Review by Vashcaflowne

Reviewed: 10/18/04

Rolling ball of crap...good crap that is!

First Impressions : I first heard of this game while watching g4techtv and was a bit skeptical on the whole idea of having a game that revolves around rolling a ball. And so I read a lot of reviews on it and was surprised by the praise it has been getting. And so I decided to check it out. Boy oh boy is this game awesome!

Story : The general premises of Katamari Damacy is that your father, the King of the cosmos, has accidentally knocked out all of the stars in the universe. Your job as his son, the prince, is to go to Earth, roll up balls of crap so they can be sent to space in order to create stars?! Yea weird isn’t it?! The strange thing about KD is that the story actually works for a straight-out silly game like this. Even after completing this game and going back to play it again, I still crack myself up when I watch the cut scenes because they make absolutely no sense and that’s the point. 7/10

Gameplay: This game is amazing in sense of how fun it is! I personally think that the game utilizes the fact that humans constantly hunger for ‘more’ to its advantage in order to make the game fun. You use the joysticks on the Dualshock in order to control your character and the rolling of the ball. For example: up on both joysticks goes forward, one joystick up and one down makes the ball turn, both joysticks right makes it turn right, etc. The basics of KD are you as the prince, start off at your home on earth. You have a Katamari(ball) that gathers anything it encounters. The problem is that since it IS small, you can only pick up things that are to its relative size. However, once your ball gathers enough materials, the size of it increases. Therefore, allowing you to gather even bigger objects that you previously can. In the upper left-hand corner, there is a display that shows you your current size in cm and/or m. The goal in most levels is to gather enough materials to increase your size to the size needed within the allotted time. For example: you are currently 5cm and you need to increase the Katamari to 20 cm within 6 minutes. Rolling a ball around has never been so fun! 9/10

Graphics/Sound: The graphics in KD work for it, just like the story. The characters and objects in the world are just so goofy that it gives you a chuckle. I have never seen any game that has such a style and has ‘happiness’ written all over it. The level design is quite colorful and just fun to play in. The graphics don’t try to look realistic, but this is a game that you wouldn’t want it to be like that. The music in KD rocks! A lot of the music is like slow, electronic, jazzy, and happy. The music just plain out makes you happy. 9/10

Final Verdict: I love Katamari Damacy! It was about time that a game like this came around. With all these sequels and copycat rip-offs coming out, Katamari Damacy stands out. And for only $20, there is no reason to not have it as a party of your PS2 collection. This should DEFINITELY be a part of your collection. The only downside of KD is that it is extremely short. It is possible to beat within 5 hours. It does offer some replay value with extras that you can unlock such as clothes and items that you can dress the prince with. I personally think that this game has lots of replay value, since it is a game that you can just pick up and play whenever you’d like w/o getting too much into it. Katamari Damacy is a wonderful game that belongs in everybody’s collection! It is very charming and delightful. Katamari Damacy is the definite sleeper hit of this year! 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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