Review by i love food

Reviewed: 11/16/04

Who would have thought rolling balls would be this fun?

Ever wondered how it’s like to be one centimeter tall, thrown into a colorful world of useless crap by your father, and to roll a ball at the same time? I’m pretty sure none of us have wondered this but if I’m wrong, playing Katamari Damacy is as true to this type of situation as it will ever get.

The game itself is brilliantly done and have great ball physics (assuming your ball has a gigantic mermaid hanging off of it). It’s game play is just right off the bat, creative and full of excitement every time your pursue it. The level of accomplishment you’re rewarded is amazingly marvelous. I haven’t felt this good about completing one level in the longest time. And it pushes you to replay it again to locate that hidden treasure or try to beat your old score.

The story, too, is pretty creative. Not really well put but it’s something you have never experienced. A king has destroyed all the known stars and constellations in the universe, might I add that this king is as big as a planet, and he places his son (You) in the Earth to gather up the right amount of objects in a little ball called your Katamari. This ball then becomes the many stars your father has destroyed. Sounds kind of corny but what can I say?

The soundtrack is really one of the many key ingredients that made this game what it is. The music is so jaw dropping that your ears will feel like it’s having an orgy. There are a lot of songs to overwhelm you, it’s not even funny. Plus, the sound FX are pretty well implanted in the game. Hearing animal sounds while you stick it to a cow or the sounds of wailing kids being eaten alive by your ball is truly an A+ all the way.

Now, after you’ve beaten the game, don’t think there’s nothing left. You still have plenty more to do and that’s not counting the many objects you will have to locate in order to complete your list of items captured. Now you don’t have to do this and it can get pretty tedious at times but none the less, it will add the much needed replay value to satisfy your craving. You can also unlock “Eternal” in some stages which is basically playing that stage as long as you want (NO TIME LIMIT!)

One major problem I have with the game is the lack luster two-player mode. Sure it’s fun but only for the first ten minutes. It might have been a real blast to play only if there were more than two players rolling around with you or if you can actually roll around with just one player in a city. If there is a part two to this, the developers should place it in. It’s a shame.

In conclusion, this game is sure as hell not a rental! For $20, it’s a real steal for any video game fan. It’s simply spectacular playing it alone and could be quite fun playing with someone next to you. Either way, I love this game and I could never sell it, not even if I was offered $50 for it. It’s a real kick in the crotch and will add a lot of depth into your ever-growing library of games.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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