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Reviewed: 02/14/05

La la la la la la......sorry, I got caught up in the moment

This is Edge’s review for the great Katamari Damacy. I hope it is helpful.


The graphics in Katamari Damacy is this games only low point. The graphics are kind of blocky and could probably be much smoother and well rounded. Although the game designers meant for the graphics to look blocky, it can still get annoying to look at every once in a while. The color shading is next to perfect though, so it makes up a little bit for the crappy Nintendo 64 like items.


I wish I could give Story a 10/10, but I just can’t. It is just not deep enough, but that is a good thing. If the game tried to be deep, it would ruin the whole thing. But I like deep story lines, so it gets a 9. Anyways, the story is basically this. You are the tiny Prince of all Cosmos and one day, your idiot father, the King of all Cosmos, knocks all the stars out of the sky. Rather than fix his self-created mess, he hands the job of putting all the stars back in the sky over to you. How do you do this, you may ask? Well quite simple. You roll up gigantic (or tiny) balls of crap that the King makes a star out of and puts in the sky.


This is where Katamari Damacy shines so bright you won’t be able to see for weeks. If only every game could be this original. In most levels you are trying to get your Katamari to a certain size by rolling up everything you can find in the house, town, world, etc. Your Katamari starts off at a set size, and the more stuff you roll up, the bigger your Katamari gets. The bigger your Katamari is, the bigger the stuff you can pick up, get it? There other levels where you are trying to put constellation back in the sky. Some levels you’ll be trying to pick up as many crabs as possible, while in others you will try to pick up the biggest cow you can find. During your journey there will also be various things trying to knock stuff off of your Katamari along the way, ranging from pigeons to the Loch Ness Monster. Not only can you have a blast picking up random crap, but in each level your parents leave a present to find. A present contains various things that you can use to pimp out the prince. Sounds simple enough, but the way how the designers did it makes KD’s gameplay unbelievably addicting and will leave you begging for more games like this.


Ah, the music. Katamari Damacy contains the most amusing and fun music I have heard in a video game. First off, most of the songs contain words, which is rather rare in video games. The words are often in Japanese, so I can’t understand anything, but the beat is so good and the Japanese words flow so nicely that I don’t need to understand the language to like the song. There is a lot of diversity in the type of songs too. Some are slower and more emotional, while others are quicker and more exciting. Now onto the sound effects. KD’s sound effects are also extremely good. Not only entertaining, but accurate too, almost everything in Katamari Damacy has its own sound effect. When you pick up a mouse, you here it squeak, when you pick up a person you here them laugh in excitement or scream in fear, when……..well, you get the picture. There are also a large number of funny phrases the people in this game shout when you roll them up. If only they gave Grammy’s to video games…….


KD’s controls couldn’t get simpler. The left analog stick changes your view/angle on your Katamari, and the right analog stick pushes it. There is also a few combinations of the right/left analog stick that adds a few more things to do, such as pushing them in opposite directions makes your Katamari charge at a high speed, etc. R1 allows the Prince to jump and get a bird’s eye view, while L1 lets him look around and see his surroundings. That’s about it for KD’s controls. If you don’t learn them in about 25 seconds, maybe video games aren’t your thing.

Multiplayer Mode-9/10

While not to diverse, you and your friends can still have blast playing KD’s multiplayer mode. You compete in a contest to make the biggest Katamari. Although my friend and I usually ended up making a gigantic Katamari and then smashing into each other as fast as we could. Extremely entertaining.


If you’re the type of person that will only buy a game if its 20 dollars or less, than guess what? You’re in luck! Katamari Damacy is 20 dollars. It can’t get much cheaper than that, so price should not be an issue.


There is virtually no end to KD. You could spend hours in each level looking for that hidden present, or just having a good time. There are also 3 modes in KD that don’t have any restraints on them. You can roll around for as long as you want, or until the entire world is in your Katamari.


Katamari Damacy is one of the best and most original games I have played in a long time and should not be missed by anyone. Be warned though, this game is very addicting, and you may spend your entire day just playing it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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