Review by gta3mobster

Reviewed: 11/22/03

Wow What an improvement!


i cant belive it two years ago i bought the original ford racing game and i was not impressed in fact i brought it back because i hated it. then i saw Ford Racing 2 i saw the graphics where much better and look great. so i made a purchace for 19.99 cdn. i poped it in my ps2 and was amazed. the cars all nice graphics are sweet and controle is great. i think that this game is a real steal its cheap and its half desent.

Graphics 5/5
great graphics just as good as need for speed hot prusuit 2 and gt3 although you do get some slowdown when playing goast town in 2 player mode. but allaround the graphics are seccound to none. if fact the game uses the same grapics engine as starsky and hutch those garphics where not to bad. but the game graphics has so many move things and functions. on tracks neer an airbase you see aircrafts flying above. while in the dessert you see tumbleweed moveing across the road.

Sound 4.5/5 the cars all have uniqe sounds but a few have the same i think the stock cars could have been different because of the diffrence in power between the four but its ok. the music is great i like all the rock tracks and the music is all new stuff i never heard of before but now i like them. also when you drive in a rally track you hear all sorts of sounds around.

Control 5/5

OMG GT3 cant keep par with this in this area because you have 30 plus cars and not one car handles the same as the other. Not even the F-150 they all handdle differnt i was amazed! and when i saw the game at the shop i thought that it would handdle like garbage but when i played it i loved it it was smoth and easy.

Value 5/5

Well what can i say it speeks for itself its really cheap in canada and the us and your getting a well made game. menus are easy to navigate and the tracks are all uniqe so go out there racing fans and buy one kisck ass for racing game. but if your looking for the 5.0 mustang you wont find it here. hopefully in may i say FORD RACING 2. WELL DONE EMPIRE GAMES


Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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