Review by Orcahi Iori

Reviewed: 08/05/05

Gungrave Overdose is all that and then some

Gungrave:Overdose is the sequel to a not so popular game Gungrave. This game gives you nothing but intense action every second. I didn't enjoy the first Gungrave at all, it was so dull and plain, so I was a bit skeptical about getting this game in the first place. Since this game only cost fifteen dollars, so I figure it won't hurt to give this game a try, and I was so surprised that this game is way better than the original Gungrave...

Storyline: The story is actually based on the popular anime call "Gungrave". The main character Grave is awaken once again by Mika Asagi, this time she asks Grave to help her to battle a new Mafia gang who is selling and using a drug name Seed on all the Innocent civilian. During every chapter, you will see some funny cutscenes feature hilarious dialogue between Juji and Billy which are the two new playable characters in this game. Although Grave still doesn't talk at all during the cutscene, but guess what he is the type of person that "Action speak louder than words". If you have watched the anime "Gungrave", you will know what am I talking about. Almost all the characters have voice acting except Grave, and there are CG animation between each chapters as the story unfold itself.

Gameplay: Well this time around there are three playable characters in this game including Grave of course. Unlike the original Gungrave, button mashing won't get you through each stage that easily in Overdose. It requires skill and patient to earn some artistic points during the battle. After playing this game for at least thirty hours, I can tell that Red Entertainment have spend quite a lot of effort into making this game. Our favorite Hero Grave can do normal attack, special attack, charge shot, combos between Gun and Coffin, use his coffin as a melee weapon and act as a shield to block enemy's attack in this game, nevertheless, he can also dive and strafe around enemy. It may not be as stylish as some other Action games, but for a 3rd person shoot em up games, this game is all that an action fan can ask for. There are total nine stages and four different difficulty, so after you beat the game, you may want to play it again just to obtain the highest possible score for each stages. There is a in-game save feature during the story, but it doesn't take too long to complete each stages, so I doubt that anyone will need to save during battles. The two new playable characters have different weapons than Grave does. Billy attacks the enemy with his wicked guitar that can send out massive stream of lighting toward the enemy and Juji is a very skilled blind sword man that can eliminate enemy very easily on close range. They are both a very interesting characters with a unique style to say the least.

Sound/Music: This time around GunGrave Overdose have some pretty weak background music and you can only hear it during important battle or key chapters. I was expecting some new wicked tunes in Overdoes, however, I am a bit disappointed to find out that it has almost the same theme as the first game and the anime. The English dub voice for each characters are alright, but nothing extraordinary.

Bonus: As I have mentioned before, this game have four difficulty. "Kick ass" mode is the hardest and most challenging mode of them all, you will have to practice your skills a lot just to survive in that mode. Each characters have their alternate costumes, you will obtain them all once you beat the game. If you want to unlock all the bonus in this game quickly, then all you have to do is beat this game on the kick ass difficulty, then it will unlock everything at once.

My conclusion:This game is what a sequel should be. It surpass the original Gungrave in many ways. Nevertheless, this game is only for sell $15 at most of the retailer store, so if you are a hardcore Gungrave fan, then what are you waiting for? Go out and buy this game as soon as possible. I guarantee that you won't regret it at all.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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