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Guide and Walkthrough by bloopo

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 05/09/2004




Island Thunder

The year is 2010, and great changes are afoot in Cuba. Fidel 
Castro's heirs have been unable to keep the fire of his revolution 
burning, and a popular uprising has toppled the Communist regime. 
In its wake, a fragile hope for democracy emerges. The interim 
president promises free elections and requests international 
assistance to safeguard those elections. For there
are those in Cuba who do not want to see a democractic regime, and they 
will do anything it takes - subversion, violence, or open revolution - 
to make certain that Cuba's future is the one they create it for.

Jungle Storm

In the wake of the events of Island Thunder, Cuba settles into a fragile
new state of normalcy. The victorious persidential candidate declares an
amnesty, and most former FDG (La Frente Democractica de la Gente or the
People's Democractic Front) members accept, laying down their weapons.
However, all is not entirely well. Even as UN peacekeepers leave the 
island, former FDG operatives reveal in debriefings that their 
organization's links to Colombian narco-terrorist operations run deeper 
than anyone suspected. Ariel Priego's backers are unhappy with the turn 
of events in Cuba and are regrouping in anticipation of making another 
try at seizing power in Havana.

Meanwhile, the always-precarious situation in Colombia explodes. A 
fragile ceasefire between guerrilla groups and the right-wing 
paramilitaries collapses in a flurry of gunfire and car bombings. 
Explosions rock major Colombian cities, and government troops seem 
unable to stop the violence.
The United Nations declares a humanitarian disaster as the entire 
country is caught in the crossfire, and at the request of the Colombian 
government, peacekeeping forces are sent in. Most of them are assigned 
to safeguard major cities and transportation centers and to ensure 
stability in populated areas.

The Ghosts, on the other hand, get something a little more interesting 
to do. Colombian intelligence, working with its Cuban counterparts, has 
discovered that the driving force behind the new wave of violence crisis 
in Colombia now has international implications. The Ghosts, with the 
blessing of the Colombian and Cuban governments, are tasked with a 
deadly assignment: Go into the Colombian interior, find the source of 
the uprising, and eliminate it.


Directional Pad (Commands)
    -D-Pad Up:     Stance up
    -D-Pad Left:   Peek left
    -D-Pad Right:  Peek right
    -D-Pad Down:   Stance down

Left Thumbstick
    Move forwards/backwards.Strafe.

Right Thumbstick
    Look/aim up/down and left/right

[] (Square) Button
    Change Weapon

X Button
    Reload weapon.

/\ (Triangle) Button
    Toggle night vision mode.

O (Circle) Button
    Action (opens doors etc.)

R1 Button
    Emits a lead projectile from your projectile emitter

R2 Button
    Quick order to bravo/alpha

R3 Button
    Zoom in/out.

L1 Button
    Tap-Command map
    Hold-Quick map

L2 Button
    Issue voice command (needs USB headset).

START Button
    Pause menu.

    Quick select.


AK47= Solviet made assault rifle, seems to be the weapon of
choice for most baddies in most action games, this isn't most games.

Claymore= Goes boom when you push the twigger

Demo Charges= These go boom too, except you cant push the twigger,

Extra Ammo= Unlocks a secret mini-game in which your men cross dress, 
and pose 
as crazy old ladies until you poke them with a pointy stick,
(duh, what did you think EXTRA AMMO was for?)

Frag Grenade= You lob 'em (preferably not close to anyone you might
mind dying), and they explode. Oh yeah and in multiplayer don't
lob them right by your teamates feet and not tell them and just sit
there laughing for 3 and a half seconds until it explodes!

GP25= Lobs grenades which explode on impact

L96A1= Standard sniper rifle for the British army

M16A2= US army standard assault (they've used these since Vietnam)

M4 Socom= A shortened version of the M16A2

M60= US army standard HMG (heavy machine gun)

MG3= Another HMG

OICW/GL= (Objective Individual Combat Weapon) Packs a punch.

PKM= Packs a punch, but sure is loud.

VZ58= Akmost identical to the AK.

MP5/SD= Heckler and Koch MP5, used by counter-terror and special
forces worldwide.

SVD= Russian made sniper rifle

M9/SD= One of the most popular side-arms, also used by special
forces worldwide.

These are just some of a selection of weapons in this superb game, i'll 
leave you to discover the rest!


I know, the training explains itself many times over itself, without me 
repeating it...but for those people who are incredibly stupid (trust me, 
I know some, like Mr throw a grenade at me and 'forget'
to tell me), or have just really screwed up somewhere. 

Lie prone (tap down twice) and crawl through the barbed wire (notice how 
you cant turn aroun 360 degrees, realistic eh?),peek around the obtacle 
in front of you and go through the door (press circle). Go down the hall 
and open the door to complete the mission.

2:SMALL ARMS(I've got quite long arms actually....)
Step up to the range and use the assault rifle to gun down all of the 
targets and progress to the next range. Press R3 to zoom in on the 
targets with your sniper rifle and it should be a breeze. Do the same 
with the pistol and go through the door.

The higher you look the further your grenade goes, it can be quite a 
knack, so you might have to try a few times. Next is the grenade 
launcher (which explodes on impact, and is much easier to aim). Through 
the door to complete.

Fire the rocket launcher at the tank and carrier targets to complete the 
mission, beware that there is some blowback from the end of the rocket 
launcher, so dont shoot with men standing behind you!

There aren't a lot of these  in the game,but its good to get some 
practice anyway, there are no crosshairs, so adjust your aim 

Place either the mine or the claymore in the blast pit (press and hold 
R1), and let her rip by pushing R1, go through the door to get to the 
next area.

Hold down R2 to place a quick order to bravo teeam, and press L1 to 
bring up the cmmmand map. When you place a waypoint on the map (by 
pressing X) , you can hold X to adjust their field of view.



Time:     10:00 - June 10, 2008 (Sunny)
Briefing: Welcome to your first tactical exercise. During this mission 
your objective is to eliminate the opposing force.
There are enemy patrols in the area. If you check the command map, you 
will see that intel has marked some good fire positions for you and your 
team to engage them from. Also we strongly recommend you use the team 
and weapon loadout that have been pre-selected by HQ. It is the best 
setup to do the job. Try out each of the different firearms available in 
your teams to get a feel for how each one operates. There are stationary 
heavy machine guns available to you as well.
     -Eliminate Enemy Patrol

Crouch round the rock and there should be bout 3 enemies waiting for 
you, gun them down and go up the hill to your right, there are a few 
more guys here. 

Backtrack the way you cam e and head roun the waterfall there should be 
a few more guys on the hill there should be a couple more guys hiding 
round near the house, one you take these out it should be, mission 


Time:     15:00 - May 2, 2008 (Rain)
    Briefing: Here's the situation, Intel has discovered one of our 
downed airmen was being transported in a train to a location for 
interrogation. Thanks to some well-placed explosives, the train has been 
derailed. Your job is to get in there and rescue our pilot. Get to the 
flyboy quickly with one team and set up a good cover position with the 
other.. We understand there are only a few enemy soldiers with the 
prisoner, but reinforcements will arrive soon.
Once you have the pilot with you, get to the extraction zone as quickly 
as possible.
         -Rescue Pilot
         -Reach Extraction Zone

Run up the hill and you should see a house, there are 3 guys around the 
other side, along with your cargo, the downed airman. one of the guys 
may pekarouund 
the corner, shoot him, it will alert the others, but dont worry, they 
wont execute the airman. Go round the back of the house, kill the 
enemies here and just touch the airman to get him to follow you. The 
extracion point is just along this fence, be quick because 
reinforcements are coming. Gun down the rest of the enemies and its 
mission complete one you get to the extraction zone.


Time:     09:00 - Sept 22, 2008
    Briefing: This is your chance to really do some damage. Intel 
reports that a shipment of new torpedoes has just arrived at an enemy 
base. Your mission is to infiltrate a warehouse and plant demo charges 
there. Once you have placed the charges, return to the extraction zone 
as quickly as possible. The demolition charges will explode after you 
have left the area, but alerted enemies will close on your position 
         -Plant Demo Charge in Warehouse
         -Reach Extraction Zone

This is one of my favourite maps. Move by the crates infront of you and 
kill the guys you see in the distance, (you may need to use the sniper). 
Head along the wall, killing any guys who pop up, and enter the 
warehouse. Plant the demo charges in the middle of the rom, between the 
warheads. Watch out when you leave because reinforcements have been 
called. Gunn down the mass of enemies here and when there is a lax in 
bullets flying your way, make a break to the extraction zone. Mission 


Time:     02:15 - June 24, 2008
    Briefing: Some enemy armored vehicles escorting two trucks have 
become lost. You have been tapped to take all of them out. Intel has 
again marked some good ambush points on your command map. Get to these 
points quickly and take the armor by surprise. Anti-tank rockets are 
needed to take out tanks and armored personnel carriers. You can destroy 
trucks with grenades or rockets. Keep your demolition men alive to take 
out the tanks and APCs, otherwise you will fail the exercise. HQ has 
picked out the best team and weapon selection for this
         -Eliminate Enemy Vehicles

This can get messy. Head to the northern most ambush point, you may be a 
little tight for time, watch out for enemy troops, when you get there 
just let rip with your rocket launcher. If you run out of ammo you can 
use your grenade launcher on your gun or frag grenades.


Time:     18:00 - April 16, 2008
    Briefing: The radio equipment in the camp must be defended at all 
costs. Enemy forces will soon try to overrun it. You can see the 
location of the radio tent marked on your command map. Intelligence has 
marked the best positions for your teams to cover all of the approaches 
into the base on the command map. Get your team into position as quickly 
as possible and good luck.
         -Hold Base and Eliminate All Enemies

Don't leave the base or you will automatically fail the mission. Most of 
the enemies come from the north and some from the west. Just continually 
gun down anyone you see before they get too close and you should be 



Time:     06:30 - March 20, 2010
Briefing: As you know, gentlemen, we are here to help safeguard the 
first democractic elections Cuba's seen since before Batista took 
control.  Since Castro's death in 2006, the Cuban people have had a 
succession of increasingly incompetent thugs in charge, and thankfully, 
that's going to change.  The elections are going to occur in early May, 
and our job is to make sure that they go off without a hitch.  What that 
means is that we've been volunteered to make sure the elements who want 
to bring back the bad old days don't get a chance to win the elections 
at gunpoint.

Your first assignment is a basic contraband seizure.  One of our patrol 
helicopters spotted a light cargo plane dropping a few suspicious-
looking crates over an abandoned tobacco plantation. The chopper crew 
was able to drive off the men who were moving the crates once they 
landed, but they need ground support to do the job properly.  Seeing as 
the troops trying to hail those crates off look a lot like the guerillas 
who've been reported bullying voters in a few of the western cities, 
we're not taking any chances.

Your orders are simple.  You'll be inserted by helicopter on the 
plantation grounds.  Once you're on route, the patrol chopper will peel 
off and leave the ground troops to you.  Take control of the old 
plantation buildings first, as that's what the guerillas are using for 
cover.  Then, secure those packages by clearing out the troops around 
them.  They'll probably make an effort to retrieve them once the 
helicopter leaves, so things will be happening in a hurry.

         -Seize Plantation Grounds
         -Secure First Package
         -Secure Second Package
         -X - No Team Casaulties (Bonus)

Head east across the field and there should be some enemies on a sloping 
road, if you've been crouching they wouldn't have noticed you. This bit 
is fairly dangerous, crawl across the dirt on top of the hill. Have 
bravo follow you all the way. Down the slope there are a few buildings, 
this is your first objective, the plantation grounds.
There are about 5 or 6 enemies on the south side and 2 in one of the 
houses, whenever you see an enemy, stop and crouch, then fire. It makes 
you more accurate and it stops you from getting killed. Anyway, kill of 
all of the people in this area, you'll know when you have because it'll 
say objective complete. If not, you've not killed everyone. Head to the 
big white building, this is where the first 'package' is held. Kill the 
guys guarding it and just touch it to complete te objective. Exit the 
building out of the door on the other side. Infront of you, you should 
see another dirt track thing, crawl over this one and shoot the people 
on the other side. Watch out for the guard house. The last field has the 
package square in the middle of it, touch it to complete the mission. 
Hopefully you had no team casualties either, which will earn you a 


Time:     19:30 - April 3, 2010
Briefing: Excellent work on the plantation, gentlemen.  We were able to 
analyze the contents of those packages.  As you might have suspected, 
they were chock full of guns.  We don't know who dropped them off, but 
we do know whom they were intended for.  The troops you ran across are 
part of the paramilitary forces that we think are linked to the FDG - 
one of the parties standing a candidate for election.  Publicly, they're 
all about "vote against the puppets of the American imperialists" but 
disavowing violence.  Privately, they seem to be a little more 
aggressive than that.

We've gotten reports that bands of these thugs have been going up and 
down the countryside, intimidating people into not voting and making 
things unpleasant for supporters of the opposition parties. The good 
news is, we've also managed to locate what we think is one of their 
training bases.  It's up in the hills of Pinar del Rio, which means that 
getting a lot of troops there isn't easy.  That's why you're going in.  
Your mission is to locate and neutralize the training camp.  Take out 
the guard towers that cover the approaches, then seize the camp itself.  
Be careful.  The troops inside may not be fully trained yet, but recon 
images indicate that there are a lot of them.

         -Neutralize First Guard Tower
         -Neutralize Second Guard Tower
         -Seize Control of Camp
         -X - No Team Casaulties (Bonus)

Go north up the hill and turn west, position yourself so that you have a 
good spot for picking off the enemies on the front side of the hill. If 
you dont get the objective complete message you've probably missed the 
man in the guard tower. Its quite a long trek to the second guard tower, 
as you have to wallk around the camp, DON NOT walk through it, you will 
have problems. Once you get there, there are three men on this 
objective. One in the tower, on in the little building, and one manning 
the machine gun on the west side. The best thing to do is pick off the 
man on the gun and in the tower with the sniper and just rush in 
and kill the man in the building with a rifleman. Turn around and face 
the camp. You may be able to pick off a few people from the elevation 
here. Head to the nearest entrance to the camp, which should be along 
the nearest wall. When you get there get you sniper and pick off any 
remaining soldiers left standing. Then use your rifleman to clear the 
buildings, once you have killed everyone, its mission complete.


Time:     11:20 - Apr 12, 2010
Briefing: As you probably know, the camp in Pinar del Rio you hit wasn't 
the only one the FDG was using.  We've been hitting other ones as we 
find them.  Unfortunately, they've started to hit back.  An MV-22 with a 
full complement of Marines on board was en route to neutralize a camp up 
in the Sierra de los Organos when it was shot down.  Apparently the 
FDG's been able to get their hands on a good part of what used to be the 
Cuban Army's arsenal, since it looks like it was a good old fashioned 
Russian SAM that took the MV-22 out.

          The Terrain you're going into is steep, rocky and difficult. 
It'salso in the middle of nowhere, so anyone you run into is liable to 
Be an FDG soldier.  Your first priority once you hit ground will be the 
survivors.  Find any you can and get them to safety.  You're also going 
to need to find the source of the SAM that took out the Osprey and 
eliminate it.  Once you do that, we'll be able to send in a chopper to 
pick you up at the evac zone.  However, untilthe SAM launcher is taken 
out, we're not going to risk another bird.  If you can, pick up the USMC 
code books from the downed aircraft.  We don't want those falling into 
enemy hands.  Good luck, people.

         -Rescue Downed Air Crew
         -Neutralize Enemy SAM
         -Reach Extraction Zone
         -Retrieve MV-22 Code Book

First head south to the south-western most corner of the map. There are 
no enemies, so you can run until you leave the caved area. There are 
already about 4 or 5 troops here guarding the wreck. Kill them and nab 
the codebook. Bonus objective complete. Head noth-east to where the 
downed air crew are, you mave have to pick off a few enemies before you 
get there. The air crew are behind a big rock, they are the 
only ones there, so don't mistake them for an enemy soldier. Head 
towards the the number 2 on your map (SAM site), picking off people as 
you go when you get close kill all of the people guarding it and switch 
to your demo expert. Get out your M139 (rocket launcher) and blow it to 
next Sunday and back. There are only a few enemies on your way to the 
extraction zone. Then it's mission complete.


Time:     10:40 - Apr 21, 2010
Briefing: Buckle up, people.  You're going to Isla de la Juventud, a 
hundred miles south of the main island.  Batista used it for political 
prisoners, but Castro turned it into a tourist trap.  The beaches are 
nice, but half the island's still swamp, and guess which part you're 
going to be seeing.

The FDG's got an airfield right in the middle of one of those swamps, on 
the western side of the island.  They've been using it for weapons 
transfers - the plane that dropped off those packages you recovered on 
the tobacco plantation flew out of there - and to dabble in the drug 
trade.  By shutting it down, we shut down one oftheir primary supply 

You'll be inserting by boat on this one, so be prepared.  Your two main 
objectives are the airfield itself and the ammunition storage dump 
nearby.  Seize one and then plant demolition charges to destroy the 
other.  After that, get out as quickly as you can.  With the way things 
are going on the main island, we don't expect that the airfield is 
heavily defended, but that's no guarantee.

         -Seize Airfield
         -Plant Demo Charge in Ammo Dump
         -Reach Extraction Zone
         -Neutralize All Opposition

Go north to where a few houses are situated, there is a small group of 
enemies here, you should be able to take them out without them seeing 
you. Heat northeast of here, so that you are  east of the airfield. 
Switch to the sniper and pick off all of the enemies you can see (but 
cant see you) then switch to your rifleman and clear out all of the 
buildings. Head north-west and enter the ammo dump, there are a few guys 
her for you to take care of, but nothing major. Switch to your demo guy 
and place a charge anywhere in this little building. Mission complete.


Time:     01:00 - April 27, 2010
Briefing: It looks like morale's starting to drop on the other side.  
We're still getting reports of FDG squads hitting villages on the 
western side of the island, but we're seeing more defectors every day. 
With the elections coming up in less than a month, this is a good sign.
The biggest turncoat is a man named Esteban Ordonez, who until three 
days ago was a high-ranking official in the Priego presidental campaign.  
Priego's the FDG's candidate, and he's also the one calling the shots on 
the military side of things.  Obviously, getting someone this close to 
Priego to switch sides is a tremendous break for us.

The mad news is that we got a call from Ordonez about twenty minutes 
ago.  It seems that his assistant figure dout that he was going to turn, 
and ratted him out.  He ran for it with an armload of FDG documents, 
which he hid as soon as he was out of sight. Unfortunately, they caught 
up to him a few minutes later.  We know this because he was literally on 
the phone with our people when they found him.  We don't think he's 
dead, but that could changeat any minute.

Your mission is to rescue Ordonez and get those papers. Find where he 
hid the parcel, then find him and bring him back alive. Our first 
flyover of the region showed that they'd moved a BMP in, so you may want 
to take that out as well.  Remember, they're not going to keep Ordonez 
alive much longer, so there's real time pressure on this one.  Best of 
luck to you, gentlemen.  Now get to work.

         -Find Intelligence Items
         -Rescue Ordonez
         -Escort Ordonez to Extraction Zone
         -Neutralize BMP

Turn you night vision on. Head north through the mountain trail and 
order bravo to head east across the land, before the bridge in the 
south-east corner. Back bravo team up and watch for enemies. Cross the 
bridge and grab the intel items. Be quick, as two vehicles will be hot 
on your trail, try to take them out before they get too close. Go north 
and pick off a lot of enemies that you come across. 
Keep heading to the destination, and you should see a bunch of enemies 
escorting Ordonez, if you were too slow and missed them, run up the 
trail next to the nice little camp he made himself and you should still 
be able to catch him. Head west to destroy the BMP. There are loads of 
enemies on the way, so you may need bravo's help. Blow up the BMP and 
escort Ordonez to the extraction zone. Mission complete.


Time:     06:45 - May 12, 2010
Briefing: Happy election day, people.  We've got trouble.  The poll 
don't open for another hour, but FDG sympathizers all over the country 
are already making a mess of things wherever they can.  We need every 
available soldier out there safeguarding voting centers, and that means 
you get to go along on this one, too.

You'll be going to one of the worst trouble zones, a coastal city called 
Cienfuegos.  The FDG's got a lot of support there, and according to 
reports they've gunned down people heading for one of the main polling 
centers.  Your job is to go in and safeguard that voting center and make 
sure that people can actually get to it to vote.  If they want to vote 
FDG once they get inside, fine. That's their choice.  The point is to 
make sure they all get that choice.

Safeguarding the polling center is your highest priority.  There are FDG 
forces in the streets all around it, so you'll have to keep an eye out 
in all directions.  There are also reports that civilians have been 
taken hostage by the FDG.  If that's the case, find those hostages and 
get them out of harm's way.  Finally, you'll want to locate and knock 
out the local FDG command post. Remember, this - safeguarding these 
elections - is why we're here. Everything else is secondary.  Let's do 
this right.

         -Rescue & Escort Civilians
         -Defend Voting Center
         -Take Command Post
         -X - No Friendly Casaulties (Bonus)

Head east from the start, watch out for snipers on the balconies. There 
is an enemy with a civillian behind a vehicle. Escort the civillian to 
the voting centre. There is another one up ahead from when you got the 
last guy, except this one is on a balcony. Go up the stairs in the 
building, and onto the balcony, if the enemy guarding the hostage has 
noticed you, it may take some quick reactions not to get shot. After you 
rescue this hostage escort him safely to the voting centre. Get bravo to 
defend the outside of the polling centre. Head towards the last hostage, 
he shold be in a building with a lone enemy in it , shoot the enemy and 
escort the hostage to the voting centre. Some enemies should be coming 
towards the building now, if you are quick you can just snipe 
then with a sniper, otherwise wait till they get near and open fire. 
Head to the command post (which is really just a walled area) and lob a 
grenade in or just shoot them all to complete the mission.


Time:     11:45 - May 19, 2010
Briefing: Saddle up.  This is a hot one.  It turns out that the FDG's 
drug connection was stroner than we thought.  Priego is essentially 
Owned by Colombian interestes, and by Colombian interests I mean FARC.  
They were hoping that he'd assume power and turn Cuba into a depot for 
cocaine heading north into Florida.  In the wake of the election results 
that's obviously not going to happen, so Priego asked his bosses for 
help.  They sent a few boatloads of their troops to reinforce the FDG 
soldiers, and that's what we have to deal with right now.

The FRC troops are hitting the beach near Dimas, and they've hitting it 
hard.  We'll be able to get more troops there later, but right now 
you're all we've got.  Disable the vehicle column the Colombian troops 
will be using to get off the beach, then hold the beach itself.  The FRC 
soldiers will have FDG reinforcements coming in, so be prepared to be 
hit by a second wave.  Finally, seize the jetties and any supplies the 
enemy's placed on them. They've set up a makeshift command outpost, 
complete with an automatic grenade launcher, on one of the jetties.  
Make sure you take that out as well.

         -Disable Vehicle Column
         -Clear Beach
         -Seize Control of AGS
         -Seize Material on Jetties

Head north towards the first objective, pick off any enemies with your 
sniper. When you get close to the compound thingamy, switch to you 
rifleman. Gun down any opposition you can see. You may nee bravo to help 
you. I you haven't got a demo guy, just shoot the carriers and eople 
should come pouring out, shoot them to complete the objective. 
Alternatively, if you have a demo guy just fire some rockets at the 
vehicles. Travel through the building on your right (there should 
be some guys in there). Be prepared for a big firefight as you hit the 
beach. Take bravo team with you. on you have killed all the people 
directly infront of you, snipe the pople walking along the beach. Touch 
the package on the first jetty and walk down the beach, seize the AGS 
(shouldn't be a problem) and touch the material on the second jetty to 
complete the mission


Time:     08:20 - June 6, 2010
Briefing: Priego's run out of allies and he's run out of room.  We've 
rounded up most of the armed FDG supporters in the countryside and 
routed the FRC reinforcements.  The big boys in Colombia have decided to
cut their losses, which means that Priego's got nothing left.  He's
retreated to an old hilltop fortress in the Sierra de los Organos with 
the last of his supporters.  You get the honor and theprivilege of 
digging him out.

The fortress is 1920s vintage, but it's situated on top of a steep
hill and it's got well-placed external guard posts.  Neutralize those 
guard posts and then take the fortress.  Priego's inside, with the best 
of his elite guards.  They won't be easy to dig out, but we want Priego 
alive.  Dead, he becomes a martyr, and that's last thing the new Cuban 
government needs.  Make sure he doesn't escape.  There's a helicopter 
pad behind the fortress complex, so you'll need to make sure he doesn't 
make a run for that.  If he got away, this whole mess has the potential 
to start all over again.
You know what you have to do, people.  Now let's go do it.

         -Capture and Secure Priego

In my opinion the best way to do this is have bravo go guard the helipad 
and you lead alpha into the main compound. Follow the road infront of 
you round until 
you reach a roadblock. Kill all of the guys there and head towards the
camp. Pick off anyone you can see with the sniper, and watch out for the 
man manning the machine gun. Pick off anyone inside the camp and switch 
to your rifleman. Priego should be in the last building on your left, 
but it can change. Watch out for his personal bodyguard, in there, and 
just touch him to complete the mission. If Priego has escaped to the 
helipad, and you put bravo there, all you need to do is eliminate the 
soldiers escorting him and just touch him.


 Time:     15:20 - Aug 01, 2010
Briefing: Gentlemen, welcome to Colombia.  The locals call this place 
Locombia - the crazy country - and craziness is exactly what we're up 
against.  You may recall that our Cuban playmate had backing from one of 
the Colombian cartels.  Well, it seems that the cartel isn't happy with 
the way things turned out in Havana, and they're flexing their muscles 
on the mainland.  They've annexed a few cartels and joined forces with 
one of the large rebel groups in the southern part of the country, and 
as a result all hell has broken loose.  There's a three-cornered fight 
going on between rebels, paramilitaries and the government, and it's 
spilling over the borders into Ecuador and Peru.  As a result, there's 
been a joint request from the regional governments for UN peacekeeping 
forces to come in and stabilize things, at least in the major civilian 
population areas.  That's what everyone else on this mission gets to do.  
We, however, get a better assignment.

Our target is the MFLC - the Movimiento de las Fuerzas Libres 
Colombianas - which is what the group bankrolling ghd Cuban operation is 
calling itself these days.  They're the head of the snake, and we get to 
chop it off.  Once the leadership structure of the MFLC is destroyed, HQ 
is betting that things will settle back down in a hurry. That's the 
long-term goal.  The short-term is a bit less complicated.  We've got a 
team of archaeologists in the Alto Magdalena region who refused to 
evacuate when the fighting spilled up that way.. A team of Belgian 
peacekeepers went in to pull them out and promptly got ambushed.  The 
survivors were taken prisoner, and we want them back.

The good news is that we've located the MFLC encampment where the 
survivors were taken.  Your goal is to neutralize that rebel camp, then 
find and liberate the prisoners.  Be careful, though the encampment 
backs up on a massive cave system, and we don't know how many fighters 
they've got holed up in there.

         -Secure Enemy Camp
         -Find All Three Hostages
         -Reach Extraction Zone
         -X - No Team Casaulties (Bonus)

Head towards the enemy camp, and just snipe them all. It isn't too hard. 
Head towards the mountain and get as close as you can to the cliff edge 
on the sea side. You should be able to see a guy on a platform in the 
cliff, snipe him. You should see a group of guys near the sea, snipe 
them too, and some guys furthur  on, down on the ground.
Head down the slope towards the ground and then head towards the 
entrance to the cave system. There are a few hostages with guards 
scattered about, as long as you ramain fairly stealthy you shouldn't 
have too much of a problem. To avoid problems exit the way you came in. 
Head towards the boat (extraction zone). If you took care of the people 
wandering the beach, there wont be anyone waiting for you. If you didn't 
there will be som guys waiting for you, just snipe them from a 
reasonable distance away, walk towards the boat to complete the mission.


Time:     08:15 - August 13, 2010
Briefing: Nice work in Alto Magadalena, people.  Now we need you to take 
on another tough job.  The rebels have gotten their hands on a rail Line 
leading down to the Cieraga Grande.  The MFLC's mounting a major 
offensive in that region, and this is their major supply condult.  
They've running fuel, guns and ammunition along that rail line, and that 
means we're going to have to take it out. The Colombian government isn't 
happy about this - they'd prefer to have an infrastructure left when all 
of the shooting is over - but if we don't shut off the flow of guns to 
the rebels there, the government may not have a country left to worry 
You're going to be inserted in the lowwlands, near a rebel base tha sits 
right on the tracks.  The terrain is swampy, with heavy plant cover and 
lots of opportunities for the rebels to set ambushes. The first order of 
business is taking out the guard post the rebels have set up on a road 
nearby.  If you don't, the alarm will get raised and all hell will break 
loose.  Once you've taken care of the sentries, plant charges and 
demolish those tracks.  There's no way the MFLC will be able to repair 
the damage any time soon. Once you've done that, you can head for the 
extraction zone, but my understanding is that HQ wouldn't be too upset 
if you managed to take out the rebel camp itself.  Happy hunting, 
gentlemen.  I'll see you when you get back.

         -Seize Guard Post
         -Plant Demo Charge on Railroad Switch
         -Reach Extraction Zone
         -X - Seize Rebel Camp (Bonus)

Head towards the base right infront of you. Snipe the ones you can see, 
then go in with your rifleman. Head down the little grassy trail, to 
another rebel camp, on the way there is a small hut with two enemies. Go 
along the small path to reach the camp, clear out the camp (there should 
be about 3 or 4). Go north from here and you will find a little hut next 
to the railway, this contains the switch, place a demo charge here. Head 
across the swap to the north-east to reach the extraction zone, there 
are a few people loitering about here.


Time:     22:00 - Aug 17, 2010
Briefing: That was a nice piece of work you did.  You've turned off the 
pipeline feeding weapons into the north of the country.  Now it's time 
to squeeze out the last few drops.

Unmanned reconnaissance aircraft have pinpointed a railroad station
on the fringes of the Tatacoa desert region as something we need to be 
taking a look at.  That's a part of the country where the rebels have 
been making significant inroads lately, and command thinks it's a good 
idea to start rolling them back.  Our offensive starts with that railway 
station, and it starts with you.

We've got good intelligence suggesting that a train full of weapons for 
MFLC fighters in the Magdalena Valley will be putting in at that station 
for offloading.  Normally we'd just send in a few choppers to take care 
of it, but the Colombian government is being very insistent that we not 
blow up any more of their valuable railroad equipment.  That means you 
get to go in and take care of it, personally.

You'll insert near the railroad depot.  Once you're there, seize
control of the area to make sure the rebels don't bring up 
reinforcements along the rail line.  With their backup cut off, the 
rebels will probably fall back to the warehouses where they've been 
storing the weapons.  That's your second target.  Get inside those 
buildings and blow those weapons caches.

In addition, Intel says we've got an added prize.  Francisco Lever, the 
MFLC regional commander for the whole of northwest Colombia is on site.  
We don't want you to take him out, however.  Instead, slap a signal 
beacon on his chopper and let him run.  With luck, he'll lead us right 
to all of his friends.

         -Destroy Radio at Communication Outpost
         -Plant Demo Charge in Both Weapon Warehouses
         -Plant Demo Charge in Missiles Warehouse
         -Plant Signal Beacon on Helicopter

Turn your night-vision on. On your right there is a small path that 
leads up the cliff, take it. When you come out the other side, turn left 
so you face another hill, head towards it, and you should see two guys, 
kill them, then switch to sniper. Snipe the people over on the other 
side of the valley. Turn left again and you should see a building. Kill 
all of the people surrounding that building with a sniper and kill all 
of the people on the other side of  a hil to your left. Once everyone is 
dead, head towards the radio outpost. Its just a group of tents. There 
should be a vehicle coming towards you, kill it. Kill everyone in 
the tents and shoot the radio equipment. Head towards the warehouses, 
kill everyone on the way. Place the demo charges anywhere in the 
warehouses. Backtrack towards the missile warehouse, killing people on 
the way. When you hit some lower ground, get your sniper out and sniper. 
Plant the charge in the missile warehouse and head towards the 
helicopter. Clear out the guard house and touch the helicopter to 
complete the mission.


Time:     09:00 - Aug, 28 2010
Briefing: There's no such thing as a simple operation anymore.  This 
next assignment comes to us through the US DEA.  They've had a massive
uptick in Colombian cocaine coming in through the West Coast, and they 
have a sneaky suspicion it has something to do with our friends in the 
MFLC.  Before you get your knickers in twist over doing the DEA's work 
for them, remember, this is how the MFLC is bankrolling itself.  If we 
cut off their drug money, they're going to run out of bullets.

Now, you may be asking yourself where we come in.  The answer is simple.  
We've got good working data back from that beacon you slapped on the 
chopper in Tatacoa.  HQ believes that our man Lever is sitting right on 
top of that cocaine pipeline, and now he's conveniently showed us where 
it is.  So you get to go in and shut off the flow of narcotics.  Find 
out how they're shipping those drugs out and render it inoperable.  
While you're at it, make sure you ensure the safety of the civilians in 
the village Lever's using. We're the good guys here, and that means 
making sure that the locals don't get caught in the crossfire.  
Remember, our job is to save these people.

         -Secure Village & Fields
         -Capture Francisco Lever Alive
         -X - Avoid Civilian Casualties (Bonus)
         -Escort Francisco & Plant Demo Charge on Submarine

Head towards the fields where there are lots of enemies mixed in with 
civillians. If the crosshairs turn blue and say civillian don't shoot! 
Only shoot the enemies. You can also pick of the enemies across the 
river with a sniper. Head towards the guard tower, shoot the guy in it 
and head behind it into a little cave area. There is a door sunk into 
the wall here, you will find out later what its for. Carry on through 
the cave into a village area. Shoot all of the enemies here, be careful 
not to shoot civillians. Some civillians run 
unto the church. Some enemies are in the houses. Beware of the sniper in 
the church tower. Head to the other side of the village and through 
another cave passage and get bravo to meet you there. Head up to the 
palace which Francisco is hiding. There are some guards outside, so 
take care of them. Go inside and you will find him with his bodyguard in 
there, shoot the bodyguard and touch him. When you touch him, he tells 
you about a drugs cache on a submarine. Now you have to go back to where 
you found that door in the cave, (yeah that's what it's for!). Once you 
get there, brutally murder everyone in there and place the charge on the 
submarine to complete the mission.

MISSION 5: TITAN BOLT (titan bolt = tighten bolt, geddit?)

Time:     14:00 - Sept 03, 2010
Briefing: Here's the situation: An unmanned recon flight has brought 
back some interesting images of a deserted harbor about fifty clicks
south of El Valle.  It looks like the MFLC's been using it as an entry 
point for weapons shipments.  Drugs go out, guns come back in, and the 
fight continues.  We've shut off the outflow of drugs, now it's time to 
cut off the weapons coming in.

You'll be inserting by raft just down the coast from the harbour, and 
making your way there on foot.  The site is choked with sunken wrecks 
and abandoned buildings, which makes it a heaven for snipers.  You'll 
also need to clear off the decks of the boats in the harbor.  That's 
where the bulk of the enemy strength seems to be located.  Just make 
sure your approach is slow and careful, or you're liable to get cut up 

Once you've gotten inside the compound, find the transport containers 
and rig them to blow.  We don't want there to be anything useful left on 
the ground once you're done.  Your last objective is probably going to 
be the hardest.  One of the boats the recon plane spotted near the 
harbor was IDed as belonging to Marco Abreu, one of the MFLC's top men.  
If he's still there - and we haven't seen any evidence to indicate he's 
left - then nab him.If we can get him to answer some questions, this 
whole thing may get wrapped up a lot sooner than anyone dreamed of.

         -Eliminate Enemy Patrols on All Boats
         -Plant Demo Charges on Both Drug Containers
         -Take Out Rebel Snipers
         -Capture Marco Abreu

This is a pretty hard mission. Just wander around the boats until you 
have killed everyone. Then pick off the snipers in the towers with your 
snipers. Head towards the land and take out all of the guards there with 
your sniper. Then go towards the warehouse with the drugs containers in, 
(they've even opened then up for you, how nice......) place the charges 
on/by the containers. Move on to the building in the south-eastern 
corner, this has Marco Abreu in it, kill the guy guarding him and touch 
him to complete the mission.


Time:     20:30 - Sept 11, 2010
Briefing: Army intelligence has some good news for us.  They've gotten
Abreu to talk, and he's told them plenty.  The most important detail he 
shared was the location of one of the MFLC's main encampments.  
Ultimately, we'll be taking the site out with airstrikes, but at the 
moment, it's too risky to do so.  They've got an SA-13 SAM launcher 
parked smack dab in the center of things, and any choppers we send in 
are at risk.  That means we need to tackle this one from the ground, and 
that means you.

You'll be working in conjunction with a Marine unit as well. Coordinate 
with them and take out that SAM launcher first thing. Then, sweep 
through the camp and eliminate any resistance.

         -Meet with Marines
         -Destroy SA-13
         -Reach Extraction Zone
         -X - No Team Casualties (Bonus)

Absolutely useless.........You new objective is to rescue their 
worthless carcasses and finish what they started. Head west and gun down 
some guys, and go across the bridge. Watch out there are enemies in the 
little ditch, lob a grenade. Carry on across the other little bridge. 
Snipe the guy in the guard tower and carry on. Blow up the SAM with your 
rocket launcher and rescue the marines (inside the tent). Then head to 
the extraction zone and its mission complete.


Time:     07:45 - Sept 28, 2010
Briefing: I have good news and bad news to report.  The good news is 
that the MFLC's falling back pretty much anywhere we push them.  The bad 
news is that we know they still have prisoners, and there's a real worry 
at HQ that they'll kill the captives rather than let them be liberated.  
We're going to take that choice out of their hands.

Abreu's given us the location of the prison where most of the captives 
are being held, and you get to go in and get them out. We're going to 
drop you in a chopper right in their laps, and when that bird hits 
ground, you'll be under fire.  Secure your insertion zone as quickly as 
you can.  We'll have troops following up behind you, and we'll need a 
place for them to come in.  But don't wait for backup.  Once the attack 
starts, those prisoners aren't safe, so you'll need to find them as 
quickly as possible. Along the way, find the prison's armory and destroy 
its contents.

Remember, this is a surgical strike.  Let the men coming in behind you 
worry about the heavy lifting.  Just take out that armory, find the 
prisoners, and get out.  Someone else will do the cleanup.

         -Rescue Both Hostages
         -Plant Demo Charge in Ammo Dump
         -Reach Extraction Zone
         -X - No Team Casualties (Bonus)

At the gate a tank will be leaving, I don't need to tell you what to do, 
give him the (metaphorical) present. Pick off the enemies near the 
tanks. There are two more over at the houses on the south side of the 
base. The alarm will be turned off when you get to the interior gate. 
Turn south when you get to the next gate. There are one manning the 
machine gun and you can take him out easily if you take the stairs up to 
the left of the gate and snipe him from there. There are two more, one 
at each side at the south gate. You can find the two hostages in one of 
the houses here, near point 1. Head to the north gate and gun down the 
only two enemies up there. Plant a demo charge in the ammo dump here 
then just leave the camp. Be prepared though because there are at least 
5 enemies waiting for you at the guardhouse just outside the camp. Take 
cover behind the tank, and when you have killed them all, head to the 
extraction zone. Mission complete.


Time:     10:00 - Oct 13, 2010
Briefing: This is it, people, the grand finale.  We've pinpointed the 
MFLC's main encampment, and once we take it out, this fight is over.

Unfortunately, we can't just bomb it into powder.  There's a twist, and 
it's a nasty one.  A former rebel fighter in Cuba just came in out of 
the cold and told the government there that there are still sleeper 
cells in place all over the country.  They're under orders to mount 
simultaneous, widespread terror attacks unlessthey get a radio call 
telling them to hold.  The only place we know the hold code is kept? You 
guessed it - the MFLC's main base.

We've already got some UN peacekeeper units dug in near there, and your 
first objective will be to help them out.  Once you've finished 
supporting their position, infiltrate the camp itself. You'll be looking 
for two things at first: intel documents with the stop code for the 
sleeper cells, and the code that will let you read them.

Your last set of objectives is the most important one: the base's
radio tower.  Find it, secure it, and get to the communications center 
so you can send out that hold code.  There's always a rebel officer on 
duty at the comm. center, and you'll need to keep him alive to send the 
signal for you.  Once the signal's sent you can blow the place to 
flinders, but make sure you send the stop code first.  Otherwise, a lot 
of people are going to die, and all the good work we did in Cuba will be 
undone.  Good luck.

         -Defend UN Encampment
         -Recover Intel and Decryption Key
         -Force Officer to Transmit Code
         -Destroy Radio Tower
Defend the starting area with the UN peacekeepers for a little bit. You 
willknow you completed objective 1 once the hillside is cleared. If you 
don't see the destination to objective 2 on your radar yet, there is an 
enemy left or more on that hillside. When done, move to the west and gun
down all of the enemies at the small camp. Invading the first encampment 
isn't difficult at all. After you cleared out the first encampment, look 
in one of the tents for the intel document. Head to the 2nd encampment 
going all the way to the east side and around the rock to get there. 
Kill everyone there, and look in one of the tents for the decryption 
key. Head towards objective 3. Take out the 
gunner at the top of the hill where the building is before you head 
inside. Once he is killed, go inside and find the officer inside, fire 
near him, not at him, and he will surrender. Touch him to complete 
objective 3. Plant a demo charge on the radio tower on the roof. Mission 
(and if you did it the right way round), game complete.

Specialists in quick game= Get all specialists in elite and bonus 

More weapons= Get all specialists

Quick mission/multiplayer maps= Complete recruit/veteran + bonus 



The good thing about jungle storm is you can play online with your 
friends, all 
you need is a broadband internet connection and a PS2 network adpter.


All of the game types online are the same in multiplayer including:

Search and Rescue - First team to rescue all hostages wins

Hamburger Hill - Stay in the zone on the map as long as you can. The 
team with the most points wins.

Domination     - Three zones on the map, if someone from a team get into
                 the zone, the color will change to theirs. For every
                 second that team stays in the zone will get a point.
                 The team at the end with the most points wins.

Siege          - Infiltration. You are either defending or attacking the
                 base. If the attacker can get into the base and stay
                 long enough, the attackers wins. If the defenders can
                 hold them off until time runs out or kill all 
                    the defenders wins.

Mouse Hunt     - All players start as "cats." The first player to get a
                 kill becomes the "mouse." Any cat who kills the mouse
                 becomes the mouse, while the former mouse respawns as a
                 cat. The player who stays as the cat for the maximum
                 time is the winner.


There is a ranking system within the game, but you'd have to play under
ELITE difficulty level for it record your stats. Your stats are based on
frag points (enemy kills) and objective points (accomplish objectives).
If you get better online, your military rank will be upped (from private
to colonel or general).

Impatient=AK47 or similar

Patient=M4 or M16 or similar

Camper= Sniper rifle (I prefer silenced ones)

TO USE VOICE CHAT: Enter this code when it says 'push start button'
                                          R1 R1 L1 L1 R1 L1
                                       (all players need this on)

TO HAVE 12 PLAYERS: Enter this code when it says :push start button'
(6 on 6)                                L1 L1 L1 R1 R1 R1 R1
                  (needs a good connection, all players need it on)


    Type of game you and your buddy want to participate in, whether its
    against each other, teamwork or cooperatively.

   -Last Man Standing (Team)
    The last team with people alive is the winner. If time runs out with
    multiple teams still on the map, the game ends in a draw.

   -Mission (Co-op)
    Playing a cooperative mission game allows you and up to five friends
    to take on the mission just as it appears in the single player 

   -Firefight (Co-op)
    You and up to five friends take on enemies scattered throughout the 
    level. The number of enemies depends on the difficulty you have set.

   -Recon (Co-op)
    You and up to five friends must make it through enemy territory to
    reach extraction zone. The mission will end when all surviving team
    members make it into the extraction zone.

   -Defend (Co-op)
    You and up to five friends must defend a base against incoming waves
    of enemies.

   -Sharp Shooter (Solo)
    The person with the most kills (whether alive or dead) at the end of
    the mission wins.

   -Plantation (mostly flat, planting fields, few houses)
   -Military Camp (semi-hilly landscape, large base and plenty of trees)
   -High Sierra (steep and many rocky surfaces, few caves and a small 
   -Swamp Airfield (swamp landscape, few buildings and plenty of trees)
   -Bridges (night time, lots of bridges and trees)
   -Polling Center (buildings and streets everywhere, a sniper's 
   -Beach Resort (few buildings, many palm trees, couple docks)
   -Stronghold (night time, few guard towers, hilly landscape, large 

   -River (small map covered with trees, a house and a cave behind 
   -Stronghold (open landscape with a large base in middle)
   -Hunting Lodge (heavily forested landscape)

   -Dig Site (An island covered with trees and a large cave system)
   -Railroad Junction (Train cars everywhere on track, lots of 
   -Railroad Depot (night time, big buildings, sandy landscape, heli-
   -Village Outskirts (planting fields, plenty of houses for snipers)
   -Abandoned Harbor (a sniper's favorite)
   -Winding River (canyon landscape, few camping spots and many bridges)
   -Prison Camp (many buildings and obstacles, a sniper's favorite)
   -Radio Tower (hilly landscape, few camps and a radio tower)

   -Recruit - Rookie or easy mode.
   -Veteran - Enemies have average targetting skill, more advanced.
   -Elite   - Enemies never miss and are skilled fighters.

   Depends on what type of game you choose. Co-op type has no time 
   You can choose from no limit, 15, 30, 60, and 90 minutes.

   Number of respawns. Ranging from no respawn to 4 to unlimited.

ME-I wrote this guide (otherwise I wouln't have put 'me')
YOU-You read this guide (otherwise I wouldn't have put 'you')
Gamefaqs.com-For hosting this guide (hopefully)
ghostrecon.net-For providing information
Straziante-For information about unlocking things
Nets9377-For the 12 people in a room (6  on 6 ) code

This document is Copyright (c)2004 Bloopo. This guide is for personal 
use. If
you use any information from this Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, Jungle Storm 
the Sony Playstation 2 document, please give me full credit, do not 
alter my
information in any way, shape, or form.

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