Review by polar bear

Reviewed: 10/05/04

So original even the cats in the game say WOW!

- the most original idea since Pong, Tetris, and Pac-man
- great soundtrack
- lots of things to unlock and collect

- not enough different types of stages
- controls can be frustratingly difficult to maneuver when the ball gets really big

A Japanese word that is pronounced KA-TA-MA-REE DA-MA-SEE which roughly means "ball of souls." So you're wondering, "Huh?" Be afraid not. Sure this game is weird but yet at the same time it's brilliant and fun. It has the usual wicked funny cute Japanese humor. So if you're tired of the usual same ol' type of games we have now and want to try something different, give this game a definite go. Plus it's only $20!

This simple game actually has a great story behind it. Your bigass father got really drunk one day and wiped out all the stars in the constellation. In order to replace them, he sends his tiny wimpy son to go down to earth and collect things so he can build the stars again. This game is filled with hilarious humor and dialogue that it will have you laughing every instance.

Gameplay - 9
Okay, here's the gist of it. You roll a sticky ball around a house, town, and world of Japan and you're trying to collect stuff with it. The more junk your ball has collected, the bigger it gets and you can collect even bigger stuff like cars, houses, animals, and then if you're REALLY big, then you can collect even more bigger stuff like islands, icebergs, etc. It sounds very simple and it is. But it's quite fun and addictive.

My only gripe on this department is that when your ball gets bigger and bigger, the more difficult it will be to control it. Just a few more polishing on the controls and it would be perfect.

Graphics - 6
The graphics are very simple, almost like a PSone game. But don't let that deter you because you won't really mind the graphics for this type of game. Did you mind the graphics in Tetris or Pong? Neither will you for this game because in this case, it's all about the simple brilliant gameplay that makes the game so attractive.

Sound - 9
The game kept in all of the Japanese music from the import and it sure paid off. People would've been angry if they even attempted to "americanize" one song. There are many different types of music- slow songs, fast cheery songs, and even some good old classic jazz. No matter which music it's playing, it fits the mood of the game so nicely. You'll certainly be smiling.

The sound effects are wonderfully done too. Every time you roll over something it makes a sound. Like if you roll over a dog, the poor thing goes, "Woof!" and if you roll over a person, they scream. Very hilarious.

Replay Value - 6
There are lots of things to unlock and completely filling your % completion will certainly take a while. The only thing that hurts the replay is that there aren't a lot of different stages. There's only 3 different stages in fact- the Japanese house, the Japanese town, and the Japanese world. More different types of houses, towns, and other worlds would've been really nice to keep the mood fresh. Plus, different weather and time of day would be great too.

Final Score - 8
A game like this doesn't come every day. It's a fresh breath of air because it's so original and different from all the typical usual games of rpgs, action, shooters, adventure, etc. It's only $20 so why not spend that measly 3 hours wage you got from In-N-Out and get yourself this game as a treat. It will certainly cheer you up and brighten your day.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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