Review by coolcale

Reviewed: 01/18/05

Definetly a great racing game.


I remember buying Ford Racing 1 a long time ago. To say the least it wasn't a great game in fact I hated it. I sold it almost immediately. I got Ford Racing 2 in a bundle pack for 10.00, so the price was right. I was impressed by the quality of them game for such a low price.

I was fairly impressed with the graphics for this game. They were very nice and straight forward, fairly realistic. Some of the vehicles in this game are very nice looking. The courses are somewhat detailed but could use some work. The overall presentation of the game is still quite nice. The sound in this game is unique to every car. Some cars when going fast are very high RPM revving machines and it can get annoying but still sounds sweet. The music playing well racing was almost perfect for racing, defiantly stuff I could drive to.

Game play:

The game play is awesome. Every single car in this game handles different and appropriately how it should. The cornering in this game is very nice, and the controls aren't to touchy. Even though some of the races can be repetitive there is enough variety to keep you occupied. When you get a car to make this game a challenge you have to earn it on every difficulty in order to be able to use it on every difficulty.

I love getting huge air in this game, there are a few jumps where you just launch. That has to be my favorite part of the game, but sadly those huge jumps are only on off road courses. You can do some nice burn outs and tight cornering in this game which makes it a lot of fun. There is a wide variety of challenges. The one I found annoying was drive on the line. The rest were great and I really enjoyed them.

Final thoughts:
This is a very solid racing game at a very good price. Easy to navigate menu's and the music is awesome. Defiantly something to check out if you are a racing fan. Even though this game only has all ford vehicles there's really nothing wrong with that. I think ford racing is a solid game and a lot of fun to play

I give it an 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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