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FAQ/Walkthrough by Akheon

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 09/01/19

Forbidden Siren FAQ & Walkthrough
v. 3.0 - completed 1. 9. 2019

Written and compiled by AKheon.
See the end of file for more information.

0. Contents:

0. Contents
1. Introduction, version history + abbreviations
2. General info & notes
3. Level-by-level details (the meat and potatoes...)
4. List of items
5. Legal information + contact info, etc.

Note: to quickly find a specific playable level, type out character's first
name and then (without space) which playable level you need in order. For
instance, Kyoya's levels can be accessed with KYOYA1, KYOYA2 and so on.

1. Introduction

Hello and welcome to the very first FAQ I ever wrote.

Back in the day, Siren was largely THE game that got me into glitching and
speedrunning. I played a ton of it in 2007 and had... fun? Yeah, I guess I had
fun, even though "fun" is not a word that most people associate with this
infamous game. I guess it all depends on how you approach it.

Back then there was a full community of nice people at GameFAQs who all
contributed as we played this game and explored its secrets. I started writing
this guide as a means to document these oddities and secrets that had come up.
Unfortunately, as I submitted the finished file to GameFAQs, it got accepted
as a regular walkthrough instead of an in-depth FAQ, which wasn't really my
intention. And now we're here today, in 2019. So what does this all mean?

I guess I want to apologize to anyone who stumbled upon this FAQ in its original
form and tried to use it as a walkthrough - it just wasn't very well written.
A lot of it was extremely wordy, pedantic, hard to navigate, with missing info
and probably some spoilers here and there as well.

I've now rewritten most of the file so that it IS an actual walkthrough. A
walkthrough of the sort that this game needs & deserves. On the other hand,
I still haven't forgotten the ample interesting stuff on the fringe, like
glitches and other trivia related to the game. It's probably still not perfect,
but it should be much more readable and useful to people from now on.


About Siren:

Siren is a very unique horror game that takes place in the troubled yet quaint
village of Hanuda. You control ten different characters who are stuck in the
village over the course of 3 days. Your actions in earlier levels will influence
some things later on.

A word of warning: Siren can be an amazingly obscure game. It's sometimes almost
impossible to figure out what it wants from the player. I suspect no one in the
world has ever completed this game without a FAQ or a walkthrough of some kind -
it's just THAT obtuse and hard. Want to be the first? It's still not too late to
close the FAQ and try it!

Well, whatever you decide to do, here are some general tips...

A.k.a. things I would've wanted to know before playing Siren.

1. read the manual. Siren is a convoluted game with woefully inadequate in-game
tutorials. A lot of useful info is tucked away in the manual, so reading it will
probably help with some of the initial confusion.

2. Siren rewards the hyper-attentive. It's sometimes closer to a 90's adventure
game than a horror game. This means you should examine everything. Find
connections between things. Keep notes about things of interest in each level.
Also pay attention to how some level changes between visits. And if a solution
is not instantly visible, Sightjacking can also help.

3. Related to the above point, don't trust everything the game tells you. I'm
not sure if it's a localization thing, but some in-game info is bordering on
being misleading. You sometimes shouldn't think about the game's objective and
hint messages TOO literally.

4. read the manual! Actually, another point I wanted to make about the manual
is that it contains its own "official" hints sheet. So if you want hints that
might make solving obtuse level objectives easier without stuff being outright
spoiled to you, that could be a nice compromise.

Version history:

-v. 3.0 (1. 9. 2019)
- a major re-write. Almost everything has changed, hopefully for the better.
        File size: 263kb.

-v. 2.0 (21. 8. 2014)
- cleaned things up around the file. Sure, it's still fairly messy, but
  a part of me likes it that way. It reflects the atmosphere of when the Siren
  scene was still fairly active at 2006's, 2007's and 2008's. I wouldn't know
  how to improve the FAQ further without really tearing it down and entirely
  rebuilding it, and that kind of conversion might also lose something in the
  process. So... I'll leave it like this. More changes to come if I ever start
  the TAS project on Siren I've been thinking about.
- adbridged version history.
- added links.
        File size: 230kb.


- v. 0.9 (11. 8. 2007)
 - The first one published. All the levels listed.
        File size: about 160kb.


c: = credits go to

M1 = mission objective 1
M2 = mission objective 2

FPV = first-person view
POV = point of view

in-game menu = my colloquial term for List Menu, accessed by Triangle.

2. General info & notes

Some info about this game's basic features.

Playable characters - Basics:

You have multiple playable characters in this game, and they come in roughly
three different types. Here are the main differences between them:

1, adult male
   Slow 180 degree turn, can climb high ledges.

2, adult female
   Quick 180 degree turn, can't climb high ledges.

3, little kids
   Slow running speed, low stamina, no combat ability, can't climb high ledges.

Playable characters - Health & Stamina

Each of your playable characters have two stats: health and stamina.

Health is pretty self-explanatory. It means your Hit Points or Life, or whatever
else you want to call it. Taking hits or falling from too high depletes health.
Once it runs out, you get a Mission Failed. Health regenerates by itself at a
slow rate for all characters, including the enemies.

Stamina means how long your character can run without becoming tired. Once it
runs out, your character starts panting and his or her running speed slows down
a lot too. Stamina replenishes by itself, and it replenishes even quicker if
you're standing completely still.

Playable characters - Inventories

Every playable character has an inventory. But you don't have to worry about
it too much because inventories don't carry on from level to level, with the
exception of some rare special items. Even bullet counts and similar are reset
when you enter a level or retry from checkpoint, meaning that there are no
negative long-term effects from wasting too much ammo, for instance.

Sightjacking (L2):

Sightjacking is an unique skill that lets a character see the world through the
sight of another person in the area, whether it be an enemy or an ally. All
playable characters have access to this skill, and it's invaluable for
reconnaisance, plus it can also help you solve some puzzles every now and then.

Unlike in the later Siren-games, you're stuck in place and defenseless while
Sightjacking, so make sure no enemies can find you when you start doing it.

- For some reason darkness or fog won't obscure the scenery as much while
looking at the world through someone else's eyes.


In several levels you have escorts with you. They are without exception
entirely helpless, as they don't wield weapons and are pretty bad at evading
enemies too if discovered.

Escorts have the same amount of health as your main characters, but they take
33% more damage from everything. So do your best to protect them!

Escort commands:

Note that most of these commands can't be given or don't work if you're too far
away from the escort.

- 'Come here!' means that the escort will try to stay near the hero as well as
she can.

- 'Wait!' means that the escort will crouch down and stay where she is. If
an enemy finds her during this time, she will instead try to run away.

- 'Run!' is a command only available when a Shibito is alarmed and close by.
After giving this command, your escort simply runs away to some direction in
panic. After a while - if she survives that long - she will stop and crouch
down to wait for the player to come and find her again.

- 'Hide!' is a contextual command that only appears at certain areas. It means
that the escort attempts to enter a nearby hiding place. Useful if you want to
put an escort out of harm's way indefinitely. Sometimes this command is also
used to make escorts discover hidden objects.

- 'Pull up!' is a contextual command that only appears when standing in front
of a high ledge (topside) and an escort is somewhere below. It means that your
character will help the escort on top of the high ledge since she can't climb
such a tall height by herself.

- There are some other special commands too, but they're quite exotic and only
available in certain levels. They're talked more about in the level-by-level
sections below.


The dying of either you or your escort is considered a failure and the game
ends, as you'd expect. Fortunately you have infinite continues in Siren.

It's really easy to get a game over, and it doesn't help either that the death
animations are painfully long and overdramatic! This is one thing that was
improved in the sequel, where a Mission Failed takes far less time.


Checkpoints work in Siren like they do in most other games. Reaching a
checkpoint just means that if you then die or retry, you return to that point
in the level instead of having to redo it entirely. This is usually helpful -
but not always.

The reason why checkpoints aren't always helpful is that retrying may cause you
to lose progress. If you had completed sub-objectives or picked up Archives
during the level and then retry, the game will forget you ever got them...
and the player isn't even informed about this little detail. This is one of the
subtle reasons why Siren is such an unnecessarily obscure game to work with.

- Checkpoints aren't too common in this game. Expect longer levels to have one
or two checkpoints, but that's it.

- The game doesn't indicate to you in any way when you reach a new checkpoint.

- Your inventory is reset when restoring from a checkpoint. For example, the
amount of bullets resets to some certain amount. Some level-specific objects
may also vanish upon retry and you need to go get them again in unlucky cases.

Weapons and attacking (R1 and X):

Some but not all characters will get weapons in this game. The two main weapon
types are melee weapons and guns. Sadly, you can't pick up weapons off any
enemies and always have to find your own.

Your character enters an attack stance when you have a weapon and hold down R1.
While in attack stance, you can walk around by strafing if you also hold down
L1. Attacking is done with X, and you can choose between a light or a heavy
attack depending on how long you hold down X while attacking.

The first hit that you do to an unaware Shibito will be a critical hit,
dealing extra damage. This is especially noticeable when using firearms.

Sadly, there isn't unarmed attacking in Siren. Characters who lack a weapon
can't enter attack stance and are thus helpless against enemies.

- Okay, well, technically there IS a way to do an unarmed attack in Siren.
It's a kind of a glitch technique, and there's more about it further down in
the techniques section. It a result of so-called unexpected weapon switching.

Details about specific actions:

The 180 degree turn (L-stick):

By quickly flicking the left analog stick to the back, your character will
turn around 180 degrees. This is often faster than just fully turning around
using the tank controls, but it varies a bit depending on the character.

The 180 degree turn consists of two parts. There's a brief moment before
turning when you can still cancel the animation or do some other stuff to your
liking. For example: activate 180 degree turn and then quickly Sightjack. The
turn animation will be delayed until you finally close the Sightjacking menu.

Falling from heights:

When jumping down from a relatively high place, the hero will slam down on the
ground, taking an extra long time getting back up again. If the hero has an
escort following, they'll usually jump down as well.

These kind of falls DO hurt all the characters, even though only few locations
deal enough damage that it can literally kill them. For instance, the long fall
after jumping down the Rokkaku's shed roof will kill your escorts after three
jumps, and occasionally the playable characters too.

Another similar case is if you're climbing a ladder when you're attacked. The
hero will fall down and dies if the fall is too big.

1, fooling Hisako to jump off a roof too many times (old video):


Most characters have (or will find) a flashlight in levels where it's dark. You
don't have to worry about the batteries either. It's turned on or off with the

With flashlight on, enemies are able to notice you from much further away than
normal. Keeping a light on ruins any prospects of being stealthy, although as an
obvious advantage you're able to see the scenery much better. Sometimes you may
also need a flashlight to be able to examine or activate things in a level, but
this is surprisingly uncommon.


Sometimes you can find ladders that are used for navigating up or down.

- If you stop and press 'circle' on a ladder, your character jumps down. The
good part about it is that you get down faster. However, doing this from high
enough may cause damage to the character and s/he'll also get up from ground
particularly slowly.

- If a character jumps down the ladder and hits another who is climbing the
same ladder, the one who was hit will also fall down.

- All of the humanoid enemies can climb ladders too.

Opening and closing doors:

Doors should be pretty self-explanatory. You operate them with X.

- Most doors have both a slow and a fast opening animation. I'm not sure what
determines which door opening your character will use - it doesn't seem to be
tied to how you press the X button, nor does it always seem to be related to
being hurt or chased after. It just sometimes happens.

- For some reason Shibito tend to fail getting around opened doors if you hide
behind one! A good defensive tip for characters like Kei or Risa.

- If there's someone standing right behind an opening door, they will be knocked
away from it a bit.

- Non-humanoid Shibito cannot open doors.

Generic locking and unlocking:

Your character has the ability to lock or unlock certain doors with a latch.
It's simply an option that appears when you open the List Menu in front of
doors that have a latch on them.

However, you shouldn't rely on locked doors for safety in this game. A Shibito
can open any locked door by simply knocking on it four times! Feel free to try
this option if you're curious, but realistically you're better off running away
from Shibito than trying to hide behind locked doors.

- After a Shibito has opened a door by banging on it, it can never be locked
again. The option simply won't appear in the List Menu. Maybe the lock breaks?

- A door lock becomes unusable even if you unlock the door while it's being
knocked at by a Shibito.

Ramming to a wall:

Your character can stumble and hit nearby walls if you're running at a too
direct angle towards them at full speed. This is usually a negative thing as
it slows you down. However, your character stopping in his or her tracks also
gives an opportunity for their stamina to replenish, so in a weird way it can
have a benefit as well.

Running into the edge of a landslide at full speed also has an unique reaction
that slows down the player a bit.


You may shout with your character at any time you can open the List Menu.
When shouted at, nearby Shibito become suspicious and start searching the
area a little closer.

The enemies have their own version of a shout: they do an eerie holler if they
notice the player, alarming the nearby enemies to the location.

Shouting has a decent range, but overall shooting with a gun is even more
effective for creating noise, in case you ever happen to need noise.


Basic strafing is done by holding down L1 and moving sideways. The strafing
speed varies from character to character, but it usually exceeds normal walking
speed. You have the possibility to crouch strafe as well, if needed.

There is also a weapon strafe that is done by holding down L1 and R1 with
a weapon equipped. You can't move the camera at all while doing it, for some
reason. Maybe the developers want to hide the fact that the hero's feet
movement looks completely silly while weapon strafing?

Strafing has a few uses in the game. Strafing helps you position your character
better during combat and you can also fool Sniper Shibito by strafing in and
out of cover in some levels.

Details about the Shibito:

General data:

Your main enemies in this game are the Shibito, kind of reanimated, eerily happy
corpses chasing after you wielding farming equipment. They take many shapes and
forms, from humanoid to insectoid. The Shibito patrol the area or hang around a
certain spot doing vaguely human activities when left to their own devices.

They become 'suspicious' if they hear some noise, for instance the player's
footsteps. While suspicious they'll start lazily searching around the nearby
area, especially towards the direction the sound originated from. The Shibito
won't remain suspicious for too long, and after 10-15 seconds forget all about
it and return back to their usual doings.

You can tell a Shibito has become suspicious if they make a distinctive sound
and their behavior changes. Their Sightjack vision also becomes more red and
breathing more tense as long as long as the mode lasts.

If the Shibito manage to see the player or escort, they become fully alarmed.
In this state the Shibito will give chase after the player indefinitely until
you manage to break their line of sight. After that they will still continue
searching around for the player for 10-15 seconds, before finally giving up
and shuffling back to their original location.

You can tell a Shibito has become alarmed if the screen flashes red. They'll
also make a distinctive sound in the process, and their Sightjack vision is
now very red.

You can fight the Shibito if you happen to have a weapon. Shibito have the
same amount of health as the playable characters, and they take the same
amount of damage from attacks too. In that sense, the rules of Siren are
actually pretty fair! However, one difference is that the Shibito regenerate
health slightly quicker than normal characters.

Almost all Shibito also revive after being knocked out, some faster than others.
After a Shibito has revived, they are suspicious for a short moment before
returning to their normal route. Overall, there are very few ways to permanently
get rid of enemies in this game.

It's possible to get stuck in cramped spaces with no means of escape if you
get cornered by Shibito because the main character cannot push the Shibito at
all. Sometimes the game even intentionally blocks a critical path in the level
with an idle Shibito to prevent you from going through there... How cheeky!

The Shibito cannot hit each other with melee attacks. However, a Shibito can
shoot another Shibito by accident, if one is in the line of fire.

Sniper Shibito:

They are like normal Shibito, except that they wield a rifle that holds 5
bullets, they never holler or try to strangle the player, and their routes
are often drastically different from the rest of the Shibito.

The snipers have a nearly infallible aim, much better than your characters.
They can see and kill you easily from distances where you can't be able to see
them. And if the player has flashlight on s/he'll get noticed from even further
away than normally.

After shooting their reserved 5 bullets, they have to reload. If they're still
alarmed, they only reload 1 or 2 bullets. Otherwise they reload their gun full.
This kind of a detail can come in handy sometimes if you consider running past

Revolver Shibito:

They are like normal Shibito, except that they wield a revolver that holds 5
bullets. They do heavy damage and have a good but not great accuracy. However,
their range is not as big as a Sniper Shibito's.

Revolver Shibito behave mostly the same way as Sniper Shibito, except these
guys can holler and are more willing to leave their post to chase after the
player if they become alarmed. Unlike the Sniper Shibito, they can also
strangle the player if they get too close.

They reload their gun using similar rules as the Sniper Shibito.

Flying Shibito:

As you'd guess, they're Shibito that fly. They sport a pair of insect wings
and move around the area carrying a revolver or a rifle.

Even though they can fly, they rarely fly outside the normal level boundaries.
It may be a result of invisible walls that extend high up into the air, or it
may be a result of some A.I. trait that doesn't want them to helplessly fall
inside obstacles or walls when they die.

Flying Shibito may rarely land somewhere. When they do that, they immediately
become de-alerted. So during this time, if you manage to surprise attack them,
they die from only one shot. Try it out.

Dog Shibito:

The Dog Shibito are Shibito who move fast on all fours. They are a nuisance
because they often come in large groups and also revive quick after being
knocked out. One big weakness they have is that they are unable to open doors,
so you can sometimes block them out that way.

Spider Shibito:

The Spider Shibito are twisted humanoids who move on all fours. They can be
seen walking on ceiling or walls sometimes, and they can even attack the hero
from a strange angle if you're careless. Like Dog Shibito, they tend to come
in large groups, they revive quickly after being knocked out and they can't
open doors at all.

Shibito Brain:

They are a certain type of Shibito who are much tougher than normal and
defeating them will knock out all the other Shibito in the area as well. You
could think of them as type of mini-bosses.

They usually look and act different compared to normal Shibito. A few of them
try to escape from you instead of fighting you. Most properties of a Shibito
Brain vary a lot depending on the level, so there's more info about them in
the level-by-level sections somewhere below.


Most of the bipedal Shibito have the ability to strangle you. This attack is
especially bothersome because it can catch the player character from pretty
far away with 100% accuracy and keeps him or her locked in a stranglehold
indefinitely until you shake yourself out of it (or get hit by another enemy).

Your escorts may get strangled too. They're moderately good at wiggling out of
the strangle, but take heavy damage from it and won't survive too many strangle
attempts if you don't intervene.

Tips against gun Shibito:

The deadliness of the gun Shibito varies a bit depending on the level.
Especially in the early levels the gun Shibito have fairly slow reactions,
allowing you to get around them or fight back easier.

You can fairly consistently get around the gun Shibito by provoking them to
waste all their bullets. Just find some wall behind which you can cover and
move in and out to fool the Shibito to waste his bullets. Then when he reloads,
you can run up to him and attack.

Another note for very desperate situations is that your character's hitbox is
smaller sideways. This means if you're in danger of getting shot, being sideways
is helpful, at least in theory. You could also try tapping the crouch button as
quickly as you can. This way some of the bullets shot at you may fly over your
character! But yeah... generally speaking you should avoid situations where
you're in a direct line of fire.

3. Level-by-level details (the meat and potatoes...)

Frequently asked questions:

Q: What's Link Navigator?

A: Link Navigator is the spreadsheet looking table you end up in from time to
time, and it basically acts as this game's convoluted level select screen.

Characters are listed horizontally. Different hours over the course of three
days are listed vertically. If you see a filled block inside the table, it
means that there is a level you can access. Blue blocks signify regular stages
which contain gameplay. Green blocks signify video stages - they are cutscenes
that reveal more about the game's story.

These various levels are connected via asymmetrical "paths" through the Link
Navigator. Completing a level takes you to the next step on the path. Some
missions can be completed in two different ways, and the alternative completion
opens up a new branch in the path, taking you to a different location and thus
unlocking new levels.

The whole game keeps looping around on itself on these weird paths, going
around and around until you finally manage to unlock the path that leads to
ending credits. Sounds convoluted enough? Well, you usually don't have to worry
about the specifics too much, so that's a plus...

Q: What's all this about Mission 1 and Mission 2?

A: There are TWO versions of every level. You only have access to the original
version of the level at first. Later on, after passing enough levels in the
game, previously completed levels will have their Mission 2 enabled one by
one. You can then return to them and complete them in an alternative way,
which on the other hand opens up new paths in the Link Navigator, which leads
to some more new levels, and so on... until you reach the ending credits.

While the FAQ lists solutions for both Missions, keep in mind that you should
NOT try to complete Mission 2 until the game itself indicates it is available
AND you have also completed all the sub-objectives that are its prerequisites.

Q: How to unlock new Mission 2?

A: This happens by itself when you keep completing levels. Usually when you see
the text "Continue to another loop" the game has unlocked new Mission 2 in
various levels.

Q: Sub-objectives?

A: Most missions have side quests called Sub-objectives. You can easily miss
them by accident, but rest assured that completing them IS pretty much mandatory
to finish the game. Make sure not to miss them, or else you're forced to replay
old levels sooner or later.

These side missions may appear irrational on the surface level, but they end up
helping another character later down the line through some complex whim of cause
and effect. Yeah, don't ask... this is Siren after all.

Q: Level select?

A: There is no level select at the start of the game - the game just sends you
to the first few loops of levels without your say on things. But the ability to
control your movement in Link Navigator is unlocked after completing 18 or so
stages, after which you have can choose for yourself what levels to access and
in what order.

Well, the game is still fairly linear in the end, and there's rarely more than 3
different missions unlocked at the same time. The biggest thing to worry about
is playing the game while minimizing any arduous backtracking, really.

Q: Backtracking?!

A: Yeah, you'll most likely have to replay levels a lot in Siren if you don't
know what you're doing. There are multiple reasons for this:

1, if you fail to realize the concept of Mission 2s near the start of the game,
you'll end up replaying multiple levels until you unlock stage select.

2, if you miss important sub-objectives, you have to replay stages to get
them done sooner or later.

3, sometimes Mission 1 and Mission 2 are very similar, so in practice it
feels like you're just completing the same level twice.

Q: How to keep track of sub-objectives? How to know where to find them?

A: That's somewhat tricky in this game. The game doesn't keep the player
particularly well informed on any of this.

For finding sub-objectives, it's useful to search the levels thoroughly and
keep notes on suspicious looking things, just in case something becomes useful
later down the line. (Or just follow the walkthrough.)

As for checking out what you still need to complete to progress in the game:

- if you replay a level that has an incomplete sub-objective after you've opened
the Mission 2 that corresponds to it, you get a small hint at the start of the

- if you press "Hold" in Link Navigator over a level with Mission 2 unlocked,
you will see lines leading from the Mission over to other levels with relevant
sub-objectives. If these sub-objectives are incomplete, they will have a lock
icon over them.

- and on a smaller note, when you complete a sub-objective, the message is
different depending on if you had already completed it previously.

About how this FAQ is organized:

- This guide goes through all the Link Navigator levels in a character-specific
order, from top to bottom. Note that this doesn't reflect the order you play
these levels through in the game itself, but then again, the level order is
somewhat malleable anyway after the first 18 stages.

- The FAQ lists a level flow for Mission 1 and Mission 2 separately, below which
are short guides on how to collect the level's Archives and do sub-objectives. I
think this approach suits the open-ended gameplay of Siren the best.

- I often refer to locations in the levels with specific names. These names are
taken straight from the in-game map, so you can use the map in combination with
the guide for navigating around the levels better. (I hope!)

- I have rewritten the guide to be as free from spoilers as possible.

- If you want to search for a specific playable level, there is now a code for
it! Type out character's first name and then (without space) which playable
level you need in chronological order. For instance, Kyoya's levels can be
accessed by KYOYA1, KYOYA2 and so on.

So without further ado, let's start from Kyoya...

Video stage: Kyoya's Yesterday - 09:00 (09:28:57)

List of archives:
- None.


- if you listen carefully, a voice can be heard saying in the background:
"Did you get rid of that outsider?"

Kyoya's Yesterday - 23:00 (23:11:03) - KYOYA1

MO1 = "Escape from police officer."

Note: this level doesn't have a separate Mission 2.

Level details:

Location = Upper Arato.
Weather = Rainy / Night.
Escort mission = No.
Checkpoints = No.

Important sub-objectives:
- None.

List of archives:
- #004 Hanuda Community Newsletter
- #005 Tetsuo Ishida's police ID
- #006 BANG!! Magazine

About the playable character Kyoya Suda:

Kyoya could be said to be the main character of this game. He's just your
average occult tourist who keeps getting into trouble.

In this early level Kyoya does not yet possess the ability to Sightjack.
However, he already has regenerating health, which is kind of unexplainable for
plot reasons. But hey, at least it makes things a bit easier for the player.

His inventory consists of a sole flashlight.

Level flow:

You're being chased by a crazed police officer. Fortunately, he is the only
enemy you face in this fairly simple level.

The police officer wields a revolver that will kill Kyoya in only two shots,
but he has a poor accuracy compared to other Revolver Shibito in this game.
The game implies that he is a big drinker, so maybe that explains it.

Your destination is the nearby Shed. Find the front door and step inside.
Don't bother trying to lock the shed's door to deter the police officer -
that hardly ever works in this game. Instead just pick up the car keys on the
table using the List Menu ('triangle') and leave.

The car keys open the nearby truck. After entering the truck there are only a
few necessary List Menu prompts after which the level ends.

Getting Archive #004 - Hanuda Community Newsletter:

This Archive is inside the Prefab Shed. It's on a table near the back of
the room. It can be got at any point in the level, but it's most convenient to
take when you're picking up the Car Keys.

Getting Archive #005 - Tetsuo Ishida's police ID:

This Archive can be picked up from the ground near where the police officer
jumps down near the start of the level.

You can get this Archive at any point during the level after the officer has
jumped down, but the safest time to pick it up is right after the police
officer has landed and is taking his time slowly getting back up.

To prompt the police officer to jump down, simply run away from him for a
moment and then return.

Getting Archive #006 - BANG!! Magazine:

This Archive is inside the truck. Just turn camera to the left while inside
and examine the magazine lying on the bench.


- The map screen says this is "Day 1 - 00:00" instead of "Yesterday". Maybe the
full name of the level didn't fit in that screen.

- Kyoya is completely safe in the truck and the police officer won't find him
there no matter how long you wait. In fact, time won't even run while hanging
out in the truck.

- The river's water is not yet red.

- The Shed's door might be the only door in the game that is translucent, and
yes, the police officer will in fact see Kyoya through it.

- The Shed's door has a lock on the right instead of the left side, which is
another unique thing about it.

- Once you enter the truck, there's no way to get out again.

Bonus - The police officer's dialogue:

- When searching after Kyoya, he says "Come out... wherever you are."

- When chasing after Kyoya, he says "Shoot to kill." or "It's no use resisting."


- A small text error: when you examine the magazine in the truck, the game says
it's on the floor despite clearly being on the bench!

- If you go inside the Shed and lock the door, then press List Menu in front
of the door, one of the options says "Unlock car door". This option unlocks
the Shed door, so it's most likely just another text error. (c: TheSorrow48)

Video stage: Kyoya's Day 1 - 00:00 (23:59:24)

List of archives:
- None.


- You can see construction machinery on the other side of the river.

Kyoya's Day 1 - 02:00 (02:28:13) - KYOYA2

MO1 = "Reach road to Karuwari with Hisako Yao."
MO2 = "Find a letter."

Level details:

Location = Lower Arato.
Weather = Rainy / Night.
Escort mission = Yes (Hisako).
Checkpoints = No.

Important sub-objectives:
- Get the key to storeroom

List of Archives:

- #012 Drawing with cryptic symbols
- #013 Letter addressed to Risa Onda

About Kyoya Suda:

Kyoya seems a bit under the weather during this level. After all, he runs slowly
and is gasping constantly... but you shouldn't worry about that too much. His
health is as good as normal, and you shouldn't be getting into too much trouble
during this level anyway.

His inventory still consists of a sole flashlight and nothing else.

About the escort Hisako Yao:

This is the first level where you have an escort with you. To lay out the
basics: all escorts in this game are powerless to defend themselves, so you
should do your best to keep them out of trouble. The escort mission in this
level is rather unique, though, since it's the escort Hisako who is calling
the shots, and all you're supposed to do is follow her.

Level flow (Mission 1):

The level starts with a tutorial. Hisako tells you to close your eyes and look
for her in your thoughts - in other words, you got to open the Sightjack-menu
with L2 and search her vision. After doing this and watching Kyoya through her
eyes for a moment, close the menu to have her continue her speech.

This tutorial may be a bit tiresome (especially on replays), but there's no
way to really skip it. If you try to run too far, Hisako just stops talking
until you return... so don't do it.

Hisako soon runs off deeper in the level and you're supposed to follow her.
This part is self-explanatory: just go wherever Hisako goes and keep the light
off and you should be fine. Also remember to crouch with Hisako behind the
Rice Shop or else the Shibito will notice you.

At the end of the level you are supposed to climb on top of the bus stop and
then "Pull Up" Hisako after you. Don't be too hasty in climbing up or else you
miss a trigger that is a part of the tutorial and the command to "Pull Up" won't
appear in the List Menu. In that case, you have to jump back down again and
wait until the game finally teaches you how to "Pull Up".

To "Pull Up" escorts, first climb a high ledge. Then turn to face the edge of
the high ledge you want to help somebody climb and open List Menu. If you are
close enough to the edge, the option to "Pull Up" should be there.

If you need to get get closer to the edge but keep jumping off it by accident,
simply try walking or strafing closer to the edge instead of running.

After pulling Hisako up, she walks to the exit, which is just a few meters
away. Follow her to conclude the mission.

Level flow (Mission 2):

For this Mission you don't need to follow Hisako's advice at all. Just run up
the pathway and turn left after going up the stairs to reach an area that was
barred off during Mission 1. Climb up to the Rokkaku's House's shed roof and
find a letter there. After examining it, the level is done.

Sub-objective - Getting key to storeroom:

This key is on a counter outside the Tobacconist on the side of the broken
bridge. It's somewhat easy to see once you get close enough because there's
an unique camera angle pointing to it.

The key can be picked up at any time during the level, but it's most
convenient to do so during the early part of the tutorial when you are
near the area and there's some waiting to do. You can avoid being seen by
enemies by keeping the flashlight off and avoiding the line of sight of the
patroller Shibito standing nearby.

Getting Archive #012 - Drawing with cryptic symbols

This Archive is lying on the ground, partially obscured by wall, to the south
of Bus Stop. Examine the ground where the street ends to find it.

This Archive can be picked up at any time during the level, but it's most
convenient to do during Mission 1 right before you exit the area with Hisako.

Getting Archive #013 - Letter addressed to Risa Onda

You automatically receive this Archive upon completing Mission 2, so you
can't miss it.


- There's something weird going on with Hisako's eyes. Look closer with R2.

- If you listen carefully, you'll hear the announcement Harumi makes at the
school some time during this level.

- If enemies find Hisako, she is constrained by her scripted behavior and is
unable to escape or defend herself at all. She will simply stand in place as
enemies wail on her. This can result in a comical moment if a Shibito starts
strangling her when she's telling you how she's keeping an eye out on the
surroundings and how YOU should be careful.

- During Mission 1, the way to Rokkaku's house is blocked by a sheet of wood,
preventing you from going there too early.

Fun things to try out:

- There is a landslide you can try to run into at the north end of the level.
This causes Kyoya to back away with an unique animation.

- At the very end of the level, if you refuse to "Pull Up" Hisako, her behavior
changes and she instead starts following you like a normal escort. But she is
still somewhat eerie and never turns to face Kyoya directly.

- You can have Hisako have an "accident" at the end of the level if you keep
repeatedly jumping off Rokkaku's House's shed roof down to the shores below
while she is following you. She eventually takes too much damage from it and
succumbs to her injuries. This can only be done after Mission 2 is enabled.

- Start strafing right over the corner where the level's first staircase starts
leading up. Kyoya's leg bends inhumanely out of place!

Bonus - Hisako's dialogue:

During part 1 of the tutorial, Hisako says "Close your eyes. Relax and look for
me in your thoughts."

During part 2 of the tutorial, Hisako says "Do you see yourself? That's you,
from my point of view. Did you feel anything else? They are no longer... human.
Be careful, it will be a while until you can move freely. Please, follow me."

During part 3 of the tutorial, Hisako says "Wait here. Come over when I call
you. I'm concentrating on our surroundings, so I can't watch over you the whole
time. Eventually, you'll be able to feel me calling you."

If you try to leave the tutorial too early, she says "Wait. Where do you think
you're going?", "Please listen to me!", "You can't just leave" or "Where you're

If you are too slow in following her, she may say "What are you doing?", "Over
here." or "Come here, now!" in an angry tone of voice.

If you turn flashlight on after the crouching bit, she'll say "Don't put on the
light. They'll find us!".

If you are too slow Pulling Her up, she may say "Give me a hand. Are you okay?"
or "Please!"


- If enough time passes, Kyoya may start running normally instead of being
so exhausted all the time. I suppose it's a bug?

1, Kyoya's rubber leg (old video):

2, Hisako jumping to her doom (old video):

Video stage: Kyoya's Day 1 - 07:00 (07:13:29)

- #020 Book of Deliverance -Chaos at the End of Time-

Kyoya's Day 1 - 08:00 (08:10:24) - KYOYA3

MO1 = "Reach road to Tabori settlement with Miyako Kajiro."
MO2 = "Find grave of Takeuchi family."

Level details:

Location = Arato.
Weather = Daytime / Foggy.
Escort mission = Yes.
Checkpoints = Yes.

Important sub-objectives:
- pushing a marker
- closing the floodgates
- picking up screwdriver

- #025 Jun Kajiro's Family Register
- #026 The Takeuchi Monographs: Notes on the Kajiro Family

About Kyoya Suda:

Kyoya is back to normal during this level. However, I wonder: where did his
flashlight go all of a sudden? He has nothing in his inventory except the
'Key to storeroom' if you had picked it up in the previous level.

About Iron Poker and melee fighting:

This is the first level in the game where you find a melee weapon for yourself.
The combat in this game is somewhat clunky and not particularly easy. It has
a certain rhythm to it which you'll eventually get the hang of. But for now,
try to be careful, and never get into fights with more than one enemy at once.

The Iron Poker is a fairly mediocre weapon. It has a short range and moderate
damage. But it'll have to do for now!

About the escort Miyako Kajiro:

Miyako is an escort who we'll be meeting frequently in Kyoya's levels. Her
gimmick is that she is blind and has to Sightjack through Kyoya's eyes to move
around in the level. In practical terms this means that Kyoya has to move a
bit slower than normal and also turn around regularly to face Miyako so that
she can keep up. Not too big of a problem, and she says a line if she happens
to get lost from the player, so pay attention to it.

If you leave Miyako behind, she will stay in one place and often crouches down
to stay hidden while waiting for Kyoya to return.

About escort commands:

You may have noticed that the List Menu features some new, unique commands now
that you have an escort to order around.

"Come Here" and "Wait" are pretty self-explanatory. You can tell Miyako to
either follow Kyoya or stay in place with these commands. However, if Miyako
has lost sight of Kyoya, she will not move no matter how many times you tell
her to "Come Here".

"Run!" is a command only available during combat. This makes Miyako attempt to
escape from the Shibito and reach some nearby location to hide in. It doesn't
work as well as you'd hope, though.

"Hide" is a command near some predetermined hiding places. This makes Miyako
enter into hiding, where she'll crouch down out of sight. Hiding places are
usually 100% safe areas where you can just leave escorts and they'll be fine.

Level flow (Mission 1):

You need to escort Miyako through the level to the road to Tabori. In missions
like this one, it's useful to check out the location of the exit right away from
the map screen so that you have a better idea of the general direction where
you have to head to.

Karuwari is a large rice fields area that is divided into two parts, separated
by an Iron Gate from the south and a collapsed bridge from the north. The only
way to reach the other side for now is past the Gate, but first you have to
find a weapon for Kyoya. There just so happens to be an Iron Poker that you can
pick up in the middle of the rice fields near where you start at - pay attention
to the smoke that rises from a campfire to find it.

Follow the ascending path to the west to find the Iron Gate. It has a lock on it
you can knock off using the Iron Poker. There's a checkpoint once you get past
the Iron Gate if Miyako is with you.

After passing the Iron Gate, the path forward looks wide and twisting, but is
actually pretty linear. There are two Shibito on the way and stealthily evading
them is difficult since it's daytime and you have an escort - so prepare to do
some fighting.

You can make the fights easier on yourself by abusing the small ledges in the
area. Get on higher ground and fool the Shibito into trying to climb up one of
the ledges. They're powerless while climbing, so you can just keep hitting them
whenever they try to climb up to you.

After you move ahead and climb up some stairs, you enter a small cemetery that
also has a locked gate that leads to the Church. After that you'll reach an
intersection that goes to left and right. The exit of the level is to the left,
but you might not want to head there immediately because there are still some
sub-objectives you can do here, and you have to do them sooner or later. Read
more about the sub-objectives further below.

Once you're ready, head to the left with Miyako. There's just a single Shibito
to fight there, after which the level is over.

Level flow (Mission 2):

This is a Mission where you don't need Miyako, so it's more convenient to just
leave her behind to where the level starts and set off adventuring alone.

The start of the level is basically the same as in Mission 1. Get the Poker,
break the Iron Gate, run up to the wide intersection past the Gate to Church.
The first new thing that happens is that you have to go close the Floodgates.

From the intersection past the Gate to the Church, turn heavily right and
follow the dirt path to find some brushwood to clear. There's a wheel you must
turn past there. Now the previously flooded river has been drained and can be
traversed, opening a new path in the level.

The river bottom too is divided into two halves. You can visit the west half
from where you are, but this isn't particularly useful. To complete the level
you need to reach the east side of the river bottom instead, and that requires
backtracking through the Iron Gate again.

Follow the path past the Iron Gate to eventually find some small bridges from
where you can jump down to the river bottom. Pay attention to stone stairs
leading up on the left side of the path. That leads to a graveyard, where
examining one of the graves will end the level.

Sub-objective - Pushing a marker:

There is a marker to push in the north-east side of the level. To reach it,
start heading north from the start of the level. Go past the Abandoned
Storehouse, preferably using the left path that doesn't have a Shibito near it.

There's a small dead end path on the north side of the road, but be careful: a
Sniper that patrols near the Abandoned Car can sometimes see Kyoya when going
through this area. He's not too big a risk if you're stealthy or fast, though.

Once you are on the small path, there is some brushwood that can be cleared
with List Menu. After that, climb up and push the marker.

This objective can be done during either Mission 1 or 2. It's slightly more
convenient to do if Miyako is not with you.

Sub-objective - Closing floodgates:

Closing the floodgates is something Kyoya automatically does during Mission 2
of this level, so there's no chance of missing it.

Sub-objective - Picking up screwdriver:

The screwdriver lies on ground near the hood of the Abandoned Car. Picking it
up isn't without danger, though, since there's a Sniper in this area. You should
first Sightjack the Sniper and wait until he turns his back on the Car before

The screwdriver is equally convenient to pick up during either Mission 1 or
Mission 2. However, it's suggested to leave Miyako behind while getting it.

Getting Archive #025 - Jun Kajiro's Family Register

This archive is received automatically after watching the level intro.

Getting Archive #026 - The Takeuchi Monographs: Notes on the Kajiro Family

This archive can ONLY be got while doing Mission 2. Right before you examine
the gravestone that ends the level, this archive can be found lying on ground
near another gravestone to the left.

Miyako's speech (bonus):

- If Miyako loses your character, she says "I can't see. Look at me properly."
or "Walk slowly, will you." or "Look at me."

- If you get separated from her for a moment, she'll say "Hurry up and lead the
way!" or "About time." when you return.

- If you encounter shibitos, she'll shout "No!"

- If you wait for long periods of time, she'll ask "What are you doing?"

- If you make her wait and then leave her alone, she'll periodically say one
of these comments: "Never! I never want to end up like that...", "Never ever,
never...", "I hate every single one of them!"

- If she expects to get pulled up, she'll say "Your hand." or "I can't climb
up on my own!" or "Pull me up!"


- You can see the small silhouettes of some shrines atop the mountains.

- You can't turn the floodgates valve during Mission 1 because the game
claims it's rusted shut.


- The "Pull Up" command works in a fairly glitchy way with a blind character.
You can "Pull Up" Miyako even if she has lost sight of Kyoya. This causes her
to slowly walk up to the Pull Up-location with an eerie calm, ignoring any
obstacles that might be in her way. Her determination is so absolute that she
won't stop even if she takes some damage. After reaching the destination, she
will either get pulled up or complains about it being impossible, after which
things return back to normal.

- Miyako can sometimes get stuck in the small puddles in this area. I'm not
sure what exactly do you have to do to activate this bug. She just starts doing
an insane little dance in the puddle, turning around and around constantly. The
bug only seems to start if Kyoya and Miyako are on a different level of height,
and it seems to end if Kyoya and Miyako return to same level of height. Bonus
irony points if you get Miyako to say "What are you doing?" while she's dancing.

- KurtKokaine4 recalls a spooky occurrence where Miyako completely disappeared
from the level. Kurt was playing through the level slowly, enjoying all the
sights and wandering around. But all of a sudden Miyako vanished, even though
she was just a moment ago following Kyoya like usual. She couldn't be found
even with Sightjacking.

- The old, rotted tree before the Church Gate has very poor collision. If you
move towards it, your character will shake and sink inside the tree.

1, The 'Pull Up'-bug:
2, Miyako stuck in a puddle (old videos):

A video stage, Kyoya's Day 1 - 18:00 (18:03:03)

List of archives:
- none.

Kyoya's Day 2 - 01:00 (01:11:11) - KYOYA4

MO1 = "Escape from abandoned house with Miyako Kajiro."
MO2 = "Find scythe embedded in wall."

Level details:

Location = The Abandoned House.
Weather = Night / Rainy.
Escort mission = Yes.
Checkpoints = Yes.

Important sub-objectives:
- visiting storeroom with Miyako
- taking the sake bottle

- #058 Idol found in Buddhist altar
- #059 Misumi Daily Gazette
- #060 Midnight Pimpernel

About Kyoya Suda:

Kyoya is his usual self in this level. His inventory features the poker, the
flashlight, a screwdriver (if you found it in Kyoya's Day 1 - 08:00) and key to
storeroom (if you found it during Kyoya's Day 1 - 02:00).

About the escort Miyako Kajiro:

Yep, she's here too. She acts the same as previously, so don't move around
too fast or she'll lose sight of Kyoya, stopping on her tracks.

The first part of the level can be completed without taking Miyako with you,
and in most cases it's simpler to just leave her behind. However, you should
note that leaving her behind is basically the faster but more risky option for
dealing with this level. For instance, the patrolling Shibito right next to
where you start almost seems to be scripted to find Miyako if you leave her
in plain sight in any of the rooms downstairs. So if you don't intend to hide
Miyako anywhere, you should knock out the patroller as the first thing you do
as the level starts.

The safest place to leave Miyako for now is the Storeroom, but doing that is
only possible if you picked up the key to storeroom from Kyoya's Day 1 - 02:00

Level flow (Mission 1):

The level starts in the living room of the abandoned house with Miyako. This is
a somewhat cramped place where it's difficult to simply run past Shibito
encounters, so some fighting is to be expected. However, you should try to
start the fights on your own terms and never let the Shibito overwhelm Kyoya.

To start with, there's a patroller Shibito right outside in the corridor as well
as a Revolver Shibito inside the Parlour. But more Shibito will keep entering
the house as the level progresses, making the area more and more dangerous.

Fighting the patroller is surprisingly dangerous because the Revolver Shibito
is scripted to become suspicious too. He comes out to check the corridor and
if you're too close he will join in on the brawl as well. If you want to play
things safe, lure the patroller away from the stairs and fight these two Shibito
one at a time.

First objective of the level is to get a submerged key. It is found from inside
the Bath. Empty the bathtub and then collect the key that is left behind - it's
a key to desk drawer.

The drawer you must open is upstairs in the Boarder's Room. Opening it reveals
some pliers. Note that after you pick up this item, one new Shibito will spawn
inside the house. A female Shibito crawls in through the Toilet and will then
unlock the door from the inside as she enters the main area. Fighting her
usually cannot be avoided unless you're very fast. If you want to fight her in
more safe conditions, wait until she walks down the hallway so that you don't
have to fight her in front of the Parlour and risk the Revolver Shibito butting
in too.

After that, a new objective tells you to open the Buddhist Altar. Doing this
gives you an Archive and also starts a cutscene where a fourth Shibito will
enter the house. Fighting him is inevitable, so get ready for that. Once that's
done with, you can use the hole in the floor to escape from the house. Get
Miyako close and then use List Menu to leave.

There's a checkpoint that activates once you're outside the house.

The second part of the level takes place outside in the yard. There are two
Shibito here. There's a one patroller as well as the same Revolver Shibito who
was just hounding you indoors. Yes, this Shibito just teleported outside for no
reason, don't think about it too hard.

There are a few optional tasks to be done in the yard, but those are elaborated
on below. When you're done, walk out through the entrance with Miyako.

Level flow (Mission 2):

Mission 2 starts exactly the same as Mission 1. Just play the level as if you
were playing Mission 1 until you finally get out of the house.

Instead of going to the exit and leaving like you did in Mission 1, find the
Cottage. If you have the screwdriver with you, you can open up a breaker behind
it. This lets you shut off the lights inside, which on the other hand compels
a passive Revolver Shibito inside to unlock the door and come out. Be prepared
to beat him up when he steps out before he can shoot you. After that, walking
into the Cottage will end the Mission.

Sub-objective - Visiting storeroom with Miyako:

There is a locked Storeroom near where the level starts. You can unlock it with
key to storeroom if you picked it up during Kyoya Day 1 - 02:00.

Have Miyako follow Kyoya inside. You should get two cutscenes - one where Kyoya
breaks floorboards and another where Miyako walks over the same spot and loses
an item. And that's all you have to do to complete this sub-objective.

This sub-objective is equally convenient to do in either Mission 1 or 2.

Sub-objective - Taking a sake bottle:

After you leave the house, you can find a small Storage from behind the house.
The Sake bottle is located inside.

This sub-objective is equally convenient to do in either Mission 1 or 2.

Getting Archive #058 - Idol found in Buddhist altar:

This Archive is got automatically after you cut the wire around the altar.

Getting Archive #059 - Misumi Daily Gazette:

This Archive can be collected after you have cut wires to the Buddhist Altar
and the new Shibito has broken in through the floor. Examine the yellow
newspaper next to the hole in the floor to get this item.

It is equally simple to pick up during either Mission.

Getting Archive #060 - Midnight Pimpernel:

This Archive is found by examining ground near the bloody pool outside the
house. It's at the same spot where you dug earth with Risa in the Mission 2 of
her first level.

This Archive is almost equally convenient to get in either Mission 1 or 2.
Perhaps just slightly more so in Mission 1, since the fastest route to the exit
goes past the bloody pool in any case.

Miyako's speech (bonus):

Most of her comments are the same as before, but there are some new lines too.

- If she becomes lost, she says "I can't see, do it right!" or "Ugh...
I can't see."

- If you wait around too long, she says "Hurry!" or "Time to get moving."
or "We got to get moving."

- If you meet her after a long period of separation, she'll say "About time."
or "You're late! We have to hurry!"

- When you activate the small cutscene in the Storeroom, she'll call Kyoya a
"dummy". After she loses her beaded doll, she says "Forget it."


- Another safe place where to leave Miyako is - ironically - the Parlour. It's
the room with the table-top lighter and a Revolver Shibito. If you first clear
out the Shibito and then ask Miyako to 'Hide' inside that room, she'll go
crouching behind a couch and no Shibito will discover her from there during the
level. The biggest problem is that you have to go get her out of there sooner
or later, meaning you have to fight the Revolver Shibito one extra time.

- Once you leave the house, you can't go back in there any longer.

- The old lady Shibito who enters the house through the toilet will unlock
the bathroom door like the Shibito always do: by banging it repeatedly.

- You can "Shout" to alarm the outdoors patroller Shibito while you're still
inside the house. He becomes suspicious, but can't reach you at the moment.

- If you examine the feces-smeared toilet, Kyoya comments "It would be too
hard to get Miyako out this way." Miyako doesn't give her thoughts on the
matter if she is close by.

- If you don't have a screwdriver while trying to complete Mission 2, the game
will give you the fake option of "Smashing the Case" when examining the lights
breaker of the Cottage. If you try to use this option, the game just gives a
message that it'd be too dangerous because of the noise it would create.


- There's a small "Hide" bug in this level. Go to the room with the table-top
lighter. Go past the lighter and into the cramped space between the sofas and
the nailed up window. Get Miyako there too, then ask her to "Hide". If all goes
well, she walks past Kyoya and proceeds to hump the drawer for no good reason.
Bonus humor points if she says her line "Got to get moving" while she's at it.

- The enemies too can get stuck running against either corner of the room in
a similar fashion if you manage to lure them there and then bait them from the
opposite side of the room.

- There is a mysterious invisible wall at the bottom of the stairs leading to
the 2nd floor of the house that can be hit if you run down at full speed. This
just causes Kyoya to bump into nothingness.

1, the "Hide" bug (old video):

Kyoya's Day 2 - 07:00 (07:03:41) - KYOYA5

MO1 = "Drive away Shibito Brain."
MO2 = "Acquire 38 calibre police-issue revolver."

(Yes, it says "38 calibre" in the game, not ".38 calibre". That's one big gun.)

Level details:

Location: Janokubi Valley.
Weather: Daytime / Foggy.
Escort mission: Yes.
Checkpoints: Yes.

Important sub-objectives:
- getting a revolver

- #067 The Kasutori Inquirer
- #068 Shiro Miyata's driver's license
- #069 Naoko Mihama's resume

About Kyoya Suda:

He's the same as always. His inventory consists of the poker and a sake bottle
(if you picked it up in the previous level).

About the escort Miyako Kajiro:

Miyako is around too. This is another level where you don't need to escort
Miyako if you don't want to, as neither Mission actively requires her to be
somewhere. So you can just leave her be where the level starts if you want.

Level flow (Mission 1):

Your goal in Mission 1 is to "Drive away Shibito Brain". In practice this
means that you have to find a specific Shibito who is the pack leader from
this level and knock him out. Brains are Shibito who both look and act in
some unique ways, but HOW exactly, it varies a bit from level to level.

The gimmick of this level's Shibito Brain is that he escapes immediately
when the player is approaching. Like in the other levels where the Brain
behaves like this, they don't even have to physically sense the player before
they panic and start running away. This makes sneaking up on them impossible,
so be prepared for some chasing.

The Shibito Brain is located in the middle of the forest area, in the same spot
where Shiro started his first level. Running there right as the level starts is
possible but very risky because he is being guarded by a Dog Shibito who is
extraordinarily powerful. It doesn't flinch if you attack it and kills Kyoya
in just a few hits, so ordinarily you'd want to avoid it at all costs.

The solution the game offers for distracting the bodyguard Dog Shibito is using
Miyata's Car. You can pick up a lighter on ground on the other side of the
Suspension Bridge. Once you have it, you can blow up Miyata's Car, causing the
Dog Shibito to leave the forest path and come closer to the Car instead. 

If you blow up the car, you also become checkpointed.

After that, there are no more obstacles on the path leading to Shibito Brain.
But the level isn't quite over yet. As mentioned, the Shibito Brain will react
to the player closing in even without having to physically sense them.

Once alarmed, the Shibito Brain runs away and drops off the side of the forest
path and then turns right. He will run over the Suspension Bridge and enters the
Ore Processing Plant. Chasing after him through this area is especially
troublesome since there are two Dog Shibito around who are a big threat.

This Shibito Brain is especially quick, and Kyoya can't outrun him once he
really gets going. There are only a few ways you can counteract this and
minimize the amount of time you'll spend chasing him:

- There is a movable roadblock at the Ore Processing Plant. Personally I've
found that moving it only helps the Brain escape faster. If you leave it to
its default position, the Brain will get caught on it for a second or two.

- The Brain stops while turning and runs through redundant paths sometimes.
This lets you catch up with him at certain opportunities. Sometimes he may also
turn around 180 degrees and run back to where he came from.

- If you're desperate, you can leave Miyako to stand on a forest path to
block the Brain's path. This is a risky solution sometimes, though, since Brain
can rarely attack and kill Miyako.

The level finally ends once you manage to hit the Shibito Brain enough times.

Level flow (Mission 2):

During Mission 2 your objective is to knock out Kyoya's recurring arch nemesis,
the police officer, who is now a flying Shibito.

The police officer doesn't exist in the level when you start. Instead, you
have to run all the way to the south-west corner of the level and approach the
Puddle from any direction to see a cutscene where Kyoya notices him. After this
point, he will be found flying around the Puddle.

The in-game lore suggests that the police officer loves Sake, and that is,
in fact, your secret weapon against him. Run up to the large Puddle and break
the Sake bottle in it. Once he loses sight of Kyoya again and calms down, the
officer will periodically start landing down to drink from the Puddle.

There is a Power Distribution Box inside the south half of the Ore Processing
Plant. It has to be unlocked with a key first, though. The key is found from
the Mountain Hut, and you'll probably have to fight the two Dog Shibito who
are in the way to get there safely.

Just sightjack the police officer to see when he is drinking from the Puddle
and then flip the electricity on. This will cause him to become shocked and
drop his weapon, starting a special cutscene. The Officer won't revive
afterwards, so you don't have to worry about him any more during this level.

The level ends as soon as you pick up the Revolver.

Sub-objective - Getting the revolver:

This sub-objective is fulfilled automatically when you pick up the revolver
at the end of Mission 2, so there's no way to miss it.

Getting Archive #067 - The Kasutori Inquirer:

This Archive is on a shelf in the Mountain Hut, it's not hard to find.

It can be picked up during either Mission 1 or 2 without too many issues,
other than the two Dog Shibito roaming about.

Getting Archive #068 - Shiro Miyata's driver's license:

This Archive can be found on ground near the dug up hole in the forest area,
right where the Shibito Brain hangs out.

It's simpler to pick up during Mission 1 since you won't necessarily come near
this place during Mission 2.

Getting Archive #069 - Naoko Mihama's resume:

This Archive can be found near some barrels south of the Ore Processing Plant.

It's fairly simple to pick up during either Mission.

Miayko's speech (bonus):

Some of her comments have changed since the last time.

- If she gets 'lost', she'll say "Just keep looking at me!" or "I can't see!
Do it right." or "Ugh! I can't see!"

- If you wait around a bit, she'll say "We got to get moving." or "Hurry!"

- If you meet her after a long period of separation, she'll say the same
things as before, as well as "We're late. We have to hurry!"

- When you approach the puddle with sake in it she'll ask "What's that smell?"


- The Shibito Brain doesn't consider Kyoya a target and will never attack him.

- To note, you can't shout to distract the Dog Shibito or Shibito Brain from
afar. Only blowing up Miyata's Car or going near enough will elicit some sort
of a response.

- Miyata's Car's registration plate is completely blank. Some more fishy details
about our good doctor...

- The flames of the burning car don't hurt Kyoya.

- Even if you beat this level without doing anything to Miyata's car, you'll
still find the car all burnt up when you visit this area later on.

- It's possible to knock out the police officer without electrocuting him by
simply running up to him while he's drinking from the Puddle and hitting him.
But you can't beat the level this way because the officer won't drop his weapon
unless you shock him.

Fun things to try out:

- If you want a challenging fight, try taking on the bodyguard Dog Shibito
head on. You got to be pretty good at dodging hits to do this.

- The road past Miyata's Car features a secret enemy: another super tough Dog
Shibito, only this one is even tougher than the bodyguard Dog Shibito and will
kill Kyoya in just a single hit! The ultimate fighting challenge in this game?

- It's possible to kill any enemies in this level by luring them near the puddle
while it is electrified. The puddle is surrounded by invisible walls, sure, but
if enemies hit a certain edge of it, they will die instantly regardless.

- If you permanently want to keep the Dog Shibito off your tail, lure all of
them into the electrified puddle and kill them in it, then go and turn on
electricity. The foes cannot leave the puddle because they instantly die again
when they revive while inside the electrified puddle.


- I once had a rare occurrence where the bodyguard Dog Shibito got distracted
by the flames of Miyata's Car even while he was alarmed and fighting Kyoya.
The Dog Shibito simply stopped and was staring at the flames without doing
anything, and even attacking him didn't cause him to return to normal.

- The sub-goal message you get after picking up the lighter is sometimes empty.

- If you examine Miyata's Car after you've lit it on fire, it'll normally say
"Raging flames consume the car, producing clouds of billowing, black smoke."
However, if you retry from the mid-level checkpoint, the comment changes back
to what it was before the car was on fire, which is: "Gasoline is dripping
from the chassis."

- If you have knocked out the Police Officer into the puddle using melee,
then go and activate electricity, the Officer will immediately die upon
reviving and his body is pushed out of the puddle in a glitchy looking way.

1, defeating the bodyguard Dog Shibito in melee (old video):

2, Police Officer awakens in electrified puddle (old video):

3, electrifying crawlers with the puddle (old videos):

A video stage: Kyoya's Day 2 - 09:00 (09:57:58)

List of archives:
- none.

Kyoya's Day 2 - 20:00 (20:31:33) - KYOYA6

MO1 = "Infiltrate The Nest with Yoriko Anno."
MO2 = "Create entryway for Harumi Yomoda."

Level details:

Location: Arato (Nest).
Weather: Night / Rainy.
Escort Mission: Yes.
Checkpoints: Yes.

Important sub-objectives:
- None.

- #079 Signpost containing map of Arato
- #080 The Takeuchi Monographs: Sacred Beliefs of Hanuda

About Kyoya Suda:

His inventory features a flashlight, the poker and possibly a .38 calibre
police-issue revolver, depending on if you completed Kyoya Day 2 - 07:00 MO2.

About the escort Yoriko Anno:

A new escort for Kyoya. She's the same slightly ditzy character as she was
earlier on, although some of her comments are slightly different now that
she's apart from her dear professor.

Level flow (Mission 1):

The level starts from the shoreline. Once you go up the stairs, keep flashlight
turned off since there is a Sniper nearby. There is also a patroller who will
most likely notice you, but you can fight him pretty easily since you are armed.

The objective is to enter Cafeteria, but it's difficult at the moment because
of the Sniper Shibito overlooking the area. The fastest way to get rid of him
is to alarm him while strafing in and out of cover, fool him to empty his gun,
then go beat him up or just run into the Cafeteria while he is reloading.

The inteded but more long-winded and not necessarily safer solution is to climb
on Rokkaku's House's shed's roof to find a new pathway above Arato. There's a
locked gate on your path that you have to open with attacks. Don't turn on your
light and be careful in general since the Sniper can notice Kyoya while he is
on the pathway. The path continues to the side of the Cafeteria, where you can
with some luck sneak attack the Sniper.

There's one more patroller Shibito inside the Cafeteria. She almost certainly
has to be knocked out because of the cramped space.

A checkpoint activates once you reach the alley behind the Cafeteria. Yoriko
will appear nearby if you retry, so you can basically avoid escorting her
through the first part of the level if you just retry after reaching this point.

Turn right from the Cafeteria and head straight until you find a dead end with
a patroller and a folding saw. Pick up the saw and then look for another path
past a small step. Cross the step and continue through a path to a more wide
open area. There's a Sniper up high overlooking the area, so if you want to be
safe, Sightjack him and only move when he's not looking at Kyoya's direction.
There's also another patroller wandering here.

You have to climb a tall box to reach the Mission 1 exit. The Sniper's view is
blocked to this direction, so you should be safe if you're close enough to the
box. 'Pull Up' Yoriko to help her up and then 'Cut Wood' at the end of the path
to finish the level.

Level flow (Mission 2):

Most of the level works the same way as Mission 1 did. There are only two
differences, one at the start and one at the end of the level.

At the start of the level you need to take a detour to Rokkaku's House and
pick up a manhole opener from inside. You can only access this house if you
made it accessible during Shiro's Day 1 - 07:00 level.

The second difference is that to finish the level you have to run deeper into
the final area than before to find a manhole on ground. This area too should
be mostly blocked from the Sniper's view. Get rid of the patroller Shibito if
it is pestering Kyoya, then enter the manhole with Yoriko close by. If you
completed a sub-objective where Yoriko picks up a cloth in Tamon's Day 1 -
20:00, then she should say a line and the level will come to a close.

Getting Archive #079 - Signpost containing map of Arato

This Archive can be found on the wall to the left when you're heading to the
wide open area with the level exit in it.

It can be got equally conveniently during either Mission 1 or 2.

Getting Archive #080 - The Takeuchi Monographs: Sacred Beliefs of Hanuda

This Archive is on a table inside Rokkaku's House.

This item can ONLY be picked up during Mission 2 since the House is not open
until then.

Yoriko's speech (bonus):

- If you make tell Yoriko to 'Run', she'll say "Ugh! Don't come near me!"

- If you wait around uselessly, she'll ask you "What are you doing?"

- If you meet her after a long period of separation, she'll say "Where were you?
The professor's waiting... I think." or "Well that took forever! What were you

- If she's nearby when you take the manhole opener, she asks "What'll you do
with that?"

- If she's nearby when you take the cutting saw, she'll ask "What are you going
to do with that?"

- When you enter the sewer, she'll say "Hey, wait a minute! I think we might be
able to break this!" or "What are you doing?"


- This is chronologically the last time Arato is visited.

- Apparently you can make breaking the gate safer if you time your attacks with
the sounds of thunder.

1, skipping the first part of the level with checkpoint abuse:

A video stage: Kyoya's Day 3 - 02:00 (02:13:17)

List of archives:
- none.

A video stage: Kyoya's Day 3 - 09:00 (09:48:21)

List of archives:
- none.

A video stage: Kyoya's Day 3 - 18:00 (18:08:59)

List of archives:
- none.

A video stage: Kyoya's Day 3 - 20:00 (20:57:55)

List of archives:
- none.

Kyoya's Day 3 - 23:00 - KYOYA7

MO1 = "Defeat Datatsushi."
MO2 = "Decapitate Datatsushi."

Level details:

Location: Paradise (?).
Weather: Otherworldly.
Escort mission: No.
Checkpoints: Yes.

Important sub-objectives:
- None.

- #095 Devotional painting - Paradise -
- #096 The Homunaragi

About Kyoya Suda:

He starts the level with a hunting rifle (a total of 15 bullets) and a
suspicious Uryen.

About Miyako:

She's just a specter at the moment, visible only when you are Sightjacking
Datatsushi. She is pointing at the direction of a large pyramid in the area.

Level flow (Mission 1):

And now for something completely different! This level is basically a boss rush
against two different bosses - first a sniper battle against Jun, then a more
abstract struggle against the otherworldly Datatsushi.

Jun is easily the harder of the two. He is a Shibito wielding a sniper rifle,
but his behavior is completely unlike any other Sniper Shibito in the game.
He is very mobile and usually keeps running from pillar to pillar. He tends to
stop behind some pillar, after which he will prepare for a second or two before
stepping out and taking aim at Kyoya. After he attempts to shoot Kyoya, he will
continue running between pillars. The same pattern continues until you manage
to hit him enough times with your own rifle.

If you're good with the rifle, it's possible to hit Jun while he is running
between pillars. Otherwise your best bet for damaging him is after he has
stepped out and is aiming at Kyoya. Even in the best case scenario, you only
have a few seconds of time to get a clear shot at Jun before getting shot back,
making this fight a nightmare if you haven't mastered the use of the rifle.

After damaging Jun enough, you get a cutscene where Jun takes out the sword
Homunaragi. After this point, the rules change. Damaging Jun is no longer
effective in the least, so you should do your best to simply escape and avoid
his sword slashes for a good 10 seconds until a new cutscene begins.

Kyoya receives the powers of Uryen in a new cutscene, and this in fact unlocks
a very special weapon for Kyoya to use in this next part. You are automatically
switched to Uryen and must now deal a single blow to Jun to defeat him for once
and for all. This can be a bit tricky to do at first since Uryen creates a
localized pillar of fire in front of Kyoya with a huge delay. Your timing
needs to be just right - otherwise Jun will most likely hit Kyoya, and his
sword swipes can kill Kyoya instantly.

A checkpoint activates after you've defeated Jun.

After picking up Homunaragi, the real final fight begins against Datatsushi.
This weird deity is hovering around in the area, but you can't see it with
the naked eye. To get a grip on its location, the easiest way is to simply use

Another method to see Datatsushi is to locate a pyramid from the vast expanse
where you are currently in - its reflective surface allows you to see Datatsushi
as it is approaching. If you need help in locating the pyramid, look to what
direction Miyako is pointing at with her finger when Sightjacking Datatsushi.

Datatsushi's pattern is quite simple. It will just keep on gliding directly
towards Kyoya at a set speed. After reaching close enough it will try to use one
of two attacks: either a tail swipe or a rather disconcerting looking "grab".
Neither attack does all that much damage, and since Datatsushi's rate of attack
is pretty slow, you are not in that big of a danger of dying here. In any case,
every time Datatsushi does an attack - or is successfully attacked by Kyoya -
it will just teleport to a random location nearby. And the pattern continues.

To deal some damage to Datatsushi, find its location and then hit it with the
Uryen when it's nearing in on Kyoya. You just have to repeat this three times,
after which the fight is over.

Level flow (Mission 2):

Mission 2 is in most respects the same as Mission 1. The only difference is
that you deal the final hit to Datatsushi with the Homunaragi instead of Uryen.
Hold down aim until the Homunaragi starts shining with eerie fire. Then do a
swipe that will contact Datatsushi to get Mission 2 completed.

Getting Archive #095 - Devotional painting - Paradise -:

You automatically receive this Archive at the start of the level.

Getting Archive #096 - The Homunaragi:

You automatically receive this Archive when picking up the sword Jun leaves


- Jun is programmed to stay alarmed even if Kyoya goes out of sight for extended
periods of time. He will always know Kyoya's exact position as well.

- Jun turns so slowly that it's possible to run around him indefinitely and he
can never get a shot in. It's not a very good fight tactic, but might save Kyoya
in a pinch if you're very close to Jun and you need to stall time for health to

- Jun will no longer flinch if shot with rifle when he is using Homunaragi.

- Jun's sword attacks are a bit delayed in a way that it's possible to evade
them by running directly TOWARDS Jun at a certain timing. It's not really easier
than just running away from him, but it does make for a more stylish fight.

- This level doesn't have a map available, but the navigation is simple enough
that perhaps it doesn't matter.

- The level this fight takes place on wraps around itself endlessly. It doesn't
have invisible walls - it just loops.


- If you Sightjack right after shooting with Uryen and you're about to win the
Jun bossfight, you can see the Sightjack indicator (cross) on Jun's face during
the following cutscene.

- You can Sightjack through Jun's vision even after he's been evaporated.

Basically, after defeating Jun but before picking up the sword, open up the
Sightjacking menu and press either R1 or R2 to get the closest view that's
available. You'll find a view that's directed towards a sky with calm breathing
in the background. Yes, this is Jun's calm breathing audio, which you can never
hear during normal gameplay because Jun is permanently alarmed while you're
fighting against him!

The Sightjack vision disappears if you retry from last Checkpoint, so enjoy
it while it lasts. Thanks to ARMOR15 for finding and reporting this trick.

- If you go to the outer limits of the map where it starts looping on itself,
Jun gets confused and cannot find Kyoya any longer. It's fun to Sightjack him
and see him just run around helplessly.

- Datatsushi may get stuck on the pyramid indefinitely, unable to descend and
attack Kyoya, if you position yourself correctly right next to the pyramid.

1, getting the final boss stuck at the pyramid (old video):

2, evading Jun's sword attacks in a stylish way:

3, Jun's empty camera view:

A video stage: Kyoya's X days later - 00:00 (00:13:33)

List of archives:
- #099 The Truth Behind the Hanuda Incident

A video stage: Kyoya's X days later - 04:00 (04:44:39)

List of archives:
- #100 Misumi Daily Gazette

A video stage: Tamon's 1976 (23:59:54)

List of archives:
- #002 Misumi Daily Gazette

Tamon's Day 1 - 02:00 (02:18:34) - TAMON1

MO1 = "Reach road to Karuwari with Yoriko Anno"
MO2 = "Listen to in-school announcement while on top of fire tower."

Level details:

Location: Haraydori.
Weather: Night / Rainy.
Escort mission: Yes.
Checkpoints: No.

Important sub-objectives:
- shooting Shibito down the well
- unlocking a padlock and turn a valve


- Tamon Takeuchi's faculty ID (#009)
- Fragment of megalith (#010)
- Idol found at bottom of well (#011)

About Tamon Takeuchi:

In this level you get to play as this eccentric but pretty badass professor.

Tamon's levels are relatively speaking a bit more action-packed than normal in
Siren since he wields a .38 calibre revolver. Having a gun makes combat against
single enemies fairly trivial, although with the limited clip size of 6 bullets
you'll want to remember to reload after every single fight. Also... don't shoot
Yoriko by accident.

Tamon starts the level with a Flashlight as well as that aforementioned Revolver
(with 16 bullets total).

About the escort Yoriko Anno:

The escort today is Yoriko Anno, a ditzy student who often appears in Tamon's
levels. She is pretty much the baseline escort character: normal in all
respects, with no weird gimmicks to her behavior... other than that she can be
pretty talkative sometimes.

Level flow (Mission 1):

This level is relatively straightforward - the minimum requirements for
completing it is simply running to the other exit with Yoriko. That's it.

However, this game doesn't actively reward fast and dirty playing like that,
and by leaving the level early you leave a few mandatory sub-objectives undone
for now, not to mention other secrets unexplored. It's best to take your time
& sightsee: really take in the sights and enjoy the creepy atmosphere.

Since Tamon has a revolver, survival isn't that big of an issue either - at
least as long as you manage to avoid the Sniper who has a clear view of the
bridge right in front of where you start. You have a few options for getting
around him. You can Sightjack him and wait until he turns around before crossing
the bridge. Alternatively, you should turn off your flashlight and use a side
path to the left or right to reach the other side of the area safely.

There are two patrolling Shibito on the other side of the level, and it's hard
to consistently avoid them because of the somewhat maze-like structure of the
town block. Shoot if they get too close and continue onward with haste.

Complete the sub-objectives if possible - they are listed underneath - and
then head for the exit. The level ends once you are close enough to the road
to Karuwari and Yoriko is with Tamon.

Level flow (Mission 2):

While the game doesn't tell you this, Mission 2 has a hidden time limit. You
have to climb the Fire Tower before Harumi does the in-school announcement a
few minutes into the level. If you hear a staticky voice somewhere in the
distance while playing, you know you've missed it.

To make matters slightly harder, there are two new Revolver Shibito around
during Mission 2. First is hanging out on the small path to the right of where
you start. The other is standing in the middle of the main road beyond the
bridge. This means surviving is slightly more tricky than before and you will
get into firefights more often.

The level ends if you manage to climb the Fire Tower before the time limit is
up. The biggest obstacle on your way is the Sniper who watches the bridge.
He occasionally turns around to check if Tamon is climbing up the tower. And
if Tamon is caught in the act, he is shot and he'll fall down quite a way,
with predictably messy results.

The most conventional way of getting rid of the Sniper is to sneak attack him.
From the back of the level, you can jump on top of some rooftops and approach
the Sniper from behind without him noticing. After he is down, just climb the
Fire Tower.

There is also a faster if less conventional method that I recommend using.
This tactic involves killing all the Shibito that might bother Tamon on the
ground level first, then climbing up the ladder DESPITE the fact that the
Sniper is still alive. Keep climbing up the ladder until Tamon is noticed by
the Sniper, then go down one step. This makes the Sniper always miss with his
shot. Repeat this 5 times so that the Sniper is out of bullets. While he is
reloading, you can climb all the way up to the tower and shoot him from inside
the tower. Once you learn to do this, it's a really simple tactic for quickly
completing this stage.

Sub-objective - Shooting a Shibito down the well:

This sub-objective isn't absolutely necessary for completing the game, but it
will make things much easier in another level later on.

You have to go and pick up a broken radio from Yoshimora's House. After that,
get to the Well. Examine it with the List Menu to 'Pull up Bucket'. After that,
examine it with List Menu a second time to put the radio inside the Well.

At this point, go hide somewhere nearby for a moment. The male patroller Shibito
will walk past the Well at a specific point during his route. If you did all the
above steps right, the Shibito should hear the radio in the Well and he stops to
listen for a while.

To complete this sub-objective, sneak up on the Shibito while he is hunched
near the Well and shoot him. This removes the patroller Shibito permanently
from the level. If you miss him or he otherwise becomes alarmed early, you've
missed your chance and you have to wait for him to do another round and stop
in front of the Well again later on.

This sub-objective is easier to do during Mission 1 when there are less
Shibito in the level and you don't have a time limit to contend with either.

Sub-objective - Unlocking a padlock:

There is a key to chain lock on a rock in the Cemetery. Pick it up, then go
to the river bottom and search for a valve to unlock. You can see the valve on
the map as a square on the west side of the river bottom.

Like the above sub-objective, this one is easier to do during Mission 1 as well.

Getting archive #009 - Tamon Takeuchi's faculty ID:

You get this Archive automatically after watching the intro of the level.

Getting archive #010 - Fragment of megalith:

This Archive is found from the Cemetary. You get it by examining a small shrine
looking structure by the graves.

Like the above sub-objectives, this Archive is easier to pick up in Mission 1.

Getting archive #011 - Idol found at bottom of well:

You get this archive by examining the ground near the Well after pulling up
the bucket.

This Archive is easiest to get while doing the "shoot Shibito in the Well"
sub-objective, which on the other hand is better to do during Mission 1.

Yoriko's speech (bonus):

- She starts the level by saying "So, I'm supposed to concentrate, and listen to
your voice? W-well, I'm seeing something kind of strange..."

- If you wait around needlessly, she says "Don't you think we should get

- If you meet her after a long period of separation, she'll say "Professor
Takeuchi? I've been waiting for ages! What were you doing?" or "Is this going to
take a while, professor?"

- If she's threatened and starts running, she says "No! Don't come near me!"

- If she expects to get pulled up, she says: "Ugh... can you pull me up?" or
"Can you pull me up?"

- If you pick up the broken radio, she'll ask "What are we going to do with
that piece of junk?"

- When you unlock the valve, she'll say "It's not very polite to go through
other people's things."

- When you turn the valve, she'll say "Uh-oh, don't blame me if we get into

- When you shoot the shibito down the well, she'll say "Right on, professor!"

- When the school announcement plays, she says "What's that? A child's voice?"


- This is one of the few levels in the game that lacks a music. It just has
rainy ambience.

- If you listen to closely, you'll hear the school announcement that Harumi
makes a few minutes into the level somewhere in the distance.

- The broken radio has no effect on enemies until you put it down the well.


- I've heard about a bug where more than one Shibito have stopped in front of
the well to listen to the static. But I don't think I've ever seen it myself.

A video stage: Tamon's Day 1 - 12:00 (12:27:08)

List of archives:
- #033 - Yoriko Anno's class notes

Tamon's Day 1 - 20:00 (20:41:18) - TAMON2

MO1 = "Drive away Shibito Brain."
MO2 = "Find item dropped by Yoriko. Drive away Shibito Brain."

Level details:

Location: Hirunotsuka.
Weather: Night / Rainy.
Escort mission: Yes.
Checkpoints: No.

Important sub-objectives:
- finding a piece of cloth with Yoriko

- #043 Yoriko Anno's student ID
- #044 Premier issue of Atlantis magazine
- #045 Fortune paper from Mizuhiruko shrine
- #046 Tamon Takeuchi's research notes

About Tamon Takeuchi:

Inventory contains the flashlight and the revolver. Tamon has a total of 9
bullets at the start of the level. You are given the chance to pick up extra
bullets during the level, though.

About the escort Yoriko Anno:

She's the same as before, except possibly even more talkative.

Yoriko won't be of any help in your plight against the Shibito Brain. However,
you do need to bring her along to complete a sub-objective, so it's worth
asking her to come along at least once.

Level flow (Mission 1):

The objective of this level is to defeat Shibito Brain. So, how can you know
which of these Shibito is a Shibito Brain? The answer is simple: he's the only
Shibito who is walking on two feet instead of being a Dog or a Flying Shibito.
Shibito Brain also have a recognizable "bubbly" breathing sound in Sightjack.

The Shibito Brain is hanging out near the Small Shrine at the start of the
level. However, chasing after him can be somewhat arduous since he can detect
Tamon when he is approaching even without *actually* sensing him. As a result,
the Brain will escape long before Tamon is around and cannot really be sneaked
upon. One of the best spots where to catch up to the Brain is at the tall climb
to the northwest of of the Shrine since the Brain is a rather slow climber.

The Brain may do other eccentric things as well during this level. His "psychic"
ability to escape from Tamon without being alarmed can sometimes result in
contradictory behavior if he at any point does become alarmed normally. He
might escape from Tamon only to return a moment later. Or, as can often happen,
he may stay near Shrine completely passive to Tamon's presence. If this
happens, it's a rather lucky occurrence since you can then defeat him without
any effort. Brain takes 3 bullets to go down, after which level is over.

Other dangers in the level include numerous Dog Shibito who are weak but fast
as well as a new enemy type Flying Shibito who patrols the road to the south.
The Flying Shibito are enemies that cannot really be fought without some risk.
Both Tamon and the Flier have a low accuracy, so a gun fight is usually decided
by whomever lands a lucky shot or two first. If you want to live dangerously,
you may just run past the Flier - this is usually okay if you don't tarry too
long in its patrol area and also don't have Yoriko with you.

If you decide to go on a warpath and actively fight many enemies in this level,
there are some extra bullets inside the Patrol Car.

However, there exists a fast and devious way to complete this level as well.
It's possible to lure the Shibito Brain to leap down from his starting point,
making it unnecessary to chase after him or visit most of the level at all.

First of all, Sightjack the Brain. As level begins, run past the Shrine to the
cliff under the Small Shrine and fire with revolver once. This will make the
Brain suspicious, and he will start walking towards the ledge. But soon he will
lose interest and turn around. At this point, fire another shot. This will
prompt the Brain to jump down, leaving him at your mercy. Just make sure the
wandering Dog Shibito don't mess up your schemes.

Level flow (Mission 2):

The Mission 2 in this level is almost exactly the same as Mission 1. There
is only one additional condition you have to fulfill, and that is to open the
Small Shrine before defeating the Shibito Brain.

Opening the Small Shrine is only possible if you hit it with a rock during
Kei's Day 1 - 12:00. Upon opening it you see a small cutscene and Yoriko
teleports nearby, after which the level continues as usual.

Sub-objective: finding a piece of cloth with Yoriko

You fulfill this sub-objective by hiding Yoriko inside Stone Cave. Close the
door and just leave her simmer there for ten seconds or so, and a new cutscene
should start, showing her finding the piece of cloth.

You can do this during either Mission 1 or 2.

Getting Archive #043 - Yoriko Anno's student ID

This Archive is automatically received during Mission 2, so it can't be missed.

Getting Archive #044 - Premier issue of Atlantis magazine

This Archive is found from the floor inside the abandoned House.

It's equally simple to pick this item during either Mission 1 or 2, as long as
you are in the area.

Getting Archive #045 - Fortune paper from Mizuhiruko shrine

This Archive can be acquired from the Shrine. Examine the wall to the left of
the doorway.

It's equally simple to pick up this item during either Mission 1 or 2.

Getting Archive #046 - Tamon Takeuchi's research notes

This Archive is acquired when you examine the odd looking item collection at
the back of the Stone Cave.

It's equally simple to pick this item during either Mission 1 or 2, as long as
you are in the area.

Yoriko's speech (bonus):

- If you tell her to 'Wait', she'll periodically say "I'm totally freaked
out, professor!" or "Is this going to take a while?" or "Umph, is this going
to take a while, professor?"

- If she's threatened and starts running, she'll say "Professor, help me! I
can't take this any more!" or "Professor, help me!" or "No! Don't come near me!"

- Her other comments appear to be the same as before.


- If you didn't hit the Small Shrine with a rock during Kei Day 1 - 12:00, you
get an unique cutscene where Tamon shoots the lock but it won't break.

- You lose a bullet upon trying to open the Small Shrine with your gun. If
Tamon is out of bullets, you can't open it.

- There are options such as "Start the engine" and "Toggle the switch" inside
the Patrol Car, but none of them work.


- If you want to have some peace and quiet and get the Flying Shibito out of
this level permanently, you can use a specific setup to get it stuck in air.

From the start of the level, turn around and run down the stairs opposite of
the small spring to get to the main road. Get to the bottom of the stone steps
and wait a little while. A dog Shibito will come by and notice Tamon pretty
soon, so shoot it. A few seconds later, the Flying Shibito appears. As it comes
to this side of the level, it will automatically hover in a position where it
will glitch up upon death instead of falling down to the ground. So... wait for
it to stop, then shoot it. Thanks to KurtKokaine7 for originally finding this

To get even more peace and quiet, you can also lure and kill at least two of
the Dog Shibito inside the small cave, then close the door. They become
permanently stuck there, at least until you open the door again.

- If you activate the cutscene with Yoriko discovering the small cloth while
Tamon is climbing up a tall ledge, he will sink inside ground momentarily.

- This level has so many elevation differences that Yoriko can become confused
if you tell her to "Come Here" if she's on a different elevation and far enough
away. In that case, she will stay where she is and her head will do an eerie
twitch every now and then.

1, getting the flying Shibito stuck:

Tamon's Day 2 - 10:00 (10:29:56) - TAMON3

MO1 = "Defeat sniper."
MO2 = "Remember Akira Shimura."

Level details:

Location: Janokubi Valley.
Weather: Daytime / Foggy.
Escort mission: No.
Checkpoints: Yes.

Important sub-objectives:
- picking up a hose

- #070 Faded photos of Akira Shimura
- #071 Marks on railing

About Tamon Takeuchi:

He starts with nothing else but his trusty revolver. He has a total of 34
bullets in this level. Exactly the same as his age!

About the escort Yoriko Anno:

Yoriko is present in this level, but not in full escort capacity any longer.
You can't give any orders to her and even the slightest bit of damage will be
her doom. Fortunately she is fairly well hidden under the bridge and you don't
have to worry too much about enemies discovering her.

Level flow (Mission 1):

Now it's personal! You start from under the south Bridge and you're supposed
to get the dastardly sniper who set into motion the events of this level.

You can pinpoint the Sniper's location quite easily with Sightjack. He starts
the level on the east side of the Bridge, near the Pay Phone - but simply trying
to run & gun your way to him probably won't yield good results. There are two
main reasons: first is that there are multiple flying Shibito in the area who
keep shooting at Tamon once they notice him. Their shots aren't super accurate,
but still enough of a threat that you don't want to stay in their sight for any
longer than necessary. You can attempt to fight, but Tamon isn't a great shot.
I'm not convinced there is an entirely safe way to deal with them.

The second and possibly more pressing reason is the fact that the Sniper here
is very fleet of foot. If you try to run up to him and he sees Tamon, he will
fire a few shots after which he will retreat at a speed that isn't possible to
keep up with. The Sniper will keep running through the loop over the two bridges
practically endlessly if you keep chasing after him, although he will stop at
certain pre-set locations until Tamon catches up again. While it is possible to
beat the level like this by just running after the Sniper and firing lucky
shots at him, it might take a while and it's certainly not very fun.

However, there is a way to stop the Sniper from fleeing. The intended solution
of the level is to run to the west side of the Suspension Bridge. The nearby
gas canister and the Bridge itself have prompts that you can use to burn the

Burning the bridge also activates a checkpoint.

After the Bridge is on fire, now you just got to deal with the sniper. The
flying Shibito remain a problem, but it might overall be less effort to just
run past them instead of trying to fight. At least you don't have to retry
from far away even if you are unlucky and Tamon gets shot here.

Once the Sniper is cornered to the south-east, he will no longer escape, but
you still have to be careful in taking him down. He requires 6 bullets, so
reload before you get close and hope that you don't miss.

Level flow (Mission 2):

The Misson 2 is exactly the same as Mission 1. The only difference is that
Yoriko will hand Tamon a photograph in the opening cutscene, allowing him to
remember Akira at the end of the level.

Sub-objective - Picking up the hose:

The hose is lying near the Small Shrine. It's most convenient to pick up
before you are about to fight the cornered Sniper.

Getting Archive #070 - Faded photos of Akira Shimura:

This Archive is received automatically at the start of Mission 2, so it can't
be missed.

Getting Archive #071 - Marks on railing:

This Archive is received by examining the part of the railing that Tamon and
Yoriko stood at in the intro cutscene.

You can get it during either Mission 1 or 2, but it's most convenient to do
after having burned the east bridge and heading towards the Sniper's location.

Yoriko's speech (bonus):

- Yoriko has no other lines, except "Oh, professor... I'm scared!" or "Ugh,
professor!" that she says every once in a while.


- This is chronologically the last time Janokubi Valley is visited.

- The Sniper is possibly the single most tough enemy in the game since he
takes a full six bullets to go down.

- As a small mercy to the player, the Sniper doesn't heal at all. This means
that it's possible to slowly grind his health down even if he keeps escaping
repeatedly, or if you otherwise want to play things safe after cornering him.

- Tamon indeed loses one bullet during the cutscene of lighting the Bridge on
fire. It's worth noting that the cutscene cannot be started at all if Tamon is
out of bullets.

- If you had unequipped the revolver before the Bridge cutscene, it becomes
equipped again afterwards.

- The fire on the Bridge is actually just an invisible wall that doesn't seem
to hurt neither the player or enemies.

- You can fight a very powerful Dog Shibito if you follow the road past Miyata's
Car. This enemy will kill Tamon in one hit and takes 3 shots to go down. Shots
do not stun it either, so you got to be very careful while facing it.


- It's possible to slowly push Yoriko around by doing a specific crouching and
strafing movement right next to her. This moves her out of her position leaning
against the bridge pillar. It's not helpful in the least, though.

Tamon's Day 2 - 18:00 (18:37:11) - TAMON4

MO1 = "Pick up Yoriko Anno's trail."
MO2 = "Find album."

Level details:

Location: the Hospital.
Weather: Night / Rainy.
Escort mission: No.
Checkpoints: Yes.

Important sub-objectives:
- picking up a record player needle

- #076 Graffiti found on hospital wall
- #077 Photo from old album

About Tamon Takeuchi:

He starts this level with a flashlight, the usual .38 calibre revolver (with
a total of 16 bullets) and a hose (if you picked it up in the previous level).

Level flow (Mission 1):

You start from the 1st floor of Ward 2. There are several Spider Shibito
roaming the hospital. It's recommended to avoid them if possible since they
revive so quickly, but you can spare the ammo to fight them as well.

Head to west and enter 2nd floor via the stairwell. From there, go through
Ward 1 and take the stairs down to go to the basement. There are some forceps
to pick up in the Equipment Room. After picking them up, backtrack to the 2nd
floor and enter final Isolation Room. Break the chain there using forceps to
receive key to the courtyard.

You become checkpointed after picking up the key. Note: if you retry, your
bullet count is reduced to mere 8.

Backtracking even more to the first floor, you can now access the courtyard
by unlocking the door near the Dispensary. There's one more Spider Shibito
there, as well as a ladder leading down to the secret basement.

The final boss of the level is Mina Onda. She takes 5 bullets to go down.
Defeating her shouldn't be too difficult as long as you reload your weapon
before entering the room. Examining the glasses on the table ends the level.

Level flow (Mission 2):

In this Mission you're supposed to unlock a new wing to the hospital and find
an album from there.

To start this process, enter the 2nd floor men's Bathroom, attach hose to the
sink and then use List Menu near the window to "Lower hose". Then go to the
men's Bathroom right below it on the 1st floor and insert hose into the grating.
Then return back to 2nd floor and use List Menu on the sink to 'Turn on tap'.
Now the key in the 1st floor Bathroom becomes available for taking.

The key unlocks the Ward 2 on the 2nd floor. There's an album on the table in
the Reference Library, examining which will end the level. However, there are
two Spider Shibito in the corridor, so make sure to reload your gun before
entering. Or just dodge the enemies as artfully as you can.

It's also recommended to go pick up the record player needle from the next room
over before you end the level since you're in the area.

Sub-objective - Picking up a record player needle:

The record player needle is found from a record player in Director's Office.

You can ONLY do this sub-objective during Mission 2 since the area is locked
off during Mission 1.

Getting Archive #076 - Graffiti found on hospital wall:

This Archive is acquired by examining the scribbled wall in the same room where
you use the forceps.

This archive is equally convenient to get during either Mission 1 or 2.

Getting Archive #077 - Photo from old album:

This Archive is received automatically upon completing Mission 2, so it
can't be missed.


- You still have the option to try to use alarms on the hospital walls, but
none of them work.

- Mina Onda remains a relatively deadly foe. Her shovel attack will kill Tamon
in only one hit. However, unlike Risa, Tamon can survive being strangled by her
since you can shake the attack off. If you escape the area and climb back up
after the fight starts, she cannot follow you up.

- If you Sightjack Mina before entering her room, you'll see she's noisily
fiddling with Yoriko's glasses.

- The dialogue in the final cutscene of the level features an undubbed line

- Unlike many other puzzle items, the forceps do not vanish from your inventory
even after you've used them in their intended location.

Tamon's Day 3 - 03:00 (03:03:27) - TAMON5

MO1 = "Arrive as Kyoya Suda, at the gate to The Nest's core."
MO2 = "Penetrate gate to The Nest's core as Kyoya Suda."

Level details:

Location: Arato (Nest).
Weather: Night / Rainy.
Escort mission: No.
Checkpoints: Yes.

Important sub-objectives:
- open up a floodgate

- #084 Tamon Takeuchi's organizer
- #085 Ellie Azuma's vinyl record
- #086 Aerial photo of Hanuda village
- #087 "Brain Cell Revival" game

About Tamon Takeuchi:

He has a record player needle if you picked it up in his previous level. Sadly
you can't use the needle as a weapon to poke Shibito with.

About Kyoya Suda:

This is an unique level where you play as both Tamon and Kyoya! Sadly, Kyoya
has lost all his items except the flashlight as well.

Level flow (Mission 1):

Pick up the flashlight as the level starts. Your first objective is to get past
Matsukawa's Shop but there's a Revolver Shibito standing on the path there.
Sightjacking another nearby Shibito, you can see a phone number xx-4216. Calling
this number using the nearby phone alarms the Shibito that's blocking your path,
summoning him inside the Shop for a moment so that you can slip past him.

You end up in the yard of Hayashi's House. If you want to make surviving easier,
go past it and check out a small dead end with some scrap to the right. You'll
find a steel pipe there.

If you go to the back of the area and climb the tall ledge to the left, you'll
end up on a path that will lead up some metal stairs. You see a cutscene and the
POV switches over to Kyoya.

You get checkpointed when the part with Kyoya begins.

You need to get past the Pick-up Truck blocking the path. To do this, you have
to go get a floor jack from a garage looking area nearby. Be wary, there's a
Dog Shibito on the top floor of the garage, but fortunately you don't need to
go up there.

Once you successfully crawl under the truck, you end up at a large area with
a river. There's one Dog Shibito in the area which you have to avoid for now.
If you run to the very back of the area, you'll find a graveyard. A hunting
rifle is sitting on top of one of the graves. Picking it up isn't mandatory,
but will help with any enemies in the upcoming areas, especially with the
luxurious amount of bullets that you get - a total of 35.

When you're ready, climb up the box in the area to reach a labyrinthine path
with two Dog Shibito around. Climb and jump across boxes and open a door. The
next area has one more Dog Shibito and stairs leading up. After one more door
and one more drop you'll reach the end of the level.

Level flow (Mission 2):

Mission 2 starts out the same was as Mission 1. The first difference comes into
play once you get past the first Revolver Shibito. You have to take a different
path this time to reach Kondo's House. Try climbing up a tall ledge somewhat
close to Hayashi's House.

You can recognize Kondo's House from the record player and posters that are
inside. Up ahead there are two tall climbs and also a Revolver Shibito right in
the middle. The game intends you to distract him using the record player. To do
this you need to have a record player needle from Tamon's previous level.

If you put the record playing, the Shibito will start making his way into the
house. Another Revolver Shibito may also become alarmed in the bathroom of the
house. If you're careful, you should be able to deal with these threats using
the steel pipe.

It's also possible to get past this part without the record player needle if
you're willing to risk things and also take some damage. Run up to the box the
Revolver Shibito is standing on and crouch next to it. If your position is
right next to the box, the Shibito cannot hit Tamon and he will waste all of his
bullets. After this, you can try climbing to the top. If the Revolver Shibito
loads more than one bullet while Tamon is climbing and you don't have the steel
pipe, it'll be the end of Tamon, though.

Progressing just a little bit onward and possibly fighting one more Dog Shibito
on the way, you get a new cutscene and control switches over to Kyoya. Most of
Kyoya's section works out exactly the same way as before. However, the level now
has a new finale section that begins from where Mission 1 ended.

You are in a darkened area where you can see highlights of your enemies as well
as a green cross indicating where to go. Simply run to the green cross while
avoiding the enemies to end the level.

Sub-objective - Opening a floodgate:

The floodgate switch is shown on the map as Water Gate. It's in the large area
with the river. Simply run up to it and activate it to complete this.

This sub-objective can be done during either Mission 1 or 2.

Getting Archive #084 - Tamon Takeuchi's organizer:

This Archive is received automatically upon the start of this level, so you
can't miss it.

Getting Archive #085 - Ellie Azuma's vinyl record:

This Archive is received from Kondo's House when you examine the posters or the

This item is simpler to pick up during Mission 2 since you usually won't be in
this area during Mission 1.

Getting Archive #086 - Aerial photo of Hanuda village:

This Archive is on the wall inside Matsukawa's Shop.

It's equally simple to pick up during either Mission 1 or 2.

Getting Archive #087 - "Brain Cell Revival" game:

This Archive can be acquired from the graveyard that is a part of the large
area with the red river. It's sitting on top of one of the gravestones, near
the hunting rifle.

This item is equally simple to pick up during either Mission 1 or 2.


- It's not possible to do Time Attack in this level, probably because of the
unusual character switch in the middle of the level.

- It might be more accurate to consider this level two mini-levels instead of
one single level. This is because the game changes up so many things when you
switch characters; your playable character changes, the inventory changes, the
nearby enemies change, a new part of the map is loaded. Your stored Sightjack
slots are also gone.

- If you simply run past the first Revolver Shibito in the level, you may find
that he is scarily persistent in chasing after Tamon. He may follow you all the
way to Kondo's House and catch you by surprise.

- During Mission 2, when you are close to the warehouse at the end you can
shout as Kyoya to lure one of the Dog Shibito inside to come out. You can then
shoot it, but this makes no difference as the highlighted enemies in the level's
finale set piece are different from the ones currently inside.


- You can create an interesting glitch with the phone if you quickly use FPV
or Sightjack after you've chosen to 'Make phone call'. If you Sightjack, the
camera won't become zoomed to the phone. Instead you can see the room, now
empty, with the phone's numbers mysteriously shining by themselves. You can
move around the invisible Tamon, and this looks especially cool if you have the
flashlight on. However, you can't go anywhere since you are currently nailed
to the ground in front of the phone. If you used FPV instead, you get a similar
effect except the camera is worse. In both cases the glitch ends once you exit
the phone menu by pressing circle.

1, the phone glitch:

2, fast tactics for going past Revolver Shibito:

A video stage: Tamon's Day 3 - 18:00 (18:09:06)

Tamon's Day 3 - 22:00 (22:13:33) - TAMON6

MO1 = "Find charred remains."
MO2 = "Reach Takeuchi residence."

Level details:

Location: Arato.
Weather: Night / Rainy.
Escort mission: No.
Checkpoints: No.

Important sub-objectives:
- None.

- #093 Burnt scrap of white coat
- #094 Special issue of Atlantis magazine

About Tamon Takeuchi:

Even though the preceding cutscene showed him in deep confusion, he's not harmed
and instead functions just as well as normal. His inventory features a steel
pipe and nothing else.

Level flow (Mission 1):

This is a pretty linear and simple level, although it does require you to
engage two "mini-boss" enemies in melee combat.

Soon after the level starts you meet a familiar looking Dog Shibito. If you're
fast, you can actually avoid this fight by just climbing up the next platform,
but in most cases it's necessary to do the fight. It's not much harder than any
other melee fight against a Dog Shibito, fortunately. She takes four hits from
the pipe to go down.

If you do skip this fight, the Dog Shibito is unable to follow you beyond this
area and thus you don't face any repercussions from it.

After you climb up and continue straight on the path, you see a cutscene and
another fight begins. This time it's against Reiko (now a Shibito Brain) as
well as a Dog Shibito. You can skip this fight too if you simply go past the
villainous duo and find a small side alley to the right. You might as well
leave this encounter for Mission 2, though - there's no benefit to doing it now.

The level automatically ends once you reach far enough in the side alley.

Level flow (Mission 2):

The start of the level is the same as in Mission 1. You can either dodge or
fight the Dog Shibito.

This time you are required to fight Reiko and the Dog Shibito. Try to keep
the two separated. Backtrack and use cramped space to your advantage to avoid
getting pummeled from two sides at once. Defeating Reiko takes care of the Dog
Shibito at the same time. Upon defeat, Reiko should drop a cassette tape if
she picked it up in her Day 1 - 23:00 level. Take it.

Afterwards, you should enter the 2nd floor of the Scrap Material Yard and
drop a sign there. This breaks some brittle floor boards and opens up a new
path in the level. The path features a Dog Shibito and also two ladders leading

Both of the ladders lead to the same general area in Sanja Bridge. There's a
Sniper Shibito as well as a Dog Shibito here, so be careful where you move.
There's a sign that you can use to distract the Sniper with. Just knocking it
down doesn't help much - you just make yourself a target. You can also tie the
contents of the tape to the sign and pull it down from under the bridge. This
lures both the Sniper and the Dog Shibito away from their post. If you then use
the other ladder, you are able to bypass the enemies and reach the path leading
to the exit beyond another tall climb.

If you don't have the tape or don't want to bother with it, the usual tactic
of fooling the Sniper into reloading and then beating him up works here too,
although it's harder than usual because of the lack of good cover spots and
also the stray Dog Shibito moving around the place.

Once you reach the end of the path, the Mission finally ends.

Getting Archive #093 - Burnt scrap of white coat:

You get this Archive automatically at the end of Mission 1.

Getting Archive #094 - Special issue of Atlantis magazine:

This Archive is on a table inside the Scrap Material Yard.

It's equally simple to pick up during either Mission 1 or 2.


- The Archive list claims that the Archives from this level are from Day 3
20:00, which seems to be a mistake.

- You can't attract either the Dog Shibito or Reiko ahead of schedule by
shouting. However, you CAN lure the Dog Shibito at Reiko's side away from
her by going very close to the fight trigger and doing a shout. This is
another method that allows you to fight the two separately.

- Dog Shibito tend to revive slower than usual in this level, taking up to
several minutes.

- Dropping a sign on an enemy doesn't kill them, but it does drop them down
on the lower level temporarily.

- Like Naoko the Dog Shibito, Reiko refuses to follow the player out of her
initial zone.

- If you wait for long enough, Reiko will revive and you can defeat her another
time. But she won't drop any new items.


- There's a bug regarding the dropped sign and enemy behavior. If you play
in the level up to the point where you drop the sign and then retry, afterwards
the enemies will still think the planks below the sign are broken and refuse to
come any closer. This creates a custom safe area for Tamon, making the fight
vs Reiko and the Dog Shibito a bit easier.

1, the bug with dropping the sign:

2, a bug where Reiko got stuck during a fight (old video):

A video stage: Tamon's Day 3 - 23:00 (23:56:36)

List of archives:
- #097 Tamon Takeuchi's childhood diary

A video stage: Kei's X days ago (16:45:21)

List of archives:
- #003 Letter from the Kajiro family

Kei's Day 1 - 05:00 (05:03:07) - KEI1

MO1 = "Reach road to Karuwari"
MO2 = "Find Hisako's veil."

Level details:

Location: Arato.
Weather: Dim / Foggy.
Escort mission: No.
Checkpoints: No.

Important sub-objectives:
- getting a rope
- finding a face towel and freezing it

- #018 Hanging Scroll
- #019 Hanuda Town Hall News

About Kei Makino:

He is just your completely average priestly character. His inventory is empty.

Level flow (Mission 1):

This is one of the simpler levels of the game: all you got to do is to reach
the Road to Karuwari on the other side of the area alive.

There isn't really anything stopping you from just running through the block
and finishing the level in under 30 seconds... well, except a Revolver Shibito
who is standing right in the middle of the main street. If you use the back
alleys behind the Cafeteria, you are able to get out of his sight before he can
shoot you twice. You can try to be stealthy, but it doesn't honestly matter too
much since it's a wide open area and you have room to escape from the Shibito
just fine. They lose their interest soon enough.

In addition, this level has some important sub-objectives that you may want
to get done sooner or later. If you just run to the exit, you basically leave
them undone for the time being, but it's really up to you.

The exit is at the same place where you left through in Kyoya's Day 1 - 02:00.
So just climb on top of the bus stop and get outta there.

Level flow (Mission 2):

Even the Mission 2 for this level is simple!

A new item called "18 litre can" has appeared in the area in the alleys behind
Cafeteria - it's pretty easy to spot since the item has its own special camera
angle pointing to it. Go pick that up.

After that, find Ishikawa's house that has a shed next to it. Face the side of
the shed that's to the right of the combination lock and open List Menu to use
the can to climb up on top of the shed. This ends the level.

You can do all of these actions even while Shibito are chasing Kei, so you can
just run through the level carelessly if you feel like it. In fact, I would
advise stealth only in the case you need to complete some sub-objectives near
the shed area.

Sub-objectives - Getting rope:

This important item is situated in the shed outside Ishikawa's house. The shed
is locked by a combination lock.

To get the code for the combination lock, you have to use the tape recorder
inside Ishikawa's house. The code is random each time, but it's always found
at the same point when listening to the tape - at 0705. So wind to that point
and then listen closely.

Biggest obstacle to doing all this is a Shibito on a nearby roof who will
occasionally turn around towards Ishikawa's house. If Kei happens to be at the
yard, the Shibito will be alarmed and jump down. You can avoid this if you
time your movement right. If the Shibito does become alarmed and jump down,
avoid him and return later once he's calmed down - he will now be hammering a
wall at ground level and will remain oblivious to Kei if you go by slowly.

Once you open the shed, the rope is just there for the taking.

You can do this sub-objective during either Mission 1 or 2. If you're feeling
uncertain about your stealth skills this early on in the game, you can always
leave it for Mission 2.

Sub-objectives - Finding a face towel and freezing it:

This sub-objective is surprisingly much more optional than most. If you don't
do it, it will prevent one possible solution to another level a little later
down the line, but it doesn't necessarily make the game any harder, let alone
impossible to complete. But you might as well do it if you're a completionist
and don't want nagging sub-objective hints when replaying levels.

To get face towel, you have to open the Ishikawa's house's shed, much like when
getting the rope (as detailed above). Once you have the towel, make your way to
the Cafeteria back room. Plug in the freezer, wet the towel using a sink that
is nearby and then put the towel in the freezer. That's it.

This seemingly random set of actions will prove most fortuitous to another
character who will visit here later... or not, since his level is easy enough
to beat without the towel. But it's the thought that counts?

You can do this sub-objective during either Mission 1 or 2. It's recommended
to do it at the same time as you get the rope.

Getting Archive #018 - Hanging Scroll:

This Archive is found by examining a scroll on the wall inside Ishikawa's House.

It can be picked up just as easily whether it's Mission 1 or 2.

Getting Archive #019 - Hanuda Town Hall News:

This Archive can be found in the back room of the Cafeteria. The magazine is
lying there on the table.

It can be picked up just as easily whether it's Mission 1 or 2.


- Time doesn't run while using the tape deck. Also, the tape deck has no eject

- The name of the can item is localized differently between versions. On the PAL
version it's "18 litre can" but on the NTSC version it's "3 gallon can".

- If you need a distraction, play a round of the game of 'how many Shibito can
Kei lure up the Fire Tower before he gets killed'? My record is 3.


- The description of the face towel is "A cotton face towel, found in the
cupboard of a house." But that's not at all where it's found in the game!
Maybe the developers intended to place the face towel there at some point,
but changed it later.

- Ishikawa's house's back door is infamous for its ability to scoop Shibito.
Close the door right after a Shibito has opened it, and it might just happen
he zips indoors right through Kei!

- Sometimes keeping the door open will also fool the Shibito, causing them
to become stuck behind it and keeping them out of the house proper.

1, Shibito becoming stuck behind Ishikawa's house's door (old video):

Kei's Day 1 - 12:00 (11:59:33) - KEI2

MO1 = "Reach road to Hirasakai."
MO2 = "Find item dropped by Tomoko. Reach road to Hirasakai."

Level details:

Location: Hirunotsuka.
Weather: Daytime / Foggy.
Escort mission: Yes.
Checkpoints: Yes.

Important sub-objectives:
- hitting Small Shrine's door with Fertility Stone Fragment
- having Tomoko find a key

- #031 Umi-okuri
- #032 Tomoko Maeda's student ID

About Kei Makino:

He is the same as always. His inventory is empty, aside from a rope if you
picked one up in his previous level.

About Tomoko Maeda:

Today's escort character. She's a young girl with zero offensive capabilities.
Try to keep her safe, will ya? Like other escort characters, she has less
endurance than a playable character and is unable to withstand a single bullet.

Level flow (Mission 1):

The only thing you need to do in this level is to reach the exit to Hirasakai.
The most intuitive way to do this is to simply progress through the twisting
Hirunotsuka, avoiding the Shibito on the way. But you need to have Tomoko alive
and well with you at the exit, and you lack any weapons too, so you cannot be
too reckless while doing all this.

As you progress the main road, there are two stairs leading up to the left. But
both paths have Sniper Shibito on them, so don't go up them or linger around for
too long.

Eventually at the end of the path the road splits. Both roads go up to Small
Shrine and there's also a House to the right. Your biggest worry are the two
patrolling Shibito in the area. If you want to play things safe, wait for the
male patroller to turn away from the main path, then walk or sneak deeper. The
other patroller will usually be blocking off one of the two paths leading up,
so make sure to NOT use that path or you'll get sandwiched between Shibito and
it's a game over.

Just try to sneak in as far as you can and make a run for it once it's necessary
- this should be enough to make it through. Eventually there's a tall cliff and
Tomoko has to be pulled up so that she can follow you.

A checkpoint activates once you reach the Small Shrine if Tomoko is with you.

Now you have to drop down from the cliff to reach the yard of the Shrine. There
are Shibito nearby and if you're careless you may even get the nearby Sniper
Shibito's attention. If you want to play things safe, walk or crouch while going
around the back of the Shrine.

The path goes on and there's another tall cliff you have to 'Pull Up' Tomoko.
Beware: there's a Sniper Shibito with his back turned at you on the next path
leading left and down. Sneak to the next tall cliff ahead. Climb up, 'Pull Up'
Tomoko once again. Then you should see a cutscene.

After you've watched the cutscene, Tomoko will completely disappear from the
map, and you'll be unable to Sightjack or find her again. The level ends once
you turn around and leave.

Level flow (Mission 2):

Mission 2 starts exactly the same way as Mission 1. So feel free to play the
level as before up until the point where Tomoko disappears.

Afterwards you can see a new Shibito appear in the level on the cliffs where
you came from. That Shibito possesses knowledge of a code for a dial lock
that is used to open up the back room of the Shrine. Follow the Shibito to
the Shrine and Sightjack his vision when he unlocks the lock to see what the
code is.

After that, the Shibito has a simple route of returning to the lock regularly
before leaving again for a bit. Sneak up on the lock while he's away, unlock
it and then examine the item in the corner of the room. You see another
cutscene. After this point, you're free to exit the level as before to complete
Mission 2.

Sub-objective - Hitting Small Shrine's door with Fertility Stone Fragment:

After you reach Small Shrine, search to the right of it to find a fertility
stone fragment. Then examine the Small Shrine itself with the List Menu to
activate a cutscene. The Shrine refuses to open for now, but that's enough
to complete this sub-objective.

This sub-objective can be done during either Mission 1 or 2, but you might as
well get it done on your first time through the level.

Sub-objective - Having Tomoko find a key

After you reach Small Shrine, tell Tomoko to "Hide". She will crouch behind
the Small Shrine and shortly after a cutscene starts indicating she has found
something on the ground.

This sub-objective too can be done during either Mission 1 or 2. It's most
efficient to get it done at the same time as you do the above sub-objective.

Getting Archive #031 - Umi-okuri

This Archive is received automatically after watching level intro.

Getting Archive #032 - Tomoko Maeda's student ID

This Archive is received automatically during Mission 2, so you can't miss it.


- There exists an extremely fast but risky route for beating this level. It
involves asking Tomoko to follow you and then going up the first path to the
left that leads to the level exit. Then just climb up to the exit and 'Pull
Up' Tomoko to end the level. You have to hope the Sniper Shibito on the path
misses Kei at least once while doing this, though.

You can increase your chance of success by fooling the revolver Shibito to
reload by strafing around the nearby cliff before running up. Regardless,
this tactic is mostly relevant for speedruns, especially since you need to do
some sub-objectives elsewhere in the level if this is your first time through.

- The Sniper at the exit loses his accuracy once Tomoko disappears. Even if Kei
stays and hangs out in plain sight, the bullets tend to miss. This is most
likely a friendly gesture by the devs rather than a bug.


- The Shibito that spawns after Tomoko's disappearance during Mission 2 has
no weapon and all of his attacks will harmlessly phase through Kei. However,
he can still hurt Kei by strangling.

Bonus - Tomoko Maeda's dialogue:

- She starts the level by saying "What are you waiting for? Leader?" And she'll
say it again if you wait around needlessly or if you make her wait.

- If you ask her to run, she'll shout "Help!" or "Help! Leader Makino!"

- If she expects to be pulled up, she says "Leader! Please help me here!" or
"I can't make it by myself!" or "Please give your hand, please!"

- If you meet her again after being away, she says "I'm so glad you're back,
I was so scared waiting here."

- As you pick up the fertility stone fragment, she says "What are you doing?"
or "What's... that?"

There might be other comments too.

A video stage: Kei's Day 2 - 04:00 (04:44:39)

List of archives:
- #062 Medical notes written by Shiro Miyata

- What's the small thing Miyata steps on?

A video stage: Kei's Day 2 - 06:00 (06:44:51)

List of archives:
- #065 Book of Deliverance - The Great Serpent -

A video stage: Kei's Day 3 - 07:00 (07:42:44)

List of archives:
- #088 Will left by Kei Makino's stepfather

Kei's Day 3 - 12:00 (12:21:08) - KEI3

MO1 = "Drive away Shibito Brain."
MO2 = "Acquire explosives."

Level Details:

Location: Haraydori.
Weather: Daytime / Foggy.
Escort mission: No.
Checkpoints: No.

Important sub-objectives:
- None.

- #089 Photo of twins
- #090 Letter addressed to Tamon Takeuchi

About Kei Makino:

It took a while, but now Kei too finally gets to use a weapon.

His inventory consists of a flashlight, a rachet wrench, .38 calibre revolver
(Tamon's old gun with a total of 16 bullets), rope (if you picked it up in Kei
Day 1 - 05:00) and a hammer (if you picked it up in Shiro Day 1 - 07:00).

Level flow (Mission 1):

Once again, you have to deal with a Shibito Brain to end the level. The Brain
is located at the top of the Fire Tower as the level begins and he is guarded
by a Sniper Shibito and more than one Dog Shibito.

The safest way to approach is to deal with the Sniper first. He is on Takaya's
House's roof and completely oblivious to Kei if he tries to approach via the
rooftops. The nearby Dog Shibito can alarm him, however. If you take it slow and
defeat the Dog Shibito first and only then go for the Sniper, things should go
pretty smooth.

The Shibito Brain will attempt to escape from Kei when you get too close. He
will climb down the ladder and from there goes running around the map, much
like the Shibito Brain in Tamon's Day 1 - 20:00. He will often resort to
climbing the tall cliffs instead of using more convenient paths leading up,
which makes chasing after him a bit easier for the player. If he goes running
over the Stone Bridge, beware, for there is a Sniper Shibito on the other side.

If you're not interested in chasing down the Shibito Brain, there exists a fast
way to end this level: just deal enough damage to the Brain as he is escaping
the Fire Tower. There's a safe spot some four or five meters in front of the
Fire Tower where you can take aim at the Brain without the Sniper or other
enemies noticing Kei. Also, shooting the Shibito Brain while he is on the ladder
makes him fall down, making him vulnerable to another shot while he is getting
back up.

At its fastest this level doesn't have to last more than 30 seconds, but this
does require some lucky shots. The Shibito Brain takes 5 shots to go down, after
which the level ends.

Level flow (Mission 2):

In this mission you can ignore the Shibito Brain. All you have to do is to find
some explosives which are hidden inside the Well. To successfully climb down
into the Well, you must have drained it in Tamon's first level and you also need
to have picked up the rope in Kei's first level.

Any nearby alarmed enemies will prevent you from climbing down, so take care
of those first. Especially Akira is a pain because he often flies so high that
it's hard to shoot back at him. If you are careful and wait a little bit before
approaching the Well, no enemies should notice Kei.

Once inside the Well, you will find a Shibito waiting if you shot him down the
well all the way back in Tamon's first level. If he is present, he will do some
damage to Kei that cannot be avoided after you climb up the ladder.

Using List Menu to "Open wooden box" is all that's needed to end the level.

Getting Archive #089 - Photo of twins:

This Archive is found when examining a red album on the floor of Yoshimura's

It's equally simple to pick up during either Mission.

Getting Archive #090 - Letter addressed to Tamon Takeuchi

This Archive is got when examining the incinerator outside Yoshimura's House.

It's equally simple to pick up during either Mission.


- This is chronologically the last time that this area - Haraydori - is visited.

- Once you enter the cave under the Well, it's impossible to leave.

- The only way to complete Siren entirely without damage is to never drop the
Shibito into the well in Tamon's second level. Otherwise Kei will always get
hit when climbing up the ladder inside the Well.

- Akira only takes 2 shots to go down in this level. A big difference compared
to the 6 shots he took just a day earlier. Perhaps Shibito become more frail
when they gain wings?


- If Akira becomes suspicious at a certain point in his route, he flies into a
wall and gets stuck indefinitely.

- Someone once told that they had a Dog Shibito follow Kei down the well. I've
never seen it happen myself, and I can't say for sure if it's actually possible.
If it is real, it is certainly some sort of a bug.

1, bug where Akira flies into a wall:

Kei's Day 3 - 16:00 (16:00:58) - KEI4

MO1 = "Reach road to floodgates."
MO2 = "Defeat all Shibito and reach road to floodgates."

Level details:

Location: the Mines.
Weather: Daytime / Foggy.
Escort mission: No.
Checkpoints: No.

Important sub-objectives:
- None.

- #091 Missing persons poster
- #092 Skyfish

About Kei Makino:

His inventory consists of a flashlight, .38 revolver (with a total of 6
bullets), a ratchet wrench and (optionally?) type 99 hand grenades, Uryen
(sword version), a hammer and a stake, depending on if you picked up these
items in earlier levels.

Level flow (Mission 1):

In this level you just have to reach Tunnel No. 1 exit. The single biggest
obstacle on your way is a Spider Shibito near the exit. It will push a
Trolley at Kei when he is deep enough in the tunnel - and naturally, making
contact with the Trolley is fatal for Kei.

The intended solution is to deal with the level's Shibito Brain Mina Onda to
knock out the Spider Shibito, allowing you to exit the level.

From the start of the level, you have to enter the Custodian's Shack and pick
up a spare gate key to be able to enter the main area of the mines. Two Spiders
are also terrorizing the area. Since you have so few bullets, it's recommended
to use the hammer on the common Spiders here, or just dodge them if possible.

Beyond the gate you'll start encountering some Dog Shibito instead. The same
story here: rather use hammer than waste any bullets.

Mina is found from Shaft No. 3-East. Facing her isn't such a big deal any more
as she becomes incrementally weaker the further the game progresses. Her shovel
hit will not kill the player in one hit any longer, for instance. It's not too
difficult to just melee her to death with the hammer if you back away from her
between each strike. Once Mina is down, make a run for it to the Tunnel No. 1
and get out of the level. Note that Mina is a fairly light sleeper and gets up
in a few tens of seconds, so make sure to escape the level quickly.

If you instead wish to put Mina out of commission for good, it's possible to do
so with the following extra step: If you picked up the spare key to Siren shack
in Risa's first level, go to Shaft No.5-East to fight Risa. She will drop the
key upon defeat, giving you the access to Siren Shack. Run past Mina to access
Shaft No.3-East, connect the wires and then use the detonator inside Siren Shack
to collapse the entire Shaft while she is inside. This will bury her under the
rubble, making the rest of the level trivial.

Finally, there's one more solution to this level that allows you to skip
fighting Mina entirely: enter the Tunnel No. 1, then quickly run back out when
you hear the sound cue of the Trolley starting to move. You are free to leave

Level flow (Mission 2):

This Mission is mostly the same as Mission 1, except this time you have no other
option than to deal with both Risa and Mina before leaving the level.

If you picked up the stake in Shiro's Day 2 - 00:00, there's a cutscene after
defeating Risa where Kei nails her into the ground. This will keep her knocked
out for the rest of the level. After that, go bury Mina under the rubble. This
should knock out all the other enemies in the level too automatically, thus
giving you Mission 2 when you exit the area.

Getting Archive #091 - Missing persons poster

This Archive is found on a bulletin board close to the Custodian's Shack.

It's equally simple to pick up during either Mission 1 or 2.

Getting Archive #092 - Skyfish

This archive is found on the roof of the Siren Shack.

It's equally simple to pick up during either Mission 1 or 2.


- This is chronologically the last time you visit the Mines in this game.

- Mina is unwilling to follow the player into the Mine Office until you have
blown up Shaft No.3-East. If you try to lure her there before that, she will
immediately lose interest and turn around. She is very easy to defeat by
abusing this limit.

- Risa, too, has a rather obvious movement limit. She cannot leave the tunnel
where she starts at, so you can deal easy damage to her by retreating outside
the limit and then hit her when she has her back turned.

- If you lure Mina into the exit Shaft, you can have the Spider Shibito there
push the mine cart on her! Ironic end for the Spider to defeat its master by

- The spare key to Siren shack will only disappear from your inventory, once you
unlock both doors of the Siren Shack with it.

- After the Spider has pushed the mine cart, the 'trolley' as highlighted on
the map becomes grayed out.


- Kei is immune to the deadliness of the mine cart if he is already in his
damage animation. This little quirk allows a speedrun tactic where the player
lures a Spider Shibito after Kei upon entering Tunnel No. 1. Kei can just
phase through the mine cart without harm if the Spider Shibito hits him at a
right time.

- Mina can rarely get stuck at the stairs in this level.

- If you lead Mina near Siren Shack while it's unlocked, she may enter it and
stay there indefinitely instead of chasing after Kei. §

- If you blow up Shaft No. 3-East while she is elsewhere, she will eventually
try to return to her original route inside the Shaft. She tries pushing towards
the collapsed entrance... aww, it looks kind of sad.

- You can lure Mina to climb ladders this time around and this can sometimes
produce humorous results. Her climbing animation is slightly glitched up and
her character model can rarely look as if it's sideways for a moment until it
transforms to the normal climbing animation.

- After starting the level, run to the Spider Shibito that's on the stairs
leading up to the right. As long as the Spider Shibito remains on the stairs
above Kei, none of its attacks will hit Kei.

1, Mina's A.I. weakness (old video):

2, Mina stuck at a staircase:

A video stage: Kei's Day 3 - 18:00 (18:05:28)

A video stage: Kei's Day 3 - 18:00 (18:39:58)

Shiro's Day 1 - 03:00 (03:31:17) - SHIRO1

MO1 = "Escape from Janokubi Valley."
MO2 = "Find nurse's shoes."

(yes, the game says "nurse's shoes", even though you only find one...)

Level details:

Location: Janokubi Valley.
Weather: Night / Rainy.
Escort Mission: No.
Checkpoints: Yes.

Important sub-objectives:
- pushing a marker

- #014 Phone card
- #015 Proposal for TV program

About Shiro Miyata:

He starts the level without carrying anything.

Level flow (Mission 1):

Your main goal in this Mission is to reach the exit on the other side of the
Ore Processing Plant. Unfortunately there is a whole heap of obstacles in
Shiro's way before he can get there.

There are two bridges leading to the other side of the area where the Processing
Plant is, but both are guarded by gun-wielding Shibito. You're supposed to use
a distraction of some sort to get across. Since Mission 1 mostly takes place
on the north side of the level, we'll focus on the Suspension Bridge for now.

You start the level in the middle of the forest area completely unarmed. There's
a flashlight lying on the ground nearby. There is a weapon - wrench - that can
be picked up in the trunk of Miyata's Car as well as a flare.

Once you have these items, you can set up the flare on Scrap Material that is
to the east of the Suspension Bridge. This will lure the Revolver Shibito away
from the Bridge and you can then go around him without too many problems.

A new checkpoint activates once you get near the processing plant. Note that if
you retry from this checkpoint, you will get the flashlight and the wrench in
your inventory automatically. The game will also assume you used the flare to
get to this side of the level.

You're not home free yet. There is a Sniper Shibito guarding the exit out from
the Processing Plant, and his shot is both fast and extraordinarily powerful,
killing Shiro in only one shot. The intended solution is to distract the Sniper
by doing a fetch quest, but you can also fight the Sniper with some preparation.
If you use the level geometry to your advantage, you can fool the Sniper into
shooting all his bullets to walls. He can then be safely knocked out as he is
reloading. But this is a somewhat advanced tactic. If you're feeling uncertain,
it's best to just do the fetch quest.

So, the way to distract the Sniper is to activate a generator inside Mountain
Hut. But the generator needs fuel. There's an empty jerry can nearby, so pick
it up and then backtrack all the way to Miyata's Car to fill it with fuel. There
shouldn't be too much danger on the way since the Revolver Shibito is most
likely either distracted or knocked out at the moment. Then make your way back.

A new checkpoint activates after refilling and turning on the generator.

Now the Sniper Shibito leaves his post and enters the Mountain Hut. He will
proceed to stare intensely at the newly lit light there. Meanwhile, you are
free to leave the area to end the level.

Level flow (Mission 2):

In this level your only objective is to find a nurse's shoe. So, where could
you find an elusive item like this?

The answer is that one of the Shibito is carrying the shoe on the south-west
side of the area. You can recognize him because he is the only patrolling
Shibito on that side of the level. He walks around for a while before hiding
the shoe into one of three possible locations: the bushes south of Processing
Plant, the bushes west of the concrete Bridge or some bushes underneath the
Bridge. If you want to know for sure, find the right Shibito with Sightjacking
and keep an eye on him.

This time the level mostly takes place on the south side of the map, and there's
no reason to ever go into the Processing Plant. Regardless, you can activate the
first checkpoint if you cross the Suspension Bridge, so feel free to do that if
you don't always want to restart the level from the very beginning.

The intended method of getting to the south-west part of the map involves
another elaborate distraction. There's a phone card on the Small Shrine that
can be used at the Pay Phone near the Bridge. This makes the Pay Phone emit
loud noises which will then lure in the Sniper Shibito. The Sniper will then
continue moving to and fro over the Bridge, getting distracted by the noise
and then forgetting all about in recurring cycles. Best time to go past him is
when he is checking out the Pay Phone.

Going to the south side is possible from the side of the Ore Processing Plant
as well, but it's rather tricky. There's a Sniper Shibito guarding the path
leading south from the Processing Plant and it's difficult to get past him
unless you use the usual Sniper tricks against him. For instance, make him
fire all his shots so that he has to reload, then go and knock him out.

So, you simply have to wait for the Shibito to hide the shoe, then you have
to go find it. This ends the level.

Sub-objective - Pushing a marker:

There is a small marker on the shoreline that can be pushed. You reach the
shoreline via some stairs that are on the south side of the concrete Bridge.
When you're under the Bridge, go as south as possible to find the marker
sitting in the brushes.

This sub-objective can be completed during either Mission 1 or 2, but it's
less out of the way during Mission 2.

Getting Archive #014 - Phone card

The phone card is found at the Small Shrine. You get the Archive for it
automatically as you pick it up.

This Archive can be got during either Mission 1 or 2. The phone card item
will come more in handy during Mission 2, so you may leave picking it up
until then.

Getting Archive #015 - Proposal for TV program

This Archive is on the floor inside Ore Processing Plant. If you take the
stairs down, you reach another area and this Archive is lying nearby.

This Archive can be picked up during either Mission 1 or 2, but it might be
somewhat easier to get it during Mission 1.


- This level has more checkpoints than any other level in Siren: a total of 3.

- This level also has the record number of gun-wielding Shibito in the game:
a total of 4 sniper Shibito and 1 revolver Shibito. There's even an unnecessary
Sniper Shibito on the road beyond Miyata's car. If you go that way, there's a
message "Too dangerous over there..." right before you get shot at.

- This is one of the few levels in the game that lacks a music. It only has
rainy ambience.

- In one of the later levels that takes place in this same map, you can kill
enemies by luring them near the electrified Puddle, but that doesn't seem to
work here.

- The forest area features four different signs you can examine. The east one
says "No trespassing", right near where Shiro starts the level. A sign to the
west says "Forest reserve" near another larger sign that has fallen over.
Another sign even more to the west says "Gojaku Peak-> (line break) <-Oribe".
One last sign on the middle of the path says "Only you can prevent forest
fires!" (in all caps).

- The unarmed Shibito that carries the nurse's shoe is not dangerous by himself
since he can't do attacks, but he can holler to alarm other, deadlier Shibito
in the vicinity.

Shiro's Day 1 - 07:00 (07:22:49) - SHIRO2

MO1 = "Reach upper waters of river with Risa Onda."
MO2 = "Acquire notebook."

Level details:

Location: Arato.
Weather: Daytime / Foggy.
Escort Mission: Yes.
Checkpoints: No.

Important sub-objectives:
- finding a hammer
- making Rokkaku's house accessible

- #021 Kyoya Suda's student ID holder
- #022 Recipe for Hanuda noodles
- #023 Hanuda Town Hall News

About Risa Onda:

It's no secret that Risa is one of the weakest characters in the game. Her
endurance to damage is hideously low and she will die of only two hits at worst.
Try to be careful.

Level flow (Mission 1):

Your only objective in this level is to reach the shoreline on the other end of
the level with Risa with you.

The main obstacles on your path are some Shibito. There are more than one
patrolling Shibito as well as a Revolver Shibito in the middle of the main road
and a Sniper Shibito on Rokkaku's House's Shed's roof overlooking the exit.

Fortunately Shiro is armed. You can deal with the patrolling Shibito with your
wrench, but to avoid the ranged Shibito the only option is to avoid the main
road and instead use the path behind the Cafeteria.

After exiting the path, you may be in danger of being spotted by the Sniper.
Sightjack him if you want to be sure and also stick close to walls - he can't
shoot at you if you're right next to the fence.

Level ends once you go far enough into the shore.

Level flow (Mission 2):

You don't necessarily need Risa to complete this Mission, but it's helpful to
tuck her somewhere safe before you set off adventuring alone. Or at the very
least knock out the closest patroller Shibito.

The notebook that the game asks you to find is located inside the Cafeteria,
right near where the police officer Shibito is having his lunch break. To access
the Cafeteria, there are two options: front door and the back door. The former
is a very risky option what with the Sniper Shibito overlooking it and other
problems too, so I recommend the back door.

If you completed some sub-objectives in Kei's Day 1 - 05:00, you have the option
to set up a timed distraction for the police officer using the frozen face towel
and the piggy bank. But generally I find this to be pretty unnecessary.

If you open List Menu near the piggy bank, you have the option of directly
smashing it to the ground. What this does is it alarms the police officer
Shibito and causes the back door to Cafeteria to open up. If you now fool the
officer into shooting 5 bullets by strafing in and out of cover, he has to
reload. At that time you can run up close and beat him into submission. It
takes 6 weak hits to defeat him.

Examine the table in the Cafeteria after dealing with the police officer to end
the level.

Sub-objective - Finding a hammer:

The hammer is found in a small box after passing the Cafeteria. Pick it up to
both get a shiny new weapon as well as complete this sub-objective.

This sub-objective can be done during either Mission 1 or 2, but you might as
well get it early since it helps Shiro in all his later levels.

Sub-objective - Making Rokkaku's house accessible:

You need Risa with you to complete this sub-objective.

You have to go behind Rokkaku's house with Risa and then use List Menu near 
the slightly ajar back door. One of the options is telling Risa to go inside.
After doing this, you see a small cutscene and then Risa will go through the
house, unlocking the front door in the process. After this, the level continues
as normal. However, note that Risa may be in danger for a moment after stepping
out of the house - it's probably best to distract the Sniper before he gets a
clear aim on Risa.

It's more convenient to do this sub-objective during Mission 1 since that's
when you are guaranteed to be in this area with Risa with you.

Getting Archive #021 - Kyoya Suda's student ID holder

This archive is received automatically when completing Mission 2, so you can't
miss it.

Getting Archive #022 - Recipe for Hanuda noodles

This Archive is pinned on the back wall of the Cafeteria.

You can ONLY access this item during Mission 2 after dealing with the police
officer. Remember to examine the back wall before clearing the level!

Getting Archive #023 - Hanuda Town Hall News

This Archive is found in a mailbox outside Rokkaku's House.

This item is pretty simple to pick up during either Mission.


- The police officer Shibito is impossible to reach during Mission 1 since all
the doors into the Cafeteria are locked and you can't get his attention by
shouting either. Even during Mission 2, you can't alarm him with a shout.

- If you leave Risa alone for too long, she may automatically leave for another
area where she feels more safe, like the bus stop.

- If you jump down from Rokkaku's House's Shed with Risa, she will die upon
landing on the ground.

- If you leave the frozen face towel alone for long enough, it will melt and
become a wet face towel.


- If you try to pull Risa up from the rightmost spot on top of the bus stop 
(what a tongue twister!) she will start running or walking against the nearby 
wall, unable to get close enough to Shiro for a Pull Up.

Bonus - Risa Onda's dialogue:

- If you wait around too long, she'll ask: "What are you doing?"

- If she expects to get pulled up, she says "I can't." or "What should I do?
I can't." or "Can't you pull me up?"

- If you leave her alone and return, she says "Please don't leave me alone
anymore!" or "I'm scared. It's not good to think about (that thing?)." or "I
was so frightened!" or "(Shiro), I'm frightened!" or (angrily) "You're not
going anywhere, are you?"

- If a Shibito threatens her, she shouts "Help! Please!"

- When you approach the Rokkaku's house's back door, she says "Oh... it's open."
If you tell her to go inside, she says "What? You want me to go inside?"

- When you pick up the hammer, she says "What are you going to do with that?"

A video stage: Shiro's Day 1 - 19:00 (19:14:31)

A video stage: Shiro's Day 1 - 23:00 (23:03:48)

Shiro's Day 2 - 00:00 (00:49:33) - SHIRO3

MO1 = "Defeat Mina Onda."
MO2 = "Acquire Uryen."

Level details:

Location: the Hospital.
Weather: Night / Rainy.
Escort Mission: No.
Checkpoints: Yes.

Important sub-objectives:
- unlocking the 2nd floor men's Bathroom
- acquiring a stake

- #056 Patient's letter
- #057 Uryen

About Shiro Miyata:

He carries a flashlight and a wrench by default. He also has the hammer if you
picked it up in his previous level.

About Risa Onda:

Risa is actively hounding you during this level. She lacks a weapon and isn't
quite as aggressive as other Shibito, but she is still a major annoyance. To
make things worse, she revives extremely quickly and her route takes her
through the entire hospital, so you'll inevitably bump into her quite a few
times before you're through.

Level flow (Mission 1):

First things first, if you picked up the hammer in Shiro's Day 1 - 07:00 level,
you should equip it now to improve your melee damage.

The hospital corridor leads east and from there upstairs. Eventually you come
upon a door that has to be pushed open with a List Menu prompt. From there,
head downstairs into Dispensary to pick up a key to basement.

There's a checkpoint that activates after picking up the key.

To access basement, you need to backtrack all the way to the 1st floor on the
other side of the hospital. Open the Basement Entrance and descend. Mina is
inside Boiler Room, hanging on the ceiling for some strange reason. She will
drop down and a boss fight ensues. She takes 5 strong hits with the hammer
to go down, after which the level ends.

Level flow (Mission 2):

In this Mission you are supposed to enter a secret basement underneath the
hospital. It is accessed from the courtyard. Sadly, a Sniper and a Spider are
currently guarding it, making it difficult to get through.

The intended solution for getting rid of the Sniper is to first pick up an EEG
machine from Laboratory. You can only access this room after waiting for Risa
to walk past it and unlock it. Besides that, you need a fluorescent lightbulb
from Security Office.

Get to the Garbage Chute near the stairs leading down. Drop lightbulb into the
hole and wait for the Sniper Shibito to walk next to peer into the Chute. Then
drop the EEG machine. This will yield you a humorous cutscene and the Shibito
is knocked out as well.

Alternatively, if you're feeling brave, you can just run up to the Sniper and
quickly beat him up. The Spider Shibito usually won't be too bothersome if you
do this as it will stop to do a holler before attacking.

Once all enemies are down, examine the suspicious large statue in the courtyard.
It can be pushed with List Menu, opening a new passageway into the secret area.
Entering the room ends the Mission.

Sub-objective: Unlocking the 2nd floor men's Toilet:

After unlocking the basement, go to Storage and pick up a key to 2nd floor men's
Toilet. Then return back upstairs and use the key on the locked 2nd floor Toilet
to complete the sub-objective.

This sub-objective is more convenient (and useful) to do during Mission 1.

Sub-objective: Acquiring a stake:

After unlocking basement, go to the Mortuary. If you picked up a hammer during
Shiro's Day 1 - 07:00 level, you are able to open a coffin there. Inside the
coffin is a corpse with a stake on it, so 'Pull out stake' to complete this

This sub-objective is more convenient to do during Mission 1 since you may not
be in this area during Mission 2.

Getting Archive #056 - Patient's letter:

This Archive found from the Laboratory on the 1st floor. The room is initially
locked, but Risa will open it on her route through the hospital.

The item is equally simple to get during either Mission 1 or 2.

Getting Archive #057 - Uryen:

This archive is received automatically when completing Mission 2, so it can't
be missed.


- Did you know that in the original Japanese version both Risa and Mina used to
make ear-piercing banshee screams upon defeat? The sounds seem far toned down
in the localized versions.

- Risa's route takes her into most parts of the hospital. She will even roam
the basement if you have unlocked the door leading there.

- It's not possible to get Mina's attention early by shouting outside the room.

- There's something strange about Mina's behavior in this level. Normally you
don't see her in action much since she only appears in the boss fight at the
end of the stage, but if you leave and make her chase after you, strange things
can happen. If she is suspicious and Shiro is somewhere fairly close by, she
will magically know his exact location and follow him into rooms. If Shiro is
too far away, she may stand in place glancing at his direction every once in
a while. Pretty creepy. But there are limits to where you can lure Mina: she
refuses to enter the area past the pushed open door, for whatever reason.

- If you lure an enemy into the Mortuary, the room loses its fixed camera angle.

- Ignoring how Shiro could even conveniently lug around an EEG machine in his
pocket, if you read its description in the inventory, Shiro comments "It is
some sort of heavy medical device." The description makes it seem that Shiro
doesn't recognise the device... is he really a licensed doctor?


- Sometimes Risa can get stuck running to and fro in the Courtyard. Perhaps
she is trying to head into the secret basement but has no way to enter there?

- At the start of the level, if you quickly run up to Risa and open the door,
she may sometimes get stuck between door and the wall momentarily, making
multiple screams at once as she is knocked back.

1, Risa hit between door and wall:

A video stage: Shiro's Day 2 - 16:00 (16:03:07)

Risa's Day 1 - 04:00 (04:00:04) - RISA1

MO1 = "Escape from abandoned house."
MO2 = "Discover Mana cross."

Level details:

Location: Abandoned House.
Weather: Dim / Foggy.
Escort Mission: No.
Checkpoints: No.

Important sub-objectives:
- pushing a marker
- finding a key to the Siren shack

- #016 Torn-out page from sketchbook
- #017 Mana Cross medallion

About Risa Onda:

She's somewhat unique among the main characters due to her low endurance. She
takes more damage than any other adult character and is unable to survive more
than a few hits by the Shibito. She also dies after only a single shot.

Level flow (Mission 1):

Your only objective is to get out of the abandoned house using the only exit.
The main obstacle in your way is a single Sniper Shibito. Not only is he
dangerous, but his body also blocks the path, making it impossible to squeeze
past him. The only option is to lure him out.

Luring the Sniper is a process that involves several steps. You have to find
some kite twine from inside the Dog House. You also have to go and use the
Circuit Breaker behind the house. Try to avoid the patroller going around the
house while doing this, but even if he discovers Risa, it's not too difficult
to lose him by running away.

After doing this, enter the Kitchen. Tie the kite twine on the kitchen fan as
well as the cupboard next to it, then activate the fan with List Menu. This
starts a countdown, after which the cupboard comes crashing down. The noise
from this spectacle will arouse the interest of the Sniper, who will then walk
into the Kitchen to see what happened.

So start the countdown, then go hide somewhere. A good hiding place is near
Cottage behind some barrels. Wait for the Sniper to move and then just make a
run for it.

Level flow (Mission 2):

The mission is slightly harder this time around as there's one extra patroller
Shibito roaming around the house.

This time the objective involves finding a "mana cross". This process involves
digging, so go around the house, climb to its 2nd floor and pick up a trowel.

After that, making sure that no Shibito is nearby, drop to ground level and
use List Menu next to the blood-colored pool at the yard to dig something up.
This starts a cutscene and ends the level.

Sub-objective: Pushing a marker

This sub-objective can be done inside the Kitchen of the abandoned house.
There's a secret compartment in the floor that can be opened with List Menu.
After opening it, the marker is revealed and it can be pushed over.

This sub-objective is simple to do regardless of if this is Mission 1 or 2.

Sub-objective: Finding a key to the Siren shack

This is a pretty simple one. Just walk behind the Dog House and use List Menu
to pick up a key that's hidden from sight.

This sub-objective is simple to do regardless of the Mission, but it's arguably
a bit safer to do during Mission 1 since there is one less patrolling Shibito

Getting Archive #016 - Torn-out page from sketchbook

This Archive is in a closed drawer inside the Cottage.

It's safer to pick it up during Mission 1 since there is one less patrolling
Shibito around.

Getting Archive #017 - Mana Cross medallion

This archive is received automatically upon completing Mission 2, so you
can't miss it.


- There are two Shibito doing some construction work inside the main house,
but you can't enter most of the house or ever get the attention of these two

- Spare key to Siren Shack is hard to see because of the dog house blocking
the view. The only way to catch a glimpse of it is to use first-person view
while standing nearby.

A video stage: Risa's Day 1 - 10:00 (10:38:58)

List of archives:
- #029 Medical records dated 27 years ago


Risa's Day 1 - 22:00 (22:52:57) - RISA2

MO1 = "Warn Miyata and Makino of approaching enemies."
MO2 = "Find angel statuette."

Level details:

Location: Hospital.
Weather: Night / Rainy.
Escort Mission: No.
Checkpoints: No.

Important sub-objectives:
- unlocking a garbage chute

- #050 Historical chronology of the Miyata clinic
- #051 Sculptural relief of angels

About Risa Onda:

She's the same as before, which means terribly low endurance. She starts the
level carrying a flashlight as well as the spare key to Siren shack if you
picked it up from her first level.

About Kei & Shiro:

They're hanging out in Ward 1's Examination Room, blissfully ignorant of what's
threatening them and most importantly Risa. While they're by themselves, they
have a meaningful conversation which you can eavesdrop by Sightjacking - it may
clarify a couple of things about the plot. After they've had their conversation,
they switch on to two shorter pieces of shallow small talk which repeat

Level flow (Mission 1):

You start the level in danger. Escape immediately. Don't let Mina catch you
because it's basically certain death if she gets too close.

You have to reach an Emergency Alarm that is in Ward 1. The path there goes
through the 2nd floor past some rabid Spider Shibito. There are multiple
different ways to deal with this situation:

1. Fast and risky way

Since the main obstacle on your path are two Spider Shibito in the upstairs
corridor, you could just try running past them. It's not hard to do, but it
might take a few tries since Risa has a very low endurance and dies after
just a few measly hits.

2. Stealthy way

You can go around the Spiders. If you move quietly into the upstairs corridor
when the patrolling Spider isn't looking and enter Room 203, there is a window
with curtains in front of it. Using List Menu, you can remove curtains and step
outside on the window ledge.

Moving on the window ledge is slow but relatively safe. However, you got to be
careful not to get spotted by the Spider Shibito who is looking outside the
window every now and then. If the Spiders do spot Risa, they will gather in
Room 202 and wait for her arrival - survival is difficult if that happens.

3. Combative way

Since Mina is a Shibito Brain, if you manage to take her down, all the Spiders
are knocked down alongside her. There is an umbrella in the Storeroom which
you can wield as a weapon, but fighting Mina head on in a fair fight will be
tough. Not the smartest way to approach things.

The safest way to fight Mina is to run upstairs, wait for her to lose interest
and return back to her patrol, go get the Umbrella and then sneak behind her
and activate the Fire Extinguisher when she is near it. She becomes blinded and
is easy to defeat. After that, the entire level will be free to roam for several
minutes at least.

You don't necessarily have to deal with Mina until Mission 2, so you might
want to leave confronting her until then.

Level flow (Mission 2):

This time the objective is to reach Room 101, and sadly you have to get past
Mina to reach there. Once again there are a number of ways to deal with this
problem, some more devious than others.

If you want to fight Mina, there are quite a few tips about it above. But all
you really need to do is to get past her. It's not necessary to knock her out
to complete the level.

One of the easiest ways to bypass Mina is to run to the stairwell and close the
door behind you. Wait a few seconds for Mina to catch up, then open the door
right in her face. She gets pushed aside, allowing you to run past her.

Another way that is fairly easy once you get the timing for it is to run into
the Storeroom and pick up the umbrella. Equip it and do a single quick swipe
as Mina is approaching. This will prompt her to do a shovel swipe of her own.
This is so slow that you can just run past her.

However you get past Mina, run into Room 101 and examine the bed there to end
the level.

Sub-objective - Unlocking Garbage Chute:

The Garbage Chute is found from the outside yard, you can see it on the map.

There is a single Spider Shibito in the yard that can be dangerous to Risa.
You can attempt to dodge the Spider, but if you want to play things safe,
defeat Mina first before entering the yard.

This sub-objective can be done during either Mission 1 and 2, but it's probably
more convenient to do it during Mission 2 since you're heading that way and must
deal with Mina anyway.

On another note, this is another of those sub-objectives that are technically
optional. Completing it does make a later level potentially easier, though.

Getting Archive #050 - Historical chronology of the Miyata clinic:

This Archive is found from the 2nd floor Storage, it's pretty easy to find.

It's more convenient to pick up during Mission 1 since you're in the area.

Getting Archive #051 - Sculptural relief of angels:

This archive is automatically received when you complete Mission 2, so you
can't miss it.


- Mina's grab in this level is the single deadliest grab in the game. Even
if Risa can shake it off, Mina is able to do another one immediately afterwards.

- The Umbrella is the weakest weapon in the entire game, requiring 4 strong
hits to take down a normal Spider Shibito. At least it has quite a good range,
and you can sometimes hit more than one enemy at a time with it.

- One of the most impressive challenges in Siren is fighting Mina in a fair
fight and living to tell about it. She takes a lot of hits to go down. You have
to dodge her shovel attacks nimbly and hope she won't grab you at any point.

- The Fire Extinguisher's gush cloud doesn't actually stun any other enemy
in the level except Mina. Spiders seem immune to it. (thanks to Surreal Gamer)

- While stunned by the Fire Extinguisher gush, every hit done vs Mina will be
a critical hit.

- The downstairs Ward 2 door can be manually locked, but only from the side
you start from. Yes, the game literally gives you the option to lock yourself in
WITH Mina but not to prevent her from chasing after you. I wonder what was the
reasoning behind this design, or if it's just incidental.

- Mina has several taunts, but tends to use them very rarely. I've only heard
these: "Risa, join me.", "*laughs*, "Risa? Risa?".

- Time doesn't run when you're outside on the window ledge.

- If you use the window ledge and come back inside, it's not possible to use
the window ledge again.

- You can't get the attention of Kei and Shiro in any way other than using the
Fire Extinguisher. Even shouting right outside their room or banging the walls
with the umbrella doesn't help.


- For some reason Mina's pace sometimes stops to a crawl if she comes out of the
Storeroom while alerted. She may not even be dangerous to Risa in this state.
However, getting attacked makes her snap right back to normal.

- If you get hit right before climbing up on the window ledge, Risa will die
after she's outside. This looks a little bit glitchy for sure, and the Spider
Shibito that killed her will also behave strangely afterwards as it can no
longer reach Risa.

- If you Sightjack right as you exit through the window, you get a different
camera angle while you're outside. I suppose this is a minor camera glitch.

- If you are one step away from entering back inside from the window ledge,
Risa should be visible through the window to the Spiders. But they do not
become alarmed for some reason.

- There is a strange music bug that most often seems to happen in this level.
The level BGM goes quiet and only continues playing while Pause-menu is open.
I've had it happen numerous times when opening Pause-menu while outside on
the window ledge. Retrying should fix it.

1, a compilation of the various ways of defeating or evading Mina:

2, window ledge glitches:

Harumi's Day 2 - 15:00 (15:19:59) - HARUMI1

MO1 = "Escape from abandoned house."
MO2 = "Find beaded doll. Escape from abandoned house."

Level details:

Location: the Abandoned House.
Weather: Daytime / Foggy.
Escort Mission: No.
Checkpoints: Yes.

Important sub-objectives:
- getting a toy monkey

- #072 Graffiti engraved into table
- #073 Kamoshika notebook
- #074 Beaded doll

About Harumi Yomoda:

Now you finally get to play as Harumi. As you'd expect, she works in a somewhat
different way compared to the other characters. She runs at a slower pace and
dies by simply being too close to alerted enemies.

Her only item is a flashlight.

About the Shibito family:

There are three Shibito roaming the house - basically the entire Maeda family -
and they each have their own routines that they follow with absolute precision.
The movements of all the family are synced together, so this makes moving
inside the house unnoticed rather simple once you get used to it.

Here's a rough draft of how the Maedas move inside the house:

- Mother: Gets up from table, goes to the Storeroom door via the corridor,
stares at the lock on the door, moves to the TV via the rooms, sits down and
watches TV for a bit, goes to Kitchen door, unlocks it, goes inside to hack at
nothing for a moment, leaves Kitchen and locks door, goes to the boarded front
door and looks at it for a while, then it's back to the Storeroom door.

- Father: Gets up from table, goes to do a prayer at the Buddhist Altar. Then he
comes back a slightly different route and goes inside Parlour to play with the
broken table lighter. Then he goes to Toilet to relieve himself. Then he goes
to the Bath to scratch his head. After that it's back to the Altar...

- Tomoko: Gets up from table, doodles the floor in front of the stairway, gets
up and goes to doodle on some floor upstairs, unlocks Children's Room door and
enters to draw on her desk. Leaves, locks Children's Room door. Goes downstairs.
Repeat ad infinitum...

Level flow (Mission 1):

You start the level hidden inside a closet in the Living Room.

Harumi is supposed to escape the house through the 2nd floor, but there's a
locked door in the way. The key is found from inside the Kitchen, but that area
can only be accessed for a brief period of time after the Mother has unlocked
and entered it.

After the level starts, Sightjack the entire family and then wait for Mother to
walk around the small loop and start watching the TV. After she starts moving
towards the Kitchen, come out of the closet and quietly walk behind her. Enter
the Kitchen after her and then pick up the key that is on a shelf to the right.
Quietly leave and go upstairs.

Don't run much because Tomoko is doodling upstairs and may hear you if you're
not careful. Wait for her to enter her room. After that, the locked door at
the end of the corridor can be accessed and unlocked with the picked up key.

A checkpoint activates once you have passed the locked door upstairs.

The 2nd half of the level takes place outside the house. Eveything seems nice
and quiet, but when you try to leave through the exit, Reiko appears. She has
to be dodged before you can leave the area.

For the safe but boring approach, turn around and just run a loop around the
house and then go to the exit.

For the less safe but faster approach, turn around and run a bit to the right
to find a clothesline. Stand a meter or two behind it and wait for Reiko to
approach. When Reiko decides which side she wants to circle around the
clothesline to get to Harumi, run by the other side all the way to the exit.

Level flow (Mission 2):

This Mission is mostly the same as before. The biggest change happens after
having unlocked the exit.

Hide in a closet in the room that leads outside. This prompts Harumi to
discover a Storeroom key. Now, unfortunately, you are meant to return inside
the house and go past the Maeda family once more. The beaded doll is found
from inside the Storeroom, right where Miyako lost an item all those stages ago.

It should be safe to head back downstairs while Tomoko is in her room since
during this part of the loop the Mother is looking at the front door and Father
is in the Bath.

Or if you want a slightly risky but fun way to do the rest of the level, wait
for Tomoko to unlock the door to her room, then alert her. Make her chase you
out of the house and then jump down. Then climb back into the house. This way
Tomoko stays out of the house for the rest of the level so you can easily
accomplish the optional tasks in her room. In addition, the rest of the family
is frozen doing their routines in a single spot so there's no chance you'll
accidentally wander into them. There's more about this "trick" in the Trivia-
section below. The biggest drawback is that the level finale will be riskier
since Tomoko is outside.

Important sub-objectives - Getting a toy monkey:

The toy monkey is found on the floor inside Children's Room where Tomoko visits
as a part of her route. The simplest way to get it is to sneak into the room
while Tomoko is doodling on her desk, pick it up and then quietly leave.

Doing this sub-objective is arguably more convenient during Mission 1 since it's
shorter and less risky than Mission 2.

Getting Archive #072 - Graffiti engraved into table:

This Archive is acquired by examining the table in the living room.

It's rather simple to pick up regardless of which Mission you are doing.

Getting Archive #073 - Kamoshika notebook:

This Archive is in Children's Room. You have to examine the table Tomoko is
drawing on to receive this Archive.

This is a slightly difficult Archive to get since normally you can only access
the Children's Room when Tomoko is in it, which on the other hand makes
examining her table dangerous.

One possible solution is mentioned in the Mission 2 walkthrough above. If you
lure Tomoko outside the house after she leaves her door open, you can safely
explore almost the entire house after that, including the Children's Room.
The only drawback is that Tomoko will be in the yard during level finale, which
makes dodging Reiko more dangerous. It should still be manageable if you use
the quicker "clothesline" method to do it, though.

If you don't mind alarming Tomoko, it's also possible to sneak right up to her,
examine the table from the left side and then run away before getting captured.

The safest method is probably shouting outside Children's Room while Tomoko is
in there and then hiding in the Bedroom. Tomoko seems to be scripted to go
examine the Boarder's Room in a case like this, giving Tomoko free access to
Children's Room while she's away.

Might be the easiest to try to get this Archive during Mission 1 since it is
the shorter and less risky than Mission 2.

Getting Archive #074 - Beaded doll:

This archive is received automatically while completing Mission 2, so
it can't be missed.


- This is chronologically the last time the abandoned house is visited.

- Something unusual to try out: get yourself locked up in the kitchen. This is
done by just staying out of sight for long enough and waiting for the mother to
leave. This allows you to freely explore the kitchen for a while, but strangely
some things in the Kitchen that you can examine in other levels yield no message
here, for instance the back door. You might be in trouble when mother returns
since she will always see Harumi upon entering, but you can still escape alive
by waiting for her to holler, then running past her.

- An useless trick you may want to try out here is the fabled "double 180".
First, get in front of a closet. Flick the left analog stick quickly down,
but open the List menu before actually turning around. Choose to 'Hide' in
the closet - now, if things work out as they should, Harumi does a 180 turn
instead of the normal hiding animation, as well as an additional 180 when you
finally leave the closet.

- It's possible to lure the entire Maeda family outside the house. Get one of
them chasing you, get to the balcony, and when they're close by, jump down.
Then climb back up via the boxes nearby. None of the Maedas are able to climb
back into the house once you've evicted them this way - it's as if they cannot
climb at all. You can try hanging out on the lowest box and see how they're
unable to hurt you at all.

After you've lured one family member out, the schedules for the rest of the
family become disturbed and they no longer move around the house at all. They
just continue doing one thing over and over again forever, unless they notice
Harumi, of course. This makes moving around the house much easier.

- The beaded doll never shows up in your inventory, but you can check it out
through the Archives-menu.

- Reiko has a rather unique movement. Instead of running, she seems to always
walk at a frisk pace using small steps. I wonder if she has a separate animation
for running too?

- Tomoko sometimes calls out Harumi's name when alerted. How does Tomoko even
know her name?


- You can get an enemy to open the door of a closet while Harumi is hiding
inside there. Strangely enough, the enemies cannot discover her while she's
hiding, so life goes on as usual in the Maeda household although Harumi is
plainly visible for all to see.

The easiest way to do this is get out of the closet around 8 seconds from the
start of the level, wait a few seconds to 'Shout' and then quickly 'Hide' back
inside the closet before any enemies become alarmed. If an enemy becomes alarmed
as Harumi is already about to hide in the closet, they may run up to her and
open the closet door in the process.

- You can get Tomoko to sit down on nothingness. Get her suspicious right before
she sits down on her desk. After she calms down, she won't quite reach her desk,
but instead starts drawing on nothingness in front of the table, sitting in
mid-air. This might work on other family members and their activities too.
(thanks to KurtKokaine4)

- Check out a weird graphical bug once you have escaped from the house. After
descending one step from the Balcony, go to the right-most corner, face the Shed
and crouch. Sightjack, un-sightjack. Mess around enough, and Harumi becomes
invisible until you stand up or move away from the particular area. The enemies
can still see her perfectly well during this fleeting bit of invisibility,
though. (thanks to Steveo99801)

Bonus: Shibito dialogue

- Tomoko can say "We-eee want Harumi..." and "Let's play!" when alerted.

- The father seems to say "Bad girls get punished, you know..." or "Whose
little girl are you? My daughter has parents you know."

- The mother says "What a naughty girl for walking into someone's house

- Reiko has a few lines, but you can mostly hear them during Sightjack when
the audio is not particularly audible. "Megumi...", "Harumi...", "Harumi, please
forgive me?", "Where are you hiding, Harumi? Come to mommy..."

Thanks to Scissormon for some of these.

1, bug with the closets:

2, getting Harumi locked inside the Kitchen:

3, Tomoko sitting in mid-air:

4, Harumi turning invisible on the roof:

5, Maeda family stuck outside the house (old video):

Harumi's Day 3 - 00:00 (00:14:26) - HARUMI2

MO1 = "Escape from the Nest."
MO2 = "Reach central intersection."

Level details:

Location: ???
Weather: Night / Foggy.
Escort Mission: No.
Checkpoints: Yes.

Important sub-objectives:
- unlocking Kondo's house's back door

- #081 An introduction to Hanuda
- #082 Bag o' laughs
- #083 Diary written by Kajiro maid

About Harumi Yomoda:

Even though a lot of time has passed, she hasn't grown up enough to be able to
defend herself yet. Sorry... She carries a flashlight and a toy monkey (if you
picked it up in her previous level).

Level flow (Mission 1):

This is a fairly simple mission in the sense that it only demands you get
from point A to point B. But there are some obstacles to avoid on the way to
the exit.

In the beginning, you're stuck in an area with a Shibito doing some nailing
right where you're supposed to go. The intended way to get around him is to
slowly walk up to the sign that is on the wall and turn it. Once turned, the
Shibito will follow this sign to a dead end and you can go to the small hole
leading to a new area. Alternatively, you can walk past the Shibito to a trash
can and hide behind it, then run to the small hole after the Shibito returns
to the table with nails on it.

The next area won't have any enemies in it so you can run freely. Make your
way to another small hole up ahead. It is next to a small sign on the wall that
says "The Kondo Family".

The next area doesn't have enemies either. You can either enter the Kondo House
to explore (and do a sub-objective) or ignore it and head through another small
hole to reach the yard of the Nakano's House.

There's a checkpoint which activates as you reach the Nakano family house.

Here there's one female Shibito hunching at the other side of the area, right
around where the exit is. If you're feeling brave, you can try running past her.
It's possible to slip past and enter the next hole before she has time to rise
up and turn around to catch Harumi. Alternatively, find an item on a cupboard
around the center of the area that you can use with List Menu. It's a Bag o'
Laughs, and using it will distract the Shibito, freeing up the exit.

Now there's two rooms in a row which are quite small and only feature another
hole to pass through.

The hole after that takes you to a large area with a flowing red river. There's
a Dog Shibito in the area that can move faster than Harumi, so be careful.
Sightjack it and ensure it's facing away, for instance staring at the light,
before you exit the hole. You can get rid of the Dog Shibito permanently by
luring it over the wooden bridge over the river, but doing this is optional.

The next hole takes you in front of the Butcher. The level ends once you take
the stairs and run up to the street ahead.

Level flow (Mission 2):

This Mission is very similar to Mission 1 in most respects. The largest change
comes at the very end, after you have reached Butcher. This time you have to
use the door at the top of the stairs and continue running a bit further through
the area.

The main obstacle here is Eiji Nagoshi who is roaming in the area past the door
on top of the stairs. You're supposed to distract him by using an alarm clock
in the apartment on ground level. You have to put batteries in it from the toy
monkey (which you hopefully picked up in Harumi's previous level) to get it
working. Once you set up the alarm, it will ring 1 minute later, causing Eiji
Nagoshi to run up to it and check it out. This gives you an opportunity to sneak
past him and go to the next area safely.

Alternatively, you can also just run past Eiji if you're feeling brave. Even
though Eiji is a somewhat fast Shibito, Harumi still runs at a faster pace than
he walks.

Once you enter a hole at the other end of the area, you're at Central Crossroads
and the level finally ends.

Sub-objective - Unlocking Kondo's House's back door:

Once you enter second hole in the level, you reach Kondo's House. Simply find
the back door that is locked from the inside and use List Menu to unlock it.
Don't open the door afterwards or you'll get mauled by the Dog Shibito outside.

This sub-objective is equally simple to do during either Mission 1 or 2.

Getting Archive #081 - An introduction to Hanuda:

This Archive is found near the start of the level inside a garbage can.

Walk calmly past the nailing Shibito to the collect it. After picking it
up, you have to hide for a moment to avoid being noticed when the Shibito
returns to the table.

It's equally simple to pick up during either Mission 1 or 2.

Getting Archive #082 - Bag o' laughs:

This Archive is on a cupboard in the Nakano family house.

It's equally simple to pick up during either Mission 1 or 2 and most player
will get it by default since it is a part of the level's intended solution.

Getting Archive #083 - Diary written by Kajiro maid:

This Archive is found at the back yard of Kondo's House. It's basically a small
area with a Dog Shibito roaming inside it that can be accessed via a hole or
through the back door (once you unlock it).

After you have gotten past the first Shibito in the level, pay attention to a
hole on the left. Sightjack a Dog Shibito on the other side and make sure it is
not watching when you go through the hole. Walk a few steps and examine the
book on the ground to get this Archive.

This item is equally simple to pick up during either Mission 1 or 2.


- At Central Crossroads, the small sign near the flashing light says Kamiarato.

- A sign at Sanja bridge says "FRESH MEAT SOLD HERE", but that's likely not the
case any longer.


- If you stand in the middle of the wooden bridge, the Dog Shibito is unable to
get to Harumi. Instead of chasing her, it starts running around the area in an
erratic manner. I'm not sure if this is a bug or some sort of custom behavior
to ensure that Harumi will not end up out of bounds as the bridge collapses.

A video stage: Harumi's Day 3 - 23:00 (23:43:21)

List of archives:
- #098 Misumi Daily Gazette

Reiko's Day 1 - 02:00 (02:18:34) - REIKO1

MO1 = "Escape from the school with Harumi Yomoda."
MO2 = "Unlock door to gymnasium fire exit from within. Help Harumi
       Yomoda escape from the school."

Level Details:

Location: the School.
Weather: Night / Rainy.
Escort Mission: Yes.
Checkpoints: Yes.

Important sub-objectives:
- getting candles

- #007 Harumi Yomoda's drawing
- #008 Photo taken on school trip to Gojaku Peak

About Reiko Takato:

Your sympathetic teacher character. She carries a flashlight and nothing

About Harumi Yomoda:

She's your new escort character, and you can already tell from her physique
that she won't be of much help fending off the Shibito.

Harumi's mechanics are unique from any other character. She "dies" if she is
simply near a Shibito that is actively targeting her. She also runs slower
than anyone else in the game and cannot be pulled up ledges since she is so
short. Try to keep her out of harm's way, you hear?

Level flow (Mission 1):

This is one of the more involved escort missions in the entire game.

Your first objective is to reach the Faculty Room which is on the first floor.
You don't necessarily have to take Harumi with you in this part since she will
somehow teleport inside the Faculty Room after Reiko enters it. But if this is
your first time through the level, it's recommended you take her with you anyway
since there is an important sub-objective you have to complete in one of the
classrooms and you need Harumi for it.

The safest route through the first floor goes through the classrooms. There is
one patroller Shibito in the area that you have to sneak past, though. Feel
free to stop at the corner of the stairs leading down and Sightjack the
patroller to figure out a safe moment to slip past him. It's recommended to
make Harumi hide in the closet in 3-4 Grade Classroom to both leave her into
safety early and also complete the "getting candles" sub-objective in the

If you didn't take Harumi with you, you can just make a run for it. There's a
Revolver Shibito in the middle of the corridor, but with some luck you can run
past him and get into the Faculty Room without being shot twice. Alternatively,
if you want to avoid damage, you can simply sneak past using the classrooms.

A checkpoint activates once you have reached Faculty Room and seen a cutscene

There's a key to gymnasium on the table, so pick it up and enter the school
Gymnasium. The revolver Shibito who is in the corridor may be a threat. You can
either distract him by doing a shout from out of sight. Or just run past him,
quickly unlock the door and hope he won't follow you inside the gym. But even if
he does, he should eventually leave if you wait for long enough.

Going down the stairs in the gym reveals a crowbar - finally a weapon for Reiko.

You get two cutscenes when coming back up. After this point, two things have
happened: firstly, Harumi has moved away from Faculty Room into a random
location that can be either the bathrooms on 1st floor or the class where the
level started from on the 2nd floor. She should be safe for the time being, at
least. The second and more pressing matter is that the gym door is locked and
you are now forced to fight Eiji Nagoshi - it's a mini-boss of sorts.

Eiji is a bit stronger than a regular Shibito and also eerily fast. The best
way to defeat him is to simply stand in place and time strong attacks before
he gets too close. Three strong hits should be enough to put him down. He
teleports to the middle of the gym and drops a key afterwards.

Unlock the gym again and find Harumi from her hiding place. You can tell where
she is by either Sightjacking or by looking at the patroller on the 1st floor.
If the patroller is outside the bathrooms on the 1st floor, that means Harumi
is hiding in the bathroom stalls. Otherwise she is upstairs and the patroller
will be found from the bathroom stall instead.

Eiji Nagoshi will also be roaming freely during the finale of the level. Try
to be quick so that you don't have to fight him over and over again. The first
location he checks out is the Faculty Room, after which his route takes him
through the various classrooms on 1st and then the 2nd floor.

When you find Harumi, ask her to 'Come Here' and then make your way back to
Faculty Room with her following. When she is close enough, the prompt to escape
level through the window becomes useable at last.

Level flow (Mission 2):

The Mission 2 in this level is very similar to Mission 1. The only difference
is that in this version of the level you have to climb up to the second floor
of the Gymnasium and unlock a door at the very end of the long corridor before
leaving the school. There are some Shibito to fight on the way, but they're
not too big of a problem if you have mastered the timing of the crowbar attacks.

Sub-objective - getting candles:

To get this sub-objective, you must hide Harumi Yomoda inside the small closet
in 3-4 Grade Classroom. Wait for the patroller Shibito to look the other way and
walk into the classroom. Leave Harumi in the closet and run to the Faculty Room.
There will be an extra cutscene after picking up the key to gymnasium where
Reiko acquires the candles.

You can do this sub-objective during either Mission 1 or 2, but it's probably
easier to do it during Mission 1 since that is the shorter version of the level
easier to complete in one go.

Getting Archive #007 - Harumi Yomoda's drawing:

This Archive is on the wall outside the 3-4 Grade Classroom.

This item is equally simple to pick up during either Mission 1 or 2.

Getting Archive #008 - Photo taken on school trip to Gojaku Peak:

This Archive is found on the wall in the Faculty Room, it's easy to spot.

This item is equally simple to pick up during either Mission 1 or 2.


- Eiji is a very fast Shibito. His walking animation is almost as fast as the
player's running animation. And if you ever see him running, prepare to get
freaked out! He runs way faster than the player, which looks rather scary.

- After you've killed Eiji for the first time, he'll never get up until you've
unlocked the Gymnasium door. So you can take your time playing with the ball
that lies inside the gym. Its physics are rather lacking, though...

- Eiji Nagoshi's name is mispelled twice in this level. His surname is spelled
"Nakoshi" both right before you have to fight him as well as if you look at the
item description of the key he drops.

- There are four closets in the school total, two upstairs and two downstairs.
Harumi is completely invulnerable and has no collision while she is entering
one, so enemies or Reiko can pass right through her.

- If you Sightjack Harumi while she is in a closet, you'll find out she isn't
doing anything in there. She's just staring at the back corner.

- Reiko has the option to try to 'Hide' in the small closets in the school,
but she is too large to fit any of them.

- Rarely if you tell Harumi to 'Run' and she takes a cramped path, she may get
stuck on Shibito and run against them without dying. It all depends on whether
the enemies are focusing her on Reiko. Regardless, seeing this happen can be
pretty funny.


- Surrealgamer has said that critical hits are not possible against Eiji. If
true, it could be a bug?

Bonus - Harumi Yomoda's dialogue:

- If you make her run, she'll say "Help, mrs. Takato!"

- If you meet her after being separated for some time, she says: "Mrs. Takato,
let's get out of here."

- If you wait around needlessly, she asks "What are you doing?" or sobs.

1, Harumi running against a Shibito (old video):

Reiko's Day 1 - 23:00 (23:45:18) - REIKO2

MO1 = "Help Harumi Yomoda escape from Karuwari."
MO2 = "Light lanterns in order. Help Harumi Yomoda escape from Karuwari."

Level details:

Location: Karuwari.
Weather: Night / Rainy.
Escort Mission: Yes.
Checkpoints: Yes.

Important sub-objectives:
- getting a cassette tape
- releasing the abandoned car's handbrake
- lighting all lanterns

- #053 Weekly Magazine "Shintokumaru"
- #054 Hymn Book
- #055 Book of Deliverance -Kiruden-

About Reiko Takato:

Her inventory features a flashlight, a crowbar and a set of candles (if you
received them in her previous level).

About Harumi:

Same old. Or should I say same young? She's still generally defenseless and
should be looked after.

Level flow (Mission 1):

This isn't generally a very difficult level since it features no ranged enemies.
If you're adept at melee combat, it should be a breeze.

The presence of Harumi complicates things a little. She has to be escorted to
the other side of the map to the exit, and there are actually two different
ways you can go about doing this. First is to simply take Harumi with you
through the entire level. Melee enemies are few and far between, so you should
be able to keep Harumi safe fairly easily even if she is with you.

Second way is to complete the sub-objective "releasing the abandoned car's
handbrake", doing which also opens up a new path through the level right next
to where you start the level from. So if you decide to do this, you might as
well ask Harumi to 'Hide' in the shed where the level begins and pick her up
from there after you have created the new path.

There's a checkpoint once you reach the small cemetery near the gate to Church
if Harumi is nearby AND you are also holding the lighter.

The level finale is a scripted set piece that begins once both Reiko and
Harumi have reached the crossroads leading to the exit. There's a cutscene.
After gameplay resumes, your next goal is to create a distraction. Don't try
to approach the Shibito at any point or else you just fail the set piece.

Instead, get to the truck and find an open window on its right side. Play the
horn using List Menu. Some Shibito start drawing near. You now have to go to
the back of the truck and open a valve that starts leaking gasoline. After
that, choose to light the gasoline from List Menu. A dramatic cutscene ends
the level.

Level flow (Mission 2):

One more patroller Shibito appears during Mission 2, making the level slightly

Mission 2 is otherwise the same as Mission 1 except there's one big side quest
you have to complete before you escort Harumi to the exit and deal with the
scripted set piece there as usual. To put it briefly, you have to light up four
lanterns that are in the area. This is only possible to do if you received the
candles during Reiko's first level and also pushed over four markers in four
different past levels, namely Shiro Day 1 - 03:00, Risa Day 1 - 04:00, Kyoya
Day 1 - 08:00 and Akira Day 1 - 08:00.

You also have to light the lanterns in order. You have to start from the south
lantern and from there move clock-wise. In other words, you have to light the
lanterns in the order D, A, B and C. You should see a special cutscene after
lighting all the lanterns if you did it right.

After that, just finish the level as usual.

Sub-objective - Releasing the abandoned car's handbrake:

This is a pretty simple fetch quest. You can find car keys from the bottom of
the drained river (west side). Find a spot where you can drop down to the river
once past Iron Gate and run to the dead end to the right to find the keys.

After you have the keys, locate the Abandoned Car in the north half of the
level. Unlock it with the keys and enter it. When you're ready to move the
car, look at the hand brake and choose "Release hand brake". This makes it
roll down the path, becoming a makeshift bridge over the gap there.

This sub-objective can be done fairly conveniently during either Mission.

Sub-objective - Getting a cassette tape:

You can find a cassette tape inside floor of the Abandoned Car after you've
unlocked and entered it.

This sub-objective should be done at the same time as you do the above

Sub-objective - Lighting all lanterns:

You automatically get this sub-objective while completing Mission 2, so
better leave it for then.

Getting Archive #053 - Weekly Magazine "Shintokumaru":

This Archive is received automatically at the start of the level.

Getting Archive #054 - Hymn Book:

This Archive is lying on the big gravestone right after you pass the Iron Gate.

It's equally convenient to get during either Mission.

Getting Archive #055 - Book of Deliverance -Kiruden-

You automatically receive this archive while completing Mission 2, so it
can't be missed.


- Harumi cannot be pulled up a ledge since she's too short.

- You can't get the attention of the Shibito near the end level earlier than
intended by shouting, for instance. You can Sightjack them, though.

- During the level finale, if you look at the map, the "cart" is grayed out
at the moment.


- If you tell Harumi to "Run!" near the abandoned car before you've created
the new path, she will attempt to reach the shed the level starts from but she
cannot get there. As a result, she'll run left and right until she's exhausted.
She will also spout out various 'Run!'-comments while doing this.

- It might be a bug, but if you go inside the abandoned car with Harumi nearby,
she'll start shouting desperate idle comments over and over again although
you can't see her at all from inside the car. Maybe the game considers Reiko to
be "far away" from Harumi while inside the car, causing this outburst.

- During Mission 2, after you've lit all the candles and seen the cutscene, the
candles aren't lit any longer. The game still says they are if you examine a
candle, though.

- The rotted tree near the Church gate has strange collision. If you move
towards it, Reiko vibrates in a strange fashion. Also, her character model
seems to sink into the tree at some spots. If you get her head inside the tree
and then 'Shout', her voice is heard very dimly. If you strafe to a certain
spot, the camera angle goes completely insane and flickers about erratically.

Bonus - Harumi Yomoda's dialogue:

- When you pick up the lighter, she'll say "Mrs. Takato, what did you do?"

- When you pick up the keys to the abandoned car, she'll ask "What are you
doing Mrs. Takato?"

- If you tell her to 'Run', she'll shout "Where are you Mrs. Takato?!" or
“Nooo!” or “Help, Mrs. Takato!”

- If you wait, she'll ask "What are you doing, Mrs. Takato?"

- If you leave her to wait somewhere, she'll keep saying "Hurry up... Mrs.",
"Miyako hasn't turned into a monster, has she?" or "It's okay Harumi, you'll
be alright."

- Idle waiting comments include: "Please help me, Mrs. Takato! Please!",
"What are you doing Mrs. Takato?" and "Help me Mrs. Takato!"

1, glitches regarding Harumi's behavior:

Akira's Day 1 - 08:00 (08:19:59) - AKIRA1

MO1 = "Reach road to Hirasakai."
MO2 = "Reach road to Dousojin stone."

Level details:

Location: the Mines.
Weather: Daytime / Foggy.
Escort Mission: No.
Checkpoints: No.

Important sub-objectives:
- switching a track
- pushing a marker

- #027 Commemorative group photo
- #028 Kamoshika diary

About Akira Shimura:

Akira is one of the most unique playable characters in this game in both good
and bad.

First of all, he's the oldest playable character, and accordingly, some of his
movement- and recovery-animations are rather slow.

Even more pressingly, he's a hunter who never leaves home without his trusty
Type 22 Murata Rifle, so that's the weapon you're forced to use in every level
where you play as Akira. The good part is that the rifle is a very powerful
ranged weapon with plenty of ammunition too. The bad part is that you aim with
it in first person using a rather awkward, slow sight. Try to learn to use the
rifle - you'll need the skill set both now and later in the game!

You start the level with 20 sniper bullets. The rifle holds 8 bullets at a time.
Akira has no other items but the rifle and its bullets.

Tips for using the rifle:

- the rifle is useless at close range. You can't deal with enemies at all if
they get too close since the aiming of the rifle is so slow. If enemies are
right next to you, run away before trying to aim or else you'll probably just
get hit.

- ending up in a duel with a Shibito sniper is generally a very bad thing.
Be prepared and try to ambush any ranged enemies from out of sight instead.
Good thing is that Siren almost always gives you the option to ambush foes,
making them turn around in place and leaving them vulnerable for a short time.

- ranged enemies are also vulnerable while they're reloading. You can force
enemies to reload by making them waste all their bullets on walls. Strafe in
and out of sight near a wall while a ranged enemy is alarmed and hopefully
you can defeat them without too much effort this way.

Level flow (Mission 1):

You simply have to reach an exit on the other side of the map. Sadly, there are
a lot of enemies on your way, including two or more sniper Shibito.

The level begins from Tunnel No. 1. A Sniper is overlooking the main yard of the
Mines. This Sniper is a bother and you'll have to get rid of him sooner or
later. The easiest way is to Sightjack him, wait until he turns around and then
come out in the open and shoot him. Alternatively, you can carefully shoot him
from inside the Mine Office if you aim half-way behind a door frame.

The main yard also hosts two melee Shibito, but they are much less of a problem
in the long run.

Your objective is to reach the exit near the Custodian's Shack, but there's
another Sniper standing in guard on the tracks outside, right next to the Gate
With Lock. The intended solution to get rid of this Sniper is to push a Trolley
over him. To do this, you first have to visit the Siren Shack to pick up wire
cutters. The Trolley itself is inside Shaft No.3-East, guarded by a Sniper who
can be easily shot if you just wait until he looks the other way. After this,
cutting the wire on the Trolley and pushing it yields a funny cutscene and gets
rid of the Sniper on the tracks.

If you take too much time and also do other optional tasks in the area, the
Shibito overlooking the main yard may revive before you're done. Make sure that
he is knocked out before you continue down the tracks.

However, you deal with the Sniper close to Gate With Lock, he will drop a key
to the gate once defeated. Use it to unlock the Gate. To complete Mission 1,
simply climb over the rubble nearby and run to the exit.

Level flow (Mission 2):

This level is initially exactly the same as Mission 1. The changes begin once
you reach past Gate With Lock.

Instead of going to the exit, enter Custodian's Shack to pick up a rotting pick
axe. Be warned that as you do this, the Sniper Shibito outside on the tracks
will revive and has to be shot again. But otherwise, if you're fast enough, you
can get through this Mission with relatively little combat.

Then you must backtrack near where the level started and go up the stairs to a
Dousojin Stone. The gate leading there is locked, but you can use the rotting
pick axe to get through. 

Sub-objective - Switching a track:

You can see a Railway Points Switch on the tracks if you enter Shaft No.5-East.
Operating it will yield you this sub-objective.

This sub-objective can be done during either Mission 1 or 2, but it's helpful
to get it done as early as possible.

Sub-objective - Pushing a marker:

There's a stone marker embedded inside a wall inside Shaft No.5-East. You have
to open a door to access it.

This sub-objective is equally simple to do during either Mission 1 or 2.

Getting Archive #027 - Commemorative group photo

This archive is found from inside the Custodian's Shack.

This archive can ONLY be picked up during Mission 2, so leave it unti lthen.

Getting Archive #028 - Kamoshika diary

This Archive is found in a corner when you go down the stairs from the Mine

It can be picked up just as easily during either Mission 1 or 2.


- Akira literally never lets go of his rifle, not even during his death
animation. You can't unequip the rifle manually either.

- Using the siren at the Siren Shack is completely optional. If you use it,
it will revive some Shibito if they're dead. It will also make the Shibito
gather around the main yard, but the effect is only temporary in this level
and the Shibito will eventually disperse again. Most Snipers will ignore the
siren as well.

- If the siren is playing, using List Menu gives you the option to turn off
the siren. Even turning off the siren willrevive any knocked out Shibito (?).
Then the Shibito affected by the siren will resume their normal routes.

- If you leave Akira alone for a while, his idle animation has him coughing.


- There's an invisible wall at the lowest floor of the Mine Office that you
can slam into if you run down the stairs at full speed. (thanks Stevo99801)

Akira's Day 1 - 16:00 (16:53:37) - AKIRA2

MO1 = "Reach road to Hirunotsuka with Yoriko Anno."
MO2 = "Reach road to Hirunotsuka with Yoriko Anno within 1 minute and
       55 seconds."

Level details:

Location: Haraydori ???
Weather: Daytime / Foggy
Escort Mission: Yes.
Checkpoints: No.

During the first playthrough, there's one shibito less in the area. On
subsequent visits there's a new patroller shibito hanging around right
beside the fire tower, unless you shot the shibito down the well during
Tamon's Day 1 - 02:00.

Important sub-objectives:
- having Yoriko find a certain photo

- #034 Villager's diary
- #035 Postcard written by Yoriko Anno

About Akira Shimura:

He starts the level with his usual rifle and 24 bullets.

About Yoriko Anno:

It's Yoriko! Mercifully the developers made her slightly hardier for this level
and she can now withstand two bullets instead of only one.

Level flow (Mission 1):

This is another particularly involved escort mission level. Worst of all, it's
full of Snipers.

The level starts with Yoriko in front of Kawasaki's House, being troubled by
two patrolling Shibito. Normally the first step is to snipe these two Shibito
to allow Yoriko to continue her escape. If you don't intervene, the Shibito
usually maul Yoriko to death in under 20 seconds.

Once you help her, she will run all the way to Yoshimura's House and hide there.
There are two Snipers overlooking the path, one on top of Takaya's House and one
on top of Nakajima's House, but they are scripted to have a pretty poor aim vs
Yoriko and usually fail to get a shot in. Of course, this means that following
Yoriko exactly the same path that she took means you also get shot at by these
Snipers. Because of that, I suggest you use the westmost path through the level
as this way you won't be spotted by the Snipers as easily.

Around 80 seconds into the level Yoriko will be spotted inside Yoshimura's House
by a female patroller if you don't intervene. This forces her to relocate and
she will run under the Stone Bridge to wait for help.

The level becomes easier once you get past the initial hurdle of reaching Yoriko
and get away from the sight of the Sniper Shibito. You can get Yoriko's
attention by either getting close enough to her or shouting. Once you find her,
ask her to follow you and make your way to the exit from any direction. However,
don't use the Stone Bridge because there's one last Sniper near the exit that
has a clear line of sight over the Bridge.

When near the exit with Yoriko, you get a cutscene where Yoriko suggests that
she can act as a decoy. After this, you have an unique List Menu option asking
her to be a decoy. If you select it, Yoriko will run past the Sniper, gaining
his attention. The sniper will fire a shot (which will miss) and then follow
after Yoriko. Don't step out of cover during this time or else the Sniper will
focus his attention on Akira instead. Just wait in place and shoot the Sniper
once he comes out in the open, then leave the level.

Level flow (Mission 2):

To note: if you never shot a Shibito down the well in Tamon's first level, it
will now be patrolling here, making accomplishing this objective harder. It's
still not impossible, but it can be very annoying.

This is exactly the same as Mission 1, except you have to complete it under a
time limit of 1 minute 55 seconds. This is possible to do by simply playing
through the level very efficiently, or you can also use a shortcut to save a
lot of time.

The shortcut is this: you can meet Yoriko early. To do this, ONLY shoot the
female patroller chasing after Yoriko at the start of the level. This makes
her back away from the male patroller and come closer to Akira's location.
Climb down the ladder so that you step down 3 rungs and then stop and press
circle to drop down the rest of the way. Run closer to Yoriko, then shoot
the male patroller, then quickly 'Shout'. This should get Yoriko's attention
before she gets a chance to leave to Yoshimura's House.

Sub-objectives - Having Yoriko find a certain photo:

You have to first complete Tamon's Day 2 - 10:00 Mission 1 before this
sub-objective becomes possible to do.

Get Yoriko's attention, then have her 'Hide' near Kawasaki's House. She will
hide in plain sight next to the House, after which you get a cutscene and the
sub-objective is completed.

You don't even have to knock out the nearby Sniper while doing this since he
is scripted to miss Yoriko. Just make sure to keep Akira hidden or he will get
shot, though.

Getting Archive #034 - Villager's diary:

This Archive is inside the Storage Shed on a shelf. It's pretty simple to pick
up if you use the westmost path through the level to reach Yoriko.

Getting Archive #035 - Postcard written by Yoriko Anno:

This Archive is in Takaya's House's mailbox. It's on the side facing the river.
It's pretty simple to go and pick up once you have found Yoriko.


- Poor Akira's back doesn't take it well if you drop down from the Fire Tower's
ladder from the highest position. He takes an extra long time getting back up
with an unique animation.

- LiveThruThis said that the time constraint during MO2 is more lenient than
it seems and gives you Mission 2 complete even if you are one second too slow.

- One of the biggest problems caused by the extra Shibito during Mission 2 is
that he can stunlock Akira to death with fast melee attacks if you drop down
from the tower. The presence of the extra Shibito can make this level a
"luck-based mission".

Bonus - Yoriko Anno's dialogue:

- When Akira meets Yoriko, she says "Thank god! A regular human being...
I dropped my school ID somewhere, and got attacked while looking for it.
Thank you so much."

- If she expects to be pulled up, she'll say "Thanks!" in a sarcastic tone.
This is a new comment in this level. Maybe she doesn't dare to be so acerbic
towards her dear Professor?

- If you wait around uselessly, she has a few different voice clips where
she asks "Mind if I ask you what you're doing?".

- When you approach the are where Yoriko finds the photo after this
sub-objective becomes available, she says "Looks like we can climb our way
up here."

- Once you reach the end level and see the cutscene with the sniper, she says
"I'll act as a decoy. But don't shoot me."

1, clearing the level's Mission 2 despite an extra Shibito:
   (this also shows a variation of "meeting Yoriko early" shortcut)

A video stage: Akira's Day 2 - 00:00 (00:11:26)

Tomoko's Day 1 - 17:00 (17:54:51) - TOMOKO1

MO1 = "Escape from Hirunotsuka."
MO2 = "Escape from Hirunotsuka within 1 minute and 55 seconds."

Level details:

Location: Hirunotsuka.
Weather: Dusk.
Escort Mission: No.
Checkpoints: No.

Important sub-objectives:
- None?

- #037 Origins of Mizuhiruko Shrine
- #038 Misumi Daily Gazette

About Tomoko Maeda:

Five hours have passed since she was separated from Kei, and she's still
hanging around Hirunotsuka. What's up with that?

For some reason Tomoko now has more endurance compared to when she was just
Kei's sidekick. Despite her young age she is able to survive being shot once.

She carries a flashlight and a key to offertory box (if you received it in Kei
Day 1 - 12:00).

Level flow (Mission 1):

This is a fairly simple level in the sense that all you need to do is to leave
the map. However, since Tomoko cannot climb tall ledges, there is only one route
that you can escape by, which is the exit to Harayadori. The biggest obstacles
on your way are a Sniper Shibito on the stairs leading down and a Revolver 
Shibito standing in the middle of the path near the exit.

If you take a step out through the door, you have the option to "Ring the bell".
Doing this summons the Sniper to the area and is not recommended unless you also
follow up with the option "Fling the Coins". This will make all the attracted
Shibito greedily hoard the coins, distracting them and allowing Tomoko to get
past safely. However, doing this is not an option if Tomoko didn't find a key
to the offertory box during Kei's first level.

Down the steps, there's a Patrol Car nearby. If you enter and "Toggle Switch",
you create some noise that attracts the Revolver Shibito. If you go and wait on
the stairs leading to the Shrine, you are then able to slip past the enemies
and reach the exit safely. But doing this is only possible if you also used
the bell and the coins at the Shrine because otherwise the Sniper is still
guarding the stairs.

If you don't have the key to offertory box or just want to get the level over
with extra quick, it's also possible to simply run through it. Turn off the
flashlight and run down the steps. The running noise will make the Sniper
suspicious so he will turn around, but he will always rotate towards the
Shrine counter-clockwise, allowing you to run past him from the right side
with complete impunity.

Turn right and keep running. There is a patroller Shibito on the path, but
you can just barely avoid her by swerving to the left. Assuming you don't get
strangled by the patroller, the Revolver Shibito who is normally a mortal threat
will stop and holler instead of shooting Tomoko, giving you a good chance of
reaching all the way to the exit in one piece.

Level flow (Mission 2):

This mission is exactly the same as before, except you have a time limit. If
you didn't already master the "run past everything" tactic, now's a good time to
do it.

Getting Archive #037 - Origins of Mizuhiruko Shrine:

This Archive can be picked up right at the start of the level inside the Shrine.
Go to the back corner of the Shrine and pick something up through the cracks
to reveal this scroll, then read it.

The Archive is a bit simpler to get during Mission 1 since it has no time limit.

Getting Archive #038 - Misumi Daily Gazette:

This Archive can be picked up inside the Patrol Car. Examine the car's door
to get it.

This Archive is simpler to get during Mission 1 since it has no time limit.


- Tomoko says nothing if you try to examine the creepy statue in the Small

- You can ring the bell multiple times. The option to do so only becomes
disabled once there is at least one Shibito picking up the coins.

- If you fling the coins without ringing the bell, the Shibito aren't
interested and no one comes to pick them up.


- If enough patrollers gather around the flinged coins and Tomoko jumps down
in the middle of them, it's not possible to get out.

1, getting stuck inside the circle of Shibito (old video):

A video stage: Tomoko's Day 1 - 21:00 (21:27:13)

List of archives:
- #047 Note left by Tomoko Maeda

Tomoko's Day 2 - 06:00 (06:06:01) - TOMOKO2

MO1 = "Reach road to church."
MO2 = "Reach road to church without being discovered by Shibito."

Level details:

Location: Karuwari.
Weather: Daytime / Foggy.
Escort Mission: No.
Checkpoints: No.

Important sub-objectives:
- picking up a toy monkey

- #063 Devotional painting - Advent of Angels -
- #064 Tsuchinoko reward poster

About Tomoko Maeda:

She has literally lost everything. Nothing in her inventory...

Level flow (Mission 1):

Welcome to the easiest level in the entire game. Your main objective is to reach
the Church. You have one or two paths available to you, depending on if you did
the Abandoned Car sub-objective in Reiko's second level.

Regardless of which path you take, enemies are surprisingly bored of Tomoko and
will not attack or even chase her around much. There isn't much stopping you
from just running to the Church, it's a pretty uneventful level in that sense.

Level flow (Mission 2):

Mission 2 requires you to complete the level without being noticed by enemies,
which makes it marginally more difficult.

This time you must use the alternative path that goes over the Abandoned Car.
Your biggest obstacle is a sole Dog Shibito at the crossroads leading to the
Church. However, it is deaf, so you can just run past it when it's not looking.

In other words, Sightjack the Dog Shibito at the exit, wait for it to turn away
and then run past it.

Sub-objectives - Picking up a toy monkey:

This Archive is found from the other side of the Iron Gate, lying on a large
grave marker.

This sub-objective is far more convenient to complete during Mission 1, since
you won't be using the path past Iron Gate during Mission 2.

Getting Archive #063 - Devotional painting - Advent of Angels -:

This Archive is found in a sewer pipe from the east side of the river bottom.
It's pretty easy to pick up after level starts by just dropping down from the
nearby wooden bridge and examining the jutting pipe.

Getting Archive #064 - Tsuchinoko reward poster:

This Archive is received by standing on top of the Abandoned Car, facing north
and then pressing X. You'll hear a strange sound and the elusive animal will
leap around for a bit before disappearing into a pipe. You also get the Archive
in the process.

You can only get this Archive if you did the Abandoned Car sub-objective in
Reiko's second mission. Otherwise there's no Abandoned Car on which to stand
on during this level.


- This is chronologically the last time Karuwari is visited in this game.

- Pushing down the old tree will always alarm a nearby Dog Shibito, thus
preventing you from completing Mission 2.

- Naoko will lazily follow Tomoko around in the area past the Iron Gate. She
will even follow Tomoko if she jumps down the tall ledge, even though she gets
damaged in the process. But she refuses to follow her past the old tree. She
also becomes less interested in Tomoko if you've used the scooter distraction.

- Naoko has a repulsive sounding breathing voice that you can hear if you
Sightjack here.

- Naoko is wielding some sort of a hand scythe. It looks similar to a weapon
Reiko uses later on. However, you don't get to see Naoko in action wielding the
weapon since there are no targets to attack in this level.

- There's a Scooter lying around that seems like it's placed there to help
distract the enemies, but it seems to be a red herring more than anything else.
Using it will only make your play less stealthy. It will attract most Shibito
in the area near it, pretty much ensuring Tomoko will get noticed.

- If you use the scooter distraction without having felled the old tree, Naoko
will instead push the tree down as she rushes to the other side of the level.
You can see her do this if you Sightjack her the instant you have toggled the
switch. She teleports next to the old tree and pushes it over as if she had
pushed old trees over all her life.


- The map has a large X-mark indicating the broken bridge near the old tree.
It disappears once you finally push down the old tree and create a new path.
However, if you have Naoko push down the tree instead, the mark never goes away.

Bonus - Naoko Mihama's dialogue:

- When you're near her, she may randomly say "Won't you look at me, please.",
"Everlasting youth..." or "Tell me I'm beautiful!" She may also do an insane
laughter instead.

A video stage: Tomoko's Day 2 - 06:00 (06:32:56)

A video stage: Naoko's Day 1 - 11:00 (11:02:46)

List of archives:
- #030 Legend of Yaobikuni

Naoko's Day 1 - 19:00 (19:27:21) - NAOKO1

MO1 = "Reach road to Janokubi Valley."
MO2 = "Reach road to Janokubi Valley after defeating all Shibito."

Level details:

Location: the Mines.
Weather: Night / Rainy.
Escort Mission: No.
Checkpoints: Yes.

Important sub-objectives:
- picking up a library card

- #039 Dousojin statue
- #040 Akira Shimura's hunting license
- #041 Library card
- #042 Triangle

About Naoko Mihama:

She starts with the flashlight equipped, with no other items available.

Level flow (Mission 1):

In this level your main objective is to escape via Tunnel No. 1. The only thing
preventing you from doing this is a single Sniper Shibito guarding the exit.

Fortunately there is a pretty simple way to lure the Shibito away from the exit:
using the siren in the Siren Shack. This level can be over very quickly if you
just run to the Shack, use the siren, then run to the exit. But you will miss
some important sub-objectives (and Archives too) by doing this. There's more
info about all that below.

Level flow (Mission 2):

The Mission 2 is almost exactly the same as Mission 1, except you have to
fulfill a few more conditions before you pass it. Explicitly, you have to
push the mine cart from Shaft No.5-East AND all enemies have to be knocked out
before you reach the exit.

To accomplish all of these things, Naoko is forced to explore deeper into the
level. You will find a key that will open Custodian's Shack from Shaft
No.3-East. There's a Shibito roaming nearby, but it's not too difficult to
either sneak past him or just take the key right from under his nose.

Once inside Custodian's Shack, there's a revolver with 24 bullets total. You
also become checkpointed after picking up the weapon.

You now need a key to Shaft No.5-East to unlock it. Illogically, one appears
right as you're about to leave Custodian's Shack. You hear a clank when you
step outside, so return back inside and pick up the key that has fallen on
the floor.

The level finale where you defeat all Shibito before leaving is at hand. Pull
the switch in the Siren Shack to summon all Shibito to the yard. Enter Shaft
No.5-East, shoot a nearby Shibito and then push the mine cart. After that,
make sure to shoot any stragglers that might still remain alive. It might
be helpful to verify that all Shibito are really down with a quick Sightjack
before running out through Tunnel No. 1 to end the level.

Sub-objective - Picking up a library card:

There's a school bag at the end of Shaft No.3-East. Emptying it will yield a
cutscene, after which Naoko picks up the library card. But you cannot do this
if a Shibito is near and alarmed.

This sub-objective is pretty convenient to do during either Mission 1 or 2.

Getting Archive #039 - Dousojin statue

This Archive is received automatically at the start of the level.

Getting Archive #040 - Akira Shimura's hunting license

This Archive is received if you examine the area on ground level in front of
Tunnel No. 1. You can see a blue object on the ground there.

It's equally simple to get during either Mission 1 or 2.

Getting Archive #041 - Library card

You get this Archive at the same time as you complete the library card

Getting Archive #042 - Triangle

You get this Archive item by examining the triangle on the ground after having
emptied the school bag in Shaft No.3-East.

You can get it during either Mission 1 or 2, but it's most practical to get it
at the same time as you complete the library card sub-objective.


- You can't complete Mission 2 even if you have knocked out all enemies when
exiting the level UNLESS you also pushed the mine cart. For some reason the
mine cart is a necessary part of things, even if it doesn't hit any enemies
and even if the game doesn't mention it.

- The siren can be activated only once during this level, it stops working
afterwards. But maybe it's just as well, since the Shibito who are alarmed
by the Siren do not resume their normal routes again afterwards.

- The Sniper guarding the exit is a real killing machine. He shoots faster than
most Snipers and reloads quick too. So far there's no feasible way to get past
him without a distraction.

Naoko's Day 1 - 22:00 (22:11:08) - NAOKO2

MO1 = "Escape from the school."
MO2 = "Find Book of Hanuda Folk Tales. Escape from the school."

Level details:

Location: the School.
Weather: Night / Rainy.
Escort Mission: No.
Checkpoints: No.

Important sub-objectives:
- None.

- #048 "Stargazers Circle" flyer
- #049 Book of Hanuda Folk Tales

About Naoko Mihama:

She starts out with the 'Type 25 revolver' with a total of 16 bullets, as well
as her flashlight. There's also a library card if Naoko found it at the mines.

Level flow (Mission 1):

You start at the school Gymnasium. Some Spider Shibito have made their home
there, and they'll inevitably notice you before you've even had the chance to
get down to 1st floor. It's better if you can avoid them because there's no
reason to return to Gymnasium once you're out of there. Remember to close the
door behind you - Spider Shibito can't open doors.

There's something under floorboards inside Gymnasium Storeroom. To pick it up,
you need a compass. You find the compass from Supply Room on the 2nd floor.
On the way there you'll encounter some Spider Shibito as well as the resident
Shibito Brain who is Eiji Nagoshi. It's recommended to find Eiji Nagoshi from
the 2nd floor and knock him out to take out all the Spiders in the level
simultaneously. He takes three bullets to go down.

After picking up compass, it's just a matter of backtracking to the 1st floor
Gymnasium Storeroom.

There's a key to the exit underneath the floorboards. Once you've picked it up,
Eiji Nagoshi literally teleports at the foot of the stairs near the Small
Storage Room and he will wait for Naoko there indefinitely. Fortunately you can
avoid fighting him if you just unlock the door to the Small Storage Room - where
the exit is - and run to the door fast enough.

Level flow (Mission 2):

The Mission 2 for this level is in most respects exactly the same as Mission 1.
The extra condition you have to fulfill this time is picking up the Book of
Hanuda Folk Tales from the Library before leaving.

The Library has more than one Spider Shibito inside, so it pays off to once
again knock out Eiji Nagoshi to get rid of all the Spider Shibito at once and
make the level much safer. After that, the Book is free for taking. Then you
just have to complete the rest of the level as you always would.

Getting Archive #048 - "Stargazers Circle" flyer:

This Archive is found in Gymnasium Storeroom, to the opposite end to where you
find the compass.

It's equally convenient to pick it up during either Mission 1 or 2.

Getting Archive #049 - Book of Hanuda Folk Tales

This Archive is received automatically when doing Mission 2, so you can't
miss it.


- This is chronologically the last time the School is visited in this game.

- Eiji Nagoshi's Shibito Brain behavior is rather inconsistent in this level.
He will try to avoid Naoko during the first part of the level and isn't too
aggressive. During the finale he will try to attack Naoko, though.

- The level has 8 enemies total: Eiji and 7 Spider Shibito.

- None of the fire alarms work at this point any longer.


- It's somehow possible to get the Spider Shibito in the Gym to move in air,
but the specifics on how to do that are unknown.

- The Gym Spider Shibito can do other strange things as well. Sometimes they
can get stuck moving to and fro aimlessly, as if their pathfinding couldn't
decide on how to approach Naoko.

1, Spider Shibito A.I. bug (old videos):

A video stage: Naoko's Day 2 - 03:00 (03:33:33)

List of archives:
- #061 Naoko Mihama's junior high yearbook

A video stage: Miyako's Day 1 - 07:00 (07:38:41)

List of archives:
- none.

A video stage: Miyako's Day 2 - 00:00 (00:23:36)

List of archives:
- none.

A video stage: Miyako's Day 2 - 15:00 (15:33:08)

List of archives:
- #075 - Book of Deliverance - Fruit of Vieda

A video stage: Ayako's Day 1 - 23:00 (23:59:44)

List of archives:
- #052 Legend of Princess Konohana

A video stage: Yoriko's Day 1 - 17:00 (17:54:25)

List of archives:
- #036 Umi-gaeri

A video stage: Yoriko's Day 2 - 11:00 (11:12:08)

List of archives:
- none.

A video stage: Yoriko's Day 3 - 18:00 (18:08:57)

List of archives:
- none.

A video stage: Hisako's Day 1 - 07:00 (07:38:22)

List of archives:
- #024 Parish directory

A video stage: Hisako's Day 2 - 06:00 (06:44:51)

List of archives:
- #066 The Boat of Utsubo

A video stage: Hisako's Day 2 - 10:00 (10:07:23)

List of archives:
- none.

A video stage: Hisako's Day 2 - 19:00 (19:02:37)

List of archives:
- #078 Book of Deliverance - The Good Tidings -

A video stage: Hisako's Day 3 - 00:00 (00:00:08)

List of archives:
- none.

A video stage: Hisako's Day 3 - 23:00 (23:29:56)

List of archives:
- none.

A video stage: Mina's Day 2 - 00:00 (00:17:28)

List of archives:
- none.

A video stage: Datatsushi's 684 A.D. (11:59:55)

List of archives:
- #001 Irazu Valley Mural

- You unlock this video stage after finding 99 Archive items in the game.
And you finally unlock the 100th Archive after watching it.

Special techniques:

1. Gliding

Gliding is a pretty weird glitch by any game's standards. To sum it up pretty
quick, it's an exploit that lets your character move very fast, completely
silently, even past enemies in tight spaces.

The bad part? It's really difficult to do consistently. But it can still come
in handy situationally...

How to do classic gliding:

1, keep strafing or walking backwards and open in-game menu (with triangle).
2, close the in-game menu and then open it again frame precisely.

Note: The timing for this step is excruciatingly small. If you do this in
Time Attack, you'll see that the time progresses only a mere 0.08 seconds
between each time you correctly open and close the in-game menu.

3, repeat step 2 until you're happy or you fail.

Note: due to different frame rate, I've heard that doing gliding is slightly
harder on the NTSC / JPN version.

If you're doing this right, your character should move in a single direction
in an awkward pose with no real "animation" going on. S/he is just sliding,
or "gliding" on the ground, and that's where the glitch gets its name.

Doing this is harmless in short doses. But the longer you do it, you'll notice
some pretty extreme side effects. The most important is that your character's
speed increases dramatically each time you open and close the in-game menu.
He or she will eventually outrun camera and move far faster than you could via
any other mean in the game. ...So why does this happen? It's a good question.
I guess that your character has no limitations to maximum speed if he or she
is moving like this, so s/he just keeps accelerating every frame.

Because the main character has no animation, s/he won't make any footsteps
and will move completely silently. S/he will also slide effortlessly past
any enemies in tight places. It looks pretty neat! As another side effect,
doing gliding into some small steps lets your character zip inside them and
in this way "climb" up certain things without having to stop and actually
climb them.

Other gliding notes:

Collisions are generally speaking really well made in Siren, and even if you
get an absurd amount of speed from gliding, so far you cannot breach walls
in this game. Your character sinks into a wall but never passes through.

While you can technically start gliding while moving forward too, you won't
get glitchy speed doing it, unlike when strafing or walking backwards. It can
still come in handy sometimes when going past enemies in cramped spaces.

Gliding forward if your character has extra speed from getting hit does retain
the extra speed, though.

Remember that each character has subtly different strafing and backwards
walking speed. Risa and Reiko are the best in strafe-gliding, but for male
characters it's the easiest to start gliding from backwards walk.

This trick is not too suitable for normal gameplay because it's so hard to
time right. It works pretty well in hardcore speedrunning, though!

Limitations of gliding:

- so far you can't move through cutscene triggers undetected with gliding.

- moving fast is of limited help against bullets. The snipers are just that
  good in this game.

- in most cases it seems you can't descend off ledges while gliding? But this
  should be tested some more.

- you can't turn while gliding.

- Any gliding movement eventually comes to a stop, so you can't build up speed
  infinitely. This might be a result of the character's speed overflowing, but
  it's hard to say.

1, Risa Day 1 - 22:00 M2 completed super-fast with gliding:

2, gliding into a small step (old video):

NOTE for turbo controller owners: it's possible to emulate some effects of
Gliding in real time with a turbo controller. Therefore, a new section has
been introduced, called...


Set L1 on turbo. Now, a wide variety of real-time gliding options open up
for you.

- Try to crouch-walk forward diagonally. Your character suddenly starts moving
at very high speeds to the direction you're pointing at! It seems you gain
extra speed by doing certain kind of curved turns (only possible at high enough
speeds) or combining it with crouch-strafing. Has lots of possibilities!

- Try to strafe in weapon stance. This is the second most useful option you
have, and you can move in a straight line forward OR backward. You can mix it
up with sideways weapon strafe, but its usefulness is a bit more limited.
Obviously you need a weapon to do this.

- If you strafe normally, you get a half-hearted Gliding effect which is kind
of slow to kick in, not to mention your character keeps turning all the time
you're doing this.

1, Shiro's Day 1 03:00 turbo'ed:

2, Tamon's Day 3 22:00 turbo'ed:

Gliding with text messages (OBSOLETE):

It's completely not worth it, but it's also possible to do gliding using text
messages of the game. You can only do it at places where you can activate a
text message through the List Menu, for instance at Tamon Day 2 - 18:00 where
you can try to 'Squeeze through' the gap in the door. You basically just have
to do normal Gliding, except you don't circle yourself out of the List Menu
but instead choose the menu option that gives you the text message. The
character nudges on, quite unelegantly for any kind of gliding, but it still

To add insult to injury, the text message stops all of your momentum, so even
if you go through the trouble of learning this tactic, you can't even go fast
using it.

Shout gliding:

As another not too useful specialty, it's also possible to glide by choosing
to 'Shout' frame precisely while strafing or moving backwards. The speed
builds up much slower than normal if you do this, but as a potential benefit,
your character will drop down slower if they're airborne because shouting
means they're immune to gravity for a moment. Who knows if this trick will
come in handy some day when doing a TAS or something?

Weapon switch exploit / "unexpected weapon switching":

While in attack stance, you normally cannot open the Pause-menu. However,
you can get around this limitation by letting go of R1 during an attack. This
enables you to switch weapons during an attack animation, causing some
interesting stuff to happen.

If you switch from melee weapon to a gun during an attack, your character
enters quick aiming mode after closing the Pause-menu. If you switch from a gun
to a melee weapon while shooting, your character does a quick melee attack
out of nowhere! So this kind of switches can speed up combat, but it's really
only useful for characters with both a gun AND a melee weapon.

Another nice if useless effect is being able to do a weapon-less weapon attack
by unequipping weapon during an attack. Weaponless attacks pass through
everything harmlessly and don't do any damage.

1, a video of this tactic:

Other bugs and glitches:


You can literally have enemies pull open Harumi's closet door as she is hiding
there, but they are powerless to notice or attack her afterwards. It might be a
bug, hard to say.

1, enemies won't notice Harumi even though closet door is open:


- As mentioned before, Shibito sometimes have trouble getting around opened

- If you close a door when a Shibito is too deep in the doorway, the door can
scoop up the Shibito and bring him or her right to your face. Not such a nice
thing to happen.

1, "the door that saved Kei Makino"

2, "the door that screwed Kei Makino"

- On a related note, just opening and closing a door repeatedly can
sometimes keep your character safe from the wrath of the shibito. It's not
necessarily too helpful to keep doing this, though.

1, repelling enemies by opening a door repeatedly:

- Opening or closing a door will interrupt any attacks by your characters,
sometimes enabling new combat tactics against enemies.

1, defeating Mina using this trick:


- If you get killed right as a cutscene is about to start, the game takes a
worryingly long time to wait (about 5-6 seconds) before the black screen
preceding the cutscene suddenly transforms into the all-too-familiar game over
jingle and text.

- If you die in cramped spaces, your character may zip around as they fall down
because their hitbox becomes that much wider.


- If you are on a too different elevation or too far away when telling an
escort to 'Come here!', the escort can't find a path to reach you. In this case
the escort will stand in place and their head starts twitching slightly...
somewhat creepy.

- It's possible to get both main character and escort killed at the same time.
It's a pretty rare occurence, but if it happens, the camera only focuses on the
main character and only s/he makes their death sound.

1, having both hero and an escort die at the same time (old video):


- There's one known ladder-related glitch: you can get a Shibito stuck at the
ladder's upper end by provoking them to descend at a wrong time. It's unknown
if this can be done elsewhere with ladders or just this one spot.

1, the mentioned glitch:


- Sometimes when running down stairs in a tight space at full speed, your
character bumps an invisible wall at the bottom. This is known to happen in
the Mines, the Abandoned House as well as Arato (in Harumi's second level).

1, a demonstration:


- a flying Shibito can get stuck mid-air after being killed if they fall on top
of the level walls.

1, a video example:

- Rarely you can find a Shibito in this game that has no melee weapon. Yet they
can still harm you by strangling. Or sometimes they may do a melee attack that
passes harmlessly through everything.

At least levels Kei Day 1 - 12:00 Mission 2 and Shiro Day 1 - 03:00 Mission 2
feature a Shibito without a weapon.

Shibito Brains:

- It seems that the Shibito Brains, at least the escaping ones, somehow know
when the hero is approaching without actually seeing or hearing him/her. And as
they escape, they do so without being alerted, which is abnormal. If they
later see or hear the hero as they're escaping, their behavior can get very
muddled and so they can run down a path only to turn around and come back.
Or even just stop on their tracks for seemingly no reason.


- If you do a quick Sightjack while crouching down (or getting up from a
crouch), your character will get stuck in place for a moment for no reason.

- In rare circumstances it's possible to get the Mission Failed-text to appear
inside Sightjacking view. It has only happened to me once, but I think it can
happen if you Sightjack at the exact same time as your escort is killed.

Sub-objective messages:

- Usually a sub-objective message closes by itself, but rarely (due to a bug)
it won't do that. So you can play almost through a whole level with a random
sub-objective message showing.

- Other small bugs include empty sub-objective messages or simply non-existent
sub-objective messages (where there should be).

1, a sub-objective message that didn't disappear by itself:

Some values:

Now that we've covered the basics, let's have fun with some numbers. Here are
some health and damage values straight from inside the game!

1. Health values:

The default character Hit Points is 110. Practically every character has 110 HP,
even escorts and the Shibito. However, escorts seem like they have less HP than
that because they take 33% more damage from everything.

Every character will passively regenerate health 2 per second if they are hurt.
Shibito recover 3 health per second instead.

(Haven't looked into Stamina values yet. Maybe some day...)

2. Damage values:

A shot from a revolver deals 100 damage. Basically a revolver shot and any other
attack is enough to defeat a Shibito (or: your playable character).

Sniper shots seem to deal varying amounts of damage, depending on the sniper.
From what I can tell, they usually do slightly less damage than revolver shots,
though i.e. around 80 damage.

A weak melee attack from a Shibito deals 24 damage. A strong melee attack deals
40 damage instead.

Strangling is a constant HP drain until you break free, hard to put in exact
numbers, though.

You get some damage from high falls too. Jumping off Rokkaku's shed's roof,
which is one of the highest single falls in the game, deals 53 damage.

4. List of items

.38 calibre police-issue revolver
"A .38 calibre revolver used by the police.
Holds five rounds."

.38 calibre revolver
"Tamon Takeuchi's .38 calibre revolver.
Holds six rounds."

18-litre can
"A steel container used to store and transport
seasonings and cooking oil."

38sp bullets
"Ammo for the .38 calibre police-issue revolver."

7.62 x 51mm bullets
"Ammo for the hunting rifle."

8mm bullets
"Ammo for the Murata rifle."

9mm bullets
"Ammo for the Type 26 revolver."

Broken radio
"An old radie found inside an abandoned house.
Only receives static."

"Set of four candles found by Harumi
inside the school."

Cassette tape
"A cassette tape found inside the abandoned car.
Nothing is written on the label."

"A metal tool for removing nails or for leverage.
Can be used as a weapon."

Distress flare
"A signaling device used to indicate an emergency.
Found inside the trunk of Miyata's car."

EEG machine
"A medical device used to measure brain
waves. Extremely heavy."

Empty jerry can
"A metal tank fitted with a pump, used to
hold gasoline. Nothing inside."

face towel
"A cotton face towel, found in the
cupboard of a house."

"A hand-held light for outdoor use. Can be turned
on and off using the 'Square' button."

Floor jack
"A device used to lift cars."

Fluorescent lightbulb
"A tube-shaped fluorescent light bulb
that has burned out."

Folding saw
"A small saw that can be folded in half.
Too fragile to be used as weapon."

Frozen face towel
"A face towel soaked in water and placed in the
freezer. Will defrost after some time."

Jerrycan filled with gasoline
"A metal tank fitted with a pump,
containing gasoline."

"A metal hammer with a claw for removing nails.
Can be used as a weapon."

"A Kajiro family heirloom, said to possess
mystical powers. An extremely powerful weapon."

"A 5 metre length of rubber hose.
Found in the mountains."

Hunting rifle
"A popular long-range rifle used for hunting.
Holds five rounds."

Library card
"Hanuda Elementary School library card
found inside the school bag in the mine."

Key to basement
"Key to the stairwell on the first floor of
Hospital Ward No. 1, leading to the basement."

Key to chain lock
"Key that unlocks the chain
securing the drain valve."

Key to custodian's shack
"Key giving access to the custodian's shack
found in Shaft No. 3-East in the abandoned mine."

Key to desk drawer
"Key to the drawer of the writing desk.
Found at the bottom of the bathtub."

Key to gate
"Key that opens the steel gate
near the custodian's shack."

Key to gymnasium
"Key to the door connecting the hallway and
the gymnasium. Found inside the faculty room."

Key to offertory box
"Key to the offertory box at Mizuhiruko Shrine."

Key to pickup truck
"Used by workers shoring up the riverbank."

Key to power distribution box
"Key that opens the power distribution box
in the ore processing plant."

Key to red padlock
"Key that opens the red padlock on the second
floor of the deserted house."

Key to 2nd floor men's toilet
Key that opens the door to the men's toilet
on the second floor of Hospital Ward No. 1."

Key to Shaft No. 5 East
"Key that opens the gate to Shaft No. 5 East.
Found inside the custodian's shack."

Key to small storage room
"Key that opens the small storage room next to
the stairs on the first floor of the school."

Key to storeroom
"Key that unlocks a storeroom
in the Tabori settlement."

Kite twine
"Thick cotton twine from the dog house.
Used for flying kites."

"A lighter with a little fluid left inside."

"A disposable lighter found in the
abandoned storage house."

Padlock key
"Key that opens the gymnasium door that
Nakoshi locked from the inside."

Pair of compasses
"Large pair of compasses used as a
teaching aid in math class."

Phone card
"A magazine giveaway, decorated with a picture
of a pin-up girl."

"A tool found inside the writing desk. Can be
used to cut thin pieces of wire."

"A metal poker found near the rice paddies. Can be
used as a weapon, but not very powerful."

Ratchet wrench
"A sturdy metal tool found in the trunk of
Miyata's car. Can be used as a weapon."

Record player needle
"A cartridge-style needle taken from the
broken record player in the hospital."

"A piece of rope found in the cupboard of a house.
Sturdy enough to support one adult."

Rotten-handled pickaxe
"A metal tool used for mining. Cannot be used
as a weapon because the handle is rotten."

Rusty key
"Key to the storehouse. Used to be
part of a peculiar statue."

Sake Bottle
"A sake bottle found in the storeroom
of an abandoned house."

"A well-worn tool found on the ground near
Tanada. Too fragile to be used as a weapon."

Spare key to Siren shack
"Key to the Siren shack in the abandoned mine."

"A metal stake found in the
heart of the mummy."

Steel pipe
"A steel pipe found inside The Nest.
Can be used as a weapon."

Tool to open manhole cover
"A safety device used to open manholes.
Found inside a house."

Toy monkey
"A broken battery-operated doll.
Batteries still have power left."

"A small gardening trowel found inside a potted
plant. Too small to be used as a weapon."

Type 22 Murata rifle
"An old hunting rifle used by Akira Shimura. Not
as powerful as newer models. Holds eight rounds."

Type 26 revolver
An old revolver found in the abandoned mine.
Holds six rounds.

Type 99 hand grenades
"Explosives found hidden at the bottom of the
well in the abandoned village."

"An umbrella found inside the hospital. Can be
used as a weapon, but has very little power."

Uryen (shield version)
"A statuette of an angel holding a shield."

Uryen (sword version)
"A statuette of an angel armed with a sword."

Wet face towel
"A face towel soaked in water."

"A tool used in mining. Can be used to cut the
wire securing the trolleys."

5. Legal information, contact info, etc.

Copyright © 2007 Hannu Ratilainen
All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation


All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

The newest version of this guide is found at GameFAQs. So check there
if you're not certain.

If you need to contact me with suggestions, criticism, new strategies,
etc. then message either my Youtube-account or come to discuss at
Gamefaqs's Siren board.


Additional thanks for this FAQ's content go to: (not in any order)

KurtKokaine4 - My first fan. Started a Youtube-account for the sake of
watching my videos more intensely! His humorous comments and discourse
gave me some motivation, not to mention his contribution of info, which
of course helped too.

Shin - His site was extremely inspiring during/before this project. I'm
not sure it exists this day and age any longer, though.

MintyDreams7 - Showed some considerable enthusiasm for this project.
I browsed through her Deviant Art-account and mustered up many smiles!

LiveThruThis - Gave some language tips, and some info on some levels.
Mysteriously disappeared from the boards before long!

Aidrenne - A funny person with the most glitched up version of Siren
I've ever heard of.

Stevo99801 - A gliding enthusiast. Contributed information.

Surrealgamer - Overall a knowledgeable guy with a cool username. Had
covered Siren 1 & 2 with a series of walkthrough-videos, but they're now
gone, sadly.

This guy: http://www.youtube.com/user/Kazooie
for inspiring me with glitch-finding. I've actually met him in person!

MassDistraction. His Siren streams were a motivation to continue writing
and updating this FAQ.

Other people at Youtube - Their comments contained the most dizzying non
sequiturs I had ever encountered. It's a good thing in this context,
a worrying thing in multiple others.



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