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Reviewed: 08/25/05

Like an acid trip, minus the acid. And the trip. It has nothing to do with an acid trip at all.

Some truly bizarre games have come out of Japan (ahem:Taiko Drum Master), but none to my knowledge are as weird or as good as Katamari Damacy. But just because it is weird doesn't mean that it's not good. On the contrary, Katamari Damacy is my favourite game of all time. I play it almost every day. Some would call this an obsession, but they obviously haven't played Katamari Damacy. In the immortal words of game geezer (GMR Magazine)," Now I'll be going to play which is undoubtedly the best game ever. Katamari Damacy, here I come!"

This game has the worst story ever. You are the Prince of The Cosmos, a child who looks like he has a pill for a head with a green body who is about 2 centimeters tall. Your father, The humongous King of The Cosmos, gets drunk one night and accidentally destroys all the stars in the galaxy in his idiocy. Being a pompous windbag who is to proud to fix the stars himself, he gets you to fix the stars for him by rolling a sticky ball around on earth called a Katamari (Hence the title, although I don't know what Damacy means). The Katamari is so sticky that it picks up anything you roll over that is smaller than the Katamari itself. So you must gather this stuff within a said time limit so the King of The Jerks, I mean Cosmos, can turn it into a star. I won't take points off for the story because it doesn't really affect the game at all.

This game has a very unique graphical style. The people are very blocky but cool-looking, and the other objects you pick up are cool too. The king of the Cosmos looks like a giant moustached french guy who is 2D wearing a giant cape. Most interesting is the Prince himself and his cousins, who are all done with a unique cel-shading graphics. You get his cousins by either beating a level or rolling them up on earth, and they all look different and cool. (Example:Ichigo, the guy with a TV Shaped head). Weird, but cool.

Ho ho holy crap. This game has the best soundtrack ever made in any video game to date. The theme song has been stuck in my head since I bought the game, about 8 months ago. All the other songs are good too. Everyone seems to like the song "Lonely Rolling Star", and one of the songs was used in the game I mentioned earlier, Taiko Drum Master. The sound effects are also great. The screaming of townspeople never sounded so musical. Every object makes a noise when you roll it up, but the townspeople's screams are hilarious! My personal favourite is the busker, the musician with the afro (When you play the game, you'll see what I mean).

The controls are so simple that you never have to use the face buttons (except to skip the King's annoying dialogue). The entire game is controlled by the analog sticks. You push both analog sticks up to move forward, push them both down to move backwards, push one up and one down to rotate the Katamari, and push them both up and down alternatively really fast to get a speed boost. The controls are a bit confusing at first, but you get used to them fast. They are responsive and easy to remember.

This game is the most fun I've ever had playing a game in my life. At the start of the game your Katamari is like one centimeter tall, but you get bigger and bigger as you progress until you eventually can pick up skyscrapers, rainbows, and even continents. The physics are good too. If you pick up something long and thin, like if you're at the start aa pencil, it will keep vaulting you through the air like a pole, which can make it very difficult to get from place to place. I'm not saying don't pick up long objects, I'm saying be careful! Plus if you run into a wall really fast you will lose some objects from the Katamari, and if you get stuck in a small space objects will wildly fly off of it, making you a lot smaller and a lot farther from your goal. Those things may make it sound hard, but on the contrary, this game is very easy. Maybe a little too easy, because you can beat the game in about five hours. But it's so much fun, you'll play through it again and again anyway.

Yes, this game has multi-player. Although the multi-player game is fun, there are a few problems with it. Number one: It's very basic, but that doesn't really matter too much. the bigger problem, number two: getting someone to actually play this game with you. Many people probably wouldn't play this game just because it's so weird (When i mention the very name Katamari Damacy, my friend gives me a dirty look). You have to have a very open-minded friend to play this game with.

This game has little to none replay value, but I play it a lot anyway because it's so fun. It depends how much you like the game. If you like it a lot, you'll probably play it a lot. If you don't like it at all, then don't bother playing it anymore,

Overall: This game is very, very good. Kudos to Namco USA for porting it to the states. This game is awesome. Go buy it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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