How do I find the abyss?

  1. I can't get to the abyss, am I doing something wrong?

    User Info: irishmum

    irishmum - 9 years ago

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  1. Ka Dingel must become available first.
    Head to one of the Elw teleporters around Filgaia and use them repeatedly. Eventually, a cutscene will play where one of the teleporters will malfunction during the transfer. This will take you inside a new teleporter somewhere in the Elw dimension. Go outside and scan the area to find the Abyss nearby.

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  1. Is there any other way to gain level easily

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  2. The Abyss lies in another part of the Elw dimension, you will need Teleport Gems to go there (head to Devil's Playground to buy them). When you enter an Elw shrine (teleport devices you use early in the game), depending on the amount of teleport gems you have (the more the better), you may get a different cutscene. When you exit the small room and find a stone creature in front of you, use Cecilia's magic staff to talk to it, who says that the Abyss is south of your current location. Head out and go South until you reach a round cliff-like area, away from the mountains. Scan around there and you should find the Abyss available. You must have Ka Dingel available and you might need to beat Boomerang there, as well as having the full party.

    User Info: StarRPGWorld

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