
running towards Kyoya. In rare cases I've seen Hisako get stuck running against
Kyoya for a moment, then start her speech about pulling up. It might help in
doing this if you climb from as left as possible on top of the box, but it's
not a 100% certain tactic as far as I know.*

Note: on your first playthrough, all the level's tutorial messages can be
skipped by either being in Sightjack at the correct time or being too far away
from Hisako (in at least one case). However, since the tutorials are mere
text messages, this doesn't win any in-game time.

Note 2: You never have to finish this level's M2 in a full game run, since it
doesn't seem to unlock anything.

1, my PB speedrun of M1 (2:32:32)

Kyoya Day 1 - 08:00

Try to not let Miyako get 'lost' at any point. Run in slow bursts so that she
always keeps up at least moderately well. An optimized route through the level
tries to minimize Miyako's running however way possible, even prioritizing
Miyako's smooth movement over going to fetch the Poker directly.

You have to get the Poker in order to pass the iron fence. Plus, it helps to
defend against Shibito that may come and harass you later in the level. Miyako
has the tendency to freeze on the spot if anything threatening is too close,
making it difficult to avoid any fights later on. *However, it IS possible to
get through the 2nd half of the level without fighting at all. The first
Shibito past Iron Gate can be avoided until later if you're careful, and the
second Shibito can be run past if you're prepared for it. The last Shibito too
can also be skipped by just running to the exit, but be careful with Miyako's
position during all this.*

(There shouldn't be any problems in overturning the marker. Just leave Miyako
be and go overturn it.) (Getting the screwdriver on the other hand requires
some timing so that you won't get shot to death.)

(Speed-wise, it's better to open the floodgate only when you're doing M2, since
you have to do it anyway during that Mission. That way you don't have to go out
of your way to open it.)

Kyoya Day 2 - 01:00

Depending on how risky and fast you want to do things, you may finish this
level either killing everything on your path, sneaking past everything on
your path or *running past everything on your path*, from slowest to fastest,
respectively. If you're fast enough you don't have to worry about Miyako
being discovered by one of the patrollers.

In general, it's the best to leave Miyako where she is until you get outside
the house. No point in tugging her along needlessly...

There are many points in this level where you have to use in-game menu several
times in a row. To save in-game time, you should examine something in the level
(with X) to be able to open in-game menu again faster.

(Getting the sake bottle isn't difficult, even though you may have to
fight the two Shibito on the yard while you're at it. In best cases you can
leave the revolver Shibito alone - of course presuming he has left you alone

When doing M2, the level ends once you're inside the shed even if the revolver
Shibito is alive. Normally you won't fit inside with him, but if he happens to
try and strangle you, you get an opening in which you can just run in easily.
Another option is to whack him with once with your melee weapon or try to
*glide past him.*

1, my PB speedrun of M1 (00:52:80)

Kyoya Day 2 - 07:00

In M1 you have to beat up the Shibito Brain, and that's it.

Normal solution to getting past the Shibito Brain's bodyguard dog Shibito is
to distract it. *But you can also just run past it. This is quite a risky
tactic since the dog Shibito is so strong that it will kill Kyoya if you get
hit more than once in a row. The dog Shibito has to hit Kyoya just the right
way - a weak attack - so that there is room to run past it on the tight forest
path. And even after that, if you're too fast, the dog Shibito can follow
Kyoya downstairs and ruin level finale for you.*

*Just brute forcing your way past the dog Shibito isn't even the fastest
possible route one can take during this level. A faster alternative is to
alarm the dog Shibito, then quick turn and run a step or two away, then quick
turn again... Now, after the dog Shibito has attacked, there should be more
room to run past it, and the Shibito Brain also becomes alarmed later than
normal, letting you catch up with him quicker. I first saw this route in the
Nicovideo video that is linked later, so credits to whoever the runner is.*

It's pretty hard to hit the Shibito Brain since he moves so fast. The fastest
way to knock him out is to use 4 strong attacks. However, in the second listed
route this isn't possible since the Shibito Brain is too close to Kyoya at all
times, so you have to use weak attacks and waste a second or two while at it.

If the Shibito Brain makes it all the way to the Ore Processing plant, he
usually gets stuck on the objects there if you didn't move them earlier. So
that's something. A crazy and not very fast alternative route is to use Miyako
to block Shibito Brain's path. ...But she may get hurt while doing this.

As for M2, there isn't a very fast way to do it. In the early level, just try
to handle the dog Shibito elegantly. Later on, the recommended order of doing
things is to go spawn the flying Shibito (Tetsuo), go turn on electricity, and
then go pour alcohol in the puddle. If you do it like this, you usually avoid
alarming Tetsuo needlessly and he descends to drink from the puddle a little

1, a Nicovideo run of M1 with fastest known route (00:47:20)

2, a Nicovideo run of M2 with fastest known route (01:29:50)

3, my PB of M1, using 2nd fastest route (00:49:08)

Kyoya Day 2 - 20:00

How to deal with the sniper at the yard? One method is fooling him to reload,
then go and beat him up. *Or for a risky tactic, try to shoot him from far away
before he shoots you.*

You can skip the first part of this level with checkpoint abuse, though only
if you're not in Time Attack-mode. Just run to the back of the cafeteria as
quickly as you can and then 'Retry' to teleport Yoriko there. Another use of
this trick is that after retrying you can pass M1 without having to kill the
patroller at the end since his route keeps him away from Kyoya and Yoriko for
long enough for them to escape to the upper levels at least most of the time.
Note that you shouldn't use this checkpoint during M2 because I think you lose
the sewer-opening tool while doing it.

Remember that you have a revolver at this level (if you got it at Kyoya's D2
07:00 M2). There are only 5 bullets, but even those are very useful in
speeding up some kills. Also, since you have both a melee weapon and a gun,
you are able to do the weapon switch tactic to speed up melee as well.

You can only open up the sewer entrance if you're not being chased. This
means that you usually have to defeat the end level patroller Shibito in order
to win M2. But you have your gun, so it doesn't have to take too long. *If
you're very fast through the level, it seems you can avoid the patroller.*

1, a Nicovideo run of M1 using fastest known route (01:11:76)

2, a Nicovideo run of M2 using fastest known route (00:59:90)

3, my PB of this level's M1 (01:24:20)

4, my PB of this level's M2 (01:12:64)

Kyoya Day 3 - 23:00

No big problems here either. If you know how to use the rifle, you can
finish this level with ease. Otherwise, well... practise. There's no
beating this level quickly without at least some degree of rifle mastery!

At the second part, you can predict Datatsushi's movement with sightjack
and even run towards him in order to get him killed faster. Remember to
not get hit in this battle, since you lose so much time from it.

1, a method for the first part:

Tamon Day 1 - 02:00

You have three paths by which to reach the other side of the map, but the
fastest and the most direct one is to go over the stone bridge. You have to
either wait for the sniper to turn around to get across, or simply fool him
another way. For instance...

*You can go behind some trees to the left to block his shots and go over when
he is reloading.* *Or you can get across with 100% Yoriko survival rate and
some damage if you just start running forward with flashlight off and then
time the 'Come Here!'-command as soon as you are noticed. This confuses the
sniper and he only has time to fire off one shot before both Tamon and Yoriko
have reached the other side.*

*If you swerve with Tamon, you are rarely able to get the sniper to miss while
crossing the stone bridge, which in theory saves a little time.*

One of the fastest ways to beat M2 is to start climbing the firetower with the
sniper alive but stop and climb a rung down instantly after Tamon is noticed.
Then you can climb up and down to fool the sniper into emptying his rifle, after
which you are free to climb all the way up and shoot the sniper.

*But there is an alternative way, and that is to shoot the sniper down from
ground level. The exact spot is hard to explain, but basically after crossing
the stone bridge, turn right and run until you reach the building the sniper
is perched on. You can just barely aim at him from there.*

(You don't have to shoot the Shibito down the well, but it will make Akira's
future level somewhat harder... if you just have to shoot him down in a full
game run, it might be more convenient to do it during M2 because it has more
time for multi-tasking. In general I suggest you try to shoot the patrolling
Shibito in question as soon as possible after starting the level. This way he
gets knocked out at a fairly favorable spot for him to start his well checking
routine, plus he wakes up quick, so it's less time lost.)

1, my PB speedrun of M1 (00:27:32):

2, my PB speedrun of M2 (00:56:44):

3, shooting the Shibito down the well relatively quickly (old video):

Tamon Day 1 - 22:00

*A risky, extremely quick way of finishing this level is simply going to the
yard of the large shrine, making some noise, then shooting the Brain when
he appears - it takes less than 30 seconds. The risky part is that it takes
a lot of luck to hit the Brain repeatedly from this range.*

A slower, yet less risky way of doing this is going to the yard of the large
shrine, making some noise, then going into hiding and shooting Shibito Brain
after he has jumped down.

When doing the MO2 you have to take a longer route, and it's recommended you
pick up the additional bullets while you're at it. In-game time doesn't run
inside the patrol car, so you don't really lose time in a Time Attack by doing

You soon encounter two crawlers who can make your life tedious, and getting
rid of them already costs four bullets out of your 4-5 you have right now. You
can finish the level without shooting them, while taking the longer route, but
you need to be lucky.

You never have to shoot the flying shibito, though. He's not a very
large problem since he only appears at the lower part of the level.

(Make sure to hide Yoriko to the small cave too while you're at it, if you're
considering finishing Kyoya Day 2 - 20:00 M2 some day.)

During M2, if things go smoothly, the Brain has never left the small shrine
when you get there. This seems to happen only very rarely, though, and I don't
know why he doesn't always escape. But the fastest M2 route is basically just
running to small shrine, shooting Brain who failed to escape, then opening
the shrine.

1, my PB speedrun of M1 (00:23:36):

Tamon Day 2 - 10:00

In this level you just have to reach and shoot the mysterious sniper. M1 and
M2 are pretty much the same thing.

*You don't have to light the bridge on fire to complete your objective. That
said, you probably get driven to madness during this level if you decide to
not light it. For a succesful completion you must run straight up to sniper
and shoot him dead before he escapes, which takes a LOT of luck. A successful
completion using the fastest known route will get you a time under 40 secs.*

Another very unreliable factor is the fact that there are several flyers about.
You just have to hope they won't hit you if you plan on going for the fastest
of times.

(For picking up the hose, you must take a different route. Shooting Akira may
be slightly easier from this direction, but I haven't done enough testing to
know for sure.)

Tamon Day 2 - 18:00

Lots of spiders here, combined with particularly cramped hospital corridors.
Tamon will probably get a lot of hits, and it influences your time whether
the spiders decide to use strong or weak hits. In any case, it's not worth
it to kill the spiders since they revive so quickly again afterwards.

Try to get the first spider to do a strong hit on you, since it will knock
Tamon forward in addition to making him open the door the fast way.

There's a trick to pass the second spider quite easily: he will always get a
snab at your leg, so don't worry about that. You can't escape without damage.
But right before he damages you, after opening the door, start turning Tamon
to the left as well as you can. Afterwards you go and shoot exactly one bullet
to the spider, then run past him. This way you can get past the spider with
only one bullet.

At the courtyard, you don't have to kill any of the spiders. You just have to
wait so that they get away from the ladder until you try to climb it - because
if they hit you while you're descending, you die instantly.

If you avoided shooting the spiders well enough, you don't have to reload until
reaching Mina. Remember, Mina takes 5 bullets to die, so reload your gun to
at least 5 bullets before entering the room with her.

For killing Mina, you should manipulate her movements a bit. Since the level
doesn't end until you've examined the glasses, it's a very bad thing if she
dies right in your way - costs up to 10 seconds of your time. Get her to walk
out of the small pathway in the middle (which leads to the glasses), position
yourself correctly, then shoot her to pieces!

If you're doing M2, there's just a lot of running and examining things. At the
end examining the album takes some luck since you normally can't examine it
without any enemies alarmed nearby. Regardless, you can still examine it
without having to fight either spider if you're lucky. It's probably a bug
of some sort?

(You don't need the record player needle in order to finish the game, and
taking it can slow your time noticeably, since you then have to deal with the

1, my PB speedrun of M1 (2:13:88):

2, my PB speedrun of M2 (01:48:16):

Tamon Day 3 - 03:00

This only level of this game you can't choose to Time Attack. Must have
something to do with the character switch mid-way in the level.

You can get around the first revolver Shibito without using the phone. As
usual, fooling the Shibito to shoot all his ammo lets you run past him and exit
the area early. One convenient place to do this is at the doorway to the small
house, although at this range you need flashlight to alarm the Shibito to your
presence. (If you don't want to pick up the flashlight, you can run past
Shibito and go to right from there to crouch behind some scenery there to do
the trick, but it's more difficult.)

During M2 you need to get around another revolver Shibito. Normally you'd have
to lure him away using the record player, but this is not necessary. You can
fool him too to shoot all his ammo by running next to the box he is standing
on and crouching next to it - this way he can't hit Tamon but he shoots anyway.
After climbing up, you can beat up the revolver Shibito and continue onwards.
(Or, if you want to skip picking up Steel Pipe, you can't beat up the Shibito
and this tactic becomes more luck-reliant. After climbing up on the same floor
as the enemy is, you got to hope he won't reload more than 1 bullet into his
gun. Let him shoot Tamon with that bullet, and then once he reloads a second
time, climb your way to freedom.)

Kyoya's section is a bit more annoying. (You can skip getting the rifle if
you want. You just have to avoid the later enemies with more care if you do

1, speed tactics for getting past the revolver Shibito:

Tamon Day 3 - 22:00

You can pass this level (M1) without fighting either of the sub-bosses. The
dog Shibito can be passed by by climbing from the box's left side - if you're
lucky, her pathfinding has troubles following Tamon to the cramped area and
she won't attack him. She also doesn't follow you, so no worries.

Reiko has the cassette, true... but that's only necessary if you're doing M2,
and not absolutely necessarily even then. If you're doing M1, just run past
her and find the small alley where the level ends.

In general I'd say that you should ignore the cassette tape while doing M2.
Concentrate on dropping the sign to open up the new pathway and avoid ramming
to walls in the small stairway.

There's a dog Shibito on the way, and it can be fought either downstairs or
upstairs. In the past I thought it's better to multi-task and fight both dog
Shibito in the area at once, so for this route, I shout after climbing
upstairs to alarm the other dog Shibito in the area too, then knock them out
near the ladder to not get spotted by the sniper.

*To get rid of sniper, you can fool him into shooting all his ammo by crouching
behind the fence to the back-left side of the area. This is somewhat risky,
sure, but you got to accept it if you lack the cassette tape. You don't have
to kill the sniper - it's enough to just knock him out of the way a bit.*

*There is an alternative, faster way to deal with the sniper. Tamon can choose
to "knock over" the sign as he runs past it, alarming the sniper. He is shot
once as a direct result, but the sniper eventually loses sight of Tamon when
you continue in that direction. After losing sight, the sniper is "fooled" once
again and is not ready for Tamon when he returns. Again, you don't have to kill
the sniper, just two whacks to get him to move over away from the exit so that
he can't see Tamon as he is leaving the area. As a bonus, you don't have to
fight the upstairs dog Shibito while doing all this in the best case scenario.
I first saw this whole route in a run on Nicovideo, and it's linked below.*

1, Nicovideo run of both M1 and M2 using fastest known routes:
   (M1 is cleared in 00:27:66. M2 is cleared in 1:40:23)

2, my PB speedrun of M1 (00:29:08):

3, my PB speedrun of M2 (01:51:36):

Kei Day 1 - 05:00

*The fastest way to complete MO1 is to simply run past everything.
Unfortunately speed comes at a great cost... losing one's patience. You just
got to hope the pistol Shibito misses both times to get fastest possible time.*

If you want to do it safer, run from behind the cafeteria. It costs a couple
of seconds, though.

M2 is one of the easier runs in this whole game, although it too takes luck
to not get shot once, and it is a little tricky to use the can quickly because
of the sharp angle you must turn at the end of the level.

(In a full game run... you don't need the towel to win this game, but the
rope is mandatory, so you have to open up the boring dial lock anyway.
Remember that you can't open up the dial lock if there's a Shibito after you,
so be careful near that area. Don't bother putting the tower in the freezer,
as Shiro's later level can be easily won even without it.)

1, my PB speedrun of M1 (00:27:32)

2, my PB speedrun of M2 (00:25:68)

Kei Day 1 - 12:00

*An insane way to complete M1 is to run straight up the nearest road, past the
sniper, up the cliff. 'Pull up' Tomoko, run away! You just got to hope the
sniper misses you once or twice during this whole ordeal. I'm not sure if you
could do it 100% consistently by running in a specific path.*

A slightly less risky way to do this quick route is to fool the sniper into
reloading when it's time to climb the ledge to the exit.

M2 takes over two minutes to complete no matter what. Fortunately you don't
have to sightjack the Shibito to see the dial lock combination, etc. Instead,
you should distract him while he's having the door open and then run inside
and get the item. Use the loophole of being able to step through enemies at the
small stair leading up to the door if they try to climb it at the same time you

(In a full game run, remember to hit the small shrine's lock with the stone.
You don't have to get the key with Tomoko, her later level is completely
passable without it. But if you want, it doesn't require you to go much out
of your way to get it. You might be tempted to do the lock smashing only at M2,
during the time you have to wait for the shibito to open the door, but during a
normal playthrough it's likely you have to do it a lot earlier because of the
level order. You see, Tamon's D1 20:00 M2 comes sooner than Kei's D1 12:00 M2.)

1, my PB speedrun of M1 (00:15:92)

Kei Day 3 - 12:00

Remember that you don't have to kill anyone but the Brain in order to pass MO1.
*The fastest and in a way easiest way to do this is to run in front of the fire
tower, not too close though, below a nearby tree. The sniper won't notice you,
and you have a free shot at either him or the brain. If you take too much
time, the Brain tends to escape by jumping down the ladder and a dog Shibito
will soon accompany his wake, so you better finish him before anything like
that happens. But yeah... you got to hit with 5 out of 6 bullets at long range,
and it takes a ton of luck.*

M2 is very easy: there's only one choice of route. You may get shot on the way
to the well, and that will cost you a bit of time. Also, you can't climb the
well if there's anyone alerted, so try to make sure no enemies get alerted
while you're setting up the well. It helps if you delay Kei's running just a
little bit before reaching the well so that the dog Shibito is looking the
other way when you get there. The most optimal result is that you have to fight
no one before entering the well.

Inside the well there's a section where you have to take damage and kill a
Shibito. You can only examine the crate of explosives while no one is alarmed,
so you know what to do.

(Note: will this Shibito be inside the well if you hadn't shot him down here
in Tamon Day 1 - 02:00? If not, then you can do this level without damage and
also slightly quicker.)

You have both a gun and a melee weapon during this level, enabling you to do
some weapon switch trickery in combat, if needed.

1, my PB speedrun of M1 (00:22:72):

2, my PB speedrun of M2 (00:38:32):

Kei Day 3 - 16:00

You don't have to fight either Mina or Risa while doing M1. The only real
obstacle in your way is the trolley rolling down the exit shaft that
will insta-kill Kei upon contact.

*One way to avoid the trolley is to outrun it, which isn't too hard if you have
enough stamina at hand. Run up the mine shaft, listen to when the trolley
starts coming your way and quickly backtrack. In my case a strategic wallram
helped me have enough stamina to never get tired during the level too.*

*Alternatively, lure a spider into the mining tunnel with Kei, then fool it
to attack Kei right before the mine cart makes a contact. It turns out Kei
is invincible to the mine cart while being attacked, allowing you to phase
through it! I first saw this tactic in a Japanese run linked further down.*

Whether doing M1 or M2, you should always kill the first spider of the level.
If you don't, he blocks your path when you try to escape the small building
where you get the gate key. *Fastest way to kill it is by doing a surprise
attack from far away, finishing the job with just 1 bullet.*

You can finish M2 without attacking Mina, even though you have to
kill Risa in order to get the key to the Siren shack. Just run straight past
Mina, connect the explosives, then go to the Siren shack and detonate them.
If all goes well, Mina never hits you with her shovel. She's slow enough to
remain inside the collapsing mine until it's too late for her...

*There's an alternative solution to dealing with Mina as well. You don't have
to explode her inside the mine tunnel. Instead, you can lure her closer to the
indoors area (with the staircases) where she will instantly forget that Kei
exists, turning around and being suspectible to critical hits. Just two or
so bullets puts her down, after which you still have time to exit the level
before everyone wakes up again. This should be faster than the mine tunnel
solution! First saw this tactic in a Japanese run, linked below.*

You have both a gun and a melee weapon during this level, enabling you to do
some weapon switch trickery to enemies, if needed. It can help when fighting
Risa for instance.

The dog Shibito are a problem while doing all this. If you don't kill them,
they may inflict fatal damage to Kei during the course of this level, but
fighting them on the other hand takes time. Try to find a compromise, or
imprison them inside the mine shaft where Risa is after having them follow
you inside. This often happens naturally while you're dealing with Risa, so it
shouldn't take too much of your time.

1, Nicovideo run of M1 using fastest known tactics (01:11:30)

2, Nicovideo run of M2 using fastest known tactics (01:40:16)

3, my PB speedrun of M1 (01:23:96)

4, my PB speedrun of M2 (01:51:36)

Shiro Day 1 - 03:00

There are several different ways to get to the other side of the river, some
faster, some slower. Wrench is all around useful here, because of both a
revolver Shibito at the wooden bridge and a sniper at the level's exit who are
blocking your route. You can't run past them until you give 'em a good whack
to the head. *You can finish this level without picking up any items, though,
if you're good enough at gliding.*

*For the last sniper, you can run STRAIGHT up to him and attack him before he
manages to shoot you. This takes very good timing, though.* A safer alternative
is to run to the wall next to the sniper and have it block any bullets that are
sent your way. Also, after hitting the sniper you don't have to kill him since
the exit is so near.

*You can cross the bridge with the sniper on it by running up to him and
beating him up before he can shoot Shiro twice. But the timing for doing this
is more difficult than with the revolver Shibito on the other bridge, I think.
At least it's some type of an alternative if you don't want to use the phone
card to get across.*

The nurse's shoe is hidden to a random location each game. There are three
random locations the unarmed wandering Shibito hides it: 1, to a bush at the
level's southmost wall (near the stairs). 2, to a bush under the bridge. 3,
to a bush near ore processing plant. It takes 40-50 seconds from the level's
start Shibito to place the shoe, so you almost always have to wait a little
bit for him to do it.

1, my PB speedrun of M1 (01:03:48)

Shiro Day 1 - 07:00

There's a pretty quick way to get Risa through the level by just walking past
all the Shibito via the back alleys, but then avoiding the northernmost path
out from behind the cafeteria since there's an additional Shibito there. If
you're quick, Risa won't get shot even if you rush past the last sniper.

*You can complete M1 by just running through the streets as well, but it's
not completely safe and needs good timing.*

(To get the hammer, you have to take the northernmost path out from behind
the cafeteria. You just have to kill an additional Shibito that way, plus
it may be easier to deal with the level's final sniper. Shin has an
amazingly cool way of solving this level while getting all things done,
with an extremely quick speed to boot it.)

M2 does not require the towel. Just go and smash the piggy bank, then trick
the cop Shibito to reloading so you can get up close and whack him.

*Or, as an even faster tactic for M2, after alarming the cop Shibito, you can
run around the cafeteria and enter it through the now-unlocked front door and
pick up the level ending item despite the fact that the nearby Shibito are
alarmed to your presence. This tactic is not particularly safe since there are
both gun Shibito and patrollers nearby as you are trying to enter through the
front door! Not to mention sometimes Shiro refuses to examine the level ending
object with all the enemies alarmed.*

1, my PB speedrun of M1 (00:24:84):

2, a speedrun of M2 showing easier route (00:29:00):

3, a speedrun of M2 showing fastest route (00:25:08):

Shiro Day 2 - 00:00

There isn't THAT much to note while speedrunning this level. Just complete the
level's objectives while doing your best to avoid Risa and spiders.

In M2 the level exit is guarded by a sniper and a dog Shibito. It's not too
hard to just run up to the sniper and knock him out before Shiro is shot twice.
You also have to knock out the dog Shibito, because the statue can't be pushed
if there are alarmed enemies nearby.

(Getting the bathroom door key and unlocking it takes backtracking but is not
hard. Make sure you know the locations beforehand so that you don't have to
search them during the run.)

Try to attack Mina as quickly as possible after she drops down from the
ceiling. This way you might get a hit in before she becomes alerted,
resulting in a critical hit.

1, my PB speedrun of M1 (1:30:56)

2, my PB speedrun of M2 (01:06:04)

Risa Day 1 - 04:00

Normal completion of M1 requires kite twine from the dog house, and turning
a power switch behind the house. Doing this route one of your biggest problem
is that the patrollers might follow you inside the kitchen, where you can't
afford to be interrupted. It's such a small room too that if a Shibito follows
you there, you're almost as good as dead. Reset if things seem to get out of

*There's a very fast way to complete M1 using gliding. Simply fool the sniper
near the exit to shoot and reload, then run closer and glide around him. It
might take 5-6 frame precise menu openings to get it done, so it's not a very
safe tactic for anything else than individual level runs.*

(In a full game run, one of the secondary objectives is turning the marker.
It's pretty convenient to do after you have set up the ventilator running and
are leaving the kitchen, for instance.)

M2 is very linear, with very little you can do to speed things up. Try to make
the patroller you run past take a swipe at Risa (and miss) to slow him down a
bit - this reduces the chance that he'll interrupt you later. Also, the Trowel
can be picked up from surprisingly far away.

1, my PB speedrun of M1 (00:13:24) (uses gliding!)

2, my PB speedrun of M2 (00:38:88)

Risa Day 1 - 22:00

The fastest way to do M1 is probably to just run straight to the fire alarm,
spiders be damned. Sure, in-game time doesn't run while using the window, but
in my experience it's still a little slower than just running past enemies.

(In a full-game run, opening the garbage chute is not necessary to pass the
game, so it can be skipped if you know what you're doing.)

In M2 the biggest obstacle in your way is Mina. So how to get around her?
You don't have to fight her in any case - just avoiding her is always faster
in a speedrun.

Mina's main source of deadliness is her grab - it can't be escaped and kills
Risa very fast. Basically you could easily run around Mina if she wasn't so
keen on grabbing you whenever you get too close to her. But there are a few
ways you can confuse her to not grab you, allowing you to just run past her.
Or just get around her in general. These are:

1, Umbrella method.

Pick up Umbrella and take a swing at Mina. It doesn't even have to hit. This
usually encourages Mina to fight fair and swing back at you with her shovel,
and that's the time to run past her.

2, staircase method.

Run out of the starting corridor and into the staircase outside. Have Mina
follow you there. For some reason Mina is not AS aggressive a grabber while
on stairs, allowing you sometimes get past her safely. In general this is
not a very recommended tactic, though.

3, shouting method.

If you run up close to Mina and start the 'Shout' action with regular
intervals, all the while slowly trying to run around her, you can cause her
to become utterly confused and forget kill Risa until you have already passed
her by. This is a very finicky tactic that can't be done without risk, but it
allows the fastest M2 completion without glitches.

4, door method.

Run out of the starting corridor and close the door behind you. Wait for a few
seconds so that Mina is right outside the door, then open the door to her face.
This pushes Mina far right and you have enough room to run past her. This is
one of the best methods of dealing with Mina since it's quite safe and very
fast too.

5, gliding method.

If you start gliding, you can go past Mina so fast that she barely notices Risa
until it's already too late. This is the fastest completion method of M2,
although very tricky to pull off (because gliding is what it is).

1, my PBs of Risa's Day 1 - 22:00 M1 and M2 (uses gliding):

2, "the art of defeating Mina", a compilation video with all these tricks:

Harumi Day 2 - 17:00

This is a slow level no matter what you do. You always have to wait about 2
minutes at the start of the level for the mother Shibito to enter the kitchen
(so that you can get the key from there). However, after that things are pretty
easy and linear.

If you did the start of the level optimally, Tomoko will be drawing near her
room's door. Harumi can fit past her during this time, so if you want to take
a risk, just run right past her to the locked door. Otherwise wait a bit for
her to fully enter her room.

(If you want to get the toy monkey, you do have to wait for Tomoko to open up
her room's door.)

You can fend Reiko off faster by luring her to the pole near the doghouse. Use
it to keep some distance between her and Harumi, then run around her.

During M2 you need to backtrack long ways to the storeroom downstairs after
you've passed the first part of the level. This will be slow, but not too
hard. Whether you retry from checkpoint or not, just wait for Tomoko to either
start drawing near her room or get into her room, then go downstairs. Same for
returning upstairs. When I tried this the mother never left from the kitchen
and she wasn't a problem.

1, evading Reiko faster during the level's finale:

Harumi Day 3 - 00:00

Running long ways with this character? It's not going to be easy, or at the
very least, fast.

*The first shibito can be passed by with gliding.* The second fastest tactic
is alarming the nearby Shibito just right so that you can run past him while
he starts hollering (he can't harm Harumi during this time).

You can get past every single other enemy in this level by just normally
running. The dog Shibito at the red river might be a problem. See how you can
avoid getting him alerted at all.

While doing M2, Eiji moves slower than you, so he's not too hard to avoid -
as long as you're not exhausted at least.

Speaking of getting exhausted, Harumi has a stamina problem in this level. If
things work out okay, most of the time she will run like normal. Wait in safe
areas to get some more stamina back; changing areas also gives her a small
respite and stamina boost.

1, my PB speedrun of M2 (01:32:04) (uses gliding)

Reiko Day 1 - 02:00

You can skip the first part of the level completely by just running to the
faculty room, where a cutscene teleports Harumi right next to you. (Of course,
if you need the candles, this is not a good idea. You have to go and Hide!
Harumi in one of the small closets. But after Harumi is in hiding, you can
just leave her there and run to the office.)

The revolver Shibito in the middle of the corridor can be an issue since you'll
be going past him several times during the level. *For fastest times, you just
play the level as if the revolver Shibito didn't exist. Run past him every
time! However, doing this, there's a random chance he will follow you inside
the gym, which makes surviving the fight vs Eiji much harder and wastes your
time.* For a safer tactic, you can go to the side corridor between classrooms
and 'Shout' to lure the revolver Shibito into one of the classrooms, then go
to the gym while he is not looking.

For M2, after defeating Eiji do a small sidetrack to the gymnasium hall exit
and unlock it. Simple as that. *Or alternatively, do this before defeating
Eiji. This way Eiji will be chasing after Reiko and you'll fight him on the
higher area in the gym after having unlocked the exit. Victory teleports Reiko
back to 1st floor, which actually saves some extra time!*

After fighting Eiji, you have to find Harumi. She can spawn either downstairs
or upstairs, and it's always a timeloss if she spawns upstairs. If Harumi is
in the bathroom downstairs, you can tell from the position of the patrolling
Shibito nearby - he should be right outside the bathroom looking up the stairs.

If Harumi was in the correct spot, you will reach the end of the level without
Eiji pestering you if you just hurry.

1, my PB speedrun of M1 (01:43:60):

Reiko Day 1 - 23:00

Reiko usually doesn't have stamina problems in this level. Climbing has some
positive effect on stamina, or so it would seem.

You can either take Harumi with you through the level, or go out of your way
a bit to unlock the car and push it to make a bridge. In pure individual level
running it may actually be faster to have Harumi with you, but otherwise it's
recommended you use the car, because it will help in Tomoko's later level as

M2 doesn't seem to be too problematic, as long as you know what order to light
the lanterns.

1, my PB speedrun of M1 (02:06:52):

Tomoko Day 1 - 17:00

M1 and M2 are practically the same thing, except M2 has a time constraint.
You can run to the exit past all the dangers in a fairly convenient way, as
if the game intended for you to do it?

The first sniper can be run past without much trouble, and if you turn quick
enough downstairs, he won't get a shot at you.

After that, run from as left as you can to not get hit by the patrolling
Shibito. If you are hit and slowed down, this is quite troublesome since the
nearby revolver Shibito will also get a shot at you, with likely fatal results.

But yeah, if the patroller won't hit you, then the revolver Shibito will stop
and holler, giving you safe passage. After that you might get shot once, but
the level exit is quite nearby, so just get yourself over there.

1, my PB speedrun of M2 (00:29:96)

Tomoko Day 2 - 06:00

For M1, you should complete Reiko's Day 1 - 23:00 first and create the
car-bridge over the small chasm for a very quick completion.

(Getting the toy monkey isn't mandatory, since you can get through Harumi
Day 3 - 00:00 without the batteries that are inside it. But if you're
determined to get it, you have to run through the level like normally, or
use the scooter - this prompts Naoko to fell the old tree, and you get to
the toy monkey this way too.)

M2 should be completed without the use of the scooter. Simply sightjack the
dog Shibito near the exit and run - yes, run the whole way - when he is
looking or walking away from you. It's deceptively easy once you get the
timing right.

Akira Day 1 - 08:00

There is a sniper looking at the tunnel you come out from near the start of the
level. You can either wait for some seconds for the sniper to turn around...
*Or just run outside anyway and hope for the sniper to miss. It seems that you
can get the sniper to miss fairly consistently by running a certain path,
leaning towards right softly as you're coming out of the mine shaft.*

Obviously you can't bother with the mine cart and wire cutters for getting rid
of the sniper at the other end of the level, it's a speedrun after all! There
are 2 faster options: either *run through*, risking bullets from two directions
at once if you didn't shoot the first sniper dead. Second quick option is to
lure the sniper to shoot and reload, than run past him to the safe side
passage, from which you can sneak up on him and shoot him safely. This is not
very practical to do if the first sniper is still alive, though.

During M2 I heartily recommend you to kill the first sniper. Otherwise he will
give you hell once you return with the rotten pickaxe.

(For switching the track and activating the marker, they are both done on the
same occasion quite quickly. Not too hard secondary objectives to fulfill.)

1, my PB speedrun of M1 (01:07:56):

2, my PB speedrun of M2 (01:52:72):

Akira Day 1 - 16:00

First issue of this level is getting Yoriko's attention. You can trick Yoriko
to run towards you, so that you don't have to chase after her all through the
level. At the beginning, shoot only the old lady Shibito dead. Then, after
climbing/jumping out/off from the firetower, run up the hill on the left and
go meet Yoriko and the other Shibito. *Alternatively, you can 'Shout' to get
Yoriko's attention, but Yoriko has to be in a good position for it to work.*

If you never shot that Shibito down the well at Tamon's Day 1 - 02:00, you're
in a bit of a pickle here. During M2 a new Shibito awaits right at the bottom
of the fire tower, and can stunlock Akira to death if you're not careful. The
level is not impossible to beat even like this, but it requires a slightly
different route and is slower than normal.

The last sniper of the level can be shot to death from between Takaya's house
and the firetower shed quite safely, even if it is a bit hard to do.
Nonetheless, this is the fastest route, so in most cases you should do it and
then run straight to the exit via the stone bridge. Thanks to the gamers of
Japan for this trick too.

During M2, the game practically forces you to speedrun this level!

(For getting the picture with Yoriko, remember that you can only get it once
you have seen a message indicating it at the start of the level. You can go
pick up the picture even during M2 if you're fast enough.)

1, my PB speedrun of M2 (00:40:56):

2, an example playthrough of this level with the extra Shibito hanging around:

Naoko Day 1 - 19:00

The only thing you have to do in M1 is to lure the sniper out of the exit
shaft, and you can use the siren to easily do just that. So the route basically
is: run to siren shack, activate siren, run to exit.

There's no really fast way to do M2. You have to both kill every Shibito and
push the trolley - fortunately these two goals overlap with each other for the
most part.

(You can't pick up the library card if a Shibito has noticed you. The best time
to pick up this item is after having activated the siren and after the problem
Shibito has left the mine shaft. *Or try to time picking it up while the Shibito
is hollering.*)

1, my PB speedrun of M1 (01:02:08):

Naoko Day 1 - 22:00

During M1 you don't HAVE to shoot down Eiji, but it's safer to do for the most
part, especially if you're planning on leaving the gymnasium door open to save
a small amount of time. If the gymnasium door is open when you return there and
Eiji is not dead, you may be ambushed by the dog Shibito and and your speedrun
ends there.

Remember that killing Eiji kills every dog Shibito on this level too. If you
can kill Eiji before any of the dogs, good for you - it's possible but rare.
If this happens, you can ignore the two dogs on the upstairs corridor because
they die before they're of danger. Plan things a bit; see what works best for
you in juggling between dog Shibito and Eiji kills.

When doing M2, shooting Eiji down is heartily recommended. There are too many
of the dog Shibito in the library for you to take them down quickly. Hunt Eiji
down, hopefully he's not far away - in one of the classrooms or even in the
middle of the corridor with the two dog Shibito if you are lucky or fast enough
at the beginning of the level.

Naoko has to run so much during this level she will get exhausted at some
point. For me, a strategic wallram helps. But otherwise just stopping somewhere
works too.

1, my PB speedrun of M1 (01:57:16):

6. A short checklist for the minimalist gamer

What is this section:

In a full game speedrun that simply aims for the first credits sequence, there
is a surprising amount of stuff in the levels that you do not have to do. This
section just quickly goes through the levels and lists the minimum requirements
of what you have to do to pass the game at all.

There are also some "low%" run notes, meaning notes of how you can complete the
levels picking up as few items as possible.

Needless to say, you should NOT apply this knowledge to your game on your
first playthrough, since it will only lead you up to first credits sequence.
And you'll in general just make your life harder.

Kyoya Yesterday - 23:00
- nothing to note here.

Kyoya Day 1 - 02:00
- get storeroom key (for Kyoya's Day 2 - 01:00)
- the M2 for this level doesn't unlock anything, and can be ignored.

Kyoya Day 1 - 08:00
- must close the floodgate (for several later levels)
- must get the screwdriver (for Kyoya Day 2 - 01:00 M2)
- must turn the marker (for Reiko Day 1 - 23:00 M2 & Kyoya Day 3 - 23:00 M2)

Kyoya Day 2 - 01:00
- must visit the storeroom with Miyako (for Harumi Day 2 - 15:00 M2)
- must grab the sake bottle (for Kyoya Day 2 - 07:00 M2)

Kyoya Day 2 - 07:00
- nothing to note.

Kyoya Day 2 - 20:00
- if doing M1, you may complete the level without picking up the sewer tool
- if doing M2, you may complete the level without picking up the saw

Kyoya Day 3 - 23:00
- nothing to note.

Tamon Day 1 - 02:00
- you must unlock the valve at the river bottom (for Kei Day 3 - 12:00 M2)
- you don't have to shoot the Shibito down the well, but Akira Day 1 -
  16:00 M2 will be a lot harder to finish.

Tamon Day 1 - 20:00
- you must hide Yoriko in the small cave and activate the cutscene (for
  Kyoya Day 2 - 22:00)
- you don't have to get the additional bullets from the police car.

Tamon Day 2 - 10:00
- you must get the hose behind the shrine (for Tamon Day 2 - 18:00 M2)
- you don't have to light the bridge on fire or do anything with the
  related items or events

Tamon Day 2 - 18:00
- you don't have to get the record player needle (for Tamon Day 3 - 22:00 M2)

Tamon Day 3 - 03:00
- you must open the floodgate (with Kyoya) (for Tamon Day 3 - 22:00 M2)
- you don't need the flashlight
- you don't have to use the phone
- you don't have to use the record player
- you don't necessarily need the rifle (with Kyoya)

Tamon Day 3 - 22:00
- you can avoid fighting both Naoko and Reiko
- you don't have to get the cassette tape in either mission

Kei Day 1 - 05:00
- you don't have to do anything with the face towel.
- unfortunately you DO have to get the rope from the shed (for Kei Day 3 - 
  12:00 M2).

Kei Day 1 - 12:00
- you must hit the shrine with the fertility stone fragment (for Tamon
  Day 1 - 20:00 M2)
- you don't need to make Tomoko 'Hide!' at the small shrine.

Kei Day 3 - 12:00
- you don't have to kill anyone but Brain during M1.

Kei Day 3 - 16:00
- you don't have to fight Mina or Risa if doing M1.
- you don't have to explode the mine in M2.

Shiro Day 1 - 03:00
- you must overturn the marker (for Reiko Day 1 - 23:00 M2 and Kyoya Day
  3 - 23:00 M2)
- you don't need the flashlight, flare or the phone card, depending
  on which objective you're doing. Let's just say: you can pass to
  the other side of the level without picking up any of them, even though
  they will make your life easier.
- wrench is optional too, even though all-around useful (especially for
  M1). It's best to pick it up.
- you don't have to use the empty jerry tank or the generator in order
  to pass the sniper at the end.

Shiro Day 1 - 07:00
- you must make the Rokkaku's house's front door passable (for Kyoya
  Day 2 - 20:00 M2)
- you must get the hammer (for Shiro Day 2 - 00:00 and Kei Day 3 - 16:00 M2)

Shiro Day 2 - 00:00
- you must unlock the men's room's door (for Tamon Day 2 - 18:00)
- you most likely have to get the stake (for Kei Day 3 - 16:00 M2)
- you don't have to touch the EEG-machine, the fluorescent light bulb
  or even the whole garbage chute to pass this level (even in M2)

Risa Day 1 - 04:00
- you probably don't have to pick up spare key to Siren shack, since Kei
  Day 3 - 16:00 M2 can be completed without blowing up the mine.
- you must turn the marker over (for Reiko Day 1 - 23:00 M2 and Kyoya
  Day 3 - 23:00 M2)

Risa Day 1 - 22:00
- you don't have to unlock the chute (for Shiro Day 2 - 00:00)
- you don't have to kill Mina in either of the objectives
- you don't even have to use the fire extinguisher or pick up the umbrella
  to pass her when doing M2

Harumi Day 2 - 17:00
- you don't have to get the toy monkey. (you can pass Harumi Day 3 - 00:00
  M2 easily without it.)

Harumi Day 3 - 00:00
- you must unlock Kondo's house's back door (for Tamon Day 3 - 03:00)
- you don't have to use the sign at the beginning of the level
- you don't have to use the laughing bag
- you don't have to use the alarm clock in order to pass M2

Reiko Day 1 - 02:00
- you must get the candles with Harumi (for Reiko Day 1 - 23:00 M2)

Reiko Day 1 - 23:00
- don't forget the lighter
- you don't have to get the cassette tape
- you have to release the hand brake of that one car (in order to pass
  Tomoko Day 2 - 06:00 M2). And it's fastest that way in any case.

Akira Day 1 - 08:00
- you must switch the track (for Naoko Day 1 - 19:00 M2)
- you must overturn the marker (for Reiko Day 1 - 23:00 M2 and Kyoya's
  Day 3 - 23:00 M2)
- you never have to push the trolley or get the wire cutters or even enter
  the Siren shack

Akira Day 1 - 16:00
- you must 'Hide' Yoriko in a certain place in order to activate a cutscene
  (for Tamon Day 2 - 10:00 M2)
- you don't have to make Yoriko 'Act as a decoy!' in order to pass the
  last sniper

Tomoko Day 1 - 17:00
- you don't have to fling the coins or ring the bell
- you don't have to enter the police car or do anything with it

Tomoko Day 2 - 06:00
- you most likely don't need the toy monkey (as Harumi Day 3 - 00:00
  is possible without it)
- it would be the fastest if you could finish both of the times you go
  through this level via the shortcut Reiko can create at her Day 1 - 23:00

Naoko Day 1 - 19:00
- you must get the library card (for Naoko Day 1 - 22:00)
- if doing M2, you must push the trolley. While the level is manageable
  even without pushing it, the game won't register it as a M2 victory.
  (thanks KurtKokaine4)
- if doing M1, you don't have to touch any of this level's keys or the
  trolley or the gun.

Naoko Day 1 - 22:00
- you don't have to kill Eiji in any case (even though it's easier to
  kill him)

7. Legal stuff, contact info, etc.

Copyright © 2007 Hannu Ratilainen
All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation


All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
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