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Reviewed: 10/05/04

Oh those silly people over in Japan

If you have ever played Cubivore or Mister Misquito, then you know that Japanese people are pretty wacky. Katamari Damacy further proves that, because its simply about rolling a giant ball up.

Graphics- 7

Graphics are both one of the strongest and one of the weakest parts of Katarami Damacy. The graphics could easily be mistook for a PSone game. However, they are also hilarious, using simple polygons, Katarami Damacy paints a complete world, full of things to roll up. Whether its silly stereotypes, to strange things (like a crab with a tv on its back), Katarami Damacy makes you forget how bad the graphics are.

Control- 8

Controls feel a bit clunky at first, but through practice, you will be moving around in the game masterfully. Using both Analog stick to move, you'll feel like your handling a forklift, not a giant ball. You'll notice they also put some commands onto the shoulder buttons, but I didn't find them to be really useful

Gameplay- 10

The game revolves around rolling the Katarami, which is a ball that things can stick too, too a certain size, in order to make into a star. Anything can be rolled onto it, but you have to be bigger than it. You start off small, with legos and paper clips, eventually moving onto huge things, like buildings and people.

Sound- 9

Music is quirky Japanese music, which is to be expected. There isn't that many songs, so you might end up muting it and listening to your own music. Sound effects are especially worth hearing. Everything you pick up makes noises, from birds to people, they all need to be heard.

Is it fun?

Of course it is. From the crazy intro, to rolling people up in your giant Katamari, the fun never stops. Even after you beat the story (which isn't that long) you'll still find yourself replaying levels, looking for items that the prince can wear, or just seeing how big you can your Katarami.

Rent or Buy?

For a low 19.99, you can have an incredibly fun (and hilarious) game to enjoy for hours on end. People who appreciate the quirky things in life should pick this up right away. Other people might have to give it a rent to see if they will like it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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