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FAQ/Walkthrough by KurtKokaine4

Version: 1.25 | Updated: 05/06/07


Walkthrough - Character Profiles - Plot Synopsis
by KurtKokaine4 - crtswlbrn@aol.com c/o Curtis Welborn
April 24, 2007
version 1.00

Copyright Statement: This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except
for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited 
and a violation of copyright.

This is an in-depth guide to help you get through every mission of this game, 
as well as the hard to figure out 2nd objectives required for advancing to 
further levels. I also have listed every item and archive file in each 
individual mission. There are story spoilers in the parts of the FAQ labeled
"Movies". If you're only interested in the gameplay aspects while figuring out
the story as you go along, you should only read the parts marked "Gameplay".

Siren - Character Profiles

Kyoya Suda - age 18 - student
A young man who attends Nakano Sakue High School. His reasons for coming to 
the isolated village of Hanuda are unclear, but his destiny lies in the secret
this town harbors, and he cannot escape it.

Miyako Kajiro - age not revealed - resident of Hanuda
A young girl with many secrets, both of her own and her village. She has all 
the answers, but is not willing to share them for fear of getting others too
involved in her affairs. She is the final piece to the ultimate revelation in 
this small town of Hanuda.

Ayako Kajiro - age not revealed - resident of Hanuda
Miyako's older sister, she bears a deep-rooted resentment towards her younger
sister, which is related to Hanuda's dark secret. She in engaged to her
adopted brother, Jun Kajiro, and together, they seek to complete the Kajiro
legacy, by any means possible.

Jun Kajiro - age not revealed - resident of Hanuda
The older, adopted sibling of Miyako and Ayako, as well as the betrothed to
Ayako. He too knows all the secrets of the town, but like his sister, would 
prefer to keep them as such, secrets. He does not appear to have the best 
intentions of Miyako, but he believes he does, making him all the more 

Hisako Yao - age over 800 years old? - priestess of the church of Irazu Valley
in Hanuda
Like Jun Kajiro, Hisako believes her intentions are for the good of her 
village. As priestess of the Hanudan religion, with secrets tied to the 
convoluted history of Hanuda, she takes it upon herself to bring the
"blessings" of her religion to fruition.

Tamon Takeuchi - 34 - Professor of Folklore, Josei University
Tamon also has a history in the town of Hanuda, a history he would rather 
not remember. He is no longer a resident in the village, but something gives
him a reason to return, with a student of his, Yoriko Anno. He decides to do 
some investigating, but stumbles onto something bigger than he could've 

Yoriko Anno - 22 - student at Josei University
Yoriko tags along with her professor, Tamon Takeuchi, to investigate the town
of Hanuda. She harbors a secret crush on her professor, resulting in her 
accompanying him to the village.

Kei Makino - 27 - Spiritual Guide in church of Irazu Valley
Little is known of Kei's history in Hanuda, but he is a resident in the 
village, and a prominent leader in the church. He can be viewed as a disciple
to Hisako Yao, since he follows her instructions on various duties of the 
church and its religion. His knowledge regarding his mentor's intentions are
somewhat inadequate though.

Shiro Miyata - 27 - Doctor at Miyata Clinic
A resident of Hanuda, like Kei Makino though, his history in the town is not 
well known. Shiro has some deep-rooted mental instabilties that are not quite
clear at first, but become more apparent as certain secrets are revealed. He
was involved in a relationship with a nurse in his staff, Mina Onda.

Risa Onda - 21 - none
Risa also has some history in the village, but has decided to move on, taking 
up residence in Tokyo. Unlike her twin sister, Mina Onda, Risa has a hard time
staying focused, making it hard for her to keep a job. On a visit to see Mina,
she instead becomes confused and mysteriously appears in front of an abandoned
house, not quite sure what she had been doing. 

Mina Onda - 21 - nurse at Miyata Clinic
A regular on Shiro Miyata's staff, Mina is a little more settled down than her
twin sister, Risa Onda. She deeply loves her sister though, vowing to keep 
secret from their parents about Risa quitting her latest job. She also informs
Risa of her relationship with her boss, Shiro Miyata. Mina is unaware though 
of Shiro's psychological imbalance.

Reiko Takato - 29 - Teacher at Hanuda Elementary School
Reiko is a very caring teacher, putting her students, as well as all kids'
needs before hers. She instinctively becomes a personal guardian to one 
student in particular, Harumi Yomoda, and makes it her mission to see to the
safety and well-being of the little girl. Reiko has a secret of her own, and 
it breaks her heart everytime she thinks of it.

Harumi Yomoda - 10 - student at Hanuda Elementary School
Harumi is a lonely little girl who lost her parents, and stays with her Aunt.
She immediately takes to the kind-hearted Reiko Takato, her teacher, and puts 
all her naive faith in her, believing that everything will be alright as long 
as they are together.

Akira Shimura - 70 - Hunter
In Akira's many, many years as a resident in the village of Hanuda, he has 
witnessed alot of hardship. His knowledge of the village and it's residents 
provide him with suspicions of who he believes is behind the recent events 
unfolding in Hanuda. With nerves of steel and a heart that just won't quit, he
sets out to rid the village of it's unwelcome inhabitants.

Naoko Mihama - 28 - TV Reporter 
Forever obsessed with her youth and beauty, Naoko thrives on her role as the
newest young Japanese starlet, ensuring a role in the popular drama "Eat Your 
Heart Out". She comes to Hanuda to do a special for her television show, but 
gets separated from her crew, and becomes lost in the woods of Janokubi Valley.

Tomoko Maeda - 17 - student at Hanuda High School
A regular member of the church of Irazu Valley, Tomoko's immaturity puts her 
at odds with her parents, who are also members of the church. After running 
away from home, she realizes the "danger" of being alone, and eventually meets
up with the Spiritual Guide of her church, Kei Makino, who promises to get her
home to her parents, safely.

Datatsushi - ?? - ??

Siren - Walkthrough (this walkthrough cannot possibly go in any certain order,
as the game progresses out of any sensible chronological order. I will follow
the way the game actually progresses until you unlock the stage select, and 
then I will go to the earliest (time of day-wise) possible mission that is

Kyoya Suda - Upper Arato - Mana Stone/ Yesterday - 9:28 am/ Movie
The story opens in the middle of the woods with Kyoya acknowledging his 
newfound flat tire on his bike, when he hears a noise. He follows the noise to
discover a young girl with a white dog. She's apparently banging on something
with what appears to be a rock of sorts. The dog alerts her to his presence 
and she fearfully runs away.

Kyoya Suda - Upper Arato - Mana Stone/ Yesterday - 23:11 pm/ Movie
Late in the night, Kyoya stumbles upon a strange ceremony taking place in the
woods. and is shocked to see the girl he scared off earlier. She appears to 
notice him, but so does someone else, who yells out to Kyoya, and he 
instinctively runs off. While running, something comes over him and he sees 
himself running, through someone else's eyes. He turns around to see a drunken
and crazed police officer pointing a gun at him.

Mission Objective: Escape from police officer (archive items: Hanuda Community
Newsletter, Tetsuo Ishida's police ID, BANG!! Magazine)

As the police officer shoots wildly at Kyoya, Kyoya accidentally falls down a 
small slope. You start the mission out of the police officer's line of sight 
so don't worry about being shot at first. Instead, turn off your flashlight 
and run to the shed directly in front of you (you may need to quickly turn on
your flashlight to see where you are going, but after you get your bearings,
quickly turn it off to prevent the police officer from seeing where you're 
going). The door to the shed looks more like a window than a door, just so you
know though, do not go around back to find a door, it's in the front of the 
shed, at the rightmost corner of it. Once inside, shut the door behind you, 
then quickly grab the truck keys on the table in front of you (by pressing 
triangle and selecting 'Pick Up'). There is a town newsletter on a smaller 
table in the upper left corner inside the shed as well. Go back to the 
entrance of the shed and wait for an opportunity to sneak past the police 
officer. He will only notice you if you're in the line of sight of his 
flashlight, or if you make too much noise. Wait for him to look in another 
direction and quietly sneak out (sneak by barely tapping the analog stick in 
the direction of your choice, walking does not make any unnecessary noises). 
Walk until you feel it's safe to run, while heading towards the cliff you fell
down, where you started the mission and pick up Tetsuo Ishida's police ID on 
the ground (you'll need to quickly turn on your flashlight before you can pick
it up). Now quietly head towards the truck on the right side (Kyoya's right) 
of the shed. Press triangle to 'Unlock Door', then triangle again to 'Get In 
Pickup Truck'. Once inside, turn to the left and pick up the magazine lying in
the seat. Face the steering wheel and press triangle to 'Insert Key', then 
press the triangle button one final time to 'Start Engine'. MISSION COMPLETE

Kyoya Suda - Upper Arato - Construction Site/ Yesterday - 23:59 pm/ Movie
Panic-stricken, Kyoya runs over to the felled police officer, not quite sure
what he should do. Suddenly, the ground begins to shake violently, and he once
again sees himself from someone else's perspective. Then out of nowhere, a 
siren wails in the distance, and the fallen police officer rises once more, 
shooting Kyoya in the chest, knocking him off the cliff into the Mana River.

Kyoya Suda - Arato - Banks of the Mana River/ Day 1 - 2:28 am/ Movie
Kyoya awakes hours later to find his bullet wound gone and the Mana River 
turned red. Thinking it's blood, Kyoya panics and runs off. Once again he sees
himself running, and when he looks up, he sees another young girl. She shows
concern for him and asks him to follow her.

Mission Objective: Reach road to Karuwari with Hisako Yao (archive items: 
drawing with cryptic symbols) 

This mission will help you with your newfound sightjacking ability. You start 
off facing Hisako Yao, who tells you to close your eyes. Press L2 and the 
screen will turn to static. Press the analog stick in any direction, and when
you notice you're looking through the eyes of someone else, press one of the 
four symbol buttons on your controller. That person's point of view will be 
assigned to that button, so whenever you press L2 to sightjack, just press the 
same button and you will immediately be taken to that person's point of view.
There will be four different point of views to sightjack in this level, so you
should have one assigned to every button. It is important to know who is able 
to see you and who isn't, so always check your sightjack. Also, you will know 
when you're close to someone's line of sight when you see a bright blue light
while you are sightjacking them. That light is the character you are currently
controlling. Also you may notice a green light as well, that light is always 
assigned to whichever companion you have with you at the time. Use this 
information wisely, for it is key to getting anywhere in this game unscathed.

Once you have Hisako Yao sightjacked (you'll know it's her when you see 
yourself (Kyoya)), Hisako will ask you to follow her. Once you reach the steps
heading into Arato, she will then teach you how to eavesdrop using your 
sightjack. The one thing she will not tell you is that the game does not allow
you to clearly hear what is being said during sightjack mode. I think this is 
an overlooked glitch in this game, but it doesn't affect anything gamewise. 
She will ask you to wait while she goes forward. You can sightjack her if you
want, as that is the only way you can hear her commands, but it's not really
necessary. Once she leaves you on the steps, go into sightjack mode and check 
one of the four P.O.V's (point of views), you should notice someone watching 
you (he alternates between looking at you and staring at a mailbox hanging on 
a wall). Walk up the steps and turn left, notice the railing. Walk alongside
the railing til you get to the collapsed bridge, run to your right, then walk
right again alongside the building taking heed of the shibito that was 
watching you, as he is right next to what it is you're looking for. When you 
see a telephone, 'Pick Up' a key lying next to it for use in a later mission.
Now quietly go back towards Hisako, out of the line of sight of the shibito 
preferably. She will lead you through the rest of the mission, just follow her
instructions. Eventually she'll stop at the Bus Stop, asking you to pull her 
up. Ignore her for now and follow the wall til you see a manhole cover. Walk 
up to the corner of the fence in front of the sewer and examine the drawing 
lying on the ground. Now head back to the bus stop and press forward against 
it to climb up. Then turn around 180 degrees and press triangle to 'Pull Up' 
Hisako Yao. Now follow her to the road to Karuwari. MISSION COMPLETE

Tamon Takeuchi - Harayadori - Yabay Settlement/ Day 1 - 2:18 am/ Movie
Tamon awakes to Yoriko Anno's incessant cries for answers as to what is going 
on in Hanuda. Then a staticky feeling comes over them as Tamon sees a litte 
girl running through the woods with a white dog, but through someone else's 
eyes. After regaining his vision, he orders Yoriko to follow his every command
and pulls out a revolver from his handbag. He then tells Yoriko to follow him.

Mission Objective: Reach road to Karuwari with Yoriko Anno (archive items: 
Tamon Takeuchi's faculty ID, fragment of megalith, Idol found at bottom of 

This can be a rather disorienting mission due to the rather large area and the
several small cliffs that you'll need to memorize in order to get your 
bearings. But there are only three shibito in the whole area, so it's not
really a difficult mission.

Your first priority is to get to the other bank, and if you check your map, 
you'll see the exit to the level is a straight path in front of you. Too bad
it doesn't work that way though. If you attempt to cross the stone bridge that
lies before you, a sniper shibito will see you and you can take a guess or two
what happens. Instead, the only available path is to the right of where you 
start the mission (always check your map, it's hard to read at first, but you
should try to get used to it as it can show you alternate paths you may need 
to take).The first thing you should do is press triangle and tell Yoriko to 
'Come Here'. Turn off your flashlight and run all the way down the long path,
keep an eye out for the wooden bridge that'll be on your left-hand side. Now's 
a good time to assign buttons to the three shibito, actually you will only 
need to sightjack the two patrolling shibito as the sniper shouldn't cause you 
anymore trouble as long as you follow this FAQ. 

At the other end of the wooden bridge, you might see a small light moving 
about, this is the flashlight of one of the shibito, but he wanders around, so
you might not see him yet. But keep an eye out for him while you cross the
bridge, cuz you don't want to kill him yet. When you cross over, run to your
right til you see an uphill slope. If you paid attention to the two shibito's
patrols (via sightjacking them), then you may have noticed one of them walking
into a house and staring at a staticky radio. Sightjack that particular
shibito, and wait until you're sure he's a good distance from the house. The 
uphill slope you're on will take you to a small cliff you'll need to climb up.
Don't worry about pulling up Yoriko, unlike Hisako, she's very adept. The 
house you're looking for is just a little to your right. If the shibito comes 
back, just shoot it, but do it quickly as he may warn the other one, and you 
really need him alive right now. Go into the house, and 'Pick Up' the radio. 

This next part is sorta tricky, as there are four different paths to take and 
the one you're looking for is pretty narrow. After leaving the house, turn on 
your flashlight and run to the right a little ways til you come across another
path with trees surrounding it. That's the path you want to take, it'll lead
you to a small cemetary. You may attract the attention of the shibito that you
don't want to kill right now, if so, you should kill him anyway, he'll come 
back to life eventually, you'll just have to wait a little bit for him to do 
so. Run into the cemetary and go up to the small shrine (a small house-looking
object), and pick up the fragment of megalith inside it.

Now try to find your way back towards the wooden bridge. Once there, use the 
map to determine where the location of the well is. Find the well and 'Pull Up
Bucket'. After a short cutscene, 'Put Radio in Bucket'. Now run towards 
Nakajima's house where you first walked up the slope and hide there, while
sightjacking the shibito that you had been avoiding the entire level. You
should have his path memorized by now, and should know where to hide where he
won't spot you. Stay sightjacked to him til he comes up to the well, he will
investigate the static coming from the radio. While he's doing so, run up and 
shoot him into the well, this will prevent this shibito from harassing another
character later in the game. Now search around the well with your flashlight
until you see a very small object lying on the ground, pick up the grotesque
object. Now the rest is easy. Run back up to the same house you found the 
radio in, but don't enter the house. Instead run alongside the outer wall and
you'll see a steel incinerator by the house, turn left and kill the shibito if
he bothers you. Run all the way up the path and make a sharp right turn when 
possible to reach the road to Karuwari. MISSION COMPLETE

Kyoya Suda - Karuwari - Church of Irazu Valley/ Day 1 - 7:13 am/ Movie
(archive items: Book of Deliverance: "Chaos at the End of Time")

Kyoya and Hisako sit alone inside the church, discussing their next move as 
well as the topic of religion, when a scream is heard outside. Kyoya decides
to investigate it alone.

Kei Makino - Arato - Banks of the Mana River/ Day 1 - 5:03 am/ Movie
Makino is walking up the banks of the newly-stained-red river, looking for any
sign of the missing Hisako Yao. He is suddenly struck with a vision of static, 
and is left more confused than ever of his current situation.

Mission Objective: Reach road to Karuwari (archive items: Hanging scroll, 
Hanuda Town Hall News)

You start off at the same place Kyoya and Hisako were earlier, only a couple
hours too late to meet up with them. There are five shibito in this level, and
you only have four buttons to assign them to, so get used to it. For now 
sightjack all but the one hammering a wall. Before advancing though, you 
definitely need to have the two shibito that have your patented blue light in
their point of view. Study the shibito's patrols til you discover which two
I'm talking about. You must wait til both shibito are not looking your way, 
then run all the way to and up the stairs, turning right and running to the 
same spot Hisako was standing eariler. One of these shibito has a pistol, so 
take caution not to get spotted. Once you're at the open gate, run behind the 
building as you did with Kyoya, until you have run to the end of the second
building. As you did earlier, crouch down and sneak past the preoccupied 
shibito, until you reach the next building. Now you're free to run towards the
bus stop. But before climbing up and exiting the level, sightjack the 
hammering shibito and map him to your controller.

Now locate the barbershop and Ishikawa'a house on your map. Go in
between the two while making sure the shibito is not looking down at you. 
Once in between the two buildings, look on the far right corner of the 
barbershop and notice a numerical code painted on the wall. Now enter 
Ishikawa's house. Open the door to your left and you should see a cassette
player on a desk. 'Use Tape Deck', press the rewind button til the numbers 
match the ones painted on the wall of the barbershop. Now memorize the new
numerical code given from the cassete player. Turn right and add the hanging
scroll to your archives. Now run outside and to the small shed outside of the
house, 'Remove Lock' with the new code and enter the shed. Now 'Pick Up' the
face towel on the shelf, turn left and 'Pick Up' the rope lying on the floor 
to use in a later mission. 

Now check your map and head back towards the cafeteria, keeping an eye on all
shibito in the area. Enter the cafeteria via the back door. Halfway in, lying
on a desk is a town bulletin, grab it and walk towards the sink. 'Soak towel' 
in the sink and walk over to the freezer. First 'Plug In' the freezer and then
'Open Freezer'. Once opened, 'Place Towel Inside' for a nice frozen object for
another character to use later in the game. Now head back towards the bus 
stop, climb up and run towards the road to Karuwari. MISSION COMPLETE

Miyako Kajiro - Karuwari - Cutfell Way/ Day 1 - 7:38 am/ Movie
Miyako kneels down by her dying dog, crying, when Kyoya shows up. He tells her
it's not safe here and upsets Miyako with an unkind remark about her dog being
dead, leading her to beat uncontrollably on Kyoya's chest. He grabs her by the
wrist and proceeds to lead her to the church.

Kyoya Suda - Karuwari - Cutfell Way/ Day 1 - 8:10 am/ Movie
(archive items: Jun Kajiro's family register)

While leading Miyako towards the church, he discovers Miyako is blind. Then a 
strange man shows up telling Miyako that they can't proceed without her. He 
then makes a comment to Kyoya about him eventually "making a trip to the other
side", confusing Kyoya. The man thanks him for taking care of Miyako, who he 
reveals as his sister. Then Miyako hits the man with a thick piece of wood, 
knocking him unconscious. She grabs Kyoya and begs him to leave with her.

Mission Objective: Reach road to Tabori settlement with Miyako Kajiro

The most difficult thing about this mission is keeping up with Miyako, as she
is blind, it's alot harder for her to follow you. Don't worry though, if you 
do run too far ahead of her, just turn around and look in her direction (press
R2) and she will come running towards you. 

Start off by telling Miyako to 'Come Here', then run forward and climb up the
ledge. Turn right and jump off. Go towards your immediate left and climb up 
another ledge (there's alot of them in this part of Karuwari). While on this 
ledge, look for some smoke coming from nearby and head towards the area it is
coming from. You will see a burnt out bonfire with a poker sticking out of it.
'Pick Up' the poker and treat it like your best friend, it's the only thing 
that's gonna get Kyoya through most of the game.

Instead of constantly climbing ledges, run to the right of the bonfire and 
up the small ledge you see, and then run all the way til you see a sort of 
hidden slope to your left going up. Follow the slope until you see another one
to your right, and follow it all the way to a red gate. It's locked so you 
need to hit it three times with your newly acquired poker, breaking the lock.

Now tell Miyako to 'Wait', and run all the way back down the path you came
from, sticking by the wall, until you reach a dirt road. Now turn right and 
walk along the road, while keeping an eye out for a well-hidden path to your 
left. If you reach the end of the road, head back, it should be easier to spot
from the opposite direction. Now run down the path and cross a wooden bridge, 
getting the jump on the hammering shibito, beat him down. Take the time now to
sightjack a sniper shibito (you'll see a nice rifle in his hands). You should
see the blue light indicating you're close by. Wait for him to turn away, then
quickly run up the road watching out for a path to your right, where you'll 
see some Mana Crosses like the ones in Tamon Takeuchi's level. Next to one of
the graves, you'll see an ordinary bush, but if you press X, Kyoya notes that 
it can be cleared away, so press the triangle button and 'Clear Brushwood'. Go
forward and climb up the ledge. The path will lead you to a stone marker. 
'Push Marker Over' for the first part in a series of pushing over stone 
markers. There are four in all, and the other three are in three other levels,
so now that Kyoya's done his part, head back to Miyako, but don't forget about
the sniper shibito.

Now there are two shibito in this area to look for, but it's difficult to tell
which ones they are by sightjacking, so instead, just throw caution to the wind
and run down the path to your left, but don't lose Miyako here, cuz they have 
no problem killing blind people. You'll be alerted when a shibito spots you,  
and Miyako will scream "Nooo" in case you missed the alert. Quickly try and 
see where it's at, but don't panic cause it's surely not close enough to you 
to attack you yet. Now beat him with your poker (please don't laugh, that's 
the only way I can say it). Now go back to your path and continue downwards 
til the other shibito spots you, he'll be on top of a high ledge, so you can
either wait for him to jump two ledges down to you, or you can quickly climb
the big ledge in front of you and meet the poor bastard when he hits the 
ground. Once he's out, wait for Miyako to come running up to you, then follow 
the steps up to a wooden bridge. Cross it and you'll eventually end up at the 
gate to the church.

Unfortunately, the church is the last place Miyako wants to be. But don't 
worry about that now, tell her to 'Wait' and go down the path to your right, 
but don't go all the way down yet. Keep yourself hidden and sightjack three 
shibito, the sniper you sightjacked earlier, a shibito doing some good 
old-fashioned hoeing, and one walking around a fuel truck. There's a fourth 
one in the area, but it's hard to differentiate him from the other shibito 
that you've already passed so you might have a hard time pinpointing this 
particular one on your sightjack. Don't worry though, he's no threat, just 
treat him like all the rest when he spots you. Okay, this is kinda tricky, but
you need to watch the path of the sniper. He alternates between looking over 
the broken bridge that leads to the area you had previously been, and walking 
past an abandoned truck. If he's looking over the broken bridge, it's best to 
wait for him to begin his patrol past the abandoned truck, he'll stop for a 
minute, then turn around and head back to the bridge. Now you need to run 
towards him, ignoring any shibito that spot you since they shouldn't be close 
enough to attack you yet. From the base of the path you're on, run straight 
til you see the wall and turn right, running all the way past the truck, and 
quickly pummel the sniper from behind. Now immobilize any other shibito that 
bother you. Run to the front of the abandoned truck and 'Pick Up' a 
screwdriver lying on the ground to use for another mission.

Now run back and get Miyako, and come back down, this time turning left past 
the fuel truck, knocking out the shibito in your way. Now continue down the 
road to the Tabori settlement. MISSION COMPLETE

Akira Shimura - Gojaku Peak - Misumi Trail/ Day 1 - 8:19 am/ Movie
A deep fog surrounds the area and Akira senses something in the air, putting
him on guard.

Mission Objective: Reach road to Hirasakai (archive items: Kamoshika diary)

This is a fun mission, since you have a rifle of your own to play around with.
You start out in a long, dark tunnel, so run til you can see the outside of
the tunnel, but don't go too far, there's a nasty sniper waiting to show you
how tough you and your newfound rifle really are. Sightjack him and when he 
turns away (when you can't see your blue light aura from his POV), run and
turn into the left hallway. Run til you get to the stairs on your right amd go
down them. Go all the way down the next flight of stairs and get the diary 
lying on the ground. 

You should take this opportunity to map a patrolling shibito to your 
controller. Now head back up to ground level and you will see two doorways,
one straight ahead and one on the left hand wall. Head to the one straight 
ahead (to your right a little) and a shibito will spot you. He's standing just
outside the doorway so shoot him. The rifle's a little tricky at first, but
you'll get used to it. Now don't head out yet, first find the patrolling 
shibito via sightjack and wait for him to come within shouting distance of the
doorway, and 'Shout' to get his attention, then shoot him. Now it's just you 
and the sniper, it's time to compare rifles. Or you can just wait for him to
turn around and shoot him, but I prefer the challenge of seeing who can shoot 
who first, although that might not be such a good idea if this is your first

Head towards the siren shack (the shack the sniper was on), go in and 'Pick
Up' a pair of wire cutters on the control panel. Open the next door and turn
left, you'll see a gate with another shibito on the other side of it. Open the
gate and shoot it. Now run all the way down the mine shaft til you see a track
switch, now 'Switch Track' to aid another character later. Now turn to the two
paths in front of you and take the one on the right. Open the gate and run to
the hole in the wall on the left, 'Push Marker Over', then exit the shaft. Run
back through the siren shack and into the other mine shaft on your right, 
ignoring any shibito for now.

Now sightjack another sniper in the shaft. He'll alternate between looking in 
the direction you'll be coming from and looking at the trolley behind him, get
as close as you can without being spotted, wait for him to turn to the 
trolley, move up and shoot him. Be careful though, he doesn't look in that 
direction for long, so you need to be quick. You should probably take this 
opportunity to reload your rifle, then run up to the trolley and 'Cut Wire' 
that's tied to it. There's another sniper close to the end of the level that
has a key you need, but the goofball is standing on the trolley tracks, so 
'Push Trolley' to prove who the ultimate sniper really is. 

Head back out but be careful cause the other shibito, including the sniper on
top of the siren shack should be awake now, so take care of them as you 
prefer. Now run all the way in the direction of the Custodian's shack, picking
up the gate key the sniper dropped. Unlock the gate to your left and head down
the stairs. Run to your left and climb up the fallen debris, jump down and 
you're at the road to Hirasakai. MISSION COMPLETE

Hisako Yao - Karuwari - Church of Irazu Valley/ Day 1 - 7:38 am/ Movie
(archive items: Parish directory)

Hisako sits alone it the church, staring at a picture, after Kyoya leaves. 
Then a man and a woman barge in, screaming desperately for someone named 
Tomoko. Hisako rises, apparenly concerned that Tomoko isn't with them.

Kei Makino - Hirunotsuka - Route 333/ Day 1 - 11:59 am/ Movie
(archive items: Umi-okuri)

Kei Makino and a young girl arrive in Hirunotsuka, believing they are safe. 
They approach the broken bridge to realize the rest of the village has 
disappeared. The girl then spots a group of shibito villagers performing the 
Umi-Okuri ritual in the Mana River, when a siren goes off in the distance.

Mission Objective: Reach road to Hirasakai

Tell Tomoko to 'Come Here' and run all the way to the patrol car (check your 
map), ignoring any snipers that will spot you, they won't come after you. Now 
sightjack a shibito walking around a house, he may also be looking up a set of
stone steps or looking down the road you're on, at which point you'll notice 
your light from his POV. Wait for him to look down the road if he isn't 
currently doing so, and when he starts his patrol around the house, run up til
you see the house. Ignore the shibito hacking away at the grass to your left,
and walk at a safe distance behind the patrolling shibito, going all the way
around the house. When he stops, he will look at the stone steps I mentioned.
Wait til he continues walking and walk, don't run, to the base of the steps, 
then feel free to run up them, at least til you see some wooden posts. Stop, 
and sightjack a shibito waiting on a another set of stone steps, but not the
sniper. When he looks away from your direction, run and climb up the ledge,
'Pull Up' Tomoko and continue forward.

When you see a roof of a house and a dropoff of the ledge your on, sightjack a
hammering shibito. Then walk up to a little house model sitting on a stone. 
This is a Mana Shrine. Search around the area of the shrine and 'Pick Up' a
small fertility stone fragment on the ground. Now 'Smash Lock' on the shrine 
to soften it up for another character later on. Now tell Tomoko to 'Hide' so 
she'll find a key for her to use later in her mission. Tell her to 'Come Here'
and sightjack the hammering shibito. Wait for him to look your way, and then 
wait til he goes back to hammering, drop down the dropoff and walk past him, 
straight ahead, ignoring the path to your left. When you get to a small red 
spring, it should be safe to run, so continue forward along the path, climbing
ledges and helping Tomoko when needed.

After climbing one ledge, drop off and you'll see another in front of you, but
be careful as there is a sniper to the left of it. He's looking in the other 
direction and 'never' turns around, so just walk to the ledge and help Tomoko 
up. After the cutscene, there's nothing more you can do so just continue along
the road to Hirasakai. MISSION COMPLETE

Tamon Takeuchi - Hirunotsuka - Spring at Mizuhiruko Shrine/ Day 1 - 12:27 pm/ 
(archive items: Yoriko Anno's class notes)

Just missing Kei Makino, Tamon and Yoriko listen to the sirens going off as 
they hide near the Mizuhiruko Shrine, when Yoriko, experiencing a dread 
thirst, attempts to drink the red water in the spring. Tamon stops her. 
reminding her of Yomotsuhegui. He then orders her to stay put while he goes 
off to investigate the situation.

Kei Makino - Karuwari - Church of Irazu Valley/ A few days ago - 16:45 pm/ 
(archive items: Letter from the Kajiro family)

A mysterious man shows up at the church to deliver a letter to Kei Makino from
the Kajiro family. The man tells Makino that "it's been 27 years", and after
wishing him luck the man takes his leave. Kei is very distraught after reading
the contents of the letter, and questions his role in the matter of the 
upcoming events. Hisako tries to comfort him, stating that everything will 
work out, and that she's been observing the situation for a long, long time.

Shiro Miyata - Janokubi Valley - Orifushi Forest/ Day 1 - 3:31 am/ Movie
Shiro Miyata awakes in the middle of the forest, only to find the ground dug 
up in front of him, and it appears to have been dug up from within.

Mission Objective: Escape from Janokubi Valley (archive items: Phone card, 
Proposal for TV program)

There's quite a bit to do here, but don't worry, none of it's too difficult.
You start out with an overhead view, indicating there's something in the area
you should 'Pick Up', in this case, a much needed flashlight. Now there are 
two paths available to take, but first sightjack a patrolling shibito that's 
walking around in the woods with you. Sounds scary don't it. With the dug-up
hole to your back, turn left and jump off the cliff. Go to your right a little
ways til you come across two more paths. Take the one on your right, and head 
to a small Mana shrine. 'Pick Up' the phone card from the shrine and head back
the way you came, but watch out for the shibito patrolling the woods, just 
make sure your light is not in his POV. 

When you see a sign hanging off a wooden fence, that is the area you jumped 
down to from the ledge. Now continue heading down the path and watch out for a
path going to your left, follow it to two more paths and take the one on your 
right all the way to the main road. You should try to memorize the forest 
paths because you'll be making several trips through them. It's not difficult 
at all to memorize them though. 

When you get to the road, you'll notice Shiro's car to your left, approach the
trunk of the car and 'Open Trunk'. 'Grab Wrench' and 'Grab Flare' from the 
trunk. You can use the ratchet wrench as a weapon, so you no longer have to 
fear the shibito in the woods. Before going back into the woods though, 
sightjack a sniper waiting on a bridge (there are three snipers, but you only
need to worry about the one on the bridge). Now locate a pay phone on your map,
and with your flashlight off, try to find it (just walk along the stone wall 
til you reach it). 'Insert Phone Card' into the pay phone and when it starts
beeping, turn around and run straight ahead and look for the path just a 
little to your right. Wait at the foot of the path until the sniper approaches
the pay phone, then turn on your flashlight, run up to him and pummel him to 
the ground.

Now run across the bridge, staying on the leftmost side of it, til you see 
steps going down under the bridge. There's another patrolling shibito in the 
area, but he's no threat with your ratchet. Head all the way down the steps 
and make two right turns, following the river til you see another stone 
marker. 'Push Marker Over' and head back up the stairs and across the bridge. 
When you get to the woods take the first path to your left and run all the way
through the woods, sticking to all the leftmost paths til you see some tracks 
lying on the ground. Turn off your flashlight and walk right til you see a 
steel drum with some scraps sticking out of it. Sightjack a shbito carrying a 
revolver, you'll see your blue light in his POV. Now 'Light Flare' and quickly
run back to the path you just came from. When the shibito approaches the steel
drum, walk to foot of the bridge, then run across it.

Now enter the plant and go up the stairs to your right. Go inside the small
room on the righthand side and as soon as you enter the room, look to your
left on the ground and 'Pick Up' the empty gas can. Now you have to go all the
way back to Shiro's car, but you only need to sneak past the revolver shibito,
since the others can be beaten before they hurt you. Turn off your flashlight
before approaching the side of your car, cause there's another sniper at the 
end of the road. Now 'Pump Gas Into Can' and go all the way back to the plant.
Go back up the stairs and next to the large hole in front of you is a small
generator. 'Fill With Gasoline', then 'Start Generator'. Now quickly run back
down the stairs and all the way outside. Sightjack a sniper who is walking
towards the generator, he is now distracted by the lights so you can exit the
building. But first head down the path to your right til you see a broken 
doorway. Turn off your flashlight and enter the room. Directly in front of you
is a proposal for a TV program lying on the ground, pick it up and go back up 
the path and re-enter the plant. Go to the left and all the way around til you
see the exit, and escape Janokubi Valley. MISSION COMPLETE

Instead of worrying about all the troubles of turning on the generator, you 
can get through the plant with much less hassle. Just run up to the sniper 
guarding the doorway and beat him down. If you act quickly enough, he'll never 
know what hit him. That is the way of the ninja, man.

Risa Onda - Tabori - Abandoned House/ Day 1 - 4:00 am/ movie
Risa awakes in Tabori with no memory of what she's been doing. She looks up to
see a decrepit house looming before her, a house that wasn't there moments 
earlier. She decides to investigate the house, but hearing a noise behind her, 
she runs and hides by the side of the house instead.

Mission Objective: Escape from abandoned house (archive items: Torn-out page 
from sketchbook)

Even without any weapons, this is an easy mission. You start out in front of
the kitchen. Sightjack the only patrolling shibito in the area, if you run 
into him, all you have to do is run in the opposite direction. But steer clear
of the front gate area, cuz there is a sniper waiting for you over there. Now
locate a doghouse on your map and from your starting point, head towards it.
You'll have to run pass the front gate, but as long as you don't go near it,
the sniper shouldn't see you. When you reach the doghouse, 'Pick Up' some kite
twine inside it. Now go to the right side of the doghouse and 'Pick Up' a key 
that another character will take from you for a later mission. 

Now you'll need to head back towards the kitchen, where you started at, but I
advise going around the long way so as to avoid the shibito. Before reaching 
the kitchen though, check your map for two circuit breakers, and try to find
the one behind the abandoned house. You should pass it on your way to the 
kitchen anyway. When you find it, 'Switch On' the breaker and continue towards
the kitchen. Enter it and shut the door behind you. First walk over to the 
leftmost side of the window and 'Open' a hidden compartment to find the last
of the stone markers, now 'Push Marker Over'. 

Head over to the sink and acknowledge the ventilator in the corner, 'Tie Kite
String' to it and go over to the cupboard. 'Tie Kite String' to the cupboard,
then sightjack the shibito to see where he's at. If you're not quite sure 
where he is as opposed to where you are, just watch him for awhile til you see
your blue light, and when he passes that, give him another couple seconds to 
get a little further away from you, then 'Turn On Ventilator'. Quickly run 
outside and turn 180 degrees and run ahead. Look to your left and enter the
cottage, closing the door behind you. Locate a small desk and 'Open' it, now 
pick up the drawing inside. You may have noticed a cutscene showing the 
cupboard in the kitchen being pulled over, if not give it a few more seconds. 
When that happens, the sniper guarding the front gate will investigate the 
noise, so you have a clear path to the exit. Sightjack him to make sure he's 
in the kitchen, and head towards the exit, but be careful to walk past the 
kitchen so as not to alert the sniper. Run through the front gate to escape 
the abandoned house. MISSION COMPLETE

Kei Makino - Arato - Banks of the Mana River/ Day 1 - 5:03 am
Mission Objective 2: Find Hisako Yao's veil

The first of the notorious 2nd objectives. Most of these are nothing short of
impossible to complete without some sort of walkthrough, so don't feel bad 
about having to use one for this game, I doubt anyone was able to get very far
without some sort of guide. 

Okay, follow the same path as earlier til you get to the back of the cafeteria
where you will find a 5-gallon can, 'Pick Up' the can and go towards the area
between Ishikawa's house and the barbershop, but don't forget about the
hammering shibito on top of the barbershop. Make sure he's busy hammering,
then walk to the right side of the shed outside of Ishikawa's house and 'Use
5-Gallon Can' to step up on top of the shed. Hisako Yao's veil is hanging on 

Shiro Miyata - Arato - Near the Bus Stop/ Day 1 - 7:22 am/ Movie
Shiro arrives in Arato, still unsure of what is happening. He suddenly hears a
cry for help as Risa Onda runs into him. Thinking it's Mina Onda, he is 
surprised to discover it is Mina's twin sister. Risa questions him 
hysterically about the well-being of her sister, but to no avail.

Mission Objective: Reach upper waters of river with Risa Onda (archive items: 
Hanuda Town Hall News)

Shiro tells Risa that he was also looking for Mina, and decides to head 
towards the hospital. You start the mission with a shibito walking a little 
ways in front of you. Don't forget you have a ratchet wrench, so feel free to
immobilize the shibito. But don't forget to tell Risa to 'Come Here'. Now head
towards the cafeteria. but don't alert the shibito hacking away at the grass 
on your way, cuz he may alert another shibito with a revolver. Go around the 
cafeteria til you get an overhead shot of the garbage can, 'Pick Up' a hammer
inside the garbage can and hold it up like you're The Mighty Thor: God Of 

For real though, don't forget to equip it to replace your ratchet wrench, the 
hammer really is a weapon suitable for the likes of Thor. There's a hammering
shibito in the area so take him out and any other shibito that bother you. and 
run across the street. Now sightjack a sniper shibito who is standing on top 
of a platform beside Rokkaku's house. Locate the front door of Rokkaku's house
and take the town bulletin out of his mailbox (FTW). Now wait for the sniper 
to turn away from your direction, then run into the fenced in area of 
Rokkaku's house, climb the platform and hammer the sniper from behind.

Now it's best to act quick here so you can finish before the sniper wakes up.
Run behind Rokkaku's house and locate the back door, it's blocked but 
partially open, at least enough for Risa to fit through. Tell her to 'Go 
Inside', and she'll remove an object that was preventing the front door from
being opened, and this will benefit another character later on. Now quickly go
around to the front and tell Risa to 'Come Here', now run back towards the
fence area and run down the stone steps, towards the upper waters of the 

Risa Onda - Miyata Clinic - Ward 1/ Day 1 - 10:39 pm/ Movie
(archive items: Medical records dated 27 years ago)

As Shiro Miyata and Risa arrive at the hospital, Shiro realizes that this
version of the hospital disappeared 27 years ago. He questions what is 
happening while Risa takes a look out the window, only to hear her sister
calling for her. Then out of the fog, Risa sees a brief glimpse of Mina, in 
the form of a shibito. She calls out Mina's name, alerting Shiro, who runs to 
the window, only to see nothing.

Akira Shimura - Gojaku Peak - Misumi Trail/ Day 1 - 8:19 am 
Mission Objective 2: Reach road to Dousojin stone (archive items: 
Commemorative group photo) 

You got to replay this entire level, this time though, you need to escape via
a different road. I can't explain this story-wise, but that's just the way it 
is. Do everything the same as before, except when you 'Pick Up' the wire 
cutters in the siren shack, don't go through the other door, but exit via the
door you entered through, and head down the mine shaft to your right, 
repeating your actions earlier.

When you eventually get through the red gate going down to the Custodian's
shack, instead of going left, run ahead a little and to the right will be a 
shibito waking up from its nap, shoot it and enter the Custodian's shack. On 
your left is a photo for your archive and on your right is an old pickaxe for 
you to 'Pick Up'. This isn't a weapon though so don't try to equip it. 

Now this part is a little tricky. The sniper that you ran over with the 
trolley is awake and you need to get past him. If you act quickly enough, as
soon as you pick up the pickaxe, run up to the top part of the steps and look
through a hole in the fence to your left to get a sweet view of the sniper. He
shouldn't be able to hit you from here, although he will try. If you aren't
quick enough though, he will run all the way up the path towards the siren 
shack and hide behind some barrels, making him very difficult to hit. If you 
sightjack him and he's headed that way, run up the stairs and if he hasn't 
spotted you, run out and get within range to shoot him in the back. If he does
spot you, then keep him in sightjack view to see what action he decides to 
take. If he heads in your direction, ready your rifle and shoot when he walks 
into your crosshairs. Now if he doesn't advance, you can wait til he reloads, 
pop out and shoot him, or wait til he forgets about you, and starts to head 
back up the path, at which point you can pop out and shoot him in the back. 

Now run back towards the siren shack, and note that all three shibito in the 
area are most likely awake by now, so sightjack the sniper on top of the siren
shack and wait til he looks away to snipe him, and kill any of the other
shibito that approach you. It's a little difficult to see the sniper through
all the fog, so if you want, just kill the two patrolling shibito if they are 
within shooting range, while staying hidden from the sniper, and when he turns
away, just run out and to the left to re-enter the Mine Office. Run up the 
stairs and to the right, go up another set of stairs and you'll see a locked
gate. 'Smash Lock' with your pickaxe, open the gate and climb up the ledge in
front of you. The Dousojin Stone is a little ways up and to your left, 
indicating this is the road to the Dousojin Stone. MISSION COMPLETE

Naoko Mihama - Gojaku Peak - Jakobey Pass/ Day 1 - 11:02 am/ Movie
(archive items: Legend of Yaobikuni)

Naoko Mihama sits alone in the woods, frustrated over being abandoned by her
camera crew. Seemingly out of nowhere, Akira Shimura shows up, telling her 
she's now involved in all this. He then starts ranting about Yaobikuni, 
blaming her for causing all this, stating that "she hasn't aged in all these
years". Asking Naoko if she would like to live like that, never dying, he 
seems put off at her ignorance of the question and leaves her alone in the 
woods, disgusted by the old man's peculiar behavior.

Naoko Mihama - Gojaku Peak - Jakobey Pass/ Day 1 - 19:27 pm/ Movie
(archive items: Dousojin statue)

Naoko wanders around the forest of Jakobey Pass, til she sees the Dousojin 
stone that she was sitting next to earlier that morning, she realizes she's 
been going in circles and begins to get hysterical, accusing her camera crew 
of setting her up and filming her every move. She then falls down a small 
ledge, and begins to pout.

Mission Objective: Reach road to Janokubi Valley (archive items: Akira 
Shimura's hunting license, library card, Triangle)

Naoko stands up after an accidental sightjacking moment, and starts to wonder
if she's having hallucinations. She then hears a loud roar in the distance and
decides to proceed through Gojaku Peak. You start the mission where Akira 
exited his last mission, and your goal is to reach the area where Akira 
started his mission, except there's an ugly ass sniper waiting at the end of 
the tunnel preventing you from getting anywhere near Janokubi Valley. So you 
need to use your reporter instincts to figure out how to get past him.

You start on the other side of the gate Akira smashed the lock on, so go 
through there, but wait for a shibito to come in the room, and when he leaves,
he'll go down the stairs, leaving the hallway open for you. You should get his
attention though when you pass the stairs he's going down, and when he comes
after you, run down the hallway and jump out the doorway to your left, putting
you at ground level. Run straight ahead, all the way through the mine shaft in
front of you. You'll see a shibito with his flashlight on looking for 
something. The object is on the ground by the leftmost wall, just a little 
ways in the area, so when the shibito walks in the other direction (away from
you), run alongside the wall til you see it and 'Pick Up' the key. Now exit 
the shaft.

Your next destination is the Custodian's shack, so sneak past the shibito
patrolling around the siren shack til you get to the beginning of the long 
path towards the Custodian's shack. Hide behind the pillar at the beginning of
the path and sightjack another shibito patrolling the path. If/when he's far
enough down the path run and turn left the first chance you get, on the other
side of the trolleys. If he's still walking in the other direction, run as far
down as you can get and crouch behind the trolleys when he starts to head 
back. Wait for him to pass you and then continue down the path til you get to
the red gate. There's another patrolling shibito by the Custodian's shack, so 
before opening the gate, hide behind one of the boards hanging on the fence,
and sightjack him. Wait for him to come out and look towards the gate, and 
when he heads back around the shack open the gate, run down the stairs and 
turn a complete 180 degrees and go behind the shack. The shibito only patrols
from the gate to the side of the shack the door is on, but he also looks down 
the other side of the shack, so stay on your side and sightjack him. when he 
heads back towards the gate, run to the door and 'Unlock' it to enter the 
shack. Don't worry about closing the door, just run to the last desk and 'Pick
Up' a revolver. Feel free to smile if you like. If the shibito comes in, you 
know what to do. A nice tip, always have on your flashlight when shooting with
the revolver, for a 100% accuracy rate. 

When you leave the shack, you'll hear something fall inside the shack, so go 
back in and 'Pick Up' the key to Shaft No.5. Now shoot your way back to where 
you came from, but stop when you get to the beginning of the long path with 
the trolleys. Now check your map and locate Tunnel No.1. On the ground level, 
where you're at, directly under Tunnel No. 1 is Akira Shimura's hunting 
license, but you'll need your flashlight on to get it.

Now run back into the mine shaft where you found the Custodian's shack key, 
(Shaft No.3) and shoot the shibito. Now run to the red gate and notice the 
backpack on the ground. 'Open School Bag' to get a library card for a later
level. You should've heard something hit the ground when you opened the 
backpack, look to the left of the bag a little ways to get the triangle for 
your archive. Now run back out the mine shaft and into the siren shack, 
preferably avoiding any shibito. Now set off the siren on the wall to wake up
all the unconscious shibito (relax man), but more importanly to call all the
shibito to the siren shack (oh come on, quit trippin). The main point of this 
is to get the sniper out of the tunnel leading to Janokubi Valley. Now quickly
run into Shaft No.5. At the end of the shaft is a trolley, and Akira Shimura 
was kind enough to switch the track for you (unless you decided not to do that
in his first mission, in that case, shame on you, now you're in trouble). More
than likely the sniper has jumped down by now and is standing on the tracks, 
but if you want to be sure, just sightjack him to be more positive cuz 
anything can happen in this crazy game. Now put all your skinny female 
reporter muscles into the fray and 'Push Trolley' to knock him out, along with
a nice handful of the other shibito in the area. Now the coast is clear to 
run up to Tunnel No.1, via the stairs inside the Mine Office close to where 
you started the level. Run up the stairs, down the hallway to your left and 
down the tunnel to your right to reach the road to Janokubi Valley. MISSION

If you didn't switch the tracks in Akira Shimura's level, then when you set 
off the siren, sightjack the sniper and when he jumps down to the track, just
run towards the Mine Office with your flashlight off, and you shouldn't be 
seen. Then escape down Tunnel No.1 as normal.

Kyoya Suda - Tabori - Inside the Abandoned House/ Day 1 - 18:03 pm/ Movie
Kyoya and Miyako sit alone inside the abandoned house, with the wail of the
sirens going off in the background. Kyoya questions the village and it's
inhabitants. He asks Miyako what her brother meant about him "taking a trip to
the other side". Miyako avoids the questions and tells Kyoya that she doesn't 
like the village much either. and promises him that she won't let him "turn 
into one of them". She then lies down in an attempt to get some sleep, leaving
Kyoya alone with his questions, but then she opens her eyes, sensing something

Tamon Takeuchi - Arato - Takeuchi Household/ Year 1976 - 23:59 pm/ Movie
(archive items: Misumi Daily Gazette)

As the Takeuchi family watch a television program together, their home is 
struck by a violent earthquake. Later, the young Tamon walks amidst the rubble
of his destroyed home, crying out for his mother.

Tamon Takeuchi - Hirunotsuka - Spring at Mizuhiruko Shrine/ Day 1 - 20:41 pm/ 
Tamon returns to the spring to find Yoriko Anno staring hopelessly at the red 
water, seemingly still very thirsty. He commands her to get away from the 
water. Tamon realizes that the shibito are being controlled by something and 
he intends to find out exactly what that something is. He orders Yoriko to 
listen only to him, when suddenly they hear a growl nearby. He then decides to
go after it.

Mission Objective: Drive away Shibito Brain (archive items: Premiere issue of
Atlantis magazine, Tamon Takeuchi's research notes, Fortune paper from 
Mizuhiruko Shrine)

As usual, tell Yoriko to 'Come Here'. Turn around and head down the path 
climbing the ledge when you get to it. This particular ledge is too high for 
Yoriko so help her up and continue forward. Don't climb the second ledge, 
instead take the path to the left going down. This level is filled with new 
enemy types, mainly shibito called crawlers. They crawl on all fours and are 
hard to get past so kill any you see. You're extremely low on ammo so don't 
forget to keep your flashlight on when shooting. Another enemy type is the 
flying shibito, fortunately there's only one in this level, and he usually 
hangs around the patrol car. Unfortunately, that's where you're headed, so be 
prepared. Before advancing, let me tell you how best to take out the flying 
shibito, cuz they have guns of there own. when you hear one (the sound of a 
flying insect), quickly look up in all directions to try and find it. When he 
spots you, he'll hover in one spot making him an easy target, but you need to 
aim (R1) and look up in his direction in order to hit it. It may seem real 
hard at first, but it really isn't so bad, just practice with this one a 
little if you feel you need to.

Okay, from the bottom of the path, head left, shooting any and all crawlers 
along the way. It's best to reload after every kill, you don't wanna have to
reload when the flying shibito shows up. Head towards the patrol car, and take
out the flying shibito whenever you hear him. Now 'Get In Car' and look in the
passenger's seat for some much needed and much appreciated ammo. 'Take 
Bullets' and 'Get Out Of Car'. Now run straight ahead to the House, killing
more crawlers. Once at the house, tell Yoriko to 'Wait' and quickly run inside
from the leftmost entrance, run straight ahead til you see an Atlantis 
magazine on the floor, then add it to your archive. Turn around and exit the 
house. Get Yoriko and run along the left side of the house and to your left 
you should see a cave with a rusted door. Open it and enter with Yoriko. Tell 
her to 'Hide', then examine the monstrosity on the wall to get Tamon's 
research notes. Afterwards a cutscene will take place where Yoriko will find 
an object for her to use in a later mission. Now open the door and tell Yoriko
to 'Come Here', then head up the stone steps to your right, til you get to the
ledge. Now sightjack a shibito that appears to be looking out of a house. This
is another enemy type, the shibito brain. Most of them don't fight back, but 
they do run, and seeing as how you need to kill them all, this isn't a good 

Okay, turn off your flashlight and climb the ledge. Proceed til you see some 
steps to your right that is blocked by a huge boulder. Ignore the steps, 
directly in front of you is the dropoff leading to the Mizuhiruko Shrine that 
the shibito brain is in. You should recognize it from Kei Makino's level, but 
since your flashlight should be off, you probably haven't even noticed it. Now
sightjack a crawler that's crawling up and down some stone steps. He's on the 
path in front of the Mizuhiruko Shrine, so it's best to wait til he is at the 
top of the steps, and then turns around to head back down before you make your
move. When the crawler heads back down, jump off the ledge, quickly switch on 
your flashlight and run to the front door of the Shrine, putting as many 
bullets as you can into the brain. MISSION COMPLETE

If the shibito brain does manage to get away from you, he more than likely 
will head down the path near the red spring, where you started the level. I 
found it easier instead of chasing him to just head down the path to the front
of the Shrine where the crawler is at, and kill your way around (head down the 
path and turn right, ignoring the first path to your right, run all the way
til you see another path to your right and proceed from there to cut the 
shibito brain off).

Another thing, on the front door of the Mizuhiruko Shrine is another archive 
item, but seeing as how you're in a hurry to kill the brain before he runs 
off, it's best to get the item later when you acquire the Stage Select 
feature. But if you want to get it now, just press triangle on the outside of 
the front door to 'Pick A Fortune'. The fortunes vary per game, so I hope you 
pick a good one.

(This tip was provided by Aidrenne)
For a quicker route to the patrol car and the much needed ammo, as well as 
getting the fortune off the the Mizuhiruko shrine for your archive, sightjack
the crawler that's on the stone steps, wait for him to head down them, then  
run up to the Shrine to get the fortune off the leftmost door of the Shrine.
From here, head down the steps directly in front of the Shrine, killing the 
crawler along the way. At the bottom of the steps is the patrol car, but 
before getting in, take out the flyer and any crawlers that may have spotted
you. After you get the ammo from the patrol car, proceed as normal to kill the

Tamon Takeuchi - Harayadori - Yabay Settlement/ Day 1 - 2:18 am
Mission Objective 2: Listen to in-school announcement while on top of fire 

I personally am not a big fan of this level, but it's not so bad once you get
used to it. You've only got a certain amount of time to get on top of the fire
tower in order to hear the message, and seeing as how there's no actual timer
to let you know how you're doing, you can only hope you're moving fast enough.
Also, there is something that needs to be done in this level to help out 
another character later on, but it might be best to wait until you unlock the
Stage Select Feature and play this level again to do that, seeing as how time
is of the utmost importance right now.

You already know how to get across to the opposite bank, but what you don't 
know is there are alot more shibito in this area now, ALOT more. Don't let me
scare you off though, it's not too hard, remember you do have a revolver to 
subtract some shibito from the list (albeit temporarily). Another thing, you 
don't need to bring Yoriko with you this time, so that should help out a
little. Proceed to the opposite bank as you did earlier, remembering to turn 
off your flashlight when starting out down the long path to your right, but I 
should warn you that there is a new revolver shibito on the same path, so  
switch on your flashlight a little ways up and shoot it down quickly. 

Once across the bridge, do exactly as you did earlier, turning to the right 
and climbing up the ledge leading to the house with the radio. Don't go in the
house this time though. Just run past it like you did when it was time to 
leave the level, and head along the long path towards the end of the level. 
But stop short and check your map, you should be able to tell which path 
you're on, so locate Kawasaki's house on the map. From the path you're on, you
can jump to the roof of Kawasaki's house, so try to find it, preferably
without the use of your flashlight. Before jumping on it though, sightjack the
sniper. He's on the roof of Takaya's house, meaning you'll have to jump from 
Kawasaki's to a small shed in between the two houses, and then jump from the 
shed to Takaya's, so you need to make sure he's not looking in your direction
before jumping on his roof. When he turns to look in the direction of the 
bridge, he should stay in that direction long enough for you to get to him.
When you're ready to make your move, ignore any shibito that spot you, they
won't be able to get to you before you shoot the sniper. 

After you take out the sniper, jump off the front of the house (facing where 
you started the mission), and take the long fall down. When you get up, jump 
down the ledge in front of you, and turn right. Feel free to turn on your 
flashlight now, you'll probably need it to see where you're going. Now make 
your way in between the house and the shed (check your map), turn off your 
flashlight, climb up a small ledge and the fire tower is to your left. Climb 
it to hear the in-school announcement. MISSION COMPLETE

If you decide to do the requirements needed to help out another character, 
this is what you need to do. When you climb up the ledge leading to the house
where you found the radio, run into the cemetary which you should've entered
during Tamon's first mission. Now 'Pick Up' a key lying on a grave. Run back 
towards the wooden bridge. To the left of the bridge is a path going down, 
follow it and check your map to find a small object sticking out in the area. 
Run towards it, with your lights off or the sniper may spot you. Now 'Unlock 
Chain Lock' on the water pipe, then 'Turn Valve'. From here, go all the way 
back to the path leading up to the wooden bridge and finish the mission.

(I would like to thank Aidrenne and Akheon for this crazycool tip)
It will take skill to pull this off, but how can you expect to be a ninja 
without any skill. At the start of the mission, sightjack the sniper. The 
moment he turns away, run across the bridge (leaving Yoriko behind). Run to
your right, all the way to the wooden bridge, turning left and heading towards
the end of the level. When you get to the end of the long path that turns into
Karuwari, keep running straight and a little to your left to see a revolver 
shibito, put a bullet in the back of his head (or two). Now run up to the fire
tower, ignoring any shibito unless they're too close to ignore. Climb up the 
fire tower, to the very top but not all the way up. Just test each rung out
until the sniper is able to see you. When he spots you, climb down one rung,
after he shoots, go back up one rung until he spots you again. Repeat this 
process until he empties his rifle (five shots) then quickly climb to the top 
of the tower, switching on your flashlight and shooting the sniper til he 
can't be shot anymore. After the sniper dies, the in-school announcement will 

Reiko Takato - Hanuda Elementary School - Library/ Day 1 - 2:18 am/ Movie
Hiding inside the library, Reiko Takato tries to reassure the young girl with
her that the principal will come and rescue them soon, but then they hear the 
breathing of a shibito out in the hallway.

Mission Objective: Escape from the school with Harumi Yomoda (archive items: 
Photo taken on school trip to Gojaku Peak, Harumi Yomoda's drawing)

This will most likely be the most toughest mission you've had thus far, but 
stick through it, it gets easier with practice. You start the mission in the 
library on the second floor of the school, and you want to get to the faculty
room on the first floor. There's only one shibito on the second floor, so exit
the library with Harumi. Notice an alarm on the wall a little to your left. 
First open the door next to the door you just came out of (to the spare
classroom). Now 'Set Off Alarm" and run into the classroom, and all the way to
the right, through that door, and all the way through to the door leading back
out into the hallway. There was a hammering shibito here but he was attracted 
to the alarm.

Now run downstairs, but not all the way. There's a patrolling shibito down 
there. sightjack him, he's the only patrolling shibito in this level (although
you may accidentally confuse him with the one upstairs who should be walking
around as well, so if you sightjack two shibito walking, wait til one starts 
hammering and you'll know which one to look out for). Also take the 
opportunity to sightjack a revolver shibito. Now wait for the patrolling 
shibito to look up the stairs you're on (I hope you're not in plain sight),
he'll eventually turn around and look towards the restrooms. With his back 
turned away from you, feel free to walk about a quarter of the way down the
stairs. When he walks in one of the restrooms, walk all the way down and turn
to the right. NO FLASHLIGHTS. The revolver shibito is about midway down the 
hall facing your direction. Walk into the first classroom on your right. Once
you're inside the classroom, feel free to run, heading to the door on the 
other side of the room that leads into the next classroom, go through it, and 
once inside, make sure Harumi's away from the door so you can shut it. The 
patrolling shibito will come in the previous classroom and if he sees the door
open, he'll come in the room you're currently in. Switch on your flashlight 
and look for a small cleaning closet against the far wall. Tell Harumi to 
'Hide'. Now sightjack the revolver shibito and make sure the patrolling 
shibito is nowhere near him. When the revolver shibito is alone in the 
hallway, open the door on the far right of the classroom, leaving Harumi where
she's at. Be very careful here, walk very slowly out of the classroom and to 
the right, the revolver shibito is immediately to the left of the doorway 
you're coming out of. Walk past the hallway on your right and enter the 
faculty room.

Reiko acknowledges a boarded up window leading outside, but she needs to find 
something to pull the boards off. Out of nowhere Harumi shows up unscathed.
Reiko tells Harumi to stay inside the faculty room, while she goes and looks
for a tool to pull off the boards. Go towards the desk where Harumi is 
crouching next to and 'Pick Up' a key. Harumi will give you four candles she
found inside the cleaning closet you hid her in, for you to use in a later 
level. Now run to the chalkboard on the other side of the faculty room and 
take the school trip photo.

Now you need to head back to the other classroom you were last in, keeping in
mind that the revolver shibito hasn't moved, so you still need to walk very
carefully. Also once again, make sure the patrolling shibito isn't nearby to 
spot you sneaking by. If you successfully snuck inside the room, sightjack the
patrolling shibito and make sure he's not in the classroom next door or the 
hallway, then 'Shout' to make the revolver shibito follow you. Quickly run
into the first classroom, but exit the room via the rightmost door, not the 
one you entered from earlier. The revolver shibito should be in the other
classroom, leaving the hallway temporarily unguarded. When you exit the 
classroom, head to the door a little ways to your right, 'Unlock It' and go
through there. If you've been spotted by either shibito, don't waste any time,
just run through the door, and through the second door into the gymnasium. Now
run all the way to the top right corner of the gym and go down the stairs. 
'Pick Up' a crowbar and learn how to use it.

Now you need to head back to Harumi. Unfortunately Harumi seems to be in a 
little trouble (recognize Harumi's plea for help as the "in-school
announcement" Tamon Takeuchi heard on top of the fire tower). Next you'll have
the privelege of meeting your school principal, Eiji Nagashi. He's the booger 
in Reiko's nose and he doesn't wanna be picked. He's not too difficult to 
beat but the problem is he doesn't stay down. He's looking for Harumi and 
won't stop til he has her or til you can get the hell out of the school. 

There's another shibito on the platform above the gymnasium and he's coming 
your way, so before he gets there, take out Eiji. He'll drop a key, so grab it
and unlock the gym doors you came through eariler. Apparently Eiji locked you 
in here with him, sick bastard. Exit the gym but don't forget the revolver 
shibito who has more than likely taken up his post again outside the door. He
won't be expecting you though, especially with a weapon, so get mentally 
prepared, jump out and knock im down. Then take out the patroller if he's 
around. Harumi's no longer in the faculty room, you'll have to find her (I can
hear you cursing, I was too, especially after she promised Reiko she would 
stay put). From my experience, she'll either be in one of two places. 75% of 
the time (in my runthroughs at least) she'll be back upstairs in the library 
where you first started out. An easy tip to find out exactly where she's at is
just to simply sightjack the patroller, if he's looking into a green door, not
moving, then that means that he is in the last stall of the ladies bathroom,
indicating Harumi is upstairs in the library. If the patroller is still going
along his normal route, then that means Harumi is in the last stall of the
ladies bathroom instead. When you find her, be prepared to take out Eiji at 
least one more time. Before going back to the faculty room though, check the 
wall between the doors of Classroom 3-4 (check your map) on the first floor to
get a drawing made by Harumi, then go to the faculty room and 'Force Open 
Window' to escape the school. MISSION COMPLETE

(This great tip was provided by Aidrenne)
An easier way to get past the revolver shibito and into the gym is, instead of
reentering the classroom, just wait in the hallway in between the classroom 
and the faculty room. 'Shout' to get the attention of the shibito, and instead
of going over to the hallway where you're at, he will still enter the 
classroom, leaving an open path for you to run to the doors leading into the 
gymnasium. You will most likely alert him when you run past the classroom, so 
act quickly to unlock the door, and you will be able to get through before he 
is able to shoot at you.

Shiro Miyata - Arato - Near the Bus Stop/ Day 1 - 7:22 am
Mission Objective 2: Acquire ID holder (archive items: Recipe for Hanuda 
noodles, Kyoya Suda's student ID holder)

This mission is a little easier than the first time, since you won't have to
deal with that pesky sniper. Proceed as usual to the cafeteria, but this time,
enter the cafeteria. Risa kinda gets in the way here, so you might wanna leave
her outside, she'll be safe. Now it's time to put that frozen face towel to 
use that Kei Makino so kindly hooked you up with (I'm sure you've been 
wondering what the hell this was for). If you didn't get the face towel, wet 
it and put it in the freezer in Kei Makino's level, then you'll have to go 
gung ho to get what you need, I'll explain that way at the end of this mission

Now 'Open Freezer' and 'Pick Up' face towel. You may hear a shibito in the 
next room munching away on something, he's your target. You can sightjack him
to see how messy shibito get when it's dinner time. If you sightjack him, look
under his right hand, that's the ID holder you're looking for. Walk over to 
the two cabinets to the right of the sink, you will see a little piggy bank. 
In between the cabinets 'Place Face Towel', then 'Put Down Piggy Bank'. It'll 
be a little while before the face towel will melt, so you should have plenty 
of time to go to the garbage can around the cafeteria and 'Pick Up' your 
hammer to use on the shibito. Now wait in the doorway leading out of the 
cafeteria, and when the face towel melts, the piggy bank will drop to the 
ground and break, forcing the hungry shibito to investigate. When he comes 
out, he goes straight to the broken piggy bank, ignoring you, so knock him 
out. You may recognize this shibito as the same crazy police officer that 
tried to kill Kyoya in the first level of the game. Now enter the room he came
out of, but before you collect the ID holder, add the noodle recipe hanging on
the wall to your archive. Now go to the table to get the ID holder. MISSION 

If you didn't do the whole thing with the face towel in Kei Makino's level, 
it's a little tougher to complete the mission, but it's still possible. You 
either 'Break Piggy Bank', which will cause the shibito to run out and shoot
at you, or go around to the front of the cafeteria and enter that way, with 
the same results. Either way you go the shibito will shoot at you, so the only
way to deal with him is to be quick. Sightjack him and if you survive or dodge
the shots from his pistol, he will reload, no matter if he shot 1 bullet or
all the bullets, he will still reload, and that's when you need to act quick
to disable him when he's in the middle of reloading his gun.

Kyoya Suda - Tabori - Inside the Abandoned House/ Day 2 - 1:11 am/ Movie
As Kyoya and Miyako lay asleep, hidden inside the abandoned house, they are
awoken by a clunking noise. Miyako remarks that "they" are in the house with

Mission Objective: Escape from abandoned house with Miyako Kajiro (archive 
items: Idol found in Buddhist altar, Misumi Daily Gazette, Midnight Pimpernel)

This is your first mission of Day 2, but don't think you're almost through, 
this game doesn't go in any kind of order, so there's still plenty missions
left in Day 1.

This mission can be aggravating, but it's not nearly as tough as Reiko 
Takato's mission inside the school. As always, start out by telling Miyako to 
'Come Here', From the direction Kyoya starts out facing, there are two doors 
behind him, one on the left and one on the right. When you turn around, take 
the door to the right of him. You've still got your poker so get the attention
of the patrolling shibito in the hallway and incapacitate him. There's a 
revolver shibito hiding in the Parlor (check your map), and he always comes 
out when you attack the patroller, he's got ears that rival Superman. But he 
won't go far down the hall, so he's no threat. Sightjack him though. Locate 
the storeroom on your map, you should be next to it. It's locked so use the 
key you got by the phone in Kyoya's level with Hisako Yao in Arato. If you 
didn't get that key, then skip this part. 'Unlock Door' and enter the 
storeroom. Kyoya will accidentally break through the rotted floor. For an 
awesomely funny comment, it's best to have Miyako with you when the cutscene 
takes place. Now walk further inside the storeroom so Miyako will enter, 
prompting another cutscene where Miyako drops something. This will be an 
archive item for another character to collect later in the game. Now leave the
storeroom. (Check below this mission FAQ for a great tip to keep Miyako from 
getting in the way for the rest of the first part of this mission)

Run back through the rooms, going through the room you started in and into
the last room. The revolver shibito is most likely back in the Parlor, but
sightjack him to make sure. If he isn't he'll go back soon enough. Now exit 
through the door leading into the hallway and WALK right, so as not to disturb
the revolver shibito. when you see the staircase to your right, turn 180 
degrees to notice the entrance to the parlor, stand in front of the door and
'Shout' to make the revolver shibito come out. As soon as he opens the door,
nail im. Now check your map to locate the Bath and head to that room. You'll
see a boarded up window with a shibito standing outside, but he's no threat.
You'll also notice the bath(?) is filled with the red water. 'Pull Chain' and
'Pick Up' the key. Now run upstairs, but if the patroller shibito is awake,
feel free to knock him down again. Enter the first room you see, run to the
desk straight ahead and 'Open Drawer'. 'Pick Up' the pliers, as soon as you do
this though, another shibito begins to emerge from somewhere in the Toilet 
room. If you sightjack her, you'll see her apparently coming in through the
toilet, I could be wrong, but that's what it looked like to me. Anyway, run
back downstairs and if she bothers you, handle it. In the last room (next to 
the storeroom) is the room with the buddhist altar that you need to open up.
Head there and 'Cut Wire' from the altar. Now 'Open' it to get an Idol. You 
also need to 'Pick Up' a key inside the altar as well. After the cutscene, 
quickly turn around and take down the shibito. The hole he made is your exit 
out of the house, but first note the yellow newspaper lying to the left of the
hole, collect it and 'Leave House'.

Once outside, you only need to worry about two shibito, one patrolling around 
the house, the other being the same revolver shibito that was inside the 
house. I'm not sure how he got outside so quick, but he did, so watch out for 
him. Also Miyako seems to have a harder time keeping up with you outside of 
the house, so keep an eye on her. It also might be a good idea to ignore 
Miyako and run around the house to take out the two shibito. If the revolver 
shibito was unconsious when you left the house, then defying all possible laws
of physics, he'll still be unconscious outside the house, so if this is the 
case, run up to him (on the side of the house next to the Cottage) and wait 
for him to wake up, then put him back to sleep. Although if he wasn't 
unconcious when you left the house, he'll most likely be running towards the 
front gate, and once there, he'll stop, alternating which direction he's 
looking in. If this is the case, when you see him, wait for him to turn away 
from you, then run up and cave his head in. From here, run to the area to the
left of the house and locate a small red pond. To the left of the pond is an
out-of-place red plant, add it to your archive. Now get Miyako and exit 
through the front gate to escape the abandoned house. MISSION COMPLETE

(This tip was provided by my fellow compatriot in the Siren boards, 
LiveThruThis, great find girl)

Miyako tends to get in the way or gets held back due to her blindness, so as
cruel as it sounds, it's better in the long run if you leave her behind when
you're inside the house. After you trigger both cutscenes in the storeroom, 
tell her to 'Wait' inside, then shut the door behind you as you leave. The 
shibito will never open this door, providing a great hiding place for her 
while you go through the rest of the house. When you're able to open the 
altar, do so and trigger the cutscene to eliminate the new shibito before 
getting Miyako, as she tends to get beat up a little here. After he's down, 
get your girl and leave through the hole (after getting the archive item of 

Naoko Mihama - Gojaku Peak - Jakobey Pass/ Day 1 - 19:27 pm
Mission Objective 2: Reach road to Janokubi Valley after defeating all Shibito

I know what you're thinking, how in the **** ??? What you don't realize is 
that you can just do everything you did the first time around, providing you 
did switch the trolley tracks during Akira Shimura's level. If not then this 
mission is impossible to complete and you can't do it yet. So do everything as
described in the first mission objective with the exception of collecting any 
archive items, you don't need to collect them again. Now when you 'Push 
Trolley' to kill the sniper and the other shibito, you should note that there 
is still one more shibito coming out of the other mine shaft, so don't leave 
him alive. Also, the shibito by the Custodian's shack will have posted up on 
the trolley tracks when you sounded the siren, so they died when you pushed 
the trolley. After killing the shibito coming out of the mine shaft,  proceed 
to Tunnel No.1 and head to the road to Janokubi Valley, now don't you feel 
like a baby, crying over nothin. MISSION COMPLETE

Shiro Miyata - Miyata Clinic- Ward 1/ Day 1 - 19:41 pm/ Movie
While Shiro and Risa wait around the hospital, Kei Makino enters the room they
are sitting in. Shiro seems glad that Makino is safe, but Kei is only worried
about finding Tomoko Maeda. Shiro and Risa haven't seen her, but Risa does 
take note of the uncanny resemblance between the two men, asking them if they
are twins as well.

Okay, from this point, I'll be going in order of the earliest (time of 
day-wise) possible missions. Keep in mind though that some 2nd objectives have
yet to be unlocked, meaning that you just need to play some other levels 
before attempting a 2nd objective that isn't available yet. In order to see
which levels have a 2nd objective unlocked, highlight the level via the stage
select screen and if you see a red line attached to the box, then that levels
2nd objective is unlocked.

Reiko Takato - Hanuda Elementary School/ Day 1 - 2:18 am
Mission Objective: Unlock door to gymnasium fire exit from within. Help Harumi
Yomoda escape from the school.

Chances are, if you had a hard time in this level on your first runthrough, 
you're not gonna have it any easier this time around. What's different about
this mission is not only do you have to complete the 2nd objective, but you 
also still have to escape the school, making it different than the other 2nd
objective missions you've had thus far. 

Okay, so do everything as you did before, til you get to Eiji Nagashi in the 
gym. Knock him out and collect his key. Now you may have seen another shibito
on the platform above the gym, he should either be walking towards the ladder,
heading for you, or already down the ladder and standing idly by with his 
flashlight pointing in the direction of the stairway you just came from. 
Either way, take him out and climb up the ladder. Run all the way around and
knock out the shibito that just woke up. At the end of the platform is the 
fire exit, unlock it so another character can enter the school through this 
way later on. Now proceed to find Harumi and escape the school like you did 

Naoko Mihama - Hanuda Elementary School - Gymnasium/ Day 1 - 22:11 pm/ Movie
As Naoko enters the school via the fire exit, the door slams shut behind her,
locking her inside the school. Naoko then panics, desperately trying to kick
open the door, to no avail.

Mission Objective: Escape from the school (archive items: "Stargazers Circle" 

You'll quickly notice that the crawler shibitos you experienced from Tamon
Takeuchi's level in Hirunotsuka have evolved into spider-like creatures, with
the newfound ability to spin webs. Freaky huh. Don't let this level get to you
though, it's really not that difficult, especially with Naoko's gun. There are
only two crawlers in here with you and if you stay put for too long, they can
spot you and via the web, they can get to you in no time. I can't lie, it's 
tough to get through this part unscathed. You only have 16 bullets, so it's 
kinda hard to waste em here, but you may have to. There are two ways through
this part. One is to stand by the ladder and aim at the crawlers on the floor,
and with your flashlight on, shooting them. If you'd rather save your ammo
though, which I recommend, then you need to learn to take some hits. Just 
climb down the ladder, letting the crawlers knock you off, and try and get 
past them, running to the door behind the ladder. When you get through, 
quickly shut the door behind you, as crawlers aren't able to open doors. If
you took some hits, just stay put for a little while, letting your health
regenerate. There's no way of knowing whether or not your health is fully
regenerated, but if you stay still long enough, it should be.

Once out of the gymnasium, there's a storage space to your right, go in and in
the corner on the floor to your left is a flyer for your archive. If you alert
a crawler, don't panic, he's not in the room with you, but he can hear you if
you run. You'll meet him soon enough, though. Now enter the hallway to notice 
that the shibito have done some remodeling. The crawler that heard you running
is on the other side of the cluttered junk on your right, but he still can't
get to you, so ignore it and run into the classroom to your left. Now run to 
the next classroom, turn off your flashlight and quietly approach the door to 
the hallway. The crawler is posted up there but he's unaware of where you're 
at. When you're close enough to the doorway, run through it, ignoring the 
crawler and quickly run up the stairs. You're goal is to get to the Supply 
Room, all the way at the end of the hallway, and there are two crawlers
blocking your path. There's no way past them except to shoot em, so turn on
your flashlight and let loose. There's more crawlers in the classrooms and 
they may also spot you, if so, deal with them too. Eiji Nagashi is also in one
of the classrooms (heh heh), but he's the brain controlling the crawlers and
thinks it's for the best if he stays away from your pistol, so he's obviously
no threat (for now). 

Once in the supply room, 'Pick Up' a compass hanging on the wall to your left.
Now you need to get back downstairs, shooting anything in your path. Crawlers
have a bad habit of not staying dead long enough, so you may have to kill the 
same two you just killed in order to get to the stairs. If not, lucky you. 
Feel free to shoot the crawler you ran past earlier and head all the way back
to the room where you found the flyer on the ground. In the righthand corner 
of the room, you should get an overhead shot, indicating something is under 
the floorboards. 'Use Compass' to get a key to the small storage room. The 
storage room is directly past the staircase, so head that way. Eiji will be 
waiting for you at the end of the staircase, so if you have enough ammo, show
him what a stupid decision that was. If you're out of ammo, then wait by the
door to the hallway, and when you're ready, quickly run to the storage room
and enter it, to your immediate right is the exit, open it to escape the 

Kyoya Suda - Arato - Banks of the Mana River/ Day 1 - 2:28 am
Mission Objective 2: Find letter (archive items: Letter addressed to Risa 

This is probably the quickest mission in the whole game, not to mention the
easiest. Ignore Hisako and her boring lecture, run to the steps and at the top
to your right is a green fence, you should recognize this area from Shiro 
Miyata's level. Climb up the platform inside the fence area and 'Pick Up' the 

Shiro Miyata - Janokubi Valley - Orifushi Forest/ Day 1 - 3:31 am
Mission Objective 2: Find nurse's shoe

As soon as the level starts, immediatly sightjack a patrolling shibito walking
at the bottom of the bridge, if you sightjack him at the very start of the 
level, he'll be looking at the bridge. Now stay sightjacked to him til he
hides the nurse's shoe you're after. Now use the same pattern you used earlier
to take out the sniper at the other end of the bridge and locate the shoe. If 
he hides the shoe in a bush by another sniper facing the plant, then just 
sneak up behind him and knock him out. Once you 'Pick Up' the nurse's shoe,

Risa Onda - Miyata Clinic - Ward 2/ Day 1 - 22:52 pm/ Movie
As Risa snoops around the hospital, she hears her sister, Mina call out to 
her. Risa looks in her direction, and as she shines her flashlight on Mina,
she sees an even more horribly mutated version of Mina than she saw outside
the window earlier. 

Mission Objective: Warn Miyata and Makino of approaching enemies (archive 
items: Historical chronology of the Miyata Clinic)

You start out with Risa facing her shibitoized sister, Mina, but don't go 
thinking you can take her, Mina's a tough ol broad and can kill Risa just by
touching her. Quickly turn around and run, opening the door in front of you,
dash upstairs, Mina should stop at the bottom of the stairs but if you want to
be sure she's not still chasing you, 'Squeeze Through' the slightly open door 
to prevent Mina from bothering you. Now sightjack her and wait for her to walk
all the way to the end of the hallway she's in. Run back downstairs, ignoring
any alert signs, it's just a crawler outside, and enter the first room on your
right to 'Pick Up' an umbrella. Now when Mina has turned the corner run 
further down the hallway and look for a fire extinguisher against the wall on 
the left. 'Shout' to attract Mina's attention and when she comes back, 'Pull 
Out Pin' to blind Mina. Now run behind her and keep hitting her with your 
umbrella (she doesn't seem so tough after you've beat her with an umbrella). 
Mina is the brain for all the crawlers in the hospital, so while she's down, 
quickly run back upstairs and 'Squeeze Through' the door. and run all the way 
around the hospital til you get to the opposite staircase. I advise you shut 
the door behind you once you get there just in case a crawler wakes back up 
and spots you. Now enter the Storage Room and collect the frame from the 
wheelchair. Now run all the way downstairs and to the left is an alarm, 'Set 
Off Alarm' to warn Miyata and Makino of the approaching enemies. MISSION 

Shiro Miyata - Miyata Clinic - Ward 1/ Day 1 - 23:03 pm/ Movie
Kei Makino stands by helplessly afraid as Mina Onda prepares to kill Risa, 
when Shiro shows up and throws a powdered substance on Mina, burning her. As 
Mina retreats upstairs, Risa cries out to Shiro, upset about her sister. 
Makino regrets his helplessness towards the situation, but Shiro reassures him 
that he's just not used to "this sorta thing". He then tells Kei to watch over
Risa while he goes after Mina Onda.

Kyoya Suda - Karuwari - Cutfell Way/ Day 1 - 8:10 am
Mission Objective 2: Find grave of Takeuchi family (archive items: The 
Takeuchi Monographs: Notes on the Kajiro Family)

If you prefer, you can leave Miyako behind, you'll definitely get through alot
faster. Head all the way through the entire level as normal, til you get to 
the bottom of the steps after you pass the gate to the back of the church.
Now sightjack the sniper and when he's not looking in your direction, run out
and make a sharp right turn, you'll see a narrow path leading down, follow it
ignoring any shibito unless you have to fight them. As you walk down the path,
watch out for a bush to your right. 'Clear Brushwood' and run along the path 
til you see a floodgate. If when you attempt to 'Clear Brushwood' and it says
"there's no time for that now", that means you have to take down any shibito 
that may have spotted you first. Now 'Close Floodgate' not only for Kyoya's
benefit, but also for another character later in the game. 

Now run back through the first gate in the level, and take the left path all 
the way down to the dirt road, sticking to the wall the entire time. Now look
for the path leading to the abandoned storehouse, and when you get to the 
wooden bridge, jump off it, run along the path, and up the steps. Before 
investigating the grave though, look to the left of it where you see some 
broken Mana Crosses, amidst the rubble is an old booklet for your archives. 
Now examine the Takeuchi family grave. MISSION COMPLETE

Tamon Takeuchi - Miyata Clinic - Ward 2, 1st Floor Entrance/ Day 2 - 18:37 pm/
As Tamon steps into the hospital, he acknowledge the fact the this version of
the hospital just shouldn't exist, it disappeared 27 years ago.

Mission Objective: Pick up Yoriko Anno's trail (archive items: Graffiti found 
on hospital wall)

First things first, turn off your flashlight. You start out at the entrance to
the hospital, but you don't have Yoriko with you, so you need to pick up her 
trail to see where she's been, it's not so hard though. There's a crawler in
the hall in front of you, but to conserve ammo, I suggest standing next to the
leftmost corner, and when he crawls past you, he won't notice you standing 
there, so quickly run past him to the left and run through the door at the end
of the hallway, closing the door behind you. Run upstairs and through the door
to your left. Proceed through the next door, then turn left. There's a crawler
on the ceiling in the next hallway, and when you open the door, he attacks you
before you can shoot him, so just take the hit, then hit him harder. Now run 
to the right, down the hall and all the way to and down the stairs. Turn left 
and go down into the basement. Shoot the crawler and enter the Equipment room.
'Pick Up' the forceps on the table to your left and run all the way back to 
the 2nd floor, back down the Hallway, shooting the crawler again. At the end 
of the hallway, turn right and go through the door. Run to the very last room 
and 'Break Chain' on the bed. Now 'Pick Up' the key. Notice the red marks on 
the wall, investigate them to add them to your archive. 

Now head back in the direction you started the mission and when you get 
downstairs, 'Unlock Door' in front of you to get outside. Shoot the crawler
and head for the middle of the courtyard, locate the hole in the ground in
front of the statue, go down the ladder. 'Reload' your gun and turn on your 
flashlight. Now proceed through the next door. After the cutscene, shoot down
Mina Onda. Go to the desk in between the two beds and get the glasses to pick
up Yoriko Anno's trail. MISSION COMPLETE

Kei Makino - Arato - Banks of the Mana River/ Day 2 - 6:44 pm/ Movie
(archive items: Book of Deliverance "The Great Serpent")

A huge pillar of light shines down on Hanuda from the sky. Kei Makino stands 
alone in Arato, collapsing to the ground in fear.

Tamon Takeuchi - Hirunotsuka - Spring at Mizuhiruko Shrine/ Day 1 - 20:41 pm
Mission Objective 2: Find item dropped by Yoriko. Drive away Shibito Brain 
(archive items: Yoriko Anno's student ID)

You still have to kill the shibito brain, but first you need to find the item 
that clumsy Yoriko dropped. Proceed as you did earlier, til you get to the
ledge overlooking the Mizuhiruko Shrine. Remember the small shrine you had 
Kei Makino hit with a stone during his mission, well it's time to finally
break that lock. If you didn't smash the lock with Kei Makino, then you 
obviously can't finish this mission, so go back and do it. Now 'Shoot Lock' 
and 'Open Door' to acquire Yoriko's ID holder. Now proceed to kill the shibito
brain as you did before. MISSION COMPLETE

Akira Shimura - Harayadori - Fire Tower/ Day 1 - 16:53 pm/ Movie
Akira stands atop the fire tower, staring at a picture of someone. He wonders 
if the person in the photo is the one who has been 'calling' him. Suddenly, 
Yoriko Anno appears in the village, being chased by two shibito. Akira takes
aim, although seemingly aggravated at all the strangers that keep showing up.

Mission Objective: Reach road to Hirunotsuka with Yoriko Anno (archive items: 
Villager's diary, Postcard written by Yoriko Anno)

You need to act quickly at the beginning of the mission, as Yoriko is in some
trouble and only Akira can save her. Take aim from exactly where you're 
standing at look down towards the side of a building. Keep that area in your 
crosshairs as Yoriko will head there, but she'll stop and start backing up. 
When you see the shibito come out from the side of the building, shoot it. 
Then quickly shoot the shibito behind Yoriko. After that, she'll run off and
hide. but she's not safe yet. Get down off the fire tower as fast as you can,
ignoring the sniper, as he can't seem to hit you. Turn completely around and 
run. Check your map and locate the storage shed. You should be able to find it
since you know you are coming from the fire tower, although it is very foggy
in this area. Once you find the shed, go in and collect the notebook.

Now leave and make a sharp right, heading down a long path towards Yoshimura's
house. If you did all the above as fast as you can, then when you get to the
end of the path, a shibito will spot you, this is a good thing as this same 
shibito was about to find Yoriko hiding inside Yoshimura's house. Now this is
very important, before you shoot the shibito, lead it away from the house. All
you have to do is run up to it til it spots you, then run back the opposite 
direction, once your a good ways back up the path, aim at the shibito and wait
for it to get closer to you, then shoot it. Now sightjack it (his POV should 
be black indicating he's unconscious). Now head to the house but stop in front
of the metal incinerator on the side of the house. Look straight ahead towards
Nakajima's house, and on his roof is a hard to see sniper, but if you focus 
your eyes, you'll see him, on the rightmost (your right) corner of the roof.
Take him out, then run into the house you're standing next to. Tell Yoriko to 
'Come Here', then sightjack the shibito you just killed outside. She always 
wakes back up when you get Yoriko. If you shot her a good distance from the 
house, she'll now take off running, past the house, eventually ending up in 
the dried up area under the bridge. She's waiting for you to cross over, and 
then she'll climb up, but she's so slow that you'll have plenty of time to 
shoot her. If you killed her next to the house, then when she wakes up, she 
will stay where she's at, meaning you'll have to shoot her again, but in the 
line of sight of one of the snipers, so you'll probably be killed. 

Leave the house, jump off the ledge and run along the left side of the house. 
Go down the path going to your right, past the wooden bridge, all the way to 
Takaya's house. One of the shibito you shot at the beginning of the level from
the fire tower has also posted up in the dried up ravine, and one of them 
might spot you in this area. If so, sightjack them to see where they're 
climbing up, then shoot them in the process. Climb up the ledge to the house 
and check the mailbox to get a postcard. Now jump back down and head towards 
the wooden bridge, crossing it to the other side. Now run to the right, but be
aware of the shibito in the ravine if they spot you. When you get to the end 
of the path, a cutscene will take place. Afterwards tell Yoriko to 'Act As 
Decoy' to draw out the sniper, and when he comes into your line of sight, put
one in his eyeball. Tell Yoriko to 'Come Here', then run along the road to 

There is a special action you need to take in this level, but more than likely
you're not allowed to do it yet. You're going to need to do this level again 
(and I'm not talking about the 2nd objective) but it's unclear when you're 
actually allowed to do what needs to be done in this level, but you'll know
when you select the level and at the very beginning you get a message telling
you to "Hide Yoriko in a special place". If that message pops up, then proceed
all the way to the house Yoriko is hiding in and get her. Now head back the 
way you came until you get to the storage shed. From there, check your map. 
You need to go in-between Kawasaki's house and Takaya's house but you have to
be on the ledge directly in front of Kawasaki's house. There may also be a 
shibito in the area. Kill it and take cover behind the "building"? in between
the two houses, and sneak a peek on Takaya's rooftop to see one of the 
snipers. When he turns around, pop out and shoot it. Now continue along the 
ledge til you hear Yoriko say "it looks like we can climb our way up here", 
then tell her to 'Hide'. She'll find the picture Akira was looking at before 
the level started, for use in a later mission. Now head back the way you came
and exit the level.

Risa Onda - Tabori - Abandoned House/ Day 1 - 4:00 am
Mission Objective 2: Discover Mana Cross (archive items: Mana Cross medallion)

There are two patrolling shibito walking around the house this time, and they
are walking in opposite directions, making it a little tougher to get around.
From the start, you'll want to immediately run to the right and hide yourself 
in the Cottage. Shut the door behind you and wait for both shibito to pass by
you. Now you should try to quietly follow the shibito that is walking in the
direction you'll be facing when you walk out the cottage (in other words, just
go straight ahead from the cottage doorway). When he walks past the Storage, 
walk behind it and wait for the shibito to cross paths again. The one coming
your way has been known to look behind the storage building, but he only does
this once he walks past it, so to be safe, once he gets to the side of the 
storage, just walk out and continue walking like you were. As soon as you come
out from behind the storage building you'll see some kind of wooden box you 
can climb up, take that all the way to the roof of the abandoned house, but be
aware that one of the shibito can still spot you up there, so it's best to 
quickly run to the area within the wooden railings, you can't be spotted 
there. The shibito shouldn't be near this area now, but just in case, you 
might wanna wait til they cross paths again down below you before moving on.
When you're ready, search the plant holder on the far right corner (from the
door) of the area you're in. 'Pick Up' a trowel. Now if you didn't wait for 
the shibito to cross paths again below where you're at, then you should 
definitely do so now. As soon as they pass you, run straght through the broken
part of the railing and jump off the roof. Risa will stop herself on your 
first attempt to jump, and you can't really blame her, but push forward again
to make Risa face her fear of heights. When she finally gets her cute butt up,
run to the right where you'll find the pond of red water. If you ran all the
way to the pond, you will have ran over the area you need to dig, so just 
turn around and look for a small area at the base of the only tree there, 
then 'Dig' to get the Mana Cross medallion. MISSION COMPLETE

Tamon Takeuchi - Janokubi Valley - The Bridge of Return/ Day 2 - 10:29 am/
Tamon shows Yoriko an engraving he made as a child on a railing on the bridge 
in Janokubi Valley, revealing to Yoriko that he is actually from Hanuda. He 
finds little humor in the absurdity of his "homecoming". He then tells Yoriko
about his regret in involving her in the horror that has occured, but she lets
Tamon know that the decision to come along with her favorite professor was 
hers alone, and they both share a smile together. Suddenly a rifle is pointed
at Yoriko and she is shot, falling over the railing and into the dry bed under
the bridge.

Mission Objective: Defeat sniper (archive items: Marks on railing)

Tamon props the badly injured Yoriko against a pillar under the bridge. She 
wonders aloud if she is going to die here or turn into one of the shibito. 
Telling Yoriko to stay put, a determined Tamon decides to kill the sniper. 
Before going up to the bridge, sightjack the sniper. Now be aware that there 
is another one of those flying shibito searching all over the bridge area. 
Actually there's two, but it seems you're only able to sightjack one of them, 
so good luck. As long as you stay on your side of the bridge, the sniper won't
notice you. You want to head up the path alongside the plant, and to the foot
of the wooden bridge. Remember if you hear the buzzing sound, try to find the
flyer(s) and take em out.

There is an abandoned gas can at the foot of the wooden bridge, so 'Sprinkle 
Gasoline' on the bridge, then walk closer to the bridge and 'Set Fire To 
Gasoline'. Now the sniper is cornered and can't escape Tamon's wrath. Head 
back to the foot of the stone bridge and wait for the flying shibito to come
around, now kill it. Don't wait for the second one, he may or may not come any
time soon, so sightjack the sniper. The very milisecond that he turns around,
run all the way across the bridge, and by the time he hears you, he should be
within range for you to shoot him. After you shoot him, he'll try to run from
you, but thanks to your burning bridge, he can't get too far. Go after him, 
but be wary that when he decides to stop running, he will again try to shoot
you, so be careful. You're done once you defeat the sniper. MISSION COMPLETE

IPORTANT: There is an archive item here, but it's on the railing of the stone
bridge, so if you manage to fire upon the sniper, causing him to run, you can
go back and get it. From the side of the bridge you started on, on the 
lefthand side, run to the fifth railing and examine it. There is also an 
object you need to get to use in a later mission, behind the small shrine in
Orifushi Forest (check your map). I didn't write this in the walkthrough cuz
it's a little difficult to worry about them when you're chasing after the 
sniper, so you might want to wait til you actually complete the mission and 
retry it later to get them.

Yoriko Anno - Janokubi Valley - Banks of the Mana River/ Day 2 - 11:12 am/
Yoriko, alone and fatally wounded, walks along the dried-up riverbed, calling 
out to Tamon before collapsing on the hard ground. Seemingly in unison, Kyoya 
Suda also collapses a few feet away from Yoriko. Appearing very much 
mysteriously upon the two young victims, Shiro Miyata, with an eerie calm, 
watches over them.

Akira Shimura - Harayadori - Fire Tower/ Day 1 - 16:53 pm
Mission Objective 2: Reach road to Hirunotsuka with Yoriko Anno within 1 
minute and 55 seconds

Needless to say, you're going to hate this mission, in fact you may even quit
playing the game because of it. I know I wanted to, but if you get anything 
out of this FAQ, let it be this, stick with it, practice does indeed make 
perfect with this level, and there are so many fun levels left in the game, so
please don't let this one get you down. This is only one of two missions where
you have to beat within a minute and 55 seconds, but the second one is so much
easier than this one, so if you beat this level, you can beat anything in this
game, remember that. In order to proceed though, you need to have shot the 
shibito down the well in Tamon's mission in Harayadori.

To make the time limit, you obviously have to shoot the two shibito chasing
Yoriko as quickly as possible and get off the damn fire tower. Turn around 
and go along the same path as before, killing the shibito by the house Yoriko
is in. If having to beat this level in a ridiculous time limit isn't bad 
enough, now you've got to rely on pure chance to get inside the house, get 
Yoriko, leave the house and jump off the ledge without any of the two snipers
killing you, since trying to kill the sniper on the roof of Nakajima's house 
will most likely take too long. Again, just have an extreme level of patience 
and keep playing til you get past that part, I believe it's only like a 50/50 
chance that the snipers will spot you. 

Once off the ledge, run around the left side of the house and across the 
wooden bridge, turning right and down the long path. There's a new shibito
on the stone bridge walking towards you, quickly shoot him and run to the end
of the path. After the cutscene, do like before and tell Yoriko to 'Act As 
Decoy', then shoot the sniper as quickly as you can, immediately afterwards, 
telling Yoriko to 'Come Here' and run to the road to Hirunotsuka. Obviously 
this level will probably take a few tries to beat the time limit, but it was 
the same way for even the best gamers who played this game, so please stick 
with it, you can definitely pass this damn mission. MISSION COMPLETE

Yoriko Anno - Hirunotsuka - Route 333/ Day 1 - 17:54 pm/ Movie
(archive items: Umi-gaeri)

Yoriko and Akira Shimura look over the broken bridge into the Mana River and 
witness the shibito performing the Umi-gaeri. Akira explains to her a little
about the customs in this secluded village in the mountains. After 
acknowledging the red waters surrounding the village, Akira finally realizes 
there is no way out of Hanuda. Believing there is only one other option left 
to prevent himself from turning into a shibito, he puts his rifle up to his 
head and pulls the trigger, leaving Yoriko utterly horrified.

Tomoko Maeda - Hirunotsuka - Spring at Mizuhiruko Shrine/ Day 1 - 17:54 pm/ 
Many hours after being separated from Kei Makino, Tomoko hides herself inside 
the Mizuhiruko Shrine, when she hears a loud crash outside. She puts her head 
between her knees and cries.

Mission Objective: Escape from Hirunotsuka (archive items: Origins of 
Mizuhiruko Shrine, Misumi Daily Gazette)

You'll need to have told Tomoko to 'Hide' behind the small shrine in Kei 
Makino's level in Hirunotsuka to acquire the key necessary for completing this
mission. You start inside the Mizuhiruko Shrine, but before you leave, turn 
around and investigate the rightmost corner, 'Remove' a rotted piece of the 
floorboard and add the scroll to your archive. This is a very easy mission. 
First off, sightjack a particular patroller shibito. It can be difficult to 
tell which one you need sightjacked, so let me try to narrow it down. There 
are two shibito on the main road, one has a revolver. Ignore these two. There 
are two more, patrolling along their respective paths, one of these is the one
you need sightjacked. So watch them both to see which one walks up to the 
ledge above the Shrine you're in. When this particular shibito turns away from
the Shrine, it'll be a little while before he comes back, so you have plenty 
of time to act. 

Open the door, and on the front porch is an offeratory box. 'Fling Coins', 
then 'Ring Bell'. Now jump off the porch, and wait for two shibito that are 
coming up the stone path to the front of the Shrine. Don't worry, once they
see all the coins on the ground, they won't even notice you. The second 
shibito taks a little longer to get there, so just wait for him. They'll both 
kneel down and start picking up the coins. You can walk right up to them, you 
can even 'Shout' and they'll just ignore you. I don't know why shibito love 
money so much, since they're surely not civilized enough to actually buy 
anything, I guess they just like shiny things.

Well anyways, run down the path that they came from, and it'll take you to the
patrol car. 'Get In Car', look to your left and press X to collect the 
newspaper. Now 'Toggle Switch' to attract the revolver shibito blocking your
exit route. Quickly run just a little ways back up the stairs and when the 
revolver shibito walks past the patrol can, run to the right and all the way 
down the long road to escape from Hirunotsuka. MISSION COMPLETE

Kei Makino - Hirunotsuka - Route 333/ Day 1 - 11:59 am
Mission Objective 2: Find item dropped by Tomoko. Reach road to Hirasakai 
(archive items: Tomoko Maeda's student ID)

Proceed exactly as you did before, all the way to the very end of the level.
After the cutscene plays where the sniper separates you from Tomoko, walk just
a little ways towards the exit, but not too far that you leave the level, just
enough to stay out of sight of the sniper long enough for him to forget about
you. While waiting, sightjack the only patrolling shibito in the area. Stay 
sightjacked to him, and wait for him to go to the locked door on the side of 
the Mizuhiruko Shrine. You can see the combination number he enters by looking
from him POV. Memorize the lock no., jump off the ledge and head back towards 
the Shrine. The shibito will have posted up at the top of the path in front of
the Shrine, and the hammering shibito should still be hammering, so walk 
around the back of the Shrine, all the way around and when you get to the 
locked door, enter the code and enter the room. 'Pick Up' the item dropped by
Tomoko. Now go all the way back to the ledge, leading to the road Hirasakai. 

Tomoko Maeda - Hirunotsuka - Route 333/ Day 1 - 21:27 pm/ Movie
(archive items: Note left by Tomoko Maeda)

Walking along the banks of the red waters, Tomoko stumbles across Akira 
Shimura's dead body, frightening the little girl. As she runs off in a blind
panic, she falls to the ground in hopeless exhaustion. Crying, she raises her
head up to see Hisako Yao, the priestess of her church, standing before her.
As Tomoko embraces Hisako, the "holy" woman reassures Tomoko that her parents
are safe, and begins to lead Tomoko to Karuwari to see her parents.

Tomoko Maeda - Hirunotsuka - Spring at Mizuhiruko Shrine/ Day 1 - 17:54 pm
Mission Objective 2: Escape from Hirunotsuka within 1 minute and 55 seconds

This is the last of the timed missions, and I can assure you it's much easier
than Akira Shimura's timed mission. Although I must warn you that it still 
isn't very easy either. The best method is to sightjack the shibito that looks
down at the Shrine, mapping it's POV to your controller. Now RETRY the 
mission. The shibito's POV will stay mapped to your controller, giving you 
back the precious seconds you wasted sightjacking him. 

I'm going to try and help you get through everything as fast as possible. When
the mission starts, immediately run and open the door, the shibito can't spot 
you unless you jump off the porch. So as soon as you open the door, first ring
the bell (saving a precious second) then fling the coins. Now sightjack the
patroller and make sure she's walking away, then jump off the porch and stand 
by the money. The very second that the second shibito gets up the stairs, run 
past her, she won't even look at you. Quickly run and get in the patrol car, 
triggering the siren, and retreating a little ways up the steps. When the 
revolver shibito passes by, you should be able to run past him without getting
hit, but if he does shoot you, just keep trying. MISSION COMPLETE

Mina Onda - Miyata Clinic - Ward 1/ Day 2 - 00:17 am/ Movie
As Risa stares out the window of the hospital, she begins to grow impatient 
for Shiro to return. Kei Makino tries to reassure her, but he is then struck 
from behind. Risa turns around to see her sister, Mina coming towards her. 
Mina connects with her twins mind and shows her the truth about what Shiro did
to her.

Reiko Takato - Karuwari - Abandoned Storehouse/ Day 1 - 23:45 pm/ Movie
(archive items: Weekly Magazine "Shintokumaru")

Reiko and Harumi hide inside the abandoned storehouse, discussing Harumi's 
friend, a girl named Miyako. Harumi tells Reiko that she's not allowed to talk
about Miyako. Reiko then tells Harumi that she will be Harumi's "mother", just
as Miyako is her "sister". Suddenly they hear a growl coming from outside, 
causing Reiko to hold Harumi tightly in her arms.

Mission Objective: Help Harumi Yomoda escape from Karuwari (archive items: 
Humn book)

You have a choice of bringing Harumi with you or leaving her behind this time,
and obviously, leaving her behind is the way to go, as her little lungs tire 
easy, prompting frequent rest breaks. The call is yours though, either way, 
enter the abandoned storehouse and 'Pick Up' a lighter lying on the steel 
drum, then make your way all the way up to the first red gate. dealing with 
any shibito that bother you. As soon as you go through the gate, look on the 
tombstone to your left for a hymn book. Now run along the leftmost path all 
the way down. Reiko apparently isn't able to climb the ledge so go a little 
ways to your right to run up the path, and climb the ledge directly in front 
of you. You'll probably be spotted by a shibito on the other side of the dried
up river, but he can't get to you, so ignore him. Notice the opening in the 
fence, jump down from there into the dried riverbed, and run all the way to 
your right. When you get to a fallen tree, 'Pick Up' a key to the abandoned 
truck. Turn around and climb up the first ledge to your left, turn right and 
climb the ledge, run alongside the fence and the dirt wall all the way up the 
steps to a wooden bridge. Run all the way to the red gate and turn right, 
running down the path and straight into the wall, turn right and run alongside
the wall to the abandoned truck, dealing with shibito as usual. 'Unlock Truck'
and 'Get In Truck'. Look on the floorboard to your left and 'Pick Up' a 
cassette tape for another character to use later. Now look once again to your
left and 'Release Emergency Brake'. This will help another character get 
across the river without being spotted by any shibito later in the game, as 
well as provide an extra archive item for that same person. For now though, it
can be used as a bridge for you to go and retrieve Harumi. Afterwards, run 
back across the truck bridge, heading for the fuel truck. After the cutscene,
run to the left side (Reiko's left) of the truck. Notice the open window, 
'Honk Horn' to attract the shibito, then run to the back of the truck. 'Open
Valve' and when the shibito come close, 'Use Lighter' to help Harumi escape

Risa Onda - Miyata Clinic - Ward 2/ Day 1 - 22:52 pm
Mission Objective 2: Find Relief of Angels (archive items:Sculptural relief of

This is very easy, just neutralize Mina as you did before. Now run down the 
hall, past Room 101 and go out the door to the courtyard. There's a crawler 
outside, but as long as Mina's down, he can't bother you. Once outside, turn 
left and run all the way to the other side of the courtyard and look for a 
garbage chute on the left hand wall to the left of the door. 'Open' it to help
out another character later on. Afterwards, run back to Room 101, enter it
and walk over to the bed with the mysterious moving sheet. 'Remove Sheets' to 
acquire the Relief of Angels. MISSION COMPLETE

Naoko Mihama - Hirunotsuka - Spring at Mizuhiruko Shrine/ Day 2 - 3:33 am/
(archive items: Naoko Mihama's junior high yearbook)

Seemingly having given up on her situation, Naoko decides to accept the 
eternal youth that Akira Shimura was telling her about. and slowly immerses 
herself in the red waters of the spring.

Tomoko Maeda - Karuwari - Tanada/ Day 2 - 6:06 am/ Movie
Apparently abandoned by Hisako Yao, Tomoko walks along a road in Karuwari, 
when all of a sudden she sees thousands of strange "lights" flittering in the 
air. Thinking they are angels, Tomoko looks over to see a shibito in the form 
of Naoko Mihama, who laughs hysterically before running off.

Mission Objective: Reach road to church (archives: Devotional painting -Advent
of Angels-)

You'll find it strange that none of the shibito in this level will harm
Tomoko, obviously making this the most easiest level in the entire game. From
the start, turn around and run to the wooden bridge, jump off the bridge into 
the dry riverbed and run all the way down, past the steps and look in the 
drainage pipe on the wall to your right to get a painting. Now turn back 
around and climb back up the bridge. You should know this level by now, so 
head all the way to the first red gate. Check the tombstone to your left past
the gate and 'Pick Up' the toy monkey for another character to use later. Now 
run down the path and head towards the second red gate. The bridge to the 
church is out, but there is an old, brittle tree to your right, 'Fell Old 
Tree' to cross over the gap. Take the path all the way up and through the gate 
to reach the road to the church. MISSION COMPLETE

Tomoko Maeda - Karuwari - Church of Irazu Valley/ Day 2 - 6:32 am/ Movie
As Tomoko finally arrives at the church, she sees her parents waiting inside. 
She frantically begins pounding on the window to get their attention, but when
they look up, her mother lets out an ear-splitting scream as she realizes her 
sweet daughter has become a shibito. Heart-broken over the rejection of her 
parents, Tomoko turns around and walks off in the darkness, beginning her role
as a shibito.

Reiko Takato - Karuwari - Abandoned Storehouse/ Day 1 - 23:45 pm
Mission Objective 2: Light lanterns in order. Help Harumi Yomoda escape from 
Karuwari (archive items: Book of Deliverance "Kiruden")

Again decide whether or not to bring Harumi with you, then get the lighter 
from inside the abandoned storehouse. In order to be able to light all the 
lanterns, you'll need to have turned over all four of the stone markers. In 
case you didn't follow this FAQ from the beginning, I'll tell you which levels
you need to re-do in order to complete this level:

Kyoya Suda - Karuwari - Cutfell Way/ Day 1 - 8:10 am
Akira Shimura - Gojaku Peak - Misumi Trail/ Day 1 - 8:19 am
Shiro Miyata - Janokubi Valley - Orifushi Forest/ Day 1 - 3:31 am
Risa Onda - Tabori - Abandoned House/ Day 1 - 4:00 am

You also need to have told Harumi to hide in the cleaning closet in Classroom 
1-2 during Reiko Takato - Hanuda Elementary School - Library/ Day 1 - 2:18 am,
to get the candles necessary for lighting the lanterns.

If you've done all that, then you're ready to complete this mission. First
head to the first red gate. Locate Lantern D to the left after going through
the gate. 'Light Lantern' and head towards the second red gate, but get the 
key to the abandoned truck on your way though. Once you're at the gate, locate
Lantern A near the top of the stone steps. 'Light Lantern' then run down the 
steps. Run straight ahead into the wall, turn right and run along the wall, 
heading towards the abandoned truck. Once again, get in the truck and release
the emergency brake to provide a short path to Harumi. After the cutscene, 
locate a hole in the fence to your right, jump down and go to your left to 
find Lantern B, 'Light Lantern' and head back up and across the truck to get
Harumi. Now head back towards the truck, but before crossing it, look for a 
hidden path to your right. Inside the path is Lantern C, 'Light Lantern'. This
will give another character some hidden supernatural strength at the end of
the game. After the cutscene proceed to the fuel truck and do as you did 

Miyako Kajiro - Tabori - Inside the Abandoned House/ Day 2 - 00:23 am/ Movie
As the sirens go off outside, Kyoya lies sleeping inside the abandoned house. 
Miyako then enters the room, and kneels down beside Kyoya. She slices open her
palm, and Kyoya's palm as well, mixing her blood with his, promising this as 
an eternal pact. She then apoligizes to him, remarking that he "used to be so 

Kyoya Suda - Tabori - Inside the Abandoned House/ Day 2 - 1:11 am
Mission Objective 2: Find scythe embedded in wall

First off, you need to have picked up the screwdriver in front of the 
abandoned truck in Kyoya's mission in Karuwari before being able to complete
this mission. Okay, everything is the same in this mission up until you escape
the house, so first get outside. Once outside, run left all the way around to 
the cottage. The door is locked and there's a revolver shibito inside. You 
need to get him to unlock the door. Run around to the back of the cottage and 
'Remove Casing'. Then 'Switch Off' the lights inside the cottage. Quickly run 
to the front and wait by the door, and when the revolver shibito opens it,
introduce yourself. Now enter the cottage to find the schythe. MISSION 

Ayako Kajiro - Tabori - Abandoned Cottage/ Day 1 - 23:59 pm/ Movie
(archive items: Legend of Princess Konohana)

Ayako stands before her sister, Miyako with a scythe, inside the cottage by 
the abandoned house where Kyoya Suda is sleeping,  telling Miyako that she
wishes she would've disappeared instead of the village, remarking that none of
this would have happened. Miyako then makes a comment that their "brother", 
Jun Kajiro, would prefer it if Ayako disappeared instead, leaving  Ayako 
bewildered. She reminds Miyako that Jun is her fiancee. Miyako then questions 
why her sister is so afraid to die, asking if she would prefer instead to live
on as a monster, when once again, the sirens go off outside. Fearing the 
sirens, Ayako yells to her sister to start acting like the "sacrificial lamb" 
that she is, before running off into the night, leaving Miyako alone. She then
remarks that Ayako just doesn't get what's really happening.

Harumi Yomoda - Tabori - Living Room, Abandoned House/ Day 2 - 15:19 pm/ Movie
As Harumi hides inside a closet inside the abandoned house, she wakes to some
raucous laughter outside the closet. As she peeks outside the door, she sees 
three shibito sitting around a table, eating and laughing. The shibito are 
revealed to be Tomoko Maeda and her parents, reunited at last.

Mission Objective: Escape from abandoned house (archive items: Graffiti 
engraved into table, Kamoshika notebook)

You start out in a closet, out of sight of the three shibito family members in
the living room. It will be a good minute before you should leave the closet, 
so take the time to sightjack all three Maeda's. After getting up from the 
dinner table, Tomoko will walk over to the bottom of the stairs and begin to 
draw on the floor, her mother will walk down the long hallway, eventually 
looking at the locked door to the storeroom, and the father will walk over the
the buddhist altar and begin "worshipping" the idol inside it. Even though 
it's safe to come out, there's no reason to just yet, so continue studying the
family. Tomoko will keep her spot at the bottom of the stairs, while her 
father will walk towards and past her, turning into the parlor and attempting
to light some kind of strange-looking "cigarette". The mother will come back 
into the living room and turn on the television, laughing at the latest 
episode of Static TV (strange lady, that one). When she gets up to leave, make
your move and 'Go Out' of the closet. Check the other side of the dinner table
to add Tomoko's doodles to your archive. Now the mother will be heading to the
kitchen, and you will want to follow her, but hold back as she will stop to 
unlock the door, and also when she enters, she will look to her right and 
stare at a key lying on a cupboard before proceeding to beat maniacally on the
chopping board for a little while. Tomoko will have went upstairs, to doodle 
on the floor in the hallway, while her father will have decided to take a 
bathroom break, so the halls are completely safe now. 

When the mother starts attacking the chopping board, walk very quietly into 
the kitchen with her and 'Pick Up' the key on the cupboard to your right. Now
leave just as quietly and walk up the stairs, careful not to disturb Tomoko.
Wait at the top of the stairs for Tomoko to enter her room, then open the door
of the first room you see, but don't enter it, instead walk down the hall, 
past Tomoko's room and 'Unlock Door' to enter the bedroom. Run over to the 
closet and 'Shout' to get Tomoko's attention, then 'Hide' inside the closet. 
Tomoko will enter the bedroom, then turn around and go back in her room, but
only for a moment. She then proceeds to walk down the hallway and into the 
room of the door you left open. Now quickly run into Tomoko's room and collect
the doodles on her desk, then turn around and find the toy monkey lying on the
floor in front of the dresser to the right of the door. It will only be there
if you picked it up in Tomoko's level in Karuwari though, so if you didn't do 
that, then you should replay Tomoko's level. Otherwise, 'Pick Up' the toy 
monkey to use it in a later mission, for now run back into the bedroom, run 
straight ahead and out the door, jumping down to ground level. Now head for 
the front gate to attempt to escape the abandoned house.

After the cutscene, turn around and run, all the way around the house. It's
very important to note that if you stop running for even a milisecond, and 
then start running again, Harumi will be out of breath and run much, much 
slower. Otherwise, just keep running, Reiko for some reason or other just 
isn't very fast. After running all the way around the house, once again head 
through the front gate to finally escape the abandoned house. MISSION COMPLETE

Instead of running all the way around the house, if you're quick enough, run 
to the right of the house until you get to the boxes leading back up to the
roof. Ninja's don't hesitate, so quickly climb the boxes back up to the roof
of the abanodoned house. Now run towards the front of the house, make sure
Reiko isn't down below you, then jump off. Now run to the front gate.

Shiro Miyata - Miyata Clinic - Ward 1 Hallway/ Day 2 - 16:03 pm/ Movie
Lying next to an unconscious Kyoya Suda, Yoriko Anno finally wakes up, inside
the hospital. Shiro explains to her that he's not sure why he saved them, but
that he realized it isn't "a bad thing to swim agaisnt the current". Yoriko 
seems more confused than ever, when Shiro comments that her "saviours awake 
now". He then takes his leave, causing the overly confused Yoriko to believe 
the mad doctor is drunk.

Naoko Mihama - Hanuda Elementary School - Gymnasium/ Day 1 - 22:11 pm
Mission Objective 2: Find Book of Hanuda Folk Tales. Escape from the school 
(archive items: Book of Hanuda Folk Tales)

In order to complete this mission, you need to have the library card that was 
inside the backpack in Naoko's mission in Gojaku Peak. Check your items to see
if you have it. If so, proceed through this level exactly as before, until you
get upstairs. If you read this FAQ during Naoko's first mission objective, you
may remember what I said about Eiji Nagashi being in one of the classrooms 
upstairs, trying to avoid you. Well now you need to hunt him down and kill 
him. Unfortunately, just like the shibito brain that he is, he will run from
you. First off, you should sightjack him, he's the only shibito in the school 
that isn't a crawler, so it should be easy to locate him. He's standing in the
doorway that connects the spare classroom to the classroom for grades 5-6. If 
you act quickly enough, you can enter the first classroom, ignoring any 
crawlers that spot you. Don't waste time thinking, just run into the spare 
classroom to see Eiji trying to get away, fill him full of holes, temporarily 
shutting down every crawler in the whole school. But remember I said 
temporarily, so you need to hurry. Run into the supply room to get the compass
as you did before, then enter library (there are two doors to the library, but
the door closest to the supply room can't be opened. Run to the very back of
library and check the second bookshelf from the rightmost wall, then 'Pick Up'
the book. Now you need to head back to the storage area by the gym, get the 
key and escape as you did before, but note that Eiji is awake now and once
again waiting for you by the stairway. MISSION COMPLETE

Hisako Yao - The Nest - Mirror Pool/ Day 2 - 19:02 pm/ Movie
(archive items: Book of Deliverance "The Good Tidings")

Hisako watches over the unconscious Miyako Kajiro, placing white lilies all 
around her body. She comments that "his head has returned to us from the other
side of the ocean". She then tells Miyako to rejoice, as she is "the chosen 
one". Hisako is relieved that her long, long wait has finally come to an end.

Kyoya Suda - Arato - Banks of the Mana River/ Day 2 - 20:31 pm/ Movie
Kyoya and Yoriko Anno arrive in Arato, only to discover the shibito have built
some sort of "nest". Kyoya tells Yoriko that he feels someone calling him, and
she tells him that she can feel her professor, Tamon Takeuchi calling her as
well. They both decide to enter the Nest.

Mission Objective: Infiltrate the Nest with Yoriko Anno (archive items: 
Signpost containing map of Arato)

Start by telling Yoriko to 'Come Here', then proceed up the steps into Arato.
Walk into the fenced in area to your right and beat up the shibito. There's a
sniper just outside the fence so don't go investigating the new Arato, he 
doesn't like when people do that. Instead, climb up the platform, then turn to
your right and climb up there. Run left, following the path to a rusty gate.
Sightjack the sniper. You're gonna have to hit the gate with your poker to 
knock it down, but sometimes the sniper can hear you hitting the gate, causing
him to walk towards you. It's tricky but you need to time your strikes with 
the sound of the thunder, masking any loud noises you make. To be sure he's 
not coming towards you, after every strike just sightjack him to see what he's
doing, It may also be best to tell Yoriko to 'Wait' in the corner so she 
doesn't get in your way if the sniper does hear you.

Once the gate is down, continue forward and turn right across the roof. Just
follow the path given, but be wary of running too much once across the roof,
cuz you're closer to the sniper than you think. Walk along the path til you
come across a ladder going down. Once down the ladder, note that the sniper is
just beyond the gate. Also note that the shibito you knocked out earlier could
be up and about by now, so before making your move, sightjack the sniper to 
see if the other shibito is nearby. If not, gather your wits and run straight
through the gate, switching on your flashlight to spot the sniper, whose back
is to you. If you successfully got the jump on him, cave his face in for him.

Now locate the front entrance to the cafeteria and enter it. There's another
shibito inside, but she's either in the front or the back room, so just watch
out for her. Now run out the back exit and to the left, all the way to the end
of the path. Take out the shibito, run over to the steel drums and 'Pick Up' 
the folding saw. Go back and head down the side path between the cafeteria and
the rice shop. There's another shibito patrolling this path, so take him out.
On the fence to your left, look for a white map hanging up and add it to your
archive. When the path starts to open up, sightjack another sniper standing on
the fire tower. You need to time it right in order to get past him, he's got 
a wide open view of the street from his post. When he turns all the way 
around, run to the right, towards the fire tower. Once there, quickly run 
to the left til you see a ledge you can climb up, once here, you're completely
out of the sniper's line of sight. 'Pull Up' Yoriko Anno and climb the ladder.
'Cut Wood' with your folding saw to infiltrate the Nest. MISSION COMPLETE

Tamon Takeuchi - Janokubi Valley - The Bridge of Return/ Day 2 - 10:29am
Mission Objective 2: Remember Akira Shimura (archive items: Faded photo of 
Akira Shimura)

The only possible way to complete this mission is to have been able to hide 
Yoriko Anno in Akira Shimura's mission in Harayadori. Refer to that mission in
this FAQ to get the details. If you were able to get the photo in that level, 
then just proceed through this level exactly as you did before. MISSION 

Akira Shimura - Hirunotsuka - Route 333/ Day 2 - 00:11am/ Movie
Hours after Akira took his own life in a desperate attempt at escaping his 
fate of becoming a shibito, his eyes open once again. As he rises from the 
ground, he finally realizes that "no one can escape", and begins to laugh at 
the twisted situation, beginning his role as a shibito.

Shiro Miyata - Miyata Clinic - Ward 1/ Day 2 - 00:49am/ Movie
As Shiro tries to figure on a way to stop Mina, someone enters the room behind
him. He turns to see Risa, who has been turned into a shibito by her sister. 
Briefly thinking it's Mina, he begins to choke the life out of the new 
shibito, repeating the actions of the past. Risa begins to laugh in defiance.
Shiro then pleas desperately for her to stop, finally releasing her neck, and
throwing her to the floor.

Mission Objective: Defeat Mina Onda

Risa rises again, as Shiro begs her to leave him alone. At the beginning of 
the mission, quickly equip your hammer and beat the sweet Risa to her knees.
She won't stay down long, so leave the room and turn right. There'll be a 
crawler begging for your hammer so give it to him, then turn right again, 
heading down the hall. The door is locked so 'Unlock From Inside' and go 
through it. Don't worry about shutting it behind you, just try to get through
the hospital quickly so you don't have to keep fighting Risa. Run up the 
stairs, turning right and heading towards the door. 'Push Open Door' and 
proceed forward. At the end of the hall, turn left and go through the door.
There's another crawler around the corner who's feeling left out. Welcome him
to the hospital and go through the door on your right, all the way to another
set of stairs. Run down and enter the Health clinic to the left of the
stairway. 'Pick Up' the key on the cabinet

Now run back up the stairs, retracing your steps back to the other stairway,
taking out Risa whenever you see her. Now take the stairs all the way down to 
the basement. 'Unlock Door' and go down the stairs. Enter the first room you
see and 'Pick Up' the key at the end of the room. Before proceeding, sightjack
Risa. If you'd rather not have to fight her anymore, just wait for her to go 
down the hallway leading to the other set of stairs. She'll go all the way to 
the Health clinic where you got the basement key, giving you plenty of time to
do what you need to do. Now go all the way back up to the 2nd floor. You need
to 'Unlock Door' to the last toilet room on your right to give another 
character access to this room later on.

Now go back to the basement and locate the Mortuary. Go there and in the back 
of the room, 'Remove Nails' from the coffin. After the cutscene, 'Open Coffin
Lid'. After that cutscene, 'Pull Out Stake' to use near the end of the game. 
Leave the room and enter the one next door to your left. Defeat Mina Onda.

Shiro Miyata - Miyata Clinic - Ward 1/ Day 2 - 00:49am
Mission Objective 2: Acquire Uryen (archive items: Patient's letter, Uryen)

It's finally time to acquire the most powerful weapon in the game, and who 
better than everyone's favorite mad doctor to get ahold of it. In order to do
this mission though, it's best to have had Risa open the garbage chute in the
courtyard during her 2nd mission objective in the Miyata Clinic.

Proceed as you did last time, til you get to the first set of stairs, and wait
there. Sightjack Risa, and when she wakes up, she'll break off running to the
locked door of the laboratory, pounding on it til it opens. After looking 
around inside, she'll leave and start walking to the stairs. You can meet her
halfway or wait for her, but you need to knock her out again, as well as the 
crawler who has taen up residence inside the laboratory. Once in the room, 
'Pick Up' the EEG machine on the small table to your left (the machine looks 
like a microwave). There is an open drawer to the right of the machine, 
examine it to get a letter for your archive. 

Now go upstairs and head all the way to the security office. Lying against the
right side of the table is a fluorescent light bulb. 'Pick Up' the bulb and 
leave the room heading to the second set of stairs. Once there, sightjack a 
sniper outside the hospital in the courtyard. Now find the garbage chute on 
the wall next to the door you entered from. 'Drop Lightbulb' and sightjack the
sniper again. When he looks into the garbage chute, 'Drop EEG Machine', giving
you the opening you need to enter the courtyard. Now run downstairs and 
through the door in front of you. Take out the crawler and find the statue in 
the middle of the courtyard. 'Push Stone Statue' and go down the hole. Follow
the path to the door and enter the room to acquire the Uryen. MISSION COMPLETE

Kei Makino - Miyata Clinic - B1 Laboratory/ Day 2 - 4:44am/ Movie
(archive items: Medical notes written by Shiro Miyata)

After waking up from being knocked unconscious by Mina Onda, Makino enters the
laboratory, trying to locate the screams reverberating throughout the halls of
the hospital. He walks in to see both Mina and Risa strapped to operating 
tables, badly cut up and bloodied, writhing in terrible pain. A foot stomps on
something moving on the floor, and Makino looks up to see Shiro sitting next 
to the twins. Shiro tosses his medical notes to Makino, calling it the "secret
of everlasting life", remarking how it doesn't matter how he cuts them up, 
they just keep regenerating. Makino, realizing Shiro's insanity, leaves in 

Kei Makino - Harayadori - Yabay Settlement/ Day 3 - 12:21 am
Mission Objective: Drive away Shibito Brain (archive items: Letter addressed 
to Tamon Takeuchi, Photo of twins)

Kei enters the settlement of Harayadori, with an unstoppable agenda. He
comments that there are "things one must do for themselves". You have to kill 
a sniper before taking out the brain, and there are quite a bit of crawlers 
that will try to get in your way. If you sightjack the shibito in this level,
you'll notice another flyer as well, but I've never had too much trouble with
him, although I was able to get a close look at him to discover him as a very
recognizable character in the game (heh heh). So run up and turn left, heading
towards Yoshimura's house, but stopping at the metal incinerator outside the 
house. Get the letter inside the incinerator for your archive. Now enter the 
house and notice a little red photo album lying on the floor for your archive 
as well.

Now retrace your steps up the path, stopping next to the roof of Kawasaki's 
house. You're going to need to once again jump from rooftop to rooftop to take
out a sniper on Takaya's house, but there's a crawler moving along the 
rooftops this time so it's best to equip your hammer and wait for him to spot 
you and when he comes down to where you're at, take him out. More than likely
there's another crawler coming to check on his buddy, if so, rinse and repeat.
Now sightjack the sniper as well as the brain on top of the fire tower. When 
you're ready, reequip your pistol and head over the rooftops, shooting the 
sniper when you see him. 

Now this is the hard part. If you act quickly enough, you should be able to 
cut off the brain while he's climbing down the fire tower. Just jump off the
front of the house like you did in Tamon's level when you had to take out the 
sniper. When you get back up, jump off the small ledge in front of you and 
quickly run to the fire tower, shooting the brain on the ladder. If he manages
to get away, he always heads across the bridge, but you can't follow him due 
to the sniper watching from the other side, so either cross the wooden bridge 
or jump into the ravine and find the the ledge leading up the other side, 
avoiding the flyer if necessary. There are two paths you can take to the 
brain, each one forcing the brain to run to a different location. If you cross
the wooden bridge or climb the ledge leading up to the same path the wooden 
bridge leads to, you'll need to run down the path, crossing the open road the 
sniper is guarding (he shouldn't shoot you if you just keep running), causing 
the brain to jump off the ledge into the ravine and run all the way to the 
well, but once he's there, he seems very easy to kill, although you will have 
to deal with another crawler and maybe the flyer, as well. The other path to 
the brain is, when you're in the ravine, run all the way to the right and find
a path to your left leading up to where the brain is hiding, he'll then run to
the wooden bridge. Run after him. He is usually  easy to kill by the bridge, 
but if he gets away again, he'll go to the well, making him an easy target. 
After you kill the brain, MISSION COMPLETE

Kyoya Suda - The Nest - Level 2/ Day 3 - 18:08pm/ Movie
Kyoya and Hisako meet once again, inside the Nest. She scolds him for walking 
around by himself, and tells him he needs to do what he's been told. She then
notices the Uryen in his hand, and when she reaches to grab it, they are swept
away by a tidal wave of the red waters flooding the Nest.

Tamon Takeuchi - Miyata Clinic - Ward 2, 1st Floor Entrance/ Day 2 - 18:37pm
Mission Objective 2: Find album (archive items: Photo from old album)

You can only do this mission if you unlocked the toilet room on the 2nd floor 
in Shiro Miyata's level inside the hospital. You also need to have picked up 
the hose behind the small shrine in Tamon's level in Janokubi Valley. Go 
through this level the same as before til you get to the other side of the 
hospital next to the stairway. Enter the toilet room Shiro unlocked, the one 
furthest from the stairs. There's a water faucet to the right of the urinals, 
'Attach Hose' to the faucet, then run to the slightly open window and 'Lower 
Hose' out the window. Run downstairs and enter the second toilet room on your 
right and you'll see the hose hanging by the window. 'Pull Hose' into the 
drain on the floor and go back upstairs to the faucet. 'Turn On Faucet' and go
back downstairs to get the key out of the drain. Now go back upstairs, through
the first door on your left, and 'Unlock Door'. There are two crawlers in this
area so kill them and head to the Director's office. Go to the record player 
and 'Pick Up' the needle from the record player. Now go into the Reference 
library and shut the door behind you to keep out the crawlers. 'Search' the 
album lying on the desk to your right. MISSION COMPLETE

Hisako Yao - Harayadori - Yabay Settlement/ Day 2 - 6:44am/ Movie
(archive items: Boat of Utsubo)

Hisako stands at the bank of the red waters, stating that the time of revival
is near. A hideous dismembered head washes ashore at her feet. As she cradles
the head in her arms, a huge pillar of light appears in the sky, with 
supernatural "arms" stretching out towards her. She then sees a mirror image 
of herself standing amidst the light, holding a strange box. 

Kyoya Suda - Janokubi Valley - Orifushi Forest/ Day 2 - 7:03am/ Movie
Kyoya and Miyako stare at the pillar of light that has appeared in the
distance. Miyako is then filled with an indescribable fear, telling Kyoya
"it's coming".

Mission Objective: Drive away Shibito Brain (archive items: The Kastori 
Inquirer, Naoko Mihama's resume, Shiro Miyata's driver's license)

Kyoya and Miyako run towards the exit of Janokubi Valley when Miyako suddenly
stops, telling Kyoya there's no escaping "him", the only way is to fight. 
There's really no reason to bring Miyako with you, in fact, she would most 
likely be killed if you did. There's quite a few advanced crawlers in this
level and they can kill Kyoya with two measly slaps, but one slap is all it 
will take to put Miyako to sleep. Your first goal is to run across the bridge,
as soon as you cross it, 'Pick Up' a lighter on the ground. Inside the plant 
are two of the nastiest crawlers this side of Hanuda. You can ambush one from 
behind easily, if you sightjack him and he's sitting in front of a yellow 
barricade. Just enter the plant, turn left and beat the **** out of him. What 
really sucks about these guys is, not only are they much stronger than any
shibito in the entire game (with the obvious exception of Mina Onda), but once
one is alerted, any other crawler in the same vicinity as the alerted crawler 
will automatically be alerted as well, making the plant a very dangerous place
to throw a party. With that said, quickly look out for the second crawler as 
soon as you take the first one out, he should be coming down the stairs behind
you. Timing is the most important aspect of knocking these guys out. The trick
is, when they spot you, they will immediately run towards you, but most of the
time they'll stop before they get to you to let out one of their patented 
howls, before resuming their attack. Hit them as soon as one is within reach, 
then when he's knocked back, he'll immediately come at you again, until you 
hit him three times. But if one does hit you, the timing is different. Once he
hits you, he'll back up, but this time he'll hesitate for a moment before 
commencing to charge you again. Practice makes perfect, so just try to learn 
the timing technique of these little bastards, cuz when it comes time to do 
the 2nd objective on this level, you're gonna wish you had.

When you're successful in immobilizing the two crawlers in the plant, run 
upstairs and enter the Mountain hut. Get the magazine off the shelf, then run 
back outside. Before crossing the bridge, run down the path to your right til 
you reach a clearing, turn right and get the document lying behind the steel 
drums.  Now run back across the wooden bridge. Sightjack the brain (there's 
another crawler standing guard in front of him) and sightjack his crawler 
buddy (he'll be looking down a dirt stairway). Take any path down into the 
woods and head to Shiro Miyata's car. If the crawler on the bridge spots you, 
remember the timing technique and bust im open. Run to Miyata's gas tank and 
'Light Gasoline'. The crawler guarding the brain will be attracted to the fire
and will be heading down the path closest to the car, and for some odd reason,
he's the toughest of his breed, so don't **** with him. Instead, go up the 
other path, ignoring the crawler on the bridge unless he's a little too close 
to your comfort zone, and head towards the brain. He hangs out in the small 
area where Shiro Miyata started his first mission. It's easy to find, just 
turn right when possible, then turn left, he'll be straight ahead up the path.

Now this part is very tricky, VERY tricky. Like all brains, this one challenges 
you to a foot race, and he's holding the current championship. When you first
run up on him, don't worry about hitting him, since you'll most likely miss.
Just pick up the driver's license lying on the ground. Now jump off the ledge,
and chase that scary bastard until you get him to cross the bridge and enter 
the plant. There's a barricade inside that you could move if you want, but 
it's best to leave it where it's at. Moving it will not stop the brain, but it
will open a path for one of the crawlers to go down to the bottome of the 
plant, and since that particular area will soon be inhabited by you and the 
brain, three is just gonna be a crowd. Once you cross the bridge, turn left 
and down the path, entering the plant via the broken door. Run up the first 
staircase, but not the second one, just run straight ahead and try to cut the 
brain off. Most of the time he's easy to trap here, but if he gets away from 
you, he'll more than likely head to the stone bridge (but not always, 
sometimes he'll go back across the wooden bridge, in which case, just do 
everything again til he goes back inside the plant or eventually goes to the 
stone bridge). Once he's here, for some odd reason he doesn't run off right 
away (perhaps thinking the crawler will come to his rescue??), giving you 
ample opportunity to get in as many hits as you can. You may be spotted by the
crawler on the bridge, but if you think you can kill the brain before he gets 
to you, do so, since as soon as you get your last hit in, all the crawlers in
the entire level will immediately shut down. If the brain does get away from 
you here, don't chase him across the bridge because of the crawlers (you don't
wanna attract the crawler hanging around Shiro's burning car), just go back up
and across the wooden bridge and chase him til you get him either back in the 
plant or back to the stone bridge, where you should easily be able to finish 
him off. Once you kill the brain, MISSION COMPLETE

Kyoya Suda - Janokubi Valley - Suspension Bridge/ Day 2 - 9:57am/ Movie
As Kyoya and Miyako look over the valley, she explains to Kyoya that they have
all been sucked into some other dimension, along with the village, a dimension
somewhere in-between reality and the underworld. As she begins to panic in the
realization that there is no escape from this dimension, Kyoya gives her some
hope, promising her that they can leave the village. He somehow manages to 
make her smile. Out of nowhere, her brother, Jun Kajiro shows up. In an 
attempt to get Miyako back, he points his rifle at Kyoya and shoots him, 
causing him to fall over the ledge and into the dry river bed below. Miyako 
screams in terror over the fallen Kyoya.

Kyoya Suda - Janokubi Valley - Orifushi Forest/ Day 2 - 7:03am
Mission Objective 2: Acquire .38 caliber revolver

The fated rematch between Kyoya Suda and the crazed police officer from the 
beginning of the game. This could be debated, but in my opinion, this is the
most difficult mission in the entire game, but since you're this close to the
end of the game, you obviously can't quit now. Your most powerful weapon in 
this level is patience, so use it. In order to complete this mission though,
you need to have gotten the sake bottle from Kyoya's stage in the abandoned 
house. Check your items to see if it's there.

Again, leave Miyako behind. Run to the plant, sightjack both crawlers, then 
take em out. Quickly run into the Mountain hut and when you get the overhead
shot, 'Use Poker' to get the key under the floorboard. Run back down the 
stairs, and head for the back exit that leads out of Janokubi Valley. 
Unfortunately you're not leaving yet (didn't I just say this was the most 
difficult mission in the game, geez man). Once you exit the plant, turn left 
and run down the path, looking out for a room to your left. For the rest of 
this level you will need to constantly sightjack the two crawlers inside the 
plant cuz for some evil, twisted reason they know where you're at. Sometimes 
though only one of them knows where you're at, in that case, consider yourself
very lucky, very VERY lucky. Just keep in mind that when you have them 
sightjacked and they're on there way outside, they are coming for you, so do 
your best to keep them unconscious while you do what needs to be done. 

Once inside the room, turn to your right to see the power distribution box on
the wall. 'Unlock' it, 'Open Door' then 'Pull Lever Down'. Now exit the room,
turn left and run to the red puddle on the ground. After the cutscene, run 
back into the room. Sightjack the flying police officer, and when he leaves
the area, flying over the stone bridge, run back to the puddle and 'Break 
Bottle'. Now run back into the room. This is the really tricky part, as now
you have to keep an eye on the crawlers as well as the flying police officer.
It's hard, but if you made it this far into the level, you're almost done, so
don't give up. While making sure any crawlers in the vicinity of the room are
knocked out, sightjack the flying police officer and when his alcoholic ass 
lands in the puddle to drink the sake, 'Push Lever Up'. If you're successsful,
a cutscene showing the police officer being electrocuted would have taken 
place, if you did not see that cutscene, don't worry, just 'Pull Lever Down' 
again and sightjack him til he lands again, then once again 'Push Lever Up'. 
Keep doing this til you get him. Afterwards, 'Pull Lever Down', then run back
to the puddle, crossing over it. Once you get the overhead shot, 'Pick Up' the
revolver (it will be near the bottom of the screen). MISSION COMPLETE

Hisako Yao - Janokubi Valley - Suspension Bridge/ Day 2 - 10:07am/ Movie
As Miyako tries to pull away from her brother, Hisako appears, walking along 
the wooden bridge. She asks Miyako why she's running away, stating that 
someone wonderful is waiting for her. A terrified look comes over Miyako's 

Harumi Yomoda - Tabori, Living Room - Abandoned House/ Day 2 - 15:19pm
Mission Objective 2: Find beaded doll. Escape from abandoned house. (archive
items: Beaded doll)

In order to complete this mission, you need to have entered the storeroom with
Miyako in Kyoya's level in the abandoned house. Proceed as you did before, but
there's no need to open the door to the Boarder's room nor should you 'Shout' 
to get Tomoko's attention as you did before. Just 'Hide' in the closet in the 
bedroom to trigger a cutscene, allowing Harumi to find a key to the storeroom.
'Go Out' of the closet, and wait for the right moment to go back downstairs. 
To be safe, it's probably best to wait for Tomoko to go downstairs, then run 
across the hall into the Boarder's room, shut the door and wait for Tomoko to 
come back up. By this time the halls should be clear for you to get to the 
storeroom. When she is doodling on the ground, carefully walk to and down the 
stairs, heading for the storeroom. 'Unlock' the door and examine the hole 
Kyoya made in the floorboard, the "dummy". Now you need to exit the level as 
before. You may want to shut yourself inside the storeroom for now and wait 
for another opportunity to sneak back upstairs, but it's probably not 
necessary. However you feel like it, just escape the abandoned house. MISSION 

Miyako Kajiro - Mana Stone/ Day 2 - 15:33pm/ Movie
(archive items: Book of Deliverance "Fruit of Vieda")

Villagers surround "Miyako", feasting on her body, when all of a sudden one of
the villagers looks strangely towards "her".

Kyoya Suda - Arato - Banks of the Mana River/ Day 2 - 20:31pm
Mission Objective 2: Create entryway for Harumi Yomoda (archive items: The
Takeuchi Monographs: Sacred Beliefs of Hanuda)

You can't complete this level unless you hid with Yoriko in the cave in Tamon 
Takeuchi's level in Hirunotsuka. Also you need to have told Risa to 'Go 
Inside' Rokkaku's house in Shiro Miyata's level in Arato. Proceed through the 
level as before, til you knock out the sniper. If you got the revolver in 
Kyoya's 2nd objective in Janokubi Valley, this mission will go alot smoother. 
After the sniper is taken down, enter Rokkaku's house, taking out the shibito 
inside. On the small cabinet by the entrance is an old booklet for your 
archive. Now enter the room next to the small cabinet and 'Pick Up' a tool for
opening manholes. Leave the house and go through the cafeteria. Once back 
outside, don't worry about getting the folding saw like last time, instead 
just go along the path in between the cafeteria and the rice shop, taking out 
the shibito and sneaking past the sniper as before, only this time when you 
run to the fire tower, instead of climbing the ledge to the left of the fire 
tower, run to the ledge, then turn right, sticking to the left, til you get to
a sewer. 'Open Cover', and after the cutscene, 'Enter Manhole'. Next examine 
the gate in front of you to trigger the cutscene, creating an entryway for 

Harumi Yomoda - The Nest - Level 1/ Day 3 - 00:14am/ Movie
Harumi, lost and alone inside the Nest, sees a woman sitting in a corner, 
crying. As she appraches the woman, she turns around, revealing herself as a
shibito, laughing hysterically at Harumi.

Mission Objective: Escape from the Nest (archive items: An Introduction to
Hanuda, Diary written by Kajiro maid, Bag o'laughs)

This is a pretty easy mission, there's not many shibito in this level to scare
little Harumi. At the start of the mission there's a hammering shibito nearby,
so walk along the path, past him. Once past him, run and crouch behind the 
garbage can, and wait for him to go get some more nails. When he goes back to
hammering, get the book out of the garbage can for your archive. Now since 
there's not much danger in this level, you might as well enjoy a little laugh.
Walk back towards the shibito and notice the yellow sign hanging on the wall.
'Unhook From Wall' and walk back to where you started the level, to do a 
little test on the intelligence of the shibito race. Now run to where he was 
working and 'Crawl Inside' the hole in the fence. You don't have to do the 
sign trick, since you can run to the hole in the wall when the shibito goes to
restock on nails, but it's more fun to see a 10 year old girl outsmart a 
full-grown shibito.

Once through the fence, feel free to switch on your flashlight, there's 
nothing in this area to worry about. Run past the house, following the path 
til you see a small hole in a fence to your left. It's easy to miss, so just 
keep an eye out for it. Now sightjack a crawler that's inside the fenced in 
area, you'll know it's him if he runs to the fence and you're standing on the
other side. Switch off your flashlight and when he turns away from the hole,
'Crawl Inside', but DON'T MOVE. The crawler should be directly in front of you
(heh heh, no I didn't screw you). Look for a small brown diary on the grond 
next to the crawler. When he moves forward, walk over to it, quickly switch on
your flashlight and examine it to add it to your archive. Now run back through
the hole. Scared the **** out of you huh. Go figure, you are playing a horror
game, you know.

Once back through the fence, turn left and left again to find another hole.
'Crawl Inside' and enter the house in front of you. Run all the way to the 
bloody sink and turn left again. 'Unlock Inner Lock' for another character to 
go through later on. DO NO OPEN THE DOOR. The crawler you just partied with is
on the other side of the door and he has a bad hangover, so just leave the 
house. Turn left and run along the house, turning left again to find another
hole. 'Crawl Inside'. Climb up to the decrepit looking house and walk to the
drawer in the corner to your left. 'Pick Up' the bag o'laughs. BOO!!

Quickly jump down to your left and hide behind the wall right next to the bag
o'laughs. Wait for a shibito that was sharpening her knife nearby (the evil
*****) to come up to the bag o'laughs, then run all the way past the house,
turning right and running through the opening, turning left and into another
hole in the fence. Now crawl through the next hole to your right. Follow the 
path to yet another hole. Sightjack another crawler, who's either under a 
bridge next to the red waters, staring up at a street light, running across 
the bridge, or looking up at a ledge. When the crawler is under the bridge by 
the red waters, or at least heading that way, 'Crawl Inside', run straight til
you're able to turn right, and go down the path leading under the bridge. 
After the cutscene, run back up the path and cross the stone bridge, turning 
right at the end of the bridge and down that path. Run along the shrubbery to 
your left til you see another hole in a fence and 'Crawl Inside'. Run up the 
stairs and follow the path to the highway to escape the Nest. MISSION COMPLETE

Hisako Yao - The Nest - Mirror Pool/ Day 3 - 00:00am/ Movie
As Miyako Kajiro lies unconscious atop a pool of the red waters, her brother 
and sister watch over her, as Hisako Yao plays an organ nearby. Suddenly Kei 
Makino shows up. Hisako states that the "gates of paradise" can now be open.
She then sets Miyako ablaze, causing a strange apparition to appear in the 
fire, leaving Makino horrified. Hisako then turns to Ayako, setting fire to 
her as well, causing Jun Kajiro to call out to his beloved. Hisako states that
Ayako was the last sacrifice, when out of the fire, the alien god appears. 
With a look of concern on her face, Hisako notices the strange being is out of
control, as it begins to attack those present. Suddenly Tamon Takeuchi bursts 
in. Then as if in unison, Kyoya Suda and Yoriko Anno burst in as well. Yoriko 
calls out to her professor, running towards him, as Kyoya acknowledges the 
deceased corpse of Miyako lying before him. As Yoriko runs towards Tamon, the 
alien god attacks the professor, knocking him down. It then turns around to 
face the angry, heart-broken and extremely vengeful Kyoya Suda.

Kyoya Suda/ A Few Days Later - 00:13am/ Movie
(archive items: The Truth Behind the Hanuda Incident)

Kyoya enters Harayadori, with a rifle, unlimited ammunition, the Uryen gripped
tightly in the palm of his hand, and the Homuranagi sword wielded in his other
hand, loud mood-setting music beaming through his ears. He stares down the 
many shibito that have taken over the village, before holding up the mystical 
Uryen, calling forth it's terrible power to rain down on the entire village, 
burning up the souls of every last shibito in the area. He then charges at 
them with the Homuranagi, proceeding to finish them off, before pulling out 
his rifle and shooting every last one of them to the ground.

Tomoko Maeda - Karuwari - Tanada/ Day 2 - 6:06am
Mission Objective 2: Reach road to church without being discovered by Shibito
(archive items: Tsuchinoko reward poster)

(A huge, very appreciative thanks goes out to LiveThruThis from Gamefaqs for
this method of getting past the crawler guarding the gate to the church).

You need to have released the emergency brake in the abandoned truck in Reiko 
Takato's level in Karuwari to make a bridge that Tomoko can cross, bypassing
many crawlers in the level. If you take the long route to the church, you'll 
definitely be spotted by either Naoko or the shibito brain overlooking an area
that you have to go through, not to mention the many unpredictable crawlers 
scattered throughout Karuwari, so use truck bridge.

Once you are on top of the truck, walk to the right (your right) edge of the 
truck and press X. When done correctly, you'll hear a splash sound. If you 
quickly look down below you in the river, you'll spot the mythical Tsuchinoko,
but only briefly. It's reward poster will be then be added to your archive. 
Too bad shibito can't cash in on the sweet reward.

Now once across the truck, look up to see a street light next to the dirt road
and run to it. Once there, turn and run to your left, jumping off the small
ledge. You'll see a small motorbike lying on the ground. Now you need to 
sightjack Naoko and two other crawlers. One of the crawlers is running aruond
by the destroyed fuel truck while the other is either looking down a path or
looking at some of the Mana crosses. Once you have all three shibito mapped to
your controller, 'Toggle Switch' on the motorbike and quickly run back across 
the road, running just a couple feet to your right. The two crawlers will show
up first, so wait a few more seconds til Naoko shows up. One of the crawlers 
will post up on the road by the steps going up to the church, overlooking the 
entire area below, while the other crawler and Naoko will jump down most of 
the ledges, searching the area. It may seem very difficult, but it's really 
so much easier than it looks, just wait for the exact second that all three 
shibito are not looking your way, then run all the way up the road, sticking 
to the wall on your right. Don't worry about alerting the crawler posted on 
the road, as long as you stick by the wall, he won't hear you running. Run all
the way to the fuel truck. Now wait til both Naoko and the other crawler are 
not looking up in your direction (it's easier to tell which direction they're
looking in by sightjacking the one crawler posted on the road, as he can see
them both), then run up the path to the church, going through the open gate. 

Kyoya Suda/ Day 3 - 2:13am/ Movie
Kyoya and Miyako sit together in a very beautiful meadow. Miyako tells Kyoya 
how he is different from everyone else she has ever known, and leans against 
his shoulder. She then tells him that she wishes everyone else would just 
disappear. Suddenly Kyoya is alone once more, as the great blue sky above him
fades away, becoming dark and evil.

Tamon Takeuchi - The Nest - Near Level 4/ Day 3 - 3:03am/ Movie
(archive items: Tamon Takeuchi's organizer)

After the floods destroy the Nest, Tamon and Kyoya awake in a puddle of the 
red waters, with a seemingly out of his mind Kei Makino next to them. Tamon 
realizes that Hisako Yao must be stopped, and with Kyoya in tow, attempts to
find an exit. Kyoya tries to help up Makino, but with no success. Tamon finds 
an opening, when Kyoya notices something Tamon dropped. He tells Kyoya he can
keep it, since he doesn't need it anymore.

Mission Objective: Arrive as Kyoya Suda at the gate to the Nest's core 
(archive items: Aerial photo of Hanuda village, "Brain Cell Revival" game)

(I would like to thank Aidrenne from Gamefaqs for the location of an easily 
overlooked weapon for Tamon in this level)

Tamon and Kyoya walk along a path, when Kyoya questions whether or not he 
should've left Makino behind. Tamon tells him that, given the situation, he
should only worry about himself. They agree to split up. At the start of the
mission, walk forward til you get an overhead shot and locate the flashlight
on the ground. 'Pick Up' the flashligt. Switch it on and look around. Note the
opening to your left and the alley to your right. Switch off your flashlight 
and walk over to the alley. You'll see a revolver shibito at the end of the 
alley. It would probably be good of you to give the shibito Yoriko's glasses 
that Tamon has, since the bastard can't seem to see you, but I must advise 
against doing that. Walk into the shop to your right and add the photo hanging
on the wall to your archive. Now head back to the other opening you saw at the
start of the level. Sightjack the revolver shibito (there's two of them, but 
you should be able to tell which one you need to sightjack), then sightjack
another shibito looking at a calendar, memorize the phone number on the
calendar. Now 'Make Phone Call', and dial the number off the calendar. 
Sightjack the revolver shibito who is now heading for the same shop you were
just in. Run towards the alley, and when he answers the phone, walk past him,
then run to the end of the alley, climbing up the ledge to your left, then 
jumping down.

The shibito that you saw looking at the calendar with the phone number on it 
is inside the house directly in front of you, and he's got a pretty decent set
of ears, so be careful. Walk along the left side of the house, and around the 
wooden fence. Approach the pipes to your right til you get an overhead shot, 
indicating that there is a steel pipe lying on the ground. 'Pick Up' the steel
pipe, pet it if you feel you must, but not too much, as that would be weird. 
There is now no more reason for silence, so run out turning right, and beating
the crawler on its head when you see him. Run to the wall and turn left, 
climbing up the ledge. Jump down, turn right, and run up the stairs.

Now you play as Kyoya. Kyoya decides he needs to find Miyako, since he 
promised her they would escape the village together. Switch on your flashlight
and climb the ledge in the righthand corner. Jump down and walk into the 
garage to your right (there's a crawler upstairs, so don't make any 
unnecessary noises). Inside the garage is a floor jack, 'Pick Up' the jack and
leave, going back over the ledge. Now run straight ahead and to your right to 
see the front part of a truck that looks like it's been through hell and 
hasn't come back yet. 'Jack Up Truck', then 'Crawl Under Truck'. Don't climb 
the ledge yet, first sightjack a crawler running around on the bridge. He may 
be under the bridge by the red waters, or staring up at the street light. 
Watch him til he turns away from your direction, then climb the ledge. From 
the ledge, run to your right, jumping off. Run straight ahead, up the stairs 
and 'Open Floodgate' to help someone out later. Now run back down the stairs 
and to the top of the path that leads under the bridge. If the crawler is down
there, he may be looking up at you, but if you're at the very top of the path,
he won't notice you. Wait for him to turn around and head back up to the 
bridge, then run down the path, jumping over the gap in the wooden bridge, run
to your right. Feel free to switch on your flashlight here. Run to the left 
and climb the ledge. Go over to the graves and add the strange board game to 
your archive, next 'Pick Up' the rifle (HELLZ YEAH I SAID RIFLE).

Now jump back off the ledge and run straight ahead into the wall, turn right
and climb up. Before climbing the next ledge, let me fill you in on some 
details. There's only three crawlers in here, but given the very little elbow
room inside this area, it can be difficult to shoot them before they get close
to you, so the best way through here is to plan your attack, sightjacking 
every crawler before advancing. It's going to be real hard for me to tell you
which one to sightjack, so just study all three for now, mapping them to your 
controller. If you studied all three crawlers, you'll notice one that is on a
shingled roof, another runs up and down a set of stairs, then stares at a 
door, and the last one looks up a set of stairs, and then turns around, 
eventually looking in an area where your blue light is shining. This last one
is the first one you need to worry about. Wait for him to go to the stairs, 
then quickly climb the ledge in front of you and turn left, up the small 
stairs, stopping at the top of the stairs going down. Switch on your 
flashlight and aim your rifle to the open area to your right. Wait for the 
crawler to jump over a gap, into your line of fire, and shove a bullet in his 
ass. Now run down the stairs, and climb the ledge that you shot the crawler 
on. Run straight and jump across the gap on your right, then run up the 

On the other side of the door is the second crawler I referred to earlier, 
wait for him to turn away from the door, then go through and shoot it, but 
watch out for the last crawler on the roof, who is right above you, he'll be
alerted by the gunshot and jump down, so quickly run up the stairs, following
the path to another door. Go through it and jump off the ledge, Run to your
right and follow the path to arrive at the gate to the Nest's core. MISSION

Harumi Yomoda - The Nest - Level 1/ Day 3 - 00:14am
Mission Objective 2: Reach central intersection

In order to complete this mission, you need to have picked up the toy monkey 
in Tomoko Maeda's room in the abandoned house with Harumi. Proceed through the 
entire level as before up until you get to the stairs leading up to the 
highway. Enter the door at the bottom of the stairs and locate a clock sitting
on a drawer. 'Insert Batteries' taken out of the toy monkey, then 'Set For 1 
Minute Later'. Run back outside, up the stairs and past the door. Wait by the 
bush for the clock to go off, causing Eiji Nagashi to open the door and run 
down to the clock. Run into the room he came from, running through the next 
doorway. Turn right and run diagonally to your left, all the way across the 
bridge, til you see another hole in a fence. 'Crawl Inside' to reach the 
central intersection. MISSION COMPLETE

Kei Makino - The Nest - Intersection/ Day 3 - 7:42am/ Movie
(archive items: Will left by Kei Makino's stepfather)

As Harumi rests nearby, she sees someone approaching and crawls through 
another hole to hide. Kei Makino walks along the road of the central 
intersection, when he sees a light being shined in his face. He looks past the
light to see Shiro Miyata once again. They are finally revealed as twin 
brothers. Makino admits he's been nothing but a fool getting sucked into the
Hanudan beliefs and blindly following Hisako Yao, but Shiro tells him he still
would've given anything to be him, asking his brother if he "knows what it's 
like to feel inferior to your own double". Makino was unaware of the way his 
brother really felt, telling him that he was only doing the job required of 
him by his stepfather. Shiro then tells Makino that his part is done and it's 
time for him to exit the stage, stating that he doesn't want to be a monster. 
Taken aback by this comment, he watches Shiro closely, horrified to see him 
pull out a pistol, firing it.

Tamon Takeuchi - The Nest - Near Level 4/ Day 3 - 3:03am
Mission Objective 2: Penetrate gate to the Nest's core as Kyoya Suda (archive
items: Eri Azuma's vinyl record)

You can only complete this mission if you acquired the record player needle in
Tamon's level inside the hospital. You also need to have unlocked the door of 
the Kondo's house in Harumi's level in the Nest. Proceed as before til you 
acquire the steel pipe, taking out the crawler and the shibito inside the 
house if neccessary. From the area you picked up the steel pipe, locate the 
ledge to your left and climb up it, as well as the next ledge you see. Now 
follow the path to a ladder, climb down and enter the house. Once inside the 
house, walk down the hallway, turn left and enter the TV area. In between the 
righthand speaker and the television is a record for your archive. Now 
Sightjack the other revolver shibito. Go up to the record player and 'Attach 
Needle', then 'Play Record'. Quickly run down the hall and wait by the door to
your left. When the revolver shibito opens the door, open his head. Now turn 
left and climb up the small shed, then climb up the ledge to your right.Now 
run along the path, but be aware that you may run into the crawler from 
earlier, he sometimes hangs out on the ledge that you'll be running across. 
When you get to the ledge (when you see the wide open area to your right), 
turn left and jump down both ledges.

Now you're Kyoya again. Just play through his entire part of the level exactly
as you did before. After the last cutscene, everything will be dark. Miyako 
helps you out by shining her light for you to follow. The blue smoky lights 
are the crawlers and the snipers, and the green light is of course, Miyako. 
You should be able to run right through the two crawlers in front of you all 
the way to the sweet Miyako. Even if they manage to attack, it shouldn't be 
enough to kill you, so just run to Miyako's light and penetrate the gate to 
the Nest's core. MISSION COMPLETE

Kyoya Suda - The Nest - Level 2/ Day 3 - 9:46am/ Movie
Kyoya is sitting alone, lost inside the Nest and worried about Miyako. He is
approached by Kei Makino, with the Uryen in his hand. Tossing the Uryen to 
Kyoya, Makino tells him to "erase everything, nothing can be left". Walking
away, Makino states that he has "a job to do as well", while firmly holding 
the other half of the Uryen in his hand.

Kei Makino - Gojaku Peak - Hanuda Mine/ Day 3 - 16:00pm/ Movie
With the Uryen firmly held in his palm, Makino enters Gojaku Peak, only to 
notice the sun already setting. Realizing he needs to act quickly, he sets out
towards the floodgates.

Mission Objective: Reach road to floodgates (archive items: Missing persons
poster, Skyfish)

In order to complete this mission, you need to have the stake pulled from the
corpse in the coffin in Shiro Miyata's level in the Miyata Clinic. You also 
need to have gotten the key behind the dog house in Risa's level in the 
abandoned house. Start out by equipping your hammer, you only have six bullets
and obviously need to use them wisely. Run up the path and smash the two 
crawlers (one on the stairs to your right and one on the side of the 
Custodian's shack to your left. Enter the Custodian's shack and 'Pick Up' the 
key on the table to your left. Now run to the left of the stairway and collect
the missing person's poster hanging on the wall. Run up the stairs and through
the gate, smacking the **** out of any and every crawler that gets in your 
way. Head into Shaft no.5, reequipping your revolver once inside. Run to the 
end of the shaft and shoot Risa three times. If you miss any shots, I strongly
urge you to reequip your hammer and finish her off with it instead of using 
any more ammunition, you're going to need all three of your remaining bullets 
to finish the mission. After the cutscene, locate a key on the floor beside 
Risa and 'Pick Up' the key. Now exit the shaft, and 'Unlock Door' to the siren
shack. 'Unlock Door' to exit out the other side, reequip your revolver (since 
Makino switches to the hammer when he nails the stake into Risa), then run 
into Shaft no.3, shooting Mina when you see her. If you miss any shots, you 
have no choice but to finish her with the hammer. Also, you have to make sure 
you kill her inside the shaft or you can't complete the mission. Once she's 
down, locate some dynamite sticking on the wall to your right (you may need to
walk up a ways to see it). 'Connect Wire' and go back into the siren shack. Go
up to the detonating switch lying on the control panel and 'Press Switch'. 
After the cutscene, there's nothing else in the level to bother you. Climb to 
the top of the siren shack and locate a strange-looking diagram on the roof of
the shack. Equip your hammer and hit the center of the diagram to cause a 
skyfish to fall from the sky. Add it to your archive. Now head through the 
Mine Office, heading towards Tunnel no.1. Run all the way down the tunnel to 
reach the road to the floodgates. MISSION COMPLETE

Kei Makino - Gojaku Peak - Mana River Floodgate/ Day 3 - 18:05pm/ Movie
As the siren wails in the background, Makino, having just blown the
floodgates, watches as the red waters make their escape. He then looks below
the emptying sea to see the Hanudan villagers who resisted the call of the 
siren, refusing to become shibito. Extremely distraught over their eternal 
suffering, he vows to end it all.

Kei Makino - Harayadori - Yabay Settlement/ Day 3 - 12:21pm
Mission Objective 2: Acquire explosives

If you act quickly, you can easily just run all the way to the well (via the
long path going towards Yoshimura's house to avoid the snipers), shooting the 
crawler guarding it. The flyer may spot you, but you should be able to do what
needs to be done before he can shoot at you. If not, then hide behind 
Nakajima's house til he goes away, then run to the well. Once at the well, 
'Tie Rope' then 'Climb Down Well'. Reload your gun, walk forward and climb the
ladder. The shibito Tamon shot down the well at the beginning of the game has
been living down here this entire time (poor bastard). When you climb up to 
the ledge, the shibito will attack you, but after he hits you, you'll have 
plenty of time to pay him back. After he's dead, 'Open Wooden Box' against the
wall to acquire the explosives. MISSION COMPLETE

Tamon Takeuchi - The Nest - Near Level 1/ Day 3 - 18:09pm/ Movie
Tamon kneels to the floor in agonizing pain, suffering through the beginning
phase of becoming a shibito. He then hears someone calling out to him. He 
looks up to see Yoriko Anno, in the form of a shibito, running towards him.
Suddenly, the alien god, Datatsushi appears before Tamon, separating him from
his student, when seemingly from out of nowhere, the red waters crash through
the Nest, washing over them. Datatsushi screams in pain as sunlight enters the
flooded Nest, burning the alien god.

Tamon Takeuchi - The Nest - Near Level 3/ Day 3 - 22:13pm/ Movie
Tamon, still suffering due to the beginning phase of becoming a shibito, 
suddenly hears someone calling his name. Rising up from the red waters all
around him, he blindly walks in the direction of the voices.

Mission Objective: Find charred remains (archive items: Special issue of 
Atlantis magazine, Burnt scrap of white coat)

This mission may seem pretty tough at first, but it's really not so bad 
considering what you've already been through. Start out by running forward til
the cutscene starts, after that you need to time your attacks to take out 
Naoko. The timing technique is the same as described in Kyoya Suda's level in
Janokubi Valley. After you put the dog to sleep, run forward and to your left,
climb the ledge and jump off. Enter the demolition office to your right and
collect the magazine on the table. Now exit the demolition office and run to 
your right, all the way down to trigger the cutscene. Afterwards, quickly turn
around and run back to the ledge you climbed over earlier. Also try not to 
bump into a wall that's sorta in the way while you're heading to the ledge.
Don't think, just climb back up the ledge, jumping off the other side. Make 
some room for Reiko's pet crawler who should be joining you shortly. Put him 
down like you did Naoko, then climb back over the ledge. More than likely 
Reiko is inside the demolition office, probably upstairs, but she may also be 
down the path where you first ran into her. Find her and take her out. she's 
very slow so use that to your advantage. After the cutscene, for some effed-up
reason you're transported to a wide open area, but the exit is nearby so don't
panic trying to figure out where you're at. It is kind of disorienting though 
as the area is pretty big, so from the exact spot you're facing after the 
cutscene, just run forward in the direction you're facing, walking over 
Reiko's body to add the ultimate insult to the formerly kind-hearted teacher. 
You should see a narrowing path, just follow it to find the charred remains. 

Instead of actually fighting Reiko, you can easily run past her and just head
to the exit. If you're having a hard time getting past her, just lead her to a
more open area, and dodging the crawler with her, just maneuver your way 
around her, heading for the narrow passage leading to the charred remains. As
Master Splinter always tells you, "Only fight when fighting is your only 

Kyoya Suda - The Nest - Mirror Pool/ Day 3 - 20:57pm/ Movie
Kyoya sits atop the Mirror Pool, staring at his reflection, when he notices 
Miyako standing behind him from the other side of the Pool. He smiles at her, 
happy to see Miyako there with him. She tells him that she is always with him,
and then she asks him to come over to the other side of the Mirror Pool to be
with her. By placing their palms to each others reflection on the surface of 
the red water, Kyoya is pulled into the Mirror Poll, to the other side.

Kei Makino - Gojaku Peak - Hanuda Mine/ Day 3 - 16:00pm
Mission Objective 2: Defeat all Shibito and reach road to floodgates

Another "defeat all shibito" mission, but like Naoko Mihama's level, this is 
just a repeat of the first objective, in other words, just go through the 
level exactly as before. MISSION COMPLETE

Kei Makino - Gojaku Peak - Mana River Floodgate/ Day 3 - 18:39pm/ Movie
In an attempt to save the damned souls of the villagers that refused the call
of the siren, Makino holds up the Uryen, offering up his life in exchange for
their freedom. The power of the Uryen then comes forth, burning up the undead
bodies of the villagers, freeing their souls. Makino looks up to see a light 
in the heavens, opening up to reveal Risa and Mina Onda. They call out to him,
revealing Makino to be his brother, Shiro Miyata in disguise.  He smiles at 
them, telling them he is coming.

Kyoya Suda - Inferno/ Day 3 - 23:03pm/ Movie
(archive items: Devotional painting "Paradise")

Kyoya appears on the other side of the Mirror Pool. He looks up to see Hisako 
Yao watching over the body of the fallen alien god. She rises up, questioning
Kyoya on how he managed to get on this side of the Mirror Pool. Believing she
now understands, she accuses Kyoya of stealing "the fruit".

Mission Objective: Defeat Datatsushi (archive items: The Homuranagi)

Kyoya apologizes to Hisako, but tells her that he had promised Miyako he would
help her escape the village. Realizing that it's time to finish it, he 
advances forward, only to be stopped by a shibito version of Jun Kajiro. With
rifle in hand, Jun raises his arms, calling forth pillars from the earth, all
the while laughing maniacally.

It's finally time for the final battle (well, you still have a 2nd objective 
to complete, but regardless, I'm still calling this the final battle). Like 
all boss battles, there's more than one boss to take out here. First you must
kill Jun Kajiro, before finally taking on the alien god himself, Datatsushi.

The Jun Kajiro battle is the toughest part of the boss fights in my opinion.
You both have rifles, so you have to stay on your toes to outshoot him. There
are three pillars in the area. From the start of the level, hide behind the 
one closest to you. Jun will be hiding behind another pillar hisself. Speed is
of the utmost importance in this level, so quickly sightjack the oldest Kajiro
sibling. His main goal is to pop out from hiding and run to the pillar you're
hiding behind, making it very difficult to get a shot on him. It's tricky but
the only way to keep him from running up to your pillar is to quickly pop out
from hiding when he runs out from behind his pillar, and then just as quickly 
running back behind the pillar. This causes him to backtrack and run to the 
other pillar, leaving him temporarily open for a nice present from your rifle.

Follow this pattern to beat Jun. When he pops out, running towards your
pillar, pop out, then quickly run back into hiding. When you hear his rifle go
off, quickly run out, aim your rifle and shoot him as he runs to the other 
pillar. It's not that easy to hit him as he's running, but it's the only way
to kill him, so just keep practicing. The opening he provides while running 
from pillar to pillar is the only time you can shoot him without fear of him
shooting you. 

If he manages to run up to your pillar, it can be very difficult to get him to
run back to his pillar. If you're a quickshot, you can still kill him here 
though. Just keep sightjacking him to keep his light red so you can see 
exactly where he is as opposed to where you're at. When he gets close to 
either side of the pillar, aim your rifle to the side he's closest to and he
should come into view of your rifle, at which point you can make him scream a
little bit. He doesn't always pop out of the side he's closest to though, he 
may start walking to the other side, so it's sort of tricky to kill him here.
If you'd rather wait for him to retreat to his pillar so you can try the 
easier method of killing him, then just keep out of sight, constantly moving 
to prevent Jun from getting a bead on you. It may take a little while, but he 
will eventually head back to his hiding spot. After you successfully manage to
put three bulletholes in him (sometimes four), a cutscene will take place. 
After the cutscene, turn a complete 180, running past the pillar you should be
standing next to and just run in a straight path until the next cutscene takes
place. After that cutscene, keep running until you're ready to make your move.
You should have plenty of time to use the Uryen if you ran in the direction I 
told you to. To use the Uryen, you'll need to hold down the R1 button and then
hold down X. It'll take a second or two to fully activate. When you're ready, 
turn another 180, and without thinking, quickly activate the Uryen. If 
successful, another cutscene will take place. If you miss him, run. After 
running a little ways, turn around and quickly locate where he's at, then time
your attack when he's within range. If you can't see him, then sightjack him, 
he often seems to get lost when you run from him after he strikes out at you. 
Wait for him to find your light and when you finally see yourself from his 
POV, quickly leave sightjack mode, turn in his direction, and once again time
your attack, activating the Uryen. After the cutscene 'Pick Up' the 

Now it's time to put an end to this whole ridiculous religion, and there's no 
better way to stop an evil religion than taking out it's god, in this case, 
Datatsushi. It may seem tough given his whole invisibility thing he's got goin
on, but this is the easiest boss I've ever had to fight. You just need to 
constantly sightjack him to see how close he is to you. The same method you 
used on Jun Kajiro is the same one you need to use on this freak. Once he's 
within range (he never attacks right away, giving you plenty of leeway), 
simply activate the Uryen to hear what it sounds like when a god cries. You 
may notice Miyako standing next to you when you sightjack Datatsushi. She's 
trying to point you in the direction of a pyramid with some kind of reflective
surface (don't ask) that will allow you to actually see when the alien is 
close to you. In my opinion though, it just seems more difficult using this 
method as you have to be facing the pyramid to see Datatsushi and then have to
take the time to turn all the way around to use the Uryen, and you may get 
introduced to the evil bastards stomach for a few seconds. It's very easy to 
use the sightjack method, once you can see which direction Kyoya is facing via
sightjack, quickly turn in the direction the god is coming from and use the 
Uryen. Once you hit him three times, you've saved the world (or somethin like 

Hisako Yao - Inferno/ Day 3 - 23:29pm/ Movie
The alien god, Datatsushi is finally destroyed by the blue flames called forth
from the Uryen. As Hisako witnesses the death of her god, she instantly ages,
screaming out in pain, before collapsing to the ground in the signature death 
stance of the shibito.

Tamon Takeuchi - The Nest - Near Level 3/ Day 3 - 22:13pm
Mission Objective 2: Reach Takeuchi residence

You need to have gotten the cassette tape out of the abandoned truck in Reiko
Takato's level in Karuwari to complete this mission. If you had a hard time 
getting past Naoko and Reiko (along with her little pet) last time, that 
sucks, cuz you need to do it again. This time after you beat Reiko, look for 
the cassette tape she drops after you beat the poor lady up. 'Pick Up' the 
tape and run back to the demolition services building (next to the ledge you 
came over at the beginning of the level) and run upstairs. Approach the open
window and 'Push Sign'. Exit the building, turn a 180 and take the path to the
left of the demolition service building, jumping into the fresh hole you just
made. Turn around and follow the path, taking out the crawler on your way. At
the end of the path are two ladders. Sightjack a sniper before crawling up the
first ladder. Once up the ladder, walk forward just a little bit, staying 
behind the pole, then turn to your left. Sightjack the sniper and when he 
turns away from your direction, quickly run to the small sign directly in 
front of you, 'Tie Tape', then run back, going back down the ladder. Once 
down, look to your left to see the tape lying in the water, 'Pull Tape' to 
attract the sniper, then climb the second ladder. The crawler can spot you 
here, and once he does, you better believe the sniper will too, so quickly run
to your left and climb the ledge. Enter the door and follow the path to reach 
the Takeuchi residence. MISSION COMPLETE

Tamon Takeuchi - Arato - Takeuchi Household/ Day 3 - 23:56pm/ Movie
(archive items: Tamon Takeuchi's childhood diary)

Searching through his childhood home, Tamon enters a room to find both his 
parents standing before him. Overjoyed by this sudden family reunion, he falls
to his knees in tears, embracing them.

Kyoya Suda - Inferno/ Day 3 - 23:03pm
Mission Objective 2: Decapitate Datatsushi

Come on, what the hell did you think the Homuranagi was for anyway. Yeah, it's
true, you can't kill an alien god just because you have the Uryen, you 
actually have to cut the bastard's head off, symbolizing the cutting off the
head of this entire effed-up religion. You can only do this though if you lit
all four of the lanterns in Reiko Takato's level in Karuwari. Somehow the 
combined power of the lanterns fuse with the Homuranagi, giving it it's 
god-slaying powers. 

Unfortunately in order to do this, you have to once again kill that pesky Jun 
Kajiro. You already know how to do this, if you don't, wow, that sucks, cuz I 
ain't about to tell you any time soon. Once you've acquired Jun's family 
heirloom, the god-slaying Homuranagi, you're in business. You still need to 
use the Uryen on Datatsushi to weaken him for his beheading ceremony. When 
you've successfully hit him two times with the Uryen, equip the Homuranagi. 
Using the exact same strategy as the Uryen, sightjack him, see which direction
you're facing, then turn towards him. Thw sword also takes a second or two to
power up, but no different than the Uryen. Once Datatsushi's within range, 
press R1, wait for the Homuranagi to power up (when it starts to glow) then 
strike, decapitating Datatsushi. GAME COMPLETE

Harumi Yomoda/ Day 3 - 23:43pm/ Movie
(archive items: Misumi Daily Gazette)

As the Inferno begins to crumble around her, Hisako Yao disappears into the
endless abyss.

Trying to escape the devastation occuring in the Nest, Harumi is cornered by 
her former principal, Eiji Nagashi for a final confrontation. Still harboring 
the unbreakable power of love Reiko Takato has for Harumi, the little girls 
former teacher quickly runs up to  Eiji, forcing him and her both over the 
edge of the crumbling Nest. Harumi calls out for her "mommy" before collapsing
on the ground. As she lies unconscious inside the Nest, a mysterious shadow 
appears before her.

Kyoya Suda/ A Few Days Later - 4:44am/ Movie
(archive items: Misumi Daily Gazette)

After finally ridding the village of all the shibito, Kyoya walks alone amidst
the destruction caused by his angered, broken heart. 

Determined to rescue her professor, Yoriko Anno bursts through the doors of 
the the Takeuchi residence, knocking Tamon's "parents" away with a baseball 
bat. She quickly grabs Tamon by the arm, pulling him away from his lost 

Harumi, crying, walks amidst the chaos and destruction left over by the 
collapse of the Inferno and the fall of the Nest. The sound of a helicopter is
heard nearby.



Once the game is completed, you are treated to two extra movie clips to add to
the story.

Yoriko Anno - The Nest - Near Level 1/ Day 3 - 18:08pm/ Movie
Yoriko desperately tries to find her way through the maze of the Nest, when 
she spots Tamon Takeuchi kneeled over in pain. She immediately calls out to 
him, but as she advances towards him, the ground collapses beneath her feet.

Datatsushi - Mana Stone/ 684 A.D. - 11:59am/ Movie
(archive items: Irazu Valley mural)

As the Hanudan villagers feast upon the body of Datatsushi, he begins to 
scream forth a curse on the entire village, causing a siren to go off. The 
villagers begin convulsing in pain around the dying body of the alien.

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