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FAQ/Walkthrough by animalmother

Updated: 04/23/04

Forbidden Siren Mission Walkthrough

Written by Animal Mother. 

Contact me at del_mids2@hotmail.com

If you wish to make this guide available from any other source that's ok 
with me, so long as you give me credit for writing it. 

This guide takes you (or WILL take you when it's complete) through 
each episode and explains, step by step, what to do and where to go. To 
make it as clear as possible I have described the maps as much as 
possible, but I have tried to avoid any spoilers. This is the first guide I 
have written, I hope you find useful. I decided to write this guide 
because I greatly enjoyed the game and found it very difficult, and 
thought others might appreciate having some kind of walkthrough if 
they got stuck as many times as I did. I apologise if you find the guide 
over-explanatory, that's just the way I write.

Walkthrough Progress - I have written up a walkthrough for mission 
objectives 1 & 2 of nearly half of all the episodes. I will write up the 
remaining mission walkthroughs as soon as possible. Below is a list of 
the walkthroughs progress.

Kyoda Suda - 4/7 episode walkthroughs complete (but one secondary 
mission incomplete).
Tamon Takeuchi - 4/6 episode walkthroughs complete (but one 
secondary mission incomplete).
Kei Makino - 2/4 episode walkthroughs complete.
Shiro Miyata - 2/3 episode walkthroughs complete.
Risa Onda - 2/2 episode walkthroughs complete (but one secondary 
mission incomplete).
Harumi Yamoda - 0/2 episode walkthroughs complete.
Reiko Takato - 1/2 episode walkthroughs complete.
Akira Shimura - 2/2 episode walthroughs complete.
Tomoko Maeda - 1/2 episode walkthroughs complete.
Naoko Mihama - 1/2 episode walkthroughs complete.


Left analogue stick - Move (gently push forwards to walk, push harder 
to run). Also used to shake off attacking enemies, and move the rifle 
Triangle - Interact
X - Examine surroundings, select action from triangle menu, open door
Circle - Crouch, jump off ladders.
Square - Flashlight on/off
L1 + left analogue stick (left or right) - strafe
R1 - Combat stance (melee weapon)/aim (handgun or rifle)
R1 + X - Attack/shoot
L2 - Sight-jack mode
Press L2 then rotate left analogue stick to search for Shibito
R2 - Look mode; press hard to zoom in
Start - Menu
Select - View map

Crawling is the quietest way to move, running is most noisy.

You can instruct your partner to 'hide' if near a hiding place (bushes, 
alleys, ditches etc.), 'run' if spotted by an enemy, 'wait', or 'come here' 
to call them to yourself.

Shibito are creatures of habit; they usually follow a set path if left 
undisturbed. Therefore you can treat them as predictable fools, and not 
worry about unexpected over-the-shoulder-glances.

The flashlight is a big giveaway; keep it off unless absolutely necessary.

Remember to update your sight-jack; it can only pick up nearby 
Shibito's viewpoints.

Shibito can be fairly easily drawn to you; shouting, moving quickly or 
noisily, this can work for or against you depending on your plan of 

Guns are most accurate and do most damage when a) they are fired at 
close range b) its daytime or, when nighttime, the flashlight is on, and c) 
when you look through the crosshairs or aim at the target for as long as 
possible before firing.

Holding the attack button down for longer produces a stronger hit with 
melee weapons. However, this is slower than your regular attack.

Shibito take a few hits to knock out. It varies depending on the weapon 
your character uses, and the character you happen to be using. The 
poker requires about 3 strong hits and around 4 swift hits for a K.O, the 
wrench, around the same, the umbrella, also around the same. The 
hammer requires only about 2 strong blows and 3 swift blows for a K.O. 
The pistol, 2 shots should be the maximum for a K.O, and the rifle, one. 
Adult males seem to be the strongest characters, the other characters 
seem less able to take and deal out as much damage.

Shibito (the walking dead) CANNOT be killed; they can, however, be 
knocked out for short periods of time. A K.O last around about 3-4 
minutes if a regular, humanoid Shibito but much less (maybe only 
around a minute) in the case of crawling or flying Shibito.

When in sight-jack mode, a blue star signifies your character's position, 
and a green star, your companion's position. So, if the sight-jacked 
Shibito starts heading towards either of these, run!

If a Shibito spots you, you will catch a glimpse of yourself through its 
eyes. RUN. If you have not 'saved' a Shibito to your sight-jack 
selection, and it spots you, enter sight-jack mode and press R1 to find its 
viewpoint. If a Shibito is looking for you, its vision will be tinted red, 
and it will breathe more quickly than normal, and laugh insanely.

The episodes are NOT set out in this order in the game itself; instead the 
story switches between characters and times. However, any episode 
walkthrough can be found easily enough by referring to the time and 
character name.
Secondary missions are NOT available the first time you play a mission. 
So, the first time you play a new mission, just aim to complete mission 
1. Later, by fulfilling some requirement in another mission, you'll 
unlock new secondary missions. Once you have completed a certain 
percentage of the game, the mission selection menu opens. This shows 
you which missions have been attempted and which have not. If an 
episode has been attempted, but only mission 1 has been completed, the 
episode box will be half dark blue and half light blue. To check if 
mission 2 is yet available, start the mission, and see if it gives you a 
mission 2 briefing. If not, you need to complete some other task in a 
different episode to unlock it. JUST REMEMBER: DON'T TRY TO 

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION - Kyoda Suda is a 16 year old male 
student. He is initially unarmed, but soon finds a (poker) to use as a 
weapon. He is eventually joined by Miyako Kajiro, a 14 year old blind 

                                                      KYODA SUDA WALKTHROUGH

Kyoda Suda Episode 1. Yesterday, 23:00. Upper Arato/ Mana Stone.
Mission objective 1. Escape from Police Officer.

You begin at the foot of a mud slope, having just slid down this to 
escape from the cop. He's still in pursuit, so quickly run forwards and 
head towards the small metal shack across the yard. Open the door to 
the shack and close it behind you. Find the (car keys) on the table and 
the (Hanuda Community Newsletter) over in the corner opposite the 
door. Now carefully watch the police officer in the yard, wait until he 
turns away and exit the hut. Turn right and stick close to the wall, 
following it round. There are a few metal containers you can hide 
behind on the way around the yard. Make your way back over to the 
mud slope and pick up (Tetsuo Ishida's police ID) at the foot of the mud 
slope. Now carefully work your way back round the yard, towards the 
shack entrance, but head past this and go round the corner. Unlock the 
truck's driver door and jump in. View the (Bang!! Magazine) on the 
passenger seat and then put the keys in the ignition. Start the engine and 
it's happy sailing from there.
Kyoda Suda Episode 2. Day 1, 02:00. Arato/ Banks of the Mana River.
Mission objective 1. Head towards the exit with Hisako.
Mission objective 2. Find letter addressed to Risa Onda.

Mission 1 walkthrough - You begin down by the river edge. Hisako 
shows you the basics of sight-jacking, then instructs you to follow her. 
Basically just follow her along to the steps, wait for her command, then 
run over to the other side of the bridge street, and pick up the (key to 
storeroom) from next to the telephone by the tobacconists. Now, run 
over to Hisako (opposite the top of the stairs) and follow her round the 
back of the cafeteria and rice shop. When she ducks, do the same, 
shuffle along behind the fire shed, past the base of the fire tower, And 
up to the shoddy wall blocking the end of the street. Look in the corner, 
in a crack at the bottom of the wall and examine the (drawing with 
cryptic symbols). Now run to the bus-stop, climb up and pull Guide 
Hisako up, then run down the leafy passage to complete the mission.

Mission 2 walkthrough - same as mission 1, except run up the stairs and 
into Rokkaku's property (check your map, it's the one just off to the 
right of the steps). Climb up onto his shed roof, using the metal crate as 
a step, and examine the (letter addressed to Risa Onda).
Kyoda Suda Episode 3. Day 1, 08:00. Kurawari/ Cutfell Way.
Mission objective 1. Reach the road to the Tabori settlement with 
Miyako Kajiro.
Mission objective 2. Find the Takeuchi Grave

Mission 1 walkthrough - from the starting position, walk forward and 
climb the successive ledges. Miyako will only follow if commanded to 
do so, and only then if you look directly at her (so she can see through 
your eyes and see where she is & where to go). Remember this, 
otherwise she will quickly be left behind. Make your way towards the 
bonfire remains, and pick up the (poker). This can be used as a weapon. 
Now, leaving the girl at the bonfire remains (she'll be fine) head over to 
the supply shed, its on the top part of the valley. You'll come to a dirt 
road, take the low branch and cross the rickety bridge. Sneak up on the 
Shibito that is banging away on the shed wall with a hammer, and knock 
him out. Now go back onto the main dirt road, and follow the hill up. 
Try to wait until the patrolling Shibito (the only one with a rifle in this 
level) is looking away from the collapsed wooden bridge ahead of you, 
and is walking back towards a truck, then dive into the small clearing on 
the right hand side of the track. Walk behind the Mana crosses and 
examine the brushwood. If the Shibito with the hammer is still K.O'ed 
you should be able to clear this vegetation away. Walk through and 
scale the wall. Head over to the stone marker and push it over. Now 
head back to the bonfire remains, get Miyako to follow you and keep 
climbing the ledges until you reach a gate up in the top corner of this 
side of the valley. It's locked, but 3 or 4 good hits with the poker will 
break the rusty lock. On the other side is a series of downhill ledges, 
much like the ones you have just climbed. There is one patrolling 
Shibito and one sentry on a high ledge further down. It's almost 
inevitable that the first Shibito will spot you, try to knock him out while 
he is climbing up onto the same ledge as you, to avoid any damage to 
yourself. Now hug the metal grating to your right and you should stay 
out of the sentry's field of vision. Climb the ledge, and cross the 
wooden bridge. Follow the trail round past the Mana crosses, and 
crouching, sneak by the Shibito, which is fairly intent on hoeing the 
land anyway. Turn left after making sure the patrolling Shibito is facing 
away, pass by the cart and quickly hide behind the truck. Wait for the 
Shibito to face in the opposite direction again, and sprint up the hill to 
the exit (not forgetting Miyako).

Mission 2 walkthrough - follow the guide for mission 1, except don't 
bother with the marker stone bit. Go straight to the (poker), break down 
the gate, and head along the track to where the Shibito with the hoe is 
working away. Sneak down the steps near to the fenced off river, and 
you'll spot some more brushwood. Clear this away, and go up the steps. 
At the top, you'll find a sluice gate. Turn the valve, then head waaay 
back towards the supply shed (where the Shibito with the hammer is). 
Find the small wooden bridge near the supply shed, and jump off it into 
the now shallow river. Follow the ditch along until you come across 
some stairs. Climb these, find the (manual) at the top, then examine the 
grave. Mission complete!
Kyoda Suda Episode 4. Day 2, 01:00. Tabori/ Inside the abandoned 
Mission objective 1. Escape from the abandoned house with Miyako 
Mission objective 2. Find scythe imbedded in wall.

Mission 1 Walkthrough - This is a fairly tricky episode. From the 
starting room, open the sliding door and move into the room with the 
fan. Leave the girl behind and close the door behind you. If you leave 
doors open, the patrolling Shibito in the corridor outside will change his 
route, and investigate all the rooms as well as the corridor, leaving you 
nowhere to hide. You have to move quietly and stay crouched, as there 
are many holes in the walls that you can be seen through.
Wait until the patrolling Shibito is at the far end of the corridor, and 
leave the fan room by the corridor door. Turn right and head around the 
corner past the dressing table. Go into the small bathroom and drain the 
bathtub of blood. Pick up the (drawer key) and head back out into the 
corridor. Go up the stairs and into the first door on the right. Use the 
(drawer key) on the locked drawer and pick up the (wire cutters) inside. 
Go back out into the 2nd floor hallway, and sneak over to the top of the 
stairs. A new Shibito will have stationed himself at the foot of the stairs, 
and a third Shibito will be patrolling the house. Move down the stairs 
quietly and K.O the Shibito at the foot of the stairs when the other two 
are as far away as possible. If you get spotted, run into the fan room, 
close the door behind you, go into the next room, close that door, take 
the girl with you and move into the last room. Cut the wire from the 
cabinet next to the door, and take the (ITEM inside. A Shibito will burst 
through a panel in the floor, knock him out and exit via the hole in the 
You'll emerge in the yard, with one or two patrolling Shibito. Make 
your way around the house to the storeroom at the back, avoiding one 
Shibito, and unlock the storeroom door with the key you picked up in an 
earlier mission. Enter and pick up the (ITEM) inside. Now wait until the 
Shibito moves away again, and run back round to the pool. By the 
corner of the water is a red plant, examine this, now wait until the route 
is clear and run to the path at the front of the house.

Mission 2 Walkthrough - COMING SOON.

                                                 TAMON TAKEUCHI 

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION - Tamon Takeuchi is a 34 year old 
male. He is a university lecturer, and specializes in mythology and 
folklore. He is armed with a small pistol from the start. He is partnered 
with Yoriko Anno, a teen-aged female student of his.

Tamon Takeuchi Episode 1. Day 1, 02:00. Harayadori/ Yabay 
Mission objective 1. Reach the road to Kurawari with Yoriko Ano.
Mission objective 2. Listen to the in-school announcement on top of the 
fire tower.

Mission 1 Walkthrough - This is quite a large map, with a grand total of 
six Shibito spread over it. You'll need to use the map to follow my 
instructions. From the starting position, tune into four of the Shibito (try 
to get the one looking down at the ditch, holding a handgun, the one 
patrolling the lower yard, and the one patrolling Yoshimura's house and 
upper yard, and any other Shibito). Now head forwards from your 
starting position with Yoriko. Stay low, and keep your flashlight off. A 
sniper Shibito is watching from the other side of the stone bridge, from 
on top of a roof, and can easily spot you. Crawl to the left of the stone 
bridge and down the slope in the side of the ditch. Cross the ditch and 
find the small red crate and boulder against the opposite ditch wall. 
Climb up here, help Yoriko up and get her to hide in the bushes behind 
the fire shed.
Now climb back down into the ditch, and crawl over to the other side. 
Crawl along this ditch wall towards the far end. You have to stay 
crouched next to the wall otherwise the Shibito looking into the ditch 
will see/hear you. Pass underneath a wooden bridge and cross over to 
the other side of the ditch. You'll come across some stairs leading to the 
top of the ditch. Climb these and turn right, going round the back of 
Nakajima's house. Sight-jack the Shibito whose patrol route includes 
Yoshimura's house, and wait until he is as far away from the house as 
he will go (he'll be looking at Kawasaki's house roof from the top of a 
hill), and quickly climb the ledge behind Nakajima's house, to get into 
the upper yard. Go into Yoshimura's house, the one the Shibito goes 
into, and pick up the (broken radio). Now jump back down into the 
lower yard and hide behind Nakajima's house once more. Wait until the 
Shibito patrolling the lower yard is looking at the base of the fire tower 
(looks like an electricity pylon) and go to the well (slightly off to the left 
of the near side of the wooden bridge you passed under earlier). Pull up 
the bucket and pick up the (idol) that falls onto the ground. Place the 
radio inside the bucket and find somewhere to hide. Wait until a Shibito 
is attracted to the sound of the radio and examines the well then sneak 
up on him and shoot him in the back to make him fall in the well. Now 
sneak through the bottom yard and climb back up into the upper yard. 
Walk along the ledge, staying low, until you pass between Kawasaki's 
house and a small building. Just ahead of you is a Shibito which is 
watching over the base of the fire tower and part of the yard. It's best to 
shoot this one to knock them out. Keep heading forward towards the 
road leading to Kurawari and shoot the revolver toting Shibito standing 
near the lamppost. Run down towards the fire tower and call on Yoriko 
(who should still be waiting just around the fire tower) and together run 
up the road to Kurawari before the two watching Shibito wake up. 
Mission complete.

Mission 2 walkthrough - Following the instructions above, make your 
way to Yoshimura's house in the upper yard and collect the radio. Next, 
leave the house but stay in the upper yard. Head towards the Mana 
crosses you may be able to make out into the small graveyard. It's 
beside Kawasaki's house in the upper yard. Pick up the (key to chain) 
on one of the graves and examine the (fragment of menalith) in the little 
wooden box. Wait in the shadows until the patrolling Shibito in the 
upper yard is up the hill, looking at Kawasaki's roof. Run through the 
upper yard, jump down the ledge into the lower yard and hide behind 
Nakajima's house. Wait until your path is clear, and run down to the 
wooden bridge. Cross it and sneak up on the Shibito on the other side of 
the ditch. Shoot him, then jump down into the ditch and cross over to 
the other ditch wall, directly across from the Shibito you just K.O'ed. 
You'll find a drainage pipe, unlock the chain on the valve with the 
(drainage pipe key) and turn it. Now head back up onto the side of the 
ditch with the fire tower. Shoot the two Shibito watching the firetower, 
the one on the edge of the upper yard, and the other in the road leading 
to Kurawari. Now, from the top yard, climb onto the roof of Kawasaki's 
house. There's a protrusion to the right of the front door you can use to 
get on top. From here, jump onto the small building, then again onto the 
roof of Takaya's house in the lower yard (the one next to the fire tower, 
if you're confused). Sneak along the roof until you come to the rifle 
wielding Shibito and shoot him. Now hurry down to the ground by the 
way you came, shooting any other Shibito that give you hassle. Climb 
the fire tower to complete this mission - you'll receive a transmission 
from the school via the (broken radio) so make sure you don't put this 
down the well in the meantime!
Tamon Takeuchi Episode 2. Day 2, 20:00. Hiruno Tsuka/ Spring at 
Mission objective 1. Drive away Shibito Brain.
Mission objective 2. Find item dropped by Yoriko Anno. Drive away 
Shibito Brain.

Mission 1 Walkthrough - You are immediately given an intermediate 
goal to achieve - 'Find and replenish ammunition'. Consult the map; 
find the location of the patrol car, this is where pistol ammunition can 
be found. Head up the slope from the spring with Yoriko Anno, towards 
the shrine. Go down the stairs facing the Mizukiruko shrine (they have a 
red frame 'doorway frame' over them. A crawling Shibito will attack 
you around about now. Knock it out and run down the stairs. At the foot 
of the stairs, turn left; you have reached the patrol car. Before you can 
get in it, a crawling Shibito and if you are unlucky, a flying Shibito will 
attack you. K.O them both and protect Yoriko. Get in the car and pick 
up the handgun ammunition from the passenger seat. Run along the path 
in the direction the patrol car is facing, towards the small house. 
Another crawling Shibito is likely to attack you at this point. K.O it and 
head past the side of the house towards the cave. Open the cave door at 
look at the idol inside. Now exit the cave and head up the stairs to your 
immediate right. Sneak up these as quietly as possible, the Shibito Brain 
is nearby and will run away if he hears you coming. Climb the rock 
ledge and continue to climb the stairs. You'll emerge from the gulley on 
a clearing overlooking the Mizukiruko shrine. The Shibito is hiding 
behind the stone shrine along the ledge. Shoot him repeatedly until he 
dies. If he escapes, he'll run down the path to the small house. Follow 
him down and just keep shooting him, ignore the other Shibito now they 
are a waste of ammo, they'll all die as soon as you defeat the Shibito 
Brain anyway.

Mission 2 Walkthrough - Like mission 1, head down to the patrol car 
and collect the ammo. Now work your way up to the stone shrine. Let 
the Shibito Brain run away or you'll simply achieve mission 1. Examine 
the stone shrine, if you have played this map with Kei Makino and hit 
the lock on the shrine with a chunk of fertility stone, you can shoot the 
weakened lock off. Inside the stone shrine is Yoriko's wallet. Now you 
must kill the Shibito Brain. If you can't find him at the small house, 
sight-jack him to pinpoint his location (he's the only one carrying a 
flashlight and walking upright, and he makes a funny breathing noise 
too). Once you've riddled him with hot lead, it's mission complete.
Tamon Takeuchi Episode 3. Day 2, 10:00. Janokubi Valley/Bridge of 
Mission objective 1. Defeat Sniper.
Mission objective 2. Remember Akira Shimura.

Mission 1 Walkthrough - Leaving the injured Yoriko Anno resting 
against the support leg of the stone bridge, ascend the stairs and crouch 
at the top. Sight-jack the flying Shibito and wait until he's looking 
away. Run across the street and into the sloped yard in front of the ore 
processing plant. You have to complete an intermediate goal to achieve 
the mission - 'make suspension bridge impassable'. Follow the path 
running alongside the ore processing plant, until you reach a clearing by 
the suspension bridge. Handily sitting by the start of the bridge is a jerry 
can filled with petrol. Use this to soak the suspension bridge in petrol, 
and set it alight by shooting it (via the triangle 'interact' menu, NOT by 
actually manually shooting the bridge). Now run back to your side of 
the stone bridge and sprint across the bridge to the sniper who's 
standing near the payphone, and blast him with 6 bullets. This won't kill 
him, and since you have to stop to reload, he escapes into the woods 
across the street. Fully reload, then pursue the sniper. He'll run up to the 
suspension bridge but is unable to pass thanks to your pyromania. He'll 
stop just around the corner from the small shrine. Run all the way up to 
the small shrine, and collect the (rubber hose) which is lying on the 
ground next to the shrine. Now crawl forward until you can just see the 
top of the sniper's head over the grassy mound. Pop up and shoot him 
once or twice then quickly crouch down before he can blow you away 
with his rifle. Repeat this until he dies.

Mission 2 Walkthrough - COMING SOON.
Tamon Takeuchi Episode 4. Day 2, 18:00. Miyata Clinic/ Ward 2, 1st 
floor entrance
Mission objective 1. Pick up Yoriko Anno's Trail.
Mission objective 2. Find Album. 

Mission 1 Walkthrough - from your starting point, walk forwards and 
run to the left, before the crawling Shibito can attack. Close the door at 
the far end of the corridor behind you, as crawlers are unable to open 
doors. Ascend the stairs and go through the door in the 2nd floor 
landing, the one opposite the staircase. Open the door at the other end of 
the corridor and walk through the L shaped hall. Open the door at the 
far end then either shoot the crawling Shibito or lock it into the L 
shaped corridor by waiting until it comes in then running past it. To 
your right should be a long corridor with isolation cells on your left. 
Walk along this and through the doorway at the end. Go down the stairs 
to 1st floor Ward 1, then down the next flight of stairs into the 
basement. Go into the equipment room and pick up the (forceps). Try to 
avoid using ammo on the crawling Shibito in the basement hallway; just 
run in and out. Proceed back up the stairs to the 2nd floor isolation cells. 
Walk round the block so you are on the opposite side of the isolation 
cells from the bars. In the last cell you'll find a key on a chain; use the 
forceps to break the chain and pick up the key. The key is for a 1st floor 
Ward 2 door into the courtyard. It's the door opposite the 1st floor 
staircase. Once in the courtyard run to the statue in the middle and 
descend the ladder. Go through the door at the end of the corridor then 
after a short cutscene, shoot the Shibito several times to K.O it. Pick up 
Yoriko's glasses from the table to end the mission.

Mission 2 Walkthrough - COMING SOON.

                                                KEI MAKINO WALKTHROUGH

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION - Kei Makino is a 27 year old male. He 
is the spiritual leader of Hanuda's mysterious religion. He is initially 

Kei Makino Episode 1. Day 1, 05:00. Arato/ Banks of the Mana River.
Mission objective 1.Reach road to Kurawari.
Mission objective 2. Find Guide Hisako's veil.

Mission 1 Walkthrough - Sight jack as many Shibito as possible, 
making sure you save the viewpoint of the Shibito which patrols the 
bridge area (this one holds a knife) and the Shibito which patrols the 
main street and carries a pistol. Wait until the knife-Shibito looks away 
from the steps leading up from the river bank, and run along the river 
until you reach the steps. Crouch in against the wall and stay well 
hidden. Wait until the pistol-Shibito looks away from the top of the 
steps and the knife-Shibito is checking its knife over by the 
tobacconists, then run across the street, to the right, and into the alley 
behind the caf‚ and the rice shop. Continue along the alley. Crouch 
when you come into the small clearing, to avoid the gaze of the Shibito 
looking in your direction from the other side of the hedge. Crawl past 
the fire shed and round the corner. when you are sure no-one's looking, 
run across the street into the alley between Ishikawa's house and the 
barber's shop. Check the 4-digit number written in orange spraypaint on 
the barber's wall, wait until the Shibito on the barber's roof is busy 
hammering, and enter Ishikawa's house, Go into the first door on the 
left and examine the (hanging scroll). Now operate the old cassette 
player sitting on the table, and fast-forward it to the number you saw on 
the barber's wall. Play and you should hear someone recite another 
four-digit number. Go back out into the small alley outside Ishikawa's 
house and open the door to the shed, using the code from the cassette. 
Pick up the (face-cloth) from inside, and sneak back to the back 
entrance to the caf‚. Enter and check the (Hanuda Town Hall News). 
Plug in the freezer, open it, and put the face-cloth inside. Close it, and 
head to the end of the street. Go to the side of the bus-stop and climb 
ontop. Run along the leafy path to end the mission.

Mission 2 Walkthrough - Follow the instructions above and make your 
way to the back of the caf‚. Pick up the (18 litre can) that's lying next to 
the empty gas canisters. Next go to Ishikawa's shed, and place the (18 
litre can) next to it. Use this to climb on top of the shed, and examine 
the red veil hanging from the balcony. Mission complete. 
Kei Makino Episode 2. Day 1, 12:00. Hirunotsuka/ Route 333
Mission objective 1 - Reach road to Hirasakai.
Mission objective 2 - Find item dropped by Tomoko. Reach road to 

Mission 1 Walkthrough - Get Tomoko to follow you along the Cliffside 
path (Route 333). You'll notice a path coming from the left, sprint by 
this, as a sniper Shibito is standing guard and will take a pot shot at you. 
At the next path from the left, do the same, another rifle Shibito. Keep 
going, past the patrol car and wait until the Shibito circling the house is 
looking away. Move slowly up the path past the Shibito tending the 
plants with the scythe. Jump into the house and hide in the back room. 
Wait until the patrolling Shibito is around the back of the house, jump 
out,  and sneak round the back slowly, timing it so you can go up the 
stairs near the house while the Shibito is ahead of you and facing away. 
Climb the stairs but don't cross the clearing at the top until the Shibito 
on the other set of stairs looks in the opposite direction (down the 
stairs). Run across the clearing and climb the rock. Wait until the 
Shibito looks away again (using sight-jack) and get Tomoko to run 
across. Pull her up and continue up the stairs. Go over to the stone 
shrine at the far end of the ledge and pick up a fragment of fertility 
stone. Use this to hit the stone shrine's lock, the fertility stone fragment 
will unfortunately just crumble. Instruct Tomoko to 'hide' and she'll 
discover a rusty key behind the stone shrine. Wait until the Shibito with 
the hammer is busy hammering away at the Mizukiruko shrine below, 
and jump down with Tomoko. Sneak round the back of the Mizukiruko 
shrine and leave the clearing via the downward slope over the stream. 
Head past the spring and down the stairs.
Keep going past the broken wooden bridge and climb up and over a 
rock wall into a clearing. A rifle Shibito has his back to you, so crouch 
and move slowly. Climb up the rock wall and pull Tomoko after you. 
Cue cut-scene. Once it's finished continue along the path  to Hirasakai 
to end the mission.

Mission 2 Walkthrough - Same as mission 1 exactly, except after the 
cut-scene near the end of the mission, DON'T continue along the raised 
path to Hirasakai. Crouch down and move back so the rifle Shibito 
cannot see you anymore and forgets about you. Now quickly enter 
sight-jack mode and find the Shibito who is walking away from you 
(from his eyes, you'll see the spring and then a walk round the back of 
the Mizukiruko shrine), keep watching through his eyes until he gets to 
the padlocked door in the shrine, WATCH CAREFULLY the 
combination he uses to open the door and wait until he leaves the room 
and goes to the front of the shrine. Now jump down into the clearing 
again. Sneak over to the raised ledges and climb the other ledges. Head 
back past the spring and up to the Mizukiruko shrine. Stay behind the 
bushes and go round the back of the shrine until you come to the 
padlocked door. Enter the same code that the Shibito used, go in and 
pick up (Tomoko's student ID). Now just head back to the road to 
Hirasakai to complete the mission.

                                                       SHIRO MIYATA 

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION - Shiro Miyata is a 20-something male 
doctor. He is initially unarmed, but quickly finds a wrench to use as a 
melee weapon.

shiro Miyata Episode 1. Day 1, 03:00. Janokubi Valley/ Orifushi Forest.
Mission objective 1 - Reach the road to Janokubi.
Mission objective 2 - Find nurse's shoes.

Mission 1 Walkthrough - Pick up the flashlight at your feet. Go down 
the stairs which lead to the crashed car. Open the car boot and take the 
(wrench) and the (emergency flare). Run back up to the clearing and 
jump off the ledge. Turn to the right, run up the trail and take the first 
set of stairs on the right. Stop at the small shrine, and pick up the (used 
phone-card). Continue along this trail and K.O the sentry Shibito. Plant 
the (emergency flare) in the barrel of scrap material and run away 
before it starts to smoke. (This draws the Shibito away from the 
suspension bridge). Now head back down to the main road, avoiding the 
Shibito in the woods. Run along the road to the right and put the phone 
card in the pay phone. Run back into the woods and sight-jack the rifle 
Shibito on the other side of the bridge. He'll head over to the source of 
noise (the pay-phone) leaving you able to sneak behind him and run 
across the bridge. Avoid the patrolling Shibito and head down the steps 
underneath the bridge. Go around the support leg of the bridge and walk 
along the narrow verge of the river until you find a stone marker. Push 
this over and head back up the steps. Now go into the yard in front of 
the ore processing plant. K.O the rifle Shibito and head into the first 
building of the plant. Examine the (proposal for t.v. programme) and 
head up the stairs. Go past the next flight of stairs and ascend into the 
landing. Go into the mountain hut and pick up the (jerry can). Take this 
across the suspension bridge and go all the way down to the car. Pump 
the petrol in the tank into the jerry can. Head back over the suspension 
bridge to the mountain hut, and fill the generator with petrol. Start up 
the generator and run down the stairs. Head round the landing past the 
yellow fence and exit by the back door of the ore processing plant. Run 
down the lane across from the door to end the mission.

Mission 2 Walkthrough - Same as walkthrough for mission 1, until you 
reach the far side of the stone bridge (the side with the stairs). Search 
along the bushes along the left hand side of the road. You'll find a 
nurse's dirty shoe in a bush that the patrolling Shibito will stare at. 
Mission complete.
Shiro Miyata Episode 2. Day 1, 07:00. Arato/ Bus-stop.
Mission objective 1 - Reach the upper waters of river with Risa Onda.
Mission objective 2 - Acquire notebook.

Mission 1 Walkthrough - Get Risa to follow you, head round the back 
of the fire shed, crouch down and pass through the clearing. Walk 
behind the rice shop and the caf‚. Pick up the (hammer) from the metal 
bin. K.O any nearby Shibito. Climb onto Rokkaku's shed and K.O the 
sniper Shibito. With Risa, run down the steps and along the bank of the 
Mana River to complete the mission.

Mission 2 Walkthrough - Get Risa Onda to follow you behind the fire 
shed, crouch down and pass by the bushes. Walk down to the caf‚'s 
back door and go inside. Open up the fridge and take out the (frozen 
face-cloth). Place this between the 2 surfaces beside the piggy-bank, 
then place the piggy bank on top. Now run round the side of the caf‚, 
picking up the (hammer) from the metal bin outside the alley. K.O any 
Shibito nearby and lead Risa to Rokkaku's back-door. Instruct Risa to 
slip through the slightly ajar door. Now go round and climb up on 
Rokkaku's shed roof. K.O the sniper Shibito standing on top. Call on 
Risa to make her open Rokkaku's front door. Any time around now, the 
piggy bank should fall as the face-cloth melts. This will attract the 
attention of the Police Officer Shibito inside the caf‚. Open the caf‚'s 
front door, if the cop turns to face you quickly run up and beat him into 
unconsciousness with the hammer. Otherwise try to sneak up on him, 
it's less dangerous. Once he's K.O'ed look at the (recipe for Hanuda 
noodles) and pick up Kyoda Suda's notebook to complete the mission.

                                                       RISA ONDA WALKTHROUGH

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION - Risa Onda is a young female. She is 
unarmed, but eventually discovers an (umbrella) to beat back the 
Shibito hordes.

Risa Onda Episode 1 - Day 1, 04:00. Tabori/ Abandoned house.
Mission objective 1 - Escape from the abandoned house.
Mission objective 2 - Find the Mana Cross.

Mission 1 Walkthrough - From your start point, turn around and run 
into the kitchen to hide from the nearby Shibito. Check the floorboards 
to the right of the door to find a trapdoor. Inside is a marker stone, push 
it over. Now sight-jack the two patrolling Shibito, and when it's clear, 
go outside and head to the cottage entrance. Go inside and close the 
door behind you to stop Shibito from coming in. Check the drawers to 
find a drawing of (flower and Mana Cross). Go back outside. Go round 
the corner and switch the circuit break of the house. Work your way 
around the house to the dog-kennel, there's (kite string) inside it you 
need, and a (key) to the right hand side of the kennel. Once you have 
this, go back to the kitchen. Tie one end of the string to the ventilator 
and the other to the kitchen shelves. Turn the fan on. Go outside and 
hide behind the oil drums beside the cottage. Wait until the kite string 
pulls the shelves down, attracting the Shibito outside the gate. Run out 
the gate as soon as he goes into the kitchen. Mission complete. 

Mission 2 Walkthrough - Hide in the kitchen until all's clear. Head 
round past the pond and climb onto the balcony using a box at the right 
hand side of the house. Pick up the (trowel) from the planters on the 
balcony. Climb back down and go back to the pool. At the corner of the 
pond is a dug up area of ground (where Kyoda Suda dug up the plant). 
Dig deeper with the trowel and find the Mana Cross. Mission complete.
Risa Onda Episode 2. Day 1, 22:00. Miyata Clinic/ Ward 2.
Mission objective 1. Warn Kei Makino and Shiro Miyata of the 
approaching Shibito.
Mission objective 2. Find the Angel Statuette.

Mission 1 Walkthrough - As soon as you can move, turn around and 
run away from the Shibito. Run through the door at the end of the 
corridor and up the stairs to the 2nd floor landing. Wait until the Shibito 
walks away back up the corridor then go back downstairs and through 
the door you ran through. Go into the first door on the right, the 
SUPPLY ROOM??? And pick up the umbrella (melee weapon). Go 
back up the stairs and squeeze through the narrow gap in the jammed 
door. There is a patrolling crawler Shibito in this corridor, it can't see 
you as long as you don't walk forward. When it turns away sneak 
forward into room 203. Attract the Shibito's attention and K.O it when 
it comes into the room. Close the door to lock it in here and run into 
room 202. Close this door and wait in here until the other Shibito goes 
away round the corner again. Open the door and run up the corridor 
straight ahead. Open the door into Ward 1 and go down the stairs to 
floor 1. Set off the alarm to the right hand side of the door to complete 
the mission.

Mission 2 Walkthrough - Run away from the Shibito as before. Wait until
it has wandered away, and follow it back along the corridor you started in.
Make sure you move slowly and quietly, its never too far off and can easily
catch you. Once you reach it, hide it the offshoot corridor (its like an
entrance corridor, its facing towards the emergency alarm on the opposite wall)
which meets the one you started in. Face the emergency alarm on the opposite
wall, and hug the wall to your RIGHT. If you have followed fairly closely
behind the Shibito (which will walk past this corridor) you should have plenty
of time to get hidden before it walks back your way. It patrols from the door
of romm 101 to the 'mouth' of this offshoot corridor you are hiding in. Wait
until it has walked back and JUST walked past you, and crawl past it towards
room 101. It's nerve wracking, but entirely possible. Anyway, go into room 101
and lift the sheets off the squirming bed, to discover the (angel statuette).
Mission complete.

                                                    AKIRA SHIMURA 

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION - Akira Shimura is an elderly hunter. 
He is armed with a powerful hunting rifle, which brings down most Shibitos
in one shot, regardless of distance or body part hit.

Akira Shimura Episode 1. Day 1, 08:00. Gojaku Peak/ Misumi Trail.
Mission objective 1. Reach road to Hirasakai.
Mission objective 2. Reach road to Dousojin stone

Mission 1 Walkthrough - walk down the tunnel and leave when the 
rooftop rifle Shibito isn't looking towards your blue star. Run along the 
walkway to the left until you come to a flight of stairs. Go down these, 
then go into the small basement via the stairs to your immediate right. 
Pick up the (diary) and head over to the doorway nearest tunnel 3. Snipe 
the rifle Shibito on top of the siren shack and run over into the siren 
shack. Pick up the (wirecutters) and set off the siren. This has the 
unfortunate effect of bringing K.O'ed Shibito around, and will bring 
them to you, so blast merrily away at the two Shibito in the yard and the 
one that comes out the tunnel. Once that's done, run into tunnel 3 and 
cut the wire holding the trolley. Push the trolley into the yard, it'll take 
out a Shibito further down the line. Run back into the yard. Go through 
the siren shack again and into tunnel 5. There may be another Shibito 
waiting for you. shoot him and take the junction leading right. Go 
through the gate and check the wall to your left; in a small alcove is a 
stone marker, push it over and go back into the yard. Follow the train 
line into the tunnel, if the Shibito down here has revived you can sneak 
by him easily enough, using the trolleys and walls as cover. Pick up the 
key near the gate at the bottom and unlock the gate. Go down the stairs 
and turn left. Climb over the debris and follow the road to Hirasakai. 
Mission complete.

Mission 2 Walkthrough - Follow the instructions for mission 1, but 
when you unlock the gate with the (gate key) instead of turning left at 
the bottom of the stairs, go right and check out the custodian's shack. A 
Shibito is prowling nearby. Go into the shack and get the (pickaxe with 
rotten handle). Go back into the main yard and up the stairs towards the 
gate blocking the way to the Dousojin stone. Use the pickaxe to break 
the lock and head through. Climb the ledge and run down the lane, 
stopping to examine the (Dousojin stone). Mission complete.
Akira Shimura Episode 2. Day 1, 16:00. Harayadori/ Fire tower.
Mission objective 1. Reach road to Hirunotsuka with Yoriko Anno.
Mission objective 2. Reach road to Hirunotsuka with Yoriko Anno 
within 115 seconds.

Mission 1 Walkthrough - You must save Yoriko's life then find her and 
get her to follow you. You start in the fire tower. Aim downwards 
towards Kawasaki's house. You'll see Yoriko run into your vision from 
the direction of the road to Kurawari. She'll back up as a Shibito 
approaches. Shoot it as it emerges infront of her, then shoot the one 
behind her. Climb down the fire tower and run onto the road to 
Kurawari. Head towards the highest trail behind Kawasaki's house. Go 
inside the small storage shed near the trail and pick up the (villager's 
diary). Shoot the Shibito on this trail and continue down to Yoshimura's 
house. Walk over to the incinerator next to Yoshimura's house. Aim at 
the right (that's YOUR right) side of Nakajima's roof (the house nearest 
the one Yoriko's in). Shoot the sniper through the branches, and run into 
Yoshimura's house. Get her to follow you and head towards the front of 
Kawasaki's house. Stop when Yoriko says something like, "looks like 
we could climb up here". Hide in the bushes and shoot the sniper (he's 
sitting on Takaya's roof, directly opposite Kawasaki's front door). Once 
he's down, command Yoriko to hide. She'll discover an old photograph 
of Professor Takeuchi just outside Kawasaki's door. Now lead Yoriko 
down to the wooden bridge, cross over and run along the bank to the 
right. At the road to Kurawari, get her to draw the Shibito's fire, wait 
until he's taken a pot at her and slide out, and give him a bullet back. 
Run past the fallen Shibito to end the mission.

Mission 2 Walkthrough - You must save Yoriko's life then find her and 
get her to follow you. You start in the fire tower. Aim downwards 
towards Kawasaki's house. You'll see Yoriko run into your vision from 
the direction of the road to Kurawari. Shoot the Shibito which emerges 
from the building in front of Yoriko and as quickly as possible shoot the 
one behind her. Start descending the fire tower; jump off the ladder to 
the ground about halfway down to save time. Run onto the road to 
Kurawari and head off onto the trail leading behind Kawasaki's house. 
Shoot the Shibito while it has its back to you. Run down and come to a 
halt next to the incinerator next to Yoshimura's house. Aim at the right 
hand side of Nakajima's roof (the house nearest the one Yoriko's in). 
Shoot the sniper who's standing guard and run round into Yoshimura's 
house. Get Yoriko Anno to follow you and jump down into the lower 
yard. Run around the back of Nakajima's house and run over the 
wooden bridge. Turn right and run all the way along to the stone bridge. 
A rifle Shibito is waiting around the corner; when the cut-scene has 
ended, immediately press triangle and make Yoriko act as bait; she'll 
run out and draw the Shibito's fire. Pop out and shoot him, and run by 
his body towards Hirunotsuka to end the mission.  You have 115 
seconds to do it, it's not easy, but with the exact route described above I 
managed to do it in 114 seconds. Not great but it did the job. It might 
take you a few goes to get it right but persevere.

                                                       NAOKO MIHAMA 

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION - Naoko Mihama is a 30-ish female 
reporter. She is initially unarmed, but soon finds a pistol.

Naoko Mihama Episode 1. Day 1, 19:00. Gojaku Peak/ Jakobey Pass.
Mission objective 1. Reach the road to Janokubi valley.
Mission objective 2. Reach the road to Janokubi valley after defeating 
all Shibito.

Mission 1 Walkthrough - You receive an intermediate goal at the start 
of the mission- 'find the key the Shibito are looking for'. Go through the 
gate and stay crouched at the top of the stairs until the Shibito with the 
flashlight goes away. Creep down the stairs after it and hide in the 
basement while it's looking away. When it goes back up the stairs, run 
up the stairs and into tunnel 3. Hide around the corner from the Shibito 
inside the tunnel and sight-jack him. Look carefully and you'll
see the key on the ground through his eyes. AS SOON AS HE TURNS 
AWAY, walk up and grab the key. Walk away, if you're lucky he won't 
even notice you. If he does, sprint down the tunnel to shake him off. 
head into the yard. Wait until the patrolling Shibito are not looking and 
run across the yard into the tunnel. Head for the custodians shack, 
avoiding the Shibito with the gun patrolling along the train lines by 
crouching and moving quickly along the low wall while he walks on the 
other side in the opposite direction. Go through the gate, head around 
the near side of the custodian's shack if the Shibito in the yard below  
isn't watching the steps. Go the long way round the hut and quickly 
jump in the door. Close it behind yourself. Pick up the (pistol) on the 
desk, and head out the way you came. Make your way to the siren 
shack, simply shooting any Shibito you encounter. Set off the siren and 
run up the stairs, heading for the entrance to tunnel 1. run the length of 
tunnel 1 to complete the mission.

Mission 2 Walkthrough - Follow walkthrough of mission 1. When you 
reach the custodian's shack, pick up the pistol and go to leave. A crash 
will come from the shack. Go back inside, and pick up the (key to 
tunnel 5) which has fallen from the broken key cabinet. Go to the siren 
shack. set off the siren and quickly run to tunnel 5. Unlock the gate, kill 
the Shibito, and push the trolley into the yard. This will hopefully K.O 
all the Shibito in the level if you time it right, if any avoid a K.O just 
shoot them as quickly as possible and run to tunnel 1 before any can 
wake up. Mission complete!

                                                   TOMOKO MAEDA 

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION - Tomoko Maeda is a teenage female. 
She is unarmed and is quickly separated from her mission partner, Kei 
Makino, leaving her alone. She is unable to climb high ledges alone, so 
formulate new strategies to get through the same terrain.

Tomoko Maeda Episode 1. Day 1, 17:00. Hirunotsuka/ Mizukiruko 
Mission objective 1. Escape from Hirunotsuka.
Mission objective 2. Escape from Hirunotsuka in 1 minute 55 seconds.

Mission 1 Walkthrough - From the starting point, turn around and go 
into the corner check the floorboards and pull them up. Examine the 
(old scroll) inside, and go back to the shrine door. Sight-jack the 
surrounding Shibito, and wait until the Shibito on the ledge above the 
Mizukiruko shrine looks away from the shrine door. Run out onto the 
porch and spill the coins in the ornamental box onto the ground (open 
the box using the rusty key you found earlier). Now ring the bell and 
run around the back of the shrine. Wait until the rifle-Shibito and 2 
others have started collecting the spilled coins before sneaking down the 
central stairs (the ones directly facing the shrine door). Go down to the 
patrol car and get inside. turn on the siren by flipping the switch, and 
run up to the small house along Route 333. Hide inside and sight-jack 
the Shibito with the pistol. Wait until he leaves Route 333 and goes up a 
flight of stairs. Run all the way down Route 333, past the broken bridge 
etc., to complete the mission.

Mission 2 Walkthrough - Basically the same as mission 1, but a whole 
lot faster. Spill the coins and ring the bell IMMEDIATELY, and run 
around the back of the shrine (going to the LEFT). A Shibito on the 
ledge above will see you and leap down, but if you run around the 
shrine and hide by the bushes at the side of the shrine nearest the spring, 
he won't find you. Wait until the rifle Shibito has starting picking up 
coins and the knife Shibito from Route 333 is almost at the top of the 
main stairs heading up to the shrine. Run down the stairs and past the 
knife Shibito (he'll slash you a few times but you'll survive) and dash to 
the patrol car. Turn on the siren and run slightly up the stairs you just 
came down. This is why it's important the knife Shibito was almost at 
the top of the stairs before you run down, otherwise he'll be hanging 
around here and kill you. If you feel you have time, you could wait until 
the knife Shibito is collecting coins before you run down). Crouch and 
hide on the stairs until the pistol Shibito has JUST walked past the foot 
of the stairs. SPRINT down the stairs and run to the right (if you've 
timed it right, the pistol Shibito won't have time to fire off an accurate 
shot before you're too far away). Run up Route 333 to the end of the 
road to complete the mission. I did this level with around 15 seconds to 
spare, so perhaps you could modify this method to make it a bit less 
tricky and still make it on time (e.g. wait until the knife-Shibito is 
collecting coins before going down the stairs). PS- sometimes, a 
SECOND blade wielding Shibito walks up the stairs after the bell has 
been rung. I can't say i'm entirely sure where he comes from, and he 
doesn't always appear. If he does appear when you attempt this mission 
with my method, it probably won't work, because he'll still be hanging 
about the bottom of the stairs when you're trying to hide there. Can't 
help you with this one, sorry).
Tomoko Maeda Episode 2. Day 1, 06:00. Kurawari/ Tanada.
Mission objective 1. Reach the church.
Mission objective 2. ????

Mission 1 Walkthrough - From your starting point, head onto the main track,
and follow the track at the foot of the hill, leading round to the iron fence.
Climb the stairs, but watch out for the nearby Shibito. He usually isn't even
looking in the right direction to catch you, so don't worry about him too much.
Go through the iron fence and pick up the (toy monkey) on the large grave next
to the other side of the fence. Sight-jack the Shibito below, there's one you may
recognise patrolling the lower part of the graveyard, and another on the ledge
over looking the graveyard (the ledge will be to your left). Wait until the
lower Shibito is looking at the foot of the stairs and leap down the graveyard
ledges. Race across the valley part at the bottom and climb the ledges at the
other side. Head towards the wooden bridge (keep running, or the Shibito on the
ledge will leap down and start giving you unwanted bother) which you'll find has
unfortunately collapsed. Push the large rotten tree over the river to make 
your own bridge and run up the stairs. The crawling Shibito pays no attention 
whatsoever to you so slip past him and through the church gate. Mission complete.

                                                  REIKO TAKATO WALKTHROUGH

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION - Reiko Takato is a 30-something 
elementary school teacher. She is paired with a young girl, Harumi 
Yomoda. She is initially unarmed but finds a (crowbar) in her first 

Reiko Takato Episode 1. Day 1, 02:00. Elementary School/ Library.
Mission objective 1. Escape from the school with Harumi Yomoda.
Mission objective 2. Open the door to gymnasium fire exit from within. 
Help Harumi Yomoda escape from the school.

Mission 1 Walkthrough - Leave the library via the door in the corner. 
Creep along to the door to the left of the library (spare classroom). Go 
inside and lock the second corridor door in the room. Go into the next 
classroom (5-6) and lock the first door. (By locking the doors, you gain 
a little security from the Shibito in the corridor they can still bust the 
door if they really want through though). Leave Harumi in the second 
classroom and go back to the first classroom door. Go across the 
corridor and set off the fire alarm. Go back into the classroom before the 
Shibito notices you and head back to the second classroom. Go into the 
corridor by the door closest to the stairs. Make sure Harumi is with you 
and creep down to the landing. (Note: Harumi cannot run as fast as you, 
and will freeze with fright if a Shibito notices her. So be careful). Wait 
on the landing until the patrolling Shibito in the 1st floor corridor is 
looking down the corridor (towards another Shibito). Cross the corridor 
into the female toilets (thats the one with three cubicles) and get Harumi 
to hide in a cubicle. Hide in one yourself and wait for the patrolling 
Shibito to come in and go back out. When the Shibito leaves the female 
toilets, quietly leave the cubicle and call Harumi. Get ready to go into 
the classroom across the corridor. (An archive entry can be found on the 
corridor wall of this classroom (3-4)- drawing by Harumi Yomoda 
When the patrolling Shibito is looking at the pistol Shibito again, 
WALK over with Harumi. If the Shibito turns and sees you, order 
Harumi to hide (she'll hide in the cupboard) then run into the second 
classroom via the inter-connecting door, waiting here until the Shibito 
goes away. Otherwise, quietly head into the second classroom with 
Harumi, and order her to hide in the cupboard. Now go over to the far 
door, open it and sneak down the rest of the corridor into the teacher's 
lounge/ office. Cue cut-scene. You need to find an implement to pry 
boards off the window and escape the school. Harumi will give you 
(candles) if she hid in the nearby classroom cupboard (1-2 grade 
classroom). Pick up the (gymnasium key) from the small desk in the 
corner, and check out the picture of (class trip to Gojaku Peak). Go into 
the corridor. Sneak up to the nearest classroom door and go just inside 
the door. Shout to attract the pistol Shibito's attention, and while he's 
looking at the door you went into, quietly go to the second door leading 
to the corridor (this one is facing the gymnasium door). Walk over and 
unlock the door. Go through the interconnecting corridor and into the 
gym. Stay underneath the raised platform round the edge, and follow it 
to the right. go up the stairs onto the stage and head over to the opposite 
side. Jump back down and go down the stairs on the opposite side of the 
gym hall. Find the (crowbar) amongst the coils of rusty wire and go 
back to the main gym hall. Listen to the announcement and keep going 
forward. The principal (now a Shibito) will attack you. Stay close to the 
wall and make him approach you slowly by keeping the plaform leg to 
your right side. Hit him with several strong blows to K.O him, then K.O 
the Shibito that will climb down from the walkway. Leave the gym and 
go back into the 1st floor corridor. Harumi has fled the teacher's lounge, 
and is in one of two places: the female toilets or the library back up on 
the second floor. Work your way back up the corridor by going through 
the classrooms  if the Shibito are in the hall, or vice-versa if they are in 
the classrooms. Go back up the stairs and K.O the Shibito with the 
hammer. Go down the corridor to the library (if thats where she is) and 
collect her. lead her back down the stairs and into the classroom to the 
right of the stairs. ALL the ground floor Shibito will be searching for 
you, including the principal. If they are in the classrooms,make Harumi 
hide and K.O them, or try to sneak by (quite hard). Be careful, 
remember a Shibito with a pistol will be looking for you. Make your 
way back to the teacher's faculty and pry the boards off the window. 
Escape with Harumi Yomoda.

Mission 2 Walkthrough - Exactly the same as mission 1, except climb 
the ladder in the gym after K.O'ing the Principal and other Shibito. 
Walk round the balcony and K.O the third Shibito and unlock the fire 
escape door. Complete the mission as normal.
Reiko Takato Episode 2. Day 1, 23:00. Kurawari/ Abandoned Storeroom.
Mission objective 1. Help Harumi Yamoda escape Kurawari.
Mission objective 2. Light the lanterns in order.

Mission 1 Walkthrough - You must lead Harumi to the Tabori 
settlement from the abandoned storehouse. Pick up the (lighter) inside 
the storehouse (its lying on one of the barrels). Now, with Harumi, cross 
the small wooden bridge to the left side of the abandoned storehouse. 
Sight-jack the patrolling Shibito of this section, and wait until he has 
walked round the road leading off towards the iron fence. Quietly 
follow the route taken by the Shibito until you reach some bushes and 
an upwards gradient. Look off to the left, down towards the bottom of 
this side of the valley. You should easily be able to see the Shibito, it's 
carrying a torch. Wait until it jumps off a ledge and is patrolling the 
floor of the valley, and head up the stairs to the iron fence. Make sure 
the Shibito on the other side of the gate isn't looking right at it, and go 
through the gate. Examine the (book) lying on the important looking 
grave to your left on the other side of the gate. Now start making your 
way down the graveyard, using graves as cover from the Shibito below. 
It is VERY difficult to get past him unspotted, so you'll probably have 
to K.O him. climb the ledge at the bottom and ascend the stairs towards 
the church's gate. head past this gate and down the stairs. Head left to 
the road to the Tabori settlement. a cutscene will start. You receive a 
new sub-mission - 'attract the attention of Shibito and rescue Harumi'. 
Harumi is in the small cart with three Shibito surrounding it. If you 
don't hurry they will find her. Run forward and go to the driver side of 
the abandoned fuel truck. Reach in the window and honk the horn. Run 
to the back of the truck and open the valve to the fuel tanks. Light the 
fuel that flows out to kill the Shibito and rescue Harumi. Mission 

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