Review by paco1524

Reviewed: 10/04/04

Oh, I feel it. I feel the cosmos!

Wow is all I can say, this game is great. It is certainly the strangest game to hit our shores in a long, long time.

One night you father, the king of all cosmos, was out drinking and accidentally destroyed all the stars. now it is up to you, the prince, to make new ones using your katamari. A katamari picks up anything it can. Good luck!

When looking at this, you would think that the graphics are strange. Everything is blocky. People are made completely out of squares and a lot of other things are too. Look closer and you will see that this was no accident, they look like this on purpose. Everything fits the game and makes it one of the craziest gaming experiences ever. There are bunny men, snowmen in cars, elephants roaming the streets and tons of other insanities. Just looking at this will make you laugh.

This soundtrack is amazing. Every song on it is breathtaking. You should buy this game for the soundtrack alone. Every style of music is in here and they all fit the game. It is amazing how many songs there are that have to do with rolling stuff into balls. When you pick up a punk, he sings a little jingle, women scream in terror and animals make their noises. I love the jingle the punks sing though, makes me smile every time

The gameplay is awesome. you start off small, maybe on a table, but given time and you pick that table up! It is so thrilling picking up things that seemed so big, monsters, boats, skyscrapers. I love it. After awhile you even pick up islands! Anything, and I mean ANYTHING is fair game, you just need to be big enough. If something hits you though, you lose some items. The king of all Cosmos is very impatient and will only allow a certain amount of time for you to complete each level. To complete a level, your katamari needs to reach the height that is needed. If you do not have the height that is specified before time is up, you need to play the level over. The controls take some getting used to since both control sticks are used at once, but if you pay attention to the tutorial it shouldn't be a problem.

This game is very easy to complete, but there are tons of extras. Each level has a present for you in it that you can collect. I didn't collect any while I was completing levels so I went back to get them after I was done. you can also try to get eternal levels which means you can roll around freely without a time limit. You can try to get a super big star or make a game up yourself. The possibilities are endless.

This game will not bore you. Most stores barely got any copies soa it will most likely be rare. I'm not sure you can even rent this. Don't think twice, buy this now!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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