Reviewed: 04/12/10

An absolute joy to play.

Katamari Damacy is an extremely original, quirky, and fun title that everyone should play. Not only is this game fun, but it actually brings me joy when I play it. It’s seriously that good.


Story/Premise: 10/10

Yes, a perfect 10. The story in this game is absolutely hilarious. You play as the Prince of all Cosmos. Your father, the King of all Cosmos has once again destroyed all the stars. In order to put the stars back in the sky, you must go to Earth and roll up objects in your Katamari in order to create stars.

Yes, it makes no sense. It is fantastic though. Too many games in the PS2 generation took their story seriously. There aren’t much in the way of cutscenes or actual plot, but everything the King says is very funny. In this sense you will be very amused by the goings-on in this game.

Gameplay: 10/10

So the premise of the game is that you must roll up objects on Earth with your Katamari to create stars. So the gameplay consists of you controlling the prince, and using only the two joysticks to control your Katamari. The two joystick control scheme is great and very fun. You’ll quickly forget that you are only using two buttons because of how fun it is to roll your Katamari around and roll up strange things like cows, sumo wrestlers, campfires, and bicycles. If you roll up enough objects eventually your Katamari will increase in size and you’ll be able to roll over bigger things. It’s a very simple style of gameplay that is reminiscent of simpler NES days. It will only take you a minute to learn the controls and once you do you’ll be hooked.

The game avoids being repetitive by giving you different goals for each level. Some levels you just have to make your Katamari as large as possible. Others, you must collect a huge amount of a certain item.

This game also has good replay value. Even after you beat it you will go back to you’re your old Katamari records or just play through the levels again for fun. The gameplay is very different, very unique, and most importantly just unbelievably fun.

Music/Sounds: 10/10

The music in this game is amazing. It’s one of the best video game soundtracks I’ve ever heard. The songs are just as quirky and funny as the gameplay and story, and they are unbelievably catchy. The soundtrack provides the perfect atmosphere for you to enjoy the game.

The sound effects are great too. When you roll up a person, they may scream. If you roll up a telephone, you will hear it ring. The sounds are funny, enjoyable, and very well done.

Graphics: 10/10

Some people say that this game has horrible graphics. I disagree completely. The graphics are done in a cartoony polygon fashion. While they are not realistic at all, they are completely effective in executing the style they are going for. Everything is fun to look at, and it is very colorful. The character designs for the prince and the King are very original and really impressive. This game is a joy to look at as well to play.

Overall: 10/10


+Unique, Fun, Simple Gameplay
+Graphics and art style are a delight to behold
+Music is fantastic and funny
+A level of humor and quirkiness unparalleled in video games


-None. And I consider myself a decently harsh reviewer. None.

I really cannot recommend this game enough. It just makes me happy in every way. I like to look at it, I love to listen to the music, and it is unbelievably fun to play. This is a game I’d like to have everyone play, gamer or not. Do yourself a favor and indulge.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Katamari Damacy (US, 09/21/04)

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