Review by KrystalsLover

Reviewed: 01/03/05

From the makers of Soul Calibur 2, comes a very unorthodox game...

With new release of Katamari Domacy in the United States, I have to say that Namco never ceases to amaze me. We have all probably been sitting in front of our TVs for teh past two months watching X-Play review Katamari Domacy and wondering, "what the heck?" Now we get first hand experience with it. I just got the game last night and I've already played it through to the end. Don't get me wrong though, you will want to keep playing it, even after you've beaten it.

Story 7/10

I really want to score this high, but the story is so crazy and weird, that you almost can't help but say, "this is stupid." But, nonetheless, it explains the gameplay and why you have to roll the katamari (the big ball thing) around. Basically, your father, the King of Cosmos, destroyed all the stars in the sky while he was drunk. So it's up to you, the prince and heir, to fix the sky by rolling a katamari around on earth and making stars from the junk (candy, pencils, HUMAN BEINGS!!!) you pick up. Pretty weird, eh?

Gameplay 10/10

The controls for this game are so simple, a two year old could play it. You don't even use the buttons during the levels. All you do is use the analog sticks to roll your katamari around. It's explained in a short little tutorial in the beginning. I could explain all the controls right here, but I'm too lazy to type a whole three sentences more.

Multiplayer 9/10

WAIT! This game has multiplayer? You bet, and it is just as addicting as the single player. You can go head to head with one other opponent to see who has the better katamari rolling skills. Of course, it could have had a little more options, like changing the time limit, but I'm okay with it.

Sound and Music 11/10

Single-handedly the best part of the game. You'll laugh your head off at the opening theme and you'll be snapping your fingers to the catchy tunes like Lonely Rolling Star (my favorite). If it weren't for the music, I probably wouldn't be playing the game. Of course, if you don't like Japanese singers or uplifting techno, then you probably won't like this aspect of the game.

Sound Effects are funny, hearing people scream when you roll them up. Of course, they can get a little annoying sometimes, but that's only after playing the game for about six hours straight.


You'll be playing this with your children in twenty years (that is, if you can stay away from the game long enough to have children). Seriously, there not much content, and you'll probably beat the game in about five hours; but you'll always want to try and make a bigger katamari on Make the Moon than you did two days ago.

Rent or Buy?

BUY IT PLEASE!!! It's freaking $20! Everyone has $20 lying around the house somewhere. Just take my word for it and buy it or I will find out where you live and kill your cat. Plus, I seriously doubt that any movie rental place would have it. Don't blame me, blame the system for being stupid.

Overall 10/10 (cuz I said so)

That's it pretty much, I would like to say thanks Namco for cranking out another great game. I love you so much and I can't wait until your next one. Oh yeah, and don't worry about taking the risk of releasing wacky Japanese games in the US, we need some wackiness in dull America. This is KL signing off.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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